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Stainless-Steel Stacking Oven Basket and Cooking Tray


The Everything Basket

Air-Fry, Crisp, Roast, Rotisserie, Dehydrate, Grill & Smoke

Use Basquettes as an air fryer basket in your regular or convection oven. Basquettes has 8x the capacity of an electric air fryer!  Some people call it an air fryer rack; some call it an air fry tray; and some call it an air fry pan – no matter what you call it – it turns your oven into a high-capacity air fryer! Great as a crisper tray or oven roaster too! Can also rotisserie and dehydrate!  Basquettes takes the place of 8 single-use, space hogging gadgets.  Get yours today and start enjoying cooking again.

Pro-Tip: When converting an air-fry recipe to the oven, set the oven temperature 25° to 50° higher than the recipe says. We also recommend adding 10 minutes to the cooking time to adjust for the relative size of an oven compared to the small size of an air-fryer.


✓ Turn your oven into an air-fryer
✓ Stack and flip layers of food
✓ Use with or without tops

Your oven just became a high capacity air-fryer with Basquettes!

The revolutionary basket design lets you stack, flip and air-fry enough food to serve the whole crowd.

Two sizes of nesting baskets means you can cook foods of different thicknesses at the same time.


✓ Chicken
✓ Leg of Lamb
✓ Pork Roast

Simply put your poultry or meat into one of the baskets and then put the other basket on top to make a rotissierie “cage”.

Keep the legs on both baskets so the legs hold baskets together. Flip food every 20-30 minutes for perfect rotisserie flavor!


✓ French Fries
✓ Pizza
✓ Veggie Chips

Use Basquettes to make homemade french fries or veggie chips.

Tops are adjustable and hold food on place so you can flip the baskets.

Great for heating up pizza too! No more microwave sogginess. The heightened position of the baskets lets air circulate so bottom of food crisps easily.


✓ Apples
✓ Beef Jerky
✓ Kale Chips

Make delicious homemade snacks! Season as desired, fill the baskets with food, and place in oven.

Switch the upper and lower baskets occasionally and cook on low heat for a long time

The tops of each basket can be used as another level so you can make delicious snacks for a large group!


✓ Chicken
✓ Veggies
✓ Seafood

Roast multiple levels of food at the same time. Either basket can go on top or bottom.

Let the juices from the top basket drip onto and flavor the foods below without the food sitting in grease.

Make your favorite sheet pan meals! Save time by flipping an entire basket of food in one motion.


✓ Turn your oven into a smoker
✓ Delicious moist smoked flavor

Fill a baking pan with wet flavored hardwood. Put it under the Basquettes in the oven

The steamy smoke flavor will produce moist food with that great outdoor grill flavor!

Cooking with Basquettes

Basquettes is the best new cooking tool.

This 6-piece set can be used in so many different ways.

Basquettes is the most versatile cooking tool on the market.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, Basquettes will provide years of cooking fun.

  • Founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Basquettes is an all-in-one cooking and grilling tool designed for the home chef to make easier, faster and heathier food.
  • The innovative, stackable basket set is comprised of two multi-functional and multi-positional nesting baskets that feature removable and adjustable tops, plus patent-pending intertwining legs, allowing them to be stacked and flipped in any direction and in one easy motion.
  • The baskets can be stacked on each other or used on separate oven racks.
  • The heightened position of the wire baskets enables grease to drip through and air to circulate, resulting in healthy eats and fast cooking times.
  • Perfect for air-frying, grilling, smoking, roasting, rotisserie, dehydrating, crisping and cooling, there’s no longer a need for tons of single-use gadgets cluttering countertops and shelves.
  • On a mission to bring fun back into the kitchen, Basquettes allows people to unleash their culinary creativity for all occasions and everyday meals and snacks. 
  • Turns your oven into an air-fryer.
  • Turns your oven into a dehydrator.
  • Turns your oven into a rotisserie.
  • Healthier than sheet-pan cooking.
  • Better than a roasting pan.
  • Easily cook multiple levels of food.
  • Easier, faster, healthier foods.
  • Metal utensil safe.
  • PFOA and PTFE free.
  • Pop it into the dishwasher for easy clean-up!

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How to Prevent Food from Sticking to Your Air Fryer Basket

Cooking Tips

A nonstick surface is a great start, but you might need to take an additional step or two.


Published May 18, 2023.

The appeal of air fryers isn’t only their ability to “fry” food with a minimal amount of oil. It’s also the ease with which they do it: You just add the food, turn it on, and wait. So, cleaning a mess of stuck-on food afterward? That doesn’t jibe with the air-fryer allure.

When the experts on our ATK Reviews team tested air fryers, they preferred models with nonstick inserts because they clean up effortlessly. The nonstick surface also prevents food from sticking. But depending on what you’re cooking, you might need to take an additional step or two.

Here are tips on how to stop food from sticking to your air fryer, from our cookbook Air Fryer Perfection.

