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What is the best 2 line cordless phone system?

Best 2 line cordless phone system in 2019

Some of the best 2 line cordless phone system in 2019 include VTech, Panasonic, AT&T, and Uniden.

Today, it is not rare for people to run a business out of the comfort of their home. In case you are among them, and you do not want to mix business with personal life, a two-line cordless phone can assist you with that. A 2 line cordless phone system will allow you to call, and receive calls on two different phone lines, even though you physically have one phone. 

That is the bare essentials; today’s phones will provide much more than that. There are phones with the capacity of expanding to 12 or more cordless handsets, using only one physical phone jack. This makes two-line cordless phone systems an excellent addition to your workstation. 2 line cordless phones will also provide several other features such as speed dialing, storing numbers, three-way conferencing, voicemail, Caller ID, playback of message recordings, and many other alerts and features. There are also other 2-line cordless phones with features which are compatible with hearing-impaired, or even battery-power backup; this comes in handy in emergency cases when you lose power.

In this post composed a buyer’s guide to assist you in making the right decision when choosing a two-line cordless phone.

What is the best 2 line cordless phone?

4 best two-line cordless phones

Below is a list of the best two-line cordless phone in the market in 2019. 

VTech 2 -line cordless phone system with digital answering system

VTech was established by Allan Wong and Stephen Leung in 1976. These phones have the following features:

  • Digital answering System (comprise a mailbox for every line) with remote message retrival=call in from any place to get messages.
  • Hearing Aid compatible
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology offers the best sound quality, range in cordless phones, and security.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft with digital security- your call is digitized and encrypted, making it almost impossible for anyone to eavesdrop
  • Interference-free for clear conversations- interfere with wireless networks and other electronic appliances.
  • Expandable up to twelve handsets using only one phone jack- uses DS6101 accessory handset. Note if messages on the answering system are very challenging to hear the key in volume on the handset or phone base to amplify the speaker volume. In case you hear noise on the cordless handset do not work ensure the telephone line cord is plugged in safely.


Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth 2 line Cordless Phone System with Voice Assistant

Panasonic and Uniden manufacture this top-rated 2 line cordless phones. Whereas all cordless phone providers have at least one two-line phones in their range, these two companies have gone beyond the rest in refining the application to address problems they are distinct to multi-line phones.

Panasonic phones come with the following features:

  • Powerful phone battery backup- with a charged cordless handset in the base unit. It has twelve hours of talk time when the power goes out.
  • Panasonic has enhanced cordless phone sound quality. This feature reduces noise automatically and suppresses background interference while enhancing voice tones for clearer conversations on the base unit and cordless handset.
  • Secure long-range phone signal DECT 6.0 wireless technology provides a long-range cordless phone and is suitable for homes and apartments with thick walls.
  • Charge time seven hours, base unit standby power consumption 1.2W.
  • Talking text sender alert feature. When a call comes in via your Link2Cell Smartphone or cell, the cordless phone will announce the name or phone number using the text to speech function.
  • Link2CELL Bluetooth enabled the feature. With this feature, you can link up to two smartphones through Bluetooth to place and receive cell or Smartphone calls anywhere in the house with Link2Cell cordless handsets.


AT&T TL86109 DECT 6.0 2-Line Expandable cordless phone with Bluetooth connect to cell

AT&T is a telecommunication organization which provides phone and Internet service, cordless and cellular phones, Televisions, and more. 

AT&T comes with the following features:

  • Up to fourteen minutes of digital recording time
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology

Concurrently connect up to 2 Bluetooth cell phones and manage calls from either appliance. Or connect one BLUETOOTH handset or cell phone handset for use with landline calls.

  • Intercom between handset and base

RCA 25255RE2 DECT-6.0 2-Handset 2-Line Landline Telephone

RCA has the following features:

  • Speaker on Base and Handset
  • Call Waiting/ Caller ID with 99 Name/Number log
  • Two-Line expandable phone system includes a corded base and one DECT cordless handset with digital answering machine.
  • Integrated Digital Answering System System of record time
  • Intercom capability between handset. Harmonious with other RCA 2-Line Wireless Office Products.
  • Expand your System by adding any combination of up to ten additional cordless handsets or base units.
  • Two-line conferencing, plus ten programmable one-touch speed dials
  • Two-line expandable phone system includes a corded base and one DECT cordless handset with digital answering machine.
  • RCA features full-duplex speakerphone enabling both parties involved in a telephone call to speak simultaneously and be heard clearly, as though they have a face to face meeting. 


Choosing the best type of two-line cordless phone

There are several designs of two-line cordless phones

Two-line cordless phone with a corded handset in the base

This model will have a corded handset in the base. These phones get power from the conventional landline- the line that links to the phone jack in the wall. You can then hook up several cellular phones. An example would be the Panasonic corded 2- handset landline telephone. This has the advantage that the corded handset will always receive electricity, even in the case of a blackout where you lose power to your home.

