Best ice makers in refrigerators: Love cold drinks? Try these fridges with craft ice makers

Love cold drinks? Try these fridges with craft ice makers

Written by Madison Durham

Updated April 7, 2021

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If you’ve ever traveled beyond the U.S., you’re aware that we have a bit of a complex about ice. Americans love ice and refrigerators with ice—to the point that we find ways to incorporate it into almost every form of beverage. According to a study by Bosch from 2020, more than half of all Americans consume up to 36 pounds of ice individually per month, as part of their daily water intake and beyond. Many people in the U.S. claim that access to clean, abundant ice encourages them to drink more water.

If you’re among the droves who love ice in all their drinks, but your fridge doesn’t necessarily cater to your needs, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the most impressive fridges with ice makers out there. Check out these fridges if you want to ensure that your kitchen is home to one of the best ice makers money can buy.

1. The Bosch 500 Series French-door refrigerator


For hydrating on the go.

Not only is this French-door fridge from the Bosch 500 Series absolutely stunning, but it will also quickly become your favorite part of your kitchen. The 500 Series of Bosch fridges boast the industry’s fastest refrigerator ice makers and the QuickIcePro system that allows users to access over 40 cups of freshly filtered ice per day—enough for excessive ice consumption as well as entertaining.

The Bosch 500 Series utilizes the UltraClarityPro filtration system to generate clean, filtered water and ice as well as hands-free bottle filling, so that you can grab water on the go. The entire functionality of the fridge is nicely based in keeping users hydrated, so if you’re someone that requires ice to stay hydrated or loves convenience, this is a great product for you. It’s also neutrally toned and gorgeous, and comes at a lower price point that some of the other luxury fridges on the market.

  • Get the 500 Series French-Door Refrigerator at Home Depot for $3,099
  • Get the 500 Series French-Door Refrigerator at Bosch for $3,099

2. The LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice


Perfect for entertaining (or keeping your wine exactly how you want it).

This feels like something from far into the future. The LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with Craft Ice was honored at this year’s Consumer Technology Association Innovation Awards as a standout among technological refrigerators, and it’s also been appearing on TikTok from time to time for its incredible ice cubes. LG’s ice spheres are slow-melting, meaning they’re perfect for drinks and cocktails and prevent users from having to rely on ice molds for fancier ice cubes. You can also get both crushed and cubed ice from this fridge.

This LG also comes with a smart screen that you can tap to unveil what’s in your fridge, as well as a double door setup so that you can keep the items you want the most access to at the forefront. It’s also Wi-Fi enabled and learns over time to best adapt to your cooling and hydration needs.

If you’re in the market for a highly covetable fridge that is perfect for entertaining, the LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with Craft Ice is a great option that you can find through LG or Best Buy.

Get the LG Instaview Door-in-Door with Craft Ice at LG for $3,599.00

3. The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Refrigerator


Mix and match or go full monochrome.

This fridge hasn’t even made it into stores yet, but when it does it’ll be a game changer. The smart 4-door full-depth and counter-depth fridges are great options if you value function as well as form and enjoy having your appliances match the other items in your home.

Not only can you customize this beautiful fridge to your exact specifications—all the way down to the colors of each door—but it also comes complete with two options for water delivery, a flexible fridge to freezer space, and more. It also makes standard ice cubes as well as chewable, smaller ice cubes for those who prefer to munch on their ice.

The Bespoke fridge is currently available in several colors, and more colors will likely become available when the product releases. You can preorder the Bespoke refrigerator from Samsung now, with delivery expected by the end of April.

Get the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator for pre-order with Samsung

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

5 Refrigerator Ice Makers Worthy of Cheers | Spencer’s TV & Appliance

Refrigerators these days can do some pretty amazing things. From syncing with your home’s Wi-Fi to touchscreen refrigerators that work as a multipurpose hub for recipes, calendars, and more, it’s impressive how far these appliances have come. With so many possibilities at our fingertips, it’s easy to take for granted all the previous functions that were once considered ahead of their time—like the humble ice maker.

