Bosch oven: Wall Oven Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Wall Oven Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know before buying a new wall oven.

Choosing the right wall oven for your kitchen can be overwhelming with all the different options available and we’re here to help simplify the decision making process for you! From size to color, design options to cooking technologies, there is a lot to consider. Read on for our list of tips and advice to consider when searching for a wall oven that meets all your needs. If you want to select a model with even less guesswork, use our Wall Oven Finder Tool which walks you through a simple questionnaire and pairs you with the best model for you.

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Wall Oven feature summary by series.

Bosch wall ovens offer many great features. Check out this Feature Summary Chart to better understand the different features in Bosch ovens. Click on the “View now” button to see the differences between each of the series and the variety of wall oven categories that Bosch has to offer.

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1. What type of built-in oven do you need?

Types of Wall Ovens

2. Choosing the right size wall oven

Pro Tip: Bosch built-in wall ovens fit most existing cutouts for easy replacement.

If you’re simply replacing an old wall oven, you’ll be more restricted with the size you choose. However, if you’re remodeling your kitchen and starting from a blank slate, you have the luxury to select which wall oven size is best for your needs. The most common wall oven sizes are 24”, 27”, and 30” but be sure to measure your cutout to ensure you purchase an oven that fits.

  • Shop 24″ compact built-in wall ovens
  • Shop 27″ built-in wall ovens
  • Shop 30″ built-in wall ovens

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How to measure your wall oven and ensure it fits your cutout:

You can always download the product spec sheet to confirm the product dimensions and cutout requirements for every wall oven.

First, measure height and width of your cutout and make sure it meets the requirements listed on the product spec sheet. Secondly, confirm the wall oven you are purchasing can fit in the cutout dimensions.

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3. Introducing the All-in-One Oven

Enjoy the benefits of multiple kitchen appliances in one streamlined oven. It’s a Pizza Oven for artisanal pies, a BBQ Broiler for crispy charred meats, and yes—even an air fryer. The All-in-One oven delivers all the cooking versatility without the countertop clutter.

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Versatile Cooking Modes

Modes vary by model

4. What is a Convection Oven?

Convection technology simply means there are 2 heating elements and a fan that turns on to evenly circulate the heat around the oven cavity. This not only results in consistently even results, but your food cooks faster too! Convection bake mode cooks about 25% faster (versus standard bake mode). This technology is widely available in wall ovens, but it’s important to double check that the wall oven you purchase has Convection since it will make a big difference in everyday cooking for you!

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What is Convection Pro (convection multi-rack)?

Our 800 Series and Benchmark Series Bosch wall ovens come with Convection Pro, which is slightly different from regular convection.

Convection Pro has a third heating element (regular convection only has two) and a back fan, for perfect results every time. The heat is evenly circulated throughout the oven and there is no more need to rotate your pans halfway through cooking – a true luxury so you don’t have to constantly monitor your food. You can bake three trays of cookies – one tray on each rack -and expect every cookie to come out perfectly even and golden. To use this feature, simply select the “Convection Multi-Rack” button on the control panel.

Features that are invented for your life.

Consider the little details for your new wall oven, as they will make a big difference in your daily cooking. Once you upgrade to a Bosch oven, you won’t ever want to go back!

Skip the preheat!

For days you need to prep meals more quickly, use the Fast Preheat mode (select models) so you spend less time waiting for your oven to reach its desired temperature.

No preheat time is needed for Frozen Foods mode and Convection Roast mode for the ultimate convenience!

5. A roomy interior – oven capacity matters.

Can your new wall oven fit a large turkey? That’s a question we hear all the time and we’re happy to say YES, a Bosch wall oven has a large interior capacity to fit multiple dishes at once, or one large turkey, so you spend less time cooking, and more time enjoying your meal.

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6. Installation flexibility

Bosch wall ovens can be configured a variety of ways, so you can build your oven suite to your design and ergonomic preference.

