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While many people want a fireplace in their home, there are several reasons that they may not be able to have them. They may be renting and unable to build a new fireplace. Even if they are homeowners their area might have specific regulation that doesn’t allow them to build a traditional fireplace. For these reasons, many people are choosing to get electric fireplaces.

However, even if you want an electric fireplace in your home, do you have the space for it? What if you only have a limited amount of sq. ft, especially in an apartment or a smaller home? It can be hard to fit an electric fireplace and a TV stand in a room together. This makes many people ask the question: can you get a TV stand that is combined with an electric fireplace into one unit?

This guide is going to answer that question for you as well as give you any additional information on that same topic.

Here Are All of The Different Things That Will Be Covered In The Following Post:

  • Can You Get An Entertainment Center With Fireplace? – To start off, we answer the important question: can you get an entertainment center with a fireplace? We give a basic primer about how these work and why people choose them for their living room as well.
  • What Are Some of The Other Types of Electric Fireplaces That Homeowners Choose To Put Into Their Homes? – An electric fireplace that is built directly into a TV stand isn’t the only type of electric fireplace you can find. In this section, we explore all of the other types that there are for you to choose for your home.
  • What Are All of The Upsides To Using Electric Fireplaces? – For anyone still on the fence about getting an electric fireplace entertainment center or another type of electric fireplace, this section will talk about all of the benefits that electric fireplaces offer.
  • What Are Some of The Different Styles That I Can Find When Looking For An Entertainment Center With Fireplace? – Before you put an electric fireplace entertainment center in your living room, it is good to know the different styles of white fireplace TV stand you can get and how they can match your existing home decor style.
  • What Are Some Good Brands of An Entertainment Center With a Fireplace Inside? -There are many brands of TV stand console with an electric fireplace built in such as Ameriwood. This section will cover Ameriwood and all of the other brands of TV stands with electric fireplaces.
  • Is There a Better Option Than Going With A TV Stand With an Electric Fireplace Built Into It? – An electric fireplace TV stand isn’t your only option. Whether you want to save space or having an interesting focal point in your home, there are other better options instead of an entertainment center that has an electric fireplace inside of it. This section will explore those different options.
  • If I Wanted a Standard Electric Fireplace Unit, Which One Should I Get? – If you choose to get a standard electric fireplace instead of a TV stand that has a built-in electric fireplace, this section is going to cover the best brand that you can possibly choose to go with.

Can You Get An Entertainment Center With Fireplace?

For the quick answer, yes, you can get a media console you can put TVs up on that has an electric fireplace built into the bottom of it. While you can get an electric fireplace television stand that can support up to 65-inch TVs up on them, not all brands or models are going to be the same and the quality of them as well as the different styles will vary quite a bit. Sections later on in this guide will explore some of these fireplace media console differences so you can pick the right fireplace TV console for you.

What Are Some of The Other Types of Electric Fireplaces That Homeowners Choose To Put Into Their Homes?

There are a large number of electric fireplaces that you can get to put in the main room of your house. Here are the basic types:

  • TV Stand – These are mostly what this guide is talking about. These are basically TV stands that can handle up to 65-inch TVs up on them, sometimes larger. They have an electric fireplace built into the console below, and usually have other features as well.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – This is a unit that can be inserted into the opening of an old wood fireplace so that you can switch it into one that is completely electric, and still use the chimney feature instead of leaving it empty.
  • Fireplace Mantle Unit For a Flat Wall – These are electric fireplaces that come with mantles of varying styles. Other than an insert placed into an existing chimney opening, these are the electric fireplaces that will look the most traditional. They usually come as two pieces so you can choose between many different mantle styles.
  • Fireplace Mantle Unit For a Corner – These are just like the fireplace wall units above except they are built to be in the corner. These units are a little less common and because of this, they may have fewer mantle style options to choose from.
  • Electric Fireplace Wall Mounting Units – These are electric fireplaces that can be mounted on the wall up off of the ground instead of resting on the ground like a typical mantle unit. These come with special brackets for secure wall mounting. Sometimes, these can also be installed into a wall recession, either fully to sit flush with the wall or partially for a limited depth of the fireplace.
  • Electric Fireplace Portable Space Heater – These are just freestanding space heaters and they are designed to resemble a fireplace. These typically don’t perform well as both a space heater or as a visual fireplace simulation due to their extremely limited size. Instead of getting one of these, you will have a better time getting a standard electric fireplace unit and a separate standard space heater so that they both do their jobs more efficiently.

