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10 Best Breathalyzers For Personal Use + Buying Guide (2023)

Family celebrations, weekend getaways, and late-night parties can be tempting, and you may feel the urge to go for a few extra drinks. Such situations call for you to keep the best breathalyzer handy. It will help you monitor blood alcohol levels in your body by determining the quantity of alcohol in your system. In addition, it can detect whether you are legally eligible to drive or not. If your alcohol consumption has gone beyond control, then you might put yourself and other road users in great danger. So, purchasing a personal breathalyzer is the responsible thing to do if you often drink outside. Here, we have listed the 10 best breathalyzers that are available online. Read on to know more.

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Best One-Touch Operation:Bactrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer Price on Amazon
Best For Android And Ios:Bactrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer Price on Amazon
Best For Quick Results:Pro-Tec Electrochemical Breathalyzer Price on Amazon
Best Portable:AlcoHAWK Elite Slim Digital Breathalyzer Price on Amazon
Best Sturdy Design:Oasser Digital Breathalyzer Price on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting:Jastek Digital Display Alcohol Concentration Test Meter Price on Amazon
Best Accurate:Dräger Alcotest 3820 Breathalyzer Price on Amazon

In This Article

What Is A Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer is a device used for estimating the blood alcohol level (BAL) from a breath sample. This device is equipped with sensors that measure the subject’s BAL and provide accurate readings.

The device has a tube-like structure, which you breathe into, and a chamber for the electrochemical process. Here, the alcohol is oxidized, and an electrical current is produced. This detects the concentration of alcohol in your system.

There are three main types of breathalyzers available. Take a look. 

Types Of Breathalyzers

1. Semiconductor Oxide-Based Testers

These are relatively new, affordable, and simple devices. They use ethanol sensors to measure the subject’s blood alcohol content. The devices are equipped with a semiconductor that reacts with alcohol and changes the electrochemical current. The larger the change, the larger the alcohol content. These devices are for personal, home, or non-professional testing.

2. Fuel Cell Sensors

These are professional breathalyzers that provide accurate readings. Most officers use a fuel cell breathalyzer for roadside screenings. This device measures alcohol content by creating an electrochemical reaction that oxidizes alcohol and produces an electrical current. The greater the current, the higher the alcohol content. The current is then measured to determine the BAC readings.

Fuel cell sensors are made with expensive materials like platinum electrodes that help oxidize the alcohol to produce protons and electrons.

3. Infrared Spectrometer

These are used in table-top breathalyzers by traffic officials or at police stations. They identify the molecules within the sample of air and measure the amount of infrared light absorbed by them. Since ethanol can only absorb a certain wavelength of infrared radiation, the more the wavelength absorbed, the more the alcohol content. These devices provide 1005 accurate BAC readings.

Now that we know the types let’s take a look at the top 10 breathalyzers you can buy. 

Top 10 Breathalyzers To Buy In 2023

1. Best One-Touch Operation:Backtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer

4. 5

Image: Bactrack

BUY ON AMAZON | $239.99

This breathalyzer is designed to meet the standards of accurate alcohol screeners. It is approved by the DOT and FDA. It is equipped with fuel cell sensor technology that provides accurate results. It delivers precise results over a range of alcohol concentrations from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC. The best part about this device is that it excels even after multiple uses per day.


  • One-touch operation
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • Comes in a case
  • Delivers results within 10 seconds
  • Legally approved



Price at the time of publication: $239.99

Buy on Amazon | $239.99

2. Best For Android And Ios:Backtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer


Image: Bactrack

BUY ON AMAZON | $99. 99

This modern and new age breathalyzer is equipped with zero-line technology that enables you to detect the time until your BAC is 0.00% so that you are in control of your alcohol consumption. It can even deliver your BAC data to your phone via Bluetooth. The free BACtrack app tracks your BAC results and helps you call an Uber. The app will accurately let you know how close you are to the maximum BAC. You may check this video for a better understanding of this product.


