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GTPLAYER Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Black/White

Black, White, Footrest, Rocking Function, Padded Armrest, Lumbar Cushion, Headrest Cushion, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height, PU leather


Gymax Massage Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Single Lounge Sofa Home Theater Seat White

White, Adjustable Seat Height, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest


GTRACING Pro Series GT099 Gaming Chair – Black/Red

Red, Black, Lumbar Cushion, Headrest Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Armrest, Adjustable Seat Height, PU leather, Steel


BOSSIN Modern Gaming Chair – Light Grey

Gray, Footrest, Headrest Cushion, Padded Armrest, Lumbar Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height, PU leather, Steel

$85. 40

Gaming Chair Office Chair Desk Chair with Lumbar Support Headrest Armrest Task Rolling Swivel Ergonomic E-Sports Adjustable PC Gamer Chair (White)

White, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height


Dowinx Gaming Chair Fabric with Pocket Spring Cushion, Massage Game Chair Cloth with Headrest, Ergonomic Computer Chair with Footrest 290LBS, Light

Gray, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height


Polar Aurora Racing Computer Gaming Chair – Black/White

Black, White, Adjustable Seat Height, Adjustable Armrest, Lumbar Cushion, Headrest Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, PU leather

$79. 99

BSTOPHKL Modern High Back Gaming Chair – Black/White

Black, White, Rocking Function, Lumbar Cushion, Headrest Cushion, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height, Steel, PU leather


Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Massage PU Leather Recliner PC Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Headrest Armrest Footrest Rolling Swivel Task Chair for Women Adults, Grey

Gray, Adjustable Seat Height, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest


N-GEN Citus Gaming Chiar – Black/Red

Red, Black, Adjustable Backrest, Headrest Cushion, Padded Armrest, Lumbar Cushion, Rocking Function, Footrest, Adjustable Seat Height, PU leather, Steel

$149. 76

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Pocket Spring Cushion, Ergonomic Computer Chair High Back, Reclining Game Chair Pu Leather 400LBS, Black

Black, Headrest Cushion, Lumbar Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Armrest, Adjustable Seat Height, Steel


RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Chair – Black/Grey

Padded Armrest, Headrest Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Wood, Leather


Gaming chair equipped with Bluetooth speaker “GTRACING GT899-GRAY” opening ceremony & review!

Fangler Games, or rather Fangler’s Tokyo office, just moved to a new location at the end of March, so we have been gradually setting up our e-sports booth, but we haven’t gotten around to it…

I was planning to buy a gaming chair, but since they are all by Okamura and Herman Miller, I was under pressure from the Materials Management Department who said, “Why bother buying a gaming chair when I can get you a nice chair? After I suggested to them that it would not look good on the wall, they finally decided to buy it!

I’m secretly planning to use gaming chairs for the entire Hong Kong office.

The chair I purchased is the GTRACING GT899-GRAY! It is a gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers!

Let’s take a look at the opening ceremony and review.

Quick opening ceremony!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Purchased from It arrived in a GTRACING cardboard box instead of Amazon cardboard box because of its large size.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

I will open the package immediately. The person in charge of the assembly is our server infrastructure engineer, Nash user Tajima, who is rumored to have been hired as a gamer.

Assembling the chairs is also an admirable infrastructure job.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

When I opened it, it looked like this. The packing is very tight and secure.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

The assembly parts are divided like this.
It is almost the same as a normal chair: seat, backrest, armrests, legs, adjustment levers, casters, cushions, and screws.

The cushion that comes with the gaming chair is a feature that can only be found in gaming chairs.

Start assembling the gaming chair!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Easy-to-understand instruction manual. Most instruction manuals tend to be made of cheap, cheap paper, but GTRACING uses thick, coated paper.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Let’s start the assembly!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Use an Allen wrench to turn the provided screws to join the backrest and seat.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Attach the armrests.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

The main point of the GTRACING GT899 series is the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

It can be turned on and off with a remote control.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

The finished product is now in its final form.

