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Regulating the temperature in your living space goes a long way to ensuring that you remain comfortable. In fact, the temperature has a large impact on the amount — and quality — of our sleep each night. Depending on the weather outside, you may need to call upon some reinforcements in the form of a fan and/or space heater to make sure you aren’t freezing or sweating. The good news is that a combination fan and heater can give you the best of both worlds without having to invest in two separate devices.

Now you might be thinking, “What’s wrong with my regular space heater?” While it’s true that these gadgets can be good in a pinch, they’re not able to heat the whole space, especially if it’s larger room. By comparison, these combination fans can evenly distribute the heat produced by the heater throughout your space thanks to the fan, which can also be utilized in the warmer months to help you cool down. Whatever the season or weather, this multi-functional godsend can keep you comfortable.

What to Look For in a Combination Heater and Cooling Fan

It’s important to look at the following criteria when looking for the best combination heater and cooling fan for you.

Wattage: This measures the electrical power of your device. If you’re looking to have this heating and cooling fan in a larger room, you’ll want to look for a device with a higher wattage to ensure it can effectively the space.

Size: If you need more power, make sure to invest in a larger device, which typically have higher wattages.

Oscillation: If you’re looking to heat (or cool down) a larger space, you’ll want to find a device that can oscillate so the air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Noise Level: Don’t trade one problem for another, select a combination heater and cooling fan that quietly works to keep you comfortable.

What Are the Best Combination Heating and Cooling Units?

We review five of the top-rated combination heating and cooling fans that you can buy online, from desktop units to full-sized tower fans that can warm up or cool down a room in minutes.

Editor’s picks

1. Dyson HP04 Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Heater and Fan


If you want the best of the best, turn your attention to this model from Dyson, which truly redefines the phrase, “multi-functional.” Not only does it keep you cool or warm in rooms as large as 800 square feet, it also functions as a high-grade air purifier. It can actually sense and trap any pollutants in the air, such as foul odors, pet dander or mold. On top of all that, it can connect to your WiFi network as well as an Amazon Alexa device for voice commands.

Back to its heating and cooling capabilities, the Dyson HP04 actively monitors the temperature in your room and optimizes its performance as needed, projecting purified cool or hot air. So while you may be putting out more money, you’re truly getting what you pay for here.

Buy Dyson Pure Air Purifier Heater and Fan $669.00

2. TRUSTTECH Portable Space Heater and Cooling Fan 


For those who may be looking for a more budget-friendly option, this model from TRUSTTECH doesn’t sacrifice performance for a lower price point. Though it’s small enough to fit on a desk, its rapid heating system up to 1500 watts and cooling fan up to 24 watts are powerful enough to keep you nice and toasty in the dead of winter, or cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. And thanks to its small size, you can take it with you wherever you’re going.

While this fan doesn’t have an oscillating feature, it can be rotated to three adjustable angles to help distribute the hot or cool air throughout the room. And best of all, it works quietly.

Buy TRUSTTECH Portable Space Heater Cooling… $39.99

3. Lasko FH500 Tower Fan and Space Heater Combo


Standing at 42 inches tall with a small 13″ x 13″ footprint, this combination tower fan and space heater from Lasko takes up very little space but works diligently to fill the room with hot or cool air, thanks to its 1500-watt ceramic heater and four, very quiet fan speeds.

Use the remote control to find your perfect settings, from oscillation, timers and even an energy-efficient digital thermostat that helps with energy consumption and prevents any surprises on your electricity bill.

Buy Lasko Tower Fan Space Heater Combo $119.99

4. Utilitech 33-in 2 in 1 Ceramic Digital Tower Fan/Heater



4. Comfort Zone Space Heater and Fan 


We love this combination fan and heater’s efficient ECO mode setting, which adjusts its heat output to lower electricity bill costs while its ceramic build keeps this device from making your space too warm; you can make the temperature in your living space just right. In fact, one reviewer wrote that this device was enough to get them through a Minnesota winter. Now that’s an endorsement!

