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Miele M-Touch Series HR1936DFGD 36

HR1936DFGD 36″ Miele Dual Fuel freestanding range offers the best cooking experience and comes packed with a variety of features making it fit almost any cooking style! This Pro-Style range is equipped with 4 sealed M Pro Dual stacked burners. 5.8 cu. ft. oven capacity will give you plenty of space allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once. The twin convection fans allow you to cook food faster and more evenly. Best of all, this range has 21 different operating modes! Available at LaCuisine Appliances






Miele G4281SCVI

With innovative AutoSensor technology, which automatically sets the precise cleaning intensity and duration for best results and care, Futura delivers a spotless, confident clean every time – without the need to pre-clean. The Futura Series offers advanced technological features, such as BrilliantLight interior LEDs and a Perfect GlassCare system, which ensures optimal, consistent results with each use.





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GE JGBS30RETSS 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 4 Sealed Burners.


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Bosch 800 Series HDS8055U 30 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with…

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KitchenAid – KSDB900ESS 7.1 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Dual Fue…

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Kenmore 75113 5.0 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Turbo Boil – Stai…

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Dacor Contemporary DRR30980RAP 30 Inch Panel Ready Refrigerator Col.


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Hestan KFCR30 30 Inch Freezer Column with EvenFlow Air Circulating …

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Fisher & Paykel Series 11 RS3084SRK1 30 Inch Panel Ready Refrigerat…

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Insignia™ – NS-BC2ZSS1, Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler with Gla…

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Dacor Contemporary DRZ24980LAP 24 Inch Panel Ready Freezer Column w…

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Fisher & Paykel RS36W80RJ 36 Inch Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with …

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Viking 5 Series VCBB5363ELWH 36 Inch Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrig…

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Turbo Air TGM-23SDHB-N6 27″ One Section Glass Door Merchandiser,

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When is the cheapest time to buy household appliances and electronics :: Money :: RBC Real Estate

When buying expensive things, many people try to save money, because even a minimal discount will help save a significant amount of money. We tell you when and how to buy household appliances with additional benefits

Photo: Anton Belitsky/Globallookpress

Demand creates supply, and when demand is high, manufacturers and suppliers can afford to inflate prices, especially when a product becomes urgently needed.

This simple rule explains the increase in prices for seasonal equipment. In the summer heat, apartment owners are likely to think about air conditioning, because in winter they don’t want to spend a large amount on a thing that is now unnecessary. The demand for air conditioners in the summer increases several times. The same applies to home heaters – they are actively bought in September, when the heating season has not yet begun, and the temperature outside drops below zero, and in April, if they stop heating, but it is still cool outside. Of course, you should not wait for the autumn cold if the heat in the apartment is already tormenting, but it is advisable to think about these expenses in advance and buy air conditioners in winter and heaters in summer.

Buying a computer, tablet or laptop also depends on the season. Some sellers artificially inflate prices before the holidays in order to “surprise” customers later with discounts with which the product costs the same as during normal times. If you want to buy digital equipment as a gift, try to make a purchase a month before public holidays – New Year, February 23, March 8, and also before the start of the school year. By the way, prices for electronics also often rise before September, because pupils and students need them. Another life hack: do not run for fresh models immediately after they are announced. In most cases, a new version of the same product in the line does not differ much in functionality from the previous one, and it will cost 15–20% more. Wait for the release of the next flagship or pay attention to the predecessor of your favorite computer model. On average, expensive equipment loses significantly in price six months after it appears on the shelves.

The average customer needs a camera most of all while on vacation. And most vacations of Russians fall on the period from June to September. It is from October that the prices for inexpensive digital cameras for amateurs and beginners noticeably fall. At the same time, expensive professional models of cameras and lenses rarely get cheaper, because they are needed by photographers and cameramen who use equipment regardless of the season. And if you want to buy a TV, then autumn and early winter are not the right time for this. People spend less time on the street, on trips and walks, more and more often preferring quiet family and friendly evenings watching movies, so the demand for TVs is growing. They are most profitable to buy in late spring – early summer.

Large household appliances are most often bought in a new apartment to replace the old one. As a rule, demand for it grows in May with the beginning of the summer season. Refrigerators are often bought in the summer when older models can’t handle high temperatures and people still need to store food and crave cold drinks more often. The refrigerator is forced to work at maximum, which leads to frequent breakdowns. Also, in the heat, the demand for freezers is growing, including for commercial use – in the July heat, ice cream sellers are always ready. Washing machines are also changed seasonally and due to breakdowns that most often occur during the period of active use – in the summer. Then the clothes need to be washed more often or load the machine for several cycles with linen brought from vacation. In addition, in the summer they often arrange washing of covers, rugs and bedspreads.

