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CD and DVD wall displays are ideal for merchandising products in your store.  We have both black CD and white CD and DVD displays that are great for any media including video games.  Also check out our retail merchandisers. Store Supply Warehouse offers super fast shipping and the lowest prices guaranteed on all of your media merchandise fixtures!



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48 x 6 x 6 ½ inch Black CD/DVD/Cassette Shelf for Wire Grid



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20 Best DVD Storage Solutions To Keep Your Collection Safe

(Many of the links in this article redirect to a specific reviewed product. Your purchase of these products through affiliate links helps to generate commission for Storables.com, at no extra cost. Learn more)

“As you wish.” Many people will probably remember this classic line from the 1987 hit movie “The Princess Bride”..



This film is only one of the hundreds of CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-rays of movies you love at home. The question now is how should you keep this classic (and a multitude of other beloved flicks) safe so that your children/grandchildren can enjoy the movie like you did?



Thankfully, the DVD storage solutions listed below are here to save the day. Pretty and portable, you’re sure to find one that you’d like to keep this gem of a movie safe from damage and harm. 





DVD/CD Storage And Travel Cases



Basic as it may seem, don’t pass over this CD case so quickly: it’s made of quality materials that are high-quality Nylon and PU leather. These materials are perfect for long-term use and storage, and hence are our go-to choice for storing your treasures. 





Want to preserve your DVD collection in its original jewel cases? Here’s the perfect storage/travel case option for you. This product can approximately hold up to 40 movies for each bag, adding up to a whopping total of 160 movies. The clear PVC case allows for quick and easy identification of the movie you want to watch. 





This is a classic CD/DVD wallet that helps organize and protect your beloved disks. It’s made durable with padded outer material and features a casing is that is heat, moisture, & tear-resistant. Furthermore, protective sleeves keep dirt away, effectively preventing scratches from forming on the disk surfaces.





For a stylish way of boxing or storing your CD/DVD collections, go for this box with elegant chrome accents. A leather-like finish makes it the epitome of elegance. This Snap-n-Store Media Storage Box is a great way to organize CDs and DVDs. It assembles quickly with a ‘snap’ then folds down easily when not in use.





Planning an extended staycation and having a DVD movie marathon? Well, here’s a great way to lug all your favorites with you. This product is a high-quality six-piece DVD storage box set that lets you neatly arrange movies and video games to keep your home or office organized. Each DVD storage case is crafted with clear material. Besti DVD storage sleeves boast though carrying handles, and the zippered top and horizontal design make it simple to open and access your DVD collection. 





Traversing the great outdoors and still craving for your classic DVD movies? Why not carry them in this hard-shelled case! This COOFIT CD/DVD case does its job very well. The durable case design is tough enough to store your favorite flicks anywhere: you won’t ever have to worry about your CDs being crushed. Compact and portable, the product can hold 160 CDs or DVDs and boasts a fashion design zipper closure. Hard plastic and high-quality sleeves protect its contents from dust and scratches. 






Set on storing your CD/DVD collection in an elegant classic disk binder? Here’s one that provides that old book-bound look. This is the only media storage product on the market that doubles as home decor. Designed to look like Italian distressed leather, these modern colors are a perfect accent to any entertainment room.





Need a long term storage solution that has plenty of space for your ever-growing collection? Here’s a large aluminum case that can carry or store up to 1000 CDs/DVDs. It has two key locks for security and comes with a set of two keys. Chrome metal corners and extra strips reinforce the case, making it more solid and durable overall.  



DVD/CD Organizers



A stylish organizing box that can be displayed anywhere at home, the Faux Leather Stacking DVD Storage Shelf is a great storage solution. It offers style, versatility, and convenience. It can also help you create the most organized, space-efficient DVD management system possible. To top all of that off, this media storage box is coated with stylish chocolate faux leather that complements any decor style well. 






With a rather futuristic design, Atlantic’s Disc Manager Storage Drum is a space-age solution for your space-saving needs. Quickly pick and access any CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or game in your collection within seconds. This comes with free online templates for your disc organization index and is equipped with a five-second disc retrieval feature. 






This innovative product meshes the design template of the future with a DVD storage solution. The Atlantic Parade Disc Organizer is perfect for keeping your CD/DVD collection organized, protected, and creatively displayed. Each unit can hold up to 96 CDs in the four color-coded binders. Not only does this storage option does that, but the main case can also be mounted on walls with each binder removable for easy access.