  • User-friendly
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for Android and iOS
  • Reliable results



Price at the time of publication: $99.99

Buy on Amazon | $99.99

3. Best For Quick Results:Pro-Tec Electrochemical Breathalyzer


Now 50% Off

BUY ON AMAZON | $39.99

The device is designed with professional-grade fuel cell sensor technology for 100% reliable, accurate, and consistent results. The new blowing interruption detection feature helps ensure the consistency of breath sampling. This device can detect the alcohol concentration range from 0.000% to 0.200%. 


  • Comes with a case
  • Delivers results in seconds
  • Recalibration alarm
  • 5 replacement mouthpieces included


  • Poor battery


Wait for at least 20 minutes post-drinking before using the breathalyzer to get the correct result.

Price at the time of publication: $39.99

Buy on Amazon | $39.99

4. Best Portable:AlcoHAWK Elite Slim Digital Breathalyzer



AlcoHawk Elite Slim Digital Breathalyzer is a semiconductor breathalyzer. It is a pre-calibrated device with professional-grade accuracy. It meets the DOT standards of BAC testing. This device comes with specially designed mouthpieces that prevent the outside environment from disturbing the sample. It has a built-in exhale monitor that helps prevent the sample from diluting. It also ensures to capture air from deep in the lungs for accurate readings. 


  • Portable
  • Includes mouthpiece covers
  • Fast results
  • Accurate readings


  • Requires multiple resettings

Buy on Amazon

5. Best Sturdy Design:Oasser Digital Breathalyzer


BUY ON AMAZON | $24.99

This light and portable breathalyzer feature advanced semiconductor sensor technology that ensures to provide results within seconds. It comes with four mouthpieces and three AAA batteries. The device alarms you with a beep sound and a red light when the BAC is higher than 0.08%. This video review will help you learn more about the product.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Large LCD screen
  • 4 removable mouthpieces included


  • Requires regular calibration

Price at the time of publication: $24. 99

Buy on Amazon | $24.99

6. Best Long-Lasting:Jastek Digital Display Alcohol Concentration Test Meter



This breathalyzer can detect up to 0.190% BAC. It stores up to 32 recent testing records. The results are displayed within 3 seconds. It displays a red light when the test result is higher than 0.05% BAC. The device is powered with three AAA long-lasting alkaline batteries.


  • Portable
  • Includes 5 removable mouthpieces
  • Easy to read LED display


  • Needs regular recalibration

Quick Tip

Use a mild disinfectant and a soft cloth to remove dust and stain from the outside of the breathalyzer.

Buy on Amazon

7. Best Accurate:Dräger Alcotest 3820 Breathalyzer


Image: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

BUY ON AMAZON | $249. 9

This award-winning breathalyzer is a one-button operation device. It features optional audible feedback, text, and graphic readings on the LCD. It also has an integrated clock that reminds you to send your device for calibration. This device meets the strong requirements of NHTSA’S standard readings. It works incomparably fast and accurate. Within 4 seconds, it can be used to detect the BAC again.


  • Can store up to 10 test results
  • Long-lasting reading
  • Does not require calibration until a year


  • Expensive

Price at the time of publication: $249.9

Buy on Amazon | $249.9

8. Best User-Friendly:iSOBER30 Breathalyzer


Image: Sentech Usa Inc

BUY ON AMAZON | $79.99

This user-friendly breathalyzer uses advanced fuel cell sensor technology. It can record up to 10 results along with time. The device also reminds you of the number of days remaining for calibration. It can read from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC. It comes with two 1.5V AAA batteries. The readings are accurate and 100% reliable. 


  • Respond within 10 seconds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable battery
  • Affordable


  • Slightly expensive

Price at the time of publication: $79.99

Buy on Amazon | $79.99

9. Best Sleek Design:Mq Care Digital Breathalyzer



This simple one-touch design features advanced semiconductor sensor technology that gives you accurate and reliable results within seconds. The device emits an alarming sound with blinking lights to indicate over the limit BAC. It has three mouthpieces that can be cleaned and re-used. The device is small, light, and portable enough to carry in your pocket.