With a cordless handset – This will have a handset with rechargeable batteries, plus a base that must be corked into an outlet to get electricity. An example is the AT&T DECT 6.0 LIne Expandable Cordless Phone. The handset offers you more mobility, but you have to ensure that the handset is all charged up.

Expandable handset – The best part about some of these cordless phones is that you can hook up several cordless handsets, so that many may speak at once in a conference call, or as an intercom. The Uniden DECT 4096 Two-Line Cordless phone enables you to hook up seven cordless telephones.

2 line cordless phone reviews

Below are some of the things customers online mentioned two-line cordless phones:

  • Better reception with cordless phone- in several two cordless phones, there will be one cordless phone and one or more cellular phones. The cordless telephone will display better sound quality and reception than the mobile line.
  • Another good feature is the phonebook, saving useful names and numbers that you require all the time. The V-Tech 2-line answering System has a frugal phonebook directory of fifty names and numbers. However, the Panasonic KX-TG9542B 2-line phone can save up to three thousand names that you can access through Bluetooth using your Smartphone.
  • Expandable – The different products featured differ in the ability to add more handsets.
  • Other desirable features of two-line cordless phones include- There are many other desirable features that these phones sport-depending on your preference.
  • Talking caller ID- Caller ID displays the number and name of who is calling. Talking caller ID will tell you who is calling, with a voice message that you can hear across the room.
  • Blocking numbers- In case there are certain disturbing numbers that you want to avoid, many phones also feature a cal block, which will prevent the call from going through, or from leaving a voice message.
  • Speed dialing- In case there are various numbers that you call all the time, there are speed dialing features that allow you to assign a number to the phone number.

Top 8 Best Multi Line Phone Systems For Small Business

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best multi-line phone system for small businesses is Nextiva X-835.

Multi-line phone systems facilitate seamless communication. They quickly and easily connect you and everyone in your company, allowing you to get calls to the right person faster.

I’ve scoured the market to find the best multi-line phone systems available today. Read on to find the one best suited to your business needs.

Top 8 Best Multi-Line Phone Systems for Small Businesses

  • Nextiva X-835 — Best overall (For a limited time, get 25% off, plus a free phone, when you sign up!)
  • RCA 4-Line Small Business System — Best for small business expansion
  • Panasonic KX-TG958 Multi-Line Corded & Cordless Desk Phones — Best for consistent service
  • Grandstream GXV3370 — Best for video calling
  • MiVoice 5330e IP Phone — Best for sales and customer service
  • AT&T 2-Line Corded Telephone — Best for working from home
  • Fanvil X7 — Best for intuitive interface
  • Yealink W52P — Best for cordless correspondence

Running a small business is challenging enough without your phone system adding to the challenge. Investing in a multi-line phone system makes internal and external communication much easier than with a single-line handset.

I’ve covered the benefits and tradeoffs for each one below. Find the best deal on a new multiline phone system today.

  • Handles up to 12 lines
  • Great for team leads
  • $160 or $6 per month
  • Financing available

Buy it today

Every phone company on the market offers two and four-line phone systems. But for businesses that need the capacity to handle a fury of calls simultaneously, Nextiva has you covered.

They have three different desk phones that can each handle 12 lines. But the Nextiva X-835 is our top recommendation for most businesses. 

The Nextiva X-835 is a wi-fi-enabled multi-line phone that’s versatile enough for varying business use cases.

This multi-line phone system is the perfect blend of value and customization at a reasonable price.

The phone’s 12-line capability is obviously a huge selling point, and rightfully so. But it also has a 2.8-inch color LCD screen with eight buttons that can be customized to fit your needs.

Other key features include:

  • Speed dialing
  • Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi enablement
  • USB input
  • RJ-9 headset input
  • Modular expansion capability

Your Nextiva phone is also backed by a three-year warranty.

If a two or four-line phone system just isn’t quite enough for your business, you can’t go wrong with the Nextiva X-835. 

  • 16 speed dial buttons
  • Intercom & two-line conferencing
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Starts at $99.99

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The RCA 4-Line Small Business System is a guaranteed upgrade from your current phone. It lets you build a complete office communication system fast.

With a comprehensive list of essential features plus a few extras, it makes doing business easier and more accessible. You get features you’ve come to expect, like a cordless accessory handset, base speakerphone, voicemail waiting indicator, and caller ID. But this system goes beyond the minimum.

The RCA 4-Line Small Business System is a significant step above basic one and two-line phones.

The caller ID has space for up to 99 names and numbers. And with 16 programmable speed dial settings, you can contact anyone with the touch of a button. The LCD display is easy to read, so you can see who’s on the line at a glance.

The RCA 4-Line system comes with an intercom and two-line conferencing, so you can keep everyone on the same page. Though you don’t have a wireless headset option, you can connect one with a jack for hands-free capability.

