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Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters

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Drive Reach Overland




Drive Reach



Get connected to cell towers in remote areas with Drive Reach, our most powerful multi-user cell phone signal booster for vehicles. Shop weBoost today!

Farthest from Tower

Multi User

Ideal for Car/SUV



Drive X



Multiple users in your car, truck, van or SUV can enjoy a strong cell signal as you travel with our Drive X cell signal booster.

Multi User

Farther from Tower

Ideal for Car/SUV



Drive Sleek



Go sleek with your cell reception using Drive Sleek, our single-user cell signal booster that comes with an adjustable cradle.

Single User

Far from Tower

Ideal for Car/SUV



Drive Sleek OTR



Make your truck “sleek” with our Drive Sleek OTR single-user cell signal booster and adjustable phone cradle.

Single User

Far from Tower

Trucks and Semis



Drive Reach OTR



Drive Reach OTR is our most powerful multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster for semi-trucks.

Multi User

Farthest From Tower

Trucks and Semis



Drive Reach RV



Best for RVs

  • Most powerful model for all RV classes
  • Works with any cell carrier
  • Free shipping
  • Easy DIY installation

Multi User

Farther from Tower

Moving and Stationary

All RV Classes



Destination RV



Experience stronger cell signal while parked anywhere with our most powerful, multi-user cell signal booster for large, stationary trailers and campers.

Multi User

Farthest from Tower

Stationary Use Only



Drive X RV



Stay in touch in your RV or camper with our Drive X RV multi-user cell signal booster. You can touch base while on the go.

Multi User

Far from Tower

Moving and Stationary


weBoost is now the official cell signal booster for Subaru Motorsports USA. Subaru Motorsports USA relies on weBoost cell signal boosters in their fleet of rally cars, service trucks, and marketing vehicles, to ensure they are able to maintain communication in even the most remote rally locations.

WATCH VIDEO: Subaru Motorsports | weBoost

Start enjoying stronger cell signal today. Qualifying members have access to low monthly payments starting at 0% APR.


How to Choose a Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

When you’re out on the road, your cell phone will not always maintain a strong signal. Truck, SUV, RV and car signal boosters can strengthen your cell signal no matter where you are. To find the right booster for your vehicle, make sure to keep these items in mind. 

Number of Users

How many people will depend on your vehicle’s cell phone signal booster? weBoost offers both single-user and multi-user booster options for vehicles of all sizes. If you need to boost signal for one device, you will most likely need a single-user system. But if you need to boost signal for multiple people, a multi-user booster is your best bet.

Installation Process

The installation process for weBoost’s vehicle signal boosters is fairly simple. Both single-user and multi-user boosters come with exterior antennas, which must be attached to the outside of the vehicle to connect to nearby cell towers. Overall, the process should take you about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your vehicle. Learn more about installation here.

Reading the Strength of Your Cell Signal

When you’re driving, the strength of your signal goes in and out depending on where you are. If you notice your cell signal goes out during specific points in your commute, try doing a speed test in those areas to understand your current signal strength. Download a free speed test app such as SpeedTest or OpenSignal to test your signal. 

RV Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters for RV

When you’re traveling in your RV or stopped at camp, you just need your cell phone signal to work when you need it. You can find what you need to stay connected when it matters most with these cell phone boosters for RV. An RV cell phone booster is great for those remote areas where you tend to drop calls and experience slow data.

RV Cell Phone Signal Booster FAQs

Why do I need an RV cell phone booster?

Several obstacles like building materials, proximity to cell towers and high network traffic can interfere with signal being transmitted from cell towers to your mobile device. You don’t have to live with bad signal in your RV. Try an RV cell booster to stay connected on your travels.

The RV life will take you to many beautiful and exciting locations. Unfortunately, many of these locations do not offer adequate cell service. If you are always on the go in your RV, an RV cell phone booster is an investment worth making to help you stay connected to family, friends, and the world. In the event your RV breaks down or requires repairs, you will have a reliable cell signal. Being able to browse the internet and locate a local towing company and auto shop that can handle your specific needs is vital when you are in a tight spot. 

