Beats pill holder: Beats by Dr. Dre™ Beats Pill Dude Red MP3 Player Speaker Holder, Red

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Beats Pill Holder


Basic holder for beats pill and generic phone. Print Settings
Printer Brand:

Ultimaker 2

Beats Pill Holder


This item is a design made in the Rhino program used to hold a beats pill in place while driving. I came up with this idea because if I wanted to listen to music in the car but didn’t have an aux cord I could use my speaker. The problem is that the…

Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker


Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker

Beats Audio Pill Speakers


Speaker from dr. Dre Beats Audio Pill

Beats Pill — Bluetooth Speaker


Beats Pill — Bluetooth Speaker Modeled in SolidWorks

Beats Pill Mount


This is a simple holder for a beats pill. I printed two so I can mount my Beats Pill to my skateboard. Print Settings
Prusa i3

Beats Pill Guy Glasses


My daughter broke and lost the glasses for her Beats Pill Guy. so we recreated them, also made a top hat. now he looks like a Hipster…lol. still learning 3D printing. …printed ok on my Tevo Tarantula.

Beats Pill speaker stand


I was searching for a combo stand to hold my iPhone and Beats Pill speaker. I came up empty, so I designed this stand using TinkerCAD.

My design approach for this project was to…

Beats Pill Speaker Stand Universal


I was interested in creating a simpler 1 part version of my first Beats Pill Speaker Stand and came up with this design which captures the essence of what I was looking for as a vertical production piece with the least amount of supports.

Beats Pill 2.0 Wall Holder


This is an easy printable model. …

Pill Holder


Pill pack holder (so the pill won’t be pushed out, while inside backpack or similar)

Pill Holder


A Pocket friendly pill holder with rounded corners and locks in place.

Pill holder


This is a pill holder for simple storage and reminder in your bathroom.

Pill holder


A holder that helps you hold the pill when you cut it. …

Print it with the D facing up.

Pill holder


I made this pill holder to help the elderly take their pills, my inspiration was again my grandfather who has trouble holding such small pills, so I figure this will be quite easy for him to use as it will make the pills able to be just taken all at…

Beats Pill



Pill Holder


Holds 3 pills. The benefit of this design is that you can hold 3 different pills and easily take out the one you need without dumping out all the pills to search through them.

Also, at around the same size as a USB stick, this easily fits in a…

Pill Holder


Hi I created this simple tablet holder with an indication of which ones are needed during the day and in the evening I hope it can be useful and you like it

Beats Pill XL Speaker 3d model


Beats Pill XL Speaker is a high quality, photo real 3d model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds. ..

Pill Holder HJO


Pill Holder

Holder for pill boxes


Container for pill boxes with pencils and notebook holders.

Pegboard pill-bottle holder


Pegboard holder for pill-bottles. Holds 3 bottles. …

Diabetic Pill holder


weekly pill holder. …Holds diabetic test strip containers

Pill Bottle Holder


Pill Bottle Holder with( 2) 51mm, (6) 41mm holes This will hold 1. 50″ & 1.78″ Pill Bottles. …

Karmen Pill holder


Simple holder to the table top for karmen pill, designed for a board thickness of 15mm.

Pill / what ever holder


I had to make a holder for my pile of pills since the ones you get at the stores will not hold a Omega 3 1,000 IU pill or a Vitamin E 1,000 IU pill

Heart Shaped Pill Holder


Commissioned by my lovely girlfriend, this pill holder features separate compartments for morning, noon, and night, so you’ll never be asking yourself whether you took your pills at lunch again!

. ..

Flexi Camel /pill holder


This is a flexible camel and a pill holder at the same time! I always forget to take my pills in the morning so i designed this. …Quick and easy print (takes about 2,5 hours on my slow Ender 3 Pro :)).It holds 2 pills (most pills fit nicely).if you…

Circular Pill Holder


… rotate it. For the challenged, the pill holder will include braille. It will also have a mechanism that can shift inside the pill holder itself so you can hold day as well as night medication. …You will be able to choose which one you will take.

