Batteries cr2023: Replacement Battery for Wireless Key SIXFOB

Replacement Battery for Wireless Key SIXFOB

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Everything You Need To Know About The CR2032 Battery

What are CR2032 Batteries?


The CR2032 battery is a non-rechargeable (primary) battery that is very common today. It is a coin-cell battery which utilizes lithium chemistry. These batteries are used in a wide range of applications and are available from many retailers. Most major battery brands like Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Philips, Maxell, Murata (formerly Sony), Renata, and others offer model(s) of the CR2032 battery; both as a bare cell and with different attachment options.  


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Technical Specifications Of The CR2032 Battery


CR2032 Battery Nominal Voltage:

3 Volts

Capacity   ≈ 

235 mAh

Operating Temperature:

0°C – 60°C


3.2 mm

Width (Diameter):

20 mm


Lithium Coin


       *MicroBattery Pro-Tip (Understanding Lithium Coin Batteries): Lithium coin cell batteries are usually designated with a CR followed by a set of numbers. The C in CR lets you know the battery uses a lithium chemistry. The R lets you know that the battery is round in shape. The first two numbers let you know the diameter of the battery and the last two numbers tell you the height. So by following this, you can easily see that a CR2032 battery is a (C) lithium chemistry battery with a (R) round shape that has a diameter of (20) 20 millimeters and a height of (32) 3.2 millimeters. This applies to the majority of coin and button cell batteries but note there are some exceptions, like the CR2 or CR123A batteries which are considered lithium cylindrical batteries.   


What Battery Is Equivalent To The CR2032 Battery?


The CR2032 battery is also known as the 5004LC, BR2032, CR2032, DL2032, ECR2032, KCR2032, and KECR2032 depending on the manufacturer. Other lithium coin cell batteries may have a similar voltage, diameter, or height as the CR2032 battery, but may not work in devices that require a CR2032. For example, a CR2016 has the same diameter and voltage as the CR2032, but has half the height and may not fit securely into the device you are trying to power. A CR1632 battery would have the same height and voltage of the CR2032 but would have a diameter that is 4mm too short to securely fit in the same device. It is important to understand the specifications of your device’s battery in order to get the best use out of the battery. 


Click Here For A Comparative Look Into the CR2032 Battery Vs. the CR2025 Battery

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How Long Do a CR2032 Batteries Last?


Battery storage life can depend on a variety of factors including material quality, storage conditions, storage time, humidity, physical damage, or temperature. Ideally you would want a battery made of high quality materials, stored in a climate controlled and dry area, with no physical damage. Energizer claims that their lithium coin cell batteries have up to 10 years of shelf life when properly stored. As far as service life this will depend greatly on the application. A CR2032 battery in a car key fob may last up to 4-5 years before needing replacement as the use of the battery is very intermittent. A more active device such as the new Apple Air Tag which allows constant tracking of objects will only last about a year.  


What Uses a CR2032 Battery?


The CR2032 battery is used in a wide variety of devices and applications including computer motherboards, car key fobs, watches, calculators, PDAs, electronic organizers, garage door openers, toys, games, door chimes, pet collars, LED lights, sporting goods, pedometers, calorie counters, stopwatches and medical devices.


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Where To Buy CR2032 Batteries:


CR2032 batteries are extremely common and popular. This means that a wide variety of manufacturers make these batteries and a wide variety of retailers sell the battery. It is important to keep in mind that not all CR2032 batteries are created equal and that not all retailers have the same dedication to quality. To avoid low quality or worse, counterfeit batteries, it is important to only purchase your batteries from a highly reputable retailer that sells only the highest quality of brands. has been selling batteries online for over 25 Years and has one of the widest variety of batteries available, including all types of  the CR2032 battery, from a variety of world-renowned manufacturers. For all your battery needs, please consider and let them be your battery expert!