Thanks to the Internet, it is convenient to compare the cost of goods and services. Some sites offer this option in the online store, others help you compare appliances from different sellers. Now it is unprofitable for stores to make big markups, it is much more important for them to maintain competitiveness and customer loyalty. Therefore, before buying the vacuum cleaner you like, compare the configuration options, prices and reviews on several sites, track price changes over a period of time from a month to six months, if the purchase is not urgent. Aggregators such as Yandex.Market and Biglion receive information directly from stores, through them you will most quickly receive information about discounts if you are not subscribed to mailing lists directly from sellers.

Major retail stores are left with broken, obsolete equipment. Most often, these are TVs, microwaves, mixers and laptops that were in the window. Buyers test them daily, so some have scratches, handles come off, edges are chipped. At the same time, the technique remains working, it can be used if you are not embarrassed by a slightly shabby appearance. Such models are subsequently sold at large discounts, and some chains open separate discount stores, prices in which are four to five times lower than the cost of the same models in the main halls. The answer to the question “When to buy?” here it will depend on the marketing strategy of the company, but in the discount you can specify how often they have deliveries of the next batch of goods with discounts, and sometimes leave a request for the item you need. In a store where there are no discounts, sellers often meet halfway and indicate how you can order or in which network store to buy cheaper goods you like. By the way, consumables and accessories for equipment are classified as illiquid assets, here they will cost the buyer much cheaper.

The seasonal factor must be considered in relation to a specific type of equipment. But there are also general rules when stores arrange sales of most items in the catalog, promotions and discounts: for example, before the New Year. This is due to the desire of the seller to “close the year” with the greatest profit, as well as to sell more goods during the period of buying gifts and receiving annual bonuses at work. But here it is important to make sure that the discount is not formal, written on top of a huge crossed out price, as unscrupulous sellers often do during Black Friday. As for the day of the week, on Friday, many stores make the maximum discount on goods in order to attract visitors who do not associate the end of the working week with an evening shopping trip. Discounts are set on average per week. At the same time, some of the most profitable offers will already be bought over the weekend. If you want to choose from a variety of models, go to the store on Friday after work.

Summer discounts. Xiaomi, Electronics, Home Appliances

Source:&nbspOnline Catalog Team

It is often impossible to keep track of the promotions of all stores, so bargains can be missed. The Onlíner Catalog brings together on one page the promotions of many online stores, including 5th Element, Electrosila and 21st Century, where you can choose the right product and compare prices. Of the 50 thousand promotional offers in the Catalog, we have chosen the best, in our opinion, and share with you in this selection.

The stock is limited. Updated June 30th.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ – 1126 rubles. (discount 17%)

Functional model with obstacle detection camera. In wet cleaning mode, it automatically detects and avoids carpets. Powerful, capacious battery (up to 200 square meters from a single charge). Detachable main brush – convenient to remove hair and pet hair. Really washes the floor, and not just moisturizes, thanks to two rotating nozzles.

Customers Choice

Onlíner recommends

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ B105 (European version, white)

4 reviews 55 W, power suction 4000 Pa, dust collector 0.45 l, with turbo brush (collapsible), navigation: contact bumper, lidar, TOF camera (3D), height difference sensors

–13%1165 r.

26 offers

Xiaomi fast chargers — from 25 rubles.

Customers choice

Xiaomi Mi Charger Type-C 20W

14 reviews 07 p.

19 offers

Xiaomi AC charger 33W Charging Combo MDY-11-EZ

1 review0003

-21%59.00 rub.

3 offers (31% discount)

Customers Choice

70mai Dash Cam 1S Midrive D06 (international version)

30 reviews

main camera: 2 MP 130°, video 1920×1080, G-sensor

–31%89. 00 R.

42 offers (32% off)

Customer’s Choice

FIFINE T669 Wired MicrophonePro 3

5 reviews

electret (small capacitor), desktop, for streaming and podcasts, omnidirectional, USB Type-A connector, cable length 2.5 m

–29%159 р.

27 offers

God of War Ragnarok, GTA Trilogy and other discounts on games

Hundreds of hours of exciting adventures in popular console games and even at low prices. Up to 34% off console hits and exclusives you may have missed at launch. What can you buy now?

Onlíner recommends

The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4

26 reviews

00 r.

4 offers

Buyers’ choice

Onlíner recommends

God of War: Ragnarok (without Russian voice acting) for PlayStation 5

3 reviews

2022, action, fighting, adventures, singles, 18+, russian subtitles

-29% 89.00 rub.

