Desk chair that reclines: Best Reclining Office Chairs 2023 ~ Top Desk Chair Recliners

Best Reclining Office Chairs 2023 ~ Top Desk Chair Recliners

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Table of Contents_

  • Top 5 Best Reclining Office Chairs Compared
    •  #1  GTRACING Gaming Chair
    •  #2  OFM Essentials ESS-3085 Chair
    •  #3  Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair
    •  #4  KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair
    •  #5  Merax Portland Technical Recliner Chair
  • What to Look for in the Best Reclining Office Chair
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Which Best Reclining Office Chair Is Right For You?

The best reclining office chairs can improve circulation and ease aches and pains from sitting in the same position continuously for long stretches of time. A reclining executive desk chair may even help you relax for a few minutes after a few hours of sitting upright and staring at a computer screen. Or some people prefer to recline when they’re talking on the phone or thinking, just to gain a little more comfort. And if a nap occurs in your brand new executive reclining chair, well, you probably earned it with your hard work earlier in the day. This seat offers a different experience when compared to other options in our best office chair guide.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers Bluetooth…



OFM Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style PC…



Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Desk…


If any of this sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place. We spent tons of time online hunting down the best reclining office chair to help you achieve the maximum amount of comfort in your workday. After finding the top options available today, we researched the top 20 reclining office chairs to put their comfort and ergonomics through research . Once we received the reclining chairs, we worked full days in them, specifically researching comfort, adjustability and durability. After all our research, the GTRACING Gaming Chair quickly rose to the top because of its numerous adjustability options, durable metal frame and overall comfort. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for the best reclining office chair in 2023.

Top 5 Best Reclining Office Chairs Compared

 #1  GTRACING Gaming Chair

10,550 Reviews

Our #1 Pick is the GTRACING Gaming Chair

Award: Top Pick/Best Ergonomic

WHY WE LIKE IT: When it comes to ergonomics on reclining office chairs, you want to have as many adjustable options as possible so you can fine tune the chair to fit your specific needs. The GTRACING Gaming Chair offers you tons of adjustability so you can sit in the chair for longer without worrying about any lingering pain.


  • Features adjustable head and lumbar supports
  • Highest weight capacity on the list
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Hard to assemble
  • Seat isn’t as wide as other chairs
  • Flimsy armrests

Ergonomic chairs with comprehensive adjustability options can get really expensive really fast, but the GTRACING Gaming Chair offers tons of adjustability for a budget price. With this price, you can get a unique, ergonomic reclining office chair without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to adjust the armrests, seat height, lumbar support, head rest and more, which means you can customize the chair to your preferences with ease. If you’re looking for ergonomics, you can’t pass this chair up.

Unfortunately, the chair can be a little harder than others to assemble out of the box. The instructions were clear enough, but some of the holes were misaligned or not properly machined. Maybe this problem was limited to the specific chair we researched, but be prepared for a longer assembly time, just in case. We also found the armrests to be a little flimsy; you could probably do without them if you absolutely don’t need them. Overall, though, the GTRACING Gaming Chair is strong and sturdy, due to its metal internal frame. We were never uncomfortable for long while using it, even during long working hours, because any discomfort could be immediately eliminated with a quick adjustment to the appropriate portion of the chair. For a budget chair, read best office chairs under $100.

 #2  OFM Essentials ESS-3085 Chair


23,015 Reviews

Our #2 Pick is the OFM Essentials ESS-3085

Award: Honorable Mention/Best Home Office

WHY WE LIKE IT: The OFM Essentials ESS-3085 office chair is simple in design while still offering a comfortable and enjoyable sitting experience. With flip up armrests and unique leather/mesh fabric, you’ll be relaxed in this reclining office chair, making it a perfect choice for home offices.


  • Flip up armrests
  • Hybrid mesh/leather design for better breathability
  • Excellent price


  • Doesn’t recline as far back as others
  • Back support isn’t adjustable
  • Seat padding is thinner than other chairs

The OFM Essentials ESS-3085 reclining office chair gives you the look of a cutting edge gaming chair without the massive price tag. It’s a pretty simple chair overall, which is apparent in its design and adjustability features, but it still offers a comfortable and satisfying sitting experience for home offices. For starters, it comes in at an amazingly affordable price and offers a unique hybrid approach to seat materials. By mixing its proprietary SofThread leather and mesh materials, you get a breathable, but plush chair, which we found surprisingly comfortable.