Additional peace of mind and convenience with Home Connect™

With the Home Connect® app, you can

  • Remotely start and stop your oven so you can get dinner started even if you’re still out running errands
  • Get notifications when your cooking program has completed
  • Simply ask Alexa or Hey Google to start your oven when your hands are full

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Shop Ovens with Home Connect™

Explore wall oven kitchen designs

Bosch Cooktop and Wall Oven in kitchen

Bosch cooktop and wall oven in traditional kitchen

Person cooking in Bosch kitchen

Bosch Kitchen with appliances in view

Full Bosch traditional kitchen

Bosch kitchen virtual experience

Wall oven in full kitchen

Bosch ovens in rangetop kitchen

Warehouse kitchen with Bosch appliances

Bosch wall ovens standalone

Bosch dark benchmark kitchen

7. Select your color

Bosch Oven Reviews: Which is Best? | Albert Lee

At a Glance:

About Bosch

Bosch Ovens

A Look at Bosch Oven Features

Bosch Oven Pros & Cons

Best Bosch Oven Reviews


Why Trust Us?

It’s pronounced bosh, and if you’re looking for a wall oven, it just might be the brand your kitchen is missing. But the more important question when it comes to selecting a Bosch oven is “Which one is best?”

Spoiler alert: that’s up to you to decide, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you make that decision easier with some expert guidance. The answers you’re looking for can be found here as we take you on a tour of Bosch ovens. Along the way, we’ll cover features, prices, and the many oven styles you can choose from this catalog, plus three Bosch oven reviews to give you a glimpse at what this brand has to offer.

About Bosch

Surprising to many (including us), Bosch traces its origins back to 1886, not as an appliance manufacturer — but as an emerging auto brand. Although, once you’re familiar with Bosch appliances, all that makes sense. Today, Bosch continues to forge ahead with its spirit of careful engineering that started nearly 130 years ago, fusing its unique craft for detail with appliances that have been refined for ease of use and focus on simplifying duties around the home.

Bosch continues to dabble in the auto industry, but nowadays, the brand is recognized more for its suite of appliances for the kitchen and laundry. Carrying the torch of its fine German heritage, the Bosch name receives regular accolades. For instance, Bosch was recently recognized as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for its dishwashers, laundry appliances, and refrigerators, while Bosch cooking appliances have caught the attention of prestigious names like celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Bosch Ovens

Compared to other acclaimed appliances from Bosch, the brand’s line of wall ovens might not get as many awards or recognition, but that’s not to say they’re inferior. Instead, it’s important to remember Bosch’s roots: Europe. By that, we mean many of the design elements and dimensions were conceptualized with smaller European kitchens in mind. For instance, Bosch is one of few brands that offers 24” and 27” wall ovens along with standard 30” oven models.

This might seem like a tradeoff at first, but it’s a great value for shoppers who have smaller kitchens but don’t want to compromise quality for quantity. Let’s dive deeper into the catalog.

Bosch Oven Types

You’ll find the regular ovens (single, double) included in the Bosch lineup, along with specialty models like combination microwave ovens, speed ovens, and even steam ovens. The regular American household will most likely prefer full-size 30” ovens, but if you’re a single or coupled household, the smaller ovens are still large enough to accommodate everyday cooking. The details are laid out below.

Bosch Oven Collections

These ovens are broken into three tiers, each varying in price and features. Recent rebranding has made the difference between each collection less than obvious, but for the most part, you can expect the following:

Bosch 500 Series Ovens

This introductory collection of ovens is a nod to the more classic user experience featuring knob controls (though some models use a digital panel) and Convection Pro with just two heat sources.

Bosch 800 Series Ovens

Bosch ovens from the 800 Series are generally more modern in design with touch controls and are upgraded with Genuine European Convection that uses three heat sources for quicker cooking.

Bosch Benchmark Ovens 

Considered as Bosch’s premium line of appliances, Benchmark ovens also use Genuine European Convection along with TFT screen displays and sleek designs. These are the most suited for high-end kitchens.

Bosch ovens are priced for shoppers with mid-end budgets. Basic models start at around $1,900, while premium ovens from Bosch can cost up to $6,900.

A Look at Bosch Oven Features

A big philosophy for Bosch is making products with simple user experiences. That’s not to say they’re obsolete, but instead, these ovens focus on what works and leave out what doesn’t. Take a closer look at the gears behind the machines and why users and appliance experts give them top ratings.

