Amazon fire cases 7: Best cases for the Amazon Fire 7 (2022) in 2023

Best cases for the Amazon Fire 7 (2022) in 2023


Kishan Vyas


Save time and your tablet with this round-up of the best cases for your Fire 7 tablet.

The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) is one of the best cheap Android tablets on the market. The 2022 release brings some notable upgrades over the 2019 model, including a faster chipset, USB-C, more RAM, and longer battery life. While it still isn’t anywhere near a top performer, its single best trait is that it’s cheap, so it’s easy to forgive all its shortcomings.

If you just picked up the Fire 7 (2022), investing in a case for protection would be a good idea. The Fire 7 (2022) is so cheap that you might not feel like spending too much money on a fancy case. After all, this thing costs just $60. But thankfully, there are plenty of affordable cases that offer good protection, a touch of style, or extra features like a kickstand or auto wake/sleep function. We’ve rounded up the best Fire 7 (2022) tablet cases below.

  • Source: Nupro

    Nupro shock-proof cover

    Editor’s choice

    $15 $25 Save

    Nupro makes this shock-proof Fire cover with a stand on the back for hands-free reading or movie watching. The front of this case features a built-in screen protector to keep your device free of scratches, dirt, and dust. You can get the Nupro in black, plum, or twilight blue.

    $15 at Amazon

  • Source: Epicgadget

    Epicgadget for Fire 7

    Best value

    $15 $30 Save

    Epicgadget’s package deal gives you a little more for your money and your Fire tablet. You’ll get a heavy-duty case in one of five colors, a matching stylus, and a screen protector. There’s even a kickstand that works in vertical and horizontal positions for reading, watching movies, and gaming.

    $15 at Amazon

  • Source: Amazon

    Amazon Fire 7 tablet cover

    Best premium cover

    This official Fire 7 case comes in rose, denim, and black. It’s slim and has a built-in stand. Magnetic connections keep the lid closed when not in use, and the premium fabric cover and microfiber innards offer excellent protection.

    $29 at Amazon

  • Source: MaoMini

    MaoMini Armor Defender

    Rugged design

    $9 $15 Save

    The stealthiest Fire 7 coverage comes from the MaoMini Armor Defender. Available in five color options, this case has a soft inner TPU lining and a hard PC shell that prevents damage from drops, along with a kickstand.

    $9 at Amazon

  • Source: Ubearkk

    Ubearkk Kid-Friendly Fire 7 case

    Best handle

    $11 $30 Save

    This is a fun-looking, kids-friendly case made of heavy-duty EVM foam for extra shock protection. It can withstand rough handling and considerable wear and tear. It also features a carry handle and a built-in kickstand with two possible angles.

    $11 at Amazon

  • Source: DTTO

    DTTO Premium Leather Fire 7 case

    Vintage looks

    $15 $40 Save

    Made out of premium vegan leather, this vintage-style folio case from DTTO will protect your Fire 7 from drops, bumps, and scratches while also giving you a built-in hand strap for one-handed usage. It also has a two-way stand for propping up the tablet on a flat surface for watching videos

    $15 at Amazon

  • Source: MoKo

    MoKo Printed Fire 7 case

    Secure hand strap

    MoKo’s slim folding case provides reliable protection without adding too much weight. It’s made out of high-grade PU leather and comes with elastic ribbon closure and a hand strap. You can prop it up at two angles for watching videos or typing. It also comes in some neat designs.

    See at Amazon

  • Source: Fintie

    Fintie slim Fire 7 case


    $11 $30 Save

    This full-body case from Fintie is lightweight and durable. It features a premium PU leather exterior and a soft, scratch-resistant microfiber interior. The built-in magnetic strip keeps the device securely enclosed while also enabling the auto wake/sleep feature, and the cover can be used as a stand.

    $11 at Amazon

  • Source: Foluu

    Foluu Trifold Fire 7 case

    Best magnetic

    This is a tri-fold folio case that provides full-body protection against drops, scratches, and smudges. The magnetic locks keep the front cover securely in place while also adding the auto wake/sleep feature, and the stand lets you prop up the Fire 7 at multiple angles.

    $19 at Amazon

  • Source: CoBak

    CoBak Leather Fire 7 case

    Sturdy folding case

    $11 $19 Save

    This slim, full-body case is made out of premium PU leather, is affordable, and offers good protection. It has a microfiber interior and magnetic closure for easy opening and closing of your Fire 7. It also offers an auto wake/sleep function, and it comes in three colors: blue, black, or pink.