Fun pill box holder


As a ‘fun’ project decided to make a pill holder. Since making mine I have designed another for just one pill timing and will list that as well. …

No special instuctions really, suffice to…

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JoãoMar Reviews Official

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65 Likes, TikTok video from JoãoMar Reviews Official (@joaomareviews): “@beatsbydre Beats Pill + #music #beats #drdre #apple #viral #f #speaker #beatsbydre #fyp #fy #tech #sound #unboxing #review #foryou #foryoupage”. som original – JoãoMar Reviews Official.


som original – JoãoMar Reviews Official

Cece 🌚

He’s the white one 💀 #eminem #agirlinshadyzwrld #fyp #beatsbydre

1.8K Likes, 20 Comments. TikTok video from Cece 🌚 ( “He’s the white one 💀 #eminem #agirlinshadyzwrld #fyp #beatsbydre”. Eminem in Beats by
Dre commercial (2013) original sound – Cece 🌚.


original sound – Cece 🌚



My speaker was just shipped too!!! #fyp #nickiminaj #beatsbydre #beatspill #pink #speaker #drdre #barb #music #spotify

240 Likes, TikTok video from Lex🧛🏻‍♀️ (@v1alentine): “My speaker was just shipped too!!! #fyp #nickiminaj #beatsbydre #beatspill #pink #speaker #drdre #barb #music #spotify”. original sound – Lex🧛🏻‍♀️.


original sound – Lex🧛🏻‍♀️



What should I make music out of next? – This beats pill is dope because I can also use it to charge my phone! @beatsbydre #BeatsAmbassador #music #ha

41.8K Likes, 116 Comments. TikTok video from spence (@spence): “What should I make music out of next? – This beats pill is dope because I can also use it to charge my phone! @beatsbydre #BeatsAmbassador #music #ha”. original sound – spence.


original sound – spence



Replying to @h0neynutjaay I looooved this commercial when I was a kid 😭 I wanted her beats so bad 🥴 #beatsbydre #nicki #nickiminaj #oldcommercials #oldcommercial #beatspill #speaker #funnt #oldvideos

3. 3K Likes, TikTok video from Darren (@darrenthemuse): “Replying to @h0neynutjaay I looooved this commercial when I was a kid 😭 I wanted her beats so bad 🥴 #beatsbydre #nicki #nickiminaj #oldcommercials #oldcommercial #beatspill #speaker #funnt #oldvideos”. original sound – Darren.


original sound – Darren


Sheldon Conover

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original sound – Ivan



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original sound – Cole’sCloset🛍


Monica Ahanonu

My custom Beats Pill + created w/ @Beats by Dre #foryou #imadethis

3. 6K Likes, TikTok video from Monica Ahanonu (@monicaahanonu): “My custom Beats Pill + created w/ @Beats by Dre #foryou #imadethis”. i worked with Beats by Dre to create a custom Beats Pill + 🎤🎧🎶 Hot New Bombshell – grace🦋.


Hot New Bombshell – grace🦋



He is the cutest😂 @justinbieber #unique #belieberforeverrr #foryou

1.4K Likes, TikTok video from Justinbieber (@always_belieber): “He is the cutest😂 @justinbieber #unique #belieberforeverrr #foryou”. sonido original – Justinbieber.


sonido original – Justinbieber




don’t hate it still sounds good #beatsbydre #beatspill #FlexEveryAngle #fypシ

630 Likes, TikTok video from (@thebaddestsecret0): “don’t hate it still sounds good #beatsbydre #beatspill #FlexEveryAngle #fypシ”. hey I have a speaker it’s a beats pill I love it | ew who uses beats pill speakers ylang ylang – 🫶🏻 • Friends.


ylang ylang – 🫶🏻 • Friends

    How is the swimming pool arranged? Equipment included in the pool system and installation diagram.

