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Best gas ranges in 2023


By Lily Rose

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Are you someone with a gas hookup? That means you likely need a gas stove. If you’re not planning on upgrading or replacing your current gas stove with an electric or induction range (even though you really should), you may need help figuring out what kinds of gas stoves are the best fit for you.

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The experts at CBS have found the best gas ranges in 2023. Many of these gas ranges from Samsung, LG, Viking and GE are on sale now.

LG smart true convection InstaView gas range with air fry, $1,199 (regularly $1,349)


Samsung Flex Duo front control slide-in dual fuel range $2,999 (reduced from $3,800)


Viking Professional 5 series freestanding gas convection range, $5,699 (regularly $7,124)

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What you should know before buying a gas range

Los Angeles is banning most gas appliances in new homes and businesses. California’s largest city joins more than 50 other metro areas and counties that have made similar moves to discourage or prohibit the use of gas ranges. (No timeline for the new rule has been announced.)

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Biden-appointed US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. called the household appliance a “hidden hazard” because gas stoves have been linked to childhood asthma.

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, you will be able to get a rebate on your electric or induction range — but not today. The rebate program, while approved, is not yet in place. No firm timeline has been announced for when the rebates will be available.

If you have a gas hookup, you need a gas stove. If you can’t make the switch to an electric range, there are certain things you should look for when buying a gas range. 

Are gas cooktops better than electric ranges?

In 2021, experts said that over a third of American households cooked with gas. In California, a state where many counties have banned gas appliances, 60% of homes cook with gas. While popular, are gas ranges and cooktops actually better than electric ranges and induction ranges?

Some chefs have said that gas stovetops and gas ranges are integral to the identity of their cuisine. “The wok itself is really essential to Asian cuisine,” restaurant owner Leo Lee told the “Los Angeles Times” in 2022. “By taking gas away, you’re telling us we cannot use woks anymore, essentially taking away our identity and heritage. It forces us to adapt to American culture.”

It has been reported that electric ranges are better for the environment and your health. But if you have to have a gas range, experts have recommended using a vented hood with your gas kitchen appliance. Vented hoods have a range of filtration effectiveness and function best when overhanging the stove. 

What should I look for when buying a gas range?

How do you find a good gas stove? What is the most reliable brand of gas range? Many popular brands make gas ranges and cooktops. We’ve found top-rated gas-powered ranges from Samsung, LG, Viking, GE and more that you can buy today. When shopping for a gas range, consider its capacity, burner size, burner power and if you’d like to have a gas range with smart features.  

You should always look for the best deal on a kitchen appliance. Luckily, the experts at CBS Essentials found the best deals on gas ranges in 2023. 

The best gas ranges in 2023

Shop the best gas ranges in 2023. Almost all of these gas ranges are on sale now. 

Samsung Flex Duo front control slide-in dual fuel range


This gas cooktop and electric oven duo is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice enabled. Use your phone to monitor your cooktop and set and adjust the cook time and temperature of your oven through Samsung’s SmartThings app.

The range features a smart dial, which intuitively learns your favorite range settings based on your cooking preferences. The appliance includes an air fryer mode. Air fry tray included.

Samsung Flex Duo front control slide-in dual fuel range $2,999 (reduced from $3,800)


Viking Professional 5 series freestanding gas convection range

Appliances Connection

This large-capacity, stainless-steel range features four cooktop burners and six cooking functions. Its convection technology circulates air throughout the oven for a faster cook time. It’s also made to last with industrial-grade metal knobs for added durability.

Right now you can get a 10% mail-in rebate when you spend more than $11,000 on Viking appliances. Plus, there’s a buy-one-get-one deal for a free dishwasher, microwave or $1,000 allowance (on a purchase of $1,500 or more) when you buy a Viking appliance.

Viking Professional 5 series freestanding gas convection range, $5,699 (regularly $7,124)

Appliances Connection

LG smart true convection InstaView gas range with air fry


This smart kitchen appliance features Wi-Fi connectivity. Knock on the range window to instantly view the progress of what’s cooking. 