Click Here For A Comparative Look Into the CR2032 Battery Vs. the CR2025 Battery

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About Us:

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At, you will find one of the largest selections of batteries on the web. We have millions of cells of common batteries like CR2025, CR2032, LR44, LR41, AA, and AAA in stock at all times. We also carry a wide variety of less common batteries such as CR2477, CR2016, Rechargeable Batteries, Radio Batteries, Telephone Batteries, and Pet Batteries. Regardless of your battery needs, we have got you covered. If you require a battery that we currently do not carry, please feel free to give us a call at (305)-371-9200 to place a special order (some restrictions apply).

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Click Here For A Comparative Look Into the CR2032 Battery Vs. the CR2025 Battery

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Battery Sony Lithium CR2023 3V

  • 3 🔋 Batteries

9 0027

Brand: Sony

CR 2032

Battery type:


Voltage, V:


Pack quantity:


Charger included:


Protection board:

No USB row:


Country of origin:


Brand country:


Rating and reviews for this product

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Battery CR2032: Specifications and Analogs

Many miniature gadgets depend on electric current, but you cannot install ordinary finger batteries in such devices. To provide watches, alarm fobs or children’s toys with constant low-voltage electricity, in this case, lithium “pills” with leads located on a rounded surface are most suitable.

If you need to replace the battery, then you need to purchase the same battery model or choose an analogue that will be suitable not only for current and voltage, but also for size. This article will describe the main technical characteristics of the CR2032 battery, consider the difference between the elements of the most well-known companies, and provide complete analogues of this product.


Specifications CR2032

The round shape is the main difference between this galvanic cell and AA batteries.

In addition to appearance, this battery has the following features:

  • Electrolyte type – lithium and manganese.
  • Voltage – 3 v.
  • Diameter – 20 mm;
  • Height – 3.2 mm.

For accurate identification, CR2032 is standardized, so regardless of the manufacturer, the battery will always have a class of 2032 (according to the IEC standard).

Parameter Value
Basic designation CR2032
View Lithium
Form Tablet (Coin)
Capacity 190-235 mAh
Voltage 3V
Analog CR2032 Read more HERE
Diameter 20 mm
Height 3. 2 mm
Operating temperature -30 to +60˚C
Weight 2.5 g
Shelf life over 10 years

Battery application

Most often this battery can be found in the following devices and devices:

  • In the motherboard to provide backup electricity to the bios of a computer or laptop.
  • In hours.
  • In toys.
  • In remote controls.
  • In apartment calls.

In addition, the CR2032 battery can be used as the main battery for floor scales and powerful laser pointers.

Battery analogs CR2032

If for some reason it was not possible to purchase the original battery, it can be replaced by the following analogs:

  1. DL2032.
  2. BR2032.
  3. EBR2032.
  4. DL2032.
  5. 5004LC.
  6. SB-T15.
  7. Two batteries .

Any of the listed elements will allow you to replace the CR2032 both in terms of voltage and ideally “lie down” in the seat of the device.

Can the cr2032 battery be charged? In addition, such actions may lead to a fire or depressurization of the battery as a result of an explosion.

You can try to restore the charge for a while by various “folk” methods, but it will not last long. Given the low cost of the product, it is recommended to purchase a new CR2032 or one of its analogues than to engage in such a risky undertaking.

Popular manufacturers and their features

The CR2032 lithium battery is produced by many companies. The most popular among them are:

  1. Camelion. A well-known manufacturer of electrical products have good resistance to self-discharge, which allows for many years not to change the battery in devices that are rarely used.
  2. Duracell. Batteries of this company have a very high endurance, and even in devices that consume relatively a lot of electricity, they are significantly superior to their counterparts.
  3. Energizer. The peculiarity of this manufacturer is that the voltage of a new battery of 3 volts lasts for a long time, even in conditions of daily use. Due to these qualities, the battery is recommended to be used as a source of electricity for the computer BIOS.
  4. Panasonic. Brand name battery designed primarily for use in devices with low power consumption. Ideal for clocks, door locks and alarm key fobs.
  5. Sony. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of tablets. Differs in the increased capacity and resistance to adverse operating conditions.

In addition to the listed brands, a good battery can be bought under the brands: GP, Maxell, Renata, Varta, Philips. Which battery is better can be figured out only by empirically installing the battery in the device.

What to look for when purchasing

When choosing a disc-type battery, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Size – 20 by 3.