Of course, at such a low price, you can expect some things to be missing from the OFM Essentials ESS-3085. Most notably is that the lumbar support isn’t adjustable and the seat padding isn’t as thick as other chairs we researched. The arm rests aren’t fully adjustable, either, but they flip up to allow you to get in and out of the chair more easily. This isn’t a common office chair feature and one that we found especially useful. All in all, the OFM Essentials ESS-3085 is a solid choice for anyone on a budget that needs a reliable home office chair that reclines. This is generally the best office chair for lower back pain.

 #3  Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair


5,553 Reviews

Our #3 Pick is the Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner

Award: Best Budget/Best Mesh

WHY WE LIKE IT: Finding a high-quality reclining office chair with all the features you need at the right price can be difficult, but the Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner makes the choice easier for you. The chair won’t cost you an arm and leg and will give you a breathable mesh design with plenty of adjustability for ultimate comfort.


  • Breathable mesh design
  • Retractable footrest included
  • Headrest is adjustable


  • May be uncomfortable for people taller than 6 feet
  • Armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Footrest feels flimsy

The Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner is simple and refined in its overall design, featuring a mesh high back that encourages more airflow and an adjustable headrest for greater comfort. When we sat in the chair for the first time, we were pleased with just how comfortable it actually was and how comfortable it remained after a few hours of use. The armrests were a nice addition to the chair, even in spite of not being adjustable. They were far enough apart to not restrict leg movement and tall enough to be comfortable while sitting at our desk.

Perhaps one of the most convenient things about the Hbada reclining office chair is the included retractable footrest that you can use for more comfort when you have the chair fully reclined. It did feel a little more flimsy than some of the other footrests on chairs we researched, but it’s still a great feature to have when you want to take a quick nap without having to leave your desk. If you’re taller than 6 feet, you might be a little uncomfortable with the Hbada, but typically only when you’re fully reclined. If you’re looking for a superb budget office chair that still offers full reclining, the Hbada is a good option. You might want to also check out the best office chair for under $500.

 #4  KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

746 Reviews

Our #4 Pick is the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

Award: Best Value/Best Gaming

WHY WE LIKE IT: You’d be hard pressed to find a chair that offers as much value as the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair at such an affordable price. As the name suggests, the KILLABEE includes a lumbar support that also doubles as a massager, along with tons of adjustability and a superior design quality.


  • Lumbar support is also a massager
  • Sleek, but not overstated design
  • Tons of adjustability options


  • Cushions can be overly slippery
  • Long assembly time
  • Armrests aren’t adjustable

Sitting in an office chair for hours while gaming or pulling an all night work project can get uncomfortable fast, unless you have an office chair like the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair. As the chairs name suggests, the biggest benefit to this chair comes in the form of a lumbar support pillow with a built-in massager that actually works surprisingly well. The lumbar support is fully adjustable, so you can massage almost any part of your back whenever you need it. During our research, the massager quickly became invaluable after even just a few hours in the chair. When we were getting sore or tired, we could recline the chair, whip out the retractable footrest and let the massager do the rest of the work.

The chair itself is built well, with a sturdy metal frame and comfortable padding all over. The material of the cushion made for some slippery moments, especially right out of the box, but those moments happened less and less as we used the chair more. The KILLABEE Gaming Chair is almost fully adjustable, except for the armrests, but that’s something we learned to live without. This massage chair will massage all the compressive stress out of your back while you get work done, game, watch your usual television program, etc. so if you’re looking for some all-in-one stress relief in a full back office seat, check out this great massage chair. All in all, if you’re looking for super comfortable reclining office chair with premium features you can’t find anywhere else, the KILLABEE gaming chair is a product you definitely shouldn’t pass up. Just like the best office chair under $300. Other premium office seats are available in our most comfortable office chair guide.

 #5  Merax Portland Technical Recliner Chair

319 Reviews

Our #5 Pick is the Merax Portland Technical Recliner

Award: Best Executive

WHY WE LIKE IT: Who says being a high-powered executive has to be uncomfortable? The Merax Portland Technical Recliner is an executive office chair that features super comfortable padding, a retractable footrests and a super sturdy design that is sure to impress anyone who walks into your office.


