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Space heating, space cooling, and water heating are some of the largest energy expenses in any home. Learn how to save money and energy at home, choose energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and maintain comfort.

Space Heating and Cooling

Principles of Heating and Cooling

Understanding how your home and body heat up can help you stay cool.

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Programmable Thermostats

In most situations, a programmable thermostat can save you money without sacrificing comfort.

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Minimizing Energy Losses in Ducts

Insulating, air sealing, and placing ducts within the conditioned space of your home will reduce energy losses.

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How to Read Residential Electric and Natural Gas Meters

Read your own electric and gas meters to ensure accuracy.

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Dehumidifying Heat Pipes

If you live in a hot, humid climate, a dehumidifying heat pipe may improve comfort by reducing indoor humidity.

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Home Cooling Systems

Choosing the most effective cooling options for your climate saves money and improves comfort.

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Home Heating Systems

Your choice of heating technologies impacts your energy bill. Learn about your options, from active solar to portable heaters.

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Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump might be your best option for efficient heating and cooling.

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Water Heating

Selecting a New Water Heater

Tankless? Storage? Solar? Save money on your water heating bill by choosing the right type of energy-efficient water heater for your needs.

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Sizing a New Water Heater

When buying a new water heater, bigger is not always better. Learn how to buy the right size of water heater.

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Tankless or Demand-Type Water Heaters

Looking to save money and energy? A tankless water heater might be the right choice for your small household.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

If you live in a warm place, a heat pump might be your ticket to lower energy bills.

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Storage Water Heaters

Installing a storage water heater? Learn about selecting, installing, and maintaining a storage water heater.

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Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters

Can you use your home’s space heating system to heat your water? An indirect water heater can do just that.

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Solar Water Heaters

Solar energy isn’t just for electricity. Learn how a solar water heater works.

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Drain-Water Heat Recovery

Did you know that you can use heat from water that you’ve already used to preheat more hot water — and reduce your water heating costs?

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Reduce Hot Water Use for Energy Savings

Fixing leaks, using low-flow fixtures, and buying energy-efficient appliances can help you save on water heating bills.

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Swimming Pool Heating and Maintenance

Own a swimming pool? Find strategies to reduce the cost of heating and maintaining your pool.

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    Underfloor heating and cooling x-net

    An invisible heat source in winter or pleasant cooling without air currents in summer. x-net underfloor and wall heating systems provide just that. High-performance and durable x-net systems as underfloor or wall heating create a pleasant climate. A variety of mounting methods are suitable for both wet screed systems and dry screed systems. The systems offered with bosses, clips, Velcro or harpoon clips are ideal for installation in both residential and industrial applications. In the residential sector, underfloor and wall heating have a number of advantages over classic radiators.

    Benefits of x-net surface heating/cooling

    • Comfort: thanks to pleasant radiant heat
    • Energy efficient: thanks to low flow temperatures
    • Sustainability: is ideally combined with alternative energy sources
    • Design freedom: ideal heating for new builds, old houses or renovations
    • Health: hygienic without dust swirl
    • Quality of life all year round: thanks to the combination of heating and cooling functions in one system

    x-net PE-RT-5

    Systems without insulating material

    If you need a minimum height for underfloor heating systems, systems without insulating material are the ideal solution. They are available as clip-on, Velcro panels, bosses or as thin-coated systems.

    Insulated systems

    Insulated underfloor heating systems should be considered first if the required structural height is available. Insulation reduces energy costs and increases comfort.

    Wall heating systems

    Wall heating systems radiate heat into room from wall surfaces. Due to their low flow temperature, they are ideal for low temperature heating. With solutions for new buildings and renovations.

    Heating for industrial areas

    Surface heating systems for commercial and industrial buildings allow optimal use of indoor conditions without wasting space on heating elements or interfering with workflow. In addition, no cleaning or maintenance of the heat exchangers is required.

    x-net system components

    x-net control


    Heat comfort at the touch of a button

    Smart regulation of underfloor heating and cooling. With it, you can individually adjust the comfortable temperature in each room. Smart regulation means smart economy. The x-net control is available in two versions to meet the requirements of each.


    ® plus

    Perfect combination of design radiator and underfloor heating

    Grid connection kit in white and chrome perfectly matches the Kompakt 50 mm towel radiator connection.

    Additional information about x-link plus

    How does underfloor heating work?

    The principle of underfloor or wall heating is as simple as it is ingenious: instead of a radiator, pipes are laid in the floor (or wall) of the room, through which hot or cold water then flows. Hot water transfers its energy to the floor through the heating pipe, thanks to which the room is heated as evenly as if a radiator were installed in the room. If desired, even in winter you can walk barefoot on such a floor.

    And why can it also cool?

    Cold water takes the heat from the floor and evenly cools the room, so that a pleasant temperature is achieved in summer. The cooling function is much nicer than a classic air conditioner that creates an air flow, in addition to this, underfloor heating also saves expensive electricity.

