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KoolMore 2-in-1 Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo, 2.7 Cu. Ft., for Apartment, Dorm, RV, 16 Wash and 4 Dry Cycles, Compact Space Saver [White] [120V] (FLC-3CWH) : Appliances

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Capacity 2.7 Cubic Feet
Color White
Brand KoolMore
Product Dimensions 23.1″D x 23.4″W x 33.5″H
Special Feature LED Display
Cycle Options Spin
Voltage 120 Volts
Controls Type Touch
Access Location Front Load
Included Components Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo

  • Electric All-in-One Washer Dryer Combo – This front loader washer and dryer lets you add in dirty laundry to get it washed up and dried without every removing it for a quick, convenient wash/dry system that’s fast and efficient.
  • Adjustable Wash and Dry Cycles – Along with a fast 20-minute wash cycle there are 16 individual washing cycles and 4 drying cycles to better support clothes, towels, delicates, workout clothing, jeans, and other fabrics.
  • Smart, Space-Saving Combo Unit – As a 2-in-1 washer dryer this versatile unit is ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments, small homes, dorm rooms, or even an RV. It’s ventless which makes it easier to dry clothes without complicated setups.
  • High-Powered Performance with LED Display – Designed with a 1300 RPM max spin speed and easy-to-manage push-button operations system we’ve made washing and drying clothes quicker, easier, and more convenient for men and women.
  • UL Energy Verified with Manufacturer Warranty – Service, safety, and reusability are all vital to our product effectiveness which is why our apartment washer and dryer is UL listed and UL energy verified with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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Tumble dryer or washer dryer, which is better?

In our country, the dryer is a relatively new and little-known appliance, while the washer-dryer is more familiar and well-known.

Therefore, in this article we propose to learn more about clothes dryers, consider their advantages and disadvantages, and determine in which cases which machine is better to use.

What is a clothes dryer?

Dryers and washer-dryers are very similar in appearance and control to standard washing machines.
Their main difference is the heating element (TEN), which is needed to heat the air that is pumped into the tank of the machine through a special air duct.
The principle of drying is that hot air, passing through damp laundry, absorbs moisture, which subsequently condenses in a reservoir designed for this purpose.
As a result, linen loses up to 90% of moisture.

Drying implementation in dryers and washer-dryers

In most washer-dryers, the drying function is still an additional function, since the main focus is still on the quality of the wash.
Therefore, drying in many models is implemented as a timer.
That is, the user is required to set only the duration of drying without the possibility to specify additional parameters, which may affect the quality of drying.
Later models of washer-dryers are able to determine the degree of residual moisture and, according to this criterion, drying will be performed more efficiently.
This method could be implemented due to the placement of a thermometer sensor in the lower part of the moisture condenser. This system for determining the moisture content of things is called Fuzzy Logic.
Drying is only stopped when the set moisture content of the items matches the actual moisture content.
In machines of this type, there are several degrees of drying according to humidity. For example, “very dry”, “under the iron”, “in the closet”.
In order to avoid rapid wear of things, it is better to leave the laundry slightly damp after washing: overdried fabric fibers become brittle.

In tumble dryers, however, laundry can be dried in two ways: ventilation and condensate drying.
Fan-type dryers blow warm air onto clothes. In this process, moisture exits the machine through the air stream. To do this, the hose is connected to the ventilation system.
Condensing type dryer does not require connection to external utilities. Moisture does not go outside, but accumulates in a special reservoir, which is located instead of the detergent reservoir in the washer-dryer. After drying, this tank must be emptied of water.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dryer

Although many people consider a separate dryer to be an unnecessary appliance in the house, since today there are many machines with a drying function (washer-dryers).

However, there are some nuances here:

1) A washer-dryer will not be able to dry as much laundry at a time as a stand-alone dryer. Since wet laundry expands significantly, you will need to remove half of the washed laundry for maximum drying efficiency.

2) The tumble dryer has additional useful features. For example, you can choose drying according to the type of fabric, set the function of airing the laundry, or set the “With ironing” mode. A variety of functions may differ in different models of dryers.

3) Condensing type dryers do not require additional connections to external utilities such as water and sewerage.

The only drawback of this unit is its size.
As a rule, the dryer has the same dimensions as a conventional washing machine and manufacturers recommend installing it next to the washing machine. This can be a problem for installation in a small apartment.
However, in this case there is a solution: some manufacturers have compact models with a height of 70cm and a depth of up to 45cm, which is approximately equal to the size of a vertical washing machine.
You can consider the layout of the dryer in a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

Dryers from our shop are shown here.