What Are All of The Upsides To Using Electric Fireplaces?

If you are still on the fence about deciding if an electric fireplace is even for you, here are all of the numerous upsides that come with using one in your home:

  • They Are a Lot Safer Than Wood or Gas Fireplaces – Wood fireplaces are very unsafe for home use, that’s why so many areas don’t allow you to build these traditional fireplaces when constructing a new home or as an addition onto an existing home. For starters, wood fireplaces are one of the most common ways that house fires can occur. It isn’t just because a fiery log or a floating ember can make its way into your home and start a fire when it touches something flammable. The soot inside of the chimney can also build up over time and can catch fire. This fire will engulf the inside of your chimney and spread to the rest of your house. This is why a professional chimney cleaner needs to be called multiple times per year to ensure your chimney is free from excessive soot buildup. It’s not just the chance of a fire. Burning wood produces a lot of smoke and carbon monoxide. Of course, a lot of this leaves through the ventilation, but some still make it into your home where you breathe it in. This can cause problems with smoke inhalation and even carbon monoxide poisoning. While many people think it’s a better idea to get a gas fireplace, they are still unsafe. There is still a flame that is present so the house fire risk is higher. And while burning gas doesn’t usually cause smoke, it can still cause carbon monoxide to fill your home, especially without sufficient ventilation.
  • They Are a Very Cost-Efficient Way To Keep Your Home Warm – Burning wood isn’t very energy efficient at all. You have to burn through a lot of wood in order to properly heat your home. This usually requires you to keep a window open slightly so that there is good airflow to the fireplace, allowing a strong burn. This is inefficient because cold air enters the room, negating some of the heat output of the fireplace. Both wood and gas fireplaces that require ventilation also lose a lot of heat through the ventilation. This means they both have to burn more and use more energy in order to keep their home warm. With electric fireplaces, it is incredibly efficient. You don’t crack any windows and you don’t have any ventilation where heat can escape. The cold air from the room is warmed inside the fireplace with a super-efficient infrared quartz heating coil and then that warm air is blown out into the room. Not only does this use way less energy to quickly warm a home, but the residual heat stays in the home longer, meaning the electric fireplace doesn’t need to work nearly as hard to keep your home warm.
  • You Can Set Up Zone Heating For Larger Homes – Even with a much larger home where a single electrical fireplace is too big, you can set up a strategic supplemental zone heating system with multiple electric fireplaces. You do this by placing electric fireplaces in multiple rooms that are regularly used. This can be bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, and more. You then only use fireplaces in rooms as they are occupied, and leave them turned off when rooms are empty. Just make sure to close off doors to the unused rooms. While you spend a little more on multiple fireplaces, you actually end up saving even more on your heating bill this way. Often, homeowners find that a system like this ends up paying for itself in savings over the long run.
  • They Are No Hassle To Operate or Maintain – Wood fireplaces are always a huge hassle. You have to clean them regularly, constantly add more wood, and always keep an eye on them for safety. Even gas fireplaces have a bit of hassle and maintenance involved with them. Electric fireplaces are so much easier. Once you turn one on and set it to your desired temperature, that is it. The electric fireplace works automatically to keep your home at your ideal temperature the same way an HVAC unit might. As the temperature is set, the heater inside the fireplace works harder if the room temperature drops, and works less when the room temperature is high enough.
  • The Installation Is Effortless – Unless you want to do a fancy wall-mounted recessed fireplace installation, electric fireplaces are so simple to install. After you get it, it is as easy as placing it in the room you want it to be, whether that is against a wall or in the corner. Once you’ve found your spot, it gets plugged into any standard electrical 120-volt wall outlet. That is all there is to it. Now you can turn it on and immediately start feeling warm air fill your home.
  • They Can Be Controlled Remotely – Electric fireplaces usually will come with some kind of remote or other way to control it like a smartphone application. With these remotes, you can set the thermostat, change the flame effects, and more. If you have a smartphone app, this makes it much easier to control multiple fireplaces for zone heating. You can also turn fireplaces on and off from other parts of the home so it is warm before you even step into that room. This is great for when you wake up in the morning and want to start warming your house before you leave the comfort of your bedroom.
  • They Can Simulate The Ambiance of a Realistic Flame Fireplace – A lot of electric fireplaces will have flame effects that are made to simulate a real flame. While not all electric fireplaces are made equal, high-end ones like MagikFlame do this better than most. They project 3-dimensional holographic flames onto a log set with a glowing ember bed below it. On top of that, they produce the sound of crackling logs so that the flickering flames feel even more real. Many people genuinely can’t tell the difference between sitting in front of a real fireplace and a MagikFlame electric fireplace.