Once a luxury, automatic ice makers are now a common refrigerator upgrade, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become obsolete. From advanced filtration to new shapes and sizes, refrigerator ice makers have been rebranded to provide more functions than ever before, and we’re highlighting them for you in this article. Follow along for considerations before you buy, the brands to shop, and five exemplary models recommended by us, your local experts.

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At a Glance:

What is a Refrigerator Ice Maker?

Our Best Refrigerator with an Ice Maker Picks

Our Selection Process

Top Refrigerator Brands with Ice Makers


Why Trust Us?

What is a Refrigerator Ice Maker?

We lament to tell you refrigerators with automatic ice makers still can’t make you a cocktail at your whim (fingers crossed for the future), but the luxury of having ice whenever you need it for whatever the occasion is a big incentive that often goes overlooked. True, it’s an optional upgrade that does raise the price tag on otherwise conventional refrigerators by an average of $200, but these two buying options offer some wiggle room for your budget.

The affordable option – Refrigerators with no ice dispensers store ice inside a freezer bin. Sometimes, this compartment is found on the door to optimize as much shelf space in the freezer. These models are the more affordable option available, and since there is no dispenser, they’re also a smidge easier to maintain.

The splurge – Then there are refrigerators with built-in dispensers where users can enjoy water and ice for easy refreshments at the push of a button. Some high-end refrigerators with in-door water and ice dispensers go the next step by offering a choice of ice cube shapes, and there are even models that serve as a hot beverage station that pour ice cubes along with a steady stream of hot and cold water. For high ice demands, a refrigerator with dual ice makers is a simple solution that ensures you’re always beverage ready.

By now, we bet you’re wondering how much ice a refrigerator with an ice maker makes in a day. That ultimately depends on the brand and model, but you can expect an average of four pounds of ice production from one of these fridges, or about the size of a small bag of ice. More impressively, fridges on the higher end of the spectrum produce anywhere from 6–11 pounds of ice a day—talk about an entertainer’s dream!

The Benefits of Refrigerators with Automatic Ice Makers 

Did you know having an ice maker in your refrigerator comes with more benefits than convenience? See for yourself all the advantages of installing a refrigerator with an ice maker in your kitchen.

  • On-demand ice
  • No need for ice cube trays
  • Several ice cube shape options
  • Saves space without the need for a separate ice maker
  • In-door ice dispensers help preserve cold air in the freezer

But perhaps the biggest incentive for our Arizona shoppers is the quality and taste of ice you get with an automatic ice maker. Since most models use a filtration system, ice (and water on dispenser models) is purged of harmful chemicals and byproducts that are found in tap water.

Do You Know Your Water Source? | 11 Water Impurities (and How to Rid Them)

Our Best Refrigerator with an Ice Maker Picks

An automatic ice maker is a nice perk to have in the kitchen, but to be considered a top-performing refrigerator, it takes more than a few ice cubes. Take a look!

Best Overall: Frigidaire Gallery® 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (FG4h3272UF)

Shop Now

The French door fridge design gets a convenient update with this Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator, complete with a Custom-Flex Temp Drawer and an extra-tall water and ice dispenser to treat your storage and thirst needs. Deliciously refreshing water and ice filtered by PureSource Ultra II technology are ready at the pour, and with TwinTech Cooling, produce remains farm-fresh and ready to enjoy.


  • Extra tall ice and water dispenser
  • PureSource Ultra II Ice & Water Filtration
  • TwinTech Cooling System
  • OpenAccess Door
  • Custom-Flex Temp Drawer
  • Energy Star certified 

Best Value: GE® 17.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator (GIE18DTNRWW)

Shop Now

Raise a glass to simple designs that provide major function, like this GE top freezer refrigerator under $875 with 17.5 cubic feet of storage. Included in the mix is a factory-installed icemaker for fresh ice made daily, ready to scoop and serve inside your treats and beverages. Skip the guesswork with an uncomplicated layout featuring adjustable shelves, produce crisper drawers, and ample in-door organization that keeps all your items on display and easy to find under the vibrancy of LED interior lighting.


