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Support for PowerPoint, Google Slides, vMix, Keynote, and any presentation software.

Control any slides in any software



Google Slides

Libre Office




Zoho Slides





Works with all conferencing tools



Cisco Webex



Google Hangouts

How does it work?


Download and install Slides Clicker for Windows or Mac.

Slides Clicker works with any conferencing tool and any powerpoint application. You can install it on Windows or Mac OS easily.

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Share the meeting code or link with unlimited multiple presenters.

Invite presenters and enable them to control slides remotely using slides clicker. You can invite them in advance of your upcoming meeting or webinar or invite them real time.


Control the presenters realtime or chat with them.

Enable/Disable any presenter real time using the website or installed SlidesClicker application. Chat with presenters or remind them on time left for their part during the meeting & webinar.

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Slides Clicker is available for Windows & Mac and allows you to control multiple presenters for any conferencing application.

Free Trial License to easily get you started.

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Control Your Slideshow. FROM ANYWHERE.
SlidesClicker is a tool that enables you to have multiple presenters all together control the slides from a single Window or Mac machine.
SlidesClicker enables you to run online events and presenters can be anywhere in the world controlling their slide deck running on a laptop or mac.

Easy Setup – Windows/Mac

Simply install on Windows & Mac and you are ready to start hosting meetings where slides can be controlled by multiple presenters virtually located anywhere in world.

Works with any presentation application

Whether you use Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides or any other presentation application, SlidesClicker works with all of them.

Works with any conferencing tool

Zoom, Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting etc etc. .. works for all.

No more – “Next Slide please”

Have unlimited number of presenters be part of the same presentation and have them self control their slides and advance as they like creating a great experience for audience.

Who is using Slides Clicker

Slides Clicker is already trusted by many users & corporations across the world.






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Control Slides from Phone/Web

Use your phone as a presentation remote. The SlidesClicker solution acts as an internet based remote for slides.

You can –

Move Slides Forwards or Backwards: You can move your slides forward or backward by tapping a button.

Timer: A timer allows you to look at the time for which you have been speaking for. This is critical since you don’t want your presentation to go over its scheduled time.

Speaker Notes: Speaker notes allow you to refer to your notes during your presentation. This really helps you remember that important information you are trying to convey to your participants.

Control Presenters: Host can enable/disable presenters during the presentation thereby easily passing control to the presenters or avoiding others to wrongly click or advance the slides.

Flexible Pricing

Pick a plan that works for you. All plans come with unlimited internet presenters and support. Start a Free Trial to try out the features.


$2.99 / month


$32.99 / year

  • One host
  • Unlimited Presenters
  • End to End Encryption
  • Secure AES 256 bit SSL
  • Unlimited Support & Release Upgrades
  • Web Admin interface for Control
  • Enable/Disable Presenters
  • Countdown Control
  • Message/Notify presenters
  • Deskstop Screen Sharing
  • Slides Preview to Presenters
  • Advanced Presenters Control
  • Slides Notes Sharing with Presenters
  • Schedule Future Meetings & setup in advance
  • Multiple Hosts & Machines Support
  • Same meeting on Multiple Hosts
  • Backup Hosts Support
  • Send simultaneous clicks to multiple Hosts
  • Enterprise License Management
  • SSO SAML2. 0 Support
  • Embed within applications

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$4.99 / month


$55.99 / year

  • One host
  • Unlimited Presenters
  • End to End Encryption
  • Secure AES 256 bit SSL
  • Unlimited Support & Release Upgrades
  • Web Admin interface for Control
  • Enable/Disable Presenters
  • Countdown Control
  • Message/Notify presenters
  • Deskstop Screen Sharing
  • Slides Preview to Presenters
  • Advanced Presenters Control
  • Slides Notes Sharing with Presenters
  • Schedule Future Meetings & setup in advance
  • Multiple Hosts & Machines Support
  • Same meeting on Multiple Hosts
  • Backup Hosts Support
  • Send simultaneous clicks to multiple Hosts
  • Enterprise License Management
  • SSO SAML2. 0 Support
  • Embed within applications

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Frequently Asked


Slides Clicker is easy to install and enables you to give selective control to others to control your slideshow. No longer have to others ask for someone to drive the slides and all presenters located anywhere in world can collectively control and advance the slides.

  • Where do I download the SlidesClicker software for Windows/Mac?

    SlidesClicker can be installed on Windows/Mac and you can download it here

  • What conferencing tools does SlideClicker work with?

    SlidesClicker can work with any conferencing tool such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Webex, BigBlueButton, Google Hangouts .

  • What applications does SlidesClicker work with?

    SlidesClicker can work with any slideshow based presentation application where you put your screen in full screen mode to share your slides. You can use it with Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Open Office, Libre Office, Prezi,Visme, Vimx etc .

  • Can I control who can advance or control the slides?

    SlidesClicker allows unlimited simultaneous presenters on same slideshow in the meeting, but you control who can advance the slides. Host can control the presenters lists and enable/disable them real time through the web tool or installed SlidesClicker application. .

  • I need help, how do I contact SlidesClicker team?

    You can always email us at [email protected]

Documentation | SlidesClicker – Internet Clicker

Knowledge Base


Installation Steps – Windows

Installation Steps – Mac

Mac Additional Settings

Upgrading SlidesClicker to new version


How to use – Windows/Mac

SlidesClicker Options – Windows/Mac

Zoom Integration

Connect SlidesClicker Account to Zoom Account

Uninstalling Zoom SlidesClicker App

Step 1

Login in into the SlidesClicker

If you do not have an account, you can easily create a new one. Click here to create an account.

Step 2

Ensure it says status as Connected

This means you are now connected to SlidesClicker server.