GTRACING GT899-GRAY finished!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Finally completed!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

The cushion that hits the back of the head is unique to the gaming chair.
The speakers are in the back and do not affect you in any way for sitting.

Test sitting right away!

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Kori, who was born and raised in Texas, but did not help in any way with the assembly, sat down to try it out.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

He looks so smug for some reason, but it looks comfortable.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

When he rolled the backrest down, he said excitedly, “I can totally sleep on this! He was so excited.

How does it feel in the game, which is the most important thing?

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

“It doesn’t feel like it’s suitable for playing with a fighting game (according to Kohli). The stool chair, commonly known as an arcade chair, is still a good choice for fighting games.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Seated as if playing PC games.

The seat is comfortable, not too soft and not too hard.

And since I like to lean back in my chair, I feel like the cushion provides support for my back and neck so I don’t tire out during long gaming sessions!

I would love to have one at home.

Kori also praised it.

GTRACING GT899-GRAYfunglr Games編集部

Look at this comfortable expression. This expression says a lot about the GTRACING GT899 gaming chair.

We may tweet a review of the Bluetooth speaker on Twitter, so be sure to follow the Fangler Games Twitter account!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Mail, parcel and letter tracking

Tracking of postal items, parcels and letters | ParcelsApp

Add package name

Worldwide tracking of international mail items

No matter what online store or marketplace you bought goods from, you can always track the full path of the order to your door with our parcel tracking service


Few people do not know about Aliexpress – the most popular trading platform for goods from China. Parcels are most often shipped via Yanwen, ePacket, and SF-Express, read on to find out how to track any parcel from Aliexpress.


Founded in 2008 under the name of Sheinside, is one of the first Chinese online fashion stores. The store was renamed in 2015. In this store you will find fashion from London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York at affordable prices. How to track an order with Shane using the tracking number of the package.


Popular in the West, a platform for cheap goods directly from China has been gaining popularity recently among buyers in Russia and Ukraine. Goods are shipped by China Post Airmail, with the participation of the logistics partner ShPostWish. Track orders from in Russian.


The world-famous auction site has recently launched the eBay Global Shipping Program, under which the aggregator Pitney Bowes, through a partner network of postal and logistics companies around the world, delivers goods from eBay. Goods go to Russia through Pitney Bowes, wnDirect, SPSR. Read detailed instructions on tracking a parcel from eBay.


Track orders from by order number or tracking number. We will locate your package by the ASOS order number and along with the new tracking numbers associated with your order. Orders are usually shipped via WNDirect and TRAKPAK, read more on order tracking.


Lamoda is a leading Russian online retailer of clothing, footwear, accessories, perfumes and household goods. Track orders with Lamoda by order number or track number. Orders are usually shipped via PickPoint, Boxberry, SDEK, DPD, read more about tracking Lamoda orders.


iHerb is a popular online store of natural products, dietary supplements and vitamins. Orders are delivered via Boxberry, DHL Global Mail, Swedish Post, Nova Poshta, and others. Learn more about iHerb package tracking.

bang good

BangGood is a relatively young platform, but is rapidly gaining popularity, orders are sent mainly through the Netherlands Post, Flyt Express, and others. There is a support forum where they promptly answer questions about order tracking, more about order tracking with BangGood.


A young online store for cheap goods from China without intermediaries, directly from Chinese sellers. Orders are shipped via China Post, DHL Global Mail, Sweden Post, Nova Poshta, and others. Learn how to track orders with Pandao in Russia.

Chain Reaction Cycles

Chain Reaction Cycles is the world’s largest online bike shop from the UK. Orders are delivered via P2P TRAKPAK, Pony Express, Skynet, Russian Post and Spanish Post. Teamed up with Wiggle in 2017 so Wiggle orders are now delivered the same way. Track packages with Chain Reaction Cycles in Russian.


