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What are the most popular Barbie Games?

  1. Barbie: Makeover Studio
  2. Snip ‘n Style Salon
  3. My Scene: Shopping Spree
  4. Dazzling Nails
  5. Let’s Baby-Sit Baby Krissy
  6. My Scene: Trivia
  7. Superstar Makeovers
  8. Barbie: Car Fun
  9. Odette Dress Up
  10. Zoom and Groom

What are the best Barbie Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Barbie: Makeover Studio
  2. Snip ‘n Style Salon
  3. My Scene: Shopping Spree
  4. Dazzling Nails
  5. Let’s Baby-Sit Baby Krissy

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It’s time to meet the blonde who made history!

If you are a big fan of fashion and glamour, you should give the Barbie Games a try! Who is she? You must have lived under a rock if you haven’t heard about this charming young woman! Some would even say that she is the most famous blonde in the world. But how did this world-wide phenomenon take off?

It all started in the 1950s, when American businesswoman Ruth Handler, invented a beautiful fashion doll inspired by a German one, called Bild Lilli. Soon after, it was bought by the famous toy company Mattel, and it became much more than just a toy! Soon enough, little girls everywhere wanted to befriend and own such a special and enticing doll!

What turns a blonde doll into an international sensation? Perhaps it’s the fact that Barbie was much more than just a pretty face. Barbie has stolen the hearts of little girls everywhere with her independent and dynamic lifestyle! Barbie seemed to have it all: a successful career, a gorgeous house, and many affluent friends.

This ambitious blonde became the favorite toy and role-model all over the world….and she has never stopped evolving! Since 1987, Barbie has expanded into a media franchise, including animated films, television specials, games, and even music!

Enjoy a wonderful world of fashion and style!

What makes Barbie and the universe centered around her so appealing? Naturally, it’s all about the glamour, luxury, and hot pink accessories! From the very beginning, this famous blonde stood out because of her unique and attractive look. Her beautiful figure, sky-blue eyes, and iconic hairstyle made her the ultimate present for any little girl!

What is more, Barbie promoted the importance of personal style and a put-together look among her fans. For instance, many of the games and merchandise related to her are centered around beauty and self-care. They aim to teach little girls about make-up, hair styling, and fashion. Also, they allow youngsters to be creative and have hours of fun emulating adult activities. Still not convinced? Try out the Snip ’n Style Salon game to become Barbie’s hairdresser. You will surely have a blast!

Sure, manicures and hairdos are pretty fun, but everybody knows what every little girl’s favorite game is. Of course, I am talking about dress up! There is nothing like choosing the perfect outfit for your doll! What makes Barbie so famous is her virtually endless and extremely fashionable wardrobe. From princess outfits to more casual attire, and even sportswear, this blonde sensation surely has a great taste in fashion.

What is more, you have the chance to be involved in picking out her outfit! Not only do you get to dress her up, but you can also help the rest of the world with their styling choices! With the Fashion Frenzy game, you are the manager of a virtual boutique. Isn’t it fun to spread Barbie’s flawless fashion sense to the entire world?

Is there more to the Barbie Games than just lovely outfits?

Contrary to appearances, Barbie is not just a blonde bimbo! Of course, she is stylish and well put together at all times, but it doesn’t make her superficial. This blonde beauty has empowered young girls for decades, showing that you can be beautiful, intelligent, and successful at the same time.

Many of the dolls, merchandise, and games of the franchise are based on one of the careers Barbie tries out. I can’t think of a job she hasn’t had out yet! From a teacher to a sportswoman, a surgeon, or even an astronaut, this blonde beauty is truly fearless! Her message is ambitious and straightforward: You can be anything! Still not convinced? Just join her in the Care N Cure game to experience the life of a wildlife veterinary! It will be a fun and educational experience!

Are you ready for an outrageous adventure? Despite her organized life and driven attitude, she never shies away from an unexpected journey or a new experience! What is more, sometimes new friends join her! She becomes part of famous fairy tales, gets immersed into magical universes, and even more unusual circumstances!

As she truly has become the symbol of a generation, Barbie has become a special guest in many cross-over projects. Sounds interesting? Then check out the Barbie in the Great Scooby-Doo Search game to get a taste of mystery and glamour at the same time!

Leave all prejudice aside and give the Barbie Games a try! Does it look like a superficial past time for little girls? Don’t let the hot-pink decorations and glitter misguide you! Underneath all that lies a confident and intelligent role-model that demonstrates that girls can become whatever they want with enough hard work. There is much more to this blonde role model than meets the eye!

There are currently 140 free online Barbie games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 – 30.

Barbie: Fashion Design Maker | NuMuKi

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Making beautiful clothes for models sounds like a dream carrier. Don’t worry! You will get to taste that life in the Fashion Design Maker game. Here, the worldwide superstar, Barbie, needs loads of outfits to wear at her glamorous events and wants you to design them. Will your creative spirit surpass the star’s expectations?

