Business phone multiple lines: Which Multiline Phone System Is Right for You?

Which Multiline Phone System Is Right for You?

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A multiline phone system is an office staple, but is it right for your business?

If your business has a large volume of incoming and outgoing calls, or you’re quickly reaching that point, you need a multiline phone system. A multiline phone system maximizes communication, and improves productivity and efficiency so you can quickly and easily transfer calls and communicate internally with employees and externally with customers. There are many systems available with basic and advanced features, so you can find one that perfectly suits your business and its needs.

What is a multiline phone system?

A multiline phone system allows multiple people to be on the phone at the same time. The lines can be internal or external. External lines allow you to communicate with people outside of the business, such as customers, while internal lines allow communication with your employees and colleagues.

Multiline phone systems differ from traditional phone systems because they enable multiple parties to be on the phone at one time – traditional phones, on the other hand, are designed to only send audio data between two parties at once.

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How does a multiline phone system work?

A multiline phone system works similar to a traditional one-line phone in that packets of audio data are transmitted through telephone wires to the recipient. Multiline phone systems, however, allow two, four or more lines to be transmitted. Multiline phone systems use a cordless extension that lets you attach another phone (or phones). 

An option if you only need a second line is to use a line splitter; this separates the phone line into two lines, allowing you to connect another phone or device. You plug the splitter into the phone jack and then insert one of the phone cables into one of the ports.


How many phone lines does your business need?

As it pertains to multiline phone systems and small business deciding how many phone lines your business needs, there are a few factors to consider. Some of which, are as follows:

  • 2-line phones: Although they are not ideal for bigger businesses, 2-line phone systems can be perfect for small businesses of all kinds. For instance, if you have a business that you are running from your home or a small business that includes just a couple of employees, the 2-line phone system may work great for you. According to Frontier, if you are more of a solopreneur and need a setup that allows one line for business calls and one line for personal calls, you likely need a 2-line phone.
  • 4-line phones: On the other hand, if you have a small business that is slightly bigger than a solopreneur’s, you may need a 4-line phone. In other words, if you are in charge of a couple of full-time/ part-time employees, each of which, needs access to a phone line at some point, you may need a 2-line phone. For instance, if you have an insurance firm that employs a handful of employees, you may need to purchase a 4-line phone.
  • 5+ line phones: Lastly, if you have a business that employs a handful of full-time employees, this may require a 5+ line phone. For instance, if you have a telemarketing company that includes the owner and 3 or more employees, you may need a phone system that includes at least 5 lines.

Features to look for in a multiline phone system

Multiline phone systems for businesses come with a lot of features nowadays. Some may be included in the package your purchase, while other, more advanced, features may need to be purchased as add-ons.

Below is a brief explanation of the common features, but consider your current needs and what features will streamline communication and maximize productivity for your staff.

  • Caller ID: Caller ID lets you see who is calling. You can choose from two options: caller ID, which displays the phone number of the caller; or caller ID with name, which displays the phone number and the name of the caller. This feature can help identify which calls are important and which ones are spam.
  • Speakerphone: Speakerphone can be helpful if you need to be hands-free while you’re on a call, or, say if you’re in the middle of a meeting and need to conference in someone.
  • Voicemail: This feature allows callers to leave you a message if you have missed their call.
  • Message waiting indicator: This is a flashing LED light that alerts you to new voicemails you have received. It is usually included with the phone itself or as a separate answering machine.
  • Mute and volume control: These options let you mute, increase or decrease the volume of your speakerphone, phone audio or ringer.
  • Hold: Hold functionality varies depending on the phone system you purchase. Some systems play hold music (or you can play your own custom message), but some just place a call on hold only.
  • Call transferring: This feature allows you to transfer calls internally to another employee in the office or to an external, or outside, number.
  • All page/intercom: Paging allows you to speak to all phones at once via the speakerphone, while the intercom feature lets you broadcast announcements or inform other employees about a waiting call.
  • Do not disturb: Do not disturb sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail without the phone ringing. This feature can be helpful when you’re in an important meeting or when you cannot answer the phone.
  • Auto attendant: The auto attendant greets callers and provides them with a directory of extensions. This is an advanced feature and may not be included with your phone system plan.
  • Texting: Another advanced feature, texting services use your existing landline number to send text messages to customers’ mobile phones.

If you choosing a complete unified communications system for your multiline business phone systems, you can get access to a host of additional features. This includes the ability to host video conferences and use a softphone app that lets you make and receive calls from your computer.

Pros and cons of a multiline phone system


  • Versatile communications solution: The greatest benefit of multiline phone system small business is the variety of solutions they offer businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are a plethora of options available from the number of lines the system supports and the features that are available.
  • Cost-effective: Costs are generally low unless you need to purchase all new equipment for several employees. Many multiline systems are moving to internet-based models, which hosts all data in the cloud and sends call information over the internet, which keeps costs lower than if you use traditional physical phone lines.
  • Ease of use: Multiline systems allow you to easily receive and transfer calls both within and outside of your organization, plus they offer productivity-boosting features like auto-attendant or do not disturb that also help smaller businesses project a professional image.
  • Flexibility: Multiline phone systems are flexible and easy to scale – they grow as your business expands. Many of these systems let you easily add (depending on your configuration) extra handsets using cables, wired or wireless adaptors, or expansion kits that are easy to install.
  • Reliable and secure: Last, multiline systems are highly reliable and secure. Many encrypt your data, and in case of a power outage, a battery continues to ensure customers can reach you. Additionally, if you are using landlines, these are still some of the most stable methods of communication in existence.


