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Phone Protection | Allstate Protection Plans

The smarter the phone, the harder the fall

50+ million

The number of smartphones that break each year.


What phone repairs can cost if you’re not covered.


What you could spend to replace a damaged phone.

2 in 3 smartphone owners experienced some type of damage in the past year*

Allstate covers life’s accidents & common malfunctions.

  •  Cracked screen
  •  Liquid damage
  •  Battery failure
  •  Touchscreen failure
  •  Speaker/audio failure
  •  Charging port failure

*Allstate Protection Plans 2018 Smartphone Owners Repair Study conducted in August 2018.

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Protect any phone, old or new

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Same-day repair options available in most areas


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Get your phone fixed at one of thousands of local repair shops.  


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A certified tech replaces your broken screen at a time and place of your choice: home, office, coffee shop, anywhere.


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If you’ve got an Apple device, get it repaired at the Genius Bar and we’ll reimburse you.

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We’ll fix your phone within two days of receiving it, guaranteed.

Subject to Terms & Conditions.

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I am thrilled with the protection plan service I bought for my phone. I would recommend this service to everyone. Thank you!


The best insurance I ever paid for. No-hassle claims all handled by great customer service reps. Thank you again.


I was totally impressed by my entire experience. I can easily recommend to others.



Don’t see your question below? No worries. Quickly find the information you’re looking for on our smartphone FAQ page. 

Any smartphone is eligible for protection as long as it is working and in good condition:

You will be required to activate your plan after purchase and present a copy of the original purchase/lease receipt when filing a claim. 

Yes. You may cancel your protection plan for any reason at any time. 


If you cancel during the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund. 


If you cancel after the first 30 days, your subscription will run until the end of the current monthly billing cycle, and it will not be renewed after that.  


To cancel your protection plan, simply log into your account or call us 24/7 at 1-866-318-2173.

Your plan is automatically transferred to your new phone (your old phone will no longer be protected), no activation required. Be sure to save the receipt for your new phone—you will need to provide it if you ever have to file a claim. 

A deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket per claim before Allstate Protection Plans begins to cover repair or replacement costs. 


A $149 deductible applies to all smartphone claims for plans purchased on this site. This is true regardless of device type, model, make, age, whether the phone was purchased or leased, or whether the claim involves accidental damage, electrical or mechanical failures, or any other failure or damage type. 

For the single smartphone plan purchased on this site, you may file up to four claims per plan, except in the event that we cannot repair or replace your device and instead issue you a cash reimbursement. In this case, the terms of your plan will be considered completed (and you will be eligible to file additional claims). 


For the family smartphone plan purchased on this site, you may file up to eight claims per rolling 12 months, up to the item’s purchase price (exclusive of taxes and fees) for each claim. 

Mobile insurance: is it worth overpaying?

Did you accidentally break your new phone or lose it? It’s a shame, but … if he was insured, there is a chance to get the money back. How to act correctly in order to get insurance, and is it worth it to overpay for it initially, when buying a phone, says our expert – lawyer Roman Chernenko

When selling a phone, the seller usually gives the buyer a warranty card from the manufacturer, less often – a guarantee from the store. This will make it possible to repair the equipment or return the money if a defect is detected during operation.

But besides this, sellers also offer an “extended” warranty, which in fact is the usual insurance against loss, theft or breakage (when the owner breaks his phone himself). Many consumers would be happy to insure themselves, but do not understand how to prove to the insurance that you have lost your phone. Sellers also can not always enlighten the client in these matters. Let’s say you buy insurance. What to do if an insured event occurs?

What to do if your phone is stolen or lost?

Go to the police. To the district police officer or to the duty unit. Write a statement, how and under what circumstances you lost your equipment.

Law enforcement agencies should consider your application. There are requirements of Art. 144-145 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, providing for a 10-day period for consideration and the obligation to make a procedural decision. After this period, you will be issued a decision to refuse or to initiate a criminal case.

As a consumer, you shouldn’t care if you’re denied or prosecuted. This decision proves the fact of the loss of your thing. And that is exactly what you need.