  • Sleek design
  • Large LED screen
  • affordable


  • Needs regular calibration

Did You Know?

Rolla N. Harger developed the first stable breathalyzer in 1931 and called it the drunkometer for out-of-lab use. Robert Frank Borkenstein developed the first version of the current breathalyzer model in 1958.

Buy on Amazon

10. Best Pocket-Friendly:Rofeer Digital Breathalyzer


BUY ON AMAZON | $39.99

The Rofeer Digital Breathalyzer has six standard measurement units to choose from. You can record up to 32 measurement results on this breathalyzer. There are also three distinct sound and color alerts to warn you about the results. The LCD screen displays the results for 15 seconds. The compact design saves energy and space. The package also includes five washable mouthpieces.


  • 5 washable mouthpieces
  • Pocket-friendly size
  • Affordable


  • Inconsistent results

Price at the time of publication: $39. 99

Buy on Amazon | $39.99

Those were the top 10 breathalyzers available on the market. But how do you choose one? How do you know which one is right for you? 

What To Look For In A Breathalyzer

These are the key considerations that you need to keep in mind while buying a breathalyzer:

  • Accuracy

Before purchasing a breathalyzer, you should know that these devices are not 100% accurate, but some are very close. If you are looking for accurate readings, some breathalyzers have a marginal error of ±0.001. This is the maximum margin allowed by the law. However, some devices claim to be 100% accurate, which is not true.

  • Calibration

Whether you use the breathalyzer more than once a day or less than once every 2 to 3 months, you need to send your device for calibration. Though the need for frequent calibration is very less for personal use of a breathalyzer, it will be beneficial to send it away for calibration at least once a year.

  • Legally Approved

It is important that you choose a breathalyzer that is approved by the DOT, NHTSA, FDA, and other similar government bodies, depending on your country. This is so that these devices are accurate and match the police readings. 

  • Technology

Most accurate breathalyzers use fuel cell technology. Other devices with not-so-accurate functioning use semiconductor sensors.

  • Replaceable Mouthpiece

Look for a device that comes with a replaceable mouthpiece for accurate results. Some devices provide disposable mouthpieces for hygiene and accuracy purposes.

Uncontrolled drinking is dangerous for you and your peers, as well. Get these handy gadgets and stay sober and safe. Pick the product you think is best suited for you, try it out, and let us know how it worked for you by commenting below. Dr. Benjamin Gibson, a certified functional specialist with 15 years of experience, states, “If you are looking for a budget friendly model, spend $25 on the sturdiest. If one is on the ketogenic diet then one should consider buying an infrared spectrum breathalyzer.”

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author has compiled a list of the best breathalyzers after carefully considering several online reviews and general feedback from worldwide users. Each product has also been closely reviewed, keeping in mind factors such as accuracy, calibration, and legal approval. These health devices prove extremely handy in monitoring blood alcohol levels that determine if you are fit enough to get behind the wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are breathalyzers?

High-quality breathalyzers have only 0.001% chance of error. They accurately determine the amount of alcohol concentration in your system.

What is a normal breathalyzer reading?

A reading of 0.05% BAC or less is a standard breathalyzer reading. It is a legal alcohol limit to drive.

Can drinking water help you pass a breathalyzer?

No. Drinking water or hyperventilation does not impact the alcohol level in your system.

How long do you have to breathe in a breathalyzer?

Breathe in a breathalyzer for approximately four to five seconds to record the BAC level.

Does smoking affect a breathalyzer test?

Yes. A smoker contains more acetaldehyde in their system that reflects on a breathalyzer test, even if the person has not consumed alcohol.

Can coffee set off a breathalyzer?

No. Coffee does not increase the BAC level in your system. It does not affect alcohol concentration.

