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Best cheap Apple Watch deals June 2023

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Every smartwatch in Apple’s current slate — including the flagship Apple Watch Series 8 and rugged Apple Watch Ultra — is on sale right now.

By Brandon Widder and Cameron Faulkner


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The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t a massive step up from the prior model, but it does offer a few new features.Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

In September, Apple launched its latest batch of smartwatches, introducing the first-ever Ultra ($799) alongside the Series 8 ($399) and a new Apple Watch SE ($249). Each wearable has its own pros and cons associated with it, but the introduction of the high-end Ultra also means there are now more Apple Watch models on the market before than ever before — and a lot more deals to be had.

But with all of those options, which one should you pick? Generally speaking, you want to buy the newest watch you can afford so that it continues to receive software updates from Apple. The latest update, watchOS 9, launched on the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models in September, and watchOS 10 will offer the same compatibility when it arrives in the fall. Also, keep in mind that, unlike some Apple products, the largest discounts are typically reserved for the newest models, not the last-gen ones.

Picking up a watch from the latest (or a recent) generation ensures you’re getting a smartwatch with an updated design, a robust number of features, and plenty of sensors. And thankfully, now that the Series 3 is officially out of commission (it was long overdue), it’s harder to end up with a watch that will quickly feel outdated.

Now, let’s get into the deals.

The best Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS)

$329$39918% off



$329$39918% off

The latest mainline smartwatch from Apple features watchOS 9 along with Crash Detection and temperature sensors that enable menstrual cycle tracking — something you won’t find on any other model.

$329 at Amazon$329 at Walmart$329 at Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, GPS)

$359$42916% off



$359$42916% off

The Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t represent a drastic departure from the Series 7, but it does offer Crash Detection and a number of iterative improvements that will make it the go-to model for many.

$359 at Amazon$359 at Walmart$359 at Best Buy

The Apple Watch Series 8 represents the latest wearable in Apple’s flagship Series lineup. It brings a new chipset (that our colleague Victoria Song says isn’t faster than the previous iteration), new temperature sensors that enable menstrual tracking, Crash Detection, and a host of other enhancements. While the subtle improvements are welcome, the Series 8 isn’t all that different from the prior model, the Apple Watch Series 7.

We recently saw the starting price of the base Apple Watch Series 8 drop to $329 ($70 off), which is what the 41mm model with GPS is currently going for at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. As for the larger, 45mm model with GPS, it’s currently on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart for $359, which is $70 off and matches the watch’s lowest price to date.

If you’re looking to snag an LTE-equipped model, the 41mm configuration is available at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy for $429 ($70 off). The same $70 discount also applies to the 45mm model, which is on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart right now for $459.

If you can do without Crash detection and other Series 8 exclusives, the last-gen Series 7 is also currently available at Target starting at $249 — about $150 off its original list price.

Read our Apple Watch Series 8 review.

The best Apple Watch SE deals

2022 Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS)

$219$24912% off



$219$24912% off

The new SE for 2022 borrows a few features from the Series 8, including the same chipset and Crash Detection feature, but it’s an otherwise subtle upgrade from the last-gen SE.

$219 at Amazon$219 at Best Buy$220 at Target

2022 Apple Watch SE (44mm, GPS)

$249$27911% off



$249$27911% off

Apple’s entry-level wearable represents a minor upgrade when compared to the prior SE, though it does introduce a faster chipset and make use of many watchOS 9 features.

$249 at Amazon$249 at Best Buy$250 at Target

2020 Apple Watch SE (GPS)

$149$27947% off



$149$27947% off

Apple’s first-gen Apple Watch SE serves as a step up from the now-discontinued Series 3, with similar features and a design that’s more in line with the Series 6 from 2020.

$149 at Walmart (40mm)$179 at Walmart (44mm)

The Apple Watch SE received a refresh in late 2022. It has the same chipset as the Series 8, which is great, but with fewer sensors, no always-on display, and a slightly outdated design compared to the Series 7 and Series 8. Those omissions might take this out of the running for some people, but it still may be exactly what you’re after. Best of all, it starts at $249 for the 40mm Wi-Fi / GPS model, which is $30 less than the previous generation’s baseline cost. Opting for cellular connectivity bumps up the starting price to $299 for the 40mm size (44mm adds $20 to each configuration).

Right now, the 40mm Apple Watch SE with GPS is available at Amazon and Best Buy starting at $219 ($30 off), or at Target for just $1 more. The GPS-only model is also available from the same retailers in the 44mm sizing (Amazon, Best Buy, Target) for around $249 ($30 off) or in the LTE configuration (Amazon, Best Buy, Target) starting at $269 ($30 off).

