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Protect your car or fleet with a GPS vehicle tracking system and easy-to-use dashboard. We offer the best vehicle trackers available with long battery life and real-time alerts.

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The Mobile-200 GPS tracker for cars and vehicles

Get real-time location updates with this powerful GPS car tracker.

  • Live audio monitoring

  • Rechargeable with 7-10 day battery life

  • Historical tracking and real-time alerts

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See real-time locations on a map showing speed, stops, and more from anywhere. GPS vehicle tracking is easy and reliable and puts you in control with reliable updates and alerts.

Always know the location of your car, truck, or your entire fleet.

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Our vehicle tracking system is intuitive and made for tracking cars, vans, trucks, or any vehicle. Access the dashboard right from your mobile device or computer, and view your vehicle’s location instantly. View and download past location data to gain valuable insights on driving behavior.

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Protect your auto-assets today with a GPS vehicle tracking device and powerful tracking app. Create geofences that notify you when your vehicle enters or exits a specified area. See the location and duration of past vehicle stops.

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GPS car and vehicle tracking from Logistimatics is only $14.95/month with no contracts. Features included for all GPS vehicle trackers:

  • $14.95/mo with annual prepaid service.

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Live audio monitoring

Live audio monitoring lets your hear what’s happening at your tracker’s location. Live audio is available on supported devices.

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Get realtime GPS location data from your cars and trucks into your existing software workflows.

Engine runtime reporting

Track engine hours to help with maintenance. Runtime reporting makes it easy to monitor wear and tear on a car or truck.

Historical location data

See where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been in the past.

Realtime alerts

Get alerts when events happen. You can be notified via text message, email or app notifications.

Speed reporting

Understand what speed your vehicles are moving and take action to keep things safe.


Take control of the safety of your vehicle. Monitor speed, location and the places your vehicle stops.

User accounts

If you need to share tracker location information with others, you can simply add them as users to your account.

Easy tracking platform

The tracking dashboard is elegant and easy to use. Tracking is simple and straightforward.

Geofence alerts

If your tracker leaves or enters a designated area, get an alert on your phone, tablet or computer.

Vehicle stops

See everywhere your vehicles stops as well as the duration. Stops let you see patterns of behavior.

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Best GPS trackers for cars 2023| Pocket-lint

There are numerous differences between GPS modules designed for use in cars and just regular GPS fobs – like the ones you would use to keep track of your keys or wallet. The most obvious distinction being that specialised devices have a better chance of remaining hidden and are therefore, are more effective in the event of a theft.

Parents and guardians who share a car with their kids may, with consent, also want a device to help keep a location log for safety reasons. Businesses, such as lorry and truck companies, will often use the technology to help define clear check-in times for drivers or track delivery status.

However, if you fancy yourself something of a detective, please do keep in mind that using a GPS tracker to remotely monitor someone else’s car is obviously morally bankrupt, at best, and perhaps even unlawful.

If you think a GPS car tracker might be right for you, then it’s time to decide which one to get.

Below, we’ll outline some of the top options on the market today. Let’s drive in.


Tracki GPS Tracker

1. Best overall

The ideal discreet pick for those who want to up the security of their car and gain location information.


  • Affordable price
  • Small and discreet
  • Multiple mounts included


  • Subscription required

$13 at Amazon

Tracki’s battery-powered, miniature tracker is a great way to discreetly keep track of your car’s whereabouts.

You’ll have to set yourself up with a monthly fee, but, once you do, you’ll be able to place this tiny device anywhere and receive on-demand access to its location through the iOS or Android app. That app can also be set up to send alerts when the tracker exits a geofence, is moving faster than a certain speed or begins moving, too.

The battery life is dependent on which you decide to employ, since the included option, which the company suggests lasts around 30 to 75 days if tracked once to three times a day, can be upgraded to one that provides six times the performance.


LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

2. Global coverage

A top device for those who want to keep a close eye on their vehicle and receive handy alerts.