What Are Some of The Different Styles That I Can Find When Looking For An Entertainment Center With Fireplace?

There are many different styles and features that entertainment centers that double as electric fireplaces have. First, let’s cover basic features you should keep your eye out for with these:

  • Glass Doors – Some of these units have glass doors on the storage cabinet so that you can more easily see what is in the cabinet or if you have a device that requires a remote control.
  • Adjustable Shelves – These shelves are great if you want to use it as an alternative to bookcases or to just have shelving for your additional electric media devices like DVD players, cable boxes, or video game consoles. If you want to use it as bookcases simply adjust the shelf to make space for your largest books. If you are placing things that need to be connected to your flat-panel TVs, make sure adjusting the shelf doesn’t block space for the cord to go through the back of the console.
  • Side Cabinets – Having cabinet doors on your media cabinet means you can use the cabinets for whatever kind of storage space you want without the need for these items to be displayed. This often has a more minimal aesthetic appeal. Usually, these cabinets will have holes in the back so you can still connect devices to your flat-panel TVs.
  • Cubby or Media Shelf – Having open shelves, whether they are adjustable or not, gives you plenty of openings to place important items you need connecting to your flat-screen TVs.
  • Media Cabinet – Sometimes, consoles come with a specific cabinet made to fit all of your electronic devices with small holes for cords that need to be plugged into TVs up on top.

Besides useful features, there are several other styles to be aware of when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your console. Here are just a few options to think about:

  • Farmhouse Fireplace TV Stand – For a rustic farmhouse fireplace, you can get something like what Ameriwood offers where the barnwood style looks like it was repurposed from an absolutely beautiful barn door, finished in a rustic brown finish.
  • Modern Farmhouse – For a more modern but still rustic appearance, trying something with an oak finish from Highboy.
  • Espresso Dark Style – If you want a darker color but still in a modern style, you can try an espresso-colored TV stand like the ones that Walker Edison has to offer.
  • Laminate – You should avoid laminate if you can. While the pricing can be a lot more tempting, the quality is lacking. It is common for the corners of this style to start peeling and bending backward within the first year of owning it. You should stick with a solid wood TV stand.

What Are Some Good Brands of An Entertainment Center With a Fireplace Inside?

There are a bunch of different quality brands you can choose from. ClassicFlame, Ameriwood, Muskoka, Walker Edison, and Highboy are all fine choices. As long as you choose a high-quality brand over a generic off-brand console you should be fine. Instead, try to focus on what specific features, materials, and styles you like and choose the brand based on what they offer in regard to your specific preferences.

First, check the current style of the main room where your console will be placed and see what color and material would go well with it. Then, think about the different features you will need when it comes to shelves, storage, and more. Lastly, think about what size of TV you have and what size console you will need for that size of TV. After you know what your requirements and style preferences are, you can check all of the different quality brands and see which ones match what you already had in mind.

Is There a Better Option Than Going With A TV Stand With an Electric Fireplace Built Into It?

The problem with electric fireplaces that are embedded into TV stands is that the heating element and visual flames of the fireplace is really limited due to the space available for these. For that reason, it is usually better to go with a standard electric fireplace. However, if your main reason for combining these two items is to save space, there is actually an even better alternative than that.

Instead of combining a TV stand and electric fireplace, you can simply buy a quality electric fireplace wall mantle set like MagikFlame has available, and then mount your TV above the fireplace. Electric fireplaces are perfectly safe when it comes to mounting TVs above them. This will actually save even more space due to the limited space needed for these powerful mantle units. For even more space, you can recess them into the wall.