This range can bake, broil, air fry, proof, convection bake, slow cook and more. Right now it’s on sale for $200 off at LG. 

“We switched to gas from electric, and we are so excited about our new stove,” wrote a customer who purchased the LG appliance from the LG site. “We love the air fry, and the convection is excellent. Everything we cook seems to cook so much quicker and the flavor of the food seems to be better also. So glad we switched to gas, and the stove has some amazing features.”

LG smart true convection InstaView gas range with air fry, $1,199 (regularly $1,349)


Samsung smart slide-in gas range


This smart front control slide-in range is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice enabled. It features an air fry mode, a 22K BTU power burner for ultra-fast boiling and a six-cubic-foot oven.

Samsung smart slide-in gas range, $1,599 (regularly $2,399)


GE freestanding gas range

GE via Best Buy

The GE freestanding gas range features a locking oven door and a steam-cleaning function. The cooktop includes a 15,000 BTU burner for ultra-fast boiling. 

“This stove is literally the best I’ve ever bought,” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the freestanding range. “If you love grilling, making pancakes or hamburgers this is the stove for you. There are three different burner size for big to small pots,” they said.

GE freestanding gas range, $730 (regularly $855)

Best Buy

Whirlpool freestanding gas range

Whirlpool via Best Buy

This 5. 1-cubic-foot oven features four cooktop burners, two of which are ultra-fast 15,000 BTU burners.

“I love this stove oven [that’s] big enough for my cooking needs,” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the appliance. “I love the larger burners for the bigger skillets and just touch the display to get the oven going, so much easier for me, no more knobs.” 

Whirlpool freestanding gas range, $828

Best Buy

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Lily Rose

Lily Rose is a senior writer for CBS Essentials and the site’s expert in home appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and ranges. When she’s not writing about how you can upgrade your laundry room, she’s writing about home and kitchen essentials that will transform your space. Her favorite appliance is her air fryer. She firmly believes that it can make the crispiest sweet potato fries.

First published on March 2, 2023 / 11:30 AM

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LG Gas Ranges | Single or Double Ovens and Powerful Stoves

*Get a digital or physical Visa® Prepaid Card in the amount of 10% of the pre-tax price when you bundle three (3) eligible LG Kitchen, Air Care, or Floor Care products in a single purchase between November 02, 2022 and January 04, 2023. This offer is subject to availability. The maximum number of products of the same category allowed to qualify for this rebate is one (1). Rebate amounts are based on the pre-tax amount shown on the receipt. Consumers may submit their claim to LG Electronics USA online at: LG Home Appliance Promotions.

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Availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice.

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Eligible Freezer model: LROFC0605V

*Purchase an LG Refrigerator or Laundry product and receive Free Installation and Haul-Away. Available only on November 2 – January 4, 2023. To receive the free installation and haul-away the “In-Home Delivery with Installation & Haul-Away” shipping option must be selected during checkout . If any of the qualifying items are removed from the cart or part of the order is cancelled or returned, the promotional savings will be void. Prices and offers are non-redeemable for cash and non-transferable. Availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice.

Eligible Refrigerator models: All LG Refrigerator models

Eligible Laundry models: All Washing Machine, Washer Dryer Combo, WashTower, Dryer, Sidekick or Styler

Create restaurant-quality dishes at home. Our powerful LG gas ranges feature precise temperature controls so you can easily maintain a simmer, convection technology for even baking and browning, and more:

Single-and-Double-Oven Designs: Whether you want a large, wide oven for cooking multiple dishes at the same temperature, or the convenience of being able to bake several dishes at different temperatures at the same time, our collection has you covered.

Air Fryer Convection Cooking: Several of our gas ranges include a convection oven with an air fryer built in, so you can cook crispy snacks or entire meals without the oil. (Air Fry tray sold separately.)

Brilliant Blue Interiors: Beautiful and functional, our ovens’ brilliant blue interiors make it easier to see what you’re cooking — and look gorgeous.