Advantages and disadvantages of the washing machine with dryer function

The undoubted advantage of this unit is space saving and cost savings: one appliance instead of two (free standing washer and dryer).
For some users, ease of use is also a plus, because not everyone needs additional settings when choosing a dryer.
As for durability, it should be noted that there is an opinion that washer-dryers are less reliable than conventional units. This opinion is not entirely true and is due only to improper operation of the machine. The main reason for the failure of such a unit, according to experts, is drying overload – the owners forget that all the washed clothes cannot be dried at one time.
Therefore, this is not entirely a disadvantage. If you follow the rules of operation, then any equipment will serve you for a long time and faithfully.

Washer-dryers from our shop.

Dryer selection options

Let’s take a look at when we should choose a washer dryer for the home.

Small apartment
For small apartments, where the bathroom is only 5 sq.m., and the kitchen is 6 sq.m., washer-dryers are most often chosen. There is simply no place to implement the installation of a drying machine, and even taking into account all the nuances of its installation (the presence of a water and sewer connection, installation next to a washing machine).

Small family
Since the family is small, there will not be a lot of laundry, and drying clothes in the washing machine will not be difficult. Indeed, otherwise, if there are a lot of washed things, then when they are dried in a washing machine, things will have to be divided according to the weight allowed for drying.

No time to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer
When using a tumble dryer, each batch of laundry must be transferred to the dryer drum. A washing machine with a dryer function will save you from this. The set program will ensure timely drying of the laundry.

You are satisfied with the washer-dryer
If you do not often use the drying mode, and the possible weight of the laundry for drying is normal for you, then you can not think about buying a dryer.

Now consider when the tumble dryer is indispensable.

Big family, but nowhere to hang washed clothes
In this case, you can’t do without a dryer. If you buy a dryer with a large drum volume, then for a one-time load you can dry a fairly large amount of laundry, which does not allow you to make a washing machine with the “drying” function.

If you need to reduce the time spent washing and drying clothes
If you need previously washed items to dry at the same time as the next load is washed. In this case, the washing-drying process can be continuous.

Your apartment allows you to additionally install a dryer
If the area of ​​​​the apartment allows you to place a dryer, then its functionality, drying quality and energy efficiency will definitely please you.

After weighing all the pros and cons, the choice is yours. The main thing to remember is that if you care about technology, then it will take care of you every day, delighting you with its work.
We invite you to consider the dryers and washer-dryers of our store. Thank you for your attention and good luck.

Front-loading dryers “Gorenie”

The washing machine has long been an indispensable technical component of every home. This powerful device saves time, water, effort, saves your back and pleases with consistently high quality in removing any stains. However, here’s the paradox: trusting smart technology to wash clothes, many housewives still prefer to carry heavy basins with wet clothes and, dressed up in beads from clothespins, methodically hang them on ropes and folding dryers.

Tired of doing this routine every day? Then we recommend getting a spacious Gorenje dryer, which will allow you to dry your favorite things quickly, gently and evenly, regardless of the weather outside.

Gorenje company

The Slovenian brand Gorenje does not need advertising. The company with a 70-year history has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, efficient and inexpensive household appliances: hobs, ovens, stoves, hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, boilers, small kitchen appliances, washing machines and dryers. To date, she has received 150 patents and 26 international awards! Gorenje products are presented in more than 70 countries of the world, which means that they are in great demand among tens of thousands of practical and demanding housewives.

Clothing care

Clean, pleasantly scented, well-ironed clothes say a lot more about a person than a fancy Swiss watch or a polished car. This is a kind of calling card that allows you to judge not only the style of a person, but also his attitude: both to himself and to others.

Proper care of your favorite things can not only keep them in good condition, but also significantly extend the wear life. Jeans and T-shirts may well keep their shape and color for two years, and your favorite chiffon dress – twice as long!

Gorenje manufactures a wide range of clothing and linen care products. In the online store you can buy a washer, dryer or washer-dryer with a spacious drum and a large selection of automatic programs, as well as powerful irons with a thin nose that penetrates into the most hidden corners of pockets, and a steam function that can handle even the most stubborn creases.

Premium dryers

The Gorenje dryer will be a godsend for housewives who do not have a loggia or balcony, as well as for those who prefer to maintain a comfortable environment in this area without cluttering it with unattractive wet rags. She will help out people with a sore back, and those who simply do not have the time, desire and strength to hang clothes. A tumble dryer – condensing and upgraded with a heat pump – will help you dry your clothes quickly, evenly, gently, so that they serve you for many more years. Next, we will analyze in more detail the key features of the models from Gorenje and the opportunities that they will provide you.

Front loading

Gorenje manufactures front loading tumble dryers. Front models make it easy to load bulky items such as blankets, pillows, jackets and down jackets. Their main advantages are relatively compact dimensions, which drying cabinets cannot boast of, as well as a convenient large loading hatch with a wide-opening door and a perforated drum that provides a uniform supply of heated air and efficient removal of moisture. The dryer can be installed both on the floor and on a bracket above the washing machine, and therefore will easily fit into almost any bathroom.