If I Wanted a Standard Electric Fireplace Unit, Which One Should I Get?

MagikFlame is easily the best choice if you want a standalone electric fireplace. Here are the key features:

  • Unique realistic hologram flame technology with 30 flame effects to choose from.
  • Ultra-realistic crackling wood sounds.
  • An efficient heater that puts out 5,200 BTUs.

Compact White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater

Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

Corner White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

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Published: 9 December 2022

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Electric fireplaces are electric heaters that mimic the look and feel of a real wood, coal or gas fireplace. They plug into a wall outlet and can work with or without heating. You can only use the flame setting if you don’t want to heat up the space, but want to create an atmosphere of fire.

Differences from other fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have a number of advantages compared to gas and wood counterparts:

  • You don’t need to chop wood or connect a gas line to power an electric fireplace – you just need an electrical outlet.
  • Electric fireplaces do not emit gases such as carbon monoxide into the air. As a result, they are more environmentally friendly and much safer for indoor air quality.
  • Electric fireplaces do not require a vent or chimney.
  • With the flick of a switch or the push of a button on the remote control, you can easily turn the fireplace on and off. There is no need to chop and carry wood to start a fire.
  • The glass surfaces of electric fireplaces do not get hot, so they are safe for pets and children.
  • You will not need to hire a chimney sweep. And you won’t need regular maintenance, cleaning, and checks to make sure your electric fireplace is safe to use.
  • Electric fireplaces efficiently heat rooms by converting all energy into light and heat. There is no heat loss through ventilation or chimney.
  • Their cost and ease of installation make electric fireplaces more affordable than other types.

Is ventilation required for electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces do not need an air vent or chimney. They do not emit smoke or toxins when burned, as they do not burn fuel. However, there are several electricity requirements.

Most electric fireplaces have 120 volt plugs that are grounded for protection. Therefore, they only need a 120-volt outlet to work. But this outlet must be on a special circuit breaker or fuse. These power requirements match the outlets in most homes.

Some larger fireplaces require higher voltage using 240 volt plugs. They also provide higher power, resulting in more heat production. Make sure you have a compatible outlet that can handle this power requirement if you opt for a larger model.

How well does an electric fireplace heat a room?

Conventional 120 volt fireplaces provide between 750 and 1500 watts. for low and high temperatures. This capacity allows to provide sufficient additional heating of premises up to 40 square meters. This heat output makes electric fireplaces ideal for heating living rooms, offices and basements. But there are electric fireplaces that can heat up to 100 square meters.

For maximum energy and cost savings, use a fireplace to heat your family’s room. And turn off the heat for the rest of your home. Some electric fireplaces also have thermostats so you can have better control over your home’s heating.

Types of electric fireplaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces save space. They are ideal for small spaces such as apartments and lobbies. Although wall-mounted fireplaces are easier to install, some people prefer the look of a wall-mounted fireplace. But built-in fireplaces must be connected to a new circuit breaker.


Freestanding fireplaces can be placed against a wall anywhere in the home and are easy to move. These models resemble traditional fireplaces with their mantelpieces. Freestanding fireplaces also come in corners, so they fit well into the corner of a room. There are also models with folding panels, so the fireplace can be installed against a wall or in a corner.

Media consoles

To save space, media console fireplaces combine a TV stand and an entertainment center with a fireplace. With a fireplace in the middle, this apartment has surrounding storage space. You can store DVDs, game consoles, stereos, speakers and DVD/Blue-ray players. Your TV will be positioned above the device. Just be sure to check the maximum screen size your fireplace unit can fit to make sure your TV will fit safely on top.


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Living room with fireplace 70 interior design photos

Fireplace in the interior play a special role. If earlier it had the only function – heating the room, now it is one of the main design elements that creates a special atmosphere. It is pleasant to spend time in the living room with a fireplace, especially in the cold season, when it is cold outside, and your home is warm and cozy. The soothing crackle of firewood, the mesmerizing flames of the fire and the soft light emanating from the fireplace create the right atmosphere.