    $11 at Amazon

  • Source: Plobors

    Plobors Fire 7 (2022) Case

    Silicone protection

    This is a kid-friendly case that offers solid drop protection and comes in a variety of colors. It has four buffer air holes on each corner, is made from shock-absorbing silicone material, and has textured sides for better grip. It also features raised lips to protect the display.

    $10 at Amazon

  • Source: Amazon

    Amazon kid-proof case

    Just for kids

    This cool-looking case is geared toward kids and sports child-safe materials that guard against bumps and scratches caused by everyday use. It’s lightweight, has an ergonomic design that’s easy for kids to hold, and is made from post-consumer recycled plastics.

    $0 at Amazon

A protective case will go a long way in keeping your shiny new Fire 7 (2022) safe from accidental damage, fingerprints, and general wear and tear. For the best protection, I recommend the Nupro shock-proof cover. It keeps your Fire 7 safe, even when dropped, and has a built-in screen protector. The best value package comes from Epigadget. Their heavy-duty case is suitable for all ages and comes in a variety of colors, and this deal includes a stylus and screen protector.

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet cover is designed from premium materials and looks the part. It’s slim, has magnetic closures, has a built-in stand, and is one of the best Amazon Fire 7 accessories.

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Best Amazon Fire 7 cases

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The smallest Fire tablet has proven to be a handy little device. Whether you’re using it to watch Amazon Prime shows, look up recipes, listen to music, or simply to surf the web, you’ll want to keep it protected.

It isn’t cheap after all, and it only takes one bad trip to ruin it. We’ve gathered together the best cases for your 2019 and 2022 Amazon Fire 7 tablets that are suitable for a variety of uses. See which one works best for you.

Best Amazon Fire 7 (2022) cases

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CoBak PU Leather Case for Fire 7 12th Gen

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Rose Gold, Gray, Pink

CoBak’s PU Leather Case for the Amazon Fire 7 (12th Gen) adds a world of functionality. You can hold it comfortably with one hand thanks to the built-in elastic strap. Its folio performs double duty by protecting the screen, and folding over to become a kickstand. As a bonus, the magnetic flip cover is compatible with the Fire 7’s sleep/wake feature.

ANTIKE Shock-Absorption Cover for Fire 7

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red

Damaging your tablet from any angle is a constant worry for anyone. The ANTIKE Shock Absorption Cover eliminates all fear with its heavy-duty, bulky protective layers. All the ports and bezels are reinforced thanks to the raised shock-resistant edges, and the back (as well as the sides) feature a grippy texture to prevent slipping.

Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7

Colors: Blue, Purple, Red

Amazon’s Kid-Proof Case for the Fire 7 (2022) is something we can get behind. It’s fun and quirky, but also practical, owing to its rugged enhancements. There’s a handle that flips open when needed, and also folds at an angle to prop up your Fire tablet.

MoKo Clear Cover with Bumper Protection

Colors: Green, Gray Purple, Rose Gold

Looking for something transparent? The MoKo Clear Cover with Bumper Protection is just what your Fire 7 tablet needs. Available in three colorways, this bumper cover has reinforced edges all around, a see-through back, and a folio that can wake up your Fire 7 or put it to sleep.

Amazon Fire 7 Cover 2022

Colors: Black, Denim, Rose

Amazon’s own offering for the Fire 7 isn’t to be overlooked.

Dress up your brand new Amazon Fire 7 (2022) tablet

The latest iteration of the Amazon Fire 7 (2022) ditches the older micro-USB port, bringing us modern USB-C charging instead. If you’ve upgraded to this petite yet value-packed Fire tablet from Amazon, best grab a sweet case to keep it fresh for many years to come.

The CoBak PU Leather Case is a stellar tablet case for your Amazon Fire 7 (12th Gen). Not only does the entire thing look suave, but it’s also extremely useful. The CoBak case has got a folio cover that triggers the Fire tablet’s sleep/wake function, thanks to its magnetic nature. You can also fold the cover beneath the tablet to make it into a kickstand whenever you desire. Then there’s the elastic band sewn into the back of the Fire 7 cover, which assists you in one-handed usage.