Your role is to take care of every aspect that goes into creating the most stylish fit people on the red carpet have ever seen. For example, you will have to choose beautiful color combinations and some fine and glittery details. It’s time to start this challenge and see if you can deal with the life of a designer.

How to play the game

You only need your mouse to add any detail you would like to the fit. A piece of advice would be to first go through every category and start creating when you have a brief idea of how the fit should look. Then, you can begin letting loose by experimenting with all the color patterns and accessories you’d like.

By this time, you might be asking yourself what Barbie’s fashion studio has in stock. Well, she prepared a top and dress for you to design. So, the first step is to add some color. Once you have the perfect combination, you can add a cute material or pattern. For example, you can try out a glittery dress and a top with a floral design. There are loads to discover, so try them all out!

However, you might not enjoy those premade designs and want a more personal touch. If so, don’t worry! You can import an image of yourself or others to print on the clothes. Also, you can have it in many fun shapes like a heart, shoe, and many others. On top of all this, you can make the photo fit the colors of the clothes better by adding a cute filter.

There is more you should know!

Now it’s time to add some accessories. Firstly you can begin by using a cute collar for the top. There are many options that can fit a casual date or a more formal event. Your choice! Also, if you did not add your pictures but still want a pattern that will stand out, you can put a glittery heart or other patterns on the fit.

Lastly, you should come up with a brand name for your outfit. You can come up with an original one or even use your name. Once you decide, pick a color for the writing and put it somewhere on the fit. Now the only thing left to do is to print a photo of your creation!

By this time, you surely are impatient to get started. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started!

Barbie Girls Games – Online

Especially for the most beautiful lovers of Barbie dolls, this super-section with games starring the world-famous Barbie has been created! Girls, today you will become Barbie’s best friend! Together with Barbie you will have fun at mega-cool parties, before that half an evening picking up makeup, jewelry and outfits from new collections of the most famous world designers! With Barbie you will go to spas, relax in the most expensive resorts, travel on luxury yachts, match new cars to the color of your new handbag, swim in diamonds and take a Cleopatra bath! You will also be engaged in the daily activities of Barbie, such as morning jogging or cycling! Barbie will also entrust the decor of her apartment to you and is ready to pay an indecent amount of money for the design of her apartment! Barbie lives like in a fairy tale, feel yourself the goddess of this life. Step into the fairytale world of Barbie and dream about all that Barbie has as you play! Thoughts are material, and they will definitely come true, and if you not only dream, but also regularly play luxurious games with Barbie, as if her chic life is yours, then dreams will become a reality sooner!

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Game Barbie Dress Up Team

Game Barbie: Homemade Lipstick

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Game Barbie: Vintage or Retro

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Barbie Barbecue Party

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Spring Break Barbie and Ken

Book Club Barbie

New Barbie Style: Buttons and Hairpins

Lip Art by Barbie

Game Barbie Fashion Startup

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Game Barbie: New Fashion Trends

Barbie Game: Ever After High Style

New Year’s Tasks Barbie

Barbie at Vintage Exhibition

Couple Fashion Barbie and Ken

Barbie Puppy Treasure Hunt

Barbie and Chelsea in Dreamtopia

Assemble Your Fashion Squad!

Game Barbie: Rhythm of Superstars

Barbie photo booth

Spy Academy Barbie

Barbie comics

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Barbie games for girls – play online for free!

Who is the most famous doll in the world? The answer will be the same in any country – of course, Barbie! From the moment she was born, this slender blond girl won the hearts of girls around the world and set the trend for the production of “adult” dolls for little fashionistas for years to come. Someone loves Barbie, someone hates her and considers her to have a negative impact. But no one will deny that her appearance was a real milestone in the production of toys for girls!

Each of the huge variety of dolls that currently exist is designed for a certain type of fun. With some it’s good to play mother-daughters, with some to go to school or the store. Barbie games allow you to try on the image of an ideal beauty leading a successful “adult” life. Barbie games are a bright and colorful world in which it is so pleasant to live and enjoy every new day. Barbie and games about her make every young lady feel like a part of this joyful world and enjoy all its charms. Have fun with the internationally recognized blonde doll queen who has become a role model around the world.

The most famous doll in the world

If you ask a boy of any age or even an adult man about what dolls he knows, both of them will name the bottom word without hesitation: “Barbie”. Its popularity is fantastic. For over 50 years, it has been the best-selling toy for girls worldwide. No other doll in the entire period of human existence has managed to win at least a tenth of its fame.

American entrepreneurs Ruth and Elliot Handler invented and created Barbie at 1959 year. They named, as expected, in honor of their own daughter, who was tired of baby dolls, baby dolls and little girl dolls to death, but there was a lack of a girlfriend doll in the form of an adult girl. As it turned out, the niche was not only not filled, but also extremely promising. Long-legged beauties with incredibly thin waists and … (oh horror!) Huge busts began a triumphal procession around the world. And yet he was captured. The phenomenal success of the brainchild of Mattel (the company that launched the mass production of Barbie) is still trying to be repeated by other manufacturers, but so far not too successfully.