Can a breathalyzer detect Coke?

No. Breathalyzers can not detect the presence of coke in your system.

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Which units will ensure you’re safe to drive the morning after?

by: Auto Express

9 Nov 2022

9 Nov 2022

The festive season is looming and with it comes the prospect of office parties, family gatherings and drinks with friends. While arranging transport home after drinking alcohol is what we should all do, how do you know when you’ll be okay to drive again?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how quickly the human body absorbs alcohol, which is when you need a breathalyser to ensure you are safe to get behind the wheel again. There’s plenty of choice online, with prices for reusable devices starting from less than £20. But are these breathalysers a good investment when road safety, your driving licence and possibly livelihood are on the line?

To find out we sourced six machines to see if the budget semi-conductor devices can match up to the more expensive and accurate fuel-cell units.

How we tested them

The heart of this test has to be how accurate the readings are. With the help of AlcoSense, we tested each device five times at the UK (excluding Scotland) (0.35 mg/l), Scottish (0.22mg/l) and Irish professional and new driver (0.09mg/l) limits. 

The test used a certified breathalyser solution at the highest limit and others made to the same specification for the remaining levels.   All the solutions were checked for accuracy against a police-specification device. 

We also measured how much air was needed to get a result, as required by EN 16280 for breathalysers. This is included because alcohol concentration is most accurate in deep-lung air. Air from the throat could give a false reading. 

The units were also checked for performance when cold (simulating after being left in a car during a winter night), following a high alcohol reading and if blowing hard or soft affected results. Ease of use was also checked and price factored in, although the latter played only a small role in the overall ranking.


The results were a shock, with so many devices potentially letting over-the-limit drivers get behind the wheel. As we’ve seen before, the AlcoSense devices are class actrs and the Excel is pretty much all you’ll need. The Elite 3 is a reliable alternative for those who can’t stretch to £100. The BACtrack complete the podium, with a set of decent results, but with a big price disadvantage comapred with our top two.

  1. AlcoSense Excel
  2. AlsoSense Elite 3
  3. BACtrack S80


AlcoSense Excel

  • Price: around £100
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Contact:

AlcoSense has the higher-spec Pro in its range, but this fuel-cell device is all most of us will need. Straight out of the box, it has a high-quality feel and the brief set-up allows you to select where you’re driving with the relevant limit. 

There’s a colour-coded warning system, with an instruction not to drive when the result is close to the limit. It passed all our tests with consistent readings, including the deep-lung assessment. It’s a class act

Buy now from AlcoSense

AlcoSense Elite 3

  • Price: around £70
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Contact:

If the Excel is beyond your budget, then the semi-conductor Elite 3 is a safe option to protect your licence. The family resemblance is clear and, like its bigger brother, you can set the country of use to get the appropriate limit.

While it passed our alcohol level tests, the results were not quite as consistent as the fuel-cell Excel’s. It was also a fraction shy in the cold-weather test, but the alert still warned us not to drive. While the Elite 3 isn’t cheap for a semi-conductor device, its overall performance justifies the cost.

Buy now from AlcoSense

BACtrack S80

  • Price: around £150
  • Rating: 3.5 stars
  • Contact:

This is our second fuel-cell device and that showed in the results, which were consistent, but not as good as the Excel’s. The two lower levels were on target, but it was a little low at the highest level, although not by enough to encourage someone to get behind the wheel. 

Unlike with our top two, the AlcoSense Excel and Elite 3 (left), you need to know the legal level in the country where you are driving with the S80. The breath sample level was low, which leaves a question mark over its consistency. However, the unit worked under laboratory conditions.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Price: around £40
  • Rating: 1 star
  • Contact:

The Amazon listing promises fast, accurate results. It was a touch too quick in our test, where the semi-conductor got a result after less than half the amount of air required by the EN 16280 standard. 

