Fast gaming keyboard: The Fastest Gaming Keyboards (2023)

The Fastest Gaming Keyboards (2023)

Every sweaty competitive gamer is sprinting to the markets trying to get their hands on the best gear possible. One of the upgrades you can make is to the of keyboard.

If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge with a faster keyboard, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be looking at some of the quickest keyboards that can actually make a difference to your gameplay. Be that lower input latencies, better customization, and more developed tech, these keyboards can give you that competitive advantage that is so highly desired.

1. Wooting 60HE

The Analog Hype

9.5/10Our Score

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  • Individual key actuation point setting
  • Rapid trigger is useful
  • Small 60% form factor is great for competitive FPS gameplay
  • Transferable PCB to third party keyboard cases
  • Lots of RGB effects
  • Customizable through Wooting’s website (no download required)


  • Feels pretty light, can move around when gaming
  • Not ideal for casual use or MMO’s due to lack of keys
  • No height/angle adjustability

The Wooting 60HE has taken gaming keyboards to a new level. The Lekker switches are Hall Effect switches that use magnets to measure how far they are pressed or depressed. This enables multiple functions on the Wooting such as setting custom actuation points and rapid trigger.

Every single switch on the keyboard is capable of actuation point adjustments from a range of 0.1mm – 4.0mm. Shortening the actuation point of your switch will make it actuate quicker and feel more responsive. For example, setting up WASD or frequently used ability keys with lower actuation points would be a great setup.

Rapid trigger actuates and resets your keypresses dynamically. It sounds a little confusing but rapid trigger eliminates the use of actuation or reset points. Once the switch is pressed down it will actuate and when you release the switch the inputs stop instantly.

Rapid trigger is amazing for movement reliant shooters like Valorant and CS:GO where standing still is required to have an accurate shot. With rapid trigger enabled, your movement will instantly start and stop as soon as you press or let go.

In my experience, movement in games just feel better overall. It’s more responsive and accurate and I’m able to perform certain movements with more consistency.

2. Steelseries Apex Pro TKL

For Fast Fingers

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  • Smooth linear switches
  • Strong build quality
  • Adjustable actuation is great
  • OLED is getting more uses over time


  • Cheaper ABS caps
  • Hard wrist rest

The Wooting isn’t the only keyboard the uses a Hall Effect sensor. The Steelseries Apex Pro TKL uses their own switches called the OmniPoint 2.0’s that can also change/set actuation points on selected keys.

On the Apex Pro, it has an adjustment range from 0.2mm – 3.8mm, being slightly shorter on both ends compared to Wooting’s 0.1mm – 4.0mm. The Apex Pro also lacks the additional features the Wooting has like it’s game-breaking rapid trigger.

Within the Steelseries software, you aren’t actually allowed to set a specific actuation value but it’s instead shown in steps of 1-10. 1 represents the lowest actuation distance of 0.2mm and 10 being the highest of 3.8mm. However, all the steps in between don’t have the actuation distances shown.

Steelseries claims “11x faster response” and “10x faster actuation” with their Omnipoint switches. Although we can’t really measure this, the Apex is actually super quick compared to normal switches. Inputs feel sharp, more responsive, and have a positive impact in game.

3. Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

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  • Analog switch tuning works really well
  • Great Full RGB
  • Solid PBT keycaps


  • Pretty noisy

Along with the Apex and Wooting, the Huntsman V2 also allows you set different actuation distances on your switches. However, they don’t use Hall Effect sensors. Instead, Razer uses their own Analog Optical Switches which were newly designed specifically for the V2.

These switches use light to detect actuations and now allow for adjustable actuations. With actuation distances between 1.5mm and 3.6mm, you are able to change the actuation point in increments of 0.1mm, just like the Wooting.

The downside about these switches is that you can’t get quite as low of an actuation distance as the minimum is locked in at 1.5mm instead of going all the way down to 0.1mm. The Huntsman also falls short on the number of features it has as it doesn’t have as much customizability compared to the Wooting.

Razer has always had one of the leading response times from their optical switches and this keyboard is no exception. The use of light and lower actuation points is a great recipe for speedier inputs.

Alongside the adjustable actuation, you can now perform multi actions quicker with the newly added dual-step actuation. This can be a convenient way of performing two functions within a single keypress based on how far you actuate your switch.

4. Razer Huntsman V2 (Non-analog)

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  • 8000 Hz translates to low latency
  • Great RGB
  • Fast switches
  • PBT keycaps


  • Loud and rattley stabilizers

Razer’s rapid trigger is only available on the regular sized Huntsman V2 analog and Huntsman Mini Analog. But, don’t count out the Huntsman V2 non-analog version as it has some really good features for gaming too.

The regular Huntsman V2 uses Razer’s Optical switches that come in linear and clicky options (we recommend linear for gaming). Since these switches use light, response times are reduced compared to a normal switch that uses physical contact points.

On this board, you can’t customize the actuation distances but the linear is set at 1.2mm which is even lower than the minimum actuation distance on the analog versions. Having this shorter actuation will help you reach the this point quicker.

In addition to the optical switches, the Huntsman V2 has a rated 8k polling rate for the fastest data inputs to your device. This is higher than both the Analog and Wooting which sit at just 1k polling rates.

This keyboard is an amazing alternative if you’re not looking to invest so much on the Analog’s hefty price point.

