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A way by which the satellite is kept in the correct orbit in space is known as Satellite Launching. The earth-based stations are responsible for providing proper control to the satellite moving in space. Satellite launching is one of the crucial aspects of satellite communication. Through satellite communication, the exchange of information occurs between multiple …

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HDTV is an abbreviation used for High Definition Television. It is a digital broadcasting standard where the audio and video quality are better in comparison to that of Standard Television. Basically, HDTV is designed in a way that the images displayed by it appear clearer and colourful than the ancient ones. HDTV is broadcasted by …

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A type of satellite service that allows direct transmission of signals from the satellites present in the geostationary orbit to the personal dish antennas present in homes audiences is known as Direct Broadcast Satellite. It is abbreviated as DBS. More simply, DBS is regarded as a technique of transmitting messages or signals directly to the …

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The acronym DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. It is a technology that offers wireless communication services for the transmission of voice, data, fax, multimedia, etc. This mechanism has brought cordless telephone systems into existence. DECT is regarded as Digital Wireless Technology that was invented in Europe but has gained worldwide importance. Content: DECT …

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Intel 8087 is known to be a specially designed coprocessor used for performing mathematical calculations of data that contains integer and floating-point values. It is sometimes also called Math Processor or Numeric Data Processor (NDP). The use of a coprocessor along with the microprocessor facilitates the speeding up of calculations thereby saving the overall time …

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Intel 8254 is a programmable interval timer designed by intel is a programmable external timer device built with an aim to resolve the time control issues that occur in between various processes occurring within the microprocessor. In order to communicate with the processor, it has a total of 8 data lines. There are overall 24 …

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DAC is an acronym used for Digital to Analog Converter and DAC interface is used to generate analog output by converting the digital signal obtained from the microprocessor into equivalent analog form. More simply, DACs are devices that perform digital to analog conversion however, this conversion requires a reference value on the basis of which …

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Optical Storage Devices are sometimes referred to as Optical Media or Optical Memory. Optical storage is known to be a storage medium that exhibits the ability to store and retrieve data electronically by the use of low-power laser beams. The storage devices that make use of this scheme are known as Optical Storage Devices. Optical …

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Data Transfer Schemes are defined as the ways of transferring data or information between the processor and the peripheral devices/memory. Parallel Data Transfer Schemes allow various data bits to get simultaneously sent over parallel data lines. The data transfer schemes facilitate smooth data communication within the system. Basically, anything that the processor does requires some …

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CISC stands for Complex Instruction Set Computer. CISC processor is a classification of microprocessor-based of CPU design that operates on large and complex instruction sets so as to execute various tasks using the least possible codes. It is based on more than one instruction per cycle execution approach. More simply, we can say, the design …

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Definition: A circuit that is capable of sampling the input signal applied to its terminal as well as holding the sampled value up to the last sample for a particular time interval is known as sample and hold circuit. It basically utilizes an analog switch and a capacitor to perform the task. The circuit samples …

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Definition: Hartley oscillator is a type of LC oscillator that generates undamped sinusoidal oscillations whose tank circuit consists of 2 inductors and a capacitor. In the tank circuit, the two inductive coils are serially connected together forming a parallel combination with the capacitor. Hartley Oscillator was invented by Ralph Hartley in 1915 and hence named …

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Both active and passive elements are part of electrical and electronic circuits. But various factor exists that differentiates the two. The crucial difference between active and passive elements is that an active component holds the ability to supply energy to the circuit. As against, a passive component is not able to give the energy to …

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Definition: A full wave rectifier is a rectification circuit that is used to change the overall ac signal that is applied across its terminals into a pulsating dc form. We know that rectification is nothing but the conversion of ac signal into dc. However, basically there exist two types of rectifiers, the first one is …

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Definition: A Half-Wave Rectifier is a device that converts only one half of the applied ac signal into pulsating dc. The other half of the applied ac signal gets suppressed by the rectifier circuit. A half wave rectifier circuit uses only a single diode, due to the unidirectional current flow property of the diode. We …

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One of the major differences between LED and photodiode is related to their operating principle. An LED is a device that works on the principle of electro-luminance. While the operation of a photodiode depends on the principle of photoconduction. Basically when an external potential is provided then a light emitting diode gives off light. Whereas …

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Both resistor and capacitor are passive components that are employed in electrical and electronic circuits. However, the crucial difference between the resistor and the capacitor is that a resistor is an element that dissipates electric charge or energy. As against, a capacitor is an element that stores electric charge or energy. Basically, a resistor is …