Go to the insurance company. Write a statement about the occurrence of an insured event.

The insurance company cannot take a word – it will require confirmation by relevant documents. Attach to the application a certified copy of the decision to refuse or to initiate a criminal case.

Get the insurance either a mark on the copy of the application, or a notification of receipt of the application (depending on the internal regulations of the insurance company).

After reviewing the application, the insurance company must pay you the money within 30 days. Has the payment been made within this period? Write a claim to the insurance company. As a rule, this encourages the internal bureaucratic processes of the insurance company itself to quickly close the issue.

In accordance with Art. 22 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, the period for considering a claim is 10 days. If the claim remains unanswered, file a lawsuit.

In case of theft, you received insurance compensation, but … the police found the criminal who stole your mobile. The phone itself was also found. Do I need to return the money to the insurance company?

No. In this case, the insurance company puts forward a counterclaim against the offender. And you are left with compensation, and theoretically with a mobile phone, which will be returned to you by law enforcement agencies after sentencing the kidnapper (what condition the equipment will be in is a separate issue). However, do not rush to rejoice: even after returning to the rightful owner, the mobile phone will be listed in the police database as stolen. It will not be easy to remove this status from him.

What to do if your phone is broken?

If you broke (broken, drowned) the insured phone, first contact the service center and record the fact of the breakdown.

Employees of the center will draw up an act, indicate what kind of damage the equipment received, whether it can be repaired. If yes, what exactly can be done.

With this act, the owner of the broken phone again goes to the insurance company and writes a statement about the occurrence of an insured event, not forgetting to attach proof – an inspection report from the service center.

The insurance company will either pay for the repair of the device, or return the money in the amount of the cost of the phone if the repair is not possible.

Want to know which phone is better? Check out the results of the smartphone study.

Do you really need insurance?

The seller insistently offers to purchase insurance. Especially when the phone costs a lot of money. The arguments are very convincing. But whether it’s worth the extra cost is up to you. If you lead a fairly calm lifestyle and take care of things, there is a good chance that insurance will not be useful to you.

Please note that the store / seller offering you insurance for equipment is usually financially interested in this. As an insurance agent, he receives an agency fee for each client (for example, 10% of the insurance amount).

Compare the cost of the phone to your willingness to “run” around the authorities and spend time filing applications. Expedient? Then insure. And of course, before you sign the documents, carefully read the terms of insurance!

Insurance and mobile phone

Not so long ago, insurance services entered our lives and today no one can be surprised that your car is insured for its full value against theft, damage by hooligans or other troubles. Taking into account the introduction of compulsory civil liability insurance by motorists, the availability of insurance for all cars is becoming a matter of the near future. But is it possible to insure a cell phone?! After all, as practice shows, it is they who have most often disappeared from their owners lately. They steal devices both on the beach and in the markets from a gaping buyer, and just in transport. Teenagers often drag phones, because for them it is quick money, because you can sell a phone to anyone. In the future, any mobile operator will be happy to connect it, just buy a contract. The lack of a charger is also not a problem, you can buy it in one of the communication stores for relatively little money. If today, when a cell phone costs relatively little money, its loss can be significant, then what will happen tomorrow, when third-generation phones appear, not only costing an order of magnitude more, but also allowing, like electronic plastic cards, to store money in them. In this case, the loss of the phone will result not only in the loss of the device itself and the SIM card, but also in the money stored in it. How can you protect yourself from such troubles ?!

Already today, some insurance companies in our country are trying out various options for mobile phone insurance. An example of this, as a rule, is the experience of Western insurance companies that have been providing such a service for several years. In the simplest case, the insurance scheme is as follows: when buying a phone, you automatically enter into an insurance contract upon purchase or later, which may include such items as phone insurance against a technical malfunction of the phone (marriage) or insurance against theft. And if in the first case, in order to prove the occurrence of an insured event, you will only need to present the conclusion of the service center, then in the second case, you will already need a certificate from the police that you were robbed. Most of the phone insurance contracts fall on contracts related to the possible marriage of the device. These standard contracts are valid for a maximum of 3 years and can, to some extent, replace the service contract, which is valid for a shorter period. Oddly enough, but the maximum amount of payments in the event of an insured event occurs not in the first, but in the second year. The cost of the insurance contract is about 1.5-2 percent of the cost of the phone per year. And finally, an important addition, such insurance contracts are concluded only for non-subsidized phones, i.e. for devices for which the owner paid the full cost.