  • Super comfortable without sacrificing ergonomics
  • Includes a retractable footrest
  • Classic executive design


  • Head and armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Minimal height adjustment
  • Tricky assembly

If you’re looking for luxury, ergonomics and high-quality design, then look no further than the Merax Portland Technical Recliner. This executive office recliner is one of the most comfortable office chairs we’ve researched to date due to it’s extra padding and built-in ergonomic features like the adjustable lumbar support pillow. You even get a retractable footrest for maximum efficiency during power naps. Sure, the PU leather isn’t as breathable as mesh, but it wasn’t too big an issue to get hung up on during our research.

Of course, if you’re needing complete adjustability, you should know that you won’t be able to adjust the head or arm rests to your liking and the seat height adjustment doesn’t offer as big a range as other office chairs. However, these downsides are easily overlooked when you start using the chair. The chair can even roll over carpet with ease using the smooth-glide casters. There’s no doubt about it. If you’re looking for an executive office recliner, the Merax Portland Technical Recliner is the choice for you. It ticks all of the boxes for the best office chair. But if you want to practice active sitting at the office to strengthen your back muscles, find a great seat in our best office stool guide.

What to Look for in the Best Reclining Office Chair

Foot Rest: If you’re looking for an office chair that reclines for naps, having a retractable foot rest or an ottoman can be a nice feature. And even if you don’t want to nap in your office chair, the foot rest can help provide support for your lower back as you recline while talking on the phone or using a wireless keyboard. On an additional note, if you’re interested in purchasing a drafting chair for a standing desk, a chair with footrest is necessary for ergonomic support. And keep in mind, that the best office stability chair could mean the difference between a slouched back and an active, engaged core to improve alertness and concentration on tasks.

Tilt Control: As you recline in your office chair, it’s helpful to be able to limit the angle of the tilt, just so you don’t feel like you’re tipping over in the chair. Or you may want to recline freely to nearly a horizontal position. A good reclining office chair can give you the freedom of tilting in exactly the manner you want, usually controlling the reclining angle and other things with a knob or lever on the side of the reclining chair.

Quick Tilt, Quick Return: One of the best reasons to use a reclining office chair is to allow you to take a quick break from sitting upright at your desk. You’ll improve circulation and prevent general aches and pains by moving several times during the day. Such quick breaks are important versus sitting upright in the chair for hours at a time. So you’ll want a reclining office chair that allows you to tilt back and return to an upright position relatively quickly, rather than having to adjust knobs and levers each time you want to change your reclining tilt, which can waste time. Also, take into consideration a lift chair where the height of the chair can be adjusted. The versatility is much appreciated, yet over time, certain adjustment parts may wear down if they’re not very heavy duty, so the gas lift cylinders in these types of chairs may need to be replaced. Our guide on how to fix the popping noise in an office chair may help to troubleshoot this.

Material: Although artificial, bonded leather or authentic leather office chairs may give that high-quality, premium feel that you’re looking for, they don’t necessarily allow for maximum airflow and support.  Plus, artificial leather can tear easily and lose it’s aesthetic appeal fairly quickly. Some products utilize memory foam in the seat or back for full back support, like memory foam used in mattresses. This definitely helps provide stress relief for your body, yet make sure you won’t be falling asleep in your memory foam seat in your office space while you’re supposed to get some work done. Depending on your work environment, we recommend looking at mesh-backed ergonomic office chairs or a combination of the two materials: mesh and leather. Keep in mind the frame material as well. Some previously listed products use metal frames, but there are steel frames, carbon, and more that are also stiff and sturdy enough for sufficient support. With a reliable frame material, you won’t have to worry about your chair falling apart under you while sitting or reclining. Our Top Pick #2 OFM Essentials ESS-3085 Chair does just this and combines both leather and mesh for improved breathability and design.

Mistakes to Avoid

Not Having Enough Room: A leather reclining office chair with foot rest is going to require plenty of free space in your office, allowing the chair to recline to the desired tilt without striking walls or objects in the room. Plus, the majority of office chairs, reclining or not, will act as swivel chairs and still require plenty of room, allowing you to easily move around and reach items on your desk.

Ignoring Other Features: Even when seeking an office chair with a reclining back, you don’t want to ignore other important aspects of an office chair, such as good lumbar support, some firmness in the seat cushion, and an ability to fully adjust the chair’s features to meet your needs, helping you avoid a sore back.

