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Consumer Cellular Phones and Plans for Seniors in 2023

Since 1995, Consumer Cellular has been bridging the gap between older adults and the latest in cellular technology.

While their unlimited plans are not as cost-effective as T-Mobile’s senior plans, their talk and text plans are some of the most budget-friendly out there, and they require no contracts.

Pro Tip: To learn about my favorite providers overall, read my rundown of the best cell phone plans for seniors.

What Makes Consumer Cellular Unique?

Technology aside, what separates Consumer Cellular from other providers is their dedication to customer service. Their customer support team is entirely based in the U.S., and they’re available 24/7 to field any of your questions. This company is also privately owned, ensuring that their loyalty is to you, their customers.

This care is what makes Consumer Cellular such a popular option for older adults. While it’s tempting to assume that older adults just want simple cellular devices, many of them use smartphones. And what better way to begin using this modern technology than with a company that simplifies the entire process, both in terms of customer care and straightforward pricing. For more detailed information please check out our reviews of Consumer Cellular.

FYI: 5G coverage is now available to all Consumer Cellular customers nationwide.

Purchasing Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular can be purchased in person, either at Target or other independent retailers; however, I’d recommend using their website, as this will allow you to take a comprehensive look at each of their products and services. Here you can easily select a phone, add it to your cart, select a monthly plan, and complete your transaction using a credit card. Consumer Cellular also has the option to pay for your phone using Easy Pay, a service that stretches your payment out into multiple interest-free installments, a great option for more expensive devices.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Doro 750 Consumer Cellular Phone

Consumer Cellular Phones

Consumer Cellular offers an impressive array of cell phones, tablets, and smartphones. If you want the latest from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola, then they’ve got you covered. They also have a great option for older adults who prefer flip phones, such as the Consumer Cellular Link II, which has a one-time payment of $59 for 8GB.

Here’s a list of their phone and tablet offerings.

Consumer Cellular Phone and Tablet Pricing

Device Name Up-Front Price
Consumer Cellular Link II $30
ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base $79
ZTE Avid 579 $79
Motorola Moto G Stylus $249
Samsung Galaxy A12 $179
Motorola Moto G Play $129
Motorola One 5G Ace $349
CC ConnectPad $149
CC GrandPad $299
Apple iPhone SE $399
Apple iPhone 11 $499
Apple iPhone 12 $729
Apple iPhone 13 Pro $999
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max $1,099
Apple iPhone 13 Mini $729

BYO Device: With a free SIM card from Consumer Cellular, you can bring your own device to your Consumer Cellular service plan.

Consumer Cellular Grandpad

In addition to phones, Consumer Cellular also offers a caregiving device called the GrandPad. For $299, in addition to a $38 monthly service plan, the Grandpad is a great way for your loved one to make calls, browse the web, and stay connected with family members.

Using the GrandPad’s smartphone app, a caregiver can create a private circle of family and friends in order to facilitate communication. Together, all of you can send alerts, messages, and important dates, all shared in one single place. With the required service plan, you’ll get unlimited data, music streaming, video calls, and traditional calls. The GrandPad is a great option for a loved one who remains primarily at home.


Consumer Cellular Service Plans and Costs

Consumer Cellular offers a variety of different service plans. Unlike other cellular providers who require lengthy year-long contracts, each Consumer Cellular plan is subscribed to and paid for on a monthly basis with no long-term commitments. Talk-only plans start at only $15 per month, and unlimited plans can go up to $60 per month, which is comparable to T-Mobile plans for older adults. Additional phones can be added to any plan for only $15 per month, which is a great option for couples and families.

FYI: If you plan to purchase a smartphone, then you’ll definitely want to sign up for a plan with a data allowance in order to make the most of your phone’s features.

Consumer Cellular’s services are powered by AT&T’s 4G LTE network, one that is frequently ranked as one of the fastest mobile operators in the U.S.

Let’s take a closer look at Consumer Cellular’s service plans and their pricing.

