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Best Gaming TVs of 2023

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best gaming TVs for 2023. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, having a high-quality TV is crucial for an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the top gaming TVs available in the market, focusing on their features, performance, and suitability for gaming enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive player, this guide will help you make an informed decision and enhance your gaming setup.

TV Model Smart Platform Motion Technology HDR Support
VIZIO MQX Series SmartCast Clear Action 360 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
Hisense 65U7G QLED S Android TV Motion Rate 480 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
LG Gallery Edition G2 Series webOS TruMotion 240 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
LG UQ9000 Series webOS TruMotion 240 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
LG QNED80 Series webOS TruMotion 240 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
SAMSUNG S90C Series Tizen Motion Rate 240 HDR10+, HLG
SAMSUNG QN90C Series Tizen Motion Rate 240 HDR10+, HLG
Sony X900H Android TV MotionFlow XR 960 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
Sony 4K TV X90K Series Android TV MotionFlow XR 960 Dolby Vision, HDR10+
Sony A80K Series Android TV MotionFlow XR 960 Dolby Vision, HDR10+

VIZIO MQX Series Premium 4K TV

The VIZIO MQX Series Premium 4K TV is a high-quality, feature-packed smart television that offers stunning visuals, earning a solid 4. 5 out of 5 stars.

Key Stats:

  • Crystal-clear 4K resolution with Dolby Vision HDR technology
  • SmartCast platform with built-in Chromecast and voice control compatibility
  • Refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth motion

Reasons to buy:

The VIZIO MQX Series Premium 4K TV is an excellent investment for those seeking a superior home entertainment experience. With its 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR technology, viewers will enjoy lifelike picture quality and vivid colors. The user-friendly SmartCast platform allows for seamless streaming from popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, with built-in Chromecast providing even more content possibilities. Furthermore, the 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and clear motion for fast-paced action scenes or live sports events.

Reasons to not buy:

Despite its impressive features, the VIZIO MQX Series Premium 4K TV might not be the perfect choice for everyone. Some buyers may find its design to be bulkier than other alternatives, making it harder to integrate into their home interior. Additionally, users who value a simplified smart TV interface might feel overwhelmed by the number of built-in apps and features. Lastly, the sound quality may not fully satisfy those with high audio expectations, leading to the need for additional investments in external sound systems.


  • Exceptional 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR for outstanding visuals
  • User-friendly SmartCast platform with popular built-in apps
  • 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion


  • Bulkier design might not suit all interiors
  • Can have an overwhelming number of built-in apps and features
  • Sound quality may not meet the expectations of audiophiles

Hisense 65U7G QLED S 4K Smart TV

The Hisense 65U7G QLED S 4K Smart TV offers outstanding picture quality and responsive smart features, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key Stats:

  • Screen size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×2160)
  • Smart features: Built-in Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and multiple streaming apps

Reasons to buy:

The Hisense 65U7G QLED S 4K Smart TV has excellent picture quality with deep blacks, rich colors, and stunning detail, making it perfect for watching movies and playing games. The TV’s built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice support provide seamless smart home integration and help streamline content searching. Additionally, the Hisense 65U7G delivers a range of streaming app options and a user-friendly interface, ensuring you never run out of content to enjoy.

Reasons not to buy:

Some reasons to consider not purchasing the Hisense 65U7G QLED S 4K Smart TV are its sound quality, which may be subpar compared to other offerings in the market, potentially requiring the addition of an external sound system for a better audio experience. Furthermore, the TV’s viewing angles might not be ideal for every room, and its remote control design could be improved for easier use.


  • Impressive picture quality with deep blacks and rich colors
  • Responsive and user-friendly smart features
  • Seamless smart home integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


  • Sound quality may require additional external audio systems
  • Limited viewing angles in some scenarios
  • Remote control design could be improved

LG Gallery Edition G2 Series 4K Smart TV

The LG Gallery Edition G2 Series 4K Smart TV offers an unparalleled cinematic experience with its stunning display and impressive user interface, earning a 4. 5 out of 5-star rating.

Key stats:

  • 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution with OLED display technology
  • Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support

Reasons to buy:

The LG Gallery Edition G2 Series 4K Smart TV excels in providing a visually stunning experience with its OLED display, presenting deeper blacks and vibrant colors. The built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa offer seamless voice control capabilities and a user-friendly interface. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support also enhance the TV sound and image quality making it a fantastic choice for movie enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Reasons not to buy:

While the LG Gallery Edition G2 Series 4K Smart TV presents numerous impressive features, it might appear as a relatively expensive option for some consumers. For those who do not prioritize enhanced image quality or a smart home experience, there might be more cost-effective options available.


  • Exceptional image quality using OLED display technology and 4K UHD resolution
  • Seamless voice control options with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Enhanced audio and image experience through Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision support


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other 4K Smart TVs
  • Not the ideal choice for customers who don’t prioritize image quality and smart home capabilities

LG UQ9000 Series Smart TV

The LG UQ9000 Series Smart TV is a visually stunning, feature-packed television that offers seamless streaming and excellent picture quality, earning a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key Stats:

  • Display: 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 and HLG support
  • Smart features: LG ThinQ AI, webOS, and built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.1 ports, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet

Reasons to buy:

This LG Smart TV’s impressive image quality, innovative ThinQ AI technology, and comprehensive range of smart features make it a fantastic addition to any home. The 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 and HLG support offers vivid, true-to-life colors and deep contrast. LG’s webOS platform provides a user-friendly interface, providing access to a wide range of streaming apps and services. The built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allow for hands-free control and seamless integration with your smart home setup.

Reasons to not buy:

While the LG UQ9000 is packed full of features, its premium price point may make it less accessible for those on a tight budget. Some users might find the voice control feature unnecessary, and there may be cheaper alternatives available with similar features if these aspects are not as crucial to you.