Devices for 7-8 kg of dry laundry

Speaking of spaciousness, it is worth mentioning that everything that you could load into the washing machine drum will easily fit into the dryer, even if it was almost full. The maximum load is up to 7-8 kilograms. It should be borne in mind that the maximum weight is calculated for high-temperature drying of cotton products, while for delicate fabrics it may be less – this is necessary so that they dry faster and more evenly without the risk of damage from zippers, buttons and fasteners.

Unique design

Gorenje tumble dryers come in a neutral snow white color that blends in well with any modern interior. A large loading hatch framed by a relief frame, a concise combined control panel with a traditional rotary control and a touch menu for additional settings – only the most necessary and nothing more!


The intuitive control panel is designed in exactly the same way as in Gorenje washing machines. In the center is a convenient wheel for selecting operating modes, here are the start, pause and delayed start buttons. The touch panel on the right allows you to set additional settings: drying time for manual mode, the degree of drying (“under the iron”, “normal” or “in the cupboard”), delayed start, anti-crease function, sensor blocking and others.

Modes of operation

The manufacturer provides a wide range of drying modes based on the composition of the fabric and the degree of dryness:

  • bed linen;
  • by time – 30, 60 or 90 minutes;
  • Refresh – for stale clothes that need to be refreshed with dry steam without washing;
  • down items – for jackets, pillows and blankets;
  • shirts – for easy ironing of fine cotton garments;
  • cotton – “closet”, “normal”, “iron ready”;
  • mix – “in the cupboard”, “under the iron”;
  • wool;
  • delicates.

Some models may have modes for children’s and sportswear with a membrane. The drying temperature and the approximate duration of the cycle depend on the choice of mode.

Interesting options

Gorenje has developed a technique that not only dries things for a specified time at a given temperature, but does it in such a way that the fibers are dry and not overdried at the same time. This is the secret of the long-term wear of the wardrobe. Next, let’s take a look at some smart features that allow you to dry evenly, quickly and conveniently, which helps you get rid of wrinkles and freshen up t-shirts with shirts without the use of water and washing powder.

Automatic condensate drain to AutoDrain drain

During the drying process, the moisture evaporates, condenses on the heat exchanger and flows into the storage tank. This is very convenient for those cases when the dryer is located in the pantry or in the dressing room, in a word, where there is no access to the sewerage system. The accumulated water can be used for household needs – for example, for wet cleaning of the house.

If the tumble dryer is installed in the bathroom, the AutoDrain system allows the condensate to be sent directly to the drain. Now you do not need to empty the tank every time – the device will take care of this on its own.

Reverse drum rotation

Another subtle but very useful feature is reverse. As in the washing machine, in the dryer from Gorenje the drum rotates alternately in one direction or the other. This technique allows you to straighten things in order, on the one hand, to avoid imbalance, and on the other hand, to smooth the fabric for even drying.

TwinAir dual flow

TwinAir tumble dryers have two heat pump air outlets, left and right. Its direction coincides with the current direction of movement of the drum, which ensures constant and even drying.

Ion refreshment

T-shirts, shirts, blouses and light dresses, worn only once for a couple of hours, do not need to be fully washed. There are no stains on the clothes, but there is a slight foreign smell – tobacco, perfume, sweat? Then use the laundry refresher! IonTech technology charges the air with negative ions that effectively eliminate allergens, odors, pollen, and also remove static and disinfect fabric. Your clothes smell good again and are easy to iron!

Anti-crease AntiCrease

High temperatures can cause the laundry in the dryer to wrinkle. This will be especially noticeable on natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. During the drying process, the drum rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise, smoothing the clothes and preventing them from caking. However, as soon as drying is completed, you must immediately remove the contents of the drum – otherwise creases may appear, because the fabric remains hot for some time.

If you plan to leave the house or leave the dryer overnight, the manufacturer recommends that you first activate the AntiCrease option. After the end of the main cycle, the dryer will periodically mix and smooth the laundry, preventing it from “freezing” in a crumpled form. The duration of the work is set in advance in the range from 1 to 3 hours. The function is automatically deactivated when the door is opened.

Laundry moisture sensor

This is perhaps one of the most important technologies used in modern tumble dryers. The manufacturer installs a residual moisture sensor for laundry, which continuously monitors the condition of your belongings. It is thanks to him that you can set the preferred degree of dryness:

  • iron dry – slightly damp for further ironing;
  • “normal” – dry for wear in the coming days;
  • cupboard extra dry for cupboard storage.

As soon as the humidity level reaches the specified value, the drying cycle will be interrupted automatically. Your things will always be in perfect condition!


Any operation performed on the control panel is accompanied by a soft sound. This is done so that you can be sure that you have correctly installed a particular function or mode. Melodious signals are a kind of language of communication between man and technology, pleasant and unobtrusive.

Factory Outlet

Looking for a roomy, versatile and reliable tumble dryer at an affordable price? In the corporate online store gorenje-rus.