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I have never purchased any product from this company, nor had any other dealings with them. In Spring 2020, I received a “***** ****** Keychain” in the mail, which I did not order. Since then, I have received the catalogs “Critic’s Choice Video” and “Critic’s Choice Music” in the mail regularly. I have repeatedly emailed customer service, and each time they tell me that they have removed me from their mailing list; yet I continue to receive this catalog. I recently moved across the country, and today I received another catalog! I do not know how they got my name and address in the first place, nor how they currently know my name and address. They will not tell me, and they keep sending me catalogs even though I repeatedly ask them not to.

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Chuck H

2 stars


Sometimes I wonder about Critics Choice, I ordered 3 BluRays what I got today was 2 BluRays and 1 DVD. I even wrote the word ” BluRay ” beside each and every order. I know I put the right numbers down, I’m not blind. This isn’t the first time I’ve ordered BluRays and gotten DVDs instead.

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Critics’ Choice Video Review | Ratings & Customer Reviews – Aug ’23

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Based on online research and 33 Critics’ Choice Video reviews, Critics’ Choice Video’s overall score is 3. 9 out of 5 stars.
Critics’ Choice Video’s review score is based on Critics’ Choice Video’s customer ratings, its brand popularity, its price competitiveness, as well as the breadth and quality of features it offers to customers.
The Critics’ Choice Video review table below incorporates summarizes 33 Critics’ Choice Video ratings on 6 features.
You can also compare Critics’ Choice Video against popular alternatives like
Redbox, Tuner Classic Movies Shop and Deep Discount. or you can view the top 50 brands in similar categories, such as , and .

Brand popularity

4.5 – Very popular brand

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3. 0 – 1 e-commerce feature offered

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2.6 – 7 ratings – expand

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4.0 – 3 ratings – expand

Coupons & discounts

2.3 – 3 ratings – expand

Customer-specific discounts

3.0 – 6 ratings – expand

Financing options

2.0 – 6 ratings – expand

Company values, ethics & policies

0.0 – 0 ratings

Customer service & brand

4.0 – 1 rating – expand

Privacy policy & data security

0.0 – 0 ratings

Loyalty, rewards & partnership programs

2.0 – 2 ratings – expand

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Critics’ Choice Video (ccvideo. com) is a well-known dvd movie which competes against other dvd movies like
Redbox, Tuner Classic Movies Shop, Deep Discount, Vinegar Syndrome and Disney Movie Club. Based on our in-depth Critics’ Choice Video review, when compared to its competitors, Critics’ Choice Video is a mid-range performing brand within its category. Read the full review below for more details.

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Critics’ Choice Video’s strengths are:

    Good interface usability details

    Good dependability details

Knoji has 33 Critics’ Choice Video reviews and ratings as of July 31, 2023.
Knoji editors and the Knoji shopper community have reviewed Critics’ Choice Video and compared it against 109 top dvd movies brands,
reviewing Critics’ Choice Video based on product and store features such as interface usability.
Knoji reviews and ranks and other dvd movies based on how many features each offers and based on a 5-star rating scale.
Based on these factors and 33 Critics’ Choice Video reviews, Critics’ Choice Video earns an overall score of 3.9 out of 5.0 points.
Critics’ Choice Video offers 6 total features. Critics’ Choice Video’s review score also factors in its popularity, which is in the mid-range compared to competing .

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Critics’ Choice Video is a small to mid-size dvd movies company operating the e-commerce site Critics’ Choice Video sells its products and services in the dvd movies industry. Critics’ Choice Video offers discount codes and coupons to its customers occasionally. Critics’ Choice Video has a mix of reviews among shoppers on Knoji, with 33 ratings and an average rating of 2.7 stars. Critics’ Choice Video scores below average compared to other brands in the dvd movies industry, providing 1 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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The population of the Earth has reached a critical level

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Search results

We are already 8 billion: the “anniversary” baby will be born on Tuesday . The UN even promises to name him

The world’s population is growing rapidly – in some places: as they say, there is nowhere for an apple to fall.Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

On Tuesday, November 15, the 8 billionth inhabitant of the Earth will be born. Such calculations were published by UN experts in the summer. A little later, they promise to tell where exactly he was born, and even give his name. Here, of course, there is a convention: in fact, no one knows the exact number of people on our planet, especially with an accuracy of one person. After all, 10,000 babies are born every hour on the planet. Most of all – where the density and population is higher: China, the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa, India.