  • Hardware issues: Multiline phone systems are dependent on hardware and cables, which can be detrimental to businesses that don’t have the equipment or have a limited number of phone jacks.
  • Traditional phones required: Further, they can only be used with traditional desktop phones, which limits mobility and flexibility. A multiline phone system is not ideal for a company with employees who often work remotely or travel frequently.
  • Limited carrier options: According to Keatings Communications, one of the biggest cons associated with using traditional phone systems of any kind is that you will have limited options in terms of carriers. Many service providers are getting out of the landline business altogether, therefore, you may have issues in terms of finding a good carrier in your area. Moreover, if issues arise at a later date, it will likely be difficult to find a replacement carrier without having to deal with service interruptions.
  • Contracts: Additionally, according to, most companies that provide business phone service and multiline phones lock their clients into long-term contracts. While this is fine when you are satisfied with the service and pricing, this can become a nightmarish situation is you become dissatisfied at any time. In the end, you will end up paying costly termination fees, while also scrambling to find a great quality company to get your phone system back up and running. [Check out our full review of Ooma Office.]

Alternatives to a multiline phone system

The main alternative to a multiline phone system is a VoIP or cloud-based phone system. These systems are rooted in the internet, and all data and call information is hosted in the cloud.

They require a strong, consistent internet connection but are generally very cost-effective due to the nature of being on the internet and requiring little to no physical hardware. They are easily scaled, allowing you to add numbers as your business grows. But if you do not have a strong and reliable internet connection, cloud-based phone systems aren’t an option.

Things to consider

If you are thinking of purchasing a multiline phone system, ascertain why you think the system would be right for you and determine what specific features you need from the system.

A multiline phone system is a good idea if:

  • You want each of your employees to have their own dedicated phone number.
  • You have a significant number of incoming calls, plus you have employees placing outgoing calls.
  • You want to assign specific numbers to certain departments or employees.

You should also give careful consideration to whether you want or require physical phone lines. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is becoming popular in the world of business telephony.

VoIP is an internet-based solution that supports all incoming and outgoing phone calls over the internet; the costs are generally lower, plus there’s little equipment to buy and install. [Read related: VoIP vs. Landline: Which is Best for Your Business?]

When choosing a system, consider:

  • The size of your business. How many employees need a phone number?
  • How many lines do you need? How many people are typically on the phone at the same time?
  • Will your staff need to be trained? Is the system easy to use?
  • Of the features offered, how many are basic and included in the package? How many will you need to add on and how much will that increase the total price of the system?
  • Can the system grow easily with your business? Will you need to add new equipment as your business expands?

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Kiely Kuligowski

Staff Writer

Best Multi Line Phone System for Small Business: Our 2023 Picks –

Every small business owner wants what is best for their enterprise. But when it’s time to invest, most put their money into product development, company talent, online marketing, etc., which is still great and helpful for your business’s growth. However, if you want to ensure that your enterprise can compete with others, along with the big picture, you will also need to look at the small details holding you back.

Source: Jigsaw Metric

For example, great customer support is crucial if you want to keep your clients happy. You will need more than professional, trained employees to provide quality customer service. Small business owners have to also invest in the best technology equipment not to offer their clients a poor call experience.

Not being able to handle too many calls at once will cost you sales and damage your reputation. If, with your business’s growth, you also have a growing number of simultaneous calls, it’s time to put money into a multi line phone system. A multi line phone system such as a VoIP provider is the best approach for customer calls. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about multi line phones, including:

  1. What are multi line phone systems
  2. Why choose a cloud-based phone system?
  3. Features of multi line phone systems
  4. Types of line phone systems
  5. 10 best multi line phone systems for your small business

What are multi line phone systems

The difference between phones with a single line and multi line phone systems is that they can maintain more than a phone call at a time. When the call center agent is in line with a customer and another one dials your number, callers will be directed to another agent, a voicemail, or a busy signal.

But a multi-line phone system does much more than just hold calls. It can also dial internal and external numbers or return to the line. Multi line systems have one caller ID assigned to them. You will also not need phone jacks.

The two main ways to set up a multi-line telephone system are:

  • On-premises multi-line phone system—This type of line phone system requires telecom hardware and some technical experience to be managed in the right way. It is the more traditional, standard phone line. Some types of on-premises phone lines systems are Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key System Unit (KSU).
  • Cloud-based multi-line phone system—This is a more modern, recent version that needs less on-site hardware and offers more scalability. Examples of cloud-based systems are VoIP phone services and a few IP PBXs.
Cloud-based phone system On-premise phone system
On-site controllability
No installation costs
Easy Call Management
Stable voice quality

Comparison table between cloud-based and on-premise phone systems

Why choose a cloud-based phone system?

