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Voice GPS – Spoken Driving Directions for Multi Stop Routes

Voice GPS or voice-guided navigation provides spoken turn-by-turn driving directions. It improves driver safety and helps delivery drivers focus their undivided attention on the road. Furthermore, a navigation app that can provide voice directions not only promotes driver safety but is also more comfortable to use. With voice navigation directions, delivery drivers don’t have to constantly look at their smartphones while behind the wheel.


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How to Navigate Optimized Routes With Voice GPS?

For your delivery drivers to navigate optimized routes with spoken turn-by-turn driving directions, you’ll need to find a navigation app that integrates with your route planner. However, when using third-party navigation apps may result in navigation algorithm conflicts. When this happens, you may end up navigating a different route than the one that your routing software carefully planned and optimized.

To prevent any navigation algorithm issues with 3rd party GPS navigation apps, the Route4Me iOS and Android route planner apps have built-in voice-guided navigation. On that note, here’s how you can navigate optimized routes with the in-app voice-guided navigation:


1. Plan and Optimize Profitable Driver Routes

Before using the voice GPS navigation, you need to map your customers’ delivery addresses into the most profitable driver routes. With Route4Me routing software, you can do so both from your desktop computer or smartphone.

First, upload your addresses into the route planner. Route4Me allows you to choose from several easy address import methods, such as:

  • CRM data sync (including HubSpot and Zoho)
  • eCommerce platform integration (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento)
  • Uploading Excel spreadsheets with customers’ addresses
  • Cloud storage data import
  • Uploading files from file transfer online tools, including Dropbox and Box. net
  • Copy-pasting customer delivery information
  • And more!

After importing all the delivery addresses needed to plan your multi-stop routes, it’s time to establish optimization constraints. Route optimization constraints and business rules allow you to fine-tune your routes. With Route4Me, you can plan and optimize routes with multiple destinations that account for specific parameters, including:

  • Number of delivery drivers available
  • Number of depots
  • Maximum number of packages per delivery car
  • Vehicle loading and carrying capacity
  • Equal workload distribution
  • Maximum route distance
  • Avoidance zones, etc.

If your routes don’t change much, you can create template routes and reuse them whenever necessary. This way, you’ll spend less time planning routes. Furthermore, Route4Me route optimization software gives you the possibility to create delivery schedules for your repeat orders so you’ll have better visibility into the availability and distribution of your assets and resources at any given time. Plus, delivery scheduling for recurring routes will also help you enable auto-delivery and provide delivery services similar to Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.


2. Dispatch Optimized Routes to Drivers

As soon as you have the shortest and fastest routes to reach all of your customers, it’s time to share those optimized routes with multiple destinations. With Route4Me, you can do so from wherever you are. You can dispatch routes straight to your delivery drivers’ iOS and Android multi-stop route planner apps while using your phone or computer.

Furthermore, Route4Me also allows you to assign specific vehicles from your fleet as per a route’s requirements. For example, if a route has multiple addresses located downtown, you might need to assign a smaller vehicle to that route – a delivery van instead of a truck. The vehicle dispatch feature will help you plan all the details ahead so that you’ll avoid hefty fines and prevent wasted time.

To make dispatch management easier, Route4Me enables you to create a profile for your team members and add all of your fleet assets to the route planner. You can create vehicle profiles from scratch and input the vehicles’ parameters manually. Alternatively, you can also import vehicle profiles from your telematics solution.


3. Get Real-Time Driving Directions for the Driver Routes

After the dispatch management work is done, your drivers will receive the planned route on their route planner apps. Route4Me enables delivery drivers to choose from several 3rd party GPS navigation apps. Drivers can navigate Route4Me routes with navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, CoPilot, Waze, HERE WeGo, Yandex.Navi, etc.

However, to ensure your route planning efforts are not in vain, your drivers must use the Route4Me in-app voice-guided navigation. Otherwise, your delivery drivers might end up navigating longer routes.

With the integrated voice GPS navigation, drivers will get spoken turn-by-turn driving directions immediately after tapping the Navigate button. Plus, the Route4Me in-app voice GPS navigation accounts for real-time traffic conditions. It adjusts the directions accordingly while keeping your multi-stop delivery routes as short and fast as possible.


4. Navigate the Route With in-App Voice GPS Navigation

Next, your drivers can navigate the routes and get voice directions. With voice GPS navigation, drivers will no longer strain their eyes from looking back and forth at the road and their GPS maps. This way, a voice GPS navigation system could lower driver fatigue levels and prevent accidents from lack of attention. Therefore, voice-guided GPS navigation for cars is safer for drivers – and more convenient!


