Best buy return policy phones: What is Best Buy’s return policy? Everything you need to know

What is Best Buy’s return policy? Everything you need to know

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Best Buy is one of the biggest electronic retailers in the world, second only to Amazon and Apple. And it still operates many brick-and-mortar locations. With that kind of sales volume, having a solid returns channel, with well-defined and easily understood policies and procedures, is critical. And if that policy includes varying tiers of service, hefty restocking fees, and a long list of nonreturnable items, it’s equally critical for you to understand that policy before doing business with Best Buy.

Keep in mind that consumer protection laws are mostly decided at the state level, and that they supersede any company’s policy. (For instance, Best Buy’s policy lists eight states where you can return without a restocking fee, because the laws in those states do not allow them.) Make sure you check what rights you have as a consumer in your state before attempting a return at Best Buy or any other retailer.


To return an item to Best Buy, log in to your online account and print out a pre-paid shipping label. Box up your return and drop it off at the nearest UPS location within 15 days of receiving the product.


  • What is Best Buy’s return policy?
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What is Best Buy’s return policy?

Return periods

For everything except cell phones and other items that need activation, the return period is 15 days. (By comparison, Amazon’s return period is 30 days.) Those items requiring activation (phones, tablets, hotspots) must be returned within 14 days of receiving the unit. The big exception to this 14-day return period is for items from Verizon, which carry their 30-day return period.

Restocking fees

Cell phones (except prepaid ones) carry a $45 restocking fee. There is a list of product categories that incur a 15% restocking fee. These include:

  • Drones
  • DSLR cameras and lenses
  • Mirrorless cameras and lenses
  • Electric bicycles
  • Electric mopeds
  • Leg and body recovery systems
  • Premium camcorders
  • Projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Any special-order items

Unopened items do not carry a restocking fee. In addition, there are eight states where consumer protection laws do not allow Best Buy to charge a restocking fee. These include:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina

Municipalities can also ban restocking fees, so make sure you check your local laws as well.

Nonreturnable items

There is another long list of item categories that cannot be returned at all. Most of them are consumable items, or items that are not returnable for hygiene reasons. They include:

  • Custom or personalized orders
  • Digital content (with an exception for Microsoft Office)
  • Prepaid gift or phone cards
  • Vehicle replacement key fobs
  • Memberships
  • Completed services
  • Plumbing items (including bidets)
  • Sexual wellness products
  • Trading cards
  • Home standby generators
  • Opened packages of products that interact with bodily fluids
  • Opened SIM kits
  • Opened consumable items (batteries, cleaning agents, oils, fuel, filters, cleaners, health supplements, health test kits, ink, and 3D printer filament)
  • All items marked Final Sale

Major appliances

Major appliances are eligible for return within the standard 15 days, but since pickup might be necessary, there is a special procedure for returning them. If you discover something wrong with your appliance within 15 days of purchase, call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) with your order number, and you will receive instructions for your return.

Like-new condition

All returns to Best Buy have to be in like-new condition. If anything is wrong with it (cracked, dirty, defaced), they reserve the right to deny your return. Clothing cannot have been worn or laundered, and must still have the tags attached.

Best Buy Totaltech

Best Buy has a subscription-based service you can join called Totaltech. It costs $199.99 a year, and provides extensive benefits. Unlimited Geek Squad support, free shipping, extended warranties, discounted repairs, and a dedicated phone line are included. And if you need to make a return to Best Buy, membership in Totaltech extends your return period from 15 to 60 days. It might seem like an expensive membership, but if you’re planning on having a tech-intensive year (say, if you’ll be moving into a new home, or setting up a home office), it might be a real bargain.

How to return an item at Best Buy

In store

Items purchased online at can be returned at any Best Buy location. Bring your receipt/packing slip, the card used to make the purchase, and photo ID. You can use the store locator at to find the nearest store.