5. Corsair K100 RGB

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  • 8000 Hz
  • Lots of keys for macros
  • Wrist rest feels nice


  • iCue can be buggy

Although the Corsair K100 doesn’t have adjustable actuation points, the Corsair OPX switches are set at a 1mm actuation distance with a total distance of 3. 2mm.

This is great for gaming as actions in game will feel more responsive and quicker. However, that means the keys that don’t need shorter actuation distances (and maybe even need higher actuation distances) can’t be adjusted and are stuck at 1mm.

Polling rates are another aspect that can impact a keyboard’s response time and input lag. Majority of keyboards are locked in at 1000Hz. However, where the K100 shines is it’s 4000Hz polling rate, meaning that input signals will be updated at a faster speed.

The K100 is definitely quick, but doesn’t have any of the cool features like double tap keys, adjustable actuation points, or rapid trigger and may be a deal breaker for those looking for the best of the best.

6. Roccat Vulcan Pro

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  • Magnetic palm rest
  • Fast low profile switches


  • Aggressive look might not be for everyone

Roccat’s Vulcan Pro is another gaming keyboard that is recognized for its speed. Using their own Titan Optical Switches, the Vulcan comes with tactile browns or linear red versions. With the browns, they have a 1.8mm actuation/3.6mm total travel and reds have a 1.4mm actuation/3.5mm total travel. Ideally for speed, reds will be more popular.

Again, this keyboard does not offer customizable actuation points or increased polling rates, but the optical switches are very responsive. Using lights to trigger actuations has proved to be very effective on these gaming keyboards as delays are reduced compared to normal mechanical ones.

Although this keyboard is quick, it lacks customizability and might come off as a deal break for some. On the other hand, this is the least expensive option and still offers incredible speeds with the low actuation optical switches.

What makes a keyboard fast?

Switch speed

A faster switch that doesn’t have to travel as far before the computer recognizes it’s been pressed means your inputs will be translated in game quicker.

Having a switch that as a higher actuation point and a fast reset point means that your switch will be reporting actions faster than a standard switch.

Polling rate

The polling rate of your keyboard, is basically how often it updates your computer about its position or status. It’s measured in hertz (Hz), and the higher it is, the more frequently updates are sent.

A higher polling rate means your moves are reported to the game more often. This can make your actions feel more immediate and responsive, which is a real plus in those intense gaming moments. So, a higher polling rate can keep your game right up to speed with your moves.

Are Faster Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Yes, faster keyboards do make a difference. But, just because they are faster doesn’t mean you’ll become a pro at whatever game you’re playing.

These gaming peripherals were meant to give you a slight edge on top of the skill you have in the game already and not magically turn you into a top 0. 1% player. But might be surprising how much of a difference mere milliseconds can make in fast paced games.

If you’re a competitive gamer that needs every single edge in game, I definitely recommend some of the higher end ones like the Wooting and Razer board. But, if you already have the Roccat or Corsair, it’s really not the end of the world and they are all still super quick.

Mountain Everest 60 gaming keyboard review

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(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

Mountain has taken all it’s learnt from its first keyboards and created the best-feeling, most usable 60% gaming keyboard I’ve ever used. It’s solid, reliable, responsive, and offers the best typing experience around. It’s also good-looking and surprisingly expandable with the numpad accessory, alternative switches, and PBT keycaps.

  • Great typing feel
  • Reassuringly robust
  • Responsive
  • Optional modular numpad is great
  • Base Camp software remains a minor weak point
  • Overall package gets expensive

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I don’t like 60% keyboards. That’s the sort of admission so early in a review of a new 60% keyboard that might have you questioning my suitability for said review. Plus I’m aware you will have already seen the high score, the award badge, and may now be finding this whole opening spiel somewhat ludicrous. But while every other 60% keyboard I’ve ever used has been admittedly adorable, they’ve been utterly unsuitable for actual day-to-day use. 

The Mountain Everest 60, however, is just as ickle as the competition, just as cute, and has all the enthusiast keyboard extras you could want, but crucially has the total utility to be your daily driver of a keeb.

Previously, a tenkeyless (TKL) board was as small as I would reasonably go for my home setup. And it’s actually been the Mountain Everest Max which has been my go-to keyboard since it first launched nearly 18 months ago. That’s a board which is able to be both a TKL unit and a full-size keyboard thanks to its detachable numpad. That offers the extra space afforded by a small form factor board, as well as the utility of a standard one.

As a newbie company Mountain has come into the crowded enthusiast keyboard market determined to make the best board around, and damned near pulled it off. The modular nature of the full Max setup, as well as the fact the Core version could be a pure barebones base for your own pick of switches and keycaps, meant it offered everything you could want from a modern gaming keyboard.

Well, not everything, because now every peripheral manufacturer who has ever considered shipping a keyboard is bending over backwards to pack a miniscule 60% board into their lineup. But now, so has Mountain, and it’s bringing its somewhat unique perspective to the tiny keeb market, too.

Everest 60 specs

Size: 60%
Connection: USB Type-C
Switches: Mountain Tactile 55, Linear 45, Linear 45 Speed
Switch type: 3-pin hot swappable
Socket: 3 and 5-pin compatible
Backlight: Per-key RGB
Rollover: NKRO
Polling rate: 1,000Hz
Keycaps: PBT double-shot
Dimensions: 115 x 307. 2 x 46.44mm
Weight: 768g
Warranty: 2 years
Price: $139.99 | £109.99

Mountain isn’t the first to create modular keyboards—Asus even made its own years back—but it’s the first to get it right. Offering a solid, secure fit for the modular components, as well as multiple mounting options, makes the whole setup actually useful and not just some marketing gimmick. On its own, though, the Everest 60 isn’t modular, but there is a dedicated numpad that can be purchased separately, and it’s hot-swappable. Crucially, for me, it will also attach to either side of the board.