Alternatively, you don’t want to forego a great massaging office chair, especially with a high back that keeps your lumbar region supported. If so, you’ll want to check out our Humanscale office chair list or read our comparison article on Humanscale Freedom vs Liberty chairs.

Which Best Reclining Office Chair Is Right For You?

A reclining office chair can be a piece of furniture that’s helpful in giving your body a break from sitting upright and working at a desk for hours at a time. Having the ability to recline to a nearly horizontal position several times a day can help improve circulation and relieve pressure on certain parts of your body while being in a comfortable position. If you’re looking for a chair that can do more than just recline, power lift recliners are the perfect solution.

However, a good reclining office chair will need to still provide the same types of back support, arm support, and firm but comfortable cushions that the other best ergonomic office chairs provide. Ideally, we’d look for chairs that hit that sweet spot between comfortably conforming to your body shape while also functioning as firm support. After all, you’re probably going to spend more time sitting upright in this chair than reclining, unless you’re going to be using the chair for those well-earned mid-afternoon naps of course.

A reclining chair is also useful for just kicking back to relax and/or watch your favorite television program. Definitely evaluate your own personal needs while shopping for an office chair. Pay attention to company customer support policies too, since a money-back guarantee policy would be greatly appreciated if you realize a chair you purchased turns out to not be a great fit for you. Additionally, you can get a playful option to fully relax, like in our Jaxx Pivot bean bag chair review.

Not all companies provide a money-back guarantee policy though, so ideally, perform enough research while shopping to determine which chair would work best for you. With that said, if you discover your chair has a base problem, you’ll want to know how to fix a broken office chair base before having to rely on the warranty.

For more options and different designs, check out Flash Furniture and its extensive range, from swivel chairs and ergonomic mesh chairs to reclining leather chairs and executive office chairs. To compare pricing, features, and customer reviews, you can look up popular brands on

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Best computer chairs – TOP 10 rating of good chairs

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in a computer chair? With a standard 8-hour working day in the office – at least 1900 hours a year, not counting the time that you sit at the computer at home. In total, every year you are in a sitting position for at least 80 days without a break. A good reason to take a fresh look at the ergonomics of your workplace – after all, the design, swing mechanism, dimensions of the chair affect the health of the back and the body as a whole. We tell you how to choose an ergonomic and practical computer chair in order to reduce the load on the spine, and at the same time not overpay.

How to choose a computer chair

Ergonomic office chair with good lumbar support and easy height adjustment, its frame is solid and the upholstery is made of non-staining and breathable materials. The design of modern chairs often contains additional elements that increase comfort, such as headrests, orthopedic inserts, and a rocking mechanism.

To ensure that the office chair meets your needs, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Lumbar support. The back of a computer chair must be physiological. When you sit, your lower back should have a comfortable curve so you don’t slouch when you get tired. A good chair may have an adjustable lumbar pillow.
  2. Adjustment. Many modern computer chairs can change the working position: adjust the backrest and seat height using the gas lift control lever. For some models, it is possible to change the height of the backrest and the depth of the seat, the location of the armrests, and the elasticity of the swing. It’s good if the purpose of the levers is intuitive – instructions are often lost.
  3. Wheel base. Usually, office chairs have a caster base – this makes it easier to move around and eliminates sprains and uncomfortable postures when you need to reach documents or office equipment. But the characteristics of the wheels themselves are also important. For carpet, wheels with maximum freedom of rotation are suitable, and for a room with a smooth surface, choose a chair with rubberized rollers.
  4. Swing mechanism. Deviating from time to time, you can change the working position to improve the blood supply to the intervertebral discs. The swing mechanism is more often present in models of medium and high cost. Various design solutions are possible: top gun, permanent contact, deeptilt.
  5. Upholstery material. Office chairs can be upholstered in fabric, natural or artificial leather, or with a mesh surface. Eco or natural leather looks solid, easy to clean. However, such a surface does not pass air well, so it will be uncomfortable to stay in the chair for a long time. The fabric is versatile and comfortable, but gets dirty more. The mesh surface is well ventilated and reduces the overall weight of the chair, but is harder to clean and less wear resistant.

Choosing office chairs

A well-chosen office chair increases employee productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, an uncomfortable computer chair causes back pain, circulatory disorders in the legs and carpal tunnel syndrome. Choose work furniture, focusing on the status and duties of the employee.

