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Quarter Turn Cam Latches – Product Guide

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Quarter Turn Cam Latches – Product Guide

What are quarter turn cam latches?

For the most part, a quarter turn cam latch functions as a locking mechanism that’s mounted on doors, panels, and drawers. You can find these components in switch boxes, access panels, lockers, and hatches. Comprising a housing, insert, and cam, quarter turn latches are durable and can be used across a wide range of equipment, from office furniture to military hardware.

Quarter turn cam latches get their name from the fact that they require a key, handle, or knob to turn a pawl 90 degrees in order to latch. For added strength, quarter turn receptacles or fasteners are usually added.

Quarter turn cam latches come in either quarter turn lock or non-locking varieties. Another variety is known as a compression latch which operates the same way. The only difference is that this type of latch requires an additional quarter turn to compress a gasket between the panel and the frame to create an airtight seal.

The latches come in several options for different materials and handle constructions. You can choose between a chrome plated and stainless steel quarter turn lock. The handles are made from nylon or plastic polyamide material that can withstand high temperatures and moisture. There are also a variety of finishes to choose from, including black powder coated, die-cast zinc, or chrome plated.

What are the types of quarter turn cam latches?

Quarter turn cam latches come in a variety of types that are ideal for a number of different applications, equipment, and industries. In this section, we will look over the various types of lockable and non-lockable quarter turn latches.

Light Duty

Light-duty latches are preferred for cabinets and other fixtures. They also work well for tool boxes, compartments, and other portable storage equipment. They usually come with a L-handle that’s easy to grip and manipulate.

Adjustable, Self-Adjusting and Non-Adjustable

If you are looking for a cam latch with an adjustable grip, look towards an adjustable cam latch that’s easy to install. The height for this latch can be adjusted and fixed to any desired position.


Consisting of low-profile swing handles, tool-operated cam latches can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. They typically consist of a key lock, and some varieties may have a wing knob with padlock fittings.

Quarter Turn Cam Latches with Slotted or Hex Inserts

For applications that require quick and precise assembly and disassembly, opt for quarter turn latches with slotted or hex inserts. These can be installed using a washer and plungers.

How does a quarter turn cam latch work?

A quarter turn cam latch uses a sophisticated mechanism that allows it to catch on a frame. For a full view of how these essential components work, watch the video below:


Are you in the market for quarter turn cam latches? If so, make Reid Supply the first stop on your search. Our catalog features a wide range of cam latches and cam handles that are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. For more product guides, check out our Industry News page.

1959 25C, CAM (Proof) Washington Quarter

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  • CoinFacts
  • Twenty Cents and Quarters
  • Washington Quarter
  • Type 1, Silver
  • 1959 25C, CAM
  • PR
  • Cameo
  • Deep Cameo

Series: Washington Quarters 1936-1964


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John Flanagan




24.30 millimeters


6.30 grams






90% Silver, 10% Copper

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Relative Rarity

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All Grades 195,000 R-1. 9 7 / 15 TIE 7 / 15 TIE
60 or Better 195,000 R-1.9 7 / 15 TIE 7 / 15 TIE
65 or Better 150,000 R-1.9 9 / 15 TIE 9 / 15 TIE

Survival Estimate
All Grades 195,000
60 or Better 195,000
65 or Better 150,000

Numismatic Rarity
All Grades R-1. 9
60 or Better R-1.9
65 or Better R-1.9

Relative Rarity By Type

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All Grades 7 / 15 TIE
60 or Better 7 / 15 TIE
65 or Better 9 / 15 TIE

Relative Rarity By Series

All Specs in this Series
All Grades 7 / 15 TIE
60 or Better 7 / 15 TIE
65 or Better 9 / 15 TIE
Condition Census What Is This?