    Choosing the right underfloor heating system depends, for example, on which floor you are going to install and/or whether you are renovating a new building or an old house. In general, all systems are divided into two main groups: systems for installation in a wet screed, such as the x-net C11 underfloor heating system with lugs or the x-net C12 underfloor heating system with harpoon clips, and systems for dry installation, such as the x-net C13 dry screed system. A specialized Kermi partner in your area will be happy to help you choose the right system.

    By the way, was already used by the Romans underfloor heating – the basic principle of operation was the same as that of modern systems.

    Wall and floor heating: can it be installed after a major renovation?

    Yes, you can. Even easier than you thought. Kermi offers special underfloor heating systems for refurbishment, which make it much easier to replace radiators with an underfloor heating system. Thanks to the x-net C16 clip-on system, the x-net C15 thin-layer clip-on system and the x-net C13 dry screed system, retrofitting the heating is quick and easy. If the building conditions do not allow the installation of underfloor heating, then x-net C21 and x-net C22 wall heating systems can be considered as a worthy alternative for renovation. In matters of comfort and functionality, wall heating is not inferior to floor heating, only heating systems are laid not in the floor, but in easily accessible walls. That is why wall heating is an ideal option for renovation.

    Benefits for renovation:

    • residential renovation and restoration
    • laying without chasing and demolition
    • very low mounting height
    • can be combined with various floor coverings

    Industrial floor heating and cooling

    Industrial plus

    Wood is cut down, chips fly. Components used in the commercial sector must be particularly wear-resistant, robust and reliable. The x-net C14 industrial area heating system is installed in the floor and provides a comfortable temperature, heating the room in winter and cooling it in summer. The advantage of Kermi industrial space heating is that the installation is carried out directly in a solid concrete floor, which ensures easy and fast installation, as well as optimal heating and cooling power.

    Industrial Benefits:

    • adjustable mounting bracket for industrial distributor
    • x-net unwinder for ergonomic pipe laying
    • can be used with various types of concrete, e.g. reinforced concrete, vacuum concrete, reinforced concrete
    • professional support during planning and on site

    Industrial space heating Kermi x-net C14

    Uponor automation – heating/cooling

    Uponor heating controller 3D

    This is a weather controller dedicated to surface heating, specially adapted to control the heating curve of surface heating. It tracks changes in the seasons and ambient temperature. Thanks to the regulator, which lowers the temperature and thus reduces energy consumption, you can reduce heating costs while you sleep or when you are away from the house.

    The changeover to summer/winter time is carried out automatically thanks to the built-in multi-year calendar. Frost protection function is activated
    automatically at an ambient temperature of 2O C.
    set ambient temperature, you save energy. The double sensor principle (registration of supply and return temperatures) shortens the heating phase during underfloor heating operation. The Uponor 3D Digital Heating Controller is equipped with a large display and information map to minimize the time it takes to learn all control functions.

    The controller kit includes: 1 outdoor temperature sensor ESMT and 2 clamp-on sensors ESM-11 for supply and return.

    The controller can optionally be controlled using the Uponor 3D remote control.

    To enable the controller to operate in cooling mode, it can be optionally equipped with an Uponor 3D-K cooling board. The controller has operating programs for surface cooling as well as for thermoactive ceilings. Optionally controllable via Uponor 3D heating/cooling remote control. The regulator has the CE mark.

    Image Art. No.
    according to catalog
    PLN/pc. Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260402 2,530.00 1 pc. on request

    Uponor 3D remote control

    For remote control of the Uponor 3D controller in heating mode, connection cable 2 x min. Oh,4 mm 2 Body color white RAL 9010.

    Picture of Art. No.
    according to catalog
    PLN/pc. Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260411 818.00 1 pc. on request

    Uponor 3D heating/cooling remote control

    For remote control of the Uponor 3D controller in heating/cooling mode, connection cable 2 x min. Oh,4 mm 2 Body color white RAL 9010.

    Picture of Art. No.
    according to catalog
    PLN/pc. Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260412 1,268.00 1 pc. on request

    Uponor Cooling Card 3D-K

    To extend the operation of the Uponor 3D controller in cooling mode, automatic changeover between heating and cooling modes, card
    designed for mounting in the Uponor 3D controller.

    Image Art. No.
    according to catalog
    PLN/pc. Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260414 398.00 1 pc. on request

    Uponor 3D ESM-10 core temperature sensor

    Designed for installation in the recommended room, connection cable 2 x min. 0.4 mm 2 , operating temperature range: -30°C to +50°C, housing color: white RAL 9010.

    Picture of Part No.
    Part No.
    Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260413 1 pc. on request

    Uponor 3D floor sensor ESMB

    Immersed floor sensor, connection cable 2 x min. 0.4 mm 2 2 m long, operating temperature range: 0°C to +40°C.

    Image Part No.
    Part No.
    Packaging Price per piece
    (euro €)
    4260316 1 pc. on request

    Uponor heating/cooling switch H/K 230V

    Potential-free heating/cooling switch for Uponor room automation, changeover by connection
    junction box C-36 or Radio C-55 Uponor H/C 230V heating/cooling switch with changeover valve between heating and cooling source.