In any home, an electric fireplace will become the center of attention. In modern design projects, the wall or niche where the fireplace is installed stands out favorably. It can be decorative brickwork or stylish firewood shelves. Often, original paintings, decor items, or mirrors are used for decoration, visually increasing the space.

Living room fireplaces

Today, there are a huge variety of fireplaces that differ in the principle of operation, shape, size, design, etc. Depending on the type of firebox and the presence of a door, fireplaces are divided into open and closed. By type of fuel, wood, gas, electric and biofireplaces are distinguished. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Wood burning fireplaces

Favorably differ among competitors by the presence of a real live fire, with a characteristic smell and sounds. They create comfort and warmth in the house, help to relax after a hard day. A good wood-burning fireplace can heat a room with high quality even in the most severe frosts.

In the photo: Wood burning fireplace in the living room

But this type of foci also has its drawbacks. First, the most obvious – they can only be installed in country houses, in spacious rooms with high ceilings. It is unrealistic to put such a fireplace in a city apartment for reasons of fire safety and special installation conditions. For a wood-burning fireplace, it is necessary to carry out a chimney, reinforce the floor, organize additional protection for nearby surfaces. In addition, you need to regularly clean the fireplace itself and the space around it. You should also take care of the availability of free space for the firewood.

Gas fireplace

It has a greater variety in the design of models. It is also effective for solving the problems of heating large rooms, however, for its operation it is not necessary to stock up on firewood, since it runs on natural gas. It has a temperature control function.

Pictured: Gas fireplace in the living room

They are much easier to install than wood-burning counterparts, the only significant drawback is the need to bring a gas pipe to the fireplace, which makes them unsafe to use. In addition, to install such a fireplace, you need to involve a gas specialist and go through numerous approvals in the relevant authorities.

Electric fireplace

Modern technologies have made it possible to achieve maximum realism of fire in such fireplaces, using characteristic visual and sound effects. Thanks to them, electric fireplaces are outwardly almost indistinguishable from real wood-burning ones. At the same time, many models have the function of adjustable heating with enough power to fill rooms up to 20 m2 with heat. An important feature is that the heating can be turned off and the fireplace will only work in decorative mode, which allows you to use the hearths at any time of the year, even on a hot summer evening.

Pictured: Electric fireplace in the living room

They do not require coordination and complex installation – a small space and an electrical outlet nearby are enough. They are easy to maintain, fireproof and suitable for absolutely any type of premises – it can be a city apartment or a country house. In addition, they are mobile, and in case of moving, the electric fireplace can be easily taken with you.


This fireplace produces a real live fire, while it may well be installed in a city apartment, since it does not require a chimney. It runs on environmentally friendly fuel (bioethanol) and does not emit harmful combustion products.

In the photo: Biofireplace in the living room

But such a fireplace can only play a decorative role, since the heating function is implemented in it very poorly. In addition, the fuel for it is quite expensive, so the operation of such a fireplace is quite expensive. And, despite the absence of the need to coordinate the installation of such a fireplace with the fire department, it is still potentially dangerous due to open fire with flammable liquid.

Variations according to installation site

In addition, conditionally, fireplaces can be divided into groups according to the principle of installation – wall, corner, built-in and island.

The former are placed directly against one of the walls of the room and frame the hearth zone with a portal of a suitable style.

In the photo: Wall fireplaces

A corner fireplace also looks good in small rooms, as it saves space. It can be installed in any corner, but it is better near the inner walls – then it will heat several rooms at once.

In the photo: Corner fireplaces

A hearth built into the wall is not only a stylish, but also a practical solution, since it greatly saves the usable space of the room. If the hearth provides for the possibility of heating (for example, in wood-burning or electric models), then such a fireplace will work to heat two rooms at once.

In the photo: Hearths built into the wall

The most interesting in terms of design is the island fireplace, which will favorably emphasize the uniqueness of the interior. Can be used for zoning the space of the room. Models suspended from the ceiling belong to the same type of foci.

Furniture and interior details in the living room with fireplace

The fireplace occupies a central place in the interior of the living room, and this should be taken into account when arranging the furniture. All items should stand so that nothing interferes with the comfort of spending time by the fireplace with the whole family or in solitude.