  • High-quality 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 and HLG support
  • User-friendly webOS platform
  • Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • ThinQ AI for enhanced performance and smart home integration


  • Premium price point
  • Voice control feature might not be useful for everyone
  • Less affordable than other similar alternatives

LG QNED80 Series 5 Smart TV

The LG QNED80 Series 5 Smart TV earns a solid 4 out of 5 stars, providing an impressive balance of cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and incredible picture quality.

Key Stats:

  • Quantum NanoCell technology for stunning color accuracy and contrast
  • α7 Gen 4 AI Processor optimizing picture and sound for immersive experience
  • WebOS operating system which offers access to popular streaming apps and voice control

Reasons to buy:

The LG QNED80 Series 5 Smart TV is an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup, boasting the latest Quantum NanoCell technology for breath-taking color depth and accuracy. The powerful α7 Gen 4 AI Processor ensures that both picture and sound are intelligently optimized for an immersive cinematic experience. With the intuitive WebOS platform, users can easily access their favorite streaming apps, gaming consoles, and other devices, while also benefiting from voice-control capabilities, making this TV a versatile and future-focused choice.

Reasons to not buy:

Despite its impressive features, the LG QNED80 Series 5 Smart TV may not be the ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers, as it comes with a premium price tag that could be a deterrent for some buyers. Additionally, while the TV offers fantastic picture quality, it may not be the top choice for competitive gamers who require ultra-fast refresh rates and minimal input lag for optimal performance.


  • Quantum NanoCell technology delivering superior color and contrast
  • α7 Gen 4 AI Processor for optimized picture and sound quality
  • User-friendly WebOS platform with access to popular streaming apps and voice control
  • Sleek design enhancing the aesthetics of any room setup


  • Premium price tag that may not suit all budgets
  • Not the best choice for competitive gamers who prioritize ultra-fast refresh rates and minimal input lag


The Samsung S90C Series TV is a stunning and innovative piece of technology, earning a glorious 4.5/5 rating for its top-notch performance and features.

Key stats:

  • 4k Ultra HD resolution for breathtaking image quality
  • Quantum HDR for exceptional color accuracy and contrast
  • Smart TV features with easy access to streaming services

Reasons to buy:

Ideal for movie enthusiasts and avid gamers, the Samsung S90C Series TV offers a striking 4k Ultra HD resolution for a truly immersive viewing experience. Its innovative Quantum HDR technology delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and striking contrast that will elevate the picture to a whole new level. With its Smart TV features, users can effortlessly access popular streaming services, making it a solid entertainment hub for the entire family.

Reasons to not buy:

The Samsung S90C Series TV may not be an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers, as its premium features come with a higher price tag. Additionally, some users may find the Smart TV interface not as user-friendly as other available devices, making it less appealing to those who prefer a more intuitive user experience.


  • Outstanding 4k Ultra HD resolution
  • Advanced Quantum HDR technology
  • Seamless access to popular streaming services
  • Sleek design and excellent build quality


  • Higher cost due to premium features
  • Smart TV interface may not be as beginner-friendly as competitors


The Samsung QN90C Series HDR+ TV is a top-tier 4K QLED television offering exceptional picture quality with vibrant colors, immersive audio, and user-friendly features, earning itself a rating of 4. 5 out of 5.

Key stats:

  • Quantum Dot Technology providing over a billion colors with 100% color volume
  • Quantum HDR 32X for incredible detail and brightness
  • Samsung’s AI Quantum 4K processor

Reasons to buy:

With its Quantum Dot Technology, the Samsung QN90C Series TV delivers stunning picture quality, boasting a wide color gamut and impressive contrast ratios. Combined with Quantum HDR 32X, this leading-edge TV ensures that every little detail is visible, from the darkest of shadows to the brightest of highlights. Furthermore, the AI Quantum 4K processor allows for smooth upscaling, making for a fantastic viewing experience across all types of content. Lastly, the TV’s user-centered design and integration with popular streaming services make it a top choice for binging your favorite shows and movies.

Reasons not to buy:

Though this TV has much to offer, it might not be suitable for everyone due to its premium price point. Moreover, some users may experience occasional screen blooming in particularly dark scenes, although this issue is minimal in comparison to other TVs. Finally, while the TV’s sound quality is decent, true audiophiles may wish to invest in an external sound system to fully experience the immersive audio potential of their media.


  • Exceptional picture quality with Quantum Dot Technology
  • Quantum HDR 32X for enhanced brightness and detail
  • AI Quantum 4K processor for smooth upscaling
  • User-friendly design and streaming service integration


  • Premium price point may be a barrier for some
  • Occasional screen blooming in dark scenes
  • Sound quality may require external system for optimal audio experience

Sony X900H 4k TV

The Sony X900H 4K TV offers an outstanding visual experience with its exceptional picture quality and smart features, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key stats:

  • Screen size: 65 inches (also available in 55″, 75″, and 85″ sizes)
  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • High Dynamic Range: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

Reasons to buy:

The Sony X900H 4K TV is a great choice for movie lovers and gamers alike, as it boasts impressive picture quality with sharp detail and vibrant colors, thanks to its Full Array LED backlight and excellent HDR support. Additionally, its Android TV platform comes packed with an extensive range of streaming apps and smart home features, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The TV also features a low input lag and HDMI 2.1 support, making it a solid choice for gaming with next-gen consoles.

Reasons not to buy:

Despite its overall impressive performance, the Sony X900H’s sound quality might not meet the expectations of true audiophiles, making an external sound system a potential necessity to get the best audio experience. Furthermore, its limited viewing angles may present some issues for larger families or group viewings if everyone is not sitting directly in front of the TV. Additionally, the TV does not support variable refresh rate (VRR) out of the box, which might be a crucial gaming feature for some users.


