Appliance buying: Best Appliance Store Buying Guide

Best Appliance Store Buying Guide

Maybe your old stove’s burners are getting finicky or your small refrigerator isn’t keeping up with the size of your family. Or maybe you’re just ready for an upgrade. When you shop for a new appliance, finding the right features at a great price is your chief goal. But dealing with the right appliance retailer—be it local or online—can make that potentially stressful shopping experience less of a hassle.

Consumer Reports’ appliance-store ratings—based on a survey of more than 20,000 Consumer Reports members who reported on more than 30,000 major- and small-appliance purchases—offer a snapshot of the buying experience at 27 national appliance retailers, as well as manufacturer sites as a group and independent retailers as a group. We rate them on price, customer service, delivery, installation, and other key attributes to ensure that you have as few problems as possible while you shop—and after you take your new appliance home.

Our survey also reveals the successful bargaining tactics our members use. We’ve included them below to help you shop more effectively, whether you’re desperate for a new appliance right now, or can wait for a sweet deal to surface.

Before comparing retailers’ deals, make sure your favored appliance is worth it. Consult Consumer Reports’ appliance ratings to see how the model performed in our tests, and check our appliance brand reliability ratings, which show how reliable individual brands are for different product categories. Many shoppers value one brand over another, but we’ve found that no brand provides excellent reliability across all types of appliances.

When your refrigerator’s compressor conks out and it’s not worth repairing, you can’t wait for a sale. Here’s how to save money on appliances if you need a replacement immediately. 

• Head to an independent dealer first. Independents often can match prices at big-box stores and have a bead on supply that’s at least as good as what the major chains have. And because they typically don’t depend on third-party delivery services, they can often be more exact on when you’ll get your machine. They also can offer perks such as in-house service or a loaner while you wait for your new appliance.

• Hone your search on big-box-store websites. If you want to shop at a major chain, take advantage of any search tools online and through the retailer’s app that let you quickly find what’s in stock locally and what’s available for delivery now.

• Consider substitutions. When we recently researched options for Bosch dishwashers—many of which do well in CR’s tests—we found that a popular stainless steel model couldn’t be delivered for three weeks from the online retailer Appliances Connection. But a similar model, for $100 more, was ready to be shipped right away.

Supply chain issues that delayed many appliance deliveries after the pandemic began have for the most part been resolved, but certain models and brands still may be on back order for a while. So be patient, and:

• Get on an independent dealer’s waiting list. If your appliance model of choice is out of stock, an independent dealer may very well be willing to call you when it arrives. In CR’s appliance-store survey, some respondents volunteered how helpful their local stores were in communicating when preferred models finally arrived in stock.

• Sign up for digital alerts. Some chains, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, let you set up notifications that will be sent to your smartphone or email when your favored model arrives.

• Hold out for a seasonal sale. Large-appliance prices typically drop on three-day holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day, and take their biggest dive in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. If you can wait for those sale weekends, you can find discounts of 25 percent or more on individual items. Manufacturers, not retailers, determine those promotions, so you may spot them on both makers’ and retailers’ websites.

Certain seasons are also known for appliance markdowns. “Prices tend to drop on specific models when retailers want to make room for new models that replace them,” says Mark Allwood, a senior market analyst covering major appliances for Consumer Reports.

New laundry appliances, Allwood says, usually debut in March and April. Refrigerators come out then, too, as well as in June and July. New dishwashers roll out throughout the year, though, so timing a sale may be harder to do. Other tactics:

• Compare prices online. If an appliance model is rated by Consumer Reports, its individual model page will show comparative prices from among dozens of retailers. You can see where the item is offered locally—and online by smaller retailers and third-party resellers—by typing the model name and number into Google Shopping. PayPal Honey, a price-comparison website, gives you the option to do a similar comparison.

• Monitor an item’s price history. Several websites and apps let you see whether a “deal” really is the lowest price of the year—as opposed to taking a retailer’s word for it. Camelcamelcamel displays price trends on items sold on Amazon for the past year or longer. If you sign up for the Droplist on PayPal Honey, you can see historical pricing for up to four months among different national retailers. Droplist also will send you notifications when the product’s price drops.

• Price-match. Local independents may match the prices of local competitors. And big-box stores certainly do, with limitations: Best Buy and Lowe’s, for example, match the prices of local competition and some major online retailers, as long as it’s not a third-party seller. They also match the prices offered by your local warehouse club. It doesn’t go the other way, though: Costco does not price-match. (Note that Best Buy, Home Depot, JCPenney, and Lowe’s do not offer a price-match guarantee if a competitor has a liquidation sale. You’ll see all the details in the what’s-not-covered section of their sites.)

• Go for a floor model. These items often have minor imperfections but can cost significantly less. On Best Buy product pages, for instance, you can sometimes find open-box versions of an appliance model, in conditions ranging from excellent (looking and packaged like brand-new) to fair (significant scratches, dents, or chips). All are at a discount and operate as intended, though the models that are in fair condition may be missing some vital accessories.