By post

Items bought at a brick-and-mortar Best Buy store can only be returned to that store. Items shipped to you through can be shipped back using a pre-paid shipping label that you can print out from your account. Best Buy uses UPS, so you will have to drop it off at a UPS location unless you want to pay for a pickup. There are some items you cannot ship back, such as:

  • Large screen TVs (over 50 inches)
  • Kegerators
  • Soda stream makers
  • Some items that contain lithium and other batteries

Returning a major appliance

Even if you brought your appliance home yourself, you can call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) to schedule a pickup. If you prefer to bring it back yourself, this may be possible, but you might have to go to a specific location rather than the one closest to you. So you should consider a pickup.


Richard Michael Schulze started the company in the 1960s. Corie Barry is the current CEO.

Best Buy operated in China until 2011 and in Europe until 2012. It currently operates in the US and Canada.

No, their electronics recycling costs $29.99 per item.

8 Things You MUST Know (a Few Hacks Too!)

I’m not gonna lie, the Best Buy return policy is kind of confusing. Different lengths of time to return stuff, different ways to return items, and some products that you flat-out can’t return. Because of all these factors, I figured it was time to put the fingers on the keyboard and straighten it all out for my readers. Here’s everything you need to know about their return policy, plus a few hacks to make it work even better.

Holiday Policy Update:

Best Buy has extended their return policy for items purchased between October 24, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

You now have until January 14, 2023 to return or exchange these items.

How Many Days Do I Have to Return Something?

99% of the Products They Sell – You have 15 days for “regular” Best Buy customers. 30 days for Best Buy Elite members. 45 days for Elite Plus members.

In case you were wondering, and who wasn’t, a Best Buy Elite (and Plus) membership is earned via their free Rewards Program.

You have to spend at least $1,500 for Elite status in a calendar year and at least $3,500 for Elite Plus.

Cell Phones and Devices with a Carrier Contract – 14 days for everyone.

Wedding Registry Items – 60 days from date of purchase.

How Does the Best Buy Return Policy Work?

Here’s the skinny so you can actually make the Best Buy return policy work for you.

In-Store Return – You can return an item bought at Best Buy or BestBuy. com directly to any brick & mortar location.

To make the return go smoothly bring in your receipt or packing slip, the credit card used, and a valid photo ID.

Return by Mail:

Do-It-Yourself – You pick the carrier, use the included Return Form on your packing slip, and pay for the shipping yourself.

No packing slip? Print this blank one and fill it out. Refund will be processed with 2-3 business days of receiving your item.

Use the Prepaid Return Label – Print a prepaid return label, pay nothing upfront, and send your item back to Best Buy for a refund via UPS.

Expect the cost of the return shipping to be deducted from your refund unless the return is a result of a Best Buy error.

To avoid any possible return shipping fees, it’s definitely worth the effort to try and make your return in-store.

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How Do I Return a Gift to Best Buy?

If you return a gift bought at Best Buy by walking into a physical store, you’ll get store credit for the purchase price.

For gifts returned via mail, they’ll credit the gift purchaser and notify them via e-mail.

What Can’t I Return to Best Buy?

There are some products you can’t return to Best Buy. Here they are:

Final Sale Items – These are clearance products marked as “Final Sale”. If you’re not sure if item is Final Sale, ask an employee before you purchase it.

Special Orders – You’ll only get 85% of the original price refunded. These are items that are typically ordered directly from the manufacturer and not stocked by Best Buy.

Digital Content – This includes games and software that can be downloaded.

Prepaid Cards – This includes prepaid cards from Nintendo, AT&T, Verizon, eBay, and Disney.

Gift Packaging – Pretty obvious. This would be really hard to return.

Membership Costs – This includes the annual Geek Squad membership. Update: Thanks to employee Kristy who says Geek Squad memberships can be returned within 14 days of purchase. After that they will pro-rate it.

Completed Services – This refers to services that Geek Squad has completed for you.

Opened consumable items – This includes batteries, ink and 3D printer filament, and items returned that are damaged, unsanitary or missing major parts.

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Do I Have to Pay Re-Stocking Fee on Certain Items?

Yes, unfortunately you’ll have to pay a re-stocking fee on these items.

DSLR Cameras and Lenses – 15% re-stocking fee.