The system is also hearing aid compatible, so your hearing-impaired employees can use the phone with ease. The system doesn’t come with some of the high-tech features available, like a digital receptionist, but if you want a comprehensive option without getting too fancy, this is a great choice.

You can get this system starting at $99.99.

  • Protected against power outages
  • Make calls from your PC
  • Connects with up to 4 smartphones
  • Starts at $179. 95

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Panasonic is one of the most reputable names in the electronics industry, and the KX-TG958 Multi-Line Phone lives up to the brand’s reputation. 

We also like the phone’s ability to connect with computers and make calls through Microsoft Outlook. You can sync it with up to four smartphones, giving you the option to transfer calls beyond the included headsets. 

One of our favorite parts about this system is that it still works when you lose power. You’ll have 75 minutes of service during an outage, so you and your team can still conduct business until the power gets restored.

The Panasonic KX-TG958 keeps you connected during power outages.

This multi-line phone system is also ideal for parents working from home. It even comes with a baby monitor, so you can focus on your work and know your child is safe in another room. 

With voice paging, you can even send announcements to all of the handsets. It’s easy to set up, and you don’t even need a landline to use it.

We really like the phone’s backlit LCD screen. It’s easy to read the keys, and you won’t have to squint just to dial a number.

Other standout features of the Panasonic KX-TG958 include:

  • Two lines
  • 3-way conferencing
  • 22-speed dial settings
  • Text alerts
  • Data port

It also comes with DECT 6.0—providing the security you need to prevent others from listening to your calls. You can also block up to 250 numbers, which is great for preventing spam and telemarketers. 

Panasonic added features to this system that go beyond what you’d expect from a physical phone. For example, it has a key detector to help you find lost items.

At $179.95, it’s a bit pricey. But it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a feature-packed multi-line phone system.

  • 7-inch screen for video calls
  • Easy sync with mobile devices
  • 7-way audio & 3-way video
  • Starts at $219.99

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If your small business does video conferences or interviews, you have plenty of support with the Grandstream GXV3370. A seven-inch 720p touchscreen supports session-initiated protocol (SIP) on 16 lines and 16 SIP accounts.

The large screen on the Grandstream GXV3370 is ideal for video calls.

With HD voice and a phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you have the high-quality sound you need for crystal clear communication. Not to mention, it uses echo cancellation and has double talk performance. The system runs on the Android 7.0 operating system. It also syncs with mobile devices and a headset with Bluetooth.

The TLS and SRTP security encryption protect your calls and accounts from unwanted listeners and keep all your information private. With 7-way audio conferencing and three-way video conferencing capability, you can talk to anyone and everyone at once.

It comes with very advanced telephony technology to support your whole office on one device. It’s not as affordable as other systems at $219.99, but offices that need a phone like this can’t do with something cheaper.

  • Maximum customization
  • 24 self-labeling keys
  • Large central display
  • Starts at $163. 75

Buy Now at Amazon

The MiVoice 5330e IP Phone by Mitel is a full-feature phone with all the programming and capability your sales reps need to offer customers the best experience.

With one-touch web and contact access, hands-free operation, a large graphics display, and embedded gigabit support, it has plenty of ways to make customer service easier.

Sales reps love the Features Packed Into the MIVOICE 5330E IP Phone.

The phone’s 24 self-labeling keys give your team plenty of space to program and customize the features they need, including speed dial and lines. Twelve fixed-function keys offer access to specific features, including:

  • Contacts
  • Web browsing
  • Navigation
  • Menus
  • Telephony features
  • User settings

You can customize user settings as needed to include everything from hold and call transfer to conference and message options. Three contextual softkeys make it easy for you to find telephony features and functions.

The system encrypts calls so that you can limit who has access to your conversations. It has a wideband audio handset, along with a duplex hands-free speakerphone for when you need to find customer information with them on the line.

The HTML Desktop Toolkit and app development give you all the tech features you need to reduce your team’s burden while helping customers. Plus, the MiVoice 5330e IP Phone saves energy by reducing its power consumption.

You can find this system for around $163.75 or a single physical phone for around $55.

  • Powerful yet affordable
  • 18 speed dial buttons
  • Easy data transfer to your PC
  • Starts at $79.95

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The AT&T 2-Line Corded Telephone works well if your business has only one or two people. The system has two lines with automatic line selection and three-way conferencing capability.

The ClearSpeak dial-in-base speakerphone means you don’t need a handset and allows more people to join in the conversation. You can also use it with a headset, though unfortunately, it has no cordless option.

If you want to go hands-free without a headset, the crystal-clear speakerphone on At&T’s 2-Line corded Telephone has you covered.

You can program up to 18 speed dials for quick access to anyone you need to reach, plus it has a chain dialing feature. You also have space for 100 names and numbers in the contact directory. You even have a data port to transfer the data from your phone to your computer.

Call recording, screening, and intercept mean that you don’t get any calls you don’t want. Voice prompts and memo recording allow you to direct people where they need to go before you even answer the call. The system does have caller ID and call waiting on its display, but you need a subscription through your phone company to access the feature.