  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Android TV platform with smart home features
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • HDMI 2.1 support


  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Limited viewing angles
  • No variable refresh rate (VRR) support out of the box

Sony 4K TV X90K Series

The Sony 4K TV X90K Series is an impressive and versatile television with outstanding picture quality, offering a range of features that cater to diverse entertainment needs, earning a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key Stats:

  • 4K HDR Processor X1 with Triluminos Pro
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio System with Dolby Atmos support
  • Google TV built-in with Chromecast and Alexa compatibility

Reasons to buy:

The Sony 4K TV X90K Series boasts superior image quality, provided by the powerful 4K HDR Processor X1 and Triluminos Pro display technology, which ensures vibrant colors and sharp detail. The Acoustic Multi-Audio System offers an immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos support, delivering clear and realistic sound. The smart TV interface, powered by Google TV, ensures seamless access to thousands of apps, including popular streaming platforms, while the built-in Chromecast and Alexa compatibility make it easy to connect and control your smart home devices.

Reasons to not buy:

While the Sony 4K TV X90K Series has many exceptional features, it comes at a premium price, which might not be ideal for budget-conscious buyers. Additionally, some users may find the Google TV interface unintuitive, making navigation through the vast content library more challenging. Input lag for gaming could also be an issue for highly competitive players.


  • Superior image quality with 4K HDR Processor X1 and Triluminos Pro display technology
  • Immersive audio system with Dolby Atmos support
  • Google TV built-in for easy access to apps and streaming services
  • Chromecast and Alexa compatibility for smart home integration


  • Premium price might not be ideal for budget-conscious buyers
  • Google TV interface may be unintuitive for some users
  • Input lag could be a concern for competitive gamers

Sony A80K Series 4K TV

The Sony A80K Series 4K TV is an outstanding choice for movie enthusiasts and gamers alike, offering stunning visuals and sound quality, earning it a solid 4. 5 out of 5 stars.

Key stats:

  • Display: 4K Ultra HD resolution with X1 Ultimate processor
  • Audio: Acoustic Surface Audio+ with Dolby Atmos support
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.1, eARC, and Wi-Fi 6

Reasons to buy:

The Sony A80K Series 4K TV is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to upgrade your television setup for an immersive and vivid viewing and listening experience. Equipped with top-of-the-line features like X1 Ultimate processor and Acoustic Surface Audio+, this TV is perfect for those seeking a sleek design, exceptional picture quality, and precise audio. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a built-in Google Assistant and compatibility with popular smart home devices, along with HDMI 2.1 ports for your gaming console and next-gen gaming experience.

Reasons not to buy:

If budget is a top concern for you, the Sony A80K series might not be the most economical option as it carries a premium price tag. Additionally, if you’re not particularly interested in high-end visual performance and sophisticated technology, you may not fully appreciate the advanced features offered by this TV, making it an unjustified purchase.


  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD picture quality
  • X1 Ultimate processor for optimum performance
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ for rich, multidimensional sound
  • HDMI 2.1 and eARC support for enhanced connectivity
  • Google Assistant and smart home compatibility


  • Premium price may not be suitable for all budgets
  • Some users may find advanced features unnecessary for their needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a TV suitable for gaming?

A: A gaming TV should have features like low input lag, high refresh rate, and smooth motion handling to ensure quick and responsive gameplay.

Q: What is input lag, and why is it important for gaming?

A: Input lag refers to the delay between pressing a button on the controller and the corresponding action appearing on the screen. Low input lag is crucial for a responsive gaming experience.

Q: What is HDR, and why is it beneficial for gaming?

A: HDR (High Dynamic Range) enhances the contrast and color accuracy of the displayed image, resulting in more vibrant and lifelike visuals during gameplay.

Q: Should I prioritize resolution or refresh rate for gaming?

A: It depends on your preference and the type of games you play. Higher resolutions, such as 4K, offer more detail, while higher refresh rates, like 120Hz, provide smoother motion.

Q: Can I use a gaming TV for other entertainment purposes?

A: Absolutely! Gaming TVs often excel in displaying movies, TV shows, and streaming content with their advanced display technologies, making them versatile for various entertainment needs.


In conclusion, investing in a top-notch gaming TV can significantly enhance your gaming experience, providing stunning visuals, low input lag, and smooth motion handling. The gaming TVs featured in this guide have been carefully selected based on their performance, features, and overall value for gamers. Remember to consider factors such as resolution, refresh rate, HDR support, and connectivity options when choosing the best gaming TV for your needs. With the right TV, you can take your gaming sessions to new heights and immerse yourself in the virtual worlds of your favorite games.

Discover the best TVs of 2023

9 Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs 2023

The demand for 4k TVs with HDR gaming capabilities is accelerating. The support of HDR gaming that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X provide guarantees that this will be a unilateral path.

Since 2018, most of the TVs support HDR and have had low input lag to attract gamers. We have listed some of the top best HDR TV for gaming check the review and make the right choice.

We’ve reviewed many TVs considering the price tag, features, and user experience, and below are our recommendations for the best HDR gaming TV for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro you can buy.

See also our recommendations on the best flat-screen TVs, best-curved TVs, best TV for movies, best TV to use as a PC monitor, and the best TV for watching sports.

Best 4K HDR Gaming TV – Reviews

1. Best 4k HDR Gaming TV: LG B9 OLED

The best 4k HDR gaming TV we’ve reviewed so far is the LG B9 OLED. It’s an excellent TV and one of the best overall TVs on the market, packed with gaming features. Being an OLED TV, it’s capable of delivering perfect blacks, convenient for darkroom games, and has incredibly large viewing angles for when you choose to use it for co-op gaming.

It has a ‘Quick Low Latency’ feature that detects when you play so that you don’t have to manually turn to the ‘Playing’ feature any time you want to practice.

In this mode, the feedback lag is extremely short, responding quickly to your actions.

The response time on this TV is virtually instantaneous, so motion looks transparent without any distortion behind fast-moving objects, and there’s a black frame insertion feature to reduce any motion blur.