If you’re still rocking a numpad on the right-hand side of your gaming keyboard then you’re just plain doing it wrong. The key benefit of a smaller keeb is that your mouse and WSAD hands are closer together, and switching the numpad to the left means you still get to use the extra buttons and the extra desktop real estate for your gaming rodent. 

And, hell, it’s also way more convenient when thrashing your way through a good spreadsheet, too. Those benchmark numbers don’t enter themselves, you know.

That extra mouse space is the main reason 60% boards can have a place in gaming, but, at least for me, the traditional lack of cursor keys makes them incredibly frustrating to use full-time. Mountain obviously thinks so, too, and has squeezed them into the right-hand side of the board, squishing down the right shift key and adding in a del key as well.

The tiny right shift key does take some getting used to, but the addition of the cursor keys makes a huge difference to the overall utility of the Everest 60. But that’s not the only reason I’ve fallen in love with the board, however: this thing just oozes quality.

Image 1 of 2

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

Easily the best typing experience I’ve ever had… a real joy to use

The original Everest Max is reassuringly solid, and feels good to type on, especially after I swapped out all the original Cherry MX Red switches it shipped with and installed my own Halo True switches. But the Everest 60 feels sooo much better. It’s easily the best typing experience I’ve ever had, and is a real joy to use.

The base of the keyboard has a layer of silicone inside it, to add weight and dampen the sound, but then there are also two layers of foam, on either side of the PCB, to again improve the aural experience. Mountain has used genuine Cherry stabilisers on the board, too, but has made sure they’re fitted and lubed properly for the Everest 60 to ensure there’s no rattle on even the broad spacebar.

And I’m impressed with the Mountain mechanical keyboard switches the company is shipping inside the Everest 60 for the first time. Mountain is also selling them separately, in Tactile 55 (denoting the 55cN force needed for actuation), Linear 45, and Linear 45 Speed (which have a shorter travel and actuation point). I’ve been using the Tactile 55 in my sample, and they feel great. Really stable, responsive, and factory lubed so there’s none of the grittiness you can sometimes get from a tactile switch.

Image 1 of 2

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

It’s been interesting testing the Everest 60 alongside the new Function MiniTKL from NZXT. They’re both trying to do similar things, striding into the crowded enthusiast keyboard space with new offerings, but it’s clear Mountain has learned a whole lot from its first release, while NZXT is falling down in a few key places that will surely be ironed out if its subsequent keebs.

The Everest 60 package isn’t completely perfect, however. The main thing that lets it down is—as always seems to be the case with peripherals—the software. It’s mostly fine. Mostly. But there are quirks, and the odd little bug I’ve experienced both in early review testing of the Everest 60, and in my time using the Base Camp software day-to-day with the Everest Max.

Thankfully, once you’ve set your preferred RGB lighting layout, and maybe picked a few macros, you can pretty much just ignore it and get on with enjoying the experience of an outstanding gaming keyboard.

Image 1 of 2

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

The standard Everest 60 comes with PBT double shot black keycaps, and they’re absolutely fine, but I do have a soft spot for the Aquamarine set that’s now adorning this review sample. That’s just aesthetics, though, and you’ll still be getting the same great feel from the original keycaps.

All this good keeb stuff does come at a price, however. The Everest 60 is $140 (£110) on its own, while the hot swappable numpad is $50 (£35), making the whole package a lot. There are some bundles, packaging the two together, and ones that include the colourful new PBT keycap range, which can make it a bit cheaper. But not by much. 

I guess that’s enthusiast keyboards right now, and honestly, there is a feeling of quality to the design and manufacturing of every part of this package—the base, the switches, the numpad, the connections, the keycaps—that makes the pricing almost understandable. 

But the modular nature also means you don’t have to go for everything right away. Pick the base board, then grab a numpad some other time if you find it makes sense for you. And then later on maybe pick a mineral PBT keycap set, or some new switches if you feel the need for a change. Because if there’s one thing I’m confident of, this board will be with you for many, many years to come, it’s certainly earned a place on my desktop.

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Mountain Everest 60

Mountain has taken all it’s learnt from its first keyboards and created the best-feeling, most usable 60% gaming keyboard I’ve ever used. It’s solid, reliable, responsive, and offers the best typing experience around. It’s also good-looking and surprisingly expandable with the numpad accessory, alternative switches, and PBT keycaps.

Dave has been gaming since the days of Zaxxon and Lady Bug on the Colecovision, and code books for the Commodore Vic 20 (Death Race 2000!). He built his first gaming PC at the tender age of 16, and finally finished bug-fixing the Cyrix-based system around a year later. When he dropped it out of the window. He first started writing for Official PlayStation Magazine and Xbox World many decades ago, then moved onto PC Format full-time, then PC Gamer, TechRadar, and T3 among others. Now he’s back, writing about the nightmarish graphics card market, CPUs with more cores than sense, gaming laptops hotter than the sun, and SSDs more capacious than a Cybertruck.

Best Gaming Keyboards of 2023 | TOP-15

The best gaming keyboards will transform your computer desk.

gaming keyboards promise to tighten up the gameplay, as well as speed up the overall
response to commands. They will help you climb to the top of the leaderboard
thanks to high performance and a high level of comfort.