This phone system is the most used because it is more flexible, less costly, and has more features. There was a time when only huge enterprises could afford the more traditional system as it needed more room and was more expensive. The cloud-based phone system made it possible for small businesses to offer customer support.

A cloud-based phone system converts calls into data and then proceeds them to a local data center. This business communication solution saves you space because it is hosted in the data center and doesn’t take up space like the bulky hardware of traditional phones. It doesn’t even need physical landlines as it exists in the cloud and uses virtual phone extensions.

On the contrary, an on-premise phone system requires more maintenance and extra repairs. The hardware upgrades require additional expenses, and the new extensions need new cabling and installation. Even the implementation is expensive and complex. Only people specially trained for it can help with its maintenance.

Source: Calncall

Meanwhile, a cloud-based phone system doesn’t require dedicated personnel to help with its maintenance. Changes can be done instantly, and upgrades are done automatically. Even the installation is quick and only takes you some minutes.

You won’t need to be in the office to answer calls because the VoIP phone system can even be accessed from anywhere through a personalized account. The service provider connects the calls to the recipients over an internet connection. This allows customer service agents to work from their homes remotely.

Another benefit of the VoIP system is that it provides unlimited phone lines and doesn’t need on-site users to reach a dial tone. Despite the differences, a VoIP provider offers great call quality, just like the on-premises phone system.

Features of multi line phone systems

When choosing a multiple line phone company, be sure to pick one that offers all the basic functionalities.

1. Call forwarding

A multi line phone system can automatically transfer calls to another user or device. Some VoIP providers even allow you to forward calls to your voicemail or desk phone. It is beneficial when you are out of the office to transfer the call to another coworker and not suffer from missed business opportunities.

2. Call recording

Call recordings are much needed to train your team and provide insights into the customer’s most usual problems. New agents can listen to calls made by more experienced employees to understand what to do and what not to do in a call with a client. They are also helpful for call quality controls.

3. Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers don’t charge the person calling the line. They are also helpful for long-distance customers that want to reach your business but don’t want to pay fees for the call because they are out of your area. The US 1800 numbers help you build trust within your audience.

4. Voicemail

It may happen that you can’t pick up the call on time. In this case, you can allow the client to leave a voicemail and even get transcripts of it sent to your email. This helps you not lose a possible customer that can turn to your competitor if you don’t answer their request for insights.

5. Call analytics

The best decisions you can make are data-driven. Call analytics can help you by providing track metrics average wait time, number and percentage of missed calls, average talk time, total cases, etc. Call recordings are also not the only feature that helps value the quality of a call because call analytics show volume patterns as well.

6. Call routing

This feature directs callers to the correct department that can answer their questions. You can define the criteria for which person to answer specific calls. You can choose skill-based routing, chronological order routing, etc.

Types of line phone systems

There are more types of line phone systems than just one. Which one you should buy for your small business depends on the number of employees in your customer service department, how many calls a day your company has, how much your agents can handle, etc. Most small businesses use up to four lines.

2 line phone system

This is the most common type for small businesses that have just started. This system is also used by people who want a personal number separate from their business number. This helps add a more professional tone when a customer calls. Independent contractors or freelancers use this phone system the most because they answer business calls themselves as they are in a moderate volume.

4 line phone system

This system is used by medium-sized enterprises with a team answering calls regularly or for contact centers. A four-line phone system is helpful for employees that need a dedicated line and the rest of the team that needs shared lines. This phone system is also used by receptionists who need to put calls on hold and use call routing.

6 line phone system

Most small businesses don’t need a 6 line phone system as bigger enterprises use them. But some SMEs may need a dedicated line for the fax machine, a phone line for each member, and a phone line for the manager.

10 best multi line phone systems for your small business

Since there are plenty of multi line phone systems, it may be a bit difficult for you to choose one. That’s why we have made a list of the best multi line phone systems and their most essential features. Choose one phone system from the list below:

  1. Ringblaze
  2. Nextiva
  3. RingCentral
  4. Ooma
  5. eVoice
  6. Google Voice
  7. Freshdesk
  9. Grasshopper
  10. Dialpad

1. Ringblaze

Source: Ringblaze

Ringblaze is one of the best VoIP providers that can manage multiple phone numbers effortlessly. We are an optimized phone system that supports effective sales and customer support collaboration.

We help your team to communicate with customers in real-time. Ringblaze is easy to use, affordable, and supports many devices.

Our advanced infrastructure ensures that your business runs 24/7 without missed calls, so the customer’s perception of your business won’t be affected. You can use Ringblaze’s dashboard to set up multiple phone numbers. Admin controls let you assign calls to owners and even add comments to save time.

Ringblaze also offers excellent support that is quick to reply and can assist you through email or chat support. You can also check our Help Center to learn more on how to use the Ringblaze app, get started with Ringblaze, fix a problem, manage your account, etc. Another great thing about Ringblaze is that our services are affordable. You can access all our great features for $15 a month, billed annually. We even offer a free trial.

