Ethernet cable to ps4: How to set up a wired or wireless internet connection

The Best Ethernet Cables for the PS4

No matter how fast your internet connection is, there’s just no denying the fact that a hard-wired connection is going to be more reliable than a wireless one. When you’re in the midst of an online game on your PlayStation 4, having a fast and solid connection means everything. A weak connection can have you lagging all over, or worse, disconnected completely. Needless to say, nothing can put an end to your fun faster than a poor connection.


  • Ethernet vs. wireless
  • Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • Vandesail Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • Matein Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • Cable Matters 5-Color Combo Snagless Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
  • UGreen Ethernet Cable
  • Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  • HQGC Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • Hymeca Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
  • CableGeeker Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

While the PS4 does come with built-in Wi-Fi, using the Ethernet port is going to give you much better results. That said, not all Ethernet cables are created equal. Depending on the type, quality, brand, and length, you can lose out on some of that precious internet speed you’re paying so much for. Save yourself the frustration of lag and unreliable connections in your fierce online games by investing in one of the best Ethernet cables you can get for the PS4.

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Ethernet vs. wireless

If your PS4 has built in Wi-Fi and you have a wireless router in your home, then why bother connecting an Ethernet cable? Yes, it can be less convenient depending on the layout of your home, specifically the location of your PS4 relative to your modem or router, but the results you’ll get when playing online will be like night and day. Right off the bat, wireless connections just can’t reach the same speeds as a physical cable, even if you’re paying for it. Most wireless connections can’t even support half your internet speed on the basic 2.4GHz frequency. You may not notice that drop in speed while browsing the web, but online games are a different story.

Latency, or ping, can also differ by massive margins between wired and wireless connections. We’ve all suffered from lag at one time or another during a game, but Ethernet cables are able to send data much faster and more consistently between your PS4 and the game servers to keep your game running smooth. Wi-Fi is also subject to much more interference than a wired connection. Other networks, materials, distance, and even objects and walls around your router can all disrupt and degrade your connection quality. These things can cause your connection to drop out completely, even if just for a split moment. Again, you may not notice when you’re on a computer or even streaming a video that can buffer itself, but it’s as good as death in a critical gaming moment.

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

One of the highest-end Ethernet cables comes from Jadaol. Their Cat 7 cable is compatible with all systems with an Ethernet port and has some of the best performance you can get at a decent price. The data transfer rate is clocked at up to 10 gigabits per second, which for most people is far above what their ISP can even offer for home service. Even if you don’t get that fast of a connection, this cable will set you up for the future whenever speeds like that do become more widely available.

The cable is available in 25-, 50-, and 100-foot lengths and comes in a flat cord design. The shorter the cable length the better, but with a cable that has speeds as high as this one, you can afford to go a little longer if you need to. The thin cable also makes it easier to run along walls without sticking out or being a tripping hazard. It even comes with some cable clips to help with cord management. The connectors themselves are durable and made of 50-micron gold-plated contact pins.

DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Another Cat 7 cable option is the DanYee brand. This cable is comparable in price to the Jadaol cable but has a much wider range of lengths available. You can go as short as 1.6 feet all the way up to 100 feet, with plenty of options in between to fit your specific setup and avoid excess cable bunching up. This cable is nylon braided and, as a Cat 7, also supports up to 10 gigabits per second. The braided cable is thicker, but it’s also more durable and less vulnerable to any interference.

The variety of lengths, the extra color options, and the basic shape of the cable are the only major differences between these two cables. Both are high-end and among the fastest you can get, but the extra length options of the DanYee Ethernet cables may make them the more convenient option. Plus, the braided design is more durable if you’re concerned about the cord wearing out.

Vandesail Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

The Vandesail Cat 7 is our next top-of-the-line Ethernet cable. Like the other Cat 7s, you can of course count on this cable to stay relevant up until internet speeds get above 10 gigabits per second. It has lightning-fast data transfer, nearly no lag, and also has that thin cord design that makes it easy to hide away. The end of the cable is described as being “unbreakable” based on a 20,000-bend test at the relief boot, and it’s weather and UV resistant. The connector also has two shielded plates on either side that help further reduce any outside interference with the signal, and it has full gold-plated coverage.