• Wait till you need more than one new appliance. You may be able to bag bigger discounts on sets of two or more matching items.

• Compare delivery and other fees. Take into account whether fees apply for delivery and haul-away of your old appliance, and whether basic hookup of an appliance, such as a washer, is free. When prices are basically the same at two stores, these details can make a difference. Home Depot and Lowe’s, for example, charge for installation of cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, gas ranges, and more—so check the fine print. Scour manufacturers’ sites, too, to see whether they’re offering free installation deals as an enticement to buy. 

• Consider buying a used appliance. When CR researched this, we arrived at some key takeaways: Avoid most online marketplaces, calculate what useful life an appliance you’re considering may have left, and—as with new machines—opt for a reliable brand. And if you’re looking for something specific, check used-appliance stores often. You can save as much as 75 percent off your dream appliance by doing so.

In CR’s appliance store survey, only 22 percent of major-appliance shoppers haggled over the price; among small-appliance buyers, just 3 percent tried. When we asked the others why they didn’t try, 38 percent said they were already satisfied with the price, and more than 20 percent said haggling never occurred to them—or they didn’t know they could.

They may have left money on the table. Among successful large-appliance hagglers who shopped at Best Buy and Lowe’s, the median amount they saved was more than $140; at Home Depot, it was $114. At independent dealers, it was $123. Among small-appliance hagglers, 78 percent were successful, saving a median of $57.

“It can’t hurt to try,” says Tian Wang, who managed CR’s appliance-store survey.

The gambits here are remarkably simple, assuming you’re willing to give them a go:

• Just ask for a better price. That was the most common practice among successful hagglers from CR’s recent survey. About half of successful hagglers used that approach.

• Inquire about group, veteran, or senior discounts. Sixty-two percent of CR members who did so when purchasing a major appliance saved money. Lowe’s offers 10 percent off to those who have served or are currently serving in the military. Kohl’s offers 15 percent off on Wednesdays to shoppers “aged 60 or better,” in the company’s words.

• Invoke the competition. Our members referred to prices offered by other retailers, told salespeople they were going to check prices at other stores, mentioned deals found on price-comparison tools, or used a smart device to search for a better price while in a store.

• Request discounted or free services. These include delivery, installation, and haul-away—if they’re not already provided. (Costco distinguishes itself among major retailers by generally including delivery and basic hookup in the price of its large appliances, and not charging to haul away the old one. )

• Ask for free accessories. Services are not the only factor to haggle on. Retailers may offer you free accessories that are needed for the installation, such as a hose for a dishwasher or an electrical cord required for hooking up a dryer.

By the way, haggling success apparently doesn’t depend on being face-to-face with a salesperson. In prior member surveys, we’ve found that online shoppers who try bargaining are just as successful as their in-store counterparts. For online purchases, we found the most successful bargaining medium was email; whether shopping for major or small appliances, consumers who emailed a website to bargain on the price were successful 90 percent of the time.

Read about which large appliance stores were easiest haggle with—and which gave the biggest discounts.

You can often get even more off your purchase with smart research and strategies.

• Search for utility rebates. Big-box stores’ websites and apps may show what’s available for Energy Star appliances from your local utility. You can also find rebates on some utilities’ websites, and on the Energy Star website. Amounts will vary. We’ve seen rebates of $25 to $100 for major appliances. 

• Use your own truck and/or install the appliance yourself. That can save on delivery and installation fees, assuming you have the muscle and the know-how.

• Skip the extended warranty. We’ve found that it’s rarely worthwhile to purchase an extended appliance warranty. In addition, your credit card may automatically extend your purchase’s warranty, so you don’t need to buy additional protection. American Express cards do this; so does the Costco Anywhere Visa card. If you still want to take advantage of a retailer’s warranty, keep in mind that the period of coverage can differ from retailer to retailer. The cost of the warranty may vary accordingly.

• Use a credit card that gives cash back or rewards. You won’t necessarily pay less for the product this way, but you may earn other benefits. The Costco Anywhere Visa card provides a 2 percent cash-back rebate on appliance purchases at Costco, and 1 percent for purchases elsewhere. Holders of Home Depot’s and Lowe’s credit cards may receive extra discounts for purchases from those retailers; the promotions change seasonally, so check those retailers’ websites.

8 Tips to Help You Shop

Buying Kitchen Appliances: 8 Tips to Help You Shop

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The kitchen of your dreams is only a shopping spree away

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Whether buying kitchen appliances to add the finishing touches to your kitchen renovation or to upgrade for a quick and easy makeover, your kitchen appliances are key to a functioning kitchen. No one likes having a dishwasher that doesn’t clean the dishes or a microwave that leaves your food cold in the middle. With this in mind, here are eight kitchen appliance tips for your next shopping trip.