The UN wanted a show and they’re putting on one. Apparently, they want to draw attention to an acute problem: will the Earth feed such a large number of people. After all, despite the conventions of the date itself, November 15, there is no doubt that we are exactly 8 billion. Let’s talk about it and we.


Just over ten years ago, the birth of the 7 billionth inhabitant was celebrated with the same pomp. The increase in the population, therefore, is rude – one hundred million a year.

In 2011, when there were 7 billion earthlings, the boy Petya from Russia claimed the title of “record holder”, according to Russian experts. But the UN decided to “give the palm” to the girl Danica, who was born in the Philippines. Which India tried unsuccessfully to challenge.

Such a rapid growth of the Earth’s population was generally not expected. According to estimates from the beginning of the 2000s, the 7 billionth inhabitant should have been born just in this year, 2022. Then, when the world’s population grew much earlier, the UN estimated that the 8 billionth baby would be born by the end of 2023. Everything happened much faster. And, of course, the question arises of what will happen next.


According to UN documents, the population will continue to increase, but the rate will fall: milestone of 9billion, according to experts, it will exceed by 2040. That is, the next billion should take more time than the previous one – 18 years, not 11.

What will happen next can only be judged with a certain degree of probability. By 2100, there may be 12 billion earthlings. Or maybe the growth will slow down so much that about 9 billion kopecks will remain. That is, the growth will practically stop. There are different calculations and models for this.

So far, the population growth rate has indeed shown a downward trend. Today’s women give birth almost half as intensively as in the 50s of the last century. Especially in the West.

The rate of population growth began to slow down.

Even 40 years ago, on average, the planet had 5 newborns for every woman. Now – less than three babies. And two of them are Asians, Africans, Hispanics.

In addition, most families, especially in Europe, have children very late, which does not contribute to the rapid growth of the local population. Same-sex marriages are also gradually spreading, which does not contribute to any growth at all.

As a result, instead of some countries and peoples, others become leaders in the reproduction of children. The main “producers” are Africa, Central and Southeast Asia. For example, Nigeria is about to overtake the United States in terms of population and reach the third place in the world. India will take first place, surpassing China as early as next year.


When making its forecasts, the UN obviously expects “only good things” from the future, both in the coming years and in the years to come. It was assumed that famine, crises and other misfortunes like absolutely disastrous wars or pandemics would not prevent humanity from multiplying. Modern life demonstrates the opposite: “something is already going wrong.” And it can only get worse. There are scientists who have long paid attention to this

In 1972, mathematicians at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Professor Jerry Foster, compiled a mathematical model – one of the first of its kind. The basis of the model – in fact, a computer program, called “World1”, they put the data of world socio-economic development available at that time. As a result, the computer issued a forecast: in 2020, economic growth will begin to slow down, by 2030 it will not be at all. As a result, the number of people on Earth will be significantly reduced. By 2050, industrial production will degrade almost to the level of the beginning of the century before last.

– Somewhere between 2040 and 2050, civilized life on Earth, in the usual sense, will end, Foster scared, talking about the results of the simulation.

Computer conclusions have recently been checked and confirmed by modern mathematicians. Humanity was indeed coming to an end if it continued to stubbornly “develop the economy” – to increase and increase production in an effort to meet growing demand.

Collapse awaits if we do not conserve natural resources, monstrously pollute the environment and continue to spit on social problems.

computers from 1972 and modern mathematicians are echoed by the British ecologist David Auerbach. According to his gloomy forecast, humanity will not last even the next 100 years. Famine and pestilence will bring climatic anomalies, overpopulation and depletion of natural resources. But first – the heat, which will increase as a result of global warming.

