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Best computer toolkits 2023 | Windows Central

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We’ve been putting together PCs for more than a decade and have a vast wealth of knowledge regarding everything you need to be adequately equipped, including a handy set of tools. Here are some of the best computer toolkits you should consider buying, whether you’re replacing a hard drive or putting together a new build. If you’re wondering how to build your own PC, we’ve also got you covered.

iFixit – Pro Tech Toolkit

From the pros

The official toolkit from the professionals who document taking apart different products. You’ve got the basics right here, which includes a 64 Bit Driver Kit, anti-static wrist strap, angled ESD tweezers and more.

Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Set 33 in 1

All you need

This basic kit has it all: magnetic screws, tweezers, thick screwdriver, and hardened 60-65 HRC Chrome Vanadium bits. The chrome finish ensures these tools to last for years to come making it a reliable set for all your DIY needs.

GANGZHIBAO Precision Repair Kit

Driving screws

This is the most barebones kit you’ll need. It includes nothing more than an ergonomic screwdriver, numerous tips, and an anti-static strap. It’s also important to note the detachable extension tool tip and bits are magnetized.

Kaisi 136 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit

Precision tools

This Kaisi 136-piece screwdriver kit is excellent for PC work, including all the accessories you’d ever need to take apart everything from graphics cards to Apple watch repair. It’s durable case keeps everything clean and organized for future repairs, too.

JTJ Professional Screwdriver Set


Don’t need a full kit? No problem! This strong magnetic screwdriver set from JTJ has all of the right tools you need for a PC build and is suitable for a variety of household projects. This also comes with a rugged case to keep everything in place.

Why you can trust Windows Central
Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The choice of which toolkit is best for you depends on what you need, how much you have available to spend, and how often you’ll take apart hardware. Our recommendation for most PC owners goes to the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit. It’s high quality, houses plenty of tools, and is available at a budget-friendly price.

Should you want the best of the best, go with the Rosewill 146-piece toolkit. This kit has everything you’ll need to tinker around your best PC cases, including some optional extras like tape, a flashlight, anti-static tag, and more. You’ll need a screwdriver kit to make the process of building your own PC easier.

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Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He’s been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

Rating of the best PC tool kits for 2023, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages

This material is not an advertisement, is for informational purposes and reflects the estimated opinion of the author. All ranking positions are selected based on the developed selection criteria. Before making a purchase, you need to consult a specialist.

It is difficult to imagine life without gadgets, and one of the most common is the computer. It, like any technical tool, breaks down periodically, the cost of repairs depends on the situation and sometimes reaches not small amounts. Therefore, people begin to independently study the repair and restoration of computer equipment, but for this they need to find the right set of tools for repair.


  • 1 Types of computer breakdowns
    • 1.1 Types of software failures
    • 1.2 Hardware failures
  • 2 What you need to repair your computer
      90 009 2.1 Additional repair tools
  • PC for 2023
    • 3.1
      Bort BTK-42

    • 3.2
      Hammerflex 601-033

    • 3.3
      STAYER 22055-h46

    • 3.4
      REXANT 12-0166

    • 3.5
      REXANT Pro 12-4761

    • 3.6
      Kraftool 25616-h22

    • 3.7
      DEKO GJ28

    • 3.8
      DEKO Mobile 67 pcs Tool Kit, 065-0230

    • 3. 9
      Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver (DZN4000CN)

Types of computer breakdowns

When deciding to repair a computer, you should first study the structure of the equipment and how it works. Having understood such issues, the user will be able to correctly assemble a set of tools that are most likely to be required during repairs. If we consider computer breakdowns, then they can be:

  • hardware, that is, those that are caused by the breakdown of parts that make up the computer, such violations occur as a result of poor assembly, marriage or power surges;
  • software, similar malfunctions appear as a result of errors in the operation of the operating system, software, computer viruses entering the system, or incorrect actions of the device owner.

Often both groups of breakdowns are interrelated, for example, equipment failures lead to software failures, and also cause breakdowns of the computer components.

Types of software malfunctions

Program failures are a common problem of the reasons leading to such violations, but among the most common are: settings that may manifest as the inability to boot a computer or connect additional equipment, as well as disabling USB ports;

  • malfunctions in the operation of the operating system and drivers, as a rule, arise as a result of incorrect installation or as a result of the introduction of malicious viruses into the system;
  • Failures of application software such as office programs or games can be caused by improper installation, lack of appropriate drivers, or malware interference.
  • Hanging or slow booting of the device is most likely caused by problems related to the software, it is not uncommon to need the help of a specialist to fix them, as such problems can lead to the loss of all available data. Although problems with client software are often solved by simply reinstalling them or updating drivers.