Check out Ringblaze and help upscale your business.

Ringblaze features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Unlimited minutes to US and Canada
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • Assign calls
  • Customer timeline
  • Shared contacts
  • Call widget
  • Shared call inbox
  • Custom voicemail greeting
  • Call recording
  • Call controls like mute and transfer
  • Business text messaging for all users
  • International calls
  • Call comments
  • Group calling

2. Nextiva

Source: Nextiva

Nextiva is not only a VoIP system but also offers models of desk phones that can handle multiple lines. Its best desk phone is the X-835 model, perfect for businesses that need more than four lines and offer more customization options. Nextiva’s VoIP system is also great and has all the standard features a VoIP software should have. That’s why Nextiva is ranked second as the best multi line phone system.

Nextiva offers three packages, the Essential, Professional, and Enterprise package. The last one with all the needed features is the most expensive, costing $27 per month, way more than Ringblaze. All packages offer 24/7 support, but the Essential offers limited features.

Some features of Nextiva’s Enterprise package:

  • Free local and toll-free numbers
  • Unlimited audio and video messages
  • Business text messages
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Call recording
  • Voice analytics
  • Single sign-on management

3. RingCentral

Source: RingCentral

RingCentral is an all-in-one communication service that also offers unlimited video calls and conference calls and unlimited calls and messaging. You can contact their customer support in many ways, by phone, email, submitting a ticker, and more.

RingCentral is a bit more expensive than the other options. The Essential package is the cheapest one but starts at $30 per user per month. The most expensive plan is the Ultimate package, and to have access to it, you need to pay $53 per month. It also has two other packages, and all of them come with a free 15-day trial except the Ultimate package. Their Video Pro package offers video meetings with up to 100 participants.

Some key features of RingCentral’s Ultimate package:

  • Unlimited business SMS
  • Document sharing
  • Integrations with CRM
  • Call flipping
  • Call routing
  • Call transferring
  • Toll-free numbers
  • International calling

4. Ooma

Source: Ooma

Ooma, like Nextiva, is not only a VoIP multi line phone system but also offers a desk phone that connects wirelessly. You can purchase these phones from Ooma to set up your employees. It is simple to set up your line phone system with Ooma, but it also lets you keep your previous business phone number.

If you need any help, you can contact them at their US or Canadian phone number. Ooma offers Ooma Office, which you can buy for $20 a month per user, and another package with more advanced features Ooma Office Pro that you can get for $25 a month per user.

Some of the Ooma Office Pro features:

  • Digital receptionist
  • Ring groups
  • Voicemail
  • Call transfer
  • Call log
  • Forward calls during device outages
  • One virtual fax per user
  • Call blocking
  • SMS messaging

5. eVoice

Source: eVoice

The eVoice company, which is also known as eReceptionist in some regions, offers communication solutions for your small business. It provides a virtual receptionist to make managing your business’s calls more flexible. Their automated phone system ensures that your customer’s calls are instantly routed to the person they need to speak to.

If you have any questions, you can contact them by email, phone, post, or simply have a look at their FAQ page. They offer four plans, with the cheapest one starting at £7.50 (per user) per month, but this package doesn’t include minutes, and you pay as you go. Their most popular package is the Startup+ package which costs almost £20 a month.

Some features of the Startup+ package:

  • 750 minutes per month
  • Local, National, 0800 international numbers
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Free professional welcome greeting
  • Sequential or simultaneous ringing
  • Call screening
  • Call transfers

6. Google Voice

Source: Google Voice

The technology giant Google has a long list of products and services created. One of them is Google Voice, a VoIP multi line phone system that lets you make and receive business calls and messages. It is designed for any small business that wants to make communication with clients more accessible and easier.

Google Voice is free for personal use, but you will need to purchase one of its packages for business-related calls. The Starter package costs $10 a month per user, the Standard package costs $20 a month per user, and the Premier package costs $30 a month per user. The most preferred package is the Standard one. All packages have 24/7 support included.

Some features of the Premier package:

  • Free calling to the US from any Country
  • Free calling to Canada from US
  • Call forwarding
  • Multi level auto-attendant
  • Ring Groups
  • Desk Phone Support
  • eDiscovery for calls, voice mails, and SMS records
  • Voicemail transcription

7. Freshdesk

Source: Freshdesk

Freshdesk, formerly named Freshcaller, offers way more than a multi line phone system. Its services include solutions for email management, workflow management, integrating web forms, and much more. It also helps you answer support calls effectively with features that allow you to reduce call wait time and improve call productivity.

You can contact their customer support via phone, email, or by submitting a ticket. To get fast answers to your questions you can also engage in their community or read their FAQ sections. They have four plans and one of them is free but with very limited features.

Meanwhile, their most expensive plan. The Enterprise plan costs $79 a month per agent billed annually or $95 a month if billed monthly.