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no signal can be scary and dangerous if you find yourself in the middle of an emergency. Never go without reliable, safe cell phone coverage with our RV cell phone booster. Our booster will ensure you can reach someone in your time of need.

Who will benefit from an RV cell phone booster?

If you are someone who frequently makes trips in an RV, you can benefit from an RV cell phone signal booster. For example, if you’re a family who spends summers in your RV traveling, an RV booster will come in handy to ensure you always have reliable cell service no matter where the road takes you.

How do RV cell phone signal boosters work?

Your RV cell phone booster will improve nationwide 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G signals and increase cell coverage. No matter if you are stationary in an RV park or on the move, the right RV cell phone amplifier will boost any weak signal it detects in your area and increases it to give you a strong, reliable connection. Our RV cell boosters will even reach faraway to any cell phone tower and boost the signal.

What is the best RV cell phone booster for me?

Whether your RV is parked or on the road, weBoost offers RV cell boosters depending on your specific needs: Destination RV is weBoost’s most powerful signal booster for stationary RV use ONLY. It features a maximum gain of up to 65 dB and supports multiple users and devices. When parked, the booster targets cell towers with an outside directional antenna that mounts on a 25-foot telescoping pole to ensure optimal range in remote areas.

Drive Reach RV improves cell phone signal whether you’re parked at a campground or driving. With a powerful omni-directional RV antenna, it features a maximum gain of up to 50 dB so multiple users and devices stay connected. Several mounting options are available to fit almost any RV, and the mast extension elevates the antenna for greater range.

How do I install a weBoost RV cell phone booster?

To properly install, please refer to the installation guide for your RV cell signal booster or check out this install page here. Also, please see our Youtube channel for helpful installation videos.

Do weBoost RV cellular signal boosters work with 5G?

Yes. weBoost RV signal boosters are 5G ready and will continue to amplify cell signal for all mobile phones for the next decade and beyond.

What should I bring on my next RV road trip?

Well of course you need an RV cell phone signal booster to stay connected in remote areas so you can use your GPS, message friends and family, and stream music and videos. But there are other essentials that may help you be more comfortable on your trip. For more recommendations of RV gadgets, read our complete list here. 

GSM / 3G / 4G Car Amplifiers

GSM-Repeaters.RU » GSM / 3G / 4G Car Amplifiers

The lack of cellular communication outside the city and poor reception on the highways are a problem familiar to many car owners. How often did an important conversation get interrupted because you drove into a “blind spot”? As a rule, this dilemma is solved very simply: it is enough to install a communication and Internet repeater!

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6 900 rubles

Car GSM amplifier CarBoost 23-GD

Car kit for amplifying cellular communications in the 900 and 1800 MHz frequency bands, supporting operation in the GSM 900 and GSM/LTE 1800 standards. Active radio signal amplifier..


15 900 rubles

GSM-amplifier kit for car Picocell TAU-918

Car amplifier PicoCell TAU-918 is used to improve mobile communications in vehicles: cars and trucks, buses, trucks. The kit allows you to ..


16 900 rubles

3G amplifier kit for Picocell TAU-2000

The TAU-2000 car kit is a useful and convenient solution based on the PicoCell amplifier, designed to improve the quality of the 3G signal in land transport. ..


17 000 rub.

19 300 rubles

19 900 rubles

Vegatel AV1-900e-kit GSM Amplifier Kit

To amplify the cellular signal in the car, special kits are used, including a repeater, a set of antennas and a power adapter. With Vegatel AV1-900e-kit you can..


20 880 rubles

GSM + 3G amplifier kit for Vegatel AV1-900e/3G-kit

The Vegatel AV1-900e/3G-kit will help improve the quality of voice communication and 2G and 3G mobile Internet in car interiors. This kit supports the most popular parts..


24 795 rubles

GSM/3G car booster kit BS-GSM/3G-70 AUTO

A novelty in the line of Baltic Signal car repeaters is the BS-GSM/3G-70 AUTO dual-band amplifier with intelligent automatic adjustment mode. Model supports ..