Auerbach fears that the average temperature on Earth could rise by 5 degrees. Which will cause a climate apocalypse, which by 2115 will literally burn out humanity.

The process, unfortunately, is already underway – people are dying from both prolonged abnormal heat and catastrophic floods.

By the way, from the calculations that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) carried out in due time, it follows that the Earth’s bioresources have decreased by a third over the past 50 years. That is, we have already “consumed” a third of our planet – we have eaten and digested, burned, cut down, poisoned. Conclusion: with an equally wasteful lifestyle, for the continued existence of mankind, it took five more planets like ours. Or, to put it more cynically: it is necessary that people become 5 times less. Well, at least 1.5-2 billion. Not 12.

The contribution of individual countries to the growth of the world’s population.


The so-called cyclical economy is called upon to save humanity – a strange model that is talked about a lot, but it seems that there are few chances to implement it (and is it worth it). It is assumed that people will stop taking new resources from nature, and will begin to process the old ones. And this will affect everyone. Washing – only in collective points, take a screwdriver there, if necessary, and return it, do not keep equipment at home at all. No personal transport and preferably no movement at all. Live in state-owned apartments, space standards – as society allows. Food … also artificial (they have already learned how to make meat from “chemistry”).

And here are three questions: will people agree what will happen to the housekeeper, the basis of which is still created by consumer demand, and what… with the birth rate? Let’s focus on the latter. Although there are no studies, it seems that a conscious lifestyle is somehow correlated with the reluctance to have children. Yes, and it would be strange in a society where you have practically no property, to build child-loving plans. Whether we will defeat global warming with the help of a circular economy is a big question. If the scientists who say that warming is caused by cycles beyond the control of people are right, then most likely not. But the growth of the population of the Earth – apparently, we will stop.

So far, developed countries are reducing the birth rate due to advances in medicine. A very high birth rate is a legacy of a traditional society without medicine, where many children did not survive. For some time (1950-1960s), women by inertia gave birth to many, although good medicine had already appeared. This caused a baby boom in developed countries. Today we are seeing something similar in India. But the boom will end, there will be fewer births, and the population growth will slow down. Therefore, linear estimates of the future population of the Earth are unlikely to be confirmed.

According to UN forecasts, there will be even more earthlings. How much exactly is still unknown.


Did all earthlings have enough food, how many people the planet is able to feed? Elon Musk, for example, believes that there will not be enough, and is going to move people to Mars. It will be difficult on Mars, people will literally fight for water and air, the strongest will survive. Such is the return to the Middle Ages on a new level.

In fact, it is pointless to talk about this seriously. What does “enough food” mean? Now, is that enough? While in the West about a third of the food is thrown away because it is not eaten, in the lagging countries they suffer from hunger. But in the West, obesity and other consequences of excesses are developing. Do we want to feed Africa to the state of America? What do we even want?

If we plow up the Sahara and grow food there (theoretically, we can), we will completely spoil the climate. If we further intensify the agro-industrial complex in Europe, we will achieve a climate in the Old World. Artificial meat – what are the consequences for health? Giving up meat in general – did you know that crop production harms the climate no less than animal husbandry? And so for every “recipe” there is an unpleasant “response”.

It would be nice to put all this into a computer model and get an answer. But it’s like with the weather: insignificant errors at the level of initial data make a huge difference in the result. Not taking into account some minor factor will give a distorted picture.

Therefore, it is easier to say this: science cannot yet accurately answer the question of how much food we need, and how many people the Earth will endure. You just have to live the way you do. And we’ll see.


How humanity breeds

In the entire history of civilization, 100 billion people have managed to live on Earth.

Thousand year BC – 100 million people.

Beginning of our era – 200 million.

The first millennium of our era – 300 million.

Middle of the 17th century – 500 million people.

1804 – 1 billion. The rate of reproduction has increased dramatically.

1927 – 2 billion.

1960 – 3 billion (population explosion).

1974 – 4 billion people.

1987 – 5 billion.

1999 – 6 billion.

2011 – 7 billion.

2022 – 8 billion.