Some features of the Enterprise plan:

  • Skill-based Routing
  • Sandbox
  • Agent Shifts
  • IP Range Restriction
  • Audit Log
  • Knowledge Base Approval Workflow
  • Email Bot 
  • Helpdesk Report
  • SLA & Business hour
  • Custom Email Server


Source: offers many communication solutions for your small business, including a multi line phone system. Their local call minutes include Canada and some European countries, which makes calling out to those countries much cheaper. They also offer video conferences with up to 100 participants.

They provide a US-based bilingual support team that is live 24/7. They offer three plans with the cheapest one, Basic Users, costing $10.39 a month per user if billed annually.

The other plan, Plus Users, costs around $11 a month, and the most expensive plan, Pro Users, costs $24 a month.

Some features of the Pro Users plan:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Video conferencing with 100 participants
  • Conference calls with HiFi transcription
  • Business text messages

9. Grasshopper

Source: Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a cloud multi line phone system only available in the US and Canada. Even though it is a great app with plenty of features, it still won’t allow you to make outgoing calls. It has both a Desktop and an App Store/Play Store app.

You can contact their 24/7 support line, send a letter to their address, or browse their knowledge-base pages. Grasshopper pricing starts at $24 per month and offers one number with three extensions. If you purchase three numbers, the cost will be $49 per month, and for five numbers, it will be $89 per month.

You will also need to pay a $25 set-up fee.

Some key features that Grasshopper offers:

  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • Business texting
  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Incoming call control
  • Transfer calls
  • Instant responses
  • Voicemail
  • Business texting

10. Dialpad

Source: Dialpad

Dialpad is an Ai-powered communication platform that offers a multi line phone system. It offers solutions for different industries such as education, healthcare, real estate, technology, professional services, legal, etc. It can be used by both big enterprises and small business owners.

If you have any questions, you can chat with their sales team, submit a ticket, check their help center or contact them via phone. They have nine offices around the world that answer calls. You can purchase their Standard plan, which costs $15 per user per month if billed annually and offers limited features and one license minimum. Their Pro plan costs $25 with a three license minimum. To get a quote for their Enterprise plan with a 100 license minimum, you must contact them.

Some features of their Enterprise plan:

  • Unlimited office locations and ring groups
  • Azure integration
  • IAM/SSO integrations
  • Data retention policies
  • Local number support in 70+ countries
  • CRM integrations
  • Unlimited meeting recordings


We have come to the end of our article and hope we have helped you find the best multi line phone system for your small business.

We started this article with an overview, and then we explained what a multi line phone system is. After explaining this concept and the two ways to set them up, we stopped at the advantages of a cloud-based system and why you should choose it over more traditional phone lines.

We then touched on the essential features of a great multi line phone system so you will know what to look for when choosing a communication platform for your small business. We also discussed the types of line phone systems and ended the article with a list consisting of the 10 best multi line phone systems. Our tool,  Ringblaze, which is on the list of the best VoIP providers, can help you effortlessly manage multiple phone numbers. We hope this article was of help and, of course, it’s up to you to choose the best phone system for yourself, based on your needs. 


How do you set up a multi line phone system?

There are two ways to set up multi line phone systems. You can use an on-premises multi line system that requires telecom hardware and technical experience like the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key System Unit (KSU). You can use the less traditional type, cloud-based multi line system like a VoIP service. They are a more recent innovation, need less on-site hardware, and offer more scalability.

What is a multi line telephone system?

Multi line phone systems can handle more than one phone call at a time. When a team member is in line with a customer, and there is another dial, the call will be directed to another member. If all agents are busy, the call will be directed to either a voicemail or a busy signal.

How do I choose a small business phone system?

To select a great, flexible phone system for your small business, you will need to choose one that offers essential functions like forwarding calls, call recording, voicemail, call analytics, call routing, toll-free numbers, etc. Some VoIP services offer even more advanced features.

What is a 4 line phone system?

A four-line phone system provides four analog or landline call lines through your office. Small or medium-sized businesses mostly use it. It is helpful for team members who need a dedicated line and for the rest of the team who need shared lines. 

features phone system

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Reason for the withdrawal:

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In some cases, the courts take the side of employers when an employee disputes the legality of bringing to disciplinary liability for the use of mobile communications in the workplace during working hours, if the prohibition on this was recorded in the internal documents of the organization, local regulations and the employee was familiar with them against signature (see the ruling of the Moscow City Court dated July 25, 2017 N 4g-9059/17, appeal ruling of the IC in civil cases of the St. Petersburg City Court of 10/12/2016 in case N 33-21470/2016, appeal ruling of the IC in civil cases of the Belgorod Regional Court of 02/28/2017 in case N 33-862/2017) . Rostrud specialists also consider it acceptable to introduce such a ban (see, for example, the question and answer posted on the Online Inspection.RF information portal).

However, agreeing that during working hours the employee must perform labor duties that make up the content of the labor function, which directly follows from the first part of Art. 91 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, we believe that the employer, by approving the internal labor regulations, has the right to regulate the behavior of the employee insofar as it is directly related to the employee’s performance of his labor function. We believe that an unconditional ban on the use of a personal phone during working hours, regardless of the specifics of the implementation of the labor function, goes beyond the regulation of labor and other directly related relations and is an unacceptable interference in the private life of a citizen.