You get a lot of size and either black or white color options for this cable as well, plus some bundles if you want two or three of different sizes. It is a little strange that they don’t offer any bundles of the same size, only pairs of 3-foot and 6.5-foot, 3-foot and 10-foot, and 6.5-foot and 10-foot cables. But you can always just purchase two of the same individually.

Matein Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

The Matein Cat 7 is also very similar to the Jadaol in terms of options. You only have the 25- or 50-foot cord length option, but you do have the option of a blue color in addition to white and black. It’s a slightly cheaper option as well. Visually, it’s another flat-design Ethernet cable, which also comes with those handy cable clips to keep it nice and tidy, and it’s meant to be a simple plug-in-and-go instillation. The speeds are typical of the Cat 7-type cords, but it also uses double twisted pairs inside. This is another technique that can help keep out any interference or crosstalk.

The contacts are gold-plated and protected by an outer jacket. The entire cable is very durable and can even be run outdoors if need be. This is another great choice if you need to go a little further with your cables to hard-wire your PS4 into your router or modem.

Cable Matters 5-Color Combo Snagless Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

If Cat 7 Ethernet cords seem like overkill for your current internet speeds, the Cable Matters Cat 6 is one step down from what those cables can offer. These Cat 6 cords obviously will not be able to maintain as high a speed as Cat 7 over longer distances, but if you’re not going terribly far from your modem or router, then you likely won’t notice a difference. Speaking of distance, these cords are limited in size, starting at just 1 foot and offering only 14 feet at the maximum. At those lengths, Cable Matters still describes these cables as offering a 10-gigabit connection, but at a maximum 550MHz compared to a Cat 7’s usual 600MHz.

The real selling point of these cables is the price. Assuming you need at least a few Ethernet cables, each cable in these bundles of five will cost you very little. However, you are stuck with getting five no matter what, so bear that in mind. Each of the five comes in a different color, which is handy for identifying what cord is connected to what device at a glance. The cords are a bit stiff compared to the flat designs above, but they are durable enough for most households.

UGreen Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable – Cat 7 (1)” />

Another Ethernet cable catering to the more budget-concerned gamer is the UGreen Ethernet cable. This is one of the most affordable Cat 7 cables you will likely find and is well worth the price if your main focus is on getting the best speeds possible. It sacrifices nothing you would want from a cable of this type, including the 10-gigabit speeds and universal compatibility with your PS4, computers, and any other Ethernet devices. It is another flat cable design, with all the pros and cons of that type, with 24-karat gold-plated connectors that have multiple layers of shielding.

Naturally, this cable comes in only one color: Black. Jokes aside, what gives this UGreen cable its name is the fact that it is produced using environmentally friendly PVC materials. If that doesn’t get you excited, UGreen also comes with a standard two-year warranty and lifetime customer service, which makes the low price point even more appealing. Lengths go from 3 feet all the way up to 50, making this a great pick even if it wasn’t so affordable.

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

We understand that there’s an audience out there who are always seeking the latest and greatest tech. While the Cat 7 is still packing more speed than most people have in their homes, if you want the absolute best Ethernet cable speeds you can get your hands on, the Cat 8 is currently the fastest cable on the market. Compared to the Cat 7’s 10-gigabit speeds at 600MHz, the Cat 8 blows those numbers out of the water with an almost ridiculous 40 gigabits per second at 2,000MHz. If you want to be absolutely certain you’re not wasting a single iota of whatever internet speeds you’re getting, this cable will deliver.

You have a range of sizes here, starting at 3 feet and going all the way out to 150. The cords are about as high-quality as you can get, too. Not only are they UV-proof and waterproof, but they are weatherproof and anticorrosive, too, meaning they can be run outside and even underground. Obviously you’ll need to pay a bit of a premium for this kind of cable, depending on length of course, but even at the max distance, there’s little to worry about in terms of speeds with the Cat 8.

HQGC Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

The HQGC Cat 7 is one of the best options for a Cat 7 Ethernet cable that is long and durable. You have the option of 25, 50, or 100 feet of the thin cable, which is also coated in a weatherproof PVC that is low corrosion and flame resistant in case you need to run it outdoors. Inside is 100% oxygen-free copper wire that is shielded and twisted in four pairs to improve the connection quality and reduce any external interference.

