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Quiet Dishwashers | Quietest Low Decibel Dishwashers

Quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.*

A range of technologies makes Bosch the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.* with impressively low decibel levels. For you, that means never having to wait until going to bed to run the dishwasher. Our dishwashers are so quiet, we’ve added an InfoLight that shines on the floor so you know when the dishwasher is running.

*Based on an average of sound ratings of 24″ Full Size Stainless Steel Tub dishwashers contained in major brands websites. Major brands defined as TraQline Top 5 Market Share December 2022.

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Legendary quiet, the sound of Bosch’s Dishwashers

Compare decibel levels and experience the difference between a Bosch Quiet dishwasher decibel levels and these familiar sounds. Discover how Bosch leverages noise reduction technologies to make dishwashers that are quiet enough to keep peace in your kitchen.

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Multiple Insulation Layers: Three layers of sound-absorbing insulation include coated stainless steel, baked-on bitumen and cotton fiber. Together, they all work to help dampen noise.

Detergent Tray: Optimized for tablets, this tray holds detergent in place for a dedicated spray jet to directly dissolve tablet and minimize spraying the door. Note: dishwasher also works with powder and gel tablets.

Precision spray arms: Innovative spraying arms which reduce noise by aiming directly at dishes and not the insides of the appliance.

Grindless food filtration: This triple-filtration system actively filters out food particles, eliminating the need for a noisy disposal.

EcoSilence™ motor system: Near-silent motor technology offers quiet dishwashing during the wash and the draining.

Sound-absorbing base: A solid molded base absorbs sound while minimizing vibrations.

InfoLight™/TimeLight™: How quiet are Bosch dishwashers? They’re so quiet that we’ve added InfoLight as visual assurance to let you know that your dishwasher is running!

Just some of the ways we approach noise reduction:

  • Precision spray arms: Extensive engineering hours resulted in spray arm technology that projects water directly towards the dishes, minimizing the sporadic spraying of inner sides and door helping with noise reduction.
  • InfoLight™/TimeLight™: Bosch dishwashers are so quiet we added InfoLight™ so you know a cycle is running, and TimeLight™ to provide additional information like the amount of time remaining in the cycle.
  • EcoSilence™ motor system: Two small brushless motors offer quieter operations than a single large motor; they are held in place by rubber suspenders to minimize vibrations. The system also shuts off when drained to reduce the “snorkeling” sound.

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User manual Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC (English

manualBosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC

Installation Instructions

Notice d’installation

Instrucciones de instalación

9000 965 903 Rev D (9412)

Installation Guide

96 pages


User manual

60 pages


View the manual for the Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC here, for free. This manual comes under the category dishwashers and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 9. 4. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Do you have a question about the Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC or do you need help? Ask your question here

800 Series SHX68T55UC | SHX68T55UC
825225905035, 0825225905035
Installation Guide (PDF), User manual (PDF)
Appliance placement Undercounter
Product size Full size (60 cm)
Door colour Stainless steel
Control type Touch
Built-in display
Display type LED
Built-in water softener
Concealed heating element
Cord length 1. 43 m
Outlet hose length 2 m
Water fill
Upper basket adjustable height
Cutlery compartment type
Lower built-in capability (topless)
Tub material Stainless steel
Baskets adjustable placement
Control panel colour Stainless steel
Drying system
Inverter technology
Number of place settings 16 place settings
Noise level 44 dB
Number of washing programs 5
Cycle time – min
Delayed start timer
Delay start (max) 24 h
Integrated timer
AquaStop function
AquaSensor function
Glass protection
Dishwashing programs Auto, Glass/delicate, Intensive, Normal
Overflow protection
Dosage assistant
Automatic detergent detection
Multitab option
Sensor program selection
Self-cleaning filter
Child lock
Instantaneous heating element
Customizable interior
Adjustable feet
Feet adjustment – mm
Remaining time indication
Interior light
LED backlight
Backlight colour
Salt indicator
Rinse aid indicator
Energy consumption per cycle – kWh
Water consumption per cycle 11 L
AC input voltage 120 V
AC input frequency 60 Hz
Current 12 A
Connected load 1300 W
Other features
Annual energy consumption 259 kWh
Annual water consumption 2362. 1 L
Technical details
Sustainability certificates ENERGY STAR
Weight & dimensions
Width 598.4875 mm
Depth 603.25 mm
Height 860.425 mm
Weight 41277 g
Installation compartment width 600 mm
Installation compartment depth 609.6 mm
Installation compartment height 860. 425 mm

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Washing machine Bosch Maxx 4

The manufacturers of the Bosch brand washing machine have seriously approached the preparation of instructions for operating the equipment. It contains all the necessary information that the user may need, and all this is accompanied by explanatory pictures. The peculiarity lies in the fact that experts consider the safety requirements to be the most important point, with which the manual for the Bosch Maxx 4 machine begins.


