Apple series 3 watch 42mm: Apple Watch Series 3 – Apple (BY)

Apple Watch Series 3 – Apple (BY)

Good things

come in 3.

See how much you Move, Exercise, and Stand.See how

much you


Track every way you work out.

Track every way
you work out.

Apple Watch Series 3 is Splashproof, Swimproof, and Surfproof.Splashproof.

Listen to all your favorite songs with Apple music.Listen to all your
favorite songs
with Apple Music.1

Get the exact workout metrics you need. Down to the decimal.Get the exact workout
metrics you need.
Down to the decimal.

Hello, your wrist is calling.

Hello, your
wrist is calling.

Text from your Apple Watch.Text from your Apple Watch.

Unlock your Mac just by wearing your watch.Unlock your Mac
just by wearing
your watch.

Ping your iPhone. Hear and see where it’s hiding.Ping your iPhone.
Hear and see
where it’s hiding.

Show your true colors with interchangable bands.Show your

true colors with


Stay in the know with notifications.

Stay in the know
with notifications.

Breathe easier with guided mindfulness.

Take a breather
with guided

Track your menstrual cycle with a tap using your Apple Watch series 3.Track your menstrual
cycle with a tap.

Call emergency services right from your wrist. Call emergency
services right
from your wrist.2

Keep an eye on your heart with heart health notifications.

Keep an eye on




Get the sleep of your dreams with the Sleep app.Get the sleep of your dreams with the Sleep app.

See Apple Watch

Series 3 in AR.

Just open this page in Safari on
your iPhone or iPad.

View in AR

View in AR

Which Apple Watch

is right for you?

45mm or 41mm


Most crack-resistant
front crystal

Certified IP6X dust resistant*

Always-On Retina display
Nearly 20% larger than
Apple Watch SE

Over 50% larger
than Series 3

Blood Oxygen app3

High and low heart
rate notifications

Emergency SOS4

emergency calling5

Fall detection

Cellular available6

44mm or 40mm




Retina display
Over 30% larger
than Series 3


High and low heart
rate notifications

Emergency SOS4

emergency calling5

Fall detection

Cellular available6

42mm or 38mm




Retina display


High and low heart
rate notifications

Emergency SOS4




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Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm – UCF Technology Product Center

Item Name:

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS.

Series 3 (GPS) Features


  • Aluminum case
  • Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS
  • S3 with dual-core processor
  • W2 Apple wireless chip
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Capacity 8GB 1
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Ion-X strengthened glass
  • Composite back
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life2
  • Water resistant 50 meters3
  • watchOS 4

Size and Weight:

  • Height: 42.5mm
  • Width: 36.4mm
  • Depth: 11.4mm
  • Weight: 32.3g

Part Number:

Space Gray Watch with Black Band MTF32LL/A,  Silver Watch with White Band MTF22LL/A

Limited Warranty and Service:
Your Apple Watch comes with 90 days of free telephone support and a one-year limited warranty. Purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan to extend your service and support to two years from your computer’s purchase date. Only the AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with direct telephone support from Apple technical experts and the assurance that repairs will be handled by Apple- authorized technicians using genuine Apple parts. For more information, visit Apple Support or call 800-823-2775. Apple Watch Series 3 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that it may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, it should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

Eligibility Requirement:

The UCF Technology Product Center is a store only for UCF students, staff, faculty, and institutional purchases. Some products we sell are licensed or discounted specifically for the UCF community. These products (including student software, Apple computers, etc.) require proof of eligibility. A UCF ID Card or other identification can be provided at time of purchase in the UCF Technology Product Center. Affiliate sites may require accounts to be created using a valid UCF email address.

How to purchase:

UCF Institutional Purchases: Please visit our UCF Departments Information page  to submit institutional orders by using the Service Now order form link.

Personal Purchases:  Please visit the Technology Product Center, conveniently located on the UCF Main Campus, during store hours. Call (407) 823-5603 or Email the TPC ([email protected]) for availability.

Payroll Deductions:  Please review our Payroll Deduction information page and visit the Technology Product Center, conveniently located on the UCF Main Campus, during store hours.