Smartphones – $45 flat re-stocking fee.

Drones – 15% re-stocking fee.

Projectors – 15% re-stocking fee.

Rideables – 15% re-stocking fee.

Special Order Products – 15% re-stocking fee.

What If I Don’t Have a Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt, be prepared to show a valid ID when returning something to Best Buy.

They do this to try and cut down on return fraud in their stores.

They reserve the right to refuse any return without a receipt if they feel it’s fraudulent.

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What If My Return Has Been Opened?

No worries, just pack everything back up as well as you can and get a full refund as long as your still within the return period.

Make sure you don’t forget any manuals or instructions that can with the item.

What If My Return is Missing Parts?

Don’t let that stop you from returning something to Best Buy.

From their site, “If you do not have all the original packaging or accessories, that’s okay too. We can process a return with a nonrefundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.”

What About a Cash Refund?

Keep in mind that if you pay with cash, and your order is over $800, you’ll have to settle for a corporate check as a refund.

You’ll get the check in the mail within 7-10 days.

Stores don’t keep a lot of cash on hand and so they won’t be able to refund you with cash.

The same applies when you spend $250 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card logo.

Can I Return Refurbished Items?


The regular return policy applies to refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned products.

Can I Return an Unopened Video Game?

I had someone in the comments ask if they could return an unopened video game they bought 2 months ago.

I wasn’t sure of the answer so I hit up Best Buy Live Chat and was told YES, it’s returnable for store credit since it is unopened.

I then asked if the original purchase of 2 months ago would be a problem and was surprisingly told…NOT a problem.

What if I Used a Gift Card to Make the Purchase?

Not a problem. If you bought the item with a Best Buy gift card, you’ll get a full refund back to that same gift card.

If you don’t have the gift card anymore, no worries, just call Best Buy at 1-888-237-8289 with your order number and they’ll re-issue you a new gift card.

BONUS: Best Buy Return Policy “Hacks”

Like any store’s return policy, there are some clover hacks and tips that savvy shoppers need to be aware of.

Over 15 Days Hack – If you have your receipt, but it’s been over 15 days since you made the purchase, you’re often better off returning the item without your receipt and accept the store credit.

Look for Extended Holiday Return Time – In past years, almost anything bought in November and December could be returned right up until January 31st.

This Holiday return policy extends until January 30th for Elite members and February 14th for Elite Plus.

Best Buy’s Error? – If you’re returning something to Best Buy via mail, and the reason for the return is an error on Best Buy’s part, they’re on the hook for the return shipping charges.

Always Opt For In-Store Return – When returning an item bought from, always return it to your local store if you can.

Not only will you avoid any return shipping charges, but you can also take advantage of an instant exchange.

Ask the Reader: Have you had success taking advantage of Best Buy’s return policy? Any issues I need to add to this post that I may have overlooked?

By Kyle James

Easy return | Buyer Assistance

Most items can be returned easily and free of charge: create a claim, hand over the item and get your money back.

Some products cannot be returned free of charge, you can only create a case and discuss the terms of the return with the seller.
See restrictions below.

How to understand that the return will be free

When creating a request, you can choose the method of return: by courier, courier by click or to the point.
Important: if there is no block with a choice, you will create a normal call. Return conditions must be discussed with the seller in the comments to the appeal.

Which goods can be returned free of charge

Reason for contacting

  • Goods with factory defects
  • Goods with expired date
  • Goods were in use approached
  • Damaged product or package
  • Not delivered the entire order
  • Received the wrong product


All sellers except M.Video, Eldorado, HOLODILNIK.RU

Recipient region

All regions. There are restrictions on the available return methods. See them below

0010 All methods, except for pickup from the store and delivery from the seller

Product category

Any goods, except for medicines and jewelry

Free returns

  1. You create an appeal and choose the return method: by courier, by courier by click or by point. How to create an appeal, see the articles “Problem with the product” and “Return of goods of good quality”.
  2. The seller will review the application and respond within 3 days. The answer will appear in the “Appeals” section in your account.
  3. You hand over the goods to the courier or take them to the point.
  4. Money and bonuses will be returned immediately after the transfer of the goods. In some cases, the seller needs to check the item first. Then the money will be returned within 2-10 days after verification. You can track the status of the return in your personal account.