This system also works best for businesses that have someone ready to answer the phone. It only has 12 minutes of message storage on its digital answering system.

Despite its lack of other features, the AT&T 2-Line Corded Phone is hearing aid compatible. It also has a multilingual setup in English, Spanish, and French.

At $87.95, this option works well for businesses that need an affordable, basic option for a few people. It’s not ideal for companies that want to expand.

Fanvil X7 — Best for Intuitive Interface

Available at Amazon

  • Wide 7-inch touchscreen
  • Easy customization
  • Starts at $139

Buy Now at Amazon

The Fanvil X7 supports up to 20 lines and has a robust seven-inch touchscreen display. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, you can conduct video calls and take advantage of the most customizable phone on this list.

The Fanvil X7 has 127 DSS on its touchscreen for quick access to functions and information. You can configure it based on your needs with speed dial, call forwarding, broadcasting, and more. You also have plenty of extensions and a USB connection for charging smartphones and other electronics.

Speed dial and other quick functions can be accessed from the Fanvil X7 Touch Screen.

Its gigabit ports mean you can connect laptops and tablets without extra cables. With three-way conferencing and hotspot capability, you’ll never lose touch with those who need your services. The EHS headset allows you to move hands-free.

Setting it apart from other phone systems, the Fanvil X7 allows you to talk to visitors at your front door. You can even unlock the door from your phone. One downside is that you need to buy a separate webcam if you want to use the video calling feature.

Overall, the Fanvil X7 remains a very affordable phone with a price of just $139.

  • Huge wireless headset range
  • HD-quality calls
  • Supports up to 5 lines
  • Starts at $143

Buy Now at Amazon

The Yealink SIP-W52P works well for businesses with teams that often work away from their desks.

It gives mobile employees access to the phone whether they work indoors or out. With up to five handsets and corresponding lines, this system has a range of 150 feet indoors and 950 feet outside.

The YEALINK SIP-W52P is ideal if you need to make business calls far away from the phone’s dock.

It uses cutting-edge VoIP technology, and the company stands by its quality with rigorous product testing. The G.722 bandwidth and HD voice ensure that your calls always come through clearly. With three-way conferencing, you can organize meetings on two other lines at once.

The power-over-ethernet (PoE) support gives you flexibility with simple installation and quick deployment. Once you’re all set up, you have everything you need to reach your team anywhere.

Unfortunately, the system has no Bluetooth compatibility, making it a little less functional than other multi-line systems. Its 1.8-inch color display may also be too small for some members of your team to see comfortably.

The system comes at a price of $143 which is quite reasonable given its features, scalability, and ease of use.

How to Find the Best Multi-Line Phone System for You

Running a small business means serving your customers and your team. If your multi-line phone system lacks features your team needs, they can’t do their best work.

When you’re ready for a multi-line phone system, consider the following factors to maximize your business’s capability and efficiency.

Manufacturer Reliability

No matter what type of product you’re looking for, choose a reputable manufacturer. Reliability can mean getting the help you need when you need it through company support. You should also be getting durable, lasting products.

For example, Panasonic is a well-known electronics company. You should be able to expect above-average service and product quality from them. When you’re running a business, getting products from a reliable company dramatically reduces the risk that your equipment will fail and ding your reputation.


You want a scalable phone system so you don’t have to get a new one as soon as your business grows. Unless you plan to stay a one-person operation, you should get a phone that supports at least five lines. Otherwise, you’ll likely need to upgrade your system again within the next year or two.

Many of the systems on this list support up to 20 lines, which should be more than enough for most businesses.

A future-proof phone system might cost a little more. But when your business doubles or triples in size later on, you’ll be grateful not to spend more money replacing your obsolete phone system.

Transfer Features

Transfer features shouldn’t be limited to hardware, like transferring calls to an office down the hall. Mobile transfer features are the way of the future. Most modern phone systems allow transfers to a limited number of mobile phones.

This feature becomes especially useful if you have employees who work from home or out in the field. It also makes for better business flexibility and keeps employees available even when they’re not physically in the office.

You should also consider how easy it is to transfer callers. Some of the best multi-line phone systems have large touch screens to manage directories, which really simplifies this process. It also ensures that you’re actually transferring callers to the right person and avoiding a long, complicated call tree.

Strong Basic Features

It would be nice to have a multi-line phone system with all the bells and whistles. However, advanced features cost more. Plus, you might not use the extra features often enough to justify the steep price.

So, don’t overlook the basics. Some of the must-have features besides high-quality audio and video include:

  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Speed dial
  • Auto attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting

The ideal multi-line phone systems should also keep up with your call volumes. For example, your phone system should allow you to add or remove phone lines depending on seasonal spikes or fluctuating call volume.