Ideally, the area with a fireplace should be a separate corner where the atmosphere of comfort is recreated, and where everything is conducive to relaxation. Here you can put a couple of armchairs, a floor lamp, a small table, lay a soft rug on the floor. If the scale of the room allows, then you can put a sofa. The classic option is a rocking chair in front of the fireplace. At the same time, if it is a wood-burning fireplace, furniture, according to fire safety rules, is recommended to be installed at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the fire.

Pictured: Fireplace in the living room

All pieces of furniture and a fireplace must be designed in the same style, echo in color, decorative elements, texture and materials. The mantelpiece and the wall behind the fireplace can be decorated with decorative elements – photographs, paintings, figurines, unusual clocks and much more.

If you wish, you can install a TV in this area. Accommodation options can be different, most often the TV is mounted above the fireplace. For more information about this – in the material “Design of a living room with a fireplace and TV.”

Fireplace in the living room of a city apartment

There is an opinion that a fireplace is only suitable for spacious rooms, but this is not so. A small apartment can also be supplemented with this item of warmth and comfort.

For a small apartment

In rooms of small areas, it is better to choose built-in models of electric fireplaces, since they are mounted in a niche in the wall, without occupying the usable space of the room at all. You can also consider options with compact corner models.

In the photo: Fireplace in a small apartment

Large apartment

A large room, a spacious hall can also be harmoniously complemented by an electric fireplace built into the wall. The model of the fireplace must be selected depending on the features of the interior. In spacious apartments, full-fledged fireplace sets of small sizes and island fireplaces, which will visually zone the space of the room, will look no less appropriate.

In the photo: Fireplace in a large apartment

Properly selected electric fireplaces in the apartment, regardless of whether it is large or small, will fill the space with comfort and at the same time will not take up much space. They will help create a unique design, because the fireplace itself is already a stylish element of decor.

Fireplace in the interior of the living room of a country house

A private house is suitable for installing absolutely any type of fireplace. As mentioned above, the easiest to install and easy to maintain electric fireplace. At the same time, it, like wood burning, can perform the function of additional heating of the room.

In the photo: Fireplace in the interior of the living room of a country house

As a rule, in a country house, a fireplace is installed in the living room or a combined kitchen-living room. The most popular models are of the classical type – with a hearth and a wooden portal. You can complement the fireplace with family photos or other decorative details.

Interior solutions

Dimplex electric fireplaces fit into any interior – from strict classics to ultra-modern Loft style. This is confirmed by hundreds of completed projects, which you can see right now. We offer a selection of interesting living room interiors with Dimplex fireplaces.

Classic style

In the photo: design of a living room in a classic style with an Albany hearth

Interesting living room design in classic style with Albany hearth with Opti-Myst flame technology. Thanks to the laconic frame of the hearth in black, the electric fireplace fits perfectly into the room. The decorative portal is made of natural wood of a noble shade, which is ideally combined with exquisite furniture. The wall, where the frame framing the fireplace is installed, is decorated with unusual accessories from the era of chivalry.


In the photo: a Hi-Teck living room combined with elements of a Chalet with a Juneau fireplace

Unusual living room in Hi-Teck style combined with Chalet elements. Gray and its shades are used as the main color, the design is concise and discreet. The built-in cassette fireplace zones the space and makes the room warmer.

The electric fireplace performs several tasks – heating the house, humidifying the air, aesthetics. With all the functions it copes perfectly, guaranteeing the safety of operation. The fireplace is safe for children and animals, because it does not emit smoke, sparks will not fly from it. This is the best option for creating a sophisticated interior.


Despite the fact that the Minimalism style is characterized by a laconic design, the fireplace perfectly complements the interior. The living room has a Cassette L hearth with Opti-Myst flame technology. In terms of style, it is in perfect harmony with Minimalism, thanks to strict lines and laconic design.

In the photo: minimalist living room design with Cassette L hearth

In the design of the living room, the emphasis is on a blue sofa and bright paintings, an open-type fireplace acts as a separate element. This design can be implemented in any home, since the electric fireplace is absolutely safe for adults, children and animals.


To implement this project, natural materials were used – wood, which serves as a decoration for the entire living room, and stone. Wood is the main element – a beautiful table with epoxy resin, an original TV cabinet installed along the wall, a floor and a staircase – all this is made of noble solid wood.