5. Make Live Route Changes and Get New Driving Directions With Voice GPS

Since changes can occur at any time, you might need to adjust your driver routes after they’ve been dispatched. With Route4Me, you can dynamically add stops to in-progress routes. The changes will then be synced with your drivers’ route planner apps. Plus, the in-app voice GPS navigation will automatically recalculate the route and provide the most optimal driving directions from one place to another.

With Route4Me routing software, you have the flexibility to edit any route on the go. You can apply dynamic changes to planned multi-stop routes from the Route4Me web-based platform or route planner app.

About Route4Me

Route4Me has over 35,000 customers globally. Route4Me’s Android and iPhone mobile apps have been downloaded over 2 million times since 2009. Extremely easy-to-use, Route4Me’s apps create optimized routes, synchronize routes to mobile devices, enable communication with drivers and customers, offer turn-by-turn directions, delivery confirmation, and more. Behind the scenes, Route4Me’s operational optimization platform combines high-performance algorithms with data science, machine learning, and big data to plan, optimize, and analyze routes of almost any size in real-time.

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GPS navigation and voice selection


“Are your eyes popping out of your forehead? Completely freaked out? Where are you going!” Can you imagine the navigator in your car speaking in that tone? But what if? Who knows…

GPS navigation and voice selection

More variety in GPS voices.
Do you have a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System) in your vehicle? Maybe you have taken a special interest in your GPS voice. Maybe you’re even the voice of the GPS menu! Be that as it may, today we will take a closer look at the use of voice and how it is used to help understand GPS navigation.

The voices of the GPS system can be standalone, recorded with third party professional studios, but a growing number of vehicles are now equipped with internal GPS, typically giving you GPS recorded in one voice and one way only, such that the voice will show direction (or provide routing). Although, as it turns out today, there are GPS systems that give you the choice between two voices, a male voice and a female voice, GPS systems that are recorded in different languages, celebrity voices, and even GPS systems that make you feel like you are part of a TV series. . Abundance, abundance! Of course, this is mainly spread abroad, there are many voices for recording GPS systems. But it comes to mind that people while driving might want the GPS menu they hear to not only deliver directions, but respond to different moods in addition to being able to potentially choose which voice they want to hear. For example, maybe you prefer a gentle, caring female voice (long live matriarchy!) which will encourage you to guide you and help you stay calm if you get lost or miss a turn or your exit. On the other hand, maybe you would like to hear a sarcastic or judgmental voice that reprimands you for not following its instructions. Don’t think there would be a market for this proposal? Remember people who will pay extra money when going to a restaurant to have employees insult them and pour drinks upside down . .. Don’t you believe it? And it really exists, whether you believe it or not!
If the GPS system can respond with more diverse emotions, then it will undoubtedly be more interesting and of greater value to the client. GPS voice usually sounds in a standard tone – choosing a knight’s move. Most likely, this was done on purpose to maintain neutrality and consistency, especially if the voice is a brand representative – which is more typical for the male cohort in telephony. Maybe GPS should be upgraded to convey various emotional states or have artificial intelligence? No, we don’t have to go that far. All that is needed is some additional vocal narration and a change in the script, with the understanding that when the announcer is working on the recording, all possible interpretations of the script will be taken into account.

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Navigator online

GPS Navigator online.

Simply enter the address and follow the route! The navigator voice tells you where to turn, and shows you the next maneuver on the photo of the street . It is:

  • The unique GPS navigator website.
  • Maps from all around the world.
  • Possibility to create route with several waypoints
  • To see on the route gas stations from our prefered brands and plan refuelings.
  • To be aware of the presence of radars
  • convenient visual marks of the next maneuver (superimposed Google street view on the route) the alerts for the gas stations
  • The possibility to easily share your location or an other point on the map with your friends.
  • The possibility to orientate yourself with conjoined compass and map In accordance with all the agreements of license and conditions of use.

    Don’t forget to share the link on the navigator, it will help to develop the project and become more convenient for you.

    The project needs volunteer translators.

    For all information, please, contact usThe author.


    Navigator online:

    Navi-gator. online is maps and GPS navigation all over the world. The navigator is optimized for use on smartphones and is designed as a web application (site) without the need to install on the phone .

    Navigator online is not a commercial project. Advertising on the site helps pay for servers for the services needed by the navigator a bit, it’s expensive and the author’s enthusiasm, unfortunately, is not enough for the development of the project.

    If you like the online navigator and want to help the project, please contact the author . You can also help the project if you purchase the application in App Store or Google Play

    build a route , as well as share it with friends on social networks via email, Whatsapp or just a link.

    If your device has a compass , you can enable the card to rotate in the same direction your device is directed to.