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Cheap Microwave Ovens on Sale & Discount Microwave Ovens

Amazon · 2 days ago

West Bend WBMW71W Microwave Oven 700-Watts Compact with 6 Pre Cooking Settings, Speed Defrost,

$84 $100

free shipping



  • CONVENIENT: 0.7 Cu. Ft. microwave oven is the ideal anywhere you need it small microwave solution for home or office
  • EASY TOUCH PRESETS: Six pre-programmed cooking options, including popcorn, potato, pizza and more
  • VERSATILE DEFROST: Features speed defrost setting and defrost by weight
  • EVEN COOKING: Rotating glass turntable helps cook food evenly
  • Easy to use clock and kitchen timer functions
  • Model: WBMW71W
  • UPC: 079841930715

Verified: 07/22/2023 · Save $16 off list · Free Shipping

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Amazon · 1 mo ago

Toshiba 1. 5-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven with Convection

$205 $236

free shipping



  • 3-in-1 Multifuntional Countertop MicrowaveOne microwave with multi-functions of microwave, convection, combi. (convection+microwave) can fulfill more usages
  • One Kitchen Appliance, Better Texture Combines microwave and convection cooking in one appliance, with auto bake, defrosting and auto roast menus. Also with pre-programmed sensor menu for optimum results of popular foods like frozen pizza, vegetables and more.
  • Large Capacity for a Family Size 13.6inch removable turntable can fit a whole roasted chicken, 12-inch pizza
  • Convenience Features One-touch popcorn, memory function, speedy cooking, multistage cooking, clock and kitchen timer, mute function. Mute function: If you wish to mute the buzzer of the microwave, press and hold the button “8” on the keypad for 3-5 seconds. The buzzer is automatically switched off after a long beep.
  • Product Specs 1000 watts microwave power with 10 power settings, external dimension (W*D*H): 21.77*21.5*12.99inches, internal dimension (W*D*H):15.5*15.35*10.2 inches, 13.6-inch removable turntable
  • Note Measure first before purchase!
  • Model: EC042A5C-BS
  • UPC: 839724015508

Verified: 07/23/2023 · Save $31 off list · Free Shipping

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Amazon · 3 mos ago

RCA RMW953-BLUE RMW953 0.9-Cubic Feet Microwave Oven with Oversized Display, Blue

$93 $120

free shipping



  • POWERFUL: This bright coloured countertop microwave oven has 900 Watts in a 0.9 Cu. Ft. footprint
  • FUNCTIONS: Equipped 10 Microwave power levels to help provide efficient results each and every time. It also has an auto-defrost menu by weight and a 6-One touch functions including, pizza, popcorn, baked potato etc.
  • INTERIOR LIGHT & CHILD LOCK: The safety lock prevents unsupervised operation by children. Interior light for checking the status without having to open the doors.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Soft-touch electronic control panel and convenient auto-cook menu. Digital clock and kitchen timer.
  • DESIGN – Vibrant colour that stands out in all decor styles. And a sleek curved handle for a modern design.
  • Model: RMW953-BLUE
  • UPC: 058465805791

Verified: 07/19/2023 · Save $27 off list · Free Shipping

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Amazon · 7 mos ago

Galanz GLCMKZ11BKR10 Retro Countertop Microwave Oven with Auto Cook & Reheat, Defrost, Quick Start

$88 $140

free shipping



  • DEFROST & QUICK START – Defrost any of your frozen foods by either weight or time; Also includes a quick start, +30 seconds button for when you need additional cooking time for your meal
  • AUTO COOK & REHEAT – Includes 7 Auto Cooking programs and 10 Auto Reheat Programs making cooking and reheating meals and beverages simple, quick, easy & convenient!
  • EASY TO CLEAN WITH GLASS TURNTABLE – Removable for easy clean up, includes a 12. 4″ glass turntable that rotates 360 degrees for even and efficient cooking
  • RETRO LOOK – Vintage and retro look will accentuate any space! Mix and match with the other retro appliances from Galanz like the toaster oven, freezer, & refrigeration pieces
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL SPACES – Compact size is perfect for apartments, kitchenettes, dorms, and other small kitchen spaces – Measures 21.1″ W x 16.9″ D x 11.2″ H with a capacity of 1.1 cu ft
  • Model: GLCMKZ11BKR10
  • UPC: 190873007609