  • Factory-installed icemaker 
  • Gallon door storage bins
  • LED lighting
  • Made in the U. S.A.
  • Energy Star certified

Best Luxury: LG 27.1 Cu. Ft. PrintProof™ Black Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator (LRSOS2706D)

Shop Now

Brace yourself for a whole new way to handle food preservation with an experience only an LG refrigerator can deliver. It all starts with a fresh presentation featuring an LG InstaView door that transitions from ordinary to transparent with two gentle knocks. Cool and convenient, this function gives you a look inside for inventory while the main compartment stays shut and cold air stays locked inside. Along with an in-door ice bin, this pick also showcases Craft Ice technology with a dedicated freezer bin to drop into your signature drinks when the occasion calls.


  • Dual ice maker with Craft Ice
  • Smooth touch ice dispenser with UVnano technology
  • InstaView door 
  • CoolGuard interior door panel
  • Door Cooling+
  • Linear Cooling technology
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy Star certified

Best Refrigerator with Dual Ice Makers: Samsung 22.

8 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (RF23A9671SR)

Shop Now

Celebrate your go-to drink with this Samsung refrigerator with two ice makers in a standard cube and crushed ice options for your everyday needs and the extra special moments, too. Altogether, this ice-making refrigerator produces up to six pounds of cubes a day inside two convenient storage containers, including a door dispenser with a UV deodorizing filter. Additional FlexZone and FlexCrisper compartments, plus Triple Cooling technology, work to ensure everything else you stock stays just as cool, fresh, and preserved.


  • Dual ice maker 
  • UV deodorizing filter
  • FlexZone
  • FlexCrisper
  • Triple cooling technology
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy Star certified

Best Small Refrigerator with Ice Makers: GE® 16.6 Cu.

Ft. Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator (GIE17GSNRSS)

Shop Now

Even small refrigerators with ice makers can make a big impact. Take this best-selling GE top freezer refrigerator, for instance, with over 8,000 buyer reviews confirming it as a top performer. With its clean presentation and a traditional configuration in a total of 16.6. cubic feet of storage, stocking foods is simple, complete with sliding drawers, spacious shelving, and door bins for all favorite fresh and frozen ingredients. 


  • Factory-installed ice maker
  • Sliding deli drawer
  • Edge-to-edge glass shelves
  • Energy Star certified

Our Selection Process

Don’t let the luxury of an ice maker trick you into a user experience that’s less than pleasant. When poorly designed, an ice maker can jam, cause leaks, or simply doesn’t make enough ice for your needs. By following these three specifications, we were able to pick ice makers that are fully functional and worth the upgrade.


Hands down, automatic ice makers are the way to go if you’re looking for convenience. There’s no interaction needed, no guesswork, and you’ll always have ice, so long as your water line is running and connected. Points for efficiency were also given to removable bins, especially when you can relocate them inside the freezer to accommodate space for other items, as well as refrigerators with two ice makers. As for the ice itself, a variety of shapes and sizes is great for a variety of applications (try chilled fruit juice over crushed ice for a quick at-home snow cone).


Smelly ice cubes alone are a good reason every ice maker needs a purification system, but your health is also on the line. The best freezers with water purification remove cysts, bacteria, and minerals from water and ice and remind you when it’s time to replace the filter.


The biggest tradeoff of an ice maker is the equity it takes up in the freezer. Smart bins remedy this problem either with space-friendly bins, or even better, ice compartments built right into the door for maximum freezer storage.

Top Refrigerator Brands with Ice Makers

Get your favorite drinking glass ready—these brands are ready to help quench your thirst with standout ice makers we highly recommend to buyers.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Refrigerators 

The brand with over 100 ways to organize food delivers another way to enjoy its products with ice makers on select Frigidaire refrigerator options. With the ability to produce up to three pounds of ice a day, these fridges are ideal for everyday ice needs, with single and double ice maker options across the catalog. Enjoy cubed and crushed ice on, plus PureSource Ultra II Ice & Water Filtration on upgraded fridges for ice and water that are 99.3 percent free of lead with 99.9 percent of cysts filtered from the water.