The Top Multi-Line Phone System For Small Business in Summary

The best multi-line phone systems for small businesses allow you and your team to communicate from anywhere. They can accommodate conference calls and remote employees who need phone access.

Although any of our top eight options will satisfy these needs, Nextiva X-835 is our top recommendation for small businesses.

Grandstream GRP2612 from Supplier in Moscow and Russia

2-line carrier class IP phone

GRP2612 • GRP2612P • GRP2612W

Model GRP26 12 is a high performance, 2-line, carrier-grade IP phone with automatic settings (zero-touch) for mass deployment and simple management. This phone has a sleek design and a wide range of modern features, including WiFi support (GRP2612W), 16 Virtual Universal Keys (VPKs), a color LCD screen with interchangeable bezels for easy logo changes, and more. The GRP series features carrier-grade security features that provide enterprise-class security, including secure boot, dual firmware image, and encrypted storage. Cloud Configuration and Centralized Management Capabilities: The GRP2612 supports the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS), which provides a centralized interface for configuring, configuring, managing, and controlling the deployment of Grandstream endpoints. Designed for the needs of office workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers, and others, the GRP2612 is an easy-to-use and deploy device.

Main features

  • Supports 2 SIP accounts and 4 universal line buttons audio with support for most codecs, including wideband G.722 and Opus codecs
  • Interchangeable front panel for easy logo change
Network interfaces Dual 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing network ports with PoE(*PoE only for 2612P model)
Shield 900 33

TFT color LCD screen 2 . 4″ (320×240)
Function buttons 4 line buttons and up to 2 SIP accounts, 4 XML programmable context sensitive softkeys, 5 navigation/menu buttons, 9 special function buttons: MESSAGE (with LED indicator), TRANSFER, HOLD, HEADSET, MUTE SOUND, SEND/REDIAL, SPEAKERPHONE, VOL+/VOLUME+, VOL-/VOLUME-
Auxiliary port RJ9 headset jack (supports EHS when using Plantronics headsets)
Speech Codecs and Capabilities G7.29A/B, G.711μ support /a-law, G.726, G .722(wide-band), G723, iLBC, OPUS, in-band and out-of-band DTMF(in audio, RFC2833, SIP INFO)
Telephony features Hold, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, call park , Call Pickup, Twinned Lines (SCA)/(BLA), Downloadable Phonebook (XML, LDAP, up to 2000 entries), Call Waiting, Call Log (up to 1000 entries), XML Screen Personalization, Off Hook Auto Dial, Auto Answer, Call on-click, flexible dialing plan, user shift work, personalized ringtones and ringtone on hold, failover
HD Audio Yes, High-Resolution Audio in Handset and Speaker Speaker with Wideband Audio Support
Base Yes, 2 positions available, wall mountable (Wall mount kit sold separately) 90 033
QoS Layer 2 QoS (802. 1Q, 802.1P) and Layer 3 (ToS, DiffServ, MPLS) QoS
Security configuration file with 256-bit AES encryption, SRTP, TLS, 802.1x media access control, secure boot.
Supported languages ​​ English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. HTTPS , bulk configuration using GDMS/TR-069 or XML configuration file with AES encryption
Power and energy efficiency Universal power adapter:
Input: 100-240V; Output: +5V, 0.6A;
Power over Ethernet (802.3af)
Max. power consumption 3W (power adapter) or 3.8W (PoE) (*PoE only in 2612P model) °C
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Package Contents GRP2612/P/W phone, corded handset, stand, 5V power adapter (*except GRP2612P), mains cable, quick start guide installation, GPL license
Dimensions and weight Dimensions: 203mm x 193mm x 52. 1mm; Device weight: 554g; Package Weight: 936g
Model GRP2612/GRP2612P FCC Compliance: Part 15 Class B; FCC Part 68 HAC
CE: EN 55032; EN 55035; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; EN 60950-1
RCM: AS/NZS CISPR32;AS/NZS 61000.3.2; AS/NZS 61000.3.3; AS/NZS 60950.1; AS/CA S004
Model GRP2612W FCC Compliance: Part 15 Class B; Part 15 Subsection C, 15.247; Part 15 Subpart E, 15.407; FCC Part 68 HAC
CE: EN 55032; EN 55035; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; EN 62368-1; EN 301489-1; EN
301489-17; EN 300328; EN 301893; EN 62311
RCM: AS/NZS CISPR32; AS/NZS 61000.3.2; AS/NZS 61000.3.3; AS/NZS 4268; AS/NZS 62368.1; AS/CA S004

GRP2612 Brochure

GRP26xx Series LDAP Setup (eng)

GRP261x Broadcast Paging (eng)

Setting up multi-user mode in GRP26XX phones (eng)

Direct connection of IP phones to HT813 (eng)

GRP261x PnP Autoconfiguration (eng)

GRP26XX VLAN Settings (eng)

GRP261x Backup Server Setup (eng)

GRP26XX Plug and Play Setup (eng)