A crystal clear case for your CD/DVD makes organizing easy and makes quick access possible. Eliminate clutter from media consoles, enclosed shelves, and closets by using the Household Storage Bin from mDesign. This organizing bin makes it easy to set up all your DVDs, video games, and gaming accessories in one convenient place.



The open-top design of the bin makes it easy to see what’s stowed inside and grab what you need, right when you need it! Built-in handles make it easy to move on and off shelves. Running out of space? No worries: this case is stackable so you can maximize space in small or crowded cabinets and closets easily.



Media Storage Shelves





Double the space for your multimedia storage with this space-saving rotary shelf. The Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner turns 360 degrees, thus doubling your space for storing a myriad of items. Its defining feature is how it provides quick access to your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games with just one spin. A rich espresso color and silver accents add visual excitement to this unusual design piece.





This is a media shelf that is a perfect fit for any man cave. The Atlantic canoe 231-CD media cabinet boasts a stylish, curved design and can hold up to 231 CDs,115 DVDs, or 140 Blu-rays/games. Its shelves are adjustable for efficient organization. Furthermore, it has a compact and lightweight frame with a wide base to provide greater stability. With its elegant espresso finish, this shelf will undoubtedly make a great addition to any room.





Clear your messy game room or sala with this floating shelf. This is a well-constructed, top-of-the-line floating shelf that can hold not only your CDs but also your books. If you want quality for an affordable price, this is your best bet. These metal media storage shelves are solid and durable, guaranteed to last you for a long time. Since it comes in a set of five, you will also get more bang for your buck. The film racks come fully assembled and ready to be mounted on your wall. The mounting hardware is included,  making the installation process a breeze. With this media shelf, you won’t have to break a sweat from trying to assemble something piece by piece.





A top-rated media shelving solution to help you organize your CD/DVD collection, this cabinet is uniquely designed for maximum media storage. This product by Atlantic is a sophisticated cabinet for traditional living rooms and upscale decor. A formal, elegant and functional sliding glass design provides easy access to your disks, while adjustable shelves allow for flexible storage. Overall, it’s an excellent all-rounder you can’t miss out on. 



DVD Storage Racks




Instantly add class to your media room with this pretty and practical CD/DVD rack which features a contemporary wood and metal design. Made from MDF wood and featuring a maple finish, it has wide feet for greater stability. Its five wooden shelves with dividers boast a capacity of about 230 CDs/150 DVDs/185-BluRay-games. Suffice to say, you won’t be running out of space any time soon!






Another space-saving rotary media display rack, this two-sided beauty is sure to brighten up any entertainment room. Because it rotates a full 360°, you will never have to strain your neck locating your favorite CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. Constructed from durable, stain-resistant, laminated wood composites, this tower is very easy to clean. Its swivel plate is formed of “super strong” fiberglass that is rated to carry 400 lbs.





If you’re looking for a stylish yet practical DVD storage solution, look no further: this drawbridge cabinet is “the one”. It has a simple and clean design finished in sleek black to complement the aesthetics of your house. Constructed from composite wood, this piece serves as a long-term and durable storage solution sans an expensive price tag.





Sleek, simple, and able to fit virtually anywhere, these are the qualities that separate this DVD rack from others. Boasting a capacity of 52 CDs or Blue-ray discs, this can be used to store plenty of DVDs as well. The high-end gunmetal finish is attractive and provides excellent protection as well. Its compact and lightweight frame means it is very portable and can be easily moved around to suit your needs. 




As with everything else, DVD storage choices may vary according to the individual’s taste or aesthetic preferences. But what’s constant is the desire to keep one’s disc collection safe and scratch-free for a long period of time.  



These are just some of the best that Amazon can offer for your precious movie collection. From shelving racks to carry cases and storage boxes, all of the listed items for your perusal will do nothing but great things for your collection. Proudly store your collection and display them when the time comes!