That was reflected in the results, which were hit and miss at best and sometimes registered zero alcohol if the breath sample was mistimed. When it worked, it was accurate at the lower levels, but under-read significantly at the highest limit. The unit’s instructions say to contact Blo if it isn’t working correctly, but how would you know?

Buy now from Amazon

Lamjad D800

  • Price: around £33
  • Rating: 1 star
  • Contact: amazon.

This is another semi-conductor device that we wouldn’t want to rely on. As with others here, you get blow nozzles, but you need to supply your own pair of AAA batteries. 

It has the ability to record readings, but our test results would suggest they are not worth keeping. The breath sample to get a reading was small and throughout all the alcohol-level tests the D800 under-read by a significant amount. If you relied on this ‘professional’ device, we reckon your driving licence would be at serious risk.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Price: around £18
  • Rating: 1 stars
  • Contact:

If breathalysers are designed to be used the morning after, you have to ask why you’d want one on your key ring? If this USB-charged unit is in your pocket it might increase the temptation to test straight after drinking to see if you are okay to drive. 

Not that it would do you much good, because the alcohol results were around half what they should be, plus the YFFU sometimes read zero. There’s a colour-coded warning system at the UK (not Scotland) limit, but it’s of little use with these results.

Buy now from Amazon

Now read about UK drug-driving and speeding offences hitting record highs…

How to choose a good breathalyzer?

How to choose a good breathalyzer?

Do you want to buy a good breathalyzer? Think about why you

Choosing a breathalyzer for the driver

“Drunk or not?” before this question
Only a doctor could answer for sure. Today, a device for determining
almost every motorist has alcohol intoxication. AND
not surprising! The breathalyzer greatly simplifies life. With him you feel
yourself calmer and more confident, no need to guess, hope for a chance and with
with bated breath look at the road. Alcohol test can be done
even before each trip — it’s simple, fast and very convenient. Is it true,
for everything to really be so good, you still need to know how
choose the right breathalyzer.

Traffic police officers use only good breathalyzers. How to choose the same?

Do you want to buy a good breathalyzer? Think about why you need it

Of course, you don’t have to think about it at all
which breathalyzer is better to choose, and buy something that tells
store consultant. However, in this case, you risk overpaying
or even run into a useless “toy”. If you would like to receive
a good and reliable device for measuring alcohol intoxication,
that exactly meets your needs, it is better to spend time on
choice. And first you need to decide why you need it at all and how
will often be used.

1. For corporate use. High
reliability and 100% reliability of each test can only be ensured by
professional breathalyzers for enterprises with accurate and “hardy”
sensor. There are a lot of such devices on the market and they all cost
not cheap, but in terms of accuracy and reliability they have no equal. They can
conduct up to several tens or even hundreds of tests per day, therefore
perfect for checking the “sobriety” of the organization’s personnel,
for pre-trip inspections, etc. Almost all professional devices
are entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation, that is, their readings have
legal force. In addition, among them there are enough models with
built-in printer and those that support the connection of an external
printer or can be connected to a PC for printing protocols

2. For driver self-monitoring specialists
of our website recommend semi-professional and
quality personal testers. In terms of accuracy and reliability, they
of course, they are inferior to professional breathalyzers for enterprises, but with
correct use and careful attitude show excellent
results. Moreover, some of them are close to professional ones:
have various systems for improving accuracy, can be connected to a PC and

3. For other uses :
checking children and relatives, entertainment, etc. If you don’t drive
car, then high accuracy is not so important. So you can buy
an inexpensive personal gadget that gives indicative readings,
for example, reports only the level of alcohol intoxication or shows
average values. Drivers are not very good at using such a tester.
convenient, but it is a good option for parents who want to know
whether their child drinks alcohol (especially if he began to come late, and
academic performance has decreased), for parties – to spend fun
“alcoholic” contests, etc.