Samsung Ice Maker Refrigerators 

Samsung ice maker technology is one more reason the brand is an overall buyer favorite. Basic Samsung refrigerator models with an ice maker option offer an optional removable, filtered ice maker and an automatic ice maker that creates four pounds of ice daily. On upgraded models, Ice Max and Ice Master technology produce 5.5 and 10 pounds of cubes, respectively.

LG Ice Maker Refrigerators 

When it comes to the masters of the ice realm, LG sits at the top of the iceberg with exciting ice-making features everyday users and artisans alike will enjoy. LG’s ice makers go beyond the standard crushed and cubed ice with Craft Ice, signature ice spheres that melt slower and bring the pub experience home to you. Single and Dual Ice Maker options let you decide how much ice to store with up to 3.8 pounds of ice produce per bin per day. For fridges where ice demand is second to capacity, LG’s Slim SpacePlus in-door ice bin is a handy feature, clearing up freezer shelf space for easy frozen food organization.

Brand Spotlight: A Close Look at LG Appliances

Ice Maker Fridge FAQs

Here are few more pointers buyers like you are asking before shopping a refrigerator with an ice maker.

Can a fridge make ice without a water line?

Generally, when an ice maker is included on a refrigerator, a corresponding water line that connects to your kitchen’s water supply is also included. However, some models allow users to manually pour water into the ice bin to produce ice. Always read the manual to see if your model offers the option.

How does my fridge make ice?

This is the process for making ice in a freezer:

  1. First, the freezer needs to reach to the right temperature (usually 0 degrees).
  2. Once at the right setting, a sensor sends a signal to the water supply valve to open and channel water into the ice bin tray.
  3. After the water forms into ice cubes, they’re ejected into the bin.
  4. The process starts over again until the ice box is full.

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TOP 8 Best Ice Makers – Ranking 2023

We have an ice making machine on review. This is a refrigeration unit into which water is poured, passing through a special cycle of freezing and processing. The result of the work is the production of ice flakes, cubes or granules. Such gadgets are relevant for bars, restaurants, shops, industrial enterprises, as well as at home. To help you choose, we have compiled a TOP of the best ice makers. The 2023 rating will help you choose the right option.


Ice maker rating

In this review, we selected only the best ice makers from well-known manufacturers, based on product characteristics, the opinion of experts in the field of refrigeration equipment, as well as reviews of real customers. The team evaluated the goods for the price-quality compliance. Industrial outdoor equipment is an order of magnitude more expensive than compact devices, but the cost must be justified. TOP winners were selected according to the following parameters:

  • Performance;
  • Body material;
  • Dimensions, installation features;
  • Price;
  • Hopper capacity;
  • Ice type;
  • Management.

Having also studied other characteristics of secondary importance, we summed up, made a rating with an overview of worthy models of LG flake, cube or granular ice for commercial or home use.

Best Flake Ice Makers

Flake ice is used in stores that sell fresh meat or fish, as well as in processing plants. This form of ice is better in contact with the products and cools them more efficiently. The temperature of the flakes ranges from -6 to -12 about C. The principle of operation of a device of this type is to cut ice from a cylindrical evaporator with a cutter. From a dozen different devices, we have selected the top three winners in terms of economy and performance.

Brema Muster 250A

Industrial ice maker without hopper is made of stainless steel and the evaporator is made of aluminum alloy. The electromechanical control is simple and understandable. Water is supplied automatically, and at the end of the cycle it is drained into the sewer. The output is ice with a temperature of -5 to -10 degrees. Up to 250 kg is produced per day. The scale is not formed thanks to the removable cleared filter.

All interior surfaces are smooth and rounded for easy cleaning. There is a water cooling system, which means that the device can be installed anywhere, because it is not affected by the ambient temperature. The injector control system will allow you to replace them in time in case of a malfunction. Despite the relatively small size, the LG weighs 100 kg, so it is recommended to put it on the floor.