Phone insurance has its own specifics in our country. It should be noted that major players in the insurance services market prefer not to work with the public and focus their efforts on the corporate market. The exception is car insurance and medical insurance, which are in high demand among individuals. Accordingly, this sector of the market is not yet of interest to them due to its small volume at the moment, despite its prospects and large volume in the near future. But as the saying goes, no place is empty, and the vacuum was quickly filled by smaller companies that are more responsive to market conditions. So, the instigator was the New Holland Mutual Insurance Company, which was the first in St. Petersburg to offer insurance policies that cover damage from cell phone theft. Also, among the services of the company there is credit support for the client’s account, while the client can count on an amount of up to 50 US dollars, which will be credited to his account. The insurance system in New Holland and similar organizations is based on a combination of the principle of direct insurance based on membership and the conclusion of contracts between the society and its members. Among the initiatives of this society there is also a club of mobile communication users called GSM-Subscriber. Membership in the club means automatic receipt of insurance against theft of the phone, a line of credit, as well as a SIM card insured against loss or theft. Among the privileges of the club members is the opportunity to purchase and connect phones by installments, but it is natural that in this case the cost of the devices is somewhat higher.

Here’s another example, Mobile Tips, together with the insurance company NASTA-Center, provides free insurance for owners of phones purchased in its offices. The insurance policy protects against robbery, theft and loss for up to one month from the date of purchase. The only condition is that the owner of the phone should not neglect the generally accepted precautions.

I offer longer phone insurance periods in the Urals. Thus, the Sintez III mobile communication salon selling cell phones in Yekaterinburg, with the support of the Cox-Policy insurance company, immediately insures them. The duration of the insurance is 10 months, and coverage occurs for such parameters as technical damage and theft of the phone. It is possible to apply with your phone and immediately to the Cox-Policy office, in this case the insurance will cost according to the tariffs given in the table.

9 0086 0-2

90 086 8

TARIFF RATES for mobile communications insurance (per year, in % of the sum insured)
Damage 6 8
Third party misconduct 4 4
Complete package 10

Depreciation of the terminal for 1 year of operation – 5-8%

All the above examples of phone insurance are just the first signs, soon this service will become more in demand by consumers. In the meantime, I would like to focus on risk insurance by manufacturers and sellers of cell phones.

Large companies producing and selling cell phones, as a rule, have a corporate insurance agreement with one of the Western companies. I do not know of examples when the services of our Russian insurance companies were used. Insurance contracts for these companies usually cover everything from fire to phone theft and natural disasters that lead to supply disruption. But if everything is clear here, then let’s focus on cell phone sellers and see what insurance policies they buy.

By and large, the trade in cell phones is not much different from the trade in any technical products, which allows insurance companies to apply proven schemes. In particular, most of the major Moscow insurance companies, when asked whether I can insure a cell phone, as an individual, immediately answered no. This type of insurance was possible only if household property was insured, and a cell phone could also be included in the list. But this is not very convenient, why was it necessary to insure everything if you need only one type of insurance. But when asked about the corporate service of the communication salon store, everyone immediately began to talk with pleasure about the benefits of an insurance policy from their company. In general terms, insurance is as follows, on average from 1 to 1.5 percent of the value of the insured property and equipment, coverage occurs in case of theft, flood, fire and force majeure. Similar insurance conditions apply to shops of a completely different profile, so here cellular communications are no exception to the rule.

Finally, it is worth repeating that with the increase in the price of cell phones, such a service as risk insurance by individuals will become popular, including in our country. It is quite possible that, under the influence of large insurance companies, operators will begin to register stolen devices and not connect them, since in this case the insurance companies will be able to recover money from them.