Feature Specification
Display OLED
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 13ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform WebOS
Price Around $1500


  • Perfect blacks and black uniformity.
  • The image remains accurate when viewed from the side.
  • Nearly instantaneous response time and very low input lag.


  • Has the risk of permanent burn-in with static content.
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) can become distracting at times.


2. Best Color Accuracy TV For 4k HDR Gaming: SAMSUNG Q80/Q80R QLED

If you’re concerned about the LG B9 OLED burn-in chance, the Samsung Q80 / Q80R QLED is the best HDR gaming LED TV we’ve reviewed so far. You’re not going to get the same perfect blacks as the LG, but it has exceptional picture quality due to its dark blacks, impressive peak brightness, and a wide variety of colors.

Gamers will appreciate the outstanding response time and the remarkably low HDR input latency.

This TV embraces AMD’s variable refresh rate technology for almost tear-free games and has the latest ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ feature for improved viewing angles.

Overall, if you want the best TV for PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, consider the LG. However, if you’re concerned about burn-in and won’t miss the perfect blacks, look into the Samsung.

Feature Specification
Display QLED
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Input Lag 14ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform Tizen
Price Around $1800


  • Very low input lag and great gaming features.
  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Very bright in both SDR and HDR.


  • Some gray uniformity issues at the edges.



If you are concerned about the possibility of burn-in on the LG B9 OLED and you want anything better than the Samsung Q80 / Q80R QLED, try out the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019. It’s an excellent LED TV that offers outstanding HDR gaming output with no chance of burn-in.

It can’t offer the same perfect blacks as the LG in a dark room, so it has a higher 4k HDR input latency, but it’s much lighter and has one of the widest color choices we’ve seen so far.

If you want the best HDR gaming experience out there, check out the LG.

If you want to save some money with no sacrifice in picture quality and don’t need the same darkroom results, find Vizio, one of the best TVs for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

Feature Specification
Display Quantum Dot
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 10ms
HDMI Ports 5
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform SmartCast
Price Around $150


  • Outstanding peak brightness in SDR and HDR.
  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Great motion handling.


  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.


4. Sony X950G

If you want correct color reproduction and you’re not trying to calibrate your screen, the Sony X950 G is a Screen with the highest out-of-the-box color quality we’ve seen so far. Due to its strong contrast ratio and excellent motion control, this TV will offer fantastic picture quality.

The combination of a TV’s impressive peak brightness and a strong wide range of colors render HDR content looks amazing, with vivid colors that show. This has a local dimming function that works decently well, although there is some blooming around light items in dark scenes and around subtitles.

Whereas the edges of the panel are noticeably darker, the middle is very uniform, with absolutely no sign of a dirty effect on the image. Input latency is small and ideal for most casual sports, but it could be a little too high for competitive games.

Feature Specification
Display LCD
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 18ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform Android TV
Price Around $1600


  • Outstanding peak brightness.
  • Amazing out-of-the-box color accuracy.
  • Great motion handling.


  • Poor viewing angles.



If you’re looking for a TV with better gaming capabilities, the Samsung Q70 / Q70R QLED is also a perfect option. It doesn’t have the same color quality as the Sony X950 G, but it has a lower input lag and supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to minimize tearing in sports, while the Sony doesn’t have any VRR support.

The motion also appears brilliant on Samsung due to its excellent response time, and there’s a black frame placement option that reduces some motion blur. This has decent HDR peak brightness, allowing pop highlights, but sadly, as is the case for most VA TVs, the viewing angles are low, which is not suitable for co-op games.

If you want the TV with the best color accuracy, look into the Sony, but if you want lower input lag, the Samsung is also a great choice as the best TV for PS4 Pro.

Feature Specification
Display QLED
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Input Lag 15ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform Tizen
Price Around $1200


  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Can display deep, uniform blacks in a dark room.


  • The image degrades quickly at an angle.



When you’re looking for something a bit better, take a look at the Vizio P Quantum Series. The color accuracy is not as good as the Sony X950 G, but it’s still great. It also has an impressively broad range of colors to create deep, vivid colors, and its excellent contrast ratio and strong black uniformity render it a perfect option for darkroom watching.

Motion handling is excellent, and there is an optional black frame placement mode to help reduce the presence of motion blur. Gamers would be happy to learn that the input lag is quite low and the screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz; nevertheless, there is no provision for any variable refresh rate technology.

If color fidelity is more essential, look at the Sony; otherwise, the Vizio is a nice alternative that will save you some time.

Feature Specification
Display Quantum Dot
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 13ms
HDMI Ports 5
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform SmartCast
Price Around $1000



  • Great peak brightness.
  • Deep blacks and a great local dimming feature.
  • Outstanding wide color gamut.


  • Noticeable uniformity issues.


7. Best Budget 4k HDR Gaming TV: TCL 6 Series/R625

The best budget 4k HDR gaming TV we’ve been testing is the TCL 6 Series / R625. This TV gives decent value for its size, which will satisfy most users for some use, and it’s an outstanding gaming TV.

This Screen has one of the lowest input lags that we’ve seen so far. It immediately detects when the gaming console is attached and switches to ‘Playing’ mode to make this low input lag. The response time is strong, although it’s a bit slower than other TVs, and there are a few visible motion glitches, luckily there’s a black frame insertion option to help reduce any motion blur.

This TV has an excellent color palette and decent color quality, showing a wide variety of shades, and can get bright enough to bring out vivid colors with HDR.

Feature Specification
Display LCD
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 18ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform Android TV
Price Around $1200


  • Outstanding low input lag.
  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Excellent wide color gamut.


  • Noticeable motion artifacts.


8. Best HDR Gaming TV: HISENSE H8F

Whether you want a TV that is much cheaper than the TCL 6 Series / R625 , the Hisense H8F is a decent choice. You ‘re not going to have the same brightness or motion control as the TCL, but HDR gaming is just as strong due to the low input lag that makes the TV really sensitive. This TV offers excellent dark room performance and shows vibrant colorful HDR material thanks to its wide variety of colors.