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Both transistor and thyristor are the types of semiconductor devices. But some factors exist that differentiates the two. The crucial difference between transistor and thyristor is that a transistor is a 3-layer device that requires regular current pulse in order to ensure conduction. On the contrary, a thyristor is a 4-layer device that needs an …

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Definition: An oscillator is basically a signal generator that produces a sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal signal of some particular frequency. Oscillators find their various applications as these are the fundamental component of any electrical and electronic circuits. Continuous oscillations are the basis of working of an oscillator. Sometimes, an oscillator is said to be an amplifier …

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Both intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor is the 2 categorizations of semiconductor material. The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor is that Intrinsic semiconductors are the pure form of semiconductor materials. Whereas extrinsic semiconductors are impure semiconductor formed by adding an impurity to a pure semiconductor. No, any external impurity is doped in case of an …

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    RTU MIREA held a round table on the topic “Problems and Prospects of Domestic Electronics” — News — RTU MIREA

    • On December 11, RTU MIREA hosted a round table on the topic “Problems and Prospects of Domestic Electronics”.

      It was attended by 2nd-4th year students and graduate students of the Institute of Physics and Technology, the Institute of Integrated Security and Special Instrumentation, the Institute of Cybernetics, as well as 3rd year students of the National Research University MIET.

      The event was organized by teachers of the Department of Electronics of the Institute of Physics and Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Svetlana Anatolyevna Mikaeva and senior lecturer Evelina Leonidovna Larshina.

      The participants of the round table within the framework of the stated topic discussed the following issues:
      1. Solar panels. Speaker: A.A. Danilevsky
      2. Innovative LEDs. Speaker: U.A. Zavarina
      3. Two-dimensional materials. Speaker: A.M. Sizova
      4. Gallium nitride. Speaker: O.V. Udovichenko
      5. Promising innovative biomedical technologies. Speaker: E.A. Kropochev
      6. Innovative technologies in surgery. Speaker: E.A. Kropochev
      7. Li-Fi LED technology. Speaker: D.S. Ivanova
      8. Star LED – a new generation of universal fixtures. Speaker: V.A. Petrova
      9. Digital signals. Spectra of discredited and digital signals. Speaker: I.A. Orlov
      10. Digital filters. Speaker: V. A. Chikalova
      11. Laser rangefinders. Speaker: A.E. Shigapov
      12. Information and control system based on unmanned vehicles. Speaker: Yu.S. Mukhacheva
      13. Bionic prostheses. Speaker: V.D. Chudnova
      14. Utilization of LEDs. Speaker: L.I. Abrosimov
      15. Fiber-optic transmission systems. Speaker: E.A. Solovyov
      16. Pacemaker. Speaker: R.E. Ostanina
      17. State automated information system “ERA-GLONASS” or intelligent transport systems”. Speaker: N.M. Lekarkin
      18. Modern automotive electronics: Keysight Technologies solutions. Speaker: A.S. Rybenko
      19. Optocouplers and their application. Speaker: K.A. Kononenko
      20. Flash memory. Creation technologies. Speaker: B.S. Komysnyuk
      21. DC amplifying devices. Speaker: A.R. Aristova
      22. Varicaps. Speaker: D.D. Zuev
      23. Thyristors. Speaker: E.A. Dry
      24. Matrix control with Raspberry controller. Speaker: D.S. Rudkovskaya
      25. Diode. Schottky diode. Speaker: G.A. Belokopytov
      26. Study of the characteristics of LED COB matrices. Speaker: A.E. Karetnikov
      27. Uninterruptible power supplies. Speaker: A.I. Kirchenko
      28. Photoresistors. Speaker: A.R. Nevretdinova
      29. Voltage and current stabilizers. Speaker: K.R. Rusalkin
      30. Transistors. Speaker: S.A. Serdyukov
      31. Vernam cipher. Speaker: A.A. Shcherbachenko
      32. Light music on the Arduino board. Speaker: K.A. Zinkin
      33. Investigation of the possibility of mobile computing platforms for non-resource-intensive tasks in a domestic environment. Speaker: A.A. Sevostyanov
      34. NEMA cipher machine. Speaker: D.A. Frolenkov
      35. Operational amplifiers. Speaker: I.A. Kozochkin
      36. Lithography. Speaker: A.A. Reznik
      37. Modern program for the design of automated systems. Speaker: A.V. Shushlebin
      38. LIDAR. Speaker: V.A. Sergeev
      39. 5D discs. Speaker: O.S. Zenkin
      40. Testing of piezoelectric products necessary for the manufacture and operation of highly reliable equipment.