Part 1 of Art. 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, among the inalienable rights and freedoms that belong to every person from birth, he calls the right to inviolability of private life, which implies, in our opinion, the inadmissibility of arbitrary interference in the private life of a citizen. Note that the private life of a citizen also includes family life (see Article 152.2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). At the same time, family law, imposing a number of obligations on citizens (see, for example, paragraph 1 of article 63, paragraph 1 of article 87 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation), does not make their implementation absolutely dependent on the nature of the time during which they must be carried out (working time or rest time, which the employee has the right to use at his own discretion). Since the rights and obligations of a citizen are inseparable from his personality, in our opinion, any restriction of a citizen’s rights to private life within the framework of labor relations should be recognized as lawful insofar as such restriction is directly related to the performance of the employee’s labor function and is aimed at achieving the goals of the employer’s activities that determine its content.

In this regard, we believe that the introduction by the employer of a ban on the use of personal mobile phones by employees at the workplace and during working hours is lawful in order to ensure the safety of employees when they carry out technological processes in production or when the use of personal mobile phones by employees creates or is obvious may create obstacles in the performance of the labor function by this employee or other employees of this employer. The employer has the right to independently determine the list of works during which employees cannot use telephones at work for the above reasons, guided, among other things, by common sense.

We also note that there are no provisions in labor legislation that allow an employee to challenge a local normative act in court. Claims made within the framework of an individual labor dispute regarding the recognition of a local normative act as illegal (invalid), its cancellation or amendments to it are not subject to satisfaction. However, the court may, subject to Art. 8 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation to recognize a local normative act as not applicable to a particular employee and restore his rights if they are violated by such an act. It is this approach that prevails in judicial practice (see, for example, the appeal ruling of the Moscow City Court dated November 10, 2016 N 33-44667 / 16 * (1).

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Bailiffs do not answer the phone where to complain in 2023 – Legal support

Author Peter Kuznetsov To read 14 min Published Updated


parties to enforcement proceedings often have problems with how to get through to the bailiff. There are many reasons for not picking up the phone in the OSP – from the absence of employees in the workplace to negligence in official duties. The reason – “I can not get through to the bailiffs” is not an argument and does not remove responsibility from the debtors.

What should I do if I cannot get through to the bailiff

The law does not regulate the method of communication between the parties of enforcement proceedings and the bailiff – telephone calls. There is nothing illegal in the fact that a particular bailiff does not pick up the office phone, the law does not oblige him to do this. Which can create certain difficulties in interacting with the bailiff for the parties to enforcement proceedings, especially if they live in different localities and regions.

If it is impossible to reach a known citizen by phone, we recommend:

  1. Call on the reception day. Information about reception days can be found on the website of the regional division of the FSSP or by phone.
  2. Check the phone number for correctness, possibly incorrect number.
  3. Contact the Call Center with your problem at 8 (800) 250 39 32. Calls within the Russian Federation are free of charge. For residents of the capital and the region there is a special line 8 (495) 870 95 50.
  4. Call the number of another bailiff of the same department, call the office or the head of the department and describe the essence of the problem, ask for the current contacts of the desired bailiff.
  5. Visit the bailiff department in person or send your representative there. In the second case, it is necessary to issue a notarized power of attorney to the representative.
  6. Send a written request to the bailiff describing the problem that interests the citizen by mail with a list of attachments and a notification of receipt. Within 3 days from the date of receipt by the unit, the application will be transferred to the bailiff. According to Art. 64.1 of Law No. 229“On Enforcement Proceedings”, he is obliged to consider it within 10 days, make a decision on it and inform the applicant about it in writing.

Why the bailiff does not answer the phone

Because he is not obliged to do so. The bailiff is not all his working time in the department, his work may also include:

  • visit to the debtor’s address to check the property status, check the place of residence, the order of execution;
  • departure to the place of enforcement actions for inventory of property, eviction of citizens, transfer of children, execution of other requirements;
  • visits to enterprises to check the procedure for making deductions from wages, etc.
Please note!

The bailiff may be on vacation, on sick leave, or his telephone may not work. None of the reasons will release the debtor from his obligation to repay the debt, help to remove the arrest or find out about the progress of the proceedings and the enforcement actions taken.

How to influence the bailiff so that he will answer

Only persistent calls to all known telephones will a citizen be able to get through to the desired department, and then to the bailiff. You can call the office, the head of the department, other bailiffs, and, if necessary, the reception of the chief bailiff of the subject.

Please note!

If telephone calls do not work, it is recommended to use other means of communication provided by law.

Complaint against the employees of the FSSP

Since the law does not oblige the bailiff to pick up the phone, this cannot be the subject of a complaint against him. To file a complaint, there must be more compelling grounds:

  • violation of the party’s right to familiarize themselves with the proceedings;
  • violation of the deadlines for sending a response to an application or appeal;
  • unlawful seizure of property and money in bank accounts;
  • write-off in the form of foreclosure of the amount of funds exceeding the amount of the debt;
  • non-application of enforcement measures against the debtor;
  • unlawful imposition of a ban on leaving the Russian Federation and driving vehicles;
  • inventory of property that cannot be levied, etc.