British online store for clothes, shoes and accessories for running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, hiking. Delivery is via P2P TRAKPAK, Pony Express, Skynet, Russian Post and Spanish Post. Track orders with Wiggle in English.


Taobao is China’s largest marketplace, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Since 2014, it is possible to register with any phone number and deliver to Russia and other CIS countries through the official Taobao mail forwarding service. Track packages from Taobao in Russian.

JD (Railway) is one of the largest and oldest trading platforms in China. JD has existed for many years – it was founded back in 2004, at a time when AliExpress did not yet exist, Jack Ma and Alibaba were just trying to conquer the Chinese market. Track packages from in Russian.


A large German electronics store, at competitive prices and mandatory tracking of shipments delivered by the German Post and Russian Post. Track the parcel computeruniverse in Russian.

I take!

Beru is a new marketplace from Sberbank and Yandex. Everything here is arranged in such a way that it is convenient for you to buy online: all sellers are verified, orders are delivered quickly and at your convenience, and you can always find discounts on popular products. Track the parcel with

Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is one of the most interesting and cost-effective English online stores. It is interesting because in it you will find both traditional cosmetic brands and many independent cosmetics manufacturers such as Tata Harper, Kypris, Sunday Riley and others. And since the store tries to select only cult cosmetic brands for cooperation, it is here that you can buy Charlotte Tilbury, Morphe, Huda Beauty, Pixi, etc. cosmetics. Parcel tracking with Cult Beauty

Victoria’s Secret

One of the most famous lingerie companies in the world. Orders are shipped via the eShopWorld mail service aggregator, which sends them with Aramex for delivery to Russia, and Aramex then passes them on to DPD Russia. Learn more about tracking Victoria’s Secret orders.

Tam Beauty

TAM Beauty is a popular cosmetics store with reasonable prices and fast delivery, orders are most often sent via P2P-TrakPak, more about order tracking with TAM Beauty.

gear best

Due to the rich assortment and very low prices, GearBest managed to become one of the most popular online stores among Russians, Ukrainians and residents of other CIS countries in a short time, here you can find out how to track orders from GearBest by the parcel tracking number.


Bonprix sells women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, as well as shoes, accessories and home goods online. Delivery is carried out throughout the country, via Russian Post, PickPoint, DPD, Pony Express, DPD. Read more about Bonprix order tracking.


Joom is gaining more and more popularity among people in Russia and CIS countries. Packages are most often sent via SF-Express, SF eParcel, YunExpress and China Post, learn how to track packages sent from Joom and what to do if the package is delayed.


Vova is your one-stop-shop with millions of high quality, affordable products that fit your budget. Let VOVA introduce you to a whole world of items available worldwide, featuring your favorite designs and popular accessories. How to track an order with VOVA using the parcel tracking number.

Is it safe to receive packages from China given the Coronavirus outbreak?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) – Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. According to previous analysis, the WHO says coronaviruses do not survive long on objects such as letters or packages.

Is it possible to get infected with the new coronavirus through parcels from China?

No, you won’t catch the new coronavirus through packages or mail from China, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Due to the poor survival of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely to be a very low risk of spread through goods or packaging that are in transit for days or weeks at ambient temperatures,” the US Centers for Disease Control responds in a Q&A.

It is highly unlikely that the virus can survive for several days outside or inside a cardboard box, such as one that has something that an infected person has sneezed on or handled.

Is there a risk of contracting the novel coronavirus from parcels or goods leaving China?

In general, due to the poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is a very low risk of spread through goods or packages that are shipped for days or weeks at ambient temperatures. It is believed that coronaviruses are spread by airborne droplets. There is currently no evidence to support a 2019 transfer-nCoV associated with imported goods and there were no cases of 2019-nCoV infection associated with imported goods in Russia.