  • Slick magnetic design
  • Long battery life
  • Global tracking


  • Not the smallest option

$29 at Amazon

As the company name indicates, those who want global location information on pretty much any vehicle can get it with this device.

It’s another compact design and one that can stick to different areas of a vehicle through the built-in magnet.

Tracking can also be performed in real-time through the SilverCloud app – or through the web – which can also deliver text/email alerts for breaking a geofence or beginning to move. Historical playback will also show the viewer where the tracker has been.

Like other picks, though, just keep in mind that this device requires a subscription.


PrimeTracking GPS Tracker

3. A versatile option

A top tracker for keeping tabs on your vehicle – no matter where it goes in the world.


  • App support and web tracking
  • Works anywhere in North America
  • 10-second updates as standard


  • Not waterproof

$39 at Amazon

PrimeTracking’s little device is another that requires a subscription to access it fully, but it’s ideal for keeping tabs on your chosen vehicle and receiving alerts.

The device features a built-in SIM card to give you unlimited coverage, and users can also set notifications for geofences, speed and SOS.

Cleverly, you can also set up to track from multiple devices, such as a computer, tablet or phone – all you need is a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.


Vyncs GPS Tracker

4. Best for car data

An OBD-compatible tracker that’s ideal for detailed information on your vehicle’s status and whereabouts. 


  • Won’t run out of battery
  • Easy installation
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics


  • Not the cheapest

$79 at Amazon

Vyncs’ solution for location tracking works slightly differently, in terms of how you’ll pay for access, and it’s an excellent option to consider for cars.

The cellular device will require a one-time activation fee in order to get set up, with an annual renewal fee also required after the first year of use.

With that in mind, you’ll be able to take advantage of real-time tracking through the iOS or Android app no matter where your vehicle goes in the globe, with the module able to hide in the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port of the car.

This port design means there’s also no need to worry about charging, with the device in this position also able to tap into the fuel level, fuel economy, vehicle speed and vehicle maintenance status.


Bouncie GPS Tracker

5. Slick OBD tracker

A sleek, discreet OBD-compatible tracker that provides users with plenty of information.


  • Vehicle health and accident detection
  • One of the cheaper monthly plans
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Older cars might not be compatible

$77 at Amazon

A GPS tracker doesn’t really require sleek looks, since its aim is to go unseen, but, nevertheless, we’d say Bouncie’s solution is the best-looking device you can employ.

And it’s got plenty more than just good looks going for it, too, handily fitting into the OBD-II port in your car and able to provide detailed information.

Users can also access location information through the app, as well as alerts related to geofences, driving habits and more.

The only thing you really have to worry about is the monthly subscription fee, but, if Bouncie’s tracker manages to pin your vehicle after a theft, it’s worth the asking price.


Winnes GPS Tracker

6. Use any SIM

A long-lasting and powerful magnetic unit that can register the location of your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Compatible with any SIM card
  • 3-month standby time
  • Easy magnetic installation


  • Setup is a little more involved

$65 at Amazon

Winnes offers a magnetic, battery-powered solution that’s able to stick to anywhere on your car and provide detailed location information.

Providing the unit has a signal to work with, there’s no distance requirement and it can provide the location of the vehicle within 5m.

Users can access this in real-time, as well as receive notifications when the device remains idle for five minutes, restarts and exits a geofence. Historical tracking also provides information on where the device has travelled, in case you’re interested in how it got there.

That battery we mentioned is also fairly solid when compared to rival devices. Winnes suggests the 5000GPS trackers unit should allow for up to 90 days in standby and around 1-3 weeks in full-time use.

How does a GPS tracker work?

Understanding how a GPS tracker works is not difficult: most devices of this type operate according to a single scheme. Using such devices is also simple: manufacturers usually equip them with a clear and convenient interface.

But still, in order to organize an effective navigation or monitoring system, you need to understand exactly how GPS trackers work. And for this you need to understand how such devices are arranged and how they interact with satellites of the global positioning system.

Why do we need GPS trackers?

