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How to record a webcam video



Record a Video

Record a Video

How to record a webcam video

Clipchamp’s online webcam recording feature allows you to record video and audio directly in editing projects and easily edit and export them. It works with your computer’s built-in camera and microphone, with any connected external cameras, and external microphones. See below for a step-by-step guide.

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First, create a new video or open an existing one.

Step 1. Click on the “Record & create” tab on the left sidebar

Click on the record & create tab, then click on the camera recording option.

Step 2. Allow access to your webcam

A prompt should pop up (usually in the top left corner of the window) asking if you want to let “” use your microphone and camera. Click Allow. 

NOTE: This is necessary for you to be able to record a video. We don’t have access to any recordings you make (they stay on your computer unless you choose to save them in the cloud).

If you don’t see the pop-up, see an error message, or your camera doesn’t turn on, please see this related help article.

Step 3. Adjust your input settings

A recording screen will appear. You will see microphone and camera settings at the bottom of the pop-up window. Click the down arrows to edit the settings if desired. You will also have the option to use speaker coach.

The resolution depends on your computer’s built-in camera or the external camera you connect. It ranges from 480p and 720p to 1080p.

Step 4. Click the red button to start recording

Click the red circle at the bottom of the window to begin recording. You will see the elapsed time at the bottom of the screen. You can record videos of up to 30 minutes duration.

Step 5. Click on the stop button to stop recording

Click on the red square button to stop recording.

Step 6.  Review the recording and add to your video

Once you click stop, your video will appear for preview. You can watch it back to check you’re happy with it. Click retake or save and edit.

Your will return back to the editor once you have clicked save and edit.

Chromebook owners

If you’re recording on a Chromebook, please be sure to close all other tabs in Chrome and also any apps that might be running in the background such as Google Hangouts. This will make sure that as much of the Chromebook’s CPU and memory as possible is available for the webcam recording (which is quite processing-intense, so Chromebooks can sometimes struggle).

Try it out

Head over to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself. 

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How to watch the recording from the surveillance camera?

How to watch the video from the CCTV camera?

It is generally accepted that a video surveillance system is needed to prevent theft (and this is partly true, the presence of cameras in itself has a psychological impact), but the main task of such a system is to record and store the very fact of the offense.

Almost all modern cameras allow you to monitor the situation online, but there are often times when you need to watch the recording, make out details, such as car numbers or the faces of intruders.

In this article, we will tell you how to view the recording from the CCTV camera.

Where are camera records stored?

Modern cameras have several options for storing recordings.

Video is written:

  • To the cloud.

  • To SD card. There are many models with slots for cards of various sizes on board. The card itself is usually not included.

  • to the hard drive of the DVR. For video surveillance it is recommended to use specialized disks, SeaGate, Toshiba and WD.

  • To a USB drive.

How to watch CCTV cameras?

Any device is suitable for viewing – phone, TV, tablet, professional monitor for video surveillance or computer.

The most convenient and optimal option is the last one. Let’s start with him.

Make sure you have the required codecs installed on your computer. Usually they come with the camera, but if for some reason they are not there, then you can search for the necessary files on the manufacturer’s website.

How to view CCTV cameras on the monitor? To get started, you will need to connect your camera to your computer, a regular USB cable will suffice. Connect both devices, turn on the camera and select the “Connect to computer” mode. Open the operating system explorer and find the files you need in the camera folder, then download them to your computer. Start browsing using the player recommended by the system. The most common: Windows Media Classic, K-lite, KMPlayer, VLC.

If you experience difficulties when trying to view CCTV cameras on your computer, for example, the video does not start, then your player may not read this format. In video surveillance systems, Mpeg4 or umv is most often used.

How to watch the recording from the surveillance camera in this case? There are two options for resolving the issue: choose a player that works with this format, or recode the video itself into a more common format, for example, to AVI. There are many services on the Internet that allow you to do this quickly and for free. For example,

How to view the recording from the surveillance camera via the cloud?

This is the easiest option and requires the least effort – all you need to do is log into your account on the storage site and download the files you need. The data storage period depends on the plan you have chosen.

How to view surveillance cameras if the recordings are stored on SD or flash drive?

Here everything is also elementary – we insert the drive into the card reader, wait until the computer recognizes the new device, download files to it.

What is important to remember? The place on a flash drive, drive or hard drive tends to run out, and then a new one is written on top of the old record. In order not to fill the memory with unnecessary information, we recommend connecting a motion detector to the camera – and then the recording will only start on a trigger.

How to watch video from CCTV cameras through the recorder.

You need to go to the settings of the DVR and download the archive for the required date. Login and password required. If the credentials are lost, they can be reset at the manufacturer’s service center.


So, we figured out how to watch video from CCTV cameras, now let’s talk about formats.

Modern IP cameras and DVRs use . 264, H.264, H.265. Let’s pay attention to everyone.