1. Set Your Budget

Shopping for appliances may be fun, but before you set your heart on stunning appliances that are costly, it’s important to reel in your budget. New appliances cost anywhere from $350 to $8,000 on average, meaning the sky is practically the limit for a complete kitchen renovation. Setting a budget before jumping into how to shop for kitchen appliances—and sticking to it—can help you avoid the temptations of fancy smart kitchen appliances that you may not need. 

2. Measure Your Space

When the time comes to install that fridge or dishwasher, the last thing you want is for it not to fit. Imagine the difficulties of shuffling a heavy appliance up a few flights of stairs! That’s why it’s important to use those long-forgotten geometry skills and measure the area so you can choose appliances that will fit your space.

But the final space isn’t the only important part: You’ll also need to measure the doorway for large appliances like a standard refrigerator or dishwasher to ensure you can even get the appliance into your home. It’s also a good idea to measure your entire kitchen for large remodeling projects.

To measure your space:

  • Measure the width of any entry points from one jamb to the other.

  • Make sure there are at least 1 or 2 inches of extra space between entryways.

  • Measure the height, width, and depth (if needed).

  • Factor in an extra 1 to 2 inches for refrigerator, freezer, range, cooktop, and dishwasher installations.

  • Include any protruding parts in your measurements.

3. Know Your Style and Finishes

Photo: hedgehog94 / Adobe Stock

You know what they say—different strokes for different folks. Several styles and finishes are available for homeowners looking for those personal touches. Be it technology features that make appliance use easier or that stainless steel finish that adds to your modern kitchen, choosing appliances that are right for you can make all the difference in your kitchen experience.

The budget you set in place earlier really comes in handy when shopping for the best appliance finishes and colors, as some materials and features can significantly increase the price of your appliances. 

4. Understand Energy Efficiency 

Your kitchen appliances are bound to consume energy in the home, but you can save money in the long run by choosing energy-efficient appliances. These appliances may have a higher upfront cost than conventional ones, but you’ll save overall by opting for one of these more sustainable options. 

To choose an energy-efficient appliance, look for the Energy Star logo as you shop. Energy Star-certified appliances exceed strict government testing to meet your energy conservation goals. Some appliances, like Energy Star-certified refrigerators, can save you around 9% in energy use compared to standard models. 

5. Read Reviews

That sleek fridge you’ve had your eyes on could have poor reviews despite how nice it looks, so always read online reviews before buying a new kitchen appliance. It’s a good idea to consider user and editorial reviews to get the full picture of the appliance in question. Always take negative user reviews with a grain of salt and pay close attention to consistent complaints about issues with the appliance in question. 

6. Visit a Retail Store

Photo: hedgehog94 / Adobe Stock

Face it: appliances can be a major investment, so you may not want to purchase a product you haven’t seen in person. Once you’ve found an appliance you like, visit an appliance store to get a better idea of how it would look in your home.

Take this opportunity to ask a store representative about the appliance. They may have helpful information that can solidify your decision, or they might refer you to an option that suits your needs. Some retail stores also repair kitchen appliances, making it easier to hire an appliance repair pro for future issues.

7. Ask About Warranties and Return Policies

The fine print of any policy is enough to feel like you’re reading an encyclopedia; however, you’ll want to read through the warranty and return policy for any appliance you buy so you know what’s covered by the manufacturer and the retail store. Most appliances have a one-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from retail stores. 

You might have an option to extend your warranty for up to three years if you feel an extended warranty is worth it for your appliance. Since warranties vary by brand and even credit card perks, check the policies to be on the safe side.

8. Measure Again

It never hurts to double-check measurements, and doing so could save you from making a costly mistake. So before you buy your new appliance, check the measurements again and the appliance’s specifications.

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Purchase of used household appliances in St. Petersburg

The purchase of household appliances is the main activity of our company, which operates in St. Petersburg, offering customers many profitable services. We buy old used devices for spare parts or subsequent restoration.

Services for the purchase of household appliances in St. Petersburg

Modern technology greatly simplifies our everyday life. Any hostess cannot imagine her life without a washing machine, a refrigerator. The average service life of such devices is 10-15 years, then they become obsolete physically and morally. Physical wear is accompanied by breakdowns, numerous malfunctions. Home appliances can no longer cope with their tasks. Obsolescence occurs when manufacturers release new models of equipment that have unique features.

Every housewife wants to periodically update home appliances. This is often done during renovations. But everyone immediately has a natural problem of what to do with old models that take up a lot of free space in the room.

Throwing large household appliances in the trash is strictly prohibited. It must be disposed of in accordance with national environmental regulations. This is due to the fact that in the production of ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, raw materials are used that have been decomposing for centuries, polluting our planet.

We buy household appliances in the districts of St. Petersburg




The owner pays for the correct processing of such property. These services are expensive. You can avoid additional costs if you sell the devices to a specialized company that buys faulty household appliances in St. Petersburg.

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Peculiarities of purchasing household appliances

The company is engaged in the purchase of large and small household appliances. This process is simple:

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