“Delivery conditions for most items will not be conducive to maintaining the viability of the virus.” Despite what you may have heard, you cannot get the coronavirus through a package. The virus is very fragile outside of the human body, which means that you cannot get it through the packaging of a parcel or an envelope.

China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) announced that it will delay the delivery of orders to disinfect goods. EMS said: “To ensure the safety of the public, we will ‘double disinfect’ the packages and vehicles that will pass through Wuhan, which will delay the delivery process.”

Tracking parcels by track number

How to find out the exact location of a parcel and other questions that arise when tracking parcels postal or courier service. By this identifier, you can find out or track where your parcel is.

How to track a package or package tracking

To track the parcel by number, you need to find the track number or track code of the parcel assigned to your order from the online store. After the track code is found, enter it in the search field above and our service will track your package in Russian and show the approximate delivery time.

What is the difference between an order number and a parcel number

When you place an order in an online store or marketplace like Aliexpress, Joom or Pandao, your order is assigned a unique order number. This number is assigned by the store and is required to distinguish your order from other people’s orders.

The track number of the package is assigned by the postal or courier company and is required for the postal service to distinguish your package from all other packages it delivers. Remember, you can track the parcel of which your order was sent from the online store only by the tracking number of the parcel. Tracking a parcel by order number is possible only in rare cases, from stores such as ASOS or sent through eShopWorld

What to do if the parcel is no longer tracked

A parcel can stop being tracked in several cases:

  • The shipment number was reserved, but the seller did not transfer your order to the postal service.
  • Shipment involves only partial tracking, most often within the territory of the country of origin
  • The parcel was lost in one of the sorting centers or at customs along the route

The actions here are the same, write to the seller once a week before the expiration of the order protection period, if the parcel is not tracked and ask for clarification. When the protection period of the order expires, demand a refund.

How to track a track number without letters

With our service, tracking a track number from numbers or a track number without letters is as easy as international track numbers.

11 digit track number can be tracked via China Post, 12 digit track number can be tracked via SF-Express, German Post.

Track number 14 digits is usually tracked through Russian Post, Nova Poshta, Yanwen.

Track number of 10 digits can be tracked via CDEK, J-NET, DHL Express.

How to find out if an untraceable package has arrived at the post office

Untraceable parcels are delivered in an economical way and therefore are not registered along the entire route. Most often, such parcels are sent by China Post and Malaysia Post.

To find out when an untraceable parcel arrived at the post office, track it on our service to find out the approximate time it arrived at the post office. Then expect a paper notice from the post office by which the parcel can be received. Additionally, you can ask the post office staff to call when parcels arrive in your name.

How to recognize the carrier by track number

For shipments of the International Postal Union of the type AA123456789XX, the carrier is the state postal service of the country of departure, the code of which is always at the end and consists of 2 letters, CN – China Post, SG – Singapore Post, FI – Post Finland.

In other cases, it is not so easy to find out the carrier, so our service has collected thousands of examples of track numbers and checks 450+ delivery and logistics services around the world.
After tracking the package, you will see in which delivery services and which carriers your package is being tracked.

How to find a parcel by tracking number

To find a parcel by tracking number, you need to know the name of the postal or transport company that delivers the parcel. Go to the site of this company, and find the section of the site or the field for entering the tracking number

Of course, it is inconvenient to go to each individual site. Each delivery service has different websites, in addition, the package can be delivered using several companies.
Therefore, just enter the tracking number of your package above on this page and click the Track button

How can I find out the parcel’s departure number or tracking number?

When sending, the track number of the postal item will be indicated on the receipt (check) issued by the postal service. If the purchase was made in the online store, the number will appear in your account on the order page.

Do not confuse the order number and the tracking number: the first is assigned by the store immediately after the purchase is made, and the second only after the seller registers the goods with the transport or postal company. Usually sellers send a track code within 1-3 days after payment.

If there is no number in your personal account or in the mail, then request it from the seller yourself.