Important: we deliver goods free of charge only to the seller. If the seller offers to exchange the goods or you want to receive the goods back, you discuss the terms of the shipment separately with the seller.

What are the return methods

Return method 90 003




up to 30 kg

0067 Up to 150 cm on the long side and up to 300 cm on the sum of the sides
  • Wait for the seller’s response
  • Pack the goods (see packaging requirements)
  • The courier will arrive on the date and time indicated in the application
  • Tell the courier the code for return and hand over the goods

By courier on click

Available in 70 regions. You can choose a method if it is available in your city

Up to 13 kg

Up to 56x43x26 cm
  • Wait for the seller’s response
  • A button will appear in the request to call the courier
  • Press the button when you are ready to receive the courier. He will arrive in 15-30 minutes. You can call from 9:00 to 23:00
  • Tell the courier the return code
  • Put the goods in the package that the courier will give you

To the point

All regions

Up to 10 kg

Up to 60x60x60 cm
  • Wait for a response from the seller

take them to the Sberbank branch in your city. You do not need to create a new case.
Branches can be found on this page, to do this, select the filter “Sberbank Branches” above the map.

Please note: some branches do not accept returns yet.

How to pack the goods

Return to the point or by courier by clicking

You will be offered packing and help to fold the goods. Goods containing flammable substances must be returned with an empty tank or engine.

Return by courier

Packing recommendation:

  • If possible, place the product in the bag or box in which it was received.
  • The product must not move freely within the package. Fill in the empty space: for example, with paper.
  • Pack the goods, but do not seal the bag or box.

Some product categories have special requirements

  • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap.
  • Pack liquid goods tightly.
  • Return flammable goods with an empty tank or engine.

The courier will check the packaging and goods. If the return conditions or packaging recommendations are not met, the courier will draw up an act. The act confirms that you are familiar with the terms and recommendations.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Log in and write to us

Return of goods and money policy

Goods and services purchased in our online store can be returned or exchanged on time and in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Return conditions
It is not possible to return goods without a cash receipt or with a copy of a cash receipt.

Exchange and return of good quality goods
You can exchange goods of good quality, if they do not fit in shape, size, style, color, size or configuration, for a similar product. These conditions do not apply to custom-designed products. The exchange of goods is carried out within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase, provided that the goods were not in use, their presentation, consumer properties, seals, factory labels are preserved, and there is also a sales receipt or cash receipt or other document confirming payment for the specified goods. The absence of a cash receipt or other document confirming payment does not deprive you of the opportunity to refer to witness statements.
By agreement with you, an exchange of goods can be made upon receipt of a similar product for sale. If a similar product is not available for sale on the day of application, you have the right to demand a refund of the amount of money paid for the specified product (Article 25 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”).

If you have filed a claim for the return of the amount of money paid for the goods, it is satisfied within ten days from the date of presentation of the relevant claim (Article 22 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”). If the buyer refuses the goods of good quality, the cost of shipping the goods and sending it back (by mail) is not refundable.
Items from the list of goods approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55 dated January 19, 1998 are not subject to exchange and return

Exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality
functional qualities), you have the right to return or exchange the goods. If the product is part of a kit, you can return either the entire kit or only the defective part (and receive a refund in proportion to the cost of this part). If a defective product is sent to us (by post), we will reimburse your return shipping costs.

We provide customers with the opportunity to check the goods for defects within 14 days. If the defect is discovered by you after 14 days, we reserve the right, at our own expense, to request an expert opinion that the defect arose before the transfer of the goods to the consumer or for reasons that arose after that moment. If, as a result of the examination, it is established that the defects of the goods arose due to circumstances for which the seller is not responsible. The buyer will be obliged to reimburse the costs of the examination, as well as the costs associated with the storage and transportation of the goods. The conclusion of the examination can be challenged in court.

Warranty items
Returns are possible within the warranty period.