We’ve tested the best keyboards for gaming and other uses, and virtually everyone on our team is a dedicated PC gamer, so we know full well which gaming keyboards are truly worth your hard-earned cash and which ones are best avoided, no matter what you’re playing, which you prefer.

Whether you’re looking for a full-size keyboard with numeric keypad and macro buttons, touchpads and LED backlighting, or the best mini keyboard for tight spaces, this list has a gaming keyboard that’s sure to suit you. Complementing the best gaming PC you’ve ever upgraded with a massive or compact keyboard is doing yourself and your gaming a favor. We will help you move in the right direction.

We’ve also included a pricing widget to help you find the best deals on gaming keyboards you’re interested in in your area. And, if you want to be fully armed, don’t forget to check out our rankings of the best gaming mice as well as the best PC gaming headsets.

for updates!

1. Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

The best gaming keyboard today.

Interface : Wired | Illumination : Yes | Switches : Analog mechanical.

Pros :

  • Customizable key actuation;
  • Excellent key feel;
  • Very comfortable wrist rest;

Cons :

  • Incredibly expensive keyboard;
  • Integrated twin cable;

Razer Huntsman v2 Analog, which combines
advanced optical technology with analog mechanical switches,
good enough to deserve ten points from our review. And this
weighted score.

Razer gaming keyboard delivers the best typing experience without compromising
gaming capabilities, among all the keyboards we tested in
recent months. Very nice tactile feedback and stand for
wrist, which will allow you to play longer. It allows its users to adjust the point
actuation of the key in the range from 1.5 mm to 3.6 mm in steps of 0.1 mm, advantageous
advantage for competitive players. She also boasts double
macros so that you can program two actions on one key,
which will differ in the depth of pressing this key.

Finally, I would like to note the most comfortable wrist rest, which
we have ever used as well as a double cable. Concerning
keyboard, it’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

Read the full review of the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog.

Roccat Magma

Best budget gaming keyboard.

Interface : wired | RGB lighting : yes | Switches : membrane.

Pros :

  • Fast, precise keys;
  • Impressively quiet keystrokes;


  • There is a certain lack of features;

Roccat Magma is not as reliable as her
more expensive counterparts, but when it comes to budget gaming
keyboards, the manufacturer is forced to make sacrifices. Luckily she kept
surprisingly fast and accurate response.

During our testing, the membrane gaming keyboard demonstrated
unexpectedly high performance fast and accurate keys. We noted that
all movements and actions remained fast and responsive which is a boon
for multiplayer and competitive games, while all buttons work
very quiet, which opens up the prospect of night sessions for you without being annoying
living side by side with you.

Are you a fan of RGB lighting, you will love the translucent keyboard panel
with 5 RGB lighting zones underneath. The best part of the keyboard
the price becomes affordable, which makes Magma the best gaming
keyboard for gamers on a budget. Disadvantage becomes
limited representation of Roccat in the Russian market.

Corsair K100 Air Wireless

Premium gaming keyboard packed with features.

Interface : wireless | Keyboard backlight : yes | Programmable keys: available.


  • Very nice print;
  • Polling rate 8000 Hz;
  • Lots of features;


  • More expensive than competitors;
  • Not the quietest keyboard;

Corsair K100 Air Wireless probably outperforms even the Logitech G915 and
Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro with
in terms of performance and capabilities. It is not suitable for users
who are looking for a compact solution or want to save on gaming peripherals, but in
as a premium product, it will certainly give you great returns
from the money spent.

on a thin profile, the keyboard is very comfortable to type on; she is much faster
competitors thanks to the polling rate of 8000 Hz, which makes the keyboard a great
choice for esports. In terms of features, it boasts
multimedia keys, hotkeys and dedicated macro buttons,
as well as the ability to deeply customize a variety of RGB lighting effects
(using iCue software).

regarding dry performance, I would like to note the incredibly fast
response even when you’re running “slow” with a 2000Hz polling rate. Connect
this moment with 0.8mm pre-travel, meaning all your keystrokes
will be registered long before the key reaches the chipper.
The low-profile keyboard is incredibly responsive, no matter how simple you are
player or professional gamer.

4. Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro

The best wireless keyboard for gaming.

Interface: HyperSpeed ​​2.4GHz Bluetooth 5.0 Wired (USB) | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: optical.


  • Sleek, thin profile;
  • Short trip distance;
  • Very comfortable keyboard;


  • Expensive keyboard;

Razer Fans Come to an End: The First Low-Profile Gaming
The keyboard finally made it to store shelves. Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro, the first low profile
keyboard in the Razer line, beat the manufacturer
path to the market of this form factor with impressive characteristics, among
which short-stroke (2.8 mm) keys and short actuation (1.2 mm) if
you choose the linear optical version. We can say that this is the best version
everyone’s favorite Logitech G915.

while we continue testing this keyboard, we have been really
impressed with the comfort and convenience. In keeping with the best Razer tradition,
it is incredibly reliable and extremely versatile thanks to three options
connections (Bluetooth, USB and 2.4 GHz), buttons
shortcuts to quickly switch between pairing modes and fully
programmable keys.

Low profile
the design is also fun; as well as floating low profile caps
keys that really highlight the customizable Chrome RGB lighting. Finally, it might be one of the best gaming
keyboards today, which is also a pleasure to use to enhance

Read our full review of the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro.

5. MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic

Reliable mechanical gaming keyboard with fast response.

Interface : Wired (USB) | Illumination : Yes | Switches : MSI Sonic Blue Mechanical.