7 offers

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. The Definitive Edition for Xbox Series X and Xbox One

2021 Action, Shooter, Adventure, Single Player, Multiplayer, 18+ Russian Subtitles

-41%Rs 89.00

1 offer

Monitors with up to 21% discount

Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming with a screen diagonal of 27 inches right now in the top sellers. High resolution, 165Hz refresh rate and 31 reviews (mostly 5 stars). Convenient stand with the function of turning the screen into portrait mode.

ViewSonic VA2432-h is a simple monitor for home and office. Diagonal 24 inches. Connects via HDMI or VGA.

Customer Choice

Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27″ XMMNT27HQ (Chinese Version)

31 reviews

27″, 16:9, 2560×1440, IPS, 165Hz, Adaptive-Sync, HDMI+Dis playport adjustment height, portrait mode

-21%960 r.

13 offers

ViewSonic VA2432-h monitor

1 review

23.8 “, 16: 9, 1920×1080, IPS, 75 Hz, HDMI+D-Sub (VGA)

–15%410 p.

28 sentences

Popular Varmilo Mechanical C keyines for games and work with a discount to the discount 23%

Keyboard Varmilo VE87M V2 Vintage Days (EC Sakura V2)

standard for PC, mechanical, Varmilo EC Sakura V2, linear stroke, plastic, connection interface – USB, backlit, color white/black

682 RUB

1 offer

Keyboard Varmilo MA87M Koi (EC Sakura V2, no Cyrillic)

game for PC/for Apple computers, mechanical, Varmilo EC Sakura V2, linear stroke, plastic, connection interface – USB, backlight, color white/red

795 р.

1 offer

Keyboard Varmilo VEM87 Summit R2 (EC Rose V2, no Cyrillic)

standard for PC, mechanical, Varmilo EC Rose V2, stroke linear/quiet, plastic, USB interface, backlit, white/blue /black

RUB 815

1 offer

TV Horizont 55 inches with “Yandex.TV” — 1028 rubles. (discount 31%)

TV Horizont 55LE7053D

18 reviews

55″ 3840×2160 (4K UHD), VA matrix, matrix frequency 60 Hz, Smart TV (Yandex.TV), Wi-Fi

–30%10 34 r

23 offers

Inflatable kayak for the most mobile and active — 1329 r. 002 1 review

kayak, no transom, load capacity: 259 kg, 2 places, 3.8×0.99 m, 11.2 kg

–34%1329 r.

11 offers

Coffee makers up to 22% off

Sencor SES 4090 SS pump coffee maker

4 reviews body metal/plastic, cappuccinatore automatic, used coffee: ground, color stainless steel /black

–25% 549 rub.

20 offers

Customers choice

Pump coffee maker Normann ACM-426

21 review

Pump coffee maker, 1100 W, metal/plastic case, manual cappuccinatore, used coffee: ground, black

227 р.

39 offers

Pump coffee maker DeLonghi Dedica EC 685.BK

116 reviews , black

-12% 605 r.

43 offers

Compare these products → (30% discount)

Can be used as a baby monitor.

Customers Choice

Onlíner recommends

Xiaomi Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount MJSXJ03HL IP Camera (International Version)

8 reviews 3

-28% $69.00

26 offers (22% discount)

Customers Choice

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2 MJYD02YL-A with Bluetooth

61 reviews

7 offers

Portable speakers and party boxes from 88 rubles. (discounts up to 29%)

Tronsmart T7 Mini Wireless Speaker

1 review

nominal power 15 W, microSD playback, battery powered, BT 5.3, AUX, IPX7 waterproof, operating time: 18 hours

-22% 81.27 rubles

24 offers

Tronsmart Halo 110 wireless speaker

2 reviews 003

-29 %$499

23 offers

Compare these products →

GameSir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad.

For smartphone or computer — 189 r. (discount 30 rubles)

Gamepad for smartphone GameSir X2 Bluetooth

for iOS/Android, 2 analog sticks, wireless


5 offers

Upgrade your computer without the hassle. 1TB SSD – Up to 14% off

Fast, high capacity storage. Suitable for PCs and laptops with an M.2 slot.

Onlíner recommends

SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB MZ-V7S2T0BW

147 reviews

2TB, M.2 2280, PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.3), Samsung Phoenix controller, 3D T chips LC NAND, serial access: 3500/3300 MB/s random access: 620000/560000 IOps, DRAM buffer

-13%419 p.