Professional breathalyzer “Alcotest 6810” – expensive, but very accurate

Choosing a breathalyzer for the driver

buy a good breathalyzer for yourself. Then you should first
turn to pay attention to the following parameters:

1. Sensitivity.
The most sensitive are, of course, professional breathalyzers:
“AKPE-01M-01” , “Drivesafe 2” , Alcotest Mark V (Mark 5), “Alcotest 6810” with printer (Drager) , “AKPE-01. 01-01″
expensive, but the high price is justified, because it is precisely such devices that are used
in the official medical examination. Moreover, many of them
equipped with a printer and can print test reports, then
is, you will always have real proof in your hands that you
sober. Among personal sensors, there are also devices of increased
sensitivity (e.g. “AlcoHunter Professional+”, “Dingo E-010” ),
but their testimony is no longer valid.

2. Reliability and quality
largely depends on the country of production and the manufacturer.
Unnamed “Chinese” rarely boast of high quality.
Much “hardier” certified European, some
American and Russian sensors. Among the most common and
requested: French “Ethyway” , American Alcotetor Mark V and
Russian breathalyzer “AlcoHunter Professional +” (by the way, the most inexpensive of the entire “trinity”).

“AlcoHunter Professional+” is as accurate as professional breathalyzers, but costs much less

3. Price. No wonder
that the cheapest gadgets are Chinese. However, they are too unstable
for regular testing, they often “lie” and break, therefore
motorists should remember the saying “the miser pays twice” and
pay attention to others, for example, our domestic ones. Yes, the model
“Inspector” can well afford an ordinary worker, pensioner or

So if you are looking for an accurate and
sensitive alcohol measuring device for daily use,
Take a closer look at “AlcoHunter Professional +” – according to
accuracy, informativeness and reliability, it approaches
professional samples, but it is much cheaper. If you are ready
pay for quality and high sensitivity, then you may
German “Alcotest 6810” with printer (Drager) or domestic
“AKPE-01.01-01”. Well, “Inspector” will be a real boon for those
who is looking for a very inexpensive option without sacrificing quality!

AlcoHunter breathalyzers

Dingo breathalyzers

Which breathalyzer to choose?

Breathalyzer is a device for measuring the level of alcohol in a person’s breath. Despite the fact that breathalyzers have appeared relatively recently, they have already gained a reputation as reliable and necessary devices not only for police officers and professional drivers, but also for motorists for whom safe driving is always a priority. If you decide to buy a breathalyzer, first of all you should know what breathalyzers are and what is their main difference.

All breathalyzers are divided into three types:

  • professional breathalyzers – most often used by traffic police officers;

  • medical – for medical examination;
  • personal breathalyzers – for personal use and self-control.

    In order not to make a mistake with the choice and buy a good breathalyzer, it is important to know that they are all equipped with a semiconductor or electrochemical sensor. A semiconductor sensor, unlike an electrochemical sensor, requires more frequent maintenance. Breathalyzers with a semiconductor sensor cannot be used more than 2 times a day, but they have a low price compared to devices with an electrochemical sensor. Breathalyzers with an electrochemical sensor are modern, reliable and most accurate devices designed for frequent use. Having decided to buy a good breathalyzer, you should not save on the purchase, because you are buying a breathalyzer for a long time.

    We recommend that you opt for breathalyzers with an electrochemical sensor. To date, several companies can be distinguished among the manufacturers of breathalyzers: Alcogran, ACS, Drager, Dingo. By purchasing products from these manufacturers, you become the owner of reliable and accurate devices for measuring the level of alcohol in exhaled air. If road safety is not just words for you, but a call to action, if you always want to keep the situation under control, we recommend that you purchase a breathalyzer. But before you buy a good breathalyzer, look at the reviews of other users that can be useful for you. Everyone who has already bought a breathalyzer, most often speak positively about these devices. After all, they are designed to provide additional safety on the road, they help many not only to save a driver’s license, money and time, but also the most precious thing – human life. Now you know which breathalyzer is better to choose and what to pay attention to first of all. We recommend visiting the “Alcotesters” section on our website.

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