For something rugged, Amazon’s first-party Kid-Proof Case is the best Fire 7 cover. It is lightweight but sturdy, and you get three bright dual-toned color combos to choose from. The handle allows you or your child to carry the Fire 7 around with ease, and it also acts as a stand to prop up your tablet. If you want similar features in a cheaper package, the Auorld Kids Case works as a fantastic alternative.

Both may have 7-inch displays, but the 2019 Fire 7 and 2022 Fire 7 iterations do not fit the same tablet cases and covers. If you’re looking for an Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case, you’ll want something that’s priced decently and provides protection for your tablet.

You’ll also want to consider color options and any additional conveniences a case might offer. For instance, some cases include kickstands so you can prop your screen up without using your hands. You should also double-check that the case you want to purchase is compatible with your version of Fire tablet.

Best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) cases

Poetic Slimline Case

Colors: Blue

Get the look you like most in this protective folio-style casing. The slim Poetic Slimline Case is slim, lightweight, and still durable. This Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case is designed to work with the tablet’s auto wake/sleep feature when you open and close the cover. Its trifold folio acts as a kickstand when folded.

Amazon Fire 7 Case 2019

Colors: Desert orange, Sage, Star Wars Classic, Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Twilight Blue

This is one of the only tablet cases that is designed to prop your Fire up vertically as well as horizontally. The Amazon Fire 7 Case has a simple, sleek design that won’t take up a lot of room in your backpack, purse, or laptop bag. The cover snaps shut by way of magnet to better protect your screen in transit. Choose from five different fabric colors to get the look you like best.

VORI Folio Smart Cover

Colors: Mandala Galaxy, Peony

On the hunt for something simple yet stylish? This is a great case to get. The VORI Folio Smart Cover protects your 2019 Fire 7’s screen from scratches and bumps, but also folds back into a stand for added convenience. This is a very slim case so that it won’t take up any extra space during transport. There are two different patterns to choose from.

Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7 (2019)

Colors: Black, Doodle, Intergalactic, Sky Blue

The handy Amazon Kid-Friendly Case is designed to protect your Fire 7 from drops and bumps. The included handle converts into a kickstand, so your child will be able to transport the device more securely, and will be able to prop it up hands-free when watching a show or playing a game. It comes in four colors.

Famavala Folio Case for Fire 7 (9th Gen)

Colors: Blugaxy

This beautiful Famavala Folio Case protects your Fire 7 tablet’s screen from damage when closed and folds into a stand when open.

Give your older Fire 7 tablet some love

The best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case is the Poetic Slimline Case, which is designed for the 9th-generation Fire 7 tablet. It’s one of the least expensive cases on our list, comes in a soft blue hue, and is sure to protect your tablet from scratches and bumps. The cover even folds up into a kickstand so you can enjoy hands-free tablet usage. It provides just about everything you could need at a reasonable price.

If need something that offers high protection and looks great too, then the Maomi Heavy Duty Cover is an excellent choice. It offers robust protection, including an additional textured back layer that pops out, reinforced corners, raised edges, and a kickstand. Regardless of which case you choose to go with, your 2019 Fire 7 tablet will gain a bit of unique style, and have a better chance of surviving a few bumps.

After you’re done shopping for a nice protective case, check out some of the best accessories for your Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

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A year ago, Amazon had to turn off all solar power plants on the roofs of warehouses due to a series of fires

3DNews Technologies and IT market. News environment A year ago, Amazon had to turn off all …

The most interesting in the reviews

09/02/2022 [16:09],

Pavel Kotov

Last year, Amazon was forced to turn off solar power systems at all of its US facilities – a large number of them had fires for various reasons, jeopardizing the e-commerce giant’s environmental program.

Image source: schropferoval /

One of these incidents occurred on April 14, 2020 – a fire was recorded on the roof of a FAT1 warehouse in Fresno, California. Then about 220 solar panels and other electrical equipment were damaged, but firefighters who arrived at the scene were able to cope with the fire. About a year later, a similar incident was recorded at an Amazon facility in Perryville, Maryland. Between these two events, four more fires were recorded in the warehouses of the company, according to internal documents of Amazon, which journalists were able to see CNBC. In other words, from April 2020 to June 2021. 6 of the company’s 47 solar-equipped sites in North America experienced major outages—that is, 12.7% of its order processing centers.