Overall, if you’re searching for anything specifically built for HDR gaming and need motion management, TCL is a perfect budget option. Otherwise, the Hisense is just as amazing for less money and also one of the better PS4 Pro gaming TVs.

Feature Specification
Display LCD
Resolution 4K
Input Lag 15ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Smart TV Platform Android TV
Price Around $600


  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Great peak brightness in SDR.


  • Bad viewing angles.
  • Slow response time.


9. Best Budget HDR Gaming TV: Sony X900H

If you think the Samsung Q80 T QLED is too costly then try out the Sony X900H. The out-of-the-box color quality is almost as good as the Samsung’s, it has a higher contrast ratio to create darker blacks, and its full-array local dimming has greater power over the blooming of bright objects. The response time is just significantly slower, even while it has a somewhat higher input lag, most users shouldn’t mind it.

Unfortunately, when viewed from the side its VA panel has sub-par viewing angles that cause images to look washed out. The key aspect to remember is that this TV will be equipped with VRR; however, it has not yet been introduced and will come with a future software upgrade.

Generally, the Samsung is a great option as it has greater color quality because it also has all the modern gaming functionality enabled, but if you’re searching for anything cheaper, the Sony is an outstanding alternative.

Feature Specification
Display LCD
Resolution 4K
HDR Yes, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Input Lag 18ms
HDMI Ports 4
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Smart TV Platform Android TV
Price Around $1200


  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Low input lag.
  • Fast response time.
  • Great peak brightness.


  • Sub-par viewing angles.


Final Thoughts

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best HDR Gaming TVs available on the market. These are the best HDR Gaming TVs to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

best TVs for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC

Best TVs for gaming in 2023 can really enhance your entire experience. Whether you’re a PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo gamer, we recommend investing in a decent gaming TV with next-gen features including HDMI 2.1 and low latency!

The best gaming TVs to look out for, including support for 4K resolution with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) at 120Hz in addition to ALLM. If you’re a PlayStation gamer first, check out our guide to the best PS5 TVs, as they have slightly different features you should look out for.

If you’re still a little confused about what you’re looking for, don’t worry – as we go through this guide, we take a closer look at each gaming TV, weighing features and benefits, as well as other reasons to buy, such as price. At the end of this guide, you’ll also find more information on how to choose the best gaming TV for your needs.

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The best TV for games

The best TV for games is Samsung QN95B . This Neo QLED panel is bold, bright, has ultra-low input lag, and is quite possibly the best TV on the planet.

The best value for money gaming TV is the LG C2 . This OLED panel is perfect for gaming and watching movies with excellent black levels, but it’s also perfect for gaming with low input lag.

The best budget TV for gaming is Hisense A6G . Not much to spend? The budget Hisense model has many attractive features that will suit gamers who do not have extra money.

Top 3 Gaming TVs Available Today

1. Samsung QN95B – Best Gaming TV in 2023

Samsung QN95B

  • Screen Size: 55, 65, 75.85″
  • Display technology: Mini-LED Neo QLED LCD
  • Game mode response time: 9.3 ms


  • Amazing brightness and contrast
  • 120Hz, VRR and ALLM on four HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Very low delay time


  • Expensive
  • No Dolby Vision

The Samsung QN95B is the company’s flagship 4K TV for 2022 – and it really shows. The backlight uses the latest generation Neo QLED mini LED panel, which means extremely bright HDR performance, and small light sources with new light shaping technology provide more precise local dimming control, so when areas need to be darkened, they can become very dark.

This is the closest contrast control you’ll find to an OLED TV, and when you combine it with cutting-edge processing and better brightness, it’s the most complete picture quality package we’ve ever seen on a 4K TV. And it’s priced to match, so we think the LG C1 is still probably the best choice for most people given the balance between value, performance and price.

For those who demand maximum control over their gaming performance, it is once again second to none. It has four HDMI ports meaning full support for ALLM, VRR and 4K 120Hz. But the most interesting is the Game Bar, a special menu designed only for games. Want to make sure what you’re seeing is 120Hz or that VRR is active? The Game bar tells you and also gives you control over two different types of game modes: one has a bit more image enhancement processing and has a latency of less than 10ms, or you can go extreme with a second mode that turns off.

The only drawback here is the lack of support for Dolby Vision HDR.

2. LG C2 – Best value for money gaming TV

LG C2 OLED – LG’s most popular gaming TV

  • Screen size: 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 inches
  • Display technology: OLED
  • Game mode response time: 12. 6 ms


  • Support 4K 120Hz, VRR and ALLM
  • Beautiful contrast OLED


  • OLED
  • limited brightness

  • Screen burn possibility

The LG C2 is the second OLED TV in LG’s lineup (G2 is at the top of its lineup). It delivers greater brightness and improved image processing over last year’s film model, making it ideal for gamers who are also movie buffs and want excellent picture quality with this type of inky-dark black panels.

The LG Cs certainly has a few new gaming tricks up its sleeve. You have 4K 120Hz, VRR and ALLM on all four HDMI ports, and very low input lag, but you can also tweak Game Mode depending on what game you’re playing. Set it to FPS mode and it will give you the fastest possible response time; install it for an RPG and it will apply more image processing to make things prettier, allowing for slightly faster response times in return.

Overall, this remains a fantastic TV for gaming. The image quality is top notch, the smart platform is excellent, and the features are hard to beat. It’s just that right now you can buy the LG C1 and save on one of the best TV soundbars, and we think a lot of people might prefer it.

3. Hisense A6BG – Best Budget TV for Gaming

Hisense A6BG

  • Screen Size:: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 inches
  • Display technology: IPS
  • Game mode response time: 20ms


  • HDR10+ and DolbyVision
  • VRR and ALLM supported
  • Many ports


  • No support for 4K 120Hz
  • Mediocre sound

You know what you’re getting from a Hisense gaming TV: a big TV with good performance at a reasonable price that makes entry-level models from other brands feel awfully underpowered. The A6G is aggressively priced and supports both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR, and supports HDMI 2.1 VRR and ALLM aspects on all three HDMI inputs. There is eARC compatibility, built-in Wi-Fi, as well as USB, Ethernet, CI Card and RF connectors. There’s even a composite video if you have an old video kit.