The earth will support 1 quadrillion people. Theoretically

The world’s population could be increased by 200,000 times in the far future, says Viorel Badescu, PhD in physics, from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. He came to this conclusion by testing how dangerous the growing number of earthlings is for the thermodynamic equilibrium of the planet. Badescu’s calculations are based on the work of the British physicist John Fremlin, who in the mid-1960s predicted the “heat death” of civilization due to the life of the people themselves. According to this theory, starting from a certain moment, the Earth will not have time to dissipate heat if the number of “living radiators” becomes too large. The first calculations showed that at least 60 quadrillion people were needed for this.

After testing this hypothesis with the help of more modern thermodynamic models, the scientist found that the figure should be much less, but still remains impressive: 1.3 quadrillion. Even with this amount of population, the Earth will not overheat. This is a theoretical limit that can ever be reached by humanity.

For those who don’t know. A quadrillion looks like this: 1,000,000,000,000,000.

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The funniest comedies, the audience’s choice – March 18, 2023

Collection of films – you will not end up laughing!


All the comedies released in recent years can’t cheer you up? What, they don’t even make you smile? Calm! We have an offer for you, from which you are guaranteed a great mood. Our colleagues from asked their readers to name the most memorable and mind-blowing comedies of all time. The list is impressive. We hope you will find in it a film (or even more than one!) To your liking.

American comedy about body positivity. The whole plot is tied to an ordinary girl. Her name is Rene. She dreams of meeting a guy, getting a promotion and losing weight. All her attempts and hard training lead to nothing, but one trip to the gym by Rene turned the life of the main character upside down.

During the next visit to the fitness room, Rene hit her head on the exercise bike, and when she woke up, she found herself a stunning beauty with a perfect figure. Or does she just think so?

Just a little bit more and the video will load

Video: iVideos / YouTube. com

“Beauty for the Whole Head” is such a story about everyday life, only pretty seasoned with excellent jokes and the idea of ​​love for yourself and your body.

The main character of this love comedy is fashion journalist Andy Anderson. She was assigned to write important material about the mistakes of girls who repel men. According to the law of the genre, she was given ridiculously little time for it – only 10 days. During this period, she must find a guy and break up with him.

Advertising agent Benjamin Barry is in a slightly different situation. He also has 10 days, only during this period he needs to fall in love with a girl. Such a strange bet he made with his superiors. And so begins the romantic relationship of the characters against the background of deception of each other.

Just a little bit more and the video will load

Video: Movie trailer /

In this light and unobtrusive comedy, you will find many embarrassing situations that Andy creates to push Benjamin away, and he endures everything. For 20 years, the motion picture has remained for many a favorite romantic film, while watching which you can also laugh heartily.

A bright French comedy starring Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno tells about two unsuccessful friends. They met in prison, and the thought of escaping rallied them.

The main characters are two opposites. Ruby is a real hardened criminal, thirsting for revenge for the murder of his beloved, and Quentin is absolutely naive and clumsy. On top of that, a total idiot.

A little more and the video will load

Video: Trailers in Russian /

The circumstances in which the heroes find themselves give rise to endless awkward situations and troubles, and these misadventures cannot be torn off.

The main character Susan Cooper dreamed of being a CIA agent all her life, but her career ladder turned out to be winding, narrow and slippery. As a result, she waited for her finest hour after many, many years. But what a stellar hour it turned out to be!

When the best agent failed the mission, Susan had to step in – because she was the only one from the CIA whom the enemy did not know by sight. Now Susan is a spy, and she will succeed. Maybe.

Just a little more and the video will load

Video: Movie Trailers /

There is a place for both action and comedy in the film. Spies drive expensive cars and helicopters, arrange exciting chases, and Susan Cooper gives everything that happens a unique charm.

A wealthy French family is having a dinner party at their house. Everything is going well until it is discovered that there will be 13 people at the party! For some, this figure may seem ordinary, but not for the heroine of the film, the mistress of the house, Ann. Imbued with superstition, the woman asks the maid Maria (Rossi de Palma) to put cutlery for 14 people and, pretending to be a secular person, sit down at the table with everyone. But initially, none of them knew what this idea could turn into.