Verified: 07/20/2023 · Save $52.00 off list · Free Shipping

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Amazon · 10 mos ago

Toshiba ML2-EM62P(SS) Microwave Oven with Built-in Humidity Sensor, 6 Automatic Preset Menus, ECO

$200 $230

free shipping



  • Large Capacity2.2 Cu. Ft. capacity countertop microwave with 1200W power is perfect for large families. It can easily accommodate a 16-inch pizza and a whole chicken.
  • Intuitive Humidity SensorThe built-in humidity sensor with 6 Automatic Preset Menus gives your food an even heating result and seals the moisture inside for optimal results.
  • 6 Auto MenusEquipped with 6 menus that fits your most daily needs including: bacon, frozen roll/muffin-reheat, beverage, chicken pieces and oatmeal.
  • Auto-Defrost Function The Auto-Defrost Function defrosts meat, poultry and fish with different programs, simulating a natural defrost environment and achieving optimal defrosting results.
  • Easy to UseKitchen essential with One pound/ auto defrost, energy-saving eco mode and sound on/off function, speedy cooking, memory function, multi-stage cooking, child safety lock, indoor light, clock and kitchen time.
  • Model: ML-EM62P(SS)
  • UPC: 810004817760

Used 4 times · Verified: 07/23/2023 · Save $30 off list · Free Shipping

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Best microwave deals for January 2023

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Bruce Brown

Scouring the internet for the best microwave deals available? Because we’ve spent more time at home than usual during the past three years, our microwave ovens got a lot more action than before. Even though you might not cook your whole dinner in them, you may use your microwave oven to warm up leftovers like pizza, pop popcorn, melt butter, boil water, and more. When it comes to finding the best microwave deals, we’ve got you covered. Since microwaves have been around for so long now, there are dozens of companies that make really great microwaves at reasonable prices. Whether you need a microwave to install over your range or a stand-alone microwave for your kitchen counter, we have found some of the best microwave sales on these small appliances for you.


  • Today’s Best Microwave Deals
  • Microwave vs. Microwave Oven
  • Are Cheap Microwaves Safe?

Today’s Best Microwave Deals

Insignia 0.9 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave — $80, was $90

If you want an affordable but dependable microwave oven for your kitchen, you should consider going for this compact microwave from Insignia. Its capacity of 0.9 cu. ft. is just enough to reheat small portions and snacks, so it’s perfect for people living independently or for the other rooms around the house aside from the kitchen. The 900W microwave is powerful enough to cook frozen meals after a few minutes, with its turntable ensuring that the food is evenly heated and properly prepared. The touch controls of the machine offers various cooking programs for items such as vegetables and beverages, with its LED display showing a clear view of the settings that you’ve chosen.

Samsung 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave  — $180, was $230

This countertop microwave from Samsung features a grilling element that evenly distributes heat, so you can use it to prepare food with crispy exteriors while remaining juicy inside. Samsung’s Triple Distribution System technology makes sure that your meals are heated thoroughly, while a variety of preset options that are accessible on the microwave’s front panel will make sure that you get the perfect cook for different kinds of ingredients and food types. The microwave also comes with a ceramic enamel interior that minimizes scratches and is easy to clean, and 10 different power levels up to 1000W.

GE 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave — $220, was $315

This over-the-range microwave from LG is one of the best microwaves because of its combination of performance and reliability. With 1.6 cu. ft. of capacity, you’ll have plenty of space for reheating leftovers, thawing meat, or preparing frozen meals. The microwave also features a two-speed, 300 cubic feet-per-minute external venting system that will help blow away smoke and odors, and a cooktop light that will give you a better look at your stove while you cook. The buttons at its front panel will let you choose preset programs for cooking times and power levels, or you can input these settings manually.