51 offers

SSD WD Blue SN570 1TB WDS100T3B0C

8 reviews

1TB, M.2 2280, PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.4), Western Digital controller, 3D TLC NAND serial access: 3500/3000 MB/s Random: 460,000/450,000 IOps

-30% $159

36 offers


41 reviews

1TB, M. 2 2280, PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.3), 3D TLC chips NAND, serial access: 3350/ 2800 MB/s random access: 3

/380000 IOps

–10% 216 RUB

9 offers

Compare these products → ($149 off)

Google Pixel 7a 8GB/128GB Smartphone (Charcoal)

Android (Unshelled), 6.1″ OLED Screen (1080×2400) 90Hz, Google Tensor G2, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, camera 64 MP, battery 4385 mAh, 2 SIM (nano-SIM / eSIM), waterproof IP67

–7%1850 RUB

8 offers

All smartphones with a discount

Lenovo, MSI, ASUS.

Customer Choice

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Notebook 15ITL05 82FG01JHRU

21 reviews

15.6″ 1920 x 1080, IPS, 60Hz Intel Core i3 1115G4 8GB DDR4 SSD 512GB Integrated Graphics Windows 11 Lid Blue

-16% $14.99

27 offers

ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 OLED M6500QC-L1072

3 reviews

9000 2 15. 6″ 1920 x 1080 OLED 60 Hz AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 16GB DDR4 SSD 512GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB No OS Dark Blue Cover Color

RUB 3165

33 offers

Notebook HP 15s-eq1046ur 64S66EA

16 reviews DR4, SSD 512 GB, integrated graphics, Windows 11, cover color silver


6 offers

More discounted laptops in the Onliner Catalog

ASUS eSports gaming mice – up to 23% off

ASUS ROG Gladius III gaming mouse

full size PC gaming mouse, wired USB, optical sensor 19000 dpi, 6 buttons, click wheel, black

–26%199 р.

28 offers

ASUS ROG Keris gaming mouse

full size gaming mouse for PC, wired USB, optical sensor 16000 dpi, 5 buttons, click wheel, black

–22%147 р.

16 offers

ASUS ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint gaming mouse

full size PC gaming mouse, USB wired/wireless radio/Bluetooth, 36000 dpi optical sensor, 7 buttons, click wheel, black

-16% 309 rub.

28 deals

More discounted ASUS gaming mice

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer for oil-free cooking — 299 r. (discount 11%)

  • or with Minipay from 11.10 rubles/month.

Customers choice

Onlíner recommends

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L MAF02 (international version)

10 reviews

1500 W, electronic control, 3.5 l

-11%299 p.

29 offers

Washing machines — from 646 rubles. (discount up to 155 rubles)

  • or with Minipay from 23.98 rubles / month.

Customers Choice

Candy CS4 Washing Machine 1061D3/2-BY

6 reviews 16 programs

-25% 646 rub.

27 offers

Washing machine LG F2J6NSGW

freestanding, automatic washing machine, steam, load up to 6 kg, spin 1200 rpm, depth 45.5 cm (with hatch 49. 5 cm), energy consumption A, direct drive, 14 programs

–15%1452 r.

10 offers

Washing machine LG F2J6HSKP

freestanding, automatic washing machine, steam, load up to 7 kg, spin 1200 rpm, depth 45 cm, energy consumption A, direct drive, 14 programs

–10%169 9 R.

1 offer

Scarlett Immersion Blender — 65 p. (32%discount)

Choice of buyers

Submissive blender Scarlett SC-HB42F91

1 Review

700 W, 14 speeds, multi-stage speed adjustment

-30%65.62 p.

27 offers

The lawn mower is a bestseller. Makita ELM3720 — 399 r. (discount 17%)

  • or with Minipay from 14.81 rubles / month.

Customers choice

Onliner recommends 928 reviews

49 offers

Bosch angle grinder with speed control — 259 rubles. (14% off)

Customers Choice

Bosch GWS 9-125 S Angle Grinder

18 reviews

disc diameter: 125 mm, 900 W, 2800-11000 rpm idle, speed control, power supply: network , 1. 8 kg

267 rubles Brit Premium Cat Sterilized Chicken 8 kg life: home, for sterilized

-20% 83.15 rubles.

3 offers

Brit Premium preserves for adult cats lamb in jelly 85 g

preserves food for adults, main component: processed meat products, lifestyle: domestic

-19% 1.40 rub.

2 offers

Fairywill irrigator with 7 nozzles — 116 rubles (20% off)

Customers Choice

Fairywill Irrigator 5020E (black, 7 heads)


5 offers

Xiaomi pilling machine — 25 rubles (17% off)

Customers Choice

Xiaomi Mijia Pill Remover MQXJQ01KL

20 reviews

power supply: battery

15 offers

KLT Bar and Electric Pepper Sets up to 66% off

KLT Bar Set KGS-KP3-361801C-1

2 reviews

900 02 bar set (aerator/vacuum stopper/cutter/electric corkscrew ), plastic/steel, battery powered