  1. Operator’s seat. The most common and inexpensive variety with basic functions. The owners of the simplest chairs are not even able to swing and adjust the backrest. But there are also full-featured models with a reinforced frame for workplaces where employees are present around the clock.
  2. Chair for senior staff. Computer chairs of this type belong to the more expensive category. For middle managers, comfortable models with a high back, improved support, and armrests are often chosen.
  3. Executive chair. The workplace of a top manager emphasizes the status. The main details of such furniture: good leather upholstery; improved swing mechanism; durable frame with increased load capacity; retractable footrest; headrest.

Office chairs: top 10 best

Our specialists have selected the most interesting office chair models with the best quality-price ratio.

  1. Everprof Ergo Gray

    The Ergo Gray computer chair stands out even among the models of Everprof, a manufacturer known for the unusual design of its products. The back of the chair, consisting of separate movable blocks, adapts to the individual physiology of the person sitting on the chair. Swinging is carried out by a mechanism with asynchronous seat and back deflection. You can adjust the chair height and seat height, as well as move the seat away from the backrest. The upholstery is made of mesh breathable fabric that does not retain air and moisture. Several upholstery colors are available.

  2. Computer chair BLANES

    The Blanes office chair attracts attention with its elegant, expensive design. It looks great in a representative area, for example, at the reception or in the meeting room. The upholstery of the chair is made of non-marking, easy-to-wash eco-leather, so the model will retain its spectacular look for a long time even in a chic beige design. A well-thought-out adjustment mechanism, comfortable width, swing in a comfortable amplitude – the manufacturer has provided everything so that even a long working day can be spent in this chair without harm to health.

  3. TopChairs Alpha executive chair

    The TopChairs Alpha executive chair looks solid, but, among the models of its class, is relatively affordable. Thanks to a durable metal frame, the chair can withstand weight up to 120 kg, and soft pillows exactly follow the shape of the body, eliminating back and neck problems. The piastre mechanism is responsible for the swing, a reliable gas lift is responsible for height adjustment, and the recliner fixes the desired backrest angle. If you want to take a break from working at the computer, just lean back and slide out the footrest to relax in a comfortable position.

  4. College operator chair H-8078F-5

    Rational option for offices with a large number of employees – ergonomic and inexpensive model College H-8078F-5. Compact and lightweight chair fits easily in small spaces. Movable wheels make it easy to move it around the floor, and the metal cross is stable and reliable. Although this model belongs to the basic level, it has all the features to make the work of the employee very comfortable: a height adjustment mechanism up to 103 cm, top gun swing, the ability to change the height of the seat. Durable acrylic mesh on the back is anatomical and provides good ventilation.

  5. Executive Chair Bureaucrat MONE

    The company “Bureaucrat” is known for light models of the budget class, which can be seen in any office in Russia. But under the Bureaucrat brand, higher-class products are also produced, including the MONE chair. The chair differs in the increased endurance — to 150 kg. Other features: elegant black and white pattern design, repositionable seat to backrest, gas lift mechanism for height adjustment, rubberized wheels that won’t scratch or mark hard surfaces. Swinging is implemented according to the “synchronous” system.

  6. Armchair Everprof Drift Full AL M

    The advantages of the chair have earned it a high rating from buyers. The working surfaces of the chair (armrests, front part of the seat and back) are made of eco-friendly and wear-resistant natural leather. The mechanism for locking the backrest has four positions. The anatomical design of the seat and backrest reduces fatigue to a minimum during prolonged work at the computer. And for a comfortable stay, the chair has a comfortable headrest and rocking through the multiblock system.

  7. Computer chair ARANO

    Unpretentiousness, comfortable design and affordable price brought popularity to this computer chair. The metal frame and crosspiece increase durability, while the eco-leather finish is stain resistant. The high back design combines mesh inserts for good ventilation and thick overlays for good lumbar support. The swing is implemented using the top-gun mechanism. The height can be changed from 61 to 115 cm, which allows you to adjust the chair to any height.

  8. Office chair TopChairs SIMPLE

    The manufacturer managed to pack good lumbar support and a height adjustment mechanism into a compact and minimalist design. Rocking as a function is absent here, as is the headrest. However, for a workroom, where a purely business and official atmosphere should reign, this is rather a plus.