  • Decent construction, useful features;
  • Software back to basics;
  • High performance;


  • Full size keyboard doesn’t save space;
  • Fast actuation – double-edged sword;

Sea of ​​full-size gaming keyboards, choosing the best one will not be easy. IN
In this situation, the reliability of the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic cannot be underestimated –
an easy choice if you are looking for a fast keyboard. True to its name, it
designed to be the epitome of speed and therefore suitable for dynamic

available in two versions: one with red switches, the other with blue,
at the same time, the version with blue switches came to us for review. Mechanical
Blue switches require additional actuation force (a little more), but have
short sensing distance – 1.4 mm. This feature can become
double-edged for the user, since you can activate the key by simply
placing a finger on her. However, the switches are fast and incredibly
responsive, as if specially tuned for professional players.

And yet MSI
accompanies his
keyboard with minimalistic software, its value comes down to
several useful features. I would also like to note the unique wheel
volume control with dual functionality, an extremely useful solution, as
and a padded wrist rest that will keep your
long gaming sessions.

6. Corsair K100 RGB

Optical-mechanical gaming keyboard, a must-have.

Interface: wired (USB) | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: opto-mechanical.


  • Maximum possibilities;
  • Stable keycaps;


  • Very expensive;
  • iCue Trouble;

The keys are a novelty in the world of mechanical keyboards. They get durability and
the speed of optical switches with a pleasant tactile response of the mechanics, which
makes hybrid gaming keyboards like this imposing Corsair K100 RGB the best of both worlds.

fully equipped gaming keyboard is very fast, durable
and promises a lot of fun to its users. The tests noted: frequency
polling at 4000 Hz, high actuation point and constant keystroke,
the perfect choice for fast-paced gaming. Gaming combination
performance with quick macros can be a great reason to
keyboard purchases by streamers.

Of course
this is not all the features of the keyboard. An abundance of features includes a pass-through
USB port, six dedicated macro keys, multifunctional
iCUE control wheel and epic RGB lighting.
It should be obvious from the number of features that this is not a budget keyboard.
but it fully justifies the price.

Read the full Corsair K100 RGB review.

7. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023)

The best gaming keyboard for deep customization.

Interface: wired (USB) | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: mechanical OmniPoint 2.0.


  • Incredibly customizable;
  • Excellent gaming performance;
  • Some nice additions;


  • Software is a bit buggy;
  • Expensive keyboard;

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL may be one of the most versatile and
customizable TKL gaming keyboards on the market. Nevertheless,
it also features fantastic performance with excellent and
an empathetic response that can really help you win.

brand new switches, OmniPoint 2.0, are even more impressive
more: they are faster and more reliable, with a response 11 times faster and
10 times faster than predecessors. Add to that custom
actuation from 0.2 mm to 3.8 mm, as well as a double actuation function,
which allows you to set up two tasks for pressing one key.

during the review we found the gaming keyboard to be very fast and very responsive with its
switches that provide a satisfying mechanical feel,
without being too loud, which already makes the keyboard very valuable for
most users. Add to that specialized features that
not available on most other keyboards and you get a great gaming experience.
peripherals, which, unfortunately, are a little pricey.

Read the full SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) review.

8. Roccat Vulkan TKL Pro

Another great optical gaming keyboard.

Interface : Wired | Illumination : Yes | Programmable keys : Yes.

Pros :

  • Works quickly and accurately;
  • Efficient yet quiet operation;

Cons :

  • Many additional keys take getting used to;

Who needs a full size keyboard when there are
TKL gaming keyboards,
among which is the new Roccat Vulkan TKL Pro? This is a compact game
keyboard, one of the best in terms of performance, comfort and
design. Crafted in a stylish matte bronze finish with floating
keys that fully reveal customizable RGB backlighting.

Roccat Titan Optical Switches are not only fast and precise, they are comfortable, quiet and very
reliable. During
testing performance was flawless. Throughout the review, we
noted responsive and fast operation, and operation at 1.4 mm of travel means
that you do not have to get used to the course of the keys for a long time. Gamers with light fingers
will appreciate the fact that the keys do not need to be pressed all the way to
log a response.

let’s not forget that optical switches are characterized by
long service life. This gaming keyboard is rated for 100
million clicks, combined with a reinforced aircraft-grade aluminum panel, it
will serve you for many years. The keyboard is quite expensive, but worth it
every ruble.

Read the full Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro review.

9. Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless

Best keyboard 60% for gaming.

Interface : Wired (USB), Wireless, Bluetooth | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: analog, mechanical.


  • Excellent performance in all tasks;
  • Incredibly customizable;


  • Expensive keyboard;

Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless mini keyboards can certainly
boast a huge amount of personalized customization options. How
and many gaming keyboards 60% on the market, it is expensive. However, for
your money you get a lot of benefits, from features to

showed that the claimed battery life of up to 200 hours is completely
justified, albeit depending on the type of connections, a large increase relative to the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed,
performance is beyond praise, which proves the ability of the keyboard not
fall behind in fast-paced shooters like Doom Eternal.
And this is not surprising, because we are discussing here the polling rate of 8000 Hz.

when it comes to features, you get interchangeable switches, up to 50 built-in
programmable profiles and compatibility with Microsoft and Sony consoles
current generation. This is in addition to the mandatory RGB settings and programming
macros that are usually offered by these mini keyboards. So yes she
expensive, but worth every ruble.

Read the full Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless review.

10. Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed

The best low profile gaming keyboard.

Interface : Wireless | Keyboard backlight : Yes | Program keys : Some;

Pros :

  • Surprisingly tactile feedback;
  • Amazing printing experience;
  • Wireless multi-device connection;


G915 TKL Lightspeed
lives up to its name, providing the speed needed for the fastest
games. With a polling rate of 1000 Hz and a travel of 1.5 mm, it can go to
leg with its wired configuration.

review, the keyboard was incredibly fast, responsive, and precise, pressing it
the buttons are really nice. This is due to the fact that the keys require force.
actuation of only 50 grams, and also have a short actuation distance,
so you don’t have to relearn a new keyboard before all your
clicks will be detected.

It also boasts a large wireless
connectivity, decent battery life, and attractive RGB lighting. The best thing
that this is a great keyboard with low profile floating keys above
brushed aluminium. For travel and confined spaces
The desktop is without a doubt one of the best gaming keyboards out there.

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Asus ROG Azoth

Great compact gaming keyboard with easy upgrade.

Interface : wired, wireless 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth | Illumination : Yes | Programmable keys : Yes.


  • High build quality;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Easy update;


  • Very expensive keyboard;
  • No dedicated buttons for macros;

Asus ROG Azoth lets you immerse yourself in
the setup is much deeper than most other gaming keyboards. And it’s not
the only feature that makes this keyboard 75% form factor
indispensable if you need a compact option on the table. She keeps the keys
with arrows so you don’t have to use Fn-key combinations
for navigation.

more importantly, the keyboard is very responsive, pleasant to type on and in general
satisfactory in use, regardless of the tasks at hand, as
printing emails or playing shooters. For this comfort bear
responsible ROG NX switches, very fast and by the way, not
too loud, so you can play without annoying anyone.

finally, the stumbling block is that the keyboard is expensive, but it doesn’t even have
dedicated keys for macros. However, the keys are programmable
built-in OLED display and all this raises the value a little, although it is still

12. Razer Huntsman V2 TKL

Same Razer Huntsman, only smaller and faster.

Interface : Wired | Keyboard backlight : Yes | Program keys : Yes;

Pros :

  • Fast optical switches;
  • Detachable cable;

Cons :

  • Not enough additional features;

if you’re buying one of the best gaming keyboards, it’s almost always difficult
to digest the monstrous price tag, it is even more difficult to digest when she is so
small, like the Razer Huntsman V2 TKL. But the lack of functionality
capabilities, dictated by the short keyboard body, is compensated
speed and reliability.

The Razer Huntsman V2 TKL is powered by second-generation Razer Optical switches, making all of the company’s keyboards look great, and comes with a handy carry bag. We found the keyboard to be outstanding, especially with such high performance and the fact that the keys have wide settings.

Of course, the keyboard is still wired, but it’s important to reduce latency, because even milliseconds help win a Counter-Strike match. This
The keyboard is a gamer’s dream that fits easily on every desk.

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13. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless

The most customizable gaming keyboard ever.

Interface: Wired (USB), Wireless, Bluetooth | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: adjustable analog mechanical.


  • Large selection of settings and functions;
  • Excellent overall performance;
  • Great design and RGB lighting;


  • Wakes up slowly;

Customizable trigger point and dual task functionality is not something that most gaming keyboards can offer you. Excluding SteelSeries Apex Pro. One of the latest additions to this series of keyboards is the Mini Wireless, which offers all of these unique features in a compact, albeit expensive, form factor.

The performance of the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless is beyond question.
Adjustable trigger point (from 3.8mm to 0.2mm) really worked
flawless during testing, as is the double trigger function –
the ability to program two tasks for each key at different points
triggering. And while all this may seem redundant, in fact these
functions are extremely useful and convenient.

list Customizable RGB backlight, very bright, and
also a profile that is thinner and more compact than most competing
mini keyboards. This is definitely one of the best gaming keyboards yet.
ready to spend.

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14. Roccat Vulcan II Mini

Easy to modify, full function keyboard.

Interface: wired (USB) | Keyboard backlight: yes | Switches: Roccat Titan II Optical Red.


  • Fast optical switches;
  • Easy-Shift;
  • Bright RGB lighting;
  • Compact and lightweight;


  • The software is not the best;
  • Caps may be small;

glad to see established manufacturers leaning into the modification market and the Roccat Vulcan II Mini
is one of Roccat’s new products on the retrofit market.
keyboard user. However, despite the fact that we are happy
replaced keycaps to celebrate the holiday season, much more
we were impressed with the performance and features of the keyboard, nothing
surprising, because the Vulcan series is almost perfect.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini can be small and compact because
presented in a form factor of 65%. On the other hand, she offers everything
essential features including Smart Keys Roccat
and the Easy-Shift function, the latter, in fact,
presents you with a new set of keyboard actions. And while optical
switches could get a little extra resistance relative to
mechanical counterparts, they are fast and responsive, which makes victories in such
games like Control and Kena: Bridge of Spirits are much easier.

Of course
small size, low profile and light weight also make the keyboard comfortable
for traveling. So if you want to play on the go, this game
keyboard is what you need.

15. HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Compact gaming keyboard at an affordable price.

Interface : Wired | Keyboard backlight : Yes | Switches : Mechanical.