If you’re looking to cool things down during the warmer months, you can set it to function only as a fan. There’s also a lot of nifty features that make it incredibly easy to use, including auto shutoff, eight-hour timer and a digital thermostat all accessible via the handy remote control.

Buy Comfort Zone Space Heater and Fan $68.45

Fans, Cooling and Heating Systems

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Fans, Cooling and Heating Systems

In order to ensure optimum operating conditions for electrical and electronic installations, care must be taken to maintain the correct operating temperature. This ensures that the service life of components is not drastically reduced. Cooled fan is the standard solution. Alternatively, if larger surfaces need to be cooled, heat exchangers or air conditioners are used. Peltier cells (modules) allow receiving high thermal outputs while maintaining infinite control over the amount of energy transported. Where equipment is installed in cold locations, it may be necessary to use heating systems to prevent excessive cooling of components. Heating and cooling solutions available on the market in many cases enable smooth regulation of operating parameters, which has a positive effect on the electricity consumption of the entire system.

Cooling and heating systems in TME’s offer

The TME range includes components for heating and cooling with different capacities, powers, and applications. The offer includes AC, DC and EC fans in many sizes and capacities from 0.01 m3/h to over 4700 m3/h. The catalogue also includes a range of accessories, suitable controllers, and ventilation systems for control cabinets. You can also find several types of heating devices ranging from 5W to 1.8kW. LED cooling accessories and disposable temperature indicators are also available. At the customer’s request, it is also possible to provide Cosmotec air conditioners and heat exchangers. Various models of STONECOLD Peltier modules, with a maximum power from 9.5 W to 350 W (depending on the model), are available.

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For winter and summer

Xiaomi Fan Floor Fan Heater (BPLNS01DM) is one device for winter and summer. The heating fan can keep you cool in hot summer and warm in cold winter. The heater is ready to work in 3 seconds. Reliable protection system works during rollover, power outage, overheating, etc.

Warm and cold airflow

The patented rotating design works both for cooling and heating.

instant heating

The 2200W ceramic heater heats up in just 3 seconds and delivers hot air in three modes: heating, blowing warm air, sleep mode. In the Mijia app, you can choose from 100 blower speeds.

Warms up to 2 meters

The heater delivers a wave of warm air with an angle of 20° to a distance of up to 2 meters.

Wide coverage

The column fan-heater can rotate from 30° to 150°. You can set the appropriate angle to cover the entire room in the application settings.

Uniform coverage

The Xiaomi Fan Heater distributes heat more evenly than conventional heaters.

Temperature support

The intelligent control system maintains the temperature within the specified range. This allows you to save energy and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

Three blow modes

In the fan mode, users also have three modes of operation – direct airflow, imitation of natural wind, sleep mode.

Fast cooling

An elongated air duct forms a powerful air jet that passes at a speed of 357 m3 / h and quickly drives away the summer heat.

Runs quietly

Powerful DC brushless motor with copper coil ensures stable air supply and quiet operation. The maximum noise level does not exceed 39 dB.

Saves space

The cylindrical shape takes up minimal space, and the weight of less than 7 kg allows you to move Xiaomi Fan around the house.

Multi-level security

In the manufacture of Xiaomi Fan, refractory materials were used. The fan has a child lock, hand protection and a special mesh covering the air duct. In case of overheating or tipping over, the device will automatically turn off.

Touch control

At the top of the Xiaomi Fan there is a touch screen that displays all the important information, the touch buttons allow you to turn the device on and off and set the basic operating parameters.

Convenient application

You need to install the Mijia app to have full access to the fan-heater settings. Also in the application, you can activate voice control and synchronization with other smart devices at home.




Fan or air conditioner: which is better?

The hot summer season has come, which means it’s time to take a closer look at cooling systems – which is better: air conditioning or a fan? We talk about the advantages of both options and what is better to install in the office, private house and apartment.