DNS S Configuration RV in GRP261x (eng )

Configuring Multicast Paging in GRP26XX (eng)

Configuring Presence Tracking in GRP261x (eng)

Configuring VLAN in GRP261x (eng)

Configuring 802. 1X in GRP261x (eng)

9000 2 How to use the LDAP server (eng)

Configuring VPK keys in GRP261x (eng)

Configuring BLF keys in GRP261x (eng)

Direct connection of GRP261x and HT813 without SIP server (eng)

Configuring Bluetooth in GRP261x (eng)

Universal phonebook editor

Setting CTI in GRP261x (eng)

Instructions for the universal phone book editor (eng)

Setting the hot desk mode in GRP261x (eng)

Setting the display language in GRP261x (eng)

Firmware Update

Grandstream is constantly working to improve its products. Check if your device needs a software update.

Update procedure:

1. The device must have Internet access

2. The power supply must be stable

3. Reset the settings to factory settings.

4. Enter the following settings:

– Upgrade Via: HTTP

– Firmware Server Path: firmware.grandstream.com (don’t specify protocol in this field)

– Config Server Path: empty or fm. grandstream.com/gs

– Allow DHCP Option43 and Option 66 to override server: NO

5. Update (Save and apply), then reboot (Reboot).

6. After rebooting, the machine will automatically start updating the firmware. Do not interfere until it is completed. The device can be rebooted several times on its own.

7. After completion, do a factory reset.

Do not leave a record of the active software server after the upgrade !!!

Cause: Manufacturer’s requirement for power and network stability during the upgrade, which you will not be able to meet if the upgrade starts out of control.

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  • The red diode in the GXPXXXX phone is constantly blinking, despite the fact that the phone is working stably, why can this be and how to turn it off?


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  • We use GXP140x/16xx/21xx phone. The employee has blocked the keypad and now does not know how to continue using the phone.


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  • We have lost the administrator password for logging into the WEB interface of the phone. How to get access to phone management now?


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  • How to remove/set call forwarding? (grandstream GXPXXXX/GRRPXXXX model).


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  • We bought a GXP16XX/17XX/21XX phone and we don’t like the ringtone. How to change it?


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  • I have a Grandstream GXP/GRP phone, there are several people in the office. We are united in a group on an asterisk. Interception *8# is obtained. What settings should be made in the phone so that when you pick up the handset and press the button of the subscriber, whose call you need to intercept (address), and talk?


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  • We have a Grandstream GXP/GRP phone and no one can get through to the phone. At the same time, you can call from the phone without problems. What’s wrong with the phone? The icon is visible on the screen as a “brick”. Perhaps the problem is this. What should we do?


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  • Bought a GXPXXXX phone (or installed the Wave program), connected it to virtual PBX [name of telephony provider]. Outgoing calls go through, incoming calls do not (sometimes), Periodically, the interlocutor or me is not heard. What can be done?


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  • Please help. I am a user. How can I intercept calls from internal numbers on this phone (GXPXXXX/GXVXXXX/DP7XX) [Wave application] (there is a GXP2200EXT console) or transfer a call to another subscriber?


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  • Good afternoon! How to switch to tone mode? I just enter numbers, I tried with ” * ” and ” # “, zero reaction. I didn’t find a word about it in the instructions. Please tell me.


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  • We have a Grandstream GXW4xxx gateway/GXPxxxx/DPxx phone installed and quite regularly we get strange calls that no one answers after picking up the phone. All phones can call at once and at any time of the day or night. What is it and how to fix it?


    see answer set the speed dial only then works, but there is no status of the lines, respectively. The BLF server is registered in the account settings.


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  • Hello! With DP720, you have to dial numbers in the international format: [country code] [city/operator code] [number], for example 74997030299. outgoing calls go through this format normally. And if you dial numbers in the format +74997030299 or 84997030299, then outgoing calls do not go through! In the incoming call log, numbers are stored in the format +74997030299, can you somehow configure it so that you can call in this format?


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  • How to configure the phone to use the Asterisk functionality to perform various types of call transfer, while using the BLF function on the phone / extension panel. You need to transfer a call by pressing the BLF key


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  • How to connect Grandstream equipment to 3CX PBX?


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  • Since the beginning of April 2015, the time displayed on our Grandstream GXPXXXX phone has changed – it has shifted one hour ahead of local time. The time setting is set correctly: for Moscow GMT + 3, but it shows as GMT + 4. How to change this situation?


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  • Unable to type the code sequence to control Asterisk, for example, *8. The set is reset.


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  • I bought GXVххх/GXPxxx phones. The description indicated that calls can be made between them without a virtual PBX. But nowhere in the instructions I can not find how to implement and configure it. Please tell me how can this be done?


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  • Which headsets can be used with GXP21xx, GXV3240 & GXV3275, GRP26xx and GXP16xx series phones?