The outdated format takes up a lot of space on the map and is only found in ten-year-old cameras. You won’t be able to play the recording directly, you need to re-encode it. Opens in players: Light Allow; VLK Media Player; Media Player Classic; GOM player. Most likely, you will not encounter him, but whoever is warned is armed.

H.264 (aka MJPEG)

Many new generation cameras work on it. It plays without problems in various players.

H.265 or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)

A format that is gradually replacing H.264 as it provides the same visual quality at half the bitrate. H.265 is also opened by standard players for Windows: QuickTime Player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Light Alloy, VLC and others.

Worth remembering.

That all these recommendations relate to personal cameras installed inside apartments, houses and on private property. If you need a recording from a city surveillance camera, you can get it by sending a request to the police and the traffic police.

However, this is a topic for a separate large article.

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How to understand that the surveillance camera is working

The key to the effectiveness of a CCTV camera is its continuous operation. However, any equipment can fail.

Causes of CCTV camera failures:

  1. Broken or damaged cable. This is the case when the camera itself can be quite a working one. Cable damage is usually indicated by the inscription “signal loss”.

  2. Incompatible hardware. There are many different types of equipment on the market, and sometimes there are situations when it is not “friends” with each other. Therefore, we recommend that you contact specialists for selection, and if an unpleasant situation still occurs, issue a refund.

  3. Unstable Internet at the facility. Perhaps there was some kind of accident on the side of the provider, but everything is in order with the camera.

  4. Vandalism. Sometimes cameras are spoiled by hooligans. To prevent this from happening to you, choose anti-vandal cameras with a degree of protection from IK10.

  5. Incorrectly installed connectors. This is one of the most popular reasons why cameras fail.

  6. Factory marriage (alas, this happens even with major market players).

  7. Faulty recorder.

  8. The lens of the camera is fogged up. This often happens, especially if the working life of the camera is more than a year. The seal is broken, and when the temperature drops, the lens may fog up.

  9. Problems with the hard drive. They can be identified by three signs:
  • Unusual knocks and clicks come from the disk, there is no archive of records, the recorder reboots from time to time. If your hard drive has failed, we recommend that you do not hesitate to replace it.
  • In addition, the camera may fail due to adverse environmental influences, lack of maintenance, or due to the end of its life.
  • Sometimes breakdowns are noticeable, and sometimes the owner of the video surveillance system himself is not aware that it is faulty. Since the security of the facility depends on the video surveillance system, it is very important to ensure that all its elements, including video surveillance cameras, work correctly.

There are several ways to test the video surveillance camera for operation.

Method 1: Check if the camera and/or lens is moving.

Some types of cameras (such as panoramic PTZ) are in constant motion. They rotate around their own axis. This movement is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Therefore, take a closer look at the camera – if there is movement, then everything is in order with it. If the body remains stationary, we recommend that you pay attention to the lens. It must also be dynamic. If it does not move, then the recording process is not going on.

Notice the movement of the lens of a dome camera is not an easy task, for this you need to examine it closely, and certain difficulties can be associated with this, for example, the camera is located in a hard-to-reach place.

Method 2: Observe the camera’s IR illumination.

If your device has a night mode, then you can easily and simply determine its performance by simply looking at it in the dark. A working camera will have a noticeable red glow, but if there is none, there is a high probability that something is wrong with the camera.

You can check if the backlight is working in another way – just point the camera of your mobile phone at the lens of the device. The IR illumination on the smartphone screen will turn purple.

Method 3: Check the recordings from the cameras.

The most simple and effective method. Go to cloud storage or check records remotely. If everything is fine with recent files, then you have nothing to worry about.

Method 4: Use a detector to detect cameras.

This is a small useful gadget that can “see” the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation from a working camera. Please note that there are also detectors that work on the principle of optical detection – they will respond even when the device is turned off.

Method 5: Test the camera through the application.

Almost every brand that produces security cameras has its own software. Download it to your phone and check the necessary equipment.

Method 6. Pay attention to the manufacturer.

We can give this recommendation to those who are just thinking about buying a video camera. Choose a reliable manufacturer with a good reputation – this will reduce the likelihood that your camera will fail.

Method 7. Check if everything is in order with the wires.

Make sure all cables or wires are connected to a power source or router.

Method 8: Check the power light

Another simple and extremely effective way. If the indicator is on, then the camera is working.

Method 9. Make sure that you do not have a dummy in front of you.

Often, what we think of as a security camera is actually not. Fakes are cheaper, but they can still have the necessary psychological impact on the attacker. Therefore, dummies are often found in apartments and porches, in summer cottages, inside industrial premises.

Here are some signs that will help you distinguish between a real camera and a dummy:

  1. There are no LEDs. There are “advanced” models of dummies, they can imitate the backlight, but in this case it will flash even during the day when it is not needed. And that means you have a fake.

  2. Cheap body material that doesn’t fit in a real camera, like plastic instead of waterproof aluminium.