  • Leak-free operation;
  • Easy to connect to the water supply;
  • Removable filter;
  • Easy to connect;
  • Certified item.


  • Hopper sold separately.

brema ice cube maker is quiet and suitable for hot shops. It is controlled by just one button.

Gemlux GM-IM80SPR AS

Not the most productive, but convenient, compact and efficient air-cooled ice maker, with which you can make up to 73 kg of ice per day. But there is a built-in stainless steel storage bin for 25 kg of finished product. When it is completely filled, the machine automatically stops, signaling this by the corresponding light indicator. There are several of them on the body, in addition to what is described, there is an indication of overheating, problems with water supply or disturbances in the rotation of the auger.

The power of the Gemlux GM-IM80SPR AS is 0.34 kW. The equipment is connected to the water supply and sewerage, that is, it works with little or no user intervention.

The model is used in trade or catering establishments. The stainless steel body is easy to clean, not afraid of mechanical stress. The device is installed on the floor with some distance from the walls for better cooling of the condenser.


  • Short start delay – 3 minutes;
  • Electromechanical control;
  • High legs;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Weight – 52 kg.


  • High price.

A versatile machine that not only freezes ice but also stores them inside the storage tank for a long time.

Abat LG-620Ch-01

Scale ice maker is completely made of stainless steel, the whole frame is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning or maintenance. The kit comes with a stationary ice storage, which can be used either stationary or rolling with polyurethane insulation. The vertical evaporator is stationary, the system is hermetic throughout the entire period of operation of the cube ice maker.

The productivity of the refrigeration unit is quite high – 620 kg per day, 13 liters of water are used to produce 1 kg. The unit comes with a large handy scoop.

Humidity of finished flakes is within 5%, and the temperature is from -5 to -10 degrees. Abat LG-620Ch-01 is protected by an auto-shutdown system in case of refrigerant leakage, water supply failure, engine overload, ice storage overflow. Malfunctions are signaled by indicators.


  • Efficiency even in a hot room with temperatures up to +43;
  • Legs adjustable in height;
  • Water cooling;
  • Bunker to choose from.


  • Quite noisy.

Best ice cube makers

Cubes are used for drinks, they can be of different shapes. The ice in the generator freezes on the evaporator, thaws a little, and then falls into the container. Some models of this type sin in that the ice falls in a whole canvas – it is not divided into cubes, we immediately dismissed these options. The three models selected by the editors of are in the rating because of their high performance and efficiency.

Gastrorag IM-25AS

Cube generator with air cooling system, good performance – 25 kg/day, which is enough for an average bar or restaurant. The drive holds 12 kg of ready-made ice cubes, 22×22 mm in size. The water supply is automatic, so a connection to the water supply is required.

Generator power input – 0.24 kW. Tubes for connecting water, as well as a scoop, come with the LG. The device is easy to clean from all sides, allowing you to keep the workplace clean. Control of the device is reduced to one on/off switch.


  • Energy efficient;
  • Reliable mechanical control;
  • Elementary control;
  • Justified price.


  • Short power cord.

Hurakan HKN-IMF15

Small, air-cooled, electromechanically controlled table top unit. The built-in bunker contains 1 kg of ready ice. The generator is capable of producing up to 15 kg/day. The base of the case is made of stainless steel, and the lid is made of durable black impact-resistant plastic.

Comes with a small plastic scoop for collecting cubes from the hopper. Hurakan HKN-IMF15 is a flood type model, and the advantage is that such a system does not tie the device to the water supply, thereby making it mobile.


  • Produces 25 pieces in 1 minute;
  • Convenient carrying handles on the sides;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Modern design.


  • The size of the cubes is not adjustable.

This model can also be bought for the home, its stylish design will fit well into modern interiors. The small capacity is ideal for the occasional preparation of chilled drink cubes.

Eqta EC15A

Desktop compact model ideal for bar or home use. The accumulator holds only 1 kg of ready-made ice, but with a capacity of 15 kg per day, this is quite enough. The generator has an electromechanical clear and reliable control, as well as an air cooling system.