In the photo: Art Nouveau living room design with Cassette 1000 hearth

In such a living room, the fireplace is no longer the main object of the interior, it serves as a harmonious addition to the room. For the implementation of the project, the Cassette 1000 hearth with firewood was the optimal solution. Realistic firewood is used in the hearth, simulating the burning of wood, but without smell and smoke.


Pictured: Avant-garde design with Cassette 400 NH hearth

The unusual design of the living room with bright accents – a purple sofa and a gold armchair, evokes mixed emotions – delight, surprise, interest. The living room strikes with imagination and non-standard thinking, as it differs from the generally accepted canons. The interior combines several styles – Loft, Vanguard, Minimalism.

The Cassette 400 NH fireplace with a decorative white frame takes pride of place in the central wall of the living room, which is laid out in decorative brick. The presence of an electric fireplace in the room balanced the interior, bringing refinement, sophistication and homeliness to it.

Modern style

Pictured: Contemporary design with Cassette 500 hearth

The house, finished in warm colors with the addition of natural wood, is ideally combined with an open-type Cassette 500 fireplace with firewood that simulates the burning of wood. The room feels warm and spacious, with no flashy accents or extraordinary accessories.

This is a peaceful living room where you want to spend time with your family – to have leisurely conversations, watch your favorite movies or read books. The fireplace blends harmoniously with the interior, bringing even more warmth and comfort to it. To create a relaxing atmosphere, the hearth is not installed in a special niche, but on a coffee table near the sofa, which looks stylish and unusual.


Pictured: Oriental design with Westbrook Basket hearth

Interior for lovers of bright accents and oriental motifs. Getting into the living room, it seems that you find yourself on another continent – somewhere in Morocco or Cairo. Beautiful mosaics, painted plates, a Persian carpet on the floor, decorative pillows on the sofa, massive gold frames create the right entourage and cheer up the guests at home.

The Westbrook Basket fireplace, with its noble style, adds a European touch to the interior and makes it more calm and relaxing. The decorative frame framing the hearth matches the design of the entire living room.

Fireplaces of this series are a godsend for designers, as they can be equipped with original portals that match the design of the house. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, as they do not emit harmful substances during operation, and also exclude the possibility of ignition, since they use technology that simulates a flame. A realistic fire in the fireplace creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Beautiful fireplaces and living rooms

Today, there are many beautiful fireplaces on the market for every taste, so a modern fireplace solves not only the problem of heating, but also does an excellent job with a decorative function.

Installing a fireplace in the living room is the easiest way to fill the room with an atmosphere of comfort, to give it a touch of luxury. In such a living room it will be nice to spend time with loved ones or just relax after a hard day.

The main rule is that the fireplace must be designed in a common style with the surrounding space. The variety of designs, shapes and sizes will help you easily solve this problem.

An interesting and original version of the installation of a fireplace – installation in furniture. For this task, it is better to choose beautiful open cassette-type fireplaces. Ideal compact electric hearth Cassette 250 for small surfaces or Cassette 500, which can be with or without firewood. The line of fire of the Cassette 1000 will look more impressive, which can also be with or without decorative fuel, but keep in mind that this model requires much more space for installation.

These hearths are the designer’s favorite choice when a living room needs a touch of spice. They are mounted in countertops, TV cabinets and even interior partitions.

In the photo: Fireplaces in furniture

Another popular option for creating a beautiful living room is to install a linear electric fireplace in a wall niche or install it in an original fireplace portal of a non-standard look. Such fireplaces can also be of various lengths, have a forced heating function or not. Particularly interesting are models in which transparent crystals with several backlight color themes are used as internal filling – everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Pictured: Linear fireplaces in the living room

Also, to create a beautiful living room, you can consider ready-made fireplace sets with electric hearths. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Such models will help to harmoniously complement the design concept and create a stylish accent in the room.

In the photo: Fireplace sets with electric hearths

Another interesting option for using a fireplace in a spacious living room is to use it as a kind of partition for zoning space. Here, again, you can take ready-made kits, for example, a Boxx fireplace with electric hearths of the Cassette 400/600 series. Or install a hearth, open or linear, in a special niche in the erected vertical structure.