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  • We bought a GXPXXXX phone. After we enter the menu, for some reason the account settings tab is missing. And setting up an account correctly through the device is very difficult and time consuming. Tell me what could be the problem? How to set up the phone?


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  • Good afternoon. How to set up a phone (PBX) for the operator Rostelecom / Megafon / Beeline / Bitrix, etc.?


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  • When making internal calls, the DP7xx/GXP/GRP/Wave Lite displays the login (ID) of the receiving party. The “name” field contains the digital number of the handset and it is displayed on the handset display when there is no call. Is it possible to register a position (director, accountant…) to be displayed on the display during an incoming internal call?


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  • Tell me. How to disable dialing. Those. dialed part of number 894834 – while you are looking at the second part of the number – the phone automatically dials what it managed to enter.


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  • Good afternoon! When there is a conversation on the phone and there is another call, the subscriber receives a signal that is not Busy, but “the subscriber is unavailable” or there is no answer, etc.. Tell me how to fix this?


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  • Good afternoon. Is it possible to add a number to the blacklist/blocked numbers on a GXP/GRP/GXV phone? Is it possible through the web interface of the device or through the menu of the device itself?


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  • When sending SMS from the Wave-Lite application in the phone (or from the GRP, GXP phone), an error occurs and the message is not sent. What is not configured? The sip account seems to be set up correctly, tk. calls go through. Why are SMS not sent?


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  • Good afternoon. Tell me, can you set up calls on this device to certain numbers from one account, and all the rest from another. Thank you.


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  • Periodically, the level of WiFi reception deteriorates and the voice disappears when talking on the WP8XX (GXP1760W/GRP26XXW/GXV33XX) phone. It may also be impossible to receive or answer a call. What can help?


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  • Set GXP/GRP phone side VPK line keys to “Speed ​​Dial” function. Now the phone freezes and does not allow you to receive or make a call. If you make the same setting on the additional / side button bar, then everything works as it should. What is the problem?


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  • When you pick up the handset, there are no beeps, as if the phone does not understand that the handset is off hook. Similarly, with an incoming call, you can receive a call through the speakerphone, but picking up the handset does not lead to receiving a call.


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  • Good afternoon. Please tell me, is it possible to change the functionality of the “Transfer” button on Grandstream 1610, 1615, 2601 devices so that when it is pressed, the combination “**” (two asterisks) is dialed? Thank you.


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  • Dial a number from the call log book and the message “There is no suitable dial plan” appears. How to fix?


    see answer GXW410x FXO IP GatewayGXW42xx FXS IP GatewaysUCM6300A Audio Series IP ATUCCM6300 Series IP ATCUCM6200 Series IP ATCUCM6510 IP ATHA100 Redundancy Controller for UCM6510HandyTone 801HandyTone 802HandyTone HT812/HT814HandyTone HT818HandyTone HT813Ultra HD Multimedia Conference System GVC3220GMD1208 Desktop Wireless MicrophoneLocal IPVT10 Video Conference Server GVC3212 IPVideoTalk HD Video Conferencing SystemGVC3210 4K Ultra HD Video Conferencing SystemGVC3200 Full HD Video Conferencing SystemGVC3202 Full HD Video Conferencing System GAC2500 Conference Phone GAC2570GSC3570 HD Intercom & Access Control PhoneGSC3620 Weatherproof Infrared Varifocal Dome CameraGSC3610 Weatherproof Infrared Dome CameraGSC3615 Weatherproof Infrared IP CameraGSC3510 IP Public Address Speaker with MicrophoneGSC3505 IP Public Address SpeakerGDS3710 IP HD Video IntercomG DS3705 IP HD Intercom GXV3500 IP Video Server Software GSurf_ProGXV3350GXV3380GXV3370GXV3450GXV3470GXV3480 Access Point GWN7615 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point GWN7660 Access Point GWN7605 Hotspot GWN7602GWN7630LR Outdoor Access PointGWN7630 Access PointGWN7600 Access PointGWN7610 Access PointGWN7600LR Weatherproof Access PointGWN7000LR Gigabit RouterGUV3050 HD Bluetooth HeadsetGUV3000 & GUV3005 HD USB Headset with MicrophoneGUV3100 Full HD USB Web cameraGX20 EXT moduleGXP2200EXT moduleGrandstream power suppliesPoE injectorGXW4008 FXS IP gatewayGXP1760GXP1782GXP1760W with WiFiUCM6100 series IP PBXGS Wave Lite for Android and iOSGVR3552 IP Video RecorderGVR3550 NVR Video ServerGXV3662_HD/FHD IP CameraGXV3672 IP Camera SeriesGXV3674 IP Camera SeriesGXV3610 IP Camera SeriesGXV3611IR_HD IP CameraGXV3275GXV3240HandyTone 701HandyTone 702/704HandyTone DECT Repeater 140GXP2130v2GRP2670GRP2634GRP2624GRP2616GRP2615GRP2614GRP2613GRP2612GRP2604GRP2603GRP2602GRP2601

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    Yealink W41P | yealink.