LG NeoChef 2.0 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave — $230, was $260

LG’s Neochef countertop microwave not only provides a large capacity of 2.0 cu. ft., but it also makes cooking simpler and more efficient with various features. The microwave uses sensors to check humidity and determine when your food is cooked, and automatically shuts down once your meal is ready. With the LG Smart Inverter, the microwave is capable of using precise, variable power for more even cooking and improved defrosting, instead of the alternating blasts of full power and no power used by ordinary microwaves. It’s also built with LG’s EasyClean interior that resists stains, so cleanup is as easy as wiping the inside with a damp cloth, while an anti-bacterial coating further maintains cleanliness.

Microwave vs. Microwave Oven

The term “microwave”  is the common name for the ubiquitous microwave oven. When shopping for your new microwave, don’t let the different names fool you. Microwave is just a short way to say microwave oven, which is a small appliance that uses microwave radiation to cook food. In fact, a microwave is not an oven at all. An oven has a heating element inside, which heats the air inside and, in turn, heats the food inside.

Are Cheap Microwaves Safe?

Cheap microwaves are safe, bottom line. There is no reason to think that just because you have a more expensive microwave, it is safer than the more affordable model. According to the World Health Organization, when used according to manufacturers’ instructions, microwave ovens are reliable. This doesn’t negate the fact that several precautions need to be taken when using a microwave oven, but very few of the dangers have to do with the actual radiation the small appliance produces.

Most dangers associated with microwaves involve thermal burns and food handling. These are dangers that you will encounter whether you use a microwave while cooking or not. When it comes to microwaves being emitted outside of the actual microwave, the chance is slim. Microwave ovens are designed so that they only emit microwaves while they are on, and the door is closed. That being said, be sure to maintain your microwave properly because damaged doors and locking devices can mean radiation is escaping. Even cheap microwaves have doors and locking mechanisms to ensure that microwaves are not emitted outside of the actual appliance.

No matter whether your microwave is cheap, damaged, brand new, or in some other state, the food that you cook inside of it does not become radioactive, so you can dispel that myth any time someone brings it up. Absolutely no microwave energy remains in the food after the microwave oven is switched off.

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Basic functions of microwave ovens 👉 Useful functions of microwave ovens

  • 1. Types of microwave ovens
    • 1.1. Only microwaves
    • 1.2. Grill
    • 1.3. Grill and convection
    • 1.4. Grill, convection and oven
  • 2. Useful instrument functions
    • 2.1. Quick start
    • 2.2. Auto defrost
    • 2.3. Automatic cooking
    • 2.4. Adjusting cooking parameters
    • 2.5. Multi-step programming
    • 2.6. Child lock
  • 3. Selection criteria for microwave oven

Microwave ovens have long been an integral part of any kitchen along with ovens and gas stoves. Their popularity is far from accidental. They help to easily defrost meat before cooking or reheat already prepared dishes before serving, seriously saving the user’s time. But the functions of microwave ovens are not limited to banal defrosting and heating. In fact, the devices allow you to cook real masterpieces. Multifunctional microwave ovens can be offered by the well-known brand Korting. Let’s see what types of devices are found and what their functions are.

Types of microwave ovens

Before purchasing a device, it is worth deciding for what purposes you will use it. The choice of suitable technique will be based on your decision. Korting offers the following types of microwave ovens.

Only microwaves

This type includes the free-standing model KMO 820 GW. It is great for reheating and defrosting food. But do not limit its functionality only to these actions. She can also prepare various dishes and desserts.


In addition to microwaves, microwave ovens of this type also use a grill installed in the upper part of the working chamber. These devices include the models KMI 720 X, KMI 825, KMO 720 X and KMO 823 XN. The technique will appeal to lovers of perfectly fried meat.

Grill and convection

If cooking in the microwave brings you pleasure, then you should take a closer look at the KMI 925CX. It combines microwaves, grill and convection. The principle of its work is very simple. The built-in fan drives air around the chamber, which allows dishes to bake evenly from all sides. Microwaves speed up the cooking process, and the grill browns the dish at the end. Cooking time is greatly reduced, allowing the user to do more important things.