Pros :

  • Affordable but premium build;
  • HyperX Red switches are fast and responsive;

Cons :

  • No macros at hand;

HyperX like Alloy Origins
60 is the best option if you are looking for an affordable yet extremely reliable
mini keyboard. The manufacturer had to cut a few corners, yes. At the same
time you get a premium build and great performance so
it is worth every ruble.

time of our testing HyperX Red key switches
(linear) were very responsive. We found that their effort
45g actuation and 1.8mm actuation point give you the edge
even when you need to press the same key multiple times in a row.

regarding design and assembly, the keyboard body is made of aviation grade
aluminum, and the keycaps are made of durable plastic. In addition, RGB lighting
supports many settings that will allow you to express
individuality. All this without additional markups, which makes the keyboard
an inexpensive choice for gamers looking for a mini keyboard.

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keyboards are different?

gaming keyboards matter! The best gaming keyboards will not only speed up
your reaction, they are designed with the user’s gaming comfort in mind. Some
the keyboards are equipped with wrist rests, which will allow you to play longer,
avoiding unnecessary stress on the wrists. If you plan to play for hours, you
you need a comfortable keyboard that will support your hands.

Whether you love story-driven single player games or competitive online games, the best gaming keyboard will change your gaming experience. The best PC games will sparkle with new colors with the gaming keyboard, you will get much more pleasure from your games.

If you want to upgrade to the best gaming keyboard, check out our ranking above. We know gaming keyboards firsthand, having tested many of them ourselves, so you can rely on our judgment to select the keyboard that suits your gaming needs. In addition, we include price comparison widgets to help you find the best price in your city.

What is the best keyboard for gaming?

it really depends on what kind of games you are going to play with the gaming

you play an MMO, the best gaming keyboards have to offer
many options for recording macros and even different profiles for different games.

you prefer esports games, you need a high responsive keyboard
and a 2.4 Hz wireless connection, instead of Bluetooth, or even should
rely on a wired connection for maximum performance.



Iconic Riser, MSI and Hyper X are associated with powerful keyboards. Although, of course, you can choose your favorite among other brands. That is why we present the top ten TOP gaming keyboards so that you can compare and choose the best one.

Trust GXT 830-RW Avonn LED BLACK is cheap and fast

Trust is known for making cheap accessories, and the GXT 830 RW is exactly that. Lightning response and short stroke are its advantages. As for the design, it is made in the style of gaming peripherals: a slightly angular body with protrusions at the top and bottom, bright backlighting on the keys. The model has a full-size layout with additional multimedia functions for switching tracks and switching to game mode. It just allows you to avoid accidental exit to the main screen during a full-screen game. To start it, just press the “FN” and Windows buttons. There is no indicator to enable this feature.

Along with the game mode, the manufacturer advertises an anti-ghosting option, thanks to which you can simultaneously press up to 6 buttons without losing input.


  • Bright design with glowing buttons.
  • Quick input response.
  • Rich gaming functionality.
  • Price from 600 UAH.


  1. Due to the fact that the plastic is flimsy, the case may crack when dropped.
  2. No USB ports.
  3. Highlighting cannot be switched.

The quality of this model is far from premium, but productive and not expensive.

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HyperX Alloy Core RGB: suitable for gaming and work tasks

HyperX has gained the trust of gamers, so HyperX Alloy Core RGB rightfully made it to the list of the best gaming keyboards. It has iridescent RGB all over the body and a logo in the center. High-quality plastic to the touch is really durable, the design is not flimsy.

The response of the keys is fast, the polished buttons feel good. The accuracy of movements and performance correspond to the average level, so you should not expect anything supernatural from the keyboard.


  • Water resistant, waterproof construction.
  • Suitable for play and everyday use.


  1. No software for fine tuning.
  2. Not suitable for fast games.

Alloy Core RGB is a great option for games that don’t require speed. If speed of response is important, then this model will not show the expected result.

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Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Green Switch: for those who want the best

Razer with its BlackWidow V3 Pro is no coincidence in the rating of gaming keyboards. It brings the thrill of the game to life with more features than a full-size device. In this case, the player can refuse a wired connection. A device with multimedia keys, RGB backlighting and a comfortable wrist rest.

The company follows its own concept in design. The wriggling snake emblem, soft leatherette stand, clearly defined mechanical buttons – all this creates the impression of an expensive premium keyboard.

The wireless connection also contributes to the comfort of use. You can connect via Bluetooth to multiple computers at the same time and conveniently switch between them. Unlike many other wireless peripherals, when paired with a PC via Bluetooth, the V3 Pro can be controlled even with software.

Gaming experience takes on a new dimension as Razer’s HyperSpeed ​​connects securely to your PC. The convenient layout of the keys allows you to press the right combinations, even despite the keyboard.


  • Premium quality plastic.
  • Handy palm rest.
  • Quick response in fast-paced games.


  1. RGB becomes barely noticeable when the battery is low.
  2. Price not less than 8 000 UAH.

Despite the hefty price tag, the premium build and user-friendly controls make themselves felt. After it, you will not want to switch to other models.

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Xtrfy K4 RGB Kailh Red: a good option for e-sports players myself.

Rugged metal plate construction with reinforced PCB and plastic housing weighs 1250 grams. This weight does not allow you to take the keyboard with you wherever you want. It is voluminous and felt in the hands.

Someone will consider the lack of software as a clear disadvantage for a keyboard costing from 4,000 UAH. In fact, such a move allows you to immediately start using the device, adjust the backlight and additional functions using separately displayed multimedia keys.

Switches emphasize the esports flair with smooth key travel and responsiveness. This makes the keyboard suitable for games of any genre and duration.