    Since there is often a connection between errors in the operation of the operating system and the breakdown of device components, experts recommend conducting a complete diagnosis of the hardware in order to avoid repeated breakdowns in the future.

    Hardware malfunctions

    As for hardware malfunctions, among the most common ones, we can distinguish the following:

    • the power button does not work after pressing;
    • or it works, but the download does not occur and is accompanied by sound indicating the presence of hardware errors;
    • after turning on the screen turns blue.

    Of course, there are quite a lot of such malfunctions, the reasons for their appearance can be drying of thermal paste, dust accumulation in the system unit or cooler, defective parts from the factory, liquid ingress, and much more. A beginner can also cope with some of the problems that arise, but for this you should carefully study the structure of the apparatus.

    What you need to repair your computer

    Repairing technical equipment, like any household appliances, requires the use of certain tools that are sold both individually and in sets. So, to troubleshoot a computer, or to be more precise, its hardware, the following tools will come in handy:0003

    • a screwdriver, this tool is required to open the system unit, professionals use magnetic ones to which a set of various bits is attached. So, for example, a cross is necessary for unwinding the bolts, but a flat one can be useful for lifting the lid, unbending jammed parts on the case and correcting other nuances formed during operation. But in the absence of such a screwdriver, you can use ordinary Phillips and flat ones;
    • tweezers may be useful for working with small parts;
    • wire cutters and pliers, the former are necessary for cutting off wires and clamps, the latter are necessary if the tweezers do not fit or are missing;
    • multimeter, a multifunctional thing that is always useful in the house, as a rule, only a voltmeter is needed to repair equipment;
    • knife, can also be useful for cutting wires if necessary;
    • a soldering iron and additional accessories for it will be required if for soldering radio components on the board. But before undertaking such delicate work, you should carefully approach the issue and be sure that everything will work out, otherwise you can ruin everything completely and have to purchase new parts. Specialists use special soldering stations for such work;
    • Solder and solder suction, rosin or liquid flux;
    • a needle is needed to clean the channels, so you should take the thinnest one;
    • can also come in handy with a flashlight to illuminate in inaccessible places;
    • alcohol is needed to clean contacts, but remember that it must be technical, not medical. To him should buy napkins for wiping;
    • a brush and a pear will be required to brush off and blow off dust, special small vacuum cleaners are also on sale, but they can, together with dust, draw in small parts;
    • machine oil or some other lubricant needed for moving computer parts;
    • thermal paste is an integral component, drying and loss of all its properties leads to overheating of equipment and malfunctions. This component must be replaced periodically;
    • nylon ties are used to bundle wires into bundles, since if they hang loosely, this can lead to overheating due to the fact that they will impede the free flow of air;
    • paper clip, it would seem such an insignificant item, but it brings quite a lot of benefits, for example, it is possible for them to close contacts, open an optical drive if it is jammed, and by pressing a special recessed button, you can reset the computer settings to standard;
    • battery, which is located in the motherboard, it often sits down, which leads to malfunctions of the technical tool;
    • various adapters and cables;
    • silicone adhesive that is useful for gluing broken or torn parts.

    Computer repair kit includes quite a lot of different tools and, as a rule, all of them last a long time. The cost of such kits differs and depends on the quality, the manufacturer and how many tools it includes.

    Additional repair tools

    In addition to the fact that certain tools are required for troubleshooting, special programs are also useful, which are needed if problems arise in the operation of the operating system. There are quite a lot of computer programs involved in restoring computer systems, but among the frequently used ones are the following:0003

    • Saver (R. Seiver) is one of the most effective programs that allows you to recover deleted or damaged files during formatting;
    • AdwCleaner is an anti-virus program that removes various adware viruses;
    • DrWeb CureIT scans and cures the system from malicious viruses, is one of the best.

    In fact, there are quite a lot of programs for restoring the operation of computer systems, some of them will be paid, and those listed above can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. Which is very convenient.

    Rating of the best PC tool kits for 2023

    Of course, it is possible to assemble all the tools necessary for repairing computer equipment by purchasing each part separately. But manufacturers have long made sure that users can buy all the necessary tools at once, for this they produce special sets that differ in configuration and, of course, in quality. Among this kind of products there is a list, which, according to consumers, includes the most successful and high-quality sets:

    • Bort BTK-42;
    • Hammerflex 601-033;
    • STAYER 22052-h25;
    • REXANT 12-0166;
    • REXANT Pro 12-4761;
    • Kraftool 25616-h22;
    • DEKO GJ28;
    • DEKO Mobile 67 pcs Tool Kit, 065-0230;
    • Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver (DZN4000CN).