How long to wait for a parcel

Depending on the country of destination, the terms may differ, but you should roughly focus on the following delivery times:

  • International parcels – 2-3 weeks
  • Small packages ~ 1 month
  • EMS shipments – 1-2 weeks
  • Express Services – 3-7 days

What to do if the parcel is not tracked?

Immediately after receiving the track number, if it is not delivered by an express service, it will not be possible to track the parcel. This is especially true for online stores.

The cargo is first registered with the transport company, packed and sent to the sorting point (it takes from 2 to 7 days for all preparatory procedures). Only after the parcel is sorted, its barcode is scanned and tracking statuses appear.

The maximum that can be seen immediately after payment and receiving the track number is messages similar to: Electronic registration of departure, Departure registered for dispatch, Shipment info confirmed, Shipping information received.

How can I track an untraceable package?

It is almost impossible to trace such parcels. Tracking statuses for such packages will only be displayed when passing through China. The postal services of some countries, such as Kazakhstan, Morocco, Hungary and others, still scan such parcels within their country, and therefore the recipients can track them.

China Post Tracking by Tracking Number

Having created the most accurate parcel tracking site and using our experience in tracking parcels for many postal and logistics companies, we have written detailed guides for tracking parcels sent to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Germany.

Tracking China Post Registered Airmail in Russian

To track China Post Registered Air Mail, our service checks the websites of China Post, Cainiao, YunExpress, SFC, as well as Wish Post for orders from the Wish store and many others, all in order to have the most complete idea of ​​where your parcel is located .

Our China Post Registered Air Mail tracking service is fast and reliable, if your parcel has indeed been sent, rest assured we will find it and show where it is, as well as approximate delivery times.

SF-Express and SF eParcel tracking in Russian

From my experience, most of the parcels (90-95%) of SF-Express to Russia are tracked only until they reach the territory of Russia. Then they are transferred to the Russian Post, where they are assigned a new international tracking code, which is known only to SF-Express, and which is not shown anywhere else. At this, the tracking stops, and you need to wait for the notification from the Post to arrive in order to receive the parcel from it at your Russian Post office. However, for SF eParcel parcels, a new track number in the international format is assigned, according to which tracking is possible until delivery. More…

How to track an ePacket package

Many of the buyers on the sites of Aliexpress, Joom, Gearbest, after paying, and receiving a tracking number, faced with an incomprehensible “ePacket” indicated as a method of delivery of their goods. In fact, ePacket is one of the most efficient and affordable methods for delivering purchases from online stores and sites in China. Read on to find out how to track an ePacket package in Russian, and what services will help you with this.

Tracking Chin Post Ordinari Smol Pack Plus in Russian

For tracking China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, we check China Post, Yanwen, Cainiao, YunExpress, SFC, Wish Post and many other shipping services. Tracking on our service, you check your package immediately for all known tracking services and get a complete history of movements and the latest status of your package.

Tracking YANWEN in Russian

Yanwen Economic Air Mail is Yanwen’s inexpensive small package delivery option. Parcels are usually delivered by air, each parcel is assigned a tracking number, which can be tracked on the Yanwen website, where the tracking statuses are most often in English and Chinese. Yanwen Economic Air Mail is only trackable to export from China or to arrival in Russia or a CIS country. After that, tracking stops, as the parcel is transferred to the local postal service, where the parcel is assigned a new track number …

POS Tracking Malaysia

The latest information is available both on the Malaysia Post official website. While the Malaysia Post website only shows information in English, on our website you will be able to track POS Malaysia parcels in Russian. In addition, if the departure number is international (similar to RQ133868879MY), then your shipment is delivered together with the Russian Post (or other state postal service) and using the Parcel service you can find out the tracking status immediately from the Russian Post and Malaysia Post. Please note that access to the official Malaysia Post website is blocked for visitors from Russia, so please use our tracking service.