Air conditioner or fan: what to choose for the best cooling?

If the purpose of the purchase is to reduce the temperature in the room and maintain it at a given level throughout the area, and not at one point, then it is better to choose an air conditioner than a fan. Cooling in it is carried out due to the circulating refrigerant, which transports warm air from the room to the outside. The fan, contrary to sensations, does not cool the surrounding air, but only captures it and mixes it at high speed, creating the effect of an “air shower”. Thus, the air conditioner gives a feeling of coolness anywhere in the room, while the comfort of cooling from the fan is most experienced by those who are near it.

What is the area covered by the cooling units?

An air conditioner is better than a fan if there is a need to cool an entire room or several rooms. In the second case, you can consider split systems that capture an area of ​​​​up to 120 m², or semi-industrial air conditioners. Split systems consist of an indoor and outdoor unit facing the street. They are chosen for their low noise level, small size and variety of functions.

The higher the power of the device, the more expensive it is and the more area it can capture. But do not chase superpower, the best indicator would be 1 kW per 30 m². For standard use inside a living room, the power of a conventional model, designed for 15-20 m², is sufficient. Mobile monoblock air conditioners are easy to move and are suitable for quick cooling of one or more rooms up to 25 m².

For local cooling, it is better to choose a fan than an air conditioner. It can be installed near the work area, in a small room of 4-5 m², in order to create a feeling of coolness, and not an actual decrease in temperature. Depending on the power, you can choose units that can cool a space up to 10 or even 20 m².

Air heating options

Everyone knows that with the help of an air conditioner you can adjust the temperature mark not only down, but also up, which makes the device indispensable even in winter. However, when using this function, it is important to take into account the outside temperature, otherwise you can pay with a breakdown and costly repairs. To avoid this, it is important not to turn on the air conditioner for heating if the temperature mark on the street is lower than that indicated in the instructions for the device. The heating function is found even in monoblocks.

The fan itself does not serve as a means of heating, but customers have adapted to use it together with a convector heater. When turned on in the cold season, they are installed together, due to which the fan distributes warm air coming from the heater around the room. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, and buying two devices will be more profitable than buying one air conditioner.

Noise level

For offices and workrooms, it is better to opt for split systems or fans, the noise of which does not exceed 30 dB. This indicator does not clog the room with unnecessary sounds and allows you to completely immerse yourself in work without being distracted by the background operation of devices. But for the compact size of a mobile air conditioner, you will have to pay a noisy mode of operation, which makes it an unsuitable purchase for installation in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and work areas.

Which is more economical: air conditioner or fan

The cost of a particular product depends on the brand, functionality, workmanship and design dimensions, but the price difference between air conditioners and fans is obvious. The price of a premium-segment branded air conditioner or split system can reach up to $2,000, while the cost of the most sophisticated fan is about $250. However, for seasonal home use, you can find a split system model for $200-300, while a basic fan can be purchased for $30.

Bottom line: what to choose – a fan or an air conditioner

Air conditioners outperform fans in terms of functionality and options for optional settings. Most models are equipped with cooling, ventilation, odor neutralization and heating functions, while some models can offer air ionization, drying and bacteria removal.

Other advantages of air conditioners over fans:

  • temperature maintenance indefinitely;
  • remote control with remote control;
  • intelligent setting options;
  • large quadrature cooling and heating;
  • large list of options.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the need for installation and annual technical cleaning with the help of specialists. Also, with a long stay in an air-conditioned room, the risk of colds increases.

The main advantage of fans is their low cost, which makes them an affordable purchase for any user. This also includes simple installation and simple maintenance that does not require additional investments.

Other benefits of buying a fan instead of an air conditioner:

  • energy savings;
  • relatively low noise level;
  • mobility and portability;
  • ease of use;
  • large and affordable range.

Although fans can remove odors from the room, they cannot boast of wide functionality.