Otherwise, aside from your choice of black or blue, you know by now what to expect from a quality Cat 7 cable. You have the gold-plated connectors, flexible cable, and universal compatibility. These are also a bit on the cheaper side as well, considering the lengths you’re getting. If you’re running a cable across a home or even outside, this is a solid pick.

Hymeca Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable” />

Speaking of budget prices, the Hymeca Cat 7 is one of the most affordable Ethernet cables you can find. Even the 100-foot length is affordable, but there are also a host of smaller sizes as low as 1.5 feet that are priced very well. In terms of performance, this is yet another Cat 7. It isn’t quite as flat as most of the others on this list, which is where we start to see the low price make sense. The actual coating of the wire isn’t the best quality out there, but if you’re just going to plug it in and leave it, then there likely won’t be any issue.

This is a strictly indoor cable, not weatherproof or waterproof. It does come with a decent 90-day free replacement guarantee plus lifetime customer service and support. And, in a rare change of pace, you can choose between black and red colored cables. For the price, and considering the fact that you’re not losing out on any speed, you can do a lot worse on a budget.

CableGeeker Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable” />

Last up is just a basic Cat 6 Ethernet cable from CableGeeker. The Cat 6, being a bit older now, is a little cheaper than the Cat 7, but not by a considerable margin. The step down in speeds might be worth paying attention to here, though. This cable type can support up to 1 gigabit per second at 250MHz. That might not be enough for some of you out there with access to top-of-the-line internet, but for average users, it should be more than enough. Even if you did have speeds at or above that level, this would still be a better alternative than a wireless connection.

Like many of the Cat 7’s on this list, the CableGeeker has that flat cord design for easy bending and running under long surfaces. The connectors are still gold-plated for the best connection possible in the ports, and they are made of durable materials for basic wear and tear. These come in as short as 3-foot lengths up to 100 feet, but at those higher end lengths you may start to notice some speed loss.

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LAN Cable Not Connected on PS4? Here Are 8 Solutions!

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  • LAN Cable Not Connected on PS4? Here Are 8 Solutions!

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Are you frustrated because you keep getting the “LAN cable not connected PS4” error and have no idea how to fix it? Don’t worry! In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will show you the reasons for and solutions to this error.

Causes of the “LAN cable not connected PS4” Error

The “LAN cable not connected PS4” error is a common error for PS4 users. However, different people may encounter this error for different reasons. Here are some possible reasons:

  • You have enabled both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections at the same time.
  • Your modem or router is not receiving a signal from the cable company or is turned off.
  • Your router or modem is damaged.
  • The LAN cable isn’t connected to the PS4 Ethernet port.
  • The plastic end piece that clicks into both ends of the LAN cable is damaged.
  • The LAN cable or adapter is damaged.
  • The PS4’s Ethernet port is damaged.
  • There is a DNS error.

Solution 1. Restart the PS4

Restarting is the first thing you should try. It can help you fix many basic errors on different devices. So, you can do as follows to restart your PS4 to fix the PS4 LAN cable not connected error:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the light goes out to turn off the console.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the outlet for ten seconds.
  3. After that, plug in the power cable again and turn on the PS4.
  4. Once done, check if the error is fixed.

Solution 2. Restart the Router

If there is something wrong with your router or modem, you may encounter the “LAN cable not connected PS4” error. To fix this, you can restart your router. Here’s the way:

  1. Turn off the router and then unplug the power cable from the outlet.
  2. After 10 seconds, reconnect the power cable to the outlet and then turn on the router.
  3. Next, open your PS4 console and navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use A LAN Cable.
  4. After that, select the Easy option on the list. An “Internet Settings Updated” message should pop up on your screen.
  5. Once done, check if the error is resolved.

Solution 3.

Check the LAN Cable

If your LAN cable is damaged, you may encounter the PS4 LAN cable not connected error. To avoid this, you need to check your LAN cable carefully. If there is any corruption on this cable, you can switch it using another LAN cable.

Solution 4. Insert LAN Cable into the Halfway Port

You may have problems connecting your LAN cable if you have a damaged PS4 LAN port. However, you can try inserting the LAN cable into the halfway port to fix it. If you are lucky enough, the PS4 will detect this cable.