Body made of thick stainless steel. An interesting feature of the unit is the ability to adjust the size of the finished cubes. Water inside the device must be poured independently – it is not connected to the water supply. There are carrying handles on the sides of the case.


  • Consumption of only 0.15 kW;
  • Light weight – 13 kg;
  • Two sizes of ice cubes;
  • Mobility.


  • The need to control the presence of water;
  • Pronounced noise during operation.

Gives out beautiful pieces of ice in small portions, and through the transparent window on the lid it is convenient to control the entire process, which can be stopped if necessary.

Best granulated ice makers

These machines make crushed ice, about 5-10mm in size. It is convenient to use in drinks, and it is also suitable for decorating meat and fish showcases. The granules are not sharp, which means they are absolutely safe. This is the most versatile option, because it can be used in industry or catering.

Simag SPN 405

This is a high-performance model that allows you to get up to 320 kg per day, spending up to 240 liters on it. Before operation, the device is connected to water and sewerage. The peculiarity of this device is continuous production, as well as low power consumption with such a resource.

Simag SPN 405 is inexpensive to maintain and very easy to clean. Efficient operation is guaranteed at a certain ambient temperature: from 10 to 43 degrees.

The unit has a vertical evaporator, and its design allows easy access to any unit for troubleshooting.

Any drive of the same manufacturer is connected to the unit. Informative, convenient control makes it easy to understand the operation of the device even for a beginner. The generator works quite quietly, and the built-in cleaning system makes it easy to care for the device.


  • Efficient, fast air cooling;
  • Italian made;
  • Stainless steel body;
  • High performance;
  • Electronic control.


  • Supplied without hopper.

Cooleq IMS-85

Air-cooled model with economical water and power consumption. Connection to the sewerage, as well as to the water supply, makes the device almost autonomous. The finished product is stored in a built-in bunker with a capacity of up to 25 kg. The machine produces up to 85 kg of ice per day.

The equipment is quite loud, but cools down quickly. The production of pellets is fully automatic – from water supply to storage of the finished product. The tank is sealed, so melting is excluded.


  • Height-adjustable feet;
  • High quality stainless steel case;
  • Consumption 0.48 kW;
  • Modern appearance.


  • High price.

This is a good choice for a small fresh fish or meat shop or restaurant.

How to choose an ice maker

Choose an ice maker according to your needs and purpose. Compact models are suitable for a home or a small cafe. For a supermarket or an industrial enterprise, larger, more powerful units are needed. When choosing, we recommend relying on performance, type of ice, location of the unit, its dimensions, as well as the method of cooling.


This parameter is defined as the weight of the produced product per day. The indicator may depend on the ambient temperature, as well as the water that is supplied to the evaporator. Passport performance is indicated taking into account ideal conditions, when the room temperature is not higher than 21 ° C, and the water temperature is not higher than 15 ° C. When buying a unit, it is worth considering the conditions under which it will be operated. The more ice the machine produces per day, the better, but you should not overpay for an unnecessary amount of product.

Type of ice

Geometric different types of ice do not differ in their properties, but for certain purposes a specific shape is needed. Cubes are used in bars or cafes when serving cold drinks. Shop windows most often contain either granules or flakes, but they are also used for other purposes, so these ice machines are more versatile.

The cube retains its shape longer and melts the slowest of all, but unshaped ice, although it melts quickly, is produced several times faster. The granules do not freeze together, so they are more convenient to use than others.


Proper installation of equipment is essential for safe and efficient operation. Air-cooled models should be positioned so that there is at least 5 to 15 cm from the grilles to any obstacles to allow air to circulate freely. The water-cooled unit is not limited in this sense, but it depends on the sewerage and must be connected to the water. The place for the generator should be convenient so that you do not have to run far for ice.

High-performance models, mostly floor standing, with adjustable feet and a practical cleaning system. It is easier to get ice out of desktop machines.