Step 3

Get Meeting Id by clicking on Meeting

Meeting Id is used to join a meeting. You can share this meeting id with others and invite others directly from here.

Step 4

Invite presenters to join the meeting

Click on invite button to send an invite or you can share meeting id manually and ask them to go to to join meeting.

Step 5

Enable Presenters from Presenters tab

Presenters by default join as disabled. Enable them manually by flipping the switch in front of their names. You can disable them anytime.

Step 6

Enable Presenters by default

From meetings tab, you can set the setting to enable presenters by default. This will make them enabled so they can control slides as they join.
By enabling this option, you can run into the risk of all presenters trying to control slides at same time. Enabling this option will allow all presenters to join in enabled mode.

Step 7

Minimize Slidesclicker and let it run in background

Minimize Slidesclicker and now you can put your presentation in slideshow mode. Slidesclicker will pass clicks and slides forward/back requests from presenters to slideshow.

Note- For SlidesClicker to work properly, put your slides in Slide Show or Full Screen mode.


Presenters and clickers to control the presentation

Presenters or simply clickers help the speaker move freely around the stage. This is how we save time, do not get distracted by fuss, go out to the audience in the hall and concentrate only on speech. In addition to presenters, there are applications to manage a presentation from a smartphone and smartwatch. Some are for gesture control.

Presenters or Clickers *

Logitech R700 and R400 Presenters

Logitech R700
is a clicker remote that is often used at small meetups, conferences and large speeches. Convenient buttons and display with time, battery charge and network signal indicator.

The clicker has a built-in laser pointer to save your performance even in a dark room.

Logitech R400 is a budget analogue of its colleague. It does not have a display, but it also allows you to move freely, scroll through slides and highlight what you need with a laser pointer.

Operating ranges from 10 to 30 meters

Compatible with Windows and Mac

By the way, the founder of esPrezo Mark Khlynov uses a Logitech R700 clicker

Prices from 5000 and from 1500 ₽
(better to search all devices on Yandex. Market)

Logitech Spotlight Remote

Magic wand in an aluminum case. The magic lies in two ingredients: Spotlight technology and the Logitech Presentation app.

Spotlight turns the slide into a theater stage and the lecturer into a light operator. The spotlight directs the circle of light to the desired section of the slide and zooms in on what is inside

The software extends the functionality of the three round buttons. Volume control, timer notification or gesture scrolling – a set of techniques can be customized for any scenario. Interacts with equipment via USB or Bluetooth. A minute of charging is enough for a three-hour sorcery in front of an audience.

Range – 30 meters

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Three presenters for different purposes. Each is equipped with a powerful laser beam that is twice as bright as the other lasers.

Presenter without display is compact and simple.
Small Display Presenter operates within a radius of 20 meters.
LCD Presenter with timer: vibrates when time runs out.

Radius 15 or 20 meters

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Prices from 2600 to 5000 RUB

90 005 Kensington Clicker

Presenter with a powerful laser beam will highlight the main thing even on a bright slide. You can adjust the screen brightness with the button.

Plug&Play technology recognizes the device after connection to start performing immediately.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Range – 15 meters


ThinkPad X1 Wireless Touch

Touch mouse and clicker in one thin device: the gadget fits in a trouser pocket. On the back of the mouse there are arrow buttons for scrolling through the slides. 12 hours of charging is enough to not charge the gadget for another month. Works via USB or Bluetooth.

1 minute charge – 1 hour performance

Only compatible with Windows


Time-tested budget presenter mouse. Driver installation is not required. The trackball inside the mouse allows you to scroll both vertically and horizontally.

Battery operated (included). If desired, you can turn on the laser pointer.

Range – 20 meters

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Starting at $100

Phone & watch apps plus wearable gadgets 005 ★ Keynote

need a clicker.
It is enough to install the official app in the App Store for iPhone.

You can manage slides in the application.
And it’s even more convenient with Apple Watch.

Free on the App Store

Works with Apple Watch

Office Remote

PowerPoint users don’t need a clicker either! As well as for those who use Excel and Word. The application allows you to manage the presentation: play slides, audio and video. There is a built-in performance timer.

Suitable for those whose devices have Bluetooth.

Free in Play Market

R emote Mouse

iOS and Android app that transforms your smartphone into a wireless mouse. In the advanced version, slides can be controlled by pressing the volume buttons.

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Free for iOS , Android and Windows Phone. Additional features –
in in-app purchases

SlideDog Remote

Application for users of the SlideDog service: we wrote about it in section

“Creating a presentation” . SlideDog is a file player. It plays files in order.

SlideDog Remote lets you move between files, flip through slides, turn on media files, and more.

Free application in the Play Market

* There is a poor choice of devices in Russia. See Amazon for more presentation control gadgets

Photo: Onedio

is the esprezo recommended resource.

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‎App Store: Clicker – Switch Slide


Control your slides in any presentation software. Fast network discovery and connection with one click! Supports Windows, Linux and OS X.

Clicker turns your iPhone into a WiFi presentation controller that works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

It supports a wide range of popular presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice Impress and Google Slides.

NOTE: Clicker Desktop ( must be running on your PC for the application to work.


– automatically finds available computers on the local network
– allows you to manually connect to a computer on a remote network
– works on Windows, Linux and OS X
– lightweight protocol guarantees no delays
– additional remote control tools for PPT and PPTX (PowerPoint) presentations
– additional remote control tools for Keynote presentations
– additional remote control tools for LibreOffice Impress
– additional remote control tools for Google Slides
– video playback with mouse click support ( remote trackpad)
– point to important things with the mouse (remote trackpad)
– remote volume control (audio and video presentations)
– view slides on your phone (screen preview)
– view speaker notes for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

Version 2.6.7

This update improves app stability and adds support for iOS 15.

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