    There are many repair kits, but all of them will require the addition of some additional tool, such as a soldering station or thermal paste, as a rule, they are purchased separately. You can simply purchase a set of screwdrivers, respectively, the list of missing items will increase many times over.

    Bort BTK-42

    Chinese-made set for manual use, consisting of 8 different screwdrivers, flexible extension and bits, containing a total of 24 pieces. This kit is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

    Bort BTK-42


    • a large number of screwdrivers in the set;
    • reasonable price.


    • sometimes screwdrivers have to be finished with a file;
    • poor quality case.

    Hammerflex 601-033

    German brand, made in China, the kit includes 37 items, or rather a handle for bits, the bits themselves in the amount of 33 pieces, a bendable extension cord, a magnifying glass and a case for storing all items.

    Hammerflex 601-033


    • reliable;
    • has a long service life.


    • As for the disadvantages, it can probably be noted that the set consists only of a screwdriver and bits, that is, there are no additional tools necessary for repairing computers.

    STAYER 22055-h46

    Another German brand, which is also assembled in China, but this set differs in that it includes not only screwdrivers, a flexible handle with a set of bits, but also a knife, electrical tape, and an indicator screwdriver. Also included is a hammer, wrench and adjustable wrench, hacksaw, pliers and other accessories. Such a composition makes the set multifunctional, that is, it is useful not only for repairing computers and other equipment, but also for solving other everyday problems.

    STAYER 22055-h46


    • quality;
    • inexpensive;
    • multifunctional.


    • the hacksaw included in the kit is of poor quality.

    REXANT 12-0166

    A small set made in China, consisting of a 30 W soldering iron, stand for it, rosin, desoldering pump, additional tip, side cutters, thin nose pliers. Such a kit is designed for soldering parts, so in addition, you should also purchase a set with screwdrivers, without which it will be difficult to disassemble the equipment.

    REXANT 12-0166


    • handy kit that has everything you need for soldering;
    • does not overheat during operation;
    • is not expensive.


    • low power.

    REXANT Profi 12-4761

    REXANT 12-4761: a set of tools included in its composition, allows you to repair small equipment not only for professionals, but also for beginners. The set consists of 38 items, among which are two screwdrivers, a handle, a plectrum (2), a bendable extension, a special pin, a suction cup, tweezers, an extension, and bits. All this is housed in a good quality plastic case.

    REXANT Profi 12-4761


    • inexpensive;
    • quality;
    • the kit includes everything you need to repair equipment.


    • none.

    Kraftool 25616-h22

    A set of screwdrivers in different sizes and types, each made from quality material. Products are suitable for disassembly of small household and computer equipment. The kit includes 12 items, including a handle holder, bits, socket heads, a two-component handle with a clamp.

    Kraftool 25616-h22


    • affordable price;
    • variety of screwdrivers;
    • durable.


    • only suitable for small bolts;
    • handles scroll over time.

    DEKO GJ28

    Screwdriver set in different sizes, suitable for precision work. The composition of 25 items includes a handle for bits and the bits themselves, made of high-quality metal. All items are packed in a compact case.

    DEKO GJ28


    • quality;
    • inexpensive;
    • includes all necessary screwdrivers.


    • not found.

    DEKO Mobile 67 pcs Tool Kit, 065-0230

    An excellent kit designed specifically for the repair of computers and similar equipment. The set includes 67 items, including bits, precision screwdrivers in the amount of two pieces, a stepped and regular extension for bits, for socket heads and a mini nail puller. All this is made of high-quality chrome-plated steel, and the handles are rubberized, which prevents the handles from slipping during operation.

    DEKO Mobile 67 pcs Tool Kit, 065-0230


    • set with different screwdrivers;
    • strength and appearance;
    • affordable price especially if you get on discounts.


    • not found.

    Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver (DZN4000CN)

    This set is produced in China, but in cooperation with the German company Wiha. All items are made using modern technologies using high quality materials. The kit includes 26 items, one handle and nozzles (bits) all packed in a stylish box made of aluminum. The quality of these screwdrivers is at a high level, which makes them popular among many users involved in the repair of equipment at a professional level.

    Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver (DZN4000CN)


    • is made of quality material, not only the screwdrivers themselves, but the case in which they are packed;
    • includes a large number of screwdrivers.