Wide Viewing Windows: With a wide view of your oven’s interior, you can monitor your dishes’ progress without opening the door and causing hot air to escape.

Fast Boiling: A gas range featuring SuperBoilTM gives you a powerful 17,000 BTU burner that can bring water and other liquids to a boiler faster.

EasyClean®: Simplify your cleanup routine with an LG gas range featuring EasyClean. Without using high heat or chemicals, this setting allows to simply spritz your oven with water, wait 20 minutes, then wipe away the residue.

Whether you’re the chief cookie baker, a vegetable aficionado, a meat maven or a sauce master, with a gas range from LG, you can cook your favorite dishes to perfection. Designed with spacious single and double ovens, the latest convection technology, fast boiling burners and precise temperature controls, our ranges give you the power to cook, bake, boil and broil like a pro. Explore our complete collection — and all of our kitchen appliances — and create a kitchen that’s stylish and functional.

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

when it is necessary to change according to the law

Today, gas stoves are installed in most apartments in Russia. People appreciated its advantages: with the help of “blue fuel” you can comfortably, quickly and economically cook or heat up food. But gas equipment must be monitored in order to avoid trouble. It is especially necessary to carefully control the terms of its operation – any device is subject to the effects of time.

In this article we will tell you how long a gas stove lasts, who installs it and how to extend it. In addition, we will analyze the question of whether gas workers can insist on replacing the stove, threatening to turn off the gas, even if you consider it “new”.

Stove life according to law: who determines it?

According to Government Decree No. 720, the manufacturer must determine the service life of the produced durable device – for example, gas stoves.

Manufacturers are free to determine the service life and warranty period. This is enshrined in GOST 33998-2016. Thus, the maximum service life of a serviceable gas stove is practically not standardized by law.

On average, manufacturers install service life of 10-15 years . But if the quality of the parts and the gas used is high, the stove itself is monitored, and its maintenance is carried out regularly, then such a stove can actually serve up to 20-30 years .

We have prepared a table in which we have collected the service life of gas stoves from the most popular manufacturers in Russia:


Service life Warranty period
De Luxe 10 1
Gorenje 10 1
BEKO 10 2
Electrolux 10 1
10 1
Zanussi 10 1
Indesit 10 1

Responsibility for the use of an expired stove

Remember that according to Government Decree No. 549, it is the owner who is responsible for the condition of the gas equipment in the apartment, including compliance with the service life.

If you ignore all regulations and use an expired stove without permission from the gas service, you will face a fine and turn off the gas, according to article 9.23 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

In addition, criminal liability is possible if the accident has led to a threat to the life or health of other people, as well as damage to their property.

That’s why the demands of gas workers to replace an expired stove are legitimate. Even if it looks like new.

How to extend the life of the stove?

Although the service life of the plate is determined by the manufacturer, based on the quality of the materials used, it can be significantly extended. For this you need:

  • install and connect the hob with the help of professionals;
  • be sure to follow all the rules and regulations of operation that the manufacturer has established;
  • monitor the humidity of the room where the stove is installed – the lower the better;
  • in case of any malfunctions, be sure to call a specialist, do not engage in self-repair;
  • clean the hob regularly after cooking to keep the nozzles from clogging;
  • do not fill the burners with detergents to avoid oxidation;
  • unfortunately, it is impossible to control the quality of the gas, but you can clean the nozzles so that they are not covered with soot;
  • ensure that the oven doors are tightly closed;
  • on average, the burner is designed for 11 thousand transitions, after which it must be replaced;
  • check the tightness of all connections and the integrity of the hose – at the end of its service life or other damage, it must be replaced.

Separately, we note the maintenance of the gas stove. Experts recommend regularly inspecting the equipment and correcting any malfunctions found. Thus, you will not only be able to avoid costly repairs or even replacement of the stove, but also protect yourself and your loved ones.

According to Government Decree No. 410, the following maintenance work must be performed:

  • inspection of the gas stove;
  • check the tightness of all connections;
  • burner cleaning;
  • checking the operation of gas leakage protection systems;
  • checking ventilation systems;
  • hose inspection;
  • re-instruction on the use of the device.