Consumer Cellular Plan Pricing

Talk, Text, and Data Monthly Cost
250 Minutes $20
Unlimited Minutes $55
250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB $20
250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 3GB $25
250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 10GB $35
250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 15GB $45
250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts and Data $55
Unlimited Talk, Text, and 500MB $25
Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB $30
Unlimited Talk, Text, and 10GB $40
Unlimited Talk, Text, and 15GB $50
Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data $60
Talk Only, 250 minutes $15
Talk Only, Unlimited minutes $20

Another add-on service feature with Consumer Cellular is their roadside assistance. For $3 per month, billed to your service plan, you can have access to help in the event of roadside emergencies. Available services include towing up to 10 miles, fuel delivery, jump starts, lockout service, and flat tire service.

FYI: If you’re a member of AARP, then you’re eligible for significant discounts on your Consumer Cellular Plan. To learn more, read my guide: Is AARP Worth It?

Activating Your Consumer Cellular Phone

Once you get your hands on your Consumer Cellular device, all that’s left to do is plug your device into an outlet, using the included charger, and call the number listed on your manual in order to activate it. A Consumer Cellular customer care specialist will confirm your information, and from there you’re all set to start making calls, sending messages, and browsing the web.

Consumer Cellular Warranties and Return Policy

Every Consumer Cellular device is backed by their 30-day risk-free guarantee. With this guarantee, you’ll have 30 days to try out your device and see if it’s a good fit for your needs. If you have second thoughts, then all you need to do is call up Consumer Cellular, cancel your plan, and return your device for a full refund.

With that said, many of our readers have reported troubles with returning their devices for a refund. While we did not have these issues, it’s important to note that this may pose problems.

Currently, Consumer Cellular does not offer a standard warranty on its devices. What they do offer, however, are protection plans. Starting at $2 per month (though the cost varies based on the device), you can purchase a SquareTrade protection plan, which covers your phone against drops, spills, and other accidental damage. Especially with the more expensive devices, this type of protection plan is a relative steal.


In our increasingly connected world, it’s essential for older adults to keep in touch with their loved ones, and smartphones provide a handy solution to achieve this. And what Consumer Cellular does better than major cellular providers is they provide straightforward service with superb customer care.

If you’re looking for a cellular provider with more advanced medical alert technology, then you might want to check out my Jitterbug Flip2 review. On the other hand, if all you need is a solid cell phone with billing that’s both simple and affordable, then look no further than Consumer Cellular.

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Consumer Cellular Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Consumer Cellular automatic upgrades work?

    Whereas other cellular providers will charge you overage fees for minutes and data used beyond your plan, Consumer Cellular will automatically upgrade your allowance to the next service plan and charge you for that price. From there, you will automatically remain on the upgraded plan unless you call their customer service line and request a change.

  • Does Consumer Cellular offer family plans?

    While Consumer Cellular does not offer an official “Family Plan,” they do allow you to add existing phones to your plan for only $15.00 per month, per line. Just keep in mind that these additional phones will be sharing the number of minutes, messages, and data offered in your plan.

  • With Consumer Cellular, how do I use call waiting?

    When you hear the call waiting signal, which varies depending on the device, you can put your first call on hold and answer the second call. Usually, this is done by pressing the green call button. You also have the option to not accept the second call, in which case the second caller will be routed to voicemail.

  • Does Consumer Cellular have a phone designed for seniors?

    Consumer Cellular offers a wide range of cellphones, from the most recent devices from Apple and Samsung to a selection of easy-to-use flip phones, which include large screens, backlit keypads, and a vibrating ringer that lets you know when you have a call or message.

  • Does Consumer Cellular offer a free trial period?

    With Consumer Cellular’s “Risk-Free” guarantee, you can return your phone, cancel your service, and pay nothing, provided you do so within 30 days of the activation of your service.