Solution 5. Fix the Bad PS4 Ethernet Port

If the PS4 LAN port is damaged, you can also try to fix it yourself. There are many YouTube videos showing the steps to fix an Ethernet port that is failing. In general, if your LAN port’s level of damage is minor, you can fix it easily.

Solution 6. Change DNS Server

If your PS4 has a DNS server error, you may also get the “LAN cable not connected PS4” error. So, you can try changing the DNS server to fix it. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection.
  2. Next, select the LAN Cable option and then the Custom option from the list.
  3. Select the Automatic IP Address Settings option.
  4. Next, when prompted to choose a DHCP hostname, select Do Not Specify DHCP.
  5. Select Manual for your DNS Settings.
  6. Under the DNS Settings tab, enter “” as your primary DNS value and “” as your secondary DNS value.
  7. Then go to the MTU Settings tab and select Automatic.
  8. Finally, set your Proxy Settings to “Do Not Use.”
  9. Once done, check if the error is fixed.

If changing the DNS server still does not resolve the “LAN cable not connected PS4” error, you can configure PS4 with a static address. To do this, you need to change your PS4’s local IP. Don’t worry! This will not affect your public IP address. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Network> View Connection Status.
  2. Note down your IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway that is showing up on your screen.
  3. Then back to the previous Settings. Open Set Up Internet Connection and select Use a Lan cable.
  4. Next, select Custom and then Manual.
  5. Enter the IP address you wrote down before. You need only enter the first three digits of your IP address, and you can choose any number from 2 to 255 for the last digit of your IP address.
  6. After this, enter your Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
  7. Next, set your MTU as Automatic, and then Proxy Server as Do Not Use.
  8. Save the changes and check if the error is fixed.

Solution 8. Rebuild the PS4 Database

Sometimes, rebuilding the PS4 database can also fix the PS4 LAN cable not connected error. You can also have a try. Here’s the way:

  1. Turn off your console, and then press and hold the power button for ten seconds until you hear two consecutive beeps.
  2. Then your PS4 will now boot in Safe Mode.
  3. Use a USB cable to connect your PS4’s DualShock controller.
  4. Select the fifth option: Rebuild Database.
  5. Wait for the process to complete.
  6. Once it’s done, the PS4 will return to the home screen.
  7. Sign in to your account on the PS4 and then test your Internet connection to see if you are able to connect using a LAN cable.

Rebuilding your PS4 database may remove some of your purchased games from your library. Don’t worry! You can recover them with these steps:

  1. Log in to your PS4 account.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses > Restore.
  3. Once done, all the removed games will recover.

Is this post useful for you? Do you know other methods to solve the problem? Please leave your ideas or experience with us in the following comment zone.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is an all-in-one partition manager and can be used for data recovery and disk diagnosis. If you are interested in MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can visit MiniTool Partition Wizard’s official website by clicking the hyperlink.

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About The Author

How do I connect my PS4 to the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN cable?

The PlayStation 4 must be connected to the internet in order to use all the features and functionality. The game console will work without an Internet connection, but you will not be able to buy and download games from the PlayStation Store (you need to buy games on discs), play online, download updates for games and software, communicate with your friends, use a browser and other applications (like YouTube) that need access to the Internet (and these are almost all applications). There are some games that won’t run without a network connection. Well, as far as I understand, for the initial setup of the console, it still needs to be connected to the Internet. PS4 without an internet connection will get you bored very quickly, as its functionality will be severely limited.

PlayStation 4 can be connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi, or a network cable (LAN). In the case of Wi-Fi, PS4 connects without problems to any Wi-Fi router, phone in access point mode, when distributing Wi-Fi from a computer, etc. Internet via a network cable to the PlayStation can also be connected both from a router and directly from an Internet provider (you can even set up a PPPoE connection). Playstation is absolutely universal in this regard.

For comfortable work, it needs to provide a fast and stable Internet connection. If you plan to download games over the Internet, then you need to understand that a normal game weighs approximately 50 GB. For example, I have a rate of 100 Mbps from a provider. The router is powerful, and in the 5 GHz band it gives out the same 100 Mbps (the set-top box receives 80/90 Mbps), and I can’t say that a 50 GB game loads fast for me. And if the speed was, say, 20 Mbps, and not 100? Online games require low ping. I’m not talking about streams, etc. You also need to understand that the PlayStation 4 creates a big load on the network and the router itself. And if the router is budgetary, other devices are connected to it, then it will either freeze altogether or cut the speed. Also, the load will be high ping.