    Yealink W41P

    Yealink W41P is a desk phone that supports DECT technology. The user gets all the convenience and ease of use of Yealink’s proven desktop phones: a familiar keyboard, rich navigation and line keys, and a stable device position in the workplace. Information is easily accessible at a glance on the 2.7″ graphic screen 192×64 pixels, and LED indicators help you not to miss a single important notification. At the same time, Yealink DECT W41P connects to the network without using extra wires.

    Yealink W41P kit consists of T41S IP phone, base station and DECT adapter DD10K.

    18 months warranty!


    Phone functions

    • Up to 2 simultaneous calls to a telephone set
    • Intercom
    • Hold, Mute, DND (Do Not Disturb)
    • Speed ​​dial hotline
    • Diversion, standby, transfer
    • Group listening, emergency calls
    • Redial, auto answer
    • Local address book for up to 100 contacts (stored on the base station)
    • Blacklist
    • Remote XML and LDAP notebook
    • Smart Search
    • Call history: dialed/received/missed/forwarded
    • 3-way conference
    • Melody selection/loading/deleting
    • Time setting: automatic or manual
    • Dialing Rules
    • XML browser, Action URL/URI
    • DSS Buttons Customization (Line Selection, Speed ​​Dial, Call Park)


    • Configuration: web interface/phone screen/Autoprovision
    • FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP Autoprovision
    • Phone software update via DECT (OTA – Over-The-Air)
    • Logs: PCAP Trace, system log
    • 3 levels of access to the web interface: admin/user/VAR

    Codecs and voice settings

    • HD voice: HD handset, HD hands-free microphone
    • Wideband codec: G. 722
    • Codecs: G.711(A/u), G.729AB, G.723, G.726, iLBC, Opus (8 kHz and 16 kHz)
    • DTMF: In-band, Out-of-band(RFC2833), SIP INFO and Auto or SIP INFO
    • Full-duplex speakerphone with AEC (echo cancellation)

    Networking and Security

    • SIPv1 (RFC2543), SIPv2 (3261)
    • SNTP/NTP
    • VLAN (802.1Q/p)
    • 802.1x, LLDP
    • STUN server support
    • UDP, TCP, TLS
    • Network Modes: Static/DHCP/PPPoE
    • SIP server redundancy support
    • OpenVPN (Attention! Products intended for countries participating in the Customs Union do not have this functionality)
    • HTTP/HTTPS Server
    • SRTP (Attention! Products intended for countries participating in the Customs Union do not have this functionality)
    • Support for encryption and authentication standards (MD5 and MD5-sess)
    • AES encryption of configuration files

    Display and indicators

    • Graphic LCD 2. 7″ 192×64 with backlight
    • Power LED and MWI
    • Programmable bicolor LED line keys
    • Caller ID with name and number

    Function buttons

    • English keypad
    • 6 line keys with two-color LEDs programmable (up to 15 values ​​on 3 screen pages)
    • 4 context sensitive dynamically programmable keys
    • 6 navigation keys reprogrammable
    • Volume keys
    • 1 programmable function key with LEDs: mute
    • 4 non-reprogrammable function keys: voicemail access, headset, redial, speakerphone


      • 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports 10/100 Mbps
      • 1xRJ9 for tube connection
      • 1xRJ9 for headset connection
      • 1xRJ12 to connect the wireless headset adapter (EHS36).
      • PoE support (IEEE 802.3af) Class 2
      • 1xUSB port 2.0 (used to connect DECT adapter DD10K)

      Base Station

      • Support for 8 SIP accounts with independent configuration
      • Support for 8 DECT telephones
      • Support for 8 simultaneous calls
      • Table or wall mount
      • Support for PoE (Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802. 3af) Class 1
      • 1xRJ45 port 10/100Mbps
      • Indicators: 1x power, 1x mains, 1x handset
      • Power adapter: Input 100-240V~50/60Hz, 250mA, Output 5V, 0.6A
      • Dimensions (W*D*H): 100mm*25.1mm*130mm

      Telephone physical specifications

      • Adjustable tilt (2 positions)
      • Wall mounting option
      • Power supply: input AC 100-240V, output DC 5V/1.2A
      • Consumption via power supply: 1.3 – 3.0 W
      • Consumption via PoE: 1.7 – 3.8 W
      • Dimensions (W*D*H*T): 212mm*189mm*175mm*54mm
      • Colour: black
      • Operating humidity: 10~95%
      • Operating temperature: -10~50˚C


            1. Base station – 1 pc.
            2. SIP-T41S – 1 pc.
            3. Adapter DD10K
            4. Handset – 1 pc.
            5. RJ9 handset cord – 1 pc.
            6. Telephone stand – 1 pc.
            7. Base station stand – 1 pc.
            8. Power adapter: Input AC 100~240V, Output DC 5V, 600mA – 2 pcs.