26 000 rubles

GSM/LTE car booster kit BS-GSM/DCS-70 AUTO

Dual-band car amplifier in the frequency ranges 900 and 1800 MHz from the Russian company Baltic Signal. Model BS-GSM/DCS-70 AUTO belongs to the latest line of Smart-..


29 000 rub.

35 704 rubles

Vegatel AV2-900e-kit GSM Amplifier Kit

The Vegatel AV2-900E-kit is designed to enhance voice communication in cars, trucks, minivans, buses, boats and small yachts. This set is great..


40 000 rubles

42 000 rubles

LTE/3G/4G car booster kit BS-DCS/3G/4G-70 AUTO

The car repeater Baltic Signal amplifies the signal of cellular communication and mobile Internet of the fastest and most modern standards. Model BS-DCS/3G/4G-70 AUTO is ideal for ..


42 000 rubles

GSM+3G+4G booster kit for Vegatel AV1-5B-kit

Vegatel’s turnkey solution for strengthening cellular communications and mobile Internet, installed on vehicles (cars, trucks and passenger cars, river boats). ..


50 000 rubles

Car Antenna Amplifier PicoCell 5SX8 (five-band)

PicoCell 5SX8 is a universal car cellular amplifier for any operators and major Russian frequency bands. The kit is suitable for installation in cars.


69 000 rubles

69 000 rubles

72 000 rubles

74 417 rubles

We offer ready-made solutions for passenger cars and other vehicles. The equipment is easy to install and configure. With its help, you will forget about interruptions during calls on the roads! The device consists of several components: an active repeater, two antennas, as well as cables and adapters for connecting them.

An omnidirectional external antenna, which receives a signal from the operator’s base station, is attached to the vehicle body with a magnetic base. The roof acts as a natural screen that reflects radio waves to the antenna. Further, the signal is fed to the repeater, amplified and transmitted to the emitter, which distributes it throughout the cabin.

We offer powerful kits from the domestic company Baltic Signal. Unlike cheaper kits from other manufacturers, they use full-fledged signal repeaters with high gain and output power. They are also used for trucks.

In addition, almost any kit can be easily turned into an amplifier for a summer house or an apartment. Installation and dismantling of equipment takes a few minutes. If necessary, for permanent stationary use, you can purchase an additional external antenna with a high gain.

GSM car amplification kit

High-quality cellular communication has become an indispensable attribute of the modern life of people of any age and wealth. We expect the mobile phone to work anytime, anywhere and on any mode of transport.

However, it is not uncommon, when traveling by car, that the signal on the phone disappears, calls are cut off, or the quality of speech during a conversation deteriorates sharply. GSM-GPS trackers, GSM satellite alarms (Arkan, Caesar, etc.) and GSM navigators (CityGuide, Yandex.Navigator, etc.) stop functioning normally. Most often this is due to poor GSM cellular signal strength

There is a solution – buy a MediaWave car cellular signal amplifier!

How does it work? The signal from your operator’s base station is received by a magnetic antenna mounted on the roof of the car, goes via cable to the car’s GSM repeater, where it is amplified and broadcast from the antenna built into the repeater to all cell phones and GSM devices inside the car. According to the same scheme, the signal from your phone is transmitted in the opposite direction – to the base station of your operator. At the same time, the amplifier does not improve the reception of the cellular signal on the street

9 500 .-


  • Easy and fast installation!

  • Powered by a standard 12V car socket

  • Strengthening main GSM operators – MegaFon, MTS and Beeline

  • Everything for signal amplification in 1 box

  • The equipment is certified and has a Certificate of Conformity No. 0069898 dated 05/24/2017

  • Warranty period for all equipment – 1 year


  • Good reception level on your GSM mobile phone in the car

  • No missed calls and no interruptions during conversation

  • High quality voice and GPRS internet speed

  • Stable operation of any car GSM systems : GPS trackers, GSM alarms, etc.
  • Runtime extension phone battery without recharging !

  • Harm reduction telephone radiation

Model MWS-G-KC
Frequency 900 MHz
Standards EGSM-900
Reinforcement 45 dB
Power output 10 mW
Gain control Automatic/Manual
Coverage area up to 10 m2
Connectors N-female
Power 12V / 2A
Dimensions 10x7x2 cm
Weight 0.