Pos Grade Image Pedigree and History
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
1 PR69CAM PCGS grade
10 PR68CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#1 PR69CAM PCGS grade

#10 PR68CAM PCGS grade

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China Quarter Turn Latch Manufacturers and Suppliers – Quarter Turn Latch Factory

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    Quartur Turn locks with metal handle

    Quarter-turn twist lock metal handle, keyless, black powder coated, raw material body, raw.mingyi ref. 70033-24 more

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    Compression cabinet Latch Lock Quarter Turn lock

    Compression Cabinet Latch Lock Quarter Turn Lock Cabinet Metal Triangle Solt Double Bit Cam Adjustable Quarter Turn Panel Cam Lock – Mingyi item number -70009Read More

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    Quarter-turn cylinder latch

    Model Code 70022-02 Cylindrical Quarter-Turn Latch, Low Profile, Door Thickness 1-9mm, Single Hole MountingView Details

  • Contact Now

    Keyless plastic cabinet quarter turn cam lock

    Quarter-turn cam lock without key in plastic case, yellow-grey body, 81 degree rotation to open or close; quick fitRead more

  • Contact Now

    Keyless knuckle latch

    Keyless knuckle latch, Quanzhou place of origin, IP65/66 rating, 720h salt spray testRead More

  • Contact Now

    Keyless Cam Latches

    Keyless Cam Latch, Quarter Thumb Lock, Custom Logo, Individually Packed, 90 Degree RotationRead More

  • Contact Now

    Quarter Turn Mini Locks

    Mini quarter turn lock smaller size 14×16. 5mm high security lock anti-corrosion 70018 square insertsRead More

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    Locks with quarter turn key

    Quarter turn lock with key, 8x8mm square insert, different inserts on request 4mm S shape, 8x8mm rail, slot, 6mm hex socket, 10mm socket hex, recessed grooveRead More

  • Contact Now

    Control panel triangular lock

    Triangular control panel lock, quarter-turn latch with key, custom shape or size insert, item code Mingyi 70007. Bright chrome/black powder coated.Read more

  • Contact Now

    Slotted Quartur Turn Cam Lock

    Quarter-turn slotted cam lock, plastic lock head, slotted head, keyless cylinder lock, operated by coin or screwdriver, can open it.Read More

  • Contact Now

    Thumb clips

    Keyless rotary cam latch 70033-24 cabinet lock car lock with waterproof function cam lever optionRead More

  • Contact Now

    Quater Turn Cam Latch

    Keyless Thumb Turn Cam Latch, Quarter Turn Cam Lock, Cam Latch Clamp. Cabinet lock, motor organs latch with die-cast zinc and waterproof functionRead More

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Mingyi Light is one of the leading quarter turn latch manufacturers and suppliers in China. and our factory is located in the convenient city of Quanzhou. Please rest assured to buy our generic quarter turn latch or try our customized service.

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Camlocks | Elektra




  • § Aluminum construction
  • § Stainless steel lever
  • § Oil and petrol resistant gasket
  • § Easy to install
  • § Light weight
  • § No corrosion

Application :


Oil refining industry

üChemical treatment

üFood industry


üWater supply, sewerage

üHeating, ventilation, air conditioning

C 250 ½ ”C300 3” C400 4

D 300 3”

E200 2”

DC -300 3”

DP300 3”

Medium – water

Operating pressure -10 bar

Operating temperature:

minus 20 . .. plus 100 o C

8 designs:

A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP.
Inch thread (English).

Other thread types available on request.

KAMLOK is a quick-release cam coupling for connecting sleeves and hoses (including several pieces at the same time).
Camlock is a set of two parts: a receiving and a mating part (“mother” and “father”). Between these parts is a gasket. Camlocks are made of forged aluminum and have stainless steel levers.

Price list for aluminum couplings (KAMLOKI)
Product code Description Pack quantity Retail price, (USD) 3% discount for the amount over 15 tr. 7% discount for the amount over 40 tr.
C300-AL 3″ type C, aluminum sleeve, stainless steel lever 27.00 8.50 8.25 7.91
C400-AL 4″ type C, aluminum sleeve, stainless steel lever 14.00 12.10 11.74 11.25
D300-AL 3″ type D, socket aluminium, lever – stainless steel 30.00 7.90 7.66 7.35
DC300-AL 3″ dust cap – aluminum 45.00 7.18 6.96 6.67
DP300-AL 3″ dust plug – aluminum 72.00 4.03 3.90 3.74
E200-AL 2″ adapter type E – aluminum 65.00 3.78 3.66 3.51
C250-SS316 2-1/2″ Type C, Clutch, SS316-Stainless Lever 16.