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by the Buyer and diagnostics of the device status by the specialists of the Buyer’s grading center:
within 3 days after the conclusion of the Agreement. According to the diagnostic results: – In case of confirmation
By specialists of the grading center, the data about the Goods specified in clause 1.1., The Buyer sends by e-mail. mail
Seller “Confirmation of the condition and cost of the Goods”. – If established by the Specialists
grading center discrepancies with the data specified in clause 1.1. contracts, email Seller’s mail is sent
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2.2. Payment by the Buyer of the Goods is made by non-cash transfer of funds to
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2.3. This Agreement is simultaneously an act of acceptance and transfer of the Goods.

2.4. Obligations in terms of acceptance and transfer of goods under the contract are considered fulfilled from the moment
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2.5. The ownership of the Goods passes to the Buyer from the moment of payment for the Goods.


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3.3. The parties are released from liability for failure to perform or improper performance of their
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3.4. In the event of force majeure circumstances preventing the performance of one of the parties
assumed obligations under this Agreement, this Party is obliged to notify in writing
the other Party within 3 days of the occurrence of such circumstances.


4.1. All disputes and disagreements under this Agreement shall be resolved by the Parties through negotiations.

4.2. If no agreement is reached through negotiations, the dispute is resolved in court at the place of
location of the Buyer. Compliance with pre-trial order is mandatory. Consideration period
claims – 10 calendar days.


5. 1. The procedure for concluding the Agreement and the relationship of the Parties in the part not regulated by the Agreement,
are regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. This Agreement is concluded by
sending by the Buyer to the e-mail of the Seller of the Terms of the contract of sale, concluded through
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button “Accept offer” (acceptance). By pressing the “Accept offer” button, the Seller confirms his consent
with the terms of the Agreement. After that, the Purchase and Sale Agreement signed by the Parties, containing all
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5.2. The Parties recognize the legal force of the Agreement signed by the Buyer using
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5.3. This Agreement is recognized as concluded on the date of receipt by the Buyer and the Seller by e-mail. mail
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5.4. Any changes and additions to this Agreement made in the form provided for
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5.5. The Seller consents to the Buyer to process and transfer his personal data for the purposes of
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5.6. By signing (accepting) this Agreement, the Seller agrees with the results of the
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Apple Watch Series 3 Nike 42 mm Silver, pure platinum-black in Rostov

The durable aluminum case of the Apple Watch Series 3 in silver color harmonizes perfectly with the black strap. This composition looks stylish and elegant and is suitable for both women’s and men’s wrists. The Series 3 smart gadget compares favorably with all models released before 2017. You can buy Apple Watch 3 42 mm with a black sports strap immediately on our website or in person in the store.

Apple Watch Series 3 is available in two case sizes. For a small hand, the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm with a black sports band is perfect. The light shade hides small scratches and abrasions on the body, and the durable material allows you to maintain an excellent appearance for a long time.

Silver Apple Watch Series 3 is considered traditional and has been popular among buyers for several years. The accessory fits any style of clothing, looks fashionable and modern.

Useful features and apps from Apple

Heart monitoring is important for anyone who cares about their own health. The watch tracks your pulse and heart rate in the updated Pulse app and exports all the information received to the Health app. Active hints will help you take your mind off things and replenish your body’s water reserves or share with your friends the results of lost calories.

A smart watch is a powerful tool to start a healthy lifestyle or achieve great results in professional sports. Innovations in the device:

  • full access to iTunes,
  • altimeter,
  • updated applications,
  • swim and dive,
  • watch can be connected to the simulator.

Powerful processor for smooth operation and fast response. With Watch Series 3, it’s easy to get great results, stay on top of your workouts, and have fun with your favorite tracks.

Price in Rostov

All Apple products are of low cost. The price in Rostov-on-Don for the Apple Watch Series 3 42 mm silver aluminum case is more profitable than in neighboring regions. We work directly from the manufacturer and offer to buy high-quality and multifunctional devices without compromising the budget.

Manufacturer Apple Inc.
Processor Dual-core S3 processor. Integrated GPS/GLONASS
Memory (GB) 8
Operating system Watch OS
Body material aluminum
Protection against water
Glass type scratch resistant
Time display digital
Shield (Type) 2nd generation Retina OLED display with Force Touch technology 2x brighter (1000 cd/m²)
Glass (Type) Heavy duty Ion-X glass
Resolution (pix) 312×390
Battery and power
Standby time up to 72 hours
Battery until 18:00
Power supply Magnetic charging cable
Network connection Wi‑Fi 802.