For a bar or small restaurant, an air-cooled desktop generator with no water connection is a great solution. In the canteen, supermarket, as well as in production, productive water-cooled models are more often used.


For a large restaurant, shop or other large establishment, a full size floor standing generator is recommended. For a bar, hotel or occasional home use, a compact desktop model is enough.
The main thing when choosing a size is to evaluate the space available for the machine. If mobility is needed and important, then you should not buy stationary equipment, experts recommend looking at a portable, desktop version.

Cooling method

The choice for this parameter is based on where the machine will be installed, what should be its power and performance.

The principle of operation of air cooling is the active circulation of air during the operation of the fans. Models with such a system are cheaper than others and easier to install, they do not have very high water consumption, but they require frequent maintenance, as well as replacement of air filters. They work louder than water.

Water cooling requires a sewer connection, as well as two water connections – to fill the tank and cool the generator itself. Such units do not depend on the ambient temperature, they are economical and not as noisy as air units. The main disadvantage of the system is uneconomical water consumption.

Which ice maker is better

To buy a good and reliable ice maker, experts recommend paying attention to performance, which determines the rate of ice production, as well as water consumption, and the need for maintenance.

The nominees included in the review differ in their main parameters and even in size. Having figured out what type of equipment you need, we recommend choosing the following models:

  • Brema Muster 250A – the most productive flake ice machine – 250 kg;
  • Hurakan HKN-IMF15 – ideal cubes for the home or small business;
  • Simag SPN 405 is a high performance and easy to clean pellet machine;
  • Cooleq IMS-85 is a quiet and almost self-contained flake maker.

All models included in the review have their bright pluses and features. After carefully studying the review, it will be easier to buy a good ice maker for home, cafe or production.

Refrigerator with ice maker – connection types and features


Earlier we already wrote that for the production of ice cubes at home it is convenient to use special devices – ice makers for the home. Huge competition in the household appliances market and the ever-increasing demands of modern man are forcing manufacturers to improve their products. New functions appear, management is simplified. There is a tendency to combine the functionality of various types of technology in one device. So there was a refrigerator with an ice maker.

What is it? This is a built-in system for the distribution of ice, ice chips and chilled water. The performance of “home” models is about 4 kg of ice per day.

How does it work? The filtered water enters the cube mold where it freezes. Ready ice pieces are sent to the storage bunker. If there is a crumb formation function (Crushed ice), then the ice cubes are crushed by the built-in mill.

Samsung refrigerator RSH7UNPN with icemaker


Some refrigerators with an icemaker require a connection to the water supply, others work with a simplified system.

Ice maker with dispenser

These models are in the medium to high price range. The most expensive refrigerators are American (Amana, Viking, Electric, Frigidaire, Northland, General, Maytag) and European (Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Kuppersbusch, Gaggenau, Liebherr) production. Korean models Daewoo, Samsung and LG are located in the middle price range. To get ice or chilled clean water, you need to press the button in the dispenser built into the door with a glass. The refrigerator does not need to be opened. Water supply is carried out from a water pipe or a large-capacity bottle with purified water.

Simplified ice makers

These devices do not require a connection to the water supply and work in semi-automatic mode. These are models of Chinese and Japanese production (Haier, Sharp and Toshiba). Their work is structured as follows:

  • purified water is poured into a special tank in the refrigerator;
  • water enters through the tube into the icemaker in the low temperature chamber;
  • after an hour and a half, the ice mold automatically turns over;
  • ice cubes fall into the hopper.

What distinguishes the built-in refrigerator with icemaker:

  • First, the size. As a rule, they are already separate analogues.
  • Secondly, with furniture hinges on the doors (the door should open well even when it is firmly attached to the walls of the cabinets).
  • Thirdly, the presence of fasteners for the decorative panel.
  • Fourth, higher efficiency (a forced measure to provide increased thermal insulation).

The consumer characteristics of built-in and conventional refrigerators are identical.

Connecting a refrigerator with an ice maker

To purify water, a filtration flask with a replaceable cartridge is attached to the rear wall of the refrigerator (enough for half a year – a year).