Just a little more and the video will load

Video: iVideos /

By the way, the end of “Madame” is not so funny. Therefore, if you like comedies, in the final of which the heart stops, and tears roll up to the eyes, feel free to turn it on.

If you don’t know what excuse to come up with to get dry even from the biggest water – contact Gregory. He is a master of lies. And a lie as plausible as possible. We can say that his whole life is built on lies. He even has a company that was created in order to lie. More precisely, to help lie to the poor fellows who find themselves in a delicate situation. But this office will provide you with not just a lie that looks like the truth, but will give you a full-fledged alibi. Superalibi.

A little more and the video will load

Video: iVideos /

Didn’t show up for work? Gregory will save you from being fired and figure out how to get out of the situation so that you are not fired. Had an affair with someone else and don’t want your girlfriend to know about it? Gregory will help! Do you want everyone to mistake your artificial breasts for real ones? Gregory has a 100% alibi for this as well. Only once the hero of the film falls in love with a girl who does not tolerate lies in any of its manifestations.

We are sure that there will be those who, at the mention of the film “Daddy”, will immediately begin to whistle the very melody that Vladimir Kosma composed. And if it has not played in your head yet, we will remind you!

A little more and the video will load

Video: Good everywhere /

Papas is a film from those years when Gerard Depardieu had not yet begun to consider himself Russian, and Pierre Richard was still the same for everyone a tall blond man in a black boot. In this film, the acting duo are former lovers of the same woman. She turns to them to find her teenage son who has run away from home. Yes, not just appeals, but also insists that they (yes, both at once) are the fathers of the child. Well, like any self-respecting dad, they go in search.

If you find your relatives intolerable, then you simply don’t know the Griswold family. Veterans of film viewing have known them since 1983, when Rusty Griswold was just a boy and his dad took him on a mind-blowing tour with many unknowns.

The Vacation we’re talking about now is a sequel to the 1983 film. Rusty himself has long been the head of the family and the father of two children. And one fine day I decided to repeat the feat of my dad and arrange an unforgettable and unifying adventure for the family. There is no doubt that it will be unforgettable.

A little more and the video will load

Video: WBRussia /

Having gone with his wife and two sons across America to the Wally World family amusement park, Rusty could not even think that something would go wrong according to plan. But, as Father Griswold liked to say: “Madness, madness, madness!”

The heroes of this film could hardly make friends in reality. She is a successful producer with strict moral principles, a very serious female careerist, and also a sexy blonde. He is a rising star of a new TV show, living by all the rules of rock and roll. He lives for his own pleasure, does not know the refusal of women, does not recognize gender equality and political correctness. But they had to meet.

A little more and the video will load

Video: Movie trailer /

Meeting the main characters helps them change. True, without laughter one cannot look at these changes and the road to them.

The next time you feel that your boss is too demanding, and sometimes even behaves inappropriately, invite him to watch the movie Horrible Bosses together. You will find out what other bosses are, and maybe catch yourself thinking that yours is still nothing. And he will clearly see what happens to leaders if they misbehave.

A little more and the video will load

Video: MrDerrac /

By the way, the cast in the film is impressive: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey – the company is right.

The work of Adam Sandler can be treated as you like. Someone does not digest him, and someone is infinitely in love with films with his participation. They are always (at least most often) distinguished by special touching. “Big Daddy”, “Shoemaker”, and even “Odnoklassniki”. “Pretend to be my wife” in his filmography does not stand apart, but perhaps this is his charm. In any case, this film became the choice of the audience.

A little more and the video will load

Video: SonyPicturesRU /

In this film, Sandler’s hero blames his ex-wife for all the troubles, pretends to be unhappy and looks for a new girlfriend. Only he did not take into account the fact that this girl wants to meet his ex. The guy does not agree with such conditions and asks his colleague and single mother (played by Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife. You may have already guessed how this whole scam will end.

What is your favorite comedy? Write in the comments and, perhaps, in the near future we will compile another such list of the best comedies.