The PlayStation 4 (Slim, Pro) supports Wi-Fi 5 GHz (802.11ac). And if you plan to connect the console to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then I recommend connecting it in the 5 GHz band. To do this, you must have a dual-band router that supports this frequency and the 802.11ac standard. As for the speed (tariff), then with 100 Mbps you can live quite comfortably. The main thing is that the router does not cut the speed much. If possible, it is of course better to connect the PS4 to the Internet using a cable. Wi-Fi 5 GHz (802.11ac) is certainly better (faster) than Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11n), but cable is even better. As for the router, I would advise buying models from the middle price range (from $100). But this does not mean that if you bought a Playstation, then you immediately need to throw away your router. Connect (preferably by cable), check how everything will work. If the download speed is normal, nothing freezes, there are no problems in online games, then everything is OK.

Next, I will show you in detail how to connect your PS4 to the Internet using a wireless Wi-Fi network and a network cable. There is nothing complicated, but there are a few nuances. Also, this instruction may come in handy when reconnecting the game console to the Internet. For example, after changing the provider, router, Wi-Fi network name or password, etc. The guide is suitable for PS4, Slim, Pro.

How do I connect my PlayStation 4 to a Wi-Fi network?

Turn on the game console and go to the settings.

Go to the “Network” section.

To connect or disconnect the PlayStation 4 from the Internet (via Wi-Fi and cable), you can check / uncheck the box next to “Connect to the Internet”.

To connect to a Wi-Fi network, select “Connect to the Internet”.

Next, select “Use Wi-Fi” .

We will use the “Easy” way to connect to the Internet.

Personally, I did not immediately understand what “Simple” and “Special” connection method means and how they differ. Later I found out that by selecting “Special”, PS4 offers to manually set some network parameters. Manually specify the IP address, default gateway, DNS addresses, etc. By selecting “Simple”, the system will automatically configure the connection (automatically obtain addresses).

Select your network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

By default, the PlayStation 4 searches for Wi-Fi networks on both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands (Automatic). If necessary, you can select one range. To do this, in the window with the list of networks, you need to click on the button Options (on the gamepad) and select the desired range.

To connect the Playstation 4 to a Wi-Fi network using WPS, in the window with the list of available networks, select item “Configure using the WPS button” . After that, you will need to activate WPS on the router.

There is also an item “Install manually”. After selecting it, we will see two more items “Enter manually” and “Use the WPS setting by entering a PIN code.”

The first point allows you to connect the PS4 to a hidden Wi-Fi network (with a hidden SSID), where you must first enter the network name and then the password. And the second one allows you to establish a connection using the WPS PIN code, which can be found on the router itself, or created in the router settings (not a very relevant and common connection method).

We need to enter the password for our Wi-Fi network. Just look carefully, you need to enter the password correctly. If you do not know the password for your network, then see the article How to find out your Wi-Fi password, or what to do if you forgot your password.

We check if we entered the password correctly and click on the “OK” button.

We are waiting for our PlayStation 4 to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. A message should appear that the Internet settings have been updated and a “Test Internet connection” button. You can click on it. You should see something like this:

“Obtain an IP address” and “Connect to the Internet” – “Successful” indicates that the game console is connected to the router and there is access to the Internet. You may not be signed in to PlayStation Network. Internet connection speed is approximate. I ran it through Speedtest, in a web browser on PS4, so the results are much higher there. Depends on the server. Although for some reason my ping is much higher than on the iPhone. On PS it shows about 20 (when checked through Speedtest), and on iPhone ping is 2. Both devices are connected to a network in the 5 GHz band.

To view connection details (what network the game console is connected to, in what frequency range, what IP address the router assigned it, signal strength, etc.), in the “Network” section, select item “Check connection status” .

You can also run an Internet connection test at any time. To do this, in the “Network” section, select “Test Internet Connection”.

PS4 Internet connection via cable (LAN)

First, connect a network cable to the LAN port on the PlayStation 4 from a router, or directly from an Internet provider.

Next, go to the settings, to the “Network” section. There we select “Establish an Internet connection”.

We will “Use a LAN cable”.