Genuine European Convection: An additional third heating element provides even more hot air to fully surround every level with convection for the best baking results; available on select Bosch 800 Series and Benchmark ovens.

Integrated Temperature Probe: For roasts that come out juicy, simply insert the provided temperature probe found on certain models.

QuietClose Doors: Continue to relish the joy of cooking with reinforced doors that gently shut for peaceful operation.

Home Connect App: Bosch smart ovens can be paired with Home Connect App and a smart device to allow users to program settings remotely.

Fast Preheat: Rapid heat response means foods can go directly into Bosch ovens with fast preheat and come out properly cooked.

Air Fryer Mode: Use this mode to crisp up party favorites without using large amounts of oil or a counter appliance.

Bosch Oven Pros & Cons

Our final verdict? Bosch is great and its commitment to great engineering is admirable, so whichever model you choose, you’re getting a great product. With that in mind, there are some serious considerations that the everyday American household should keep in mind if they’re not familiar with Bosch.


✅ Made of quality materials

✅ Priced reasonably

✅ A diverse selection of oven sizes, configurations, and styles

✅ Convection is standard


❌ Limited color options

❌ Only available in electric ovens 

3 Best Bosch Oven Reviews

Here are three Bosch oven styles from our catalog that represent the best of their categories. Note that we’ve selected our picks from the 800 Series. If you like what you see but want to move up or down in price, make sure to explore the Bosch 500 or Bosch Benchmark collections for alternatives.

Best Bosch Double Oven: Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Built In Double Oven

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When buyer reviews such as this one say “I would recommend the 800 series double wall oven,” like you, we ask “Why?” But it doesn’t take much inspection to get it. Everything you need for a successful dinner is at your disposal on this model, from a ton of oven space to Genuine European Convection that cooks your food how it should be. Throw in Bosch’s flush installation, a beautiful display of stainless steel, and 12 cooking modes and it’s no wonder this top-rated Bosch convection oven is received so well.

Bosch HBL8651UC Oven Review

Best Bosch Microwave Oven Combo: Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Built In Oven/Micro Combo

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Buyers say, “This oven and micro unit is clean and well designed,” while others comment on performance, saying, “The power that both of these appliances have is insane. ” For that reason, we give two thumbs up to this combination microwave oven our top kudos and recommendation if you’re searching for a cooking station that lets you free up counter space. Our favorite features? Convection Pro that bakes food evenly, 10 microwave settings to help with a variety of foods, and the Home Connect that allows users to manage this appliance wherever a connected smart device is available.

Bosch HBL87M53UC Oven Review

Best Bosch Speed Oven: Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel Built In Speed Oven

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While buyers agree this speed oven from Bosch could use better lighting and the door design may be awkward for some, its performance is undeniable, or as one buyer declares, “The Bosch 800 series Speed Oven is everything they claimed.” With the ability to bake and microwave, this is a convenient way to replace your counter microwave oven while simultaneously adding more oven capacity to your kitchen’s layout.

Bosch HMC80252UC Oven Review

On a spectrum of performance, style, and price, Bosch leans comfortably toward the luxury end without crossing over. Often, we compare Bosch to more familiar brands such as KitchenAid, GE Café, and Frigidaire Professional for buyers to get a better picture of who Bosch is. However, thanks to its unique German background, ovens from Bosch are less tech-heavy and more about an intuitive user experience.


Learn even more about Bosch ovens as we answer questions we often get about these appliances.

Is Miele the same as Bosch?

Despite both being German appliance brands, Bosch designs and manufactures appliances separately from Miele.

How long should a Bosch wall oven last?

Bosch ovens are made of some of the finest materials on the market that allow each one to last at least a decade while some users report more than 15 years.

Are Bosch ovens self cleaning?

Some models come with a self-clean cycle, otherwise, follow these tips from the manufacturer for how to clean a Bosch oven.

Why Trust Albert Lee?

Since 1939, Albert Lee Appliance, a three-generation, family-owned business, continues to grow and serve the greater Seattle area with quality you can count on and service you can trust. We are proud to have served this community for so long and wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers. There is a reason why we are Washington’s largest independent appliance dealer, and it’s not a secret. Simply put: We have the experience. We are the original appliance experts for over eight decades (and counting).