Cars and other objects that need to be monitored from a distance are now equipped with various satellite monitoring devices. Such devices can be conditionally divided into two groups – beacons and trackers:

  1. GPS beacon is a fairly simple and compact product, which is almost always equipped with an autonomous power source. Beacons are usually used where it is necessary to provide a one-time determination of coordinates – for example, when searching for a stolen car. The beacon does not keep in touch with the satellite all the time: data exchange is carried out periodically, with a set interval (in standby mode – less often, after the beacon activation – more often).
  2. A car GPS tracker, unlike a beacon, can provide constant data transmission from the satellite to a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to track the movement of an object in real time with minimal delay. Alas, the extended functionality does not allow you to make the device autonomous: they usually work from the on-board network.

GPS trackers are commonly found on commercial vehicles. This allows you to solve a number of problems:

  • Organize a transport monitoring system.
  • Promptly monitor the movement of all equipment involved in the transportation of goods or the performance of work.
  • Collect information about the movement of equipment to optimize logistics and minimize transport costs.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Accelerate the response to any emergency situations – accidents, thefts, etc.

Car GPS tracker device

The design of all car GPS trackers on the market is focused on the performance of two main functions of the devices:

  • Communication with the satellite system for determining and positioning at the current moment.
  • Transmission of data on the location of the vehicle to the user.

This kit includes the following items:

  • GPS/GLONASS satellite receiver. Responsible for communicating with the global positioning system to determine coordinates. Modern models usually use both satellite networks – both GLONASS and GPS: this reduces the error.
  • GSM module. It usually works with a SIM card from one of the mobile operators (two SIM cards can be installed). Used to transmit information via GPRS network or via SMS.
  • Memory block. Used to store data received from the satellite, as well as from other car sensors (speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.).
  • Antennas. Typically, the design of the terminal provides for a built-in antenna. But for a more confident reception and transmission of GPS signals, the car tracker can also be connected to external antennas: one for communication with satellites, and the second for working with a mobile network.

Despite the fact that such systems are usually powered by the on-board network, almost all of them are equipped with self-contained batteries. The presence of a backup battery allows the device to transmit data even in the absence of the main power supply.

How does a GPS tracker for a car work?

Now let’s analyze how a car GPS tracker works? The scheme is very simple:

  • The terminal is mounted in a car and connected to the on-board network and antennas. Most models allow you to connect other devices to provide telemetry: speedometers, accident sensors, fuel level sensors, etc.
  • When activated, the tracker communicates with a satellite (GPS, GLONASS or both), after which the satellite module calculates the coordinates of the vehicle – in much the same way as in a conventional car navigator.
  • Using the GSM module, data is sent to the server of the navigation or monitoring system. The mobile network is used for data transfer.
  • Data is being processed on the server and then transferred to the user. You can follow the movement of the car either using a computer program or using a mobile application for iOS / Android.
  • In places with poor mobile network coverage, satellite data is recorded in the device’s memory. As soon as it becomes possible to transmit, the data packet is sent to the server: there, using a special algorithm, the route is restored and superimposed on the map to form a complete picture.

Additional features

In addition to the main function – determining the location of the vehicle – trackers can be used for other purposes. The list of additional features of such devices includes:

  • Voice communication. If the terminal is equipped with a microphone and speaker (or external modules are connected to it), then it is fashionable to use it as an intercom. The presence of a microphone also makes it possible to remotely control the situation in the car.
  • Telemetry. Connecting sensors from the functional systems of the car to the terminal allows you to remotely control the main parameters of the vehicle – speed, fuel consumption, etc. Such control increases the level of driving safety and allows you to fight abuse.
  • Geofencing. Constant control of vehicle movement will be more effective if you programmatically set “corridors” along which the vehicle can move. In this case, in case of any deviation from the approved route, a service command will be triggered, and a notification will be sent to the server.

Having figured out how the GPS tracker works and what modules it consists of, you can choose a model with the functionality you need. At the same time, the efficiency of the navigation and monitoring system directly depends on the correct installation and configuration of the equipment. So you need to trust the performance of these works to qualified specialists.

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