In our test, we found the Hisense’s image quality to be somewhere between “value for the money” and “really quite impressive.” The motion controls aren’t unnatural, the detail enhancements aren’t overly aggressive, and the skin tones are very realistic.

Budget models, of course, require some donations. The blacks aren’t very deep – the darkest is a very deep gray, not a true black – and it’s not very bright, so you won’t get the impressive contrast levels you’ll find on more expensive TVs. It’s not brilliant at upscaling, but is very good with Full HD 1080p and 4K content. If you’re looking for a 4K TV for gaming that won’t break you, you should definitely have Hisense on your list.

Best gaming TV 2023: best of the rest

4. Samsung Q80A – Best gaming TV at a more affordable price

Samsung Q80A – Best gaming TV at a more affordable price

  • Screen size: 50, 55, 6 5 , 75″
  • Display technology: QLED
  • Game mode response time: 10ms


  • Full HDMI 2.1 support and low latency
  • Very strong image quality
  • Excellent game board


  • Not as strong as OLED for black levels
  • Only one HDMI 2.1

The Samsung Q80A offers rich colors and vibrant HDR QLED at a more affordable price point than some of its siblings, yet includes the HDMI 2.1 feature we’ve come to expect from a gaming TV.

The 50″ model is the one that really offers the best value for being smaller, although it should be noted that this size includes weaker drivers than the others – the larger sizes have Object Tracking Sound + positional sound thanks to the speakers at the edges of the screen .

However, all models are equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port supporting VRR, 4K 120Hz and ALLM. Only one, mind you, so this is best for people who are happy with one next-gen console and just want a great TV to really enjoy. Of course, there are three regular HDMI 2.0 ports for other things.

The picture quality is really good for the price, and the brightness is on par with the best OLED screens and slightly higher than mid-range or budget OLED displays. The black levels are astounding for a mid-range LED TV as well – it really beats its price range.

Throw in Samsung’s Smart Game Bar too, which makes it easy to tweak settings and make sure you see everything exactly the way you planned, and it’s quite the package.

5. SONY X85J – Best Budget Gaming TV with HDMI 2.1

SONY X85J – Best Budget Gaming TV with HDMI 2.1

  • Screen Size: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85 inches 040
  • Display technology: LED
  • Game mode response time:: 10 ms


  • HDMI 2. 1 43″
  • Low input delay
  • Excellent image processing


  • One HDMI 2.1 port is also an eARC port
  • Viewing angles are slightly limited

If you’re looking for a good HDMI 2.1 gaming TV, this is it – and it’s one of the few gaming TVs available in a 43-inch version, which is handy if you don’t have room for a larger panel.

There’s a lot to like here, including two HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K 120Hz and variable refresh rates, low input lag, and surprisingly good built-in speakers. It delivers rich blacks and excellent contrast, and works very well with dynamic content.

At the heart of this TV is the Sony 4K HDR X1 processor with Triluminos Pro, which delivers a very wide color gamut and truly impressive color reproduction. Upsampling is especially good for 2K images, but it’s also good for Full HD.

There are a few negatives here, but they are not dramatic. Viewing angles aren’t as wide as most, although that won’t be a problem if you’re primarily gaming rather than presenting movies to an audience, and one of the HDMI 2. 1 ports is also an eARC audio return port. so you will lose one of your ports if you plug in a soundbar.

If you’ve read somewhere about the Sony X85J, you may have come across mention of gaming features that weren’t implemented: when this model shipped, some key features, including VRR, weren’t included. Now that has changed: In October 2021, Sony released a firmware update to add ALLM, HGiG and VRR to the X85J.

6. LG G2 – Best gaming TV with OLED picture quality and stylish design

LG G2 – Best gaming TV with OLED picture quality and stylish design

  • Screen sizes: 55, 65, 77, 83 inches
  • Display technology: OLED
  • Game mode response time: 9.4 ms


  • Full HDMI 2.1 support on four ports
  • Brighter next generation OLED evo 9 panel0040
  • Very fast response time


  • Does not come with stand
  • Dear

The LG G2 is the brightest OLED TV ever made by LG, thanks to its next generation panel and Brightness Booster Max technology, it achieves great HDR peaks even in game or movie modes where less processing is involved. And you still get the endless black levels that OLED is known for. As a result, it offers better HDR performance than almost any TV in the world, and LG’s superb processing really makes the most of it when watching movies or TV shows, even upscaled from HD to 4K.

But this is only part of what gives him a place in this ranking. The other half is that it’s packed with gaming-friendly features, starting with four HDMI 2.1 ports, each ready for 4K 120Hz, VRR and ALLM. Throw in LG’s support for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync Premium and you’ve got all the gaming features you need.

It’s important to note that the input lag is also negligible – you can play with less than 10ms latency if you want. LG’s new Game Optimizer also gives you flexibility in exactly how you want things to work, so you can apply a bit more processing to improve the look of games where responsiveness is less important.

Dolby Vision HDR support means you really get the most out of Xbox games that support this option, and there’s Dolby Atmos support for 3D audio in compatible games and movies.

There are some drawbacks. First of all: This TV does not come with a stand. This is an expensive, premium wall mount kit (it comes with an impressive bracket that keeps it completely flush with the wall). You can buy a regular stand or a tall floor stand for it, but factor that into your budget.

And this new OLED panel can still be prone to burn-in of interface elements if you leave them on the screen unchanged for a very long time. The new screen should avoid this better, but the potential is still there. This isn’t a problem for most games, but some really hardcore gamers should be wary of it. Finally, even though the OLED screen is brighter than before, LED screens can still be brighter, so if you like to game in a brightly lit living room, you may find it harder to see clarity than on a bright LED model.