It would be a mistake to think that only Amazon is experiencing these problems: in one way or another, they have affected all companies trying to implement environmental programs, reducing their environmental impact and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Although Amazon may have been the most active along the way. In 2019, its founder, Jeff Bezos, promised to take the company to zero emissions by 2040, including introducing renewable energy sources and abandoning combustion vans.

Last June, Amazon had to turn off solar power generation at all facilities in the US – the company’s management decided to make sure that all systems were designed, deployed and maintained properly in order to re-commission them. Company spokeswoman Erika Howard told CNBC that technical failures occurred on systems managed by her partners, and Amazon made the decision to disable them on its own initiative. However, all this information was not in the official environmental reports of the company – it was said that in mid-2021 90 order processing centers were powered by solar panels, by the end of the year there were 115, and in April 2022 – already 176. The program for the introduction of solar energy was launched back in 2017.

From the published reports, the company also excluded information about the costs incurred in such incidents. But one Amazon employee calculated that the average cost is $2.7 million per major outage, including the costs of technical inspections and the repair or replacement of faulty equipment. On the other hand, simple solar panels are also expensive – $20,000 for each of the 47 American facilities per month, or $940 thousand for everything combined.

Image Source: StockSnap /

Technical inspections for Amazon are carried out by its partner, Clean Energy Associates (CEA). She is entrusted with the inspection of objects not only in the United States, but also in other regions of the presence of the retailer: in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, CEA worked not only with Amazon facilities, but also with the centers of its Whole Foods network. As of the end of 2021, four years after the takeover of the supermarket chain, the new owner still did not have a technical report on the state of renewable energy systems at Whole Foods facilities. However, a report submitted to the CEA at the end of 2021 contained 259standard remarks and one note of a critical nature. The concerns included mismatched connectors between modules, misplaced connectors, wiring maintenance errors, and signs of water intrusion into solar-to-electricity inverters. By the way, a fire inspector in Fresno concluded that the fire at the FAT1 facility “originated at or near two inverters.”

It looks like the end of 2021 was the turning point in this story – then Amazon divisions requested funding from the company’s management in the amount of $3.6 million to conduct repeated technical inspections that would establish that solar energy systems can be returned to operation. Employees have also called on management to reduce Amazon’s reliance on outside suppliers and replace them with in-house workers. Over time, the company has indeed begun to hire more solar specialists for offices around the world.

However, in some cases management has been unacceptably slow to respond. A number of departments have asked “upstairs” to approve plans to hire, re-inspect and restart solar systems, and in response, Kara Hurst, Amazon’s vice president of environmental affairs, and Alicia Boler-Davis, the senior vice president of customer service suspended all work in this area for several months. In June 2022, Hirst and Boler-Davies left the company.

On the official level, Amazon, of course, denies that members of the management are delaying work on the requests of employees – solar energy specialists are still on the company’s job listings. Now Amazon management understands that the change of environmental strategy at the colossal scale of operations is inevitably fraught with obstacles. “But we at Amazon don’t shy away from big challenges. We don’t have all the answers today, but we believe in the need to act now,” wrote Cara Hirst in a cover letter to the 2021 Environmental Report.


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Bloomberg reported on the difficulties of Amazon and Google in reducing staff in Europe

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  • Investments

Google and Amazon are having difficulty laying off staff in Europe, Bloomberg learned. The reason is labor laws: while in the US technology companies can lay off thousands of people in a short time, in some European countries this is almost impossible without prior consultation with employee advocacy groups.

Google and Amazon are having difficulty laying off employees in Europe due to local labor laws, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

In France, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is currently in talks to cut headcount through voluntary redundancies in exchange for a severance package that it hopes they will find fairly generous.

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In both France and Germany, Google is in talks with so-called work councils, groups that represent the interests of employees, a source told Bloomberg. Companies are required by law to hold meetings with such boards before laying off employees, and this can be a lengthy process. In Paris, where Google has about 1,600 employees, a work council is now discussing with the company the number of employees that will be included in the voluntary layoff plan. According to one employee who asked not to be named, management made it clear that no one would be fired without an agreement.

A Google representative confirmed to Bloomberg about the talks. The company is working to comply with local legal requirements in each country where the cuts are taking place, he said.

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Amazon, in turn, is trying to convince some managers with 5-8 years of experience in the Paris office to resign by offering them an annual salary or vacation with the expectation that they can receive their bonuses in shares in May, one said. agency source. In previous years, workers were offered compensation equal to less than a month’s salary for each year they worked at the company, one source said.