75 Recipes

Air Fryer Perfection

From crispy fries and juicy steaks to perfect vegetables, we show you what to cook and how to get the best results.

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1. Use a Small Amount of Oil

One thing you should do both for crispy texture and to prevent sticking is use a small amount of oil. Cooking without any oil whatsoever may sound appealing, but fat promotes browning and can help food crisp up. It also makes it less likely to stick.

For example, before placing trimmed boneless, skinless chicken thighs into the air fryer in our Air-Fryer Thai-Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps, we dry the chicken and then rub it with oil. We use the same dry-then-oil technique with the steaks and pork chops in our Air-Fryer Spice-Rubbed Steaks with Snap Pea and Cucumber Salad and Air-Fryer Roasted Bone-In Pork Chops recipes, respectively.

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2. Spray the Basket Lightly with Vegetable Oil Spray

The next protective measure you can take is an obvious one: spraying the basket lightly with vegetable oil spray. We recommend doing this with foods that are prone to sticking, including fried chicken, chicken Parmesan, and our better-than-boxed fish sticks.

3. Make a Foil Sling

Finally, the ultimate barrier against sticking is a foil sling. Folding a sheet of aluminum foil and cooking the food on top of it not only prevents sticking but also makes the removal of foods such as fish fillets, mini turkey meatloaves, and cheesy potatoes much easier. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Fold one long sheet of aluminum foil so that it is 4 inches wide. Lay the sheet of foil horizontally across the basket, pressing the foil up and into the sides of the basket.
  2. Fold the excess foil as needed so that the edges of the foil are flush with the top of the basket.

Watch test cook Sam Block make a foil sling for air-fried salmon.

How to cook fish on the grill? — Village Club Blog

The most traditional grilled dish is, of course, meat steaks. The second place in popularity is confidently occupied by fish, which is equally loved by women who count calories, and vegetarian men, and in general by everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle. And although it is believed that barbecue fish is easier to cook than meat, there are some features that must be taken into account when preparing it.

What kind of fish is better on the grill?

Ideally for grilling, you need large steaks of oily fish with dense meat. But in principle, all types of fish are suitable for frying, regardless of whether it is fatty or bony, fresh or frozen, small or large … You should not just take fish with tender and soft meat (for example, cod) – once on the grill, it crumbles and burns.

Also note that:

  • oily fish is already protected from drying out when grilled, while lean fish should be watered with oil or marinade;
  • Before cooking, fresh fish must be descaled and gutted, then rinsed and lightly salted. It is better to let frozen fish thaw in the marinade. In any case, it is not worth removing the skin in order to preserve juiciness and not overdry the dish;
  • If you are cooking whole fish, make 3-4 slits on each side of the fish to ensure it cooks evenly.

How to marinate grilled fish?

The classic recipe for grilled fish is sliced, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper. But if you want to give the dish a special taste, before cooking the fish on the grill, you need to marinate it.

On average, 15-20 minutes is enough to marinate barbecued fish. And it is better not to use a large number of components. The following spices are considered suitable for fish dishes:

  • white, green and black pepper, sweet paprika, chili or cayenne pepper;
  • onions and garlic, they add little to no taste, but saturate with aroma;
  • exotic blends such as curry or ginger that can be mixed with mango or soy sauce, but not with herbs.

Herbs: fennel seeds, mint, dill, parsley (better not to use the herbs, but the stems), sage (careful: it gives a bitter taste in large quantities), tarragon (great with other herbs), rosemary, bay leaf , lemon and borage grass – they can be torn and added to the marinade or stuffed carcasses.

How to fry fish on the grill?

To prevent fish from sticking to the grate, the grill must be cleaned according to all the rules: heat it up, wipe it with a cloth moistened with a small amount of vegetable oil, and dry it with a paper towel. It is advisable to “refresh” the new grate before use – hold it over the fire so that it burns.

The correct temperature for frying fish is reached when a white coating forms on the coals. Experts say that the temperature of readiness of fish on the grill can also be determined “by touch” – it is difficult to hold your hand over the grill, on which you can already cook.

Grilled fish must be turned frequently to prevent burning. And so that when turning the fish does not fall apart, use special grill grates. Turn small fish over with two spatulas, slipping one of them under the head of the fish, and the other under the tail.

Depending on the size of the fish, the grilling time varies from 5 to 20 minutes. To determine readiness, press the pulp – it should spring slightly. And if the flesh separates from the bones, the fish is ready.


Grilled foods must be served with sauces. Alternatively, you can mix the rest of the marinade with dry white wine and drizzle over the fish just before serving.

In addition, all the ingredients used to prepare the fish are perfect for serving fish.

Maria Silence specially for the Village Club

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How to cook barbecue – Supermangal

The art of cooking kebabs on the grill is not difficult to master, but there are several subtleties that we will discuss in this article. .