Any such violation may be a reason to appeal against the actions or omissions of the bailiff. According to Art. 121 Law No. 229, this can be done in the order of subordination or in a judicial order. The complaint is filed within 10 days from the date of the contested action or receipt of information about its commission. In order of subordination, the complaint should be submitted to the senior bailiff – the head of the unit in which the bailiff works. In court, the complaint is sent to the district court at the location of the department in the form of an administrative claim.

If the complaint is satisfied, the bailiff will be obliged to cancel the disputed action, decision, or, conversely, to take action, in case of recognition of his inaction.

Bailiffs hotline – free phone number, how to call the FSSP

The bailiffs hotline was created in order to reduce the number of calls related to insufficient awareness of citizens of the Russian Federation.
But the main goal of creating a free FSSP hotline is to increase the efficiency and improve the work of all FSSP structures.

This is done by receiving complaints against bailiffs. Applications with complaints are recorded by phone and sent further to the relevant territorial departments, where they take the necessary measures to eliminate problems.

The deadline for filing a complaint against a bailiff is 10 days. The start of the countdown is from the moment the performer committed unlawful actions against the participant in the process, (or from the moment the plaintiff discovered this fact, if he was not present at the same time personally), from the moment the bailiff’s inaction was discovered (if after the expiration of the deadlines provided by law, the necessary Job ).

What can I find out by calling the bailiffs hotline?

By calling the bailiffs hotline, you can find out:
⦁ availability and amount of debt;
⦁ get advice on debt situations when you owe or owe;
⦁ leave a complaint / thanks to the bailiff;
⦁ ask questions and get answers;
⦁ get any other help information.

In addition to a telephone call, it is possible to send applications via the Internet reception . The link is located on the “Appeals” page of the official website of the FSSP of Russia. Such Internet applications are also required to be considered and answered by the applicant.

Absolutely all appeals received by the hotline and the Internet reception are kept under control until the situation is completely resolved.

Toll-free hotline number

The single free hotline number of the bailiff service of Russia – “Call Center of the FSSP of Russia”:

This number receives calls free of charge throughout Russia, around the clock. The phone is multichannel.

On the main page of the FSSP of Russia website in the tab “all telephones” you can find the telephone directory of employees of the FSSP of Russia, a fax number for receiving citizens’ appeals, as well as a helpline for reporting corruption.

Additionally, in the “contacts” tab on the main page of the same site, you can open “reference telephones”, which lists the contacts of the reception departments.

When calling the bailiff hotline, be prepared to be asked to provide the following information:

Bailiff Call Center – hotline

Participants in enforcement proceedings often cannot get through to the bailiff for objective reasons: no workers in the workplace, high workload bailiff. But sometimes problems arise due to the negligent attitude of the staff. But regardless of the reasons, the inability to get through to the FSSP does not relieve debtors of responsibility. How to call the bailiffs in this case?

Free hotline number

The law does not regulate exactly how the debtor should contact the bailiff. Also, the legislation does not stipulate that the bailiff must respond by service number. How to reach bailiffs?

A single free telephone number for the FSSP hotline operates throughout the country: 8 800 250 39 32

The telephone number receives calls from subscribers from all over Russia. Applications are accepted around the clock.

Hotline was introduced to reduce the number of applications due to low public awareness. The main goal of the call center is to increase the efficiency and improve the work of each of the FSSP structures. This can be done by accepting complaints from individuals. Each application is fixed on a call and redirected to a specific department to resolve the situation.

Ten days are allotted for consideration of the application from the moment the illegal actions were committed, the discovery of the fact of deception or inaction of the bailiff. Absolutely every appeal that comes to the hotline will be monitored until the problem is resolved.

At the time of application, a citizen must provide:

  1. Personal information about himself: last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth.
  2. Data of the bailiff, leading individual entrepreneur.
  3. Number of IL or enforcement case.
  4. Also briefly describe the situation or ask a question.
What questions can be asked to the hotline operator

During a conversation with the hotline operator, you can find out:

  • whether there is a debt and what is its amount;
  • consult on debts if you owe or are in debt;
  • complain or thank a particular bailiff;
  • for advice on a specific issue.
  • ask for help information.

How to find out the phone number of a bailiff of a particular ROSP

You can find the phone number of an FSSP employee on the official website of bailiffs. You can go to the tab with phones for communication on the main page The telephone directory contains the numbers of bailiffs, fax number and helpline.

Other ways to contact

Calling the hotline is not the only way to contact the bailiff if he does not want to contact. The applicant can send an application through the Internet reception, social networks, e-mail or personal account on the official website of the FSSP.

There is an Internet reception on the official website of the FSSP. As well as with the hotline, all requests sent through the site are tracked until they are fulfilled.

Social networks

The FSSP has accounts on popular social networks where you can ask a question or get background information. Please note that you will not get an instant response in this way.