Shop Bosch Ovens at Albert Lee

At Albert Lee Appliance, we provide quality name-brand appliances for great prices. Shop wall ovens online or visit us today at one of our 6 locations in Puget Sound, WA. In the meantime, browse our website to shop Albert Lee appliance sales and check out Albert Lee appliance reviews online to ensure every purchase is an informed one. More available than ever, our experts at Albert Lee Appliance are always happy to help you discover something new with a Bosch oven, whether you call us or use our online chat feature. Contact us today!

Learn More: 3 Secret Reasons to Buy the Bosch Kitchen Package

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Bosch oven series – what is the difference between the Bosch oven series

Table of contents:

stylish design

Bosch ovens are practical, reliable and easy to use. A well-thought-out design allows you to cook without unnecessary hassle and with the best result. And the famous quality of the German brand products guarantees a long term of its flawless service.

Ovens of this series are reliable and functional appliances. It is distinguished by its affordable price and ease of use. Control is carried out by convenient rotary switches. There are not too many heating modes (top / bottom heat, bottom heat only, grill, etc.). All of them are intuitive and you will have no difficulty in choosing the right one. Among the functionalities is convection, that is, forced circulation of hot air in the chamber. This ensures even temperature distribution, which means better cooking.
The volume of Bosch 2 series ovens is usually 66-67 liters. Thanks to convection, you can cook on several levels at the same time, and odors will not mix and spoil the taste of dishes. The cleaning system in most cases is traditional, the removable door (like the BOSCH HBN211S0J) can be removed and washed separately. Some models (for example, BOSCH HBN211W6R) provide for the possibility of catalytic cleaning.

The ovens of this series successfully combine practicality, stylish design and affordable price. These units are equipped with an LED display with a timer function, which provides visibility: information about the settings is in front of your eyes. 8 heating modes make it possible to choose the optimal one for cooking a particular dish. Some models (for example, BOSCH HBF534EW0R) also have a pizza mode and a defrost option. Thanks to convection, it is easy to achieve uniform baking. Telescopic guides provide additional convenience during operation.

Most Bosch 4 Series ovens have an innovative EcoClean coating on the back. It consists of the smallest ceramic spheres, which are able to break down fat at high temperature. Thus, the cleaning of the inner surface takes place every time the oven is used, without any effort on the part of the user. It should be noted that almost all models (like BOSCH HBF 534ES0R or BOSCH HBF534EB0R) are equipped with a child lock, which ensures safe operation.

If you need more than just an appliance, but a real helper in the kitchen, the Bosch 6 Series ovens are the right choice. With the use of auto programs, any dish will turn out perfectly the first time. You just need to specify the weight of the products and start the process, and the AutoPilot function will automatically set the desired mode, temperature, and even turn off the oven in time.

The volume of these devices is quite large – 71 liters. Depending on the model, there is an informative multifunctional LCD display or a TFT screen with touch control buttons. The number of heating modes is 10 or less. As a rule, there is a quick warm-up function that allows you to reach the desired temperature in a short time. This saves a lot of time, as you can start cooking almost immediately after turning on the appliance. The option of storing programs in memory is very convenient (like BOSCH HBB356BW0R) – the next time you cook the same dish, you can restore all settings at the touch of a button: heating mode, temperature, required time.

This series of units is cleaned with EcoClean coating on the sides, back and top walls. Some models (for example, BOSCH HBG578BS0R) provide for the possibility of pyrolysis. In this mode, the oven is securely locked and then heated to a very high temperature. All pollution is burned, it remains for you to remove the remaining ashes after the procedure. Such a cleaning system is one of the most effective and simple.

Series 8 ovens are a new generation of appliances that use the latest developments from Bosch engineers. A whole range of functions will help you prepare the perfect dish:

  • The PerfectBake Readiness Sensor will monitor the moisture level in your baked goods and automatically stop the process when the consistency is right – the cake does not stay raw and the cake does not dry out.
  • The PerfectRoast temperature probe, which is equipped, for example, with the BOSCH CMG6764B1 model, will determine the temperature inside the roasted meat to the nearest degree.