  9. Office chair Set 19

    Most often, office chairs are looking for universal chairs: durable, non-staining, budget-friendly and comfortable for all employees, regardless of their height. “Set 19” is just such a model. Its advantages: breathable, washable fabric upholstery, comfortable back design with lumbar support adjustment function, a special seat shape that prevents swelling and leg cramps, a heavy-duty steel frame with a 10-year warranty. Adjustment options: gas lift for height change and high-quality rocking mechanism.

  10. Office chair Bureaucrat CH-605

    An interesting design armchair at a great price. It is suitable for a small office or home. The model is reliable and easy to adjust: the swing of the back using a spring-screw mechanism, a gas-lift system for changing the height, a stopper on wheels that prevents accidental rolling when you get out of it.

The best computer chairs for the home: budget and comfortable

The main difference between home computer chairs and office chairs is that leisure time is usually spent at a home computer. For the home, gaming chairs are often bought – a type of computer furniture that is almost never found in the office.

The first gaming chairs were designed for computer racing, which is why even today many gaming chairs resemble racing car seats.

What to look for when choosing a gaming chair:

  1. Comfortable armrests. For computer users, the armrests are not as important as the forearms can rest on the table next to the keyboard. But the hands of gamers are often stretched out or are on weight, and for a long time they keep the same position – ergonomic armrests in this case are not a luxury, but a necessity.
  2. Back support. If an office worker needs vertical support to keep from slouching at work, a gamer’s chair should provide a comfortable body position in the reclined position. Neck support is also needed, so a gaming chair needs a high back, a comfortable headrest, and lugs that fix the position of the shoulders.
  3. Materials. It is difficult for an enthusiastic gamer to tear himself away from his favorite game even while eating. Traces of spilled coffee or greasy stains from an eaten hamburger can remain on the fabric surface, so the most practical materials for finishing a gaming chair are leather, eco-leather or PVC.
  4. Dimensions. In order for the ergonomics of the chair to work in your favor, you need to choose its dimensions well. It will be uncomfortable for thin people of short stature to lean on the armrests of a large chair, on the contrary, for large people in a chair that is too small, there will not be enough back and neck support.

Rating of the best budget computer chairs for the home

The best chairs for those who spend their leisure time playing computer games or working at home – in the list compiled by our experts.

  1. Prime computer chair

    A universal home chair that will suit both fans of computer games, and those who work remotely, and those who want to surf the Internet at their leisure. The anatomical design of the backrest, adjustable soft armrests, ergonomic headrest, lumbar pillow, top gun rocking mechanism – this chair will be comfortable for many hours. An additional plus is considerable dimensions: the seat width is 70 cm and the load capacity is up to 120 kg.

  2. Chairman Game 28

    The stylish design of this armchair does not end there. In its arsenal is the ability to withstand loads up to 120 kg and a significant seat width that will suit even large people. Add to this the swing with the help of a mechanism of increased comfort, thoughtful back and lumbar support, an affordable price – and you have a universal computer chair for the home.


    Our most affordable gaming chair, the Viking 2 Aero is a great choice for a teenager or budget conscious individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. The chair can support weights up to 180 kg, provides comfortable rocking thanks to the top gun system and offers a reliable height adjustment mechanism.

  4. Gaming chair NEO-2

    The NEO-2 armchair from Tetchair is a well-balanced solution. The design with anatomical support for the back and neck allows you to spend many hours in it playing games or working, and in the office the chair will perfectly fulfill the role of a manager’s workplace. Features: pleasant and non-staining eco-leather finish, rocking with the help of the top-gun mechanism, comfortable soft armrests.

  5. Computer chair College CLG-802 LXH

    A gaming chair doesn’t have to be bulky. Thanks to the graceful design, this chair will fit in a small room, the mesh back provides good ventilation even in a stuffy room, the thoughtful design reduces fatigue, and the rocking, soft headrest and reclining function will help you relax.

  6. Computer chair TopChairs Cherokee

    The sporty design of the Cherokee chair is irresistible. But stylish looks aren’t everything. Other features include: a multiblock rocking mechanism, adjustable armrests, the ability to recline the backrest up to 180 degrees and a large five-arm diameter (35 cm), so that even in this position the chair will not tip over.

  7. Gaming chair JOKER Z

    Any computer geek will fall in love with the futuristic design of this chair. The anatomical design literally hugs the person sitting in it, correctly distributing the load on the spine and lower back. There is a mechanism for adjusting the seat height and rocking stiffness.