A written request must be sent to the mail of the bailiff conducting the enforcement proceedings. This method of communication is suitable for citizens who know the employee’s email address.

If you don’t know how to find out the bailiff’s phone number or email address, select the territorial office in the phone book on the site.

Personal account

Every citizen of the Russian Federation can register on the official website of the FSSP through the State Services (EISA). An authorized user can submit an application, ask a question or complain about the work of the SPI through a personal account.


There are several ways to contact the bailiff. Do not worry. If the bailiffs shirk their duties, you can use any of the above methods to encourage them to work by virtue of their powers.

How will I receive a refund of overdrawn funds?

When the FSSP deposit account receives the debtor’s funds in a larger amount than necessary to pay off the debt, the debtor is returned the excess amount received.

P / S If the bailiffs do not independently issue a refund of overpaid d / s, then you must write an application for a refund and attach your bank details, then register this appeal with the ROSP, where your enforcement proceedings are located.

They just stole the money

Child, 26 years old, how is the alimony? Your question is unclear existence, took the bailiff a certificate from the place of work, stating that this is my only income and account, what should I do?

Good afternoon, Sergey.

Provide the bailiff with a bank statement stating that this is your salary account. After that, the bailiff does not have the right to write off from him more than 50% on account of the debt on the writ of execution.

P/S If the SPI continues to fully debit the card, then file a complaint with the head of the ROSP or immediately go to court.

Hello! Could you tell?
5 years ago, he was deprived of his rights for 2 years and a fine of 30 thousand was established. He received his rights at the end of the deprivation period, but did not pay the fine, well, the bailiffs did not particularly insist. After 5 years of deprivation of rights, it’s time to change the driver’s license (right), which was refused. They refer to a debt of 30 thousand, but doesn’t the fine lose its importance after 2 years after the decision? Can I be denied a driver’s license?

Good afternoon, Arslan.

it missed the statute of limitations for execution in accordance with Article 31.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. ! But, if if the person brought to administrative responsibility evades the execution of the decision on the imposition of an administrative penalty. In this case, the calculation of the limitation period is resumed from the day the specified person or his belongings, incomes are discovered, on which, in accordance with the decision on the imposition of an administrative penalty, an administrative penalty may be levied.
2. If there really is a fine, then the traffic police officer has the right to refuse to issue a VU. In fact, the bailiffs were supposed to stop the enforcement proceedings on the basis of paragraph 4 of Article 31.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation after the expiration of the limitation period for the execution of the decision established by part 1 of Article 31.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, regardless of the fact that the execution was not carried out or not completed.

P/S Request a written refusal to issue a VU from the traffic police. Based on it, it will be clear on what basis they refuse you. If you do not agree with their answer, then you need to challenge it in court.

Thank you! And how can they justify whether I evaded the execution of the decision?

It is necessary to read the written answer initially to what will be referred to.

And you can justify, for example, as follows: the bailiff’s Resolution No. … was sent to your registration address (place of registration). from…. with the requirement to voluntarily pay an administrative fine, but you ignored this requirement, did not take any measures to partially repay the debt, avoided meetings and conversations with SPIs, etc.

I received a confirmation document from the bailiffs that I do not have a debt, but the head of the traffic police requires a receipt for paying the fine and also adds that this piece of paper is not enough to issue a license. Does the head of the traffic police have the right to refuse to justify this, although there is a piece of paper from the bailiffs?

Ask for a written response from the traffic police. To do this, submit a written application to them to replace the VU.
After a written refusal, go to court against the actions of the traffic police.

“Does the head of the traffic police have the right to refuse to substantiate this, although there is a piece of paper from the bailiffs?” the judge will decide.

Good evening! how do I calculate the alimony from the salary. Or salary + benefits and how to reduce the amount of alimony

Hello. For enforcement proceedings, funds are debited from the account for more than six months. There is a cancellation of the court order on the basis of which the IP was initiated. Through the portal of the State Service, an application was sent with a scan of the cancellation of the court order to cancel the individual entrepreneur, as well as with a request to inform where the debited funds are for a refund. A month later, without receiving any feedback, the same application was submitted through the official website of the FSSP. To date, and almost 2 months have passed, there was no answer, the money continues to be debited. It is not possible to make an appointment in person through the website. It is also impossible to get through to all the indicated telephone numbers. Please let me know what is the legal way to get it terminated.

You can send a written application to the ROSP to terminate the IP on the basis of clause 4, part 2, art. 43 FZ “On Enforcement Proceedings”, attaching the Ruling of the court to cancel the court order. Send by registered mail with a notification and a description of the attachment (valuable) so that you have supporting documents in your hands.

If your application is left unanswered by bailiffs for more than 1 month from the date of receipt of the letter, apply to the district court with an administrative claim.

P / S According to Article 443, in the event of annulment of the court decision, enforced, and after a new consideration of the case, a court decision to dismiss the claim in whole or in part, or a ruling to terminate the proceedings or to leave the application without consideration, the defendant must be returned all that was collected from him in favor of the plaintiff under the annulled court decision (reversal of the execution of the court decision).