A Guide to Consumer Cellular Cell Phones for Seniors

When it comes to cell phones, seniors often have unique needs. They most likely want to stay in touch with friends and family but don’t need or care for the power-user, gaming and productivity features office workers or students crave. There are several companies offering cell phones specifically designed with seniors in mind. The best cell phones for seniors will depend on whether they’re looking to use the internet and popular apps or just want to call and text those closest to them.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Cell Phone Carrier

Modern cell phones are incredibly powerful, and most carriers offer affordable deals. However, two service providers cater specifically to seniors: Lively and Consumer Cellular. These companies produce economical phones that are easy to use and have clear displays as well as senior-friendly features such as medical alert devices. Their pricing and call allowances are designed around senior needs, too.


  • Large, easy-to-read displays
  • Streamlined interface for easy calling/texting
  • Emergency button to connect to an operator/trusted contact
  • Extended battery life


  • Most run a proprietary operating system
  • Limited app availability
  • Few carrier choices
  • Seniors may not be able to port over data from their old phones

Popular Cell Phones for Seniors

Some of the most popular cell phones for seniors include the Jitterbug Flip2 and Smart3, which are streamlined senior-focused phones with medical alert features. Consumer Cellular offers a selection of affordable phones for seniors. Many older adults are opting for basic smartphones, such as the iPhone SE or Blackberry Key2 LE, to get the combined benefits of low prices and ease of use.


Senior-Focused Plan

Extra Features

Available with These Carriers

Jitterbug Flip2


Yes – Lively

GPS, Medical Alert, Voice Commands, and Personal Operator


Jitterbug Smart3


Yes – Lively

GPS, Medical Alert, Voice Commands, and Personal Operator


Link II

Yes – Consumer Cellular

AT&T / T-Mobile

Apple iPhone SE

Yes – Consumer Cellular

GPS and Voice Commands

AT&T / T-Mobile

Blackberry Key2 LE


GPS and Voice Commands

Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile

Senior-Friendly Carrier Features

While some seniors may feel happy with a standard phone and a mainstream carrier, senior-friendly carriers offer extra features that may be useful for some older adults, including medical alert systems, access to an emergency (and, in some cases, non-emergency) help line, and one-call buttons to reach important contacts.

Medical Alert Systems

Lively’s senior-friendly phones come with built-in medical alert systems. This means if a senior slips and falls or has some other emergency, they can call for aid at a push of a button or by using the built-in voice control to reach an emergency contact.

Personal Operators

Another useful feature of some senior-friendly cellular carriers is access to a personal operator for non-emergency use. Seniors can call this operator for support with basic day-to-day issues, such as finding the correct contact details for a relative or their doctor or even checking bus timetables. This feature is particularly useful for seniors who have a cell phone plan that does not include internet access and those who have limited eyesight or aren’t tech-savvy and struggle to use a web browser.

One-Call Emergency Buttons

Senior-focused phones such as those supplied by Jitterbug have a dedicated button built-in that calls an emergency number. That number could be the hotline for the medical alert system or a number for a trusted relative. If the senior becomes distressed or confused, all they need to do is push that one button to call for aid.

Extra Battery Life

Senior-friendly smartphones such as the Link II, Flip2 and Smart3 have longer standby times than their more mainstream “smart” counterparts. This is because they typically have fewer battery-draining features. This extra standby time can be useful for seniors who frequently forget to charge their devices. If a senior fails to put their phone on charge for a few days, a visiting carer or loved one can do it for them without worrying that the device will run out of power between visits.

How Much Does a Senior-Friendly Cell Phone Cost?

The average cost of a senior-friendly cell phone is between $49.99 and $149.99 for the simpler phones that primarily support calls and texts. Seniors who prefer a more sophisticated Android or iOS device can expect to pay more for that. Mid-range smartphones are available for around $400, and those phones are more than up to the job of making calls, sending texts and using instant messaging apps.

Tech-savvy seniors who want to play games or consume high-definition streaming media on a 5G-enabled phone can expect to pay a lot more for a device capable of those things. However, a good smartphone can last for several years and is an investment for the senior. Many mainstream smartphone carriers offer contracts, so the user can purchase the phone and pay in installments with no upfront fee or a very small one. The phone cost is then bundled in with the data/calling package. 