  8. Lotus computer chair

    Tall people are not so easy to find a comfortable chair for a long sitting at the computer. Lotus by Everprof is suitable for any build: this model can be adjusted not only for armrests, height and back tilt (top-gun mechanism), but also for the location of orthopedic pillows for the head and lower back – the rollers are attached to special belts.

  9. Chair Chairman Game 25

    Designer armchair will become an interior decoration in itself. Well, the one who will be placed in it in front of the computer, waiting for incomparable comfort. After all, the design provides for a mechanism for fixing the back of the chair in several positions, height-adjustable armrests, slots in the back for better ventilation and an ergonomic bucket seat.

  10. Sports chair TopChairsPhantom

    Sports models are reminiscent of the design of the seats of high-end cars. The developers of TopChairs Phantom approached the design with the same care as car designers: the side cushions give the body a natural and correct position, it is pleasant to lean on the soft armrests, the adjustment levers work reliably and smoothly.

The design, features and design of modern computer chairs are very diverse, and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. With any questions, you can always contact the consultant of the Vse online store by phone, WhatsApp or through the form on the website.

How to adjust the office computer chair

A sedentary lifestyle causes a range of health problems. If, during sedentary work, a person is in the wrong position, the development of serious diseases of the spine will be added to everything else.

An awkward position in a chair will cause the person sitting to stoop and lean forward. This position of the body will sooner or later lead to pain and even disability.

Undesirable consequences can be avoided by adjusting the office chair. The correct position of the body relieves the load on the back muscles and eases the load on the legs.

We tell you how to set up a chair for yourself at home.


You need to adjust the chair in accordance with the height of the table and your own height.

How to determine the optimal chair height.

  • Stand next to the chair, the highest point of the seat should be below the knee.
  • Sit at a comfortable distance from the table, put your hands on it and straighten your back so that the shoulders are parallel to the spine, and the angle of the bent arm is 90 °. If your palms are below your elbows, this means that the seat is low for you.
  • Sitting in a chair, place your feet on the floor. If the distance between the front of the seat and the thigh near the knee is more than 2 cm, then the chair needs to be raised.

To adjust the height of the seat up, stand up and lift the lever under the seat. When you reach the desired height, release it.

You can lower the chair without getting up – just pull the lever. When the chair is lowered to the desired height by your body weight, release the lever.


The correct depth of the seat allows a person not to slouch, helps to minimize the load on the back.

To determine the appropriate seat depth, sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Then measure the distance from the front edge of the seat to the back of the lower leg. The ideal length of the space is about 5 cm. If the distance is less, then the chair is too deep and the backrest should be moved forward. If the length is longer, move it back.

Most chair models allow you to adjust the depth using a special lever. If this is not possible, use a special back support or orthopedic pillow.

Backrest tilt

The angle of inclination should keep your back in a comfortable position.

On the back side of the back there is an adjustment screw that will help you change the angle of inclination to the desired one. Loosen the screw and determine a comfortable position. Then fix the screw.


Place your hands on the surface of a table or keyboard so that the angle at the elbow joint is 90°. In this position, the elbows should lightly touch the top of the armrests, moving freely along it from one side to the other. When the elbows lie completely on the armrests, this restricts movement and quickly leads to fatigue, as the hands receive additional stress.

Adjust the armrests with a screwdriver or screw. If lowering the armrests fails, it is better to remove them.

Seat repair

We provide free warranty service for computer chairs within 12 months from the date of purchase.

When paying for the goods, you will receive a warranty card and a receipt, which give you the right to receive free repairs within 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to all products presented in the catalog on the website and in the King Style salon.

During the warranty period, we carry out a complete repair of chairs and furniture. The specialists of our company will eliminate the malfunction on the spot, and in case of a serious defect, they will pick up the product and repair it within 2-3 weeks.

Warranty repairs are not carried out if:

  • an independent repair was performed;
  • damage was received due to exceeding the permissible load on the chair;
  • defects appeared due to violation of the rules of operation, installation or transportation.

Post-warranty service for chairs

If the warranty period has expired, King Style specialists will help with repairs for a fee.

An application for warranty service of a computer chair can be left on the website in the “Warranty” section or in any messenger at +375 (29) 123-00-38. For an application, you will need to send a photo of the breakdown so that the specialist prepares the necessary tools for furniture repair.