How to track a parcel from Aliexpress in Russia

Aliexpress is the most popular online store and has a well-established package tracking system, however, even their system does not always show complete data, sometimes it only shows information in English or Chinese. AliExpress-owned logistics platform Cainiao allows you to track most of the packages shipped from AliExpress. Our service uses Cainiao along with 198 additional postal services to track your parcels. Read on to find out how to track packages sent from AliExpress in Russian.

PickPoint track package

Track PickPoint parcels from popular stores like AVON, Rive Gauche, Tmall, iHerb, WildBerries,, Adidas, Reebok, Mary Kay, MANGO, Oriflame and more. PickPoint return tracking also works when you enter a PickPoint shipment number.

Cargo tracking by waybill number

Track the delivery of goods in Russia from any transport company such as CDEK, PEC, KIT, Energy, Business Lines and others.

What you need to know about customs

To get to Russia, parcels from abroad must go through customs: this is a special service that monitors the import and export of goods across the border. There are customs offices at airports, seaports, post offices.

When the parcel gets to customs

When an international parcel arrives in Russia, it also goes through customs. This applies to all parcels without exception, even those sent by courier services. The customs officer checks the contents of the parcel (on an X-ray, according to documents, and sometimes even personally) and if everything is in order, he lets the parcel go further into the country.

Why Customs hold up packages

In the following cases, the recipient will be invited to the local customs office to explain and pay duties.

  • the customs officer has a suspicion that the goods are commercial, although declared as a private purchase;
  • the recipient spent the monthly limit on duty-free purchases abroad – in 2019 it is 500 € per month or 31 kg;
  • the customs officer did not understand what was in the parcel, he needs an explanation;
  • the customs officer decided that there was something forbidden in the parcel.

How to understand that the parcel was held at customs

If customs holds your parcel, two things will happen: but in some unfamiliar place. In Moscow, this is a branch of the international post office on Varshavskoye shosse, 37. But for now, you don’t need to go there, it will be a waste of time. Alternatively, the tracking package will say “Sent with customs notification.”

  • Customs will send you a registered letter at the place of delivery of the parcel. In the envelope there will be a template letter from customs, they say, come, my dear. The reasons for the delay, most likely, will not be indicated – the letter is template and vague, but it can be different in different customs departments. A notification of receipt of the parcel with its track, weight and shelf life will be attached to the letter.
  • What if you don’t go to customs

    If you don’t go to customs before the package expires, it will most likely be sent back to the store. Most often, stores return the cost of the goods, but withhold the cost of delivery.

    Why does Customs need a TIN?

    It’s all about the fees. According to the law, 31 kg of goods for personal needs can be delivered from a foreign online store without duties. Or invest in the cost limit – it is equal to 1000 euros per person. These are limits per calendar month.

    Thousands of people around the world have already entrusted us with the tracking of their parcels

    Track shipments of any courier, transport and postal services


    • Post office

    • CDEK

    • Pony Express

    • IML

    • 007EX

    • Hong Kong Post

    • Singapore Post

    • Boxberry

    • SF Express

    • China Post

    • ePacket

    • 4PX

    • Yanwen

    • DHL Express

    • FedEx

    • DHL eCommerce

    • UPS

    • DPD EN

    • US Post

    • Hermes

    • Fly Express

    • PostNL

    • bpost

    • Posti Finland

    • Posten

    • Deutsche Post

    Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

    • Ukrposhta

    • Mist Express

    • Nova Poshta

    • BelPost

    • KazPost

    • Post of Uzbekistan

    • SFC

    • Winit

    • Yun Express

    • LaoPost

    • skynet

    All supported postal and shipping companies

    What is a tracking number

    Tracking number, also called a track code, postal identifier, tracking number – a unique shipment number that uniquely identifies your parcel in the delivery service system. By this number, you can track the location of the shipment, and find out other information such as weight, addressee, sender and others. May consist of letters, numbers, or a mixture of letters, numbers, and other symbols.