Next, you need to select the connection method. Look carefully here:

  • Simple – automatic connection setup. The PlayStation 4 itself will establish a connection with the router, or provider. By choosing this method, we will not be able to set any settings manually. Suitable when connecting to routers (if a DHCP server is running on the router) and Internet providers that use the “Dynamic IP” (DHCP) connection type. Most likely you need to choose this type of connection. If you don’t know, select it first. Your game console may connect to the Internet automatically.
  • Special – when choosing this setting, we will be able to configure PPPoE (specify the username and password that the provider issues), register static IP addresses, manually specify DNS servers, set proxy settings, MTU.

After selecting “Simple”, you need to wait a bit.

If all is well, a message will appear: “Internet settings updated”. Click on the “Check Internet Connection” button below.

Obtaining an IP address and connecting to the Internet must be successful.

This means that our PS4 is connected to the internet with a cable. You can close the settings and start playing!

Connecting a cable to PS4 directly from the provider and setting up PPPoE

Many connect the Internet not from the router, but directly from the provider. That’s also possible. Most ISPs use the “Dynamic IP” connection type, which means that the connection setup process will be no different from what I showed above. But some providers use the PPPoE connection type (via login and password). On PlayStation 4, you can easily set it up. But L2TP or PPTP, as I understand it, cannot be configured on PS4. Only through a router.

PPPoE is very easy to set up. But first, in the LAN port on the set-top box, connect the network cable that the Internet provider has laid in your home. Then in the settings, starting the Internet connection, select “Use LAN cable” and method “Special” (I wrote about them above). Well, then choose “PPPoE” .

Enter the username and password (they are issued by the Internet provider) and click “Next”.

If everything is connected and you have specified the correct PPPoE settings, then an Internet connection should be established.

Setting up static IPs, DNS, proxy, MTU on PlayStation 4

There are situations when you need to manually enter an IP address or DNS server address in the properties of a network connection. For example, when the DHCP server is disabled on the router, you have reserved a static IP address for the game console, or the provider uses the “Static IP” connection type. On PlayStation 4, you can do it all. You can also manually set the MTU value or set the proxy server settings.

To do this, when connecting to a wired LAN or Wi-Fi network, you need to select “Special” connection method.

Next you need to select “IP address settings”. You can select “Automatic”.

In this case, the Playstation will offer to set the following parameters:

  1. DHCP host name.
  2. DNS settings. You can, for example, register on the PlayStation 4 DNS from Google ( /
  3. MTU settings.
  4. Proxy settings. You can select “Use” and set your server options, or “Don’t use”.

Selecting IP settings – “Manual” , you will need to register the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, primary DNS, secondary DNS.

And settings page:

If you are unable to connect your PlayStation 4 to the Internet – write in the comments. Just write in detail what and how you connect, what error and at what stage of setup. You can attach a photo. I will answer everyone and try to help!

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3 m Type -c char cable PS5/ PS4 /NS/Phone, Cord Play PlayStation 5, accessories ARR for gamepad, joystick

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Network cord – Cabable Power for Slim/ Super Slim/ PS4 / SLIM/ SONY PLAYTATION PS1/ PS2/ PS3- 1. 5M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9M 9m0003 READ MORE




USB charging cable for ps4 slim/pro, data cable, adapter power charging cable





USB charging cable for ps4 slim/pro, 9 0253 data cable , power adapter , charging cable


Mains cord -cable power supply MyPads TA-120866 for Sony Playstation PS1/ PS2/ PS3 Slim/Super Slim/ PS4 /Slim – 1.5m


1 pc, cable 902 53 Power for Playstation 4 PS4 PS3 PS2 Type: cable power cable – cable power to 220V socket for Sony Playstation 1 2 3 / PS3 Super slim / PS4 / Slim – 1.8m


Laptop power cable 3 pin, 1.5 m Suitable for Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, MSI, Lenovo, Samsung, So


9 0002 Cable for Sony Playstation PS/PS2/ PS3 Slim/Super Slim/ PS4 PS5, 1 meter / Power cable DEX




90 002 820

Dobe/ Dualshok 4 Charging Cord, Gamepad Charger PS4 , DOBE TP4-813, Playstation 4 Type:


USB cable (wire – cord ) for Playstation PS Vita PCH-1000 (Fat) 1.