Grill, convection and oven

The principle of operation of the devices is very similar to the mechanism of the previous type. The difference is only in the heating elements and the glazing of the door. Heating elements similar to traditional ovens and triple glazed doors to keep the heat inside. This greatly reduces energy consumption and allows you to control the temperature inside.

Useful functions of


Korting microwave ovens have a set of useful features that greatly facilitate the process of cooking and reduce the time spent on it. The user can safely entrust the preparation of the dish to the device and enjoy the time with family and friends.

Quick start

Microwave ovens are equipped with a special “Quick start” button. This is a pre-set food heating mode that starts with one touch. You do not need to select a mode or set the duration of the warm-up.

Automatic defrost

The program is similar to the previous one, but in this case the user himself specifies the weight and type of product. The oven independently adapts to the specified parameters for better defrosting.

Automatic cooking

Recipes for preparing various dishes from fish, meat, vegetables and other products are built into the Kerting microwave ovens. All the user needs to do is turn on the required program, and the device will choose the time and power itself. The function will appeal to those who do not know how or do not like to cook, as well as those who do not want to spend precious minutes on it.

Adjusting cooking parameters

The user can not only select the preset mode, but also adjust the parameters by himself. These are the settings displayed on the screen, such as:

  • time until the end of the cooking cycle;
  • power;
  • type of heating (microwave, grill, convection or all together).

Multi-step programming

This function of microwave ovens can be a real salvation, because it allows you to assign a whole sequence of operations. For example, you can defrost a product and immediately start cooking it. Or put the cake to bake and then brown it on the grill.

Child lock

Little fidgets are attracted by luminous buttons and touch screens. To prevent the child from accidentally turning on the device or deleting the settings you need, turn on the full blocking of all buttons and sensors.

Criteria for choosing a microwave oven

When choosing a technique, pay attention to the following characteristics.

  • Volume. The average chamber volume of Korting ovens is 20-25 liters, which is enough for a family of three or four. For models KMI 1082 and KMI 482 RC, it is 44 liters.
  • Internal coating. It can be enamel, which is easily cleaned of dirt, or stainless steel, which can withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Management. The brand offers push-button and touch electronic control.

You can learn more about the technique at the Korting Information Centre.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Microwave Ovens – INMYROOM

Microwave ovens are now in almost every home or office, but many don’t know how to take full advantage of them. We understand what stoves can actually do and how to get the most out of them.

1. The microwave can cook itself

While you are getting ready for work, the microwave will cook breakfast. Also lunch and dinner. In modern models, there are automenu recipes – you choose one of the programmed recipes, and the microwave oven will determine the mode, power and cooking time by itself. You just have to press the “Start” button and calmly go about your business.

2. And can become an accent in the interior

Modern models have appeared, where design is another strong point of the appliance, such as, for example, the Samsung MW3500K microwave. The black glass front panel with silver switch makes it a stand-alone kitchen accent.

3. The microwave can be placed not only on the countertop

In small kitchens there is often no place to put the microwave, so there are alternative options for placing it. For example, special consoles for easy attachment of the microwave to the wall.

High placement of the appliance is only appropriate if you are tall enough to use it comfortably. Place the oven no more than 135–140 cm from the floor or 6–8 cm below the shoulder of the person who uses the appliance most often.

4. The microwave oven saves energy

The higher the power consumption of the microwave oven, the faster it will heat or cook food.

When choosing a microwave oven, be sure to check its specifications. The economy mode in a modern microwave ensures minimal power consumption in standby mode, which will significantly reduce electricity bills.

5. Many functions in one device

The microwave oven combines several popular functions. With it, you can defrost food, bake chicken in airfryer mode or steam vegetables.

In addition, defrosting in the microwave takes much less time. A special algorithm will automatically calculate the time for frequently used products.

6. Microwave is easier to clean than a stove or multicooker

Samsung MW3500K microwave ovens have a bio-ceramic coating on the walls that makes them easy to clean. They have antibacterial properties and high mechanical resistance to scratches and discoloration.

7. A microwave is safer than a Wi-Fi router

A working microwave emits about the same amount of microwaves into space as a Wi-Fi router in active data transfer mode, and often even less.