Buying a Senior-Friendly Cell Phone

Seniors have several options when buying a new cell phone. Large retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy sell a range of smartphones, although not all of their phones are designed with seniors in mind. Senior-focused phones, such as the Jitterbug, can be found in some branches of Best Buy and Walgreens.

Those happy to purchase a phone without testing it first can find good deals online through a mainstream retailer, such as Amazon, or through Lively or Consumer Cellular directly. Buying directly from the manufacturer/carrier provides an advantage as everything comes in one handy package with one bill. Seniors can access medical alert systems, a calling and/or data plan, and device support with only one point of contact and one monthly bill.

Cell Phone Warranties

Each manufacturer has different warranty policies. The warranties on senior-friendly devices are typically more generous regarding accidental loss or damage, especially if the device doubles as a medical alert system. Seniors buying an iPhone or an Android/Blackberry device may wish to consider purchasing device insurance to cover things like cracked screens or water damage.


What network is Lively on?

Lively uses the Verizon network for its calls and data plans. Seniors can confirm that Verizon is available in their area before joining. Click here for our full answer to this question.

What phones is Verizon compatible with?

Verizon supports a variety of phones, including the Lively Jitterbug range, Blackberry Key2 LE, iPhone SE and Sonim XP3Plus. Most “unlocked” mainstream smartphones should also work with Verizon. Click here for our full answer to this question.

Does AT&T have an unlimited plan?

AT&T offers a plan called “Unlimited Your Way.” This plan provides unlimited talk, texts and data in the United States and includes 5G service if the device supports it.

Who has the best cell phone deals for seniors?

Many companies are offering good cell phone deals for seniors. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all have senior-friendly phones. Lively and Consumer Cellular cater specifically to seniors with some of their devices. Click here for our full answer to this question.

What is the easiest cell phone for seniors to use?

The Jitterbug Flip2 is the easiest cell phone for seniors to use. It has an old-fashioned flip design, a tactile number pad and a large screen. The 5Star button makes it easy for seniors to call for support when needed. Click here for our full answer to this question.

Cellular phones and smartphones consumer cellular networks – Huge selection at the best prices

1,211 results.

See If Consumer Cellular Is Right for You

You may have seen commercials for senior discounted phone service from Consumer Cellular. This privately owned company offers even more with many options located in this eBay collection. Driven by the needs of the customers, Consumer Celluar offers a broad range of products on a nationwide network.

How can you reduce your cellular costs with Consumer Cellular?

There are many ways that Consumer Cellular, and a bit of innovation, can give you control over the cost of your cellular service. Unlimited plans give you the convenience of not thinking about whether anyone will go over their usage, but you may not need an unlimited plan if you do some due diligence of your own. Some of the subtle tweaks to reduce your monthly bill without creating a major meltdown from your family include:

  • Restrictions – Enable restrictions on the phone to limit data usage per device.
  • Streaming – Turn off streaming apps that you dont use often, like autoplay on social media sites.
  • Media – Lower the streaming quality on media.
  • Wi-Fi – Download media where Wi-Fi is available, then use the media offline.

Do you need new phones to use Consumer Cellular?

The “Bring Your Own Phone” option from Consumer Cellular accommodates any former cell phone that is unlocked. A new sim card is provided without an activation fee so that the switch is easy. All sim card sizes can be converted, including nano (8.8 x 12.3mm), micro (12 x 15mm), or standard (15 x 25mm). Of course, if you want a different phone, you can find many options available on eBay. You can keep your same phone number, and your contacts can be transferred to the new sim card.

What are some other benefits to switching?

Consumer Cellular is based on consumer need. With that in mind, they have expanded the network and other features that can accommodate teenagers to seniors. Since its inception in 1995, Consumer Cellular has evolved into a cost-effective way to provide valuable cellular service. Consumer Cellular AARP members can receive discounted service in addition to the multiple plan options for those that dont use much data. The plan will automatically switch to another plan to protect against overage costs, rather than charge per GB, unless the highest tier is exceeded. Overage alerts are in place to advise when the data limit is being reached. Consumer Cellular also offers a senior-friendly tablet called the Grandpad. Details can be found on the manufacturers website.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Consumer Cellular.

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