7. SONY X90J – Last year’s cheapest gaming TV

SONY X90J – Last year’s cheapest gaming TV

  • Screen size: 50, 55, 65, 75 inches
  • Display Technology: LCD LED
  • Game mode response time: 17ms


  • Excellent dynamic HDR images
  • Superior motion processing and scaling
  • 120 Hz support (with the advent of VRR)


  • Not as good in dark areas as OLED
  • No HDR10+

This TV is a generation older but still worthy of choice. The Sony X90J is the most competitive model, delivering truly exceptional picture quality at the lowest price, while still supporting HDMI 2.1 features. This is especially true at the massive 75-inch size – if you want to see the full PS5 and Xbox Series X quality on the BIG screen, this is the way to do it.

The benefit here is really bright and powerful HDR performance thanks to full array backlighting. Local dimming means it also handles contrast well, though it’s not a patch for OLED TVs (or the Samsung QN95A Mini-LED) for dark area detail. But it’s still at the top of the list of similarly priced LED TVs. However, it’s more prone to reflections than many TVs in this rating, which can get in the way of making those bright pictures as good as they could be.

The other benefit, of course, is gaming performance, and you get 4K 120Hz support through two of the four HDMI ports, as well as decent input latency (although Samsung TVs do it better). VRR is promised to be released in an update, as promised for the XH90. We assume this will happen when the PS5 gets it.

As far as other viewing tasks go, processing on the X90J is superb – motion handling and upscaling from lower resolutions to 4K Sony remains best in class – as evidenced by our review of the Sony X90J!

8. Samsung QN85A – Best mid-range LSD TV for gaming

Samsung QN85A – Best mid-range LSD TV for gaming

  • Screen size:: 55, 65, 75 inches
  • Display technology: LCD Mini-LED Neo QLED
  • Game mode response time: 10ms


  • Stunning, vibrant HDR
  • Full HDMI 2.1 support
  • Game bar great features


  • Not as good in black areas as OLED
  • No Dolby Vision or Atmos

Samsung QN85A, the older generation and one step down in the lineup, is the most affordable model with the next generation Mini-LED panel that delivers stunning brightness and more accurate local dimming than conventional LED technology. Compared to the newer QN95B, there are fewer blackouts, so there’s a bit more color from bright areas to dark areas, but the overall effect for HDR is amazing.

You’ve got HDMI 2.1 support with 4K 120Hz, VRR and ALLM on board, and your settings are easy to see and adjust thanks to Samsung’s helpful Game Bar interface that lets you customize game-friendly features.

With extremely low input lag, this makes it a real winner for gaming in general, as well as a fantastic TV for general viewing. The only problem is that it is not smaller than 55 inches and does not support Dolby Vision HDR, which is now beginning to be implemented in Xbox games.

What TV features are important to gamers?

When it comes to TV gaming, every detail counts. After all, it is important not only to have excellent resolution and excellent graphics, but also to get an unrivaled gaming experience. This is where the best TVs for gaming come into play.

From budget models to the most advanced 4K TVs, these technological masterpieces offer not only incredibly realistic visuals, but also minimal input lag. Do you know what input lag is? It’s that little slowdown between the moment you press a button on the controller and the result appears on the screen. Yes, every millisecond counts, especially in dynamic and fast games.

And that’s why the game mode on these TVs is the bomb! It turns off most of the image processing that TVs use to watch movies and TV shows. You know, these things slow down the response and prevent you from getting that instant resonance in games. Game Mode turns all that off, and you get valuable microseconds that make a difference in your gaming life.

However, there is a small nuance: turning on the game mode can affect the image quality. Yes, it sounds a bit paradoxical. You may experience less sharp edges, more noise, and weaker contrast. But don’t worry! After all, we are looking for TVs that can maintain incredible picture quality at low latency.

By the way, the next generation of game consoles has a cool feature that will help you avoid unnecessary delays. It is called Automatic Minimum Delay Mode (ALLM) . The idea is that the console sends out a special signal that the TV can understand and switch to low latency mode. And the best thing is that this thing works regardless of the platform! The main thing is that your console and TV support this feature, even if they are from different manufacturers.

The bottom line with the best gaming TVs is the ultimate gaming experience, where detail and input lag are key. And with auto mode with minimal latency, you can enjoy your games without unnecessary slowdowns. In short, these TVs are a real find for true gamers!

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How to choose the best TV for gaming?

Choosing the best TV for gaming is a big task, but don’t worry, I’ll give you some important factors to consider when choosing.

Input Lag: This is one of the most important aspects when playing on TV. Input lag is the time it takes for the TV to process the signal from your controller and display it on the screen. The lower the input lag, the better. Look for TVs with low input lag to get the most responsive gameplay possible.

Resolution: If you want to enjoy games in stunning detail, look to high definition TVs such as 4K Ultra HD. They offer crisp and realistic images, which is especially important for games with impressive graphics.

Refresh Rate: The high refresh rate of the screen enables smooth movement in games. Look for TVs with 120Hz or even 240Hz refresh rates for a smoother and more realistic gaming experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR technology provides a wider dynamic range of colors and contrast, making images more vivid, realistic and vibrant. If you play games that support HDR, try to choose an HDR capable TV.

Screen size: Screen size is a matter of personal preference and available space. Determine the optimal screen size that suits your needs and preferences.

Game Mode: Make sure your TV has a dedicated game mode. This mode reduces input lag, disables some image processing, and makes gameplay more responsive.

Reviews and Recommendations: Explore the reviews and recommendations of other gamers or experts for information about the performance and quality of your TV for gaming.

Don’t forget to also consider your budget and personal preferences when choosing a TV for gaming. Buying a TV is a long-term investment, so it’s important to make an informed choice that will give you years of gaming satisfaction.