Closest competitor

MGA Entertainment has come closest to surpassing the success of Barbie games. In 2001, she released a series of dolls in the form of fashionably dressed teenage girls Bratz, and in 2004 she said that Bratz sold more than Barbie in Britain in a year. Statistics from 2005 showed that Barbie sales fell 30% in the US and 18% worldwide. All because of the growing popularity of Bratz.

To date, both companies, Mattel and MGA Entertainment are in a state of “paper” war: bombarding each other with lawsuits and demands for compensation.

The Cost of Popularity

But, despite all the attempts to undermine Barbie’s years of success, she still confidently holds a leading position in the hearts and minds of girls around the world. The most eloquent evidence of this is the huge number of parodies, fakes, caricatures of Barbie and the lifestyle she personifies. It is not clear, however, what is more in this: censure, envy, or the desire to “promote” at someone else’s expense.

So in 1997, the not too well-known Danish pop group Aqua released a video for a single called “Barbie Girl”. It contained text of dubious content, during the pronunciation of which, graphic images appeared, similar to the white and pink Barbie logo. Mattel saw this as a copyright infringement and sued MCA Records, which released the clip. But alas, she lost.

In the same 1997, Nissan (without the consent of Mattel) filmed a commercial featuring dolls visually reminiscent of Barbie and another friend of Ken, giving them, however, different names.

In the 14th episode of the 5th season of the animated series The Simpsons, another parody of Barbie games for girls appeared: the Malibu doll Stacy, who “learned” to talk and chatted incessantly about any nonsense like new hats, stockings and cosmetics.

In 1993 in the US, the Barbie Liberation Organization modified a batch of Barbie dolls with a voice device from other GI Joe dolls, popular American toy soldiers, and secretly returned them to store shelves. What was the surprise of parents and children when the newly bought fragile blonde suddenly yelled in a male voice “Follow me, attack!”.


The popularity of Barbie, as well as various products and games about her, excites and annoys the public. What they did not blame the unfortunate doll. (This is easier than protesting against the widespread availability of weapons, for example)
The most common “stone” in the Barbie garden is this: its proportions do not correspond to the body of a real person. And in their desire to be like their favorite doll, not only teenage girls, but also adult women reach the point of absurdity, exhausting themselves with diets, plastic surgery, forced anorexia.

Classic Barbie 29 cm tall. If she were a person, she would have the following parameters: height – 170 cm, waist – 45, hips -84, bust – 99, weight – up to 50 kg.

According to studies at Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland, Barbie’s human body lacks between 17% and 22% body fat, which can lead to missed periods and other gynecological problems.

Tired of the numerous accusations, in 1997 Mattel slightly expanded the doll’s waist and reduced the chest. But this did not reduce the flow of criticism.

In December 2005, Professor Agnes Nairn from the University of Bath in England published a study showing that as they grow up, many teenage girls go through a stage of hatred for their Barbies and subject them to all sorts of executions: decapitation, cutting off their hair, melting into microwave ovens, etc. The professor is sure that by renouncing their once beloved dolls in this way, they are abandoning their own past.

We have prepared an excellent online collection in which the most interesting and exciting games for Barbie girls are waiting for you! In Barbie games for girls you will be able to drive in her wonderful pink car, decorate the delicate and elegant interior of this beauty’s house, get different pets and, of course, go on romantic dates with charming Ken.

You can play Barbie games absolutely free! The adventures of the most famous doll in the world will not leave you indifferent and will give you many unforgettable moments spent in the best of virtual online worlds – the pink world of the beautiful Barbie.

Psychologist’s comment

Children’s Barbie doll acts as a bearer of the cultural standard of beauty that influences the role model of female behavior (Pedersen and Markee, 1991; Turkel, 1998). Studies show that playing with a Barbie doll allows preschool girls to comprehend family relationships associated with the transition to an adult married life (Antonova, Elkonina, 2002), and lay career preferences associated with traditionally female professions – a doctor, a nanny, a teacher (Sherman , Zurbriggen, 2014).

The “Barbie” section contains games that deal with themes of marital relations, as well as games dedicated to grooming and a healthy lifestyle. The list of professions in games includes both traditionally female (doctor, stylist) and some male fields of activity (driver, farmer, rescuer).

It is worth noting that the proportions of the body of the classic Barbie, as a standard of beauty, are unrealistic and can cause dissatisfaction with one’s own body in preschool age; the optimal age to start playing with a doll is from 6-7 years old, when the child has more or less stable ideas about beauty (Dittmar, Halliwell, Ive, 2006; Jellinek, Myers, Keller, 2016; Tetereva, 2016).