Safe use of your washing machine starts with reading the instructions, which should be kept in a place where you can find them immediately if needed. It doesn’t matter if it’s printed or electronic. So, the safety instructions say the following:

  1. The machine can only be used at home when connected to a cold water supply for washing textiles.
  2. Keep children and pets away from the machine.
  3. Do not touch the hatch door glass while the appliance is in operation, it may be hot.
  4. Do not turn the machine on or off with wet hands.
  5. When disposing of the washer, cut off the power cord and break the door lock so that children cannot close if they play with the appliance.
  6. Follow all connection and installation instructions to prevent water leakage, electric shock, fire or other accidents.

In case of violation of these requirements, the manufacturer is not responsible for the preservation of health and your property.

Installation details

Before putting the washing machine into operation, remove the transport locks, which must be kept for future transport. The bolts are located at the back, there are 4 in total, to unscrew them you will need a wrench SW 13. Insert the plugs into the holes formed.

The stability of the washing machine will depend on the installation location. The surface should be smooth and hard, no carpets or soft coverings, preferably a concrete or tiled floor. When installing on a plank floor or plinth, a water-repellent wooden board with a thickness of at least 30 mm is screwed to the floor, and the legs of the machine are fixed using the retaining tabs WMZ 2200.

The Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine can be installed under a solid worktop, for which a sheet metal cover is mounted on it instead of a plastic top cover.

The inlet hose of the washing machine can only be connected to a cold water supply in several ways:

  • to a separate pipe;
  • for bathroom faucet;
  • for kitchen sink faucet.

In all cases, the end of the inlet hose is screwed onto the 3/4 thread of the tee tap. The second slightly bent end is screwed to the machine, the main thing is not to forget to put rubber gaskets for a tight connection. Since the nuts on the hose are plastic, fasten them by hand, without overtightening. Make sure that the water supply hose is not kinked or under tension.

The drain can be arranged in a siphon, sink or bathroom. Aesthetic and safer way to siphon. In this case, the drain point should be above the floor at a level of 60 cm. On the siphon outlet, the hose is fixed with a clamp. This connection will protect you from leaks and odors.

Once the hoses are connected and the machine is in place, you can finally level it by tightening the locknuts on the front feet. At the same time, use the building level, making sure that the slope does not exceed 2 degrees. It remains to turn on the machine in the network, the main thing is that at a distance of no more than 1.5 m to the right of the machine and 1 m to the left there is a moisture-resistant grounded socket. If not, call an electrician. You can read about the difficulties of connecting in the article How to connect the machine to electricity.

Selecting programs and functions

In order to select the desired program, the control panel has a knob that rotates in both directions. This Bosch Max model has the following programs:

  1. White linen 90 0 – washing heavily soiled cotton items.
  2. Intensive wash 60 0 – for washing very dirty clothes.
  3. Prewash colored laundry – wash dirty items with water soak cycle 60 0 .
  4. Coloreds 30, 40 and 60 0 – this program is suitable for durable cotton and linen fabrics, differs from the previous one by the absence of soaking.
  5. Synthetics 30, 40 and 60 0 is a program suitable for mixed fabrics.
  6. Delicates 30 0 – Delicate cycle, e.g. suitable for tulle, silk and other delicate items.
  7. Wool 15 and 30 0 – Suitable for machine washable wool.

By turning the program selector you can also select functions such as rinsing, spinning and draining. Of the additional functions that are displayed on the control panel with buttons, this model has:

  • spin speed reduction from 800 to 600 rpm;
  • extra rinse;
  • quick wash;
  • stop the program with water in the drum, in other words, this button turns off the spin, but the water does not drain.

In addition, the instruction manual contains a table of laundry load and washing duration for each mode. According to this table, the washing time varies from 45 to 135 minutes.

Start washing

Now it’s time to put our new Bosch machine to the test. First, open the water supply and make sure that the washing machine is connected to the mains. Next, turn the mode switch knob and thus select the program we like. If any functions are required, you can press the corresponding button, improving the current washing program. We press the “Start” button Well, that’s all, the program is running, the process has started. It remains only to be patient and wait for the end of the process.

It happens that the program is already running, some time has passed, but you suddenly realized that you made a mistake in choosing and you urgently need to switch the mode. What are we doing?

  • Set the program switch to zero.
  • We wait 2-3 seconds, and then we put a new program.
  • Press on “Start”. The program will switch and the wash will start again.

Choosing the right program is half the battle, you just need to get the right detergent and distribute it inside the powder hopper. What is needed for this? The main thing is to know the device of the dispenser. To be honest, there is not much to know here, since the powder receiver of the Maxx 4 series washing machine has a primitive design. There are 3 sections available:

  • middle section for air conditioner;
  • right soak segment;
  • left segment for main wash.

The left drawer is also used if you need to add bleach.

Thus, the powder should be poured into the left cell if the washing is simple, without soaking. If washing with soaking, then put the powder also in the right compartment. Well, the conditioner is up to you, if you add it, then pour it into the middle compartment.

Cleaning and care

Unplug the washing machine before washing it so as not to endanger yourself. When wiping the equipment from the outside, you can use a mild soapy solution and no cleaning powders or solvents. After washing, wipe everything with a dry cloth.