Buying skewers

Buy skewers with a wide blade: they hold meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and everything you put on them well. At the same time, the skewers themselves will not bend under the weight of the meat. It is preferable to choose skewers made of food-grade stainless steel with a thickness of at least 3 mm. It is good if the skewer is twisted at the handle. Recently, it has become fashionable to use a grill in which meat is clamped instead of skewers. It is easier to work with, but there is a big drawback, the clamped meat will release more juices and will become drier by the time it is ready. Therefore, we recommend using skewers for frying kebabs.

Choosing meat

Different types of meat are suitable for kebabs, but in our experience the most juicy and delicious are obtained from lamb or pork ribs, pork neck, veal (part of the back), chicken thighs and red fish. Try to take fresh meat, a lot depends on this.

Marinating meat

How many people, how many ways to marinate meat before frying. But there are three components that we recommend using in any case. These are salt, hot red pepper and onion. To begin with, cut the meat into medium-sized pieces, otherwise the small pieces will turn out dry, the large ones will not fry. Lay the pieces out on a counter or cutting board and season them well on one side, then turn the meat over and season with salt on the other side. Then do the same.

Cut the onion into rings, lightly crush with your hands and place on the meat. After that, put the meat in a saucepan, close the lid and refrigerate for a day. If you have chosen good meat, then this will be enough to make the kebabs juicy and tender. Soaking in kefir, vinegar or adding lemon are more radical pre-treatment methods that will help soften not the most successful meat, but at the same time will greatly affect the taste of kebabs.

Threading meat on skewers

Grease the skewers before threading the meat, so that food pieces do not stick to the metal. After removing the pickled meat from the refrigerator, do not rush to string it on skewers. Let it stand for a little – no more than 30 minutes – at room temperature, otherwise it will not fry well. During this time, the marinade will drain – dripping onto the coals, it will not allow the meat to brown. It is necessary to remove pieces of onion, lemon and other additives from the surface of the meat, otherwise they will char during frying. It is better not to cut off the fat – it will add spice to the meat.

When skewering meat, make sure that there are pieces of approximately the same size on one skewer. Otherwise, it will be difficult to evenly fry them. Place the larger pieces in the center of the skewer, where the heat is greatest, and place the smaller ones around the edges accordingly. It is important to string the meat so that it cannot rotate freely around its axis. Ideally, you want to distribute the weight of the meat evenly so that the skewer does not scroll in one direction. Then you do not have to constantly hold the skewer or lean it against neighboring ones to keep it in the right position. Some braziers have special slots, thanks to which you can fix the skewer in any position.

Cooking charcoal

It is best to use ready-made charcoal for barbecue. First, because charcoal burns longer and more evenly. Secondly, if the brazier of your brazier is made of steel less than 3 mm thick and does not have reinforcement in the form of stiffeners, it may deform from the heat of firewood. If you are using lighter fluid, simply pour the required amount of coals into the brazier, pour a small amount of liquid on them, put the bottle of liquid away, and then light it. The coals will ignite.

Coals can also be lit with dry wood chips and paper. To do this, first fold a small hill of them, and pour coal on top. Set fire to the paper, the chips will start to burn and ignite the coal. Firewood can also be fired in the same way. It is better to use wood of alder, aspen, oak, cherry, dogwood, grape vine, they burn without soot and sparks. To add additional flavor, you can pour a layer of slightly damp alder chips (sold in stores) on the coals, add sprigs of rosemary, thyme, apple, rosehip.

Grilling kebabs

Wait until the coals or firewood stop burning with an open flame. Along the way, distribute the coals so that they lie evenly on the bottom of the broiler. Do not miss the moment, you need to fry the kebabs while the coals are hot, so that the meat sizzles. Then the barbecue will turn out juicy. Place the skewers on the broiler, and quickly turn them so that the meat does not char. Fat will drip from the meat (at least from good fat), which will begin to burn and smoke. Keep open flames away, keep a bottle of water handy, and put out flames every time they start.

The readiness of kebabs can be determined by the appearance when it is browned, and even by the sound (sizzles differently). But it’s better not to take risks, but to cut a thick piece of meat with a knife and see if it was fried from the inside or not. Ready meat emits white juice, there should not be blood. Before you remove the appetizing pieces of meat, wipe the tip of the skewer with a cloth. Put the kebabs on a dish or in a saucepan, garnishing it with fresh onion rings. The kebab looks prettier on the dish, and stays warm longer in the pan.

What to do when there is a strong side wind

Barbecues that have air holes on the sides of the broiler may experience side wind problems. The wind will inflate the coals, and an open flame may appear (which should not be allowed in any case). In such cases, it is good to have a plywood board on hand to block the brazier from the wind with it. For barbecues with air holes at the bottom of the brazier (on the bottom), this problem does not exist. They are usually equipped with ash drawers, opening or closing which, you can adjust the air flow.