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    • construction of turnkey pools, sale of equipment
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    • All for swimming pool construction

    Any pool is a water tank. In fact, this is the same bath, but larger. But unlike the bath, fill it much less often. Firstly, this is due to saving resources: water must be taken from somewhere and drained somewhere in large volumes after use. And secondly, when designing pools, an effective system of filtration and water circulation is provided, which allows you to always keep the bowl full, clean and ready for use.

    Filtration system

    The design of each pool involves water purification. She climbs through the drain ladder at the bottom and from the surface – through the skimmer. After that, it passes through the filter system and returns to the font from the opposite side of the skimmers.


    1. The first stage of cleaning is mechanical. The water passes through a filter basket that traps leaves and large debris. This is especially necessary for open bowls, but even closed bowls have visible debris that needs to be removed before a more thorough filtration.
    2. The water then enters the motor pump, where it undergoes finer purification. There is a little bit of rubbish here.
    3. The third stage is the filter barrel. It is filled with fine sand, sorbitol, and other synthetic fillers. Even very small and invisible contaminants remain here.

    Three stages are sufficient for mechanical water purification.

    Pumps are needed to keep the water circulating. They not only take away, but also return water to the font. During construction, it is important to correctly position the outlet so that the water comes out at the right angle and with a given pressure. It should not beat over the surface of the pool. The outlet jet flows into the water column opposite the place where the intake is made. So the liquid passes through the entire bowl, does not leave “whirlpools” and corners in which it can stagnate.

    Cleaning the filter system

    From time to time it is necessary to clean the filter system itself. The pressure gauge indicates that it is clogged with dirt. It is installed on each filter installation. When the resistance increases during the passage of water through the pump, the pressure gauge needle moves to the red sector. This means it’s time to clean the filters. Each such installation has a flushing mode. You need to transfer the system into it and turn on the pump for a couple of minutes. Water in this mode is supplied in a different direction, after which it is discharged into the sewer with all impurities. It is worth carrying out such maintenance of the pool filter once a week.

    Cleaning and water circulation equipment can be mounted anywhere and any way. It can be outdoors, for example, next to the bowl. It does not require a specially equipped or protected room. It is not afraid of rain. For the winter, of course, it must be taken to a warm room. But in the summer season it can be used without restrictions. This allows you to install fonts anywhere, without preparing the area for supporting equipment.

    The pool motor can only operate the filter system (no heating). In this case, it can be turned on only for the duration of using the bowl, and, for example, at night – turned off. If a heat pump is installed, then it cannot be turned off. The equipment can be equipped with a timer – so you can set the time to turn on and off the pumps.


    Pool water needs to be cleaned not only mechanically. The most effective chemical for this is chlorine. Chlorine tablets can be placed in a float that is constantly on the surface. Also, chlorine can enter the pool through the filter outlet along with mechanically treated water. Chlorine tablets are added to a special dispenser on the pump. Attention: this is done only with the engine turned off to exclude the possibility of burns and poisoning with chlorine vapor.

    The second option is preferable because it allows you to control the amount of chemical reagent.


    Despite the popularity of chlorine for pool disinfection, many people prefer other methods. Whichever reagent is chosen, it is worth installing a disinfecting station when building a pool. It allows:

    • to control the amount of reagents in water;
    • maintain a given level of acidity;
    • control the amount of residual disinfectant (oxygen, chlorine).

    For control, the station takes a sample of water before it is discharged into the filter device. After analyzing the components, she adds the necessary substances before returning the purified water to the bowl.

    Detoxification also allows you to add substances that, for example, fight against blooms, algae, etc.


    The water in the pool must be at a comfortable temperature. There are two options for heating the hot tub:

    • heat exchanger;
    • instantaneous electric heater.

    An electric heater should only be used in exceptional cases. This type of heating is very expensive. And even a small bowl will require a high-power water heater.