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Rack for practice disks MS PRO 200/150×30/4 4 tiers Type: rack , Manufacturer: PRAKTIK,


Rack for CDs, Rack wall Harmony -3, 87x27x115 cm, gold furniture Type: rack 9 0061 ,


Rack made of chipboard for CD& DVD Type: rack , Manufacturer: TOB, Installation method: floor


Rack for rack , Rack for mnbv CDs, 29x34x140 cm Type: rack, Colour: black, Width: 29


17 198

Rack for CDDVD -disc La Redoute Everett Beige Type: Rack , Colour: Beige,


Transparent Rack VONVIK for CDs and Dvd , high quality acrylic rack for storage of CDs


Rack metal BRABIX “graphite MS KD-200/30-6”, loft, 2000x1000x300 mm, 6 shelves, 291271, S240BR243693


17 198

Rack for La Redoute Everett CDDVDs Beige Type: Rack , Colour: beige,


Rack for 90 061 CD discs, Rack modular light, 54x40x84 cm, PROGamer Type: shelving unit , Color: black,


BRABIX Shelving unit metal brabix “ms kd-200/30-5”, 2000x1000x300 mm, 5 shelves, prefabricated rack, 291118, s 240br243502


11 959

Rack for Everett Cddvd discs dark gray 00/60-6″, loft, 2000x1000x600 mm, 6 shelves, 291274, S240BR246693



16 369

Chrome-plated rack with wide transparent shelves for digital equipment trade Digital&tech-PR-05


63 990

Cabinet for CD/ DVD “Manor” Material: wood, Width: 86 cm, Height: 109 cm


Compact CD and DVD shelf 2×8


21 839

Rack for CD/DVD La Redoute Everett dark gray Type: Rack , Manufacturer: La


Rack, Rack 90 061 , stand, rack, bookcase for kitchen and home, for two compartment microwave oven


13 499

Rack for CDs, Rack for bathroom with rack “Kostyukov”, 41×44. 5×220 cm Type: rack ,


Rack Kvadro-2 white wooden for storage of things, books, toys, for home and office, whatnot, shelf 330x648x67 4 (LxWxH)


10 195

Rack for CDs, Rack 4 loft, 40x40x155 cm, Loft Bench Type: rack , Manufacturer:

S/ DVD adjustable shelves white Type: shelf, Colour: white


Rack MF Master Liberty-52 wenge/white Type: Rack , Color: white, Manufacturer: MfMaster


Rack Kvadro-4 white wooden for storage of things, books, toys, for home and office, whatnot, shelf 330x648x1306 (LxWxH)


10 195

trade 4 loft, 40x40x155 cm, Loft Bench Type: rack ,


Rack Kvadro-1 white wooden for storage of things, books, toys, for home and office, bookcase, shelf 330х332х99 0 (LxWxH)


17 822

Chrome-plated rack with spacious shelves made of chipboard for digital equipment trade Digital&tech-D-06


11 959

Beige Everett Cddvd Type: rack , Colour: beige, Manufacturer: La


Rack MfMaster Uno-91 white Type: rack , Manufacturer: M fMaster





Natural wood cabinet for CD storage, home office drawer for storage, creative display rack for DVD recorder


CD tower or clear acrylic rack for DVD -30 CD player Purpose : CD,


10 919

Rack for White Everett Cddvds Type: rack , Colour: white, Manufacturer: La Redoute


Wooden bookcase GASTRORAG 1450/5, rack floor, chipboard shelf for storage, furniture for at home, 5 shelves, office dimensions 45 x 30 x 148. 5 cm. designers have developed a universal and accessible to all 5-tier storage system for any premises: for hallway

CD/DVD La Redoute Everett dark gray Type: rack , Colour: gray,


Wooden bookcase GASTRORAG 1110/4, rack floor, chipboard shelf for storage, furniture for at home, 4 shelves, dimensions 45×30 accessible to all 4-tier storage system for any rooms: for hallway


Rack for CD/ DVD -disc La Redoute Everett white Type: Rack , Color: white, Manufacturer:


Rack wall-mounted, Rack for CDs Rack MR-12 white, 72x33x142.6 cm, Mr. Bosso Type: rack ,


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DVD Rack

Series B3

Series B3

High-quality and reliable retail equipment, combining European design and modern engineering, sets the “right tone” for the formation of the interior space of the entire store, allows the use of merchandising techniques and standards.

The installation of additional accessories on the standard basic package of Mikron universal racks significantly expands their application. This approach to the formation of shelving systems allows you to use them to present a huge range of food and non-food products on the trading floor.

Specialized shop shelving designed for a specific product group, such as a wine or fruit and vegetable stand. The design and construction of these retail shelving for stores allows the most rational placement and advantageous presentation of the selected category of goods.