    • the price is high considering that only screwdrivers are included in the set.

    Among the products intended for the repair of computers and similar equipment, you can find a large number of kits with different composition and different quality. Buyers, choosing a product, can start from consumer reviews or the names of manufacturers. For those who are just starting to learn PC repair, simple kits are also suitable, but professionals who earn money this way tend to choose expensive and proven tools.

    Smolensk laptop tool kit: 1222-products: free shipping, 87% off [click here] 0431 Clothing and footwear

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    900 02 Furniture and interior



    Industry tools0487 in set Best (8 1) for mobile phone and laptop repair iPhone, iPad, Samsung



    1 226

    90 002 1979

    Screwdriver set BOZED TOOLS 130 in 1 for precision work, tools phone repair, laptops , computers, magnetic screwdriver, manual tool


    screwdriver and socket set 44 items, SL, PH, TORX, sockets, magnet, CR-V, Smartbuy Tools sl9x200 Phillips screwdrivers: PH0X75





    Tool kit Electron ( 10 in 1) for repair of mobile phones and laptops iPhone, iPad, Samsung



    2 431


    screwdriver set / precision tools / for watch repair, 9 0486 laptops , phones, tablets Screwdriver with set replacement bits for precision work 24 in 1 on magnetic holders, made of metal / set 24 in 1 metal case



    1 038


    Kit screwdriver bits 115 in 1 / Bits for repair of smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops tool kit precision work with flexible extension Gift men





    screwdriver set / Screwdriver with set interchangeable bits for fine work 41 in 1/ set precision tools / for watch repair, laptop , phones, tablets/Gift for husband, man, brother, son





    Tool kit BASIC (9 in 1) for repair of mobile phones and laptops iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung





    Set 9048 7 Screwdrivers and Bit 32 in 1/ Screwdriver set / Tool / Screwdriver for Smartphone Tablet Repair / Screwdriver Laptop Computer / Precision Bits / iPhone Android Phone Accessories





    tool kit (screwdrivers) iZapp (8 in 1) for mobile phone and laptop repair iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung

    IN STORE 900 03


    2 022


    Screwdriver set / Screwdriver with bit set for fine work 41 in 1 precision tools / for 90 487 watch repairs, laptops , phones, tablets/Gift for husband, man, brother, son/ tools 41 1





    Set tools MaYuan (10 in 1) for repair of mobile phones and laptops iPhone, iPad, Samsung





    Kit tools Fixit for repair appliances (phone, laptop , tablet) Type: set





    set 9048 7 tools Jakemy (6 in 1) for mobile phone and laptop repair iPhone, iPad, Samsung





    Tool kit for phone repair 25 items in a case, screwdrivers for smartphones, tablets, laptop and computer accessories iPhone Android



    1 202


    Tool Kit 90 487 , screwdriver for repair of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other equipment





    Screwdriver & Bit Set 117 in 1 for fine work, 9 0486 phone repair tools, laptop ,computers, magnetic screwdriver, manual tool





    set MaYuan tools (11 in 1) for mobile phone repair and laptops iPhone, iPad, Samsung





    Set tools and screwdrivers 9 0486 for repair of mobile phones, tablets laptops 10 in 1 (4 screwdrivers + 2 removal rods 1 suction cup 2 triangles eject pin)




    350 9000 3

    Screwdriver set and tools for repair of mobile phones, tablets laptops (9 in 1) Type:





    Set 904 86 tools MaYuan (45 in 1) for repair of mobile phones and laptops iPhone, iPad, Samsung





    Set 9 0487 screwdriver / Screwdriver with set bits for fine work 32 in 1/ Set precision tools / for watch repairs, laptops , phones, tablets / Gift for February 23


    Set tools BASIC (9 in 1) for repair of mobile phones and laptops iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung tip type: Phillips, number of screwdrivers/nozzles included: 9 pieces, tip material: high-alloyed tool steel





    Set screwdrivers and tools for fine work / 24 items in 1 case magnetic phone repair bits, laptops , tablets





    Screwdriver set , 113 tools in 1 for fine work, repair of phones, tablets, laptops and computers, portable machine, precision bits

    V SHOP




    Tool Set Shengwei (25V 1) for mobile phone repair and laptops iPhone, iPad, Samsung





    Tool kit Shengwei (25 in 1) for mobile phone and laptop repair iPhone, iPad , Samsung





    Tool kit (screwdrivers) for 904 87 repair of mobile phones (smartphones) and laptops iPhone, iPad, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung


    Screwdriver set 6024A.