    Track a parcel with arrival date

    To find out the approximate date of arrival of a parcel at the post office, our service collects delivery statistics between many countries, taking into account the type of parcel, the country of origin, the date of dispatch, arrival in the country, the date of release from customs, and the date of arrival at the post office. department.

    Adjusted statistics allows, using forecasting algorithms, to give an approximate window for the delivery of a parcel, with an accuracy of 70-90%.

    Automatically track across multiple mailers

    Often several companies are involved in the delivery of your package, the application automatically determines the appropriate postal companies by the number of the item and tracks them all at once, saving you time.

    by tisunov

    Prompt tracking of postal items – service “My parcel”

    Up-to-date information on the location of parcels of more than 100 Russian and international postal and courier services


    Free automatic tracking of the first 50 track numbers every month.


    Free notifications to multiple email addresses and VKontakte messages.


    Adaptive and customizable interface for displaying a list of tracked track numbers.

    API & webhook

    API service interaction and webhook function for real-time alerts.

    Tracking parcels by track number

    The My Parcel service offers prompt tracking of postal items by track number
    more than 100 Russian and international postal and courier services. All information about the movement of the parcel is taken
    from open sources, using the official websites of postal services.
    “My Parcel” can quickly track almost all shipments from China. After registering on the site is available
    the function of saving each track number for automatic tracking and free email alerts
    mail about all the movements of each parcel.


    Introducing our chatbots in Telegram messenger and VKontakte social network.
    All bots can track track numbers around the world in messages. And after registration, the function of notifications about new shipment statuses in the form of chat messages from our group is available. Telegram


    What is a track number?

    Track number – the identifier of the postal item assigned by the postal or courier service for the purpose
    fixing movements from the sender to delivery to the recipient. As a rule, the track number consists of numbers or
    combinations of Latin letters and numbers and has a specific pattern by which you can identify the service
    delivery. If you place an order in an online store with delivery, then you should take into account the order number in
    store is not the track number of the parcel. They are different identifiers. The seller in this case must
    indicate both the order number and the track number of the parcel.

    Parcel route

    Each parcel starts its journey from the post office, where it is received from the sender,
    register, assign a track number and send to the recipient. During the delivery process, the parcel passes
    several sorting points, where a further optimal delivery route is determined for it. Rarely
    there are cases when a parcel is mistakenly sent in the wrong direction, in which case in
    the next sorting point will be resent, the parcel will be redirected in the right direction.

    Cashback for purchases

    Get cashback with the LetyShops service,
    shopping in stores all over the world. Increased cashback is available for purchases on Chinese Internet sites
    AliExpress, Gearbest or Bang good.

    Why is it taking so long?

    Delivery deadlines for all shipments are set by postal or courier services in
    depending on the distance between the receiving points and the destination address. Delivery times may be extended
    at times of peak loads, during holidays, when the number of parcels increases many times. Worth it too
    pay attention to the fact that parcels are never sent immediately to their destination. At
    passing through different sorting points, they are waiting for consolidation with other parcels that follow in
    the same direction. The waiting time can be up to several days. Until the next shipment
    point, all parcels are in stock and are waiting for a full batch to be sent to the next

    Status information

    mode in your own information system. The date and time of the corresponding event is always recorded.
    For international parcels, statuses are fixed both on the side of the sender’s country and on the side of the country
    recipient. There is an exchange of relevant information between postal services. Sometimes some
    mailing statuses are fixed with a delay. Part of the parcels with a simplified delivery system (as
    as a rule, these are parcels with economy delivery) are not tracked, only the status of arrival at the place for

    Export and import

    For international parcels, the export operation is often the longest in the process
    tracking. First, the parcel goes through customs clearance in the sender’s country, then in the transit zone
    awaiting shipment by air shipment to the country of destination. Waiting is due to the fact that the collection process is in progress
    the required number of parcels to send on one flight.