Wall-mounted retail metal shelving comes with shelves of various sizes. Optional: shelf rails, illuminated frieze or illuminated mirror frieze. Hanging accessories: rods, hangers, hooks, baskets with dividers.
Wall rack is installed against the walls and serves to accommodate various groups of goods. It usually has a greater height in relation to the island sections, which allows you to form a larger volume of goods display.

Metal rack with perforated wall is supplied with shelves of various standard sizes. Optional: shelf rails, illuminated frieze or illuminated mirror frieze. Mounted accessories: hooks, hangers, rods of various sizes.

Reinforced rack with front stand

The rack has a high load capacity. Thanks to the use of the front rack, it can withstand a load of up to 1500 kg per section. Designed for the sale of heavy goods.

Rack with reinforced frieze

The rack is designed for selling goods from the shelves and storing inventory on the upper tier.

Rack with support L

The design of the wall rack with support L has a lower base (60 mm lower than in the B3 series), which allows you to increase the volume of product display on the rack. Support L has high load characteristics due to the rigid base-rack connection. Modification support L reinforced, has a front rack, which significantly increases the load characteristics.

Rack with shelves and chipboard backs

At the request of the customer, different textures of walls and shelves are possible: beech, maple, cherry, walnut, alder, oak, apple tree, etc.

Internal corner. Connects wall racks, forms an internal corner.

External corner. Connects wall racks, forms an external corner.

Island rack has hinged shelves on both sides of the rack and is installed in the central part of the departments, serves to accommodate various groups of goods.

Rack with T support

The design of the island rack with T support has a lower base (60 mm lower than in the B3 series), which allows you to increase the volume of product display on the rack. The T support has high load characteristics due to the rigid base-rack connection. Modification support T is reinforced, has a front strut, which significantly increases the load characteristics.

End section without base

Typically used in hypermarkets for installation as base pallet storage.

Shelving island without back walls

The rack is intended for sale of goods, access to which is required from two sides, it is also possible to place long goods on such a rack.

end section

Gives island metal shelving a finished look. Optional: shelf railings.

Shelving island 360º

For product display and display on four sides. On wheels.


Bread Rack

Designed for bread, pastries, confectionery. With tray, shelf and storage in solid wood. With adjustable inclination of the shelf and tray. Optional: illuminated frieze.

Wine rack

Wine Rack – Heavy duty rack with front post. Decorative panels made of solid birch with abrasion resistant coating. Optional: shelf railings, shelf lighting, accessories. The advantages of Mikron wine racks are advanced design and construction of racks, which allow the most rational placement and advantageous presentation of the selected category of goods.

The display stand can be used for selling samples of various products, for displaying and selling merchandise such as spices, CDs, books and small items.

Checkout rack

Stroller rack

The rack for wheelchairs has a double-sided support with guides 741×830 (rack 60).

Wallpaper rack

Used in stores specializing in the sale of materials for construction and repair. Designs of this type provide the convenience of selling wallpaper.

Roll rack

Rack for roll materials (film, cloth, fabric cuts, etc.) Accessories: roll tube, roll tube holder. The recommended number of rolls per pair of brackets is 3 pcs.

Shelving for books and magazines

Shelving unit for magazines and books: L-shaped shelf. Adjustable bracket angle. Multiple shelf sizes. Additionally: dividers for proper organization of shelf space. In the line of racks of the K-25 series, there are also models for books. We offer a wide range of accessories: extensions, clamps, various hooks and baskets. At the request of the customer, retail racks can be supplemented with frieze and shelf lighting.

Spice rack

As a rule, it is used in stores for the sale of various kinds of spices and additives.

Speaker cable rack

The rack is intended for placement of cable reels and sale of a cable.

Shelf with slanted perforated panel

Designed for laying out on specialized holders for cameras, smartphones, mp-3 players.

Magazine and DVD rack

The step shelves of the DVD rack are L-shaped. They have room for dividers. Each shelf is equipped with a “pocket” for installing a transparent plastic limiter. The shelving is provided with shelf lighting.

Media Stand

Serves for placement of CD, DVD disks. It has different modifications and sizes.

Media Stand

Serves for placement of CD, DVD disks. It has different modifications and sizes.

Shoe rack

Postcard rack

The rack for postcards has sets of shelves for postcards of several modifications. They differ from each other in height and number of steps. Additionally: transparent plastic limiter.

Island rack for textiles

Such designs are convenient and practical to use. This solution is one of the best, its versatility allows you to place any type of textile product in the maximum volume.