  • Quiet.
  • High-quality assembly from expensive plastic.
  • Quick setup without software.
  • It is possible to simultaneously hold down several keys that work without delay.


  1. No support for custom macros.
  2. The backspace and enter keys feel too soft.

The only thing that may not seem enough is the number of separate multimedia keys. The rest lives up to expectations.

An interesting comparison: Gamepad or keyboard: 5 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each manipulator. For a price of up to 2,000 hryvnia, the capabilities of MSI Vigor GK30 are amazing, which is why the device got into the TOP of gaming keyboards.

Thanks to the design of the keys, the model can be mistaken for a mechanical one. In fact, it uses a membrane actuation mechanism with a rubber dome and a plastic slider body.

The budget of the model is noticeable in the design. Instead of backlighting on each key, the manufacturer used LED strips. This affected the cost, but worsened visibility at night.


  • Good quality plastic, secure keys.
  • Price up to 2000 hryvnia.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.


  1. RGB lighting is quite dim with limited customization options.
  2. Configuration software not available.

On the keyboard, you can press 6 buttons at the same time, which respond with lightning speed. The players will appreciate it.

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ASUS TUF Gaming K3: the perfect balance between performance and features

Despite the number block on the side, ASUS TUF Gaming K3 looks compact and does not take up as much space as bulky gaming keyboards. Due to the ergonomics, the player has quick access to all the necessary keys during hot battles. The keys are responsive to touch, no worse than professional gaming keyboards.

Illuminated design with clear lines invites creative and work tasks. Given the instant response to pressing, typing will be a pleasure.


  • Affordable price — up to 4000 UAH.
  • Compact, only 43 cm wide.


  1. Noisy keys.
  2. Difficult setup, despite the presence of proprietary software.

This is a good choice for those who want to have a good time playing without investing a lot of money in professional equipment.

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Genius Scorpion K215: aesthetics and comfort for a nice price

Looking at the appearance of the Genius Scorpion K215, you can’t say that its cost is less than 700 hryvnias. It is full size and has good functionality. For beginners, this is a good device.

Comfortable key layout and stability play an important role here. Even with a dynamic game, it will not budge. The immediate response to keystrokes is impressive. Therefore, for everyday use and tasks of increased complexity in games, it is worth buying this device. He justifies himself.


  • Budget model.
  • Illuminated.
  • Decent build quality.


Flimsy connection cable that bends and breaks.

Peripherals are not expensive, but functional, which attracts unspoiled players.

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Razer Huntsman Elite: flagship, professional model

The Razer Huntsman Elite uses optical light technology key switches. These are more durable, more responsive to keystrokes, with a clicking effect. The keyboard has separate multimedia keys, volume control and built-in memory for settings and profiles.

Much of the design is reminiscent of Razer’s Ornata mechanical/membrane keyboard hybrid. The keys rise slightly above the aluminum body, giving the keyboard a futuristic feel.

These models have other similarities:

Features Features
Dimensions 909 50

Both keyboards come in full size with numpad
Macros on the fly
Game mode selection Yes

But unlike the Ornata, the Huntsman Elite sets itself apart from other Razer keyboards by adding discrete media controls. These cute buttons can play, pause, rewind tracks. And the ribbed dial allows you to adjust the volume or backlight. This approach is a hint of premium positioning. Playing on this keyboard is impressive. The keys respond instantly, it remains only to trust the process.


  • New switch technology.
  • High performance.
  • Includes a comfortable wrist rest.


  1. Cost — UAH 10,000.
  2. The software is difficult to understand, sometimes there are failures.

If tactile feel and keyboard functionality are your top priorities, then the Razer Huntsman Elite is a good buy.

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2E Gaming KG320: a worthy competitor to budget peripherals

The 2E Gaming KG320 has no equal in terms of price and functionality. The model combines plastic and aluminum, so it looks durable. According to the manufacturer, the resource is designed for 10 million clicks. The keyboard is clearly not from disposable devices.

LED lighting at night creates a real gaming atmosphere. During the game, the performance and smoothness of pressing are pleasing. What is important, the main keys are equipped with Anti-Ghosting, so the buttons are not sticky.


  • Cost less than 1000 UAH.
  • Backlight and separate multimedia keys.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Good quality assembly.


  1. Backlight cannot be adjusted.
  2. No additional ports.

Rugged, functional yet simple – these are the characteristics that the 2E Gaming KG320 combines.

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Razer Huntsman V2: Immediate response and high performance

Raiser’s Huntsman V2 is all about impressive game speed. The model entered the TOP of gaming keyboards due to the frequency of 8,000 Hz and the ideally fast response from optical switches. In comparison, this keyboard transmits pressure data 8 times faster than other gaming devices.

Speed ​​does not come at the expense of other elements of the mechanical keyboard. There is support for RGB backlighting, software for customizing key maps and lighting effects. As well as the volume wheel and media controls.

Interestingly, the manufacturer has equipped the keyboard with sound-absorbing foam. From quiet, it has become silent, which allows you to play comfortably even at night. No game will disappoint with this keyboard. Her reaction is especially fast, and for pressing you need to make a minimum of effort.


  • Made of high quality and pleasant to the touch plastic combined with metal.
  • There are additional keys for macros.
  • Includes padded, detachable wrist rest.


  1. The frequency of 8000 Hz is hardly felt in practice.
  2. Cost — 7 999 UAH.

For games that require instant response and high feedback, this keyboard will be a good addition. Its speed will surprise even professional gamers.