If you’re cool with getting the last-gen model, which lacks an always-on display and some of the more advanced bells and whistles found on the newer Apple Watch models, Walmart is selling it in the base configuration starting at just $149, a total of $130 off.

Read our Apple Watch SE (second-gen) review.

The best Apple Watch Ultra deals

Apple Watch Ultra

$749$7996% off



$749$7996% off

The Watch Ultra is the most rugged and capable Apple Watch available. It has a thicker, bigger build than the Series 8, precise GPS tracking, and sensors that can measure metrics for diving. It only comes in one size and configuration, and it supports both GPS and LTE.

$749 at Amazon$749 at Best Buy

Apple’s big, thick, and capable Watch Ultra launched at $799 with GPS and LTE support, and in case you aren’t in the know, it has the most features, sensors, and ruggedness of any Apple Watch model available thus far. Its 49mm case houses a screen that can get brighter than the Series 8, it has a longer-lasting battery and more precise GPS tracking, and it’s loaded with sensors that essentially turn it into a swimming and diving guide.

Last month, we saw select Apple Watch Ultra configurations drop to $701.99 (about $97 off). Right now, however, Apple’s premium wearable is only on sale at Amazon and Best Buy, for $749.99 ($50 off), which remains the watch’s second-lowest price to date.

Read our Apple Watch Ultra review.

A note on the more premium models

While all of the Apple Watch models and colorways covered here are encased in aluminum (with the exception of the Ultra, which has a titanium build), Apple does make a more premium range built out of stainless steel and titanium. These offerings are functionally and aesthetically similar to their aluminum counterparts, with slightly refined colors and finishings — polished for the stainless steel and brushed for the titanium. However, they start at much steeper prices of $749 and above. They, too, can often be found on sale, but they’re never discounted as low as the standard base models, so we don’t include them here.

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What to do if your Apple Watch is lost or stolen

Use the Find My app to find your Apple Watch and protect your data.

Here’s how it works

Find My helps you find and secure your Apple Watch. If you’ve already set up Find My iPhone on a paired iPhone, it’s automatically enabled on your Apple Watch and any Apple Watch paired with it using Family Setup. So if your watch is lost or stolen, you can use the Find My app to find it. And with Activation Lock, you need your Apple ID and password to erase your Apple Watch and use your watch with your iPhone.

When you use the Find My app, your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) can use GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi or cellular network to show its approximate location. Apple Watch (GPS) can use GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi network. Since the Apple Watch Series 1 does not have a GPS module, you will be shown the location of the paired iPhone or its Wi-Fi network.

Show your clock on a map

To see your clock on a map, sign in to or use the Find My app. If the watch is nearby, tap the Play Sound option to find it. The watch will continue to beep until you click Close.

If you can’t see your watch on the map, it might not be connected to Wi-Fi, cellular, or a paired iPhone.


  1. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Open Find My iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices and select your Apple Watch.

For iPhone

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Select your Apple Watch to view its location on a map.

Put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode

If your Apple Watch goes missing, you can immediately block it on or on your paired iPhone. Just put your watch in lost mode. You can then send a custom message with your phone number. This will help the finder of the Apple Watch to contact you.

    For iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    1. Open the Find My app and select your Apple Watch.
    2. Click Activate under Mark as Lost.
    3. Tap Continue.
    4. Enter a phone number where you can be contacted and click Next.
    5. Enter the message to display on the watch screen.
    6. Click “Activate”.

    Find My sends an email to confirm that your Apple Watch has been put into Lost Mode.

    Turn off or cancel Lost Mode

    If you find your missing Apple Watch, tap Unlock on the watch, then enter your password. Lost Mode will automatically turn off and you can use your watch normally again. You can also turn off Lost Mode on your paired iPhone or on


    1. Sign in to with your Apple ID.
    2. Select Find My iPhone.
    3. Click All Devices and select your Apple Watch.
    4. Click Lost Mode > Disable Lost Mode, then click Disable Lost Mode again to confirm.

    On an iPhone

    1. Open the Find My app and tap your missing Apple Watch.
    2. Click “Activated” in the “Mark as lost” section.
    3. Click “Disable “Mark as Lost””, then click “Disable” to confirm.

    Apple Watch doesn’t show up on a map

    If you didn’t turn on Find My [device] before your Apple Watch was lost or stolen, and your watch isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, cellular, or a paired iPhone, you can’t use Find My [device] use to find hours.