Best TVs for Gaming in 2023

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Choose the Best TVs for Gaming

February 13, 2023

955 5 minutes read

Looking for the best TVs for gaming in 2023? If you’re a gamer looking for the best 4K TV for gaming, you want the best possible performance. In recent years, manufacturers have tried to improve their gaming performance to compete with monitors. High-end models tend to have gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support, as well as Low Latency Auto Mode, which automatically switches the TV to Game Mode when you launch a game from a compatible device. With the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X, TVs also support HDMI 2.1 bandwidth so you can play 4K games at up to 120fps.


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Over the past nine years, we have purchased and tested Over 375 TVs and below are our recommendations for the best gaming TVs you can buy. Also check out our pick of the best HDR TVs, the best PS5 TVs, and the best Xbox Series X TVs. Most brands will start releasing their 2023 lineups soon, so be sure to vote for the ones you want us to buy and test first. . If you want to know more about the 2023 models, visit our 2023 TV lineup page.

Best gaming TVs 2023

#1 Samsung S95B OLED

Good gaming TV 2023

Type – OLED; Subtype – QD OLED; Resolution 4k; Dimensions 55″ 65″

The best 4K TV for gaming we’ve tested is the Samsung S95B OLED. It’s a great TV for gaming thanks to its low input lag and near-instantaneous response time, resulting in crystal-clear images without ghosting and motion blur around fast-moving objects. With HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI ports, it’s great for both PC and console gamers so you can enjoy perfect gaming at 4k @ 120Hz resolution on the latest PC, Xbox or PS5. If your favorite console is the PS5, you might want to consider the Sony A9 instead5K OLED. It offers very similar picture quality but has a few unique features to ensure you get the best possible PS5 experience.

It delivers impressive picture quality with its unique QD-OLED panel. It delivers incredibly deep blacks, making it an impressive TV for darkroom gaming. It’s also great for HDR games, but it doesn’t support Dolby Vision and relatively few games support Dolby Vision. It also looks great in bright rooms, thanks to its high peak brightness, which makes it easy to overcome glare. It also has an incredibly wide viewing angle, so it’s a great choice for couch co-op or group games with wide seating arrangements.

All in all, the Samsung S95B is a fantastic TV. Its self-emitting panel technology is perfect for watching movies or playing games in a dark room. HDR content looks great with high peak brightness and exceptional color gamut. It also has an exceptional viewing angle so you can enjoy accurate images from any angle, making it ideal for watching sports or TV shows. Unfortunately, it uses an extremely unusual pixel arrangement, resulting in noticeable color fringing and blurry text, so it’s not very suitable for productive use as a PC monitor. It is also best suited for completely dark rooms, as in a room with any ambient light it enhances blacks and the screen has a pink tint.


  • Almost infinite contrast ratio for perfect blacks.

  • Fantastic reflection processing.

  • Incredibly vibrant colors.


  • Aggressive ABL can distract attention with large areas of brightness.

  • Increased black level when in a room with any ambient light.

#2 Samsung QN90B QLED

Type – LED; Subtype – VA; Resolution 4k; Dimensions 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″

The best mid-range 4K gaming TV we’ve tested is the Samsung QN90B QLED. It’s a great gaming TV, available in a wide range of sizes, and you can even get one in 43 inches with a higher refresh rate of 144Hz if you want to use it for PC gaming. Motion is crisp, with very little blur behind fast moving subjects thanks to excellent response time, but blur is slightly more than on the Samsung S95B OLED. Like the S95B, it has a wide range of gaming features including HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for 4k @ 120Hz gaming and support for variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing.

It looks great in a dark room with its mini LED backlight for deep blacks in a dark room, but it’s not as good as the S95B as there is more blooming around bright objects, including subtitles. It gets much brighter, especially when displaying large, bright screens, as in many sports games. It’s bright enough to overcome any amount of glare in a very brightly lit room, and even bright enough to be used outdoors, but it’s not weatherproof, so you’ll need an enclosure to match.

The Samsung QN90B is a great TV for most purposes. It’s great for watching TV or sports in a brightly lit room thanks to its high peak brightness and excellent reflection handling. It delivers an impressive HDR darkroom experience with excellent contrast ratio, impressive local dimming, and exceptional HDR peak brightness. This TV also delivers a great gaming experience with low input lag, fast pixel response times and a host of great gaming features. It’s also a great choice for use as a PC monitor, as it supports most common resolutions and correctly displays 4:4:4 chroma, which is essential for crisp text.


  • Bright enough to overcome glare in a brightly lit room.

  • The image remains accurate at an angle.

  • Easy to use smart interface with a wide range of applications.



Best TVs for Gaming 2023

Image Credit: rtings-com

Type: OLED; Subtype – WOLED; Resolution 4k; Dimensions 42″ 48″ 55″ 65″ 77″ 83″

If you want the best gaming features and performance but don’t want to spend a fortune on a new TV, the best mid-range 4K gaming TV we’ve tested is the LG C2 OLED. Like the Samsung S95B OLED, it delivers incredible gaming performance with near-instantaneous response times that deliver crystal-clear motion without distracting blur behind fast-moving objects. It’s also loaded with gaming features, including full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth support on all four inputs, meaning you can take full advantage of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

It delivers fantastic picture quality when playing games with an almost infinite contrast ratio, making dark scenes in games like Dead Space look fantastic. The image remains stable even when viewed from a wide angle, so it’s an equally good choice for split-screen gaming as you don’t have to fight over who’s sitting right in front of you. However, it’s a little worse than the S95B, as colors aren’t as bright and vibrant overall, and bright highlights don’t stand out either.

#4 Hisense U8H

Type – LED; Subtype – VA; Resolution 4k; Dimensions 55″ 65″ 75″

If you want something in the mid-range category and don’t want to compromise on gaming features, the Hisense U8H is cheaper than the LG C2 and delivers an amazing gaming experience.