Only employees of specialized organizations who can document permits and permits for carrying out gas hazardous work are entitled to service in-house gas equipment.


Don’t forget that the stove won’t last forever even if you take good care of it. It is this imaginary confidence that can cause a tragedy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the stove when it has reached the end of its useful life?

As we have already found out, the maximum service life of the plate is not defined by law. Do not rush to change it to a new one if it has come to an end according to the data sheet. Call a gas service employee to check the equipment. If the device is found to be fully operational, then the stove can be used further. But only one year. Then you should repeat this procedure again.

Does the service life start from the moment of installation, from the moment of purchase or from the moment of production of the device?

The service life of the device is counted from the date of manufacture. But the warranty period is from the date of sale of the equipment.

Who pays for the replacement of the stove?

All work related to VKGO is paid by the owner of the premises. If you live in an apartment under a social tenancy agreement, then you need to contact the management company – they will pay.

When should the stove be replaced?

If the device has reached the end of its service life, or the hob is defective.

What GOST regulates the sphere of household gas stoves?

GOST 33998-2016 is currently valid.

Scientists have discovered that gas stoves emit benzene, which can cause cancer – July 2, 2023

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Benzene is not the only poisonous compound emitted by the stove

not only as a result of gas leaks, but also during their normal use. According to a study by Stanford University, using a gas stove indoors increases airborne levels of carcinogens associated with blood cell cancer. And quite significantly – an oven with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius set in it is capable of throwing more carcinogenic benzene into the air than in a room where people smoke. We studied data from researchers and talked to doctors to find out if stoves are really that dangerous.

In the introduction to the scientific article, the group of authors who conducted the study writes that when stoves burn, toxic substances are released, but the formation of benzene in the room when gas is burned in stoves and ovens has not been quantified before. The researchers measured these values ​​and found that in some homes, when natural gas and propane were burned, they emitted levels of benzene that exceeded generally accepted health benchmarks.

Benzene is an organic chemical compound, a carcinogen. Studies show that benzene is associated with diseases such as acute leukemia and bone marrow disease.

“These measured concentrations in the kitchen are compared to an upper estimate of the benzene concentration associated with secondhand smoke,” the researchers wrote.

The Stanford University study is the only one so far that says specifically about the dependence of the level of benzene on the use of gas stoves, but benzene is not the only toxic compound that the stove emits.

“When gas is burned, a whole complex of chemical elements is formed,” says Nadezhda Podkorytova, general practitioner, chief physician of INVITRO-Ural. – Nitrogen dioxide is considered the most hazardous to health of the substances emitted by the stove, but far from the only one. For example, carbon monoxide, which is life-threatening in large doses, and other dangerous carcinogens: benzene, hexane and toluene. And also naphthalene, which most researchers believe can cause cancer, certain types of aldehydes that affect human DNA, and aerosol particles that damage the lungs when inhaled and negatively affect cognitive function.

The doctor says that more often the concentration of harmful substances is below the threshold, after which carcinogenic compounds become really dangerous.

– For naphthalene, for example, a value of 40 micrograms per square meter is considered extremely safe, says the doctor. – And during one of the similar studies, Norwegian scientists found that a gas stove emitted 0.27 micrograms per square meter. This means that it is safe to use a gas stove at home, but you need to follow safety measures and monitor its serviceability. A cumulative effect can, of course, follow, but a complex of factors influence the development of serious diseases.

To make the use of the stove as safe as possible, the doctor advises to read the instructions when you start using a new stove, keep it clean, ventilate the oven and do not leave the stove unattended.

When using a stove, scientists recommend lighting no more than two burners at the same time. However, the researchers in their article admit that it is with respect to benzene that the use of extracts is not always effective.

In conclusion, the authors write that although they have found that the concentration of benzene generated by the use of gas stoves can increase the health risk under some conditions, further research will be required to assess the actual health effects of benzene released from burning burners. research.


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