Honda mower height settings: Getting the Most from the HRR216PKA Walk-Behind Mower

Getting the Most from the HRR216PKA Walk-Behind Mower

The HRR216PKA is Honda’s least expensive mower, making it the most common choice for homeowners new to the brand. Despite its price, it still offers all the innovation you expect from Honda, which makes using it different from anything else from the market. Here’s how you can get the most out of this unique mulching mower.

Using the Clip Director

Unlike most walk-behind mowers, the PKA has a rear-mounted discharge chute. The Clip Director, located next to the base of the handle, operates a door that can cover this chute. This eliminates the need for a mulch plug.

To change mowing modes, push in the button and move the lever to either “Bag” or “Mulch.” If you want to discharge clipping without mulching them, set the Clip Director to “Bag.” Clippings will be sent out of the rear discharge chute without being re-cut.

Cutting Height

Height is set by moving the levers next to each of the wheels. With the levers moved all the way toward the rear of the mower, the cutting height is 1 1/8 inches. Adjustment isn’t linear: as the levers are moved forward, the cutting height increases to 1 ¾, 2 ½, 3, 3 ½ and finally 4 inches.


The engine used in this mower is designed to use gasoline that contains up to 10% ethanol. This fuel should be used within 30 days of purchase, or within 90 days if it’s treated with a fuel stabilizer. When adding fuel, only fill the tank up to the bright red fuel lever gauge inside the filler neck. After filling the tank, move the mower away from the fueling location. This prevents the ignition of any remaining fuel vapor.

Smart Drive Control

The mower’s self propulsion is controlled by pushing on the palm pads of the smart drive control: the harder you push, the faster the mower will go. Letting up on these pads shuts off the drive system, letting you push the mower when maneuvering around trees and other obstacles.

To adjust the position of the Smart Drive Control, move the adjustment lever on the back of the controls to the left to unlock. Rotate the controls until they’re in a comfortable position, then move the adjustment lever to the right to lock them in place.

If the drive system isn’t engaging like it should check the cable tension. With the engine off, then put the drive control levers in their lowest position. Push down on the levers while rolling the mower backward. The mower should stop before the levers are pointed straight down. If it doesn’t stop, find the adjuster, located between the bottom of the handle and the mower. Loosen the jam nut. It may be helpful to mark one side of the long adjuster nut. Pull the mower backward without using the Smart Drive Control. If you don’t feel resistance, turn the adjuster nut clockwise one turn. Keep rolling the mower and turning the adjuster until the mower wheels lock up when pulling the mower backward. Turn the adjustment nut counterclockwise 8 times and tighten the lock nut.

Microcut Blades

The Microcut system uses two blades stacked on top of each other. The upper blade is narrow with an angled cutting edge, while the lower blade has large winged ends to increase vacuum.

To access the blades, tilt the mower on its right side so the fuel tank is facing up. This keeps fuel from flooding the carburetor.

When fitting blades to your mower, the upper and lower blades should be stacked on top of each other, followed by a set of directional washers and bolts. The outer edge of the washers should face toward the blades. Torque the blade bolts to 36-43 ft-lbs.

Grass Bag

To attach the bag, lift the guard on the back of the mower and set the bottom edge of the bag opening against the bottom of the discharge chute. Push the bag forward to lock it into place.

Over time, the pores in the bag can become clogged, keeping air from passing through and reducing the amount of grass entering the bag. If this happens, remove the bag from the mower and wash it with a garden hose or pressure washer. The grass bag can be used again once it’s completely dry.

Mowing on Hills

This mower is designed to handle slopes up to 20 degrees. When mowing on a hill, go across it instead of up and down.

Getting Parts for Your Honda Mower is an authorized Honda Engines and Honda Power Equipment dealer, which means we carry everything you need to maintain your HRR216PKA mower. Our site can show you parts based on your model and serial number, and it even has built-in parts diagrams direct from the manufacturer, making it easy to find what you need. We ship across the US and Canada.

Lawn Mower Height Settings (adjust your mower deck for a healthy lawn)

Sarah The Lawn Chick

Understanding your lawn mower height settings and how to adjust your mower deck properly will help you get the most from your lawn. Mowing your lawn at the correct height improves your lawn’s health and appearance. Proper mowing can also helps prevent weeds from germinating.

In this article, I’ll explore how you can find the right mower height for your mower (and grass type), and provide some basic instructions on how to change your mower deck height for different kinds of mowers. I’ll also explain why different height settings exist on mowers (and when you might need them). Finally, I’ll tell you exactly how to use your mower deck settings effectively to get the best results when using your lawn mower.

Let’s start with the absolute basics.

3 Inches or Taller is (Usually) the Best Setting

When choosing the right height for your mower, the time of year is one of the biggest factors that will determine the mower height setting you should use.

I recommend that most people increase the mower height to a minimum of 3-inches from the middle of April through September. Depending on your mower, this might be its highest setting.

Why would you keep your mower setting at 3-inches, which is often the tallest setting?

Keeping your mower set this high will:

  • Help the lawn conserve water
  • Promote the development of deep digging roots
  • Boost turf density
  • Improve turf color

The only times when you shouldn’t use this high setting is when you are doing the first and the final mow of the season. At these times, a 2.5-inch mowing height is best for most cool-season lawns (though at the end of the year I’ll sometimes go lower because of how I clean up my leaves).

Many homeowners imagine that the middle setting is best for their lawn, but this isn’t the case. In most cases, it’s too short. You should almost always go with the highest setting.

Some exceptions exist, however, based on your grass type. Some types of turfgrass look and grow best when mowed shorter than the recommendations I’ve detailed above. Bermuda is just one example. Often used for golf courses, Bermudagrass can thrive when mowed frequently at a low height.

There are several other warm season grass types grown in the southern US which will perform well when mowed at a shorter height. For many cool season lawns, mowing high will benefit the health and appearance of your lawn.

You can learn more about the different turfgrass growth habits and conditions unique to the three primary grass growing zones in the US right here.

Tall Grass Promotes Deep Roots

When your grass is allowed to grow taller, the plant will develop deeper roots. The roots of your grass will usually grow approximately three times as deep as how tall it is.

When grass is mown to one inch high, the roots will usually only extend to about 3-inches deep. At two inches high, the roots dig to about 6-inches deep. At three inches high, the grass roots can dig as deep as 9-inches.

Deep roots are the key to a dense and healthy lawn. Your grass will be able to access water deep in the soil between rainstorms, will retain its green color longer during the dog days of summer, and generally be more healthy and resilient.

Mowing Schedule for a Lawn Kept Tall

It’s best to mow your lawn once weekly and never take off more than 33% (or one-third) the height of the grass blade.

If you mow less frequently, you might find yourself taking off more and this, which is bad for the lawn.

Also, taking off only a little a time is good if you want to leave the clippings on your lawn for extra nutrition. If you leave too thick a layer of clippings on your lawn you can end up with thatch buildup, or even smother and suffocate your lawn.

Why Have You Seen So Many Short Lawns?

Given how important it is to keep your lawn relatively long, you may wonder why so many people go the opposite route and cut their lawns short. There are a few different reasons:


Some people think a lawn that is cut on a short setting has better aesthetics than a taller lawn. Of course that’s subjective, and what’s attractive to one homeowner isn’t to the next.

But what’s universally true is that the preference for a short lawn will often negatively affect the health of that lawn.

When a lawn is cut short, it is thinner, needs more water, is more prone to weeds, and will have shorter roots. It will also probably not have that ideal green color we all want.

Confusion Over Lawn Mower Height Settings

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners assume that the middle height setting on their lawn mower must be best. If you don’t know the proper height setting, go with something average, right?

Wrong. The highest setting is often the best one for your grass. And remember that the numbers you see on the settings (if your mower has numbers) don’t link with the lawn cutting height.

Always remember to put your mower on the highest setting or to cut your grass at a minimum of 3″ to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Golf Courses

Many people admire the look of green golf course grass and assume that if they cut their lawns the same way, they will have the same wonderful green color.

This is a mistake, as golf courses actually use special kinds of grass that allow them to keep their courses cut so short.

Most homes have lawns with grass that cannot thrive when mowed so close to the ground.

How to Change the Height Settings on Your Mower

The first step when you want to change your mower’s height settings is to consult with the manual.

The manufacturer’s manual will have information on how to increase and lower the setting of your mower. The way to adjust the mower and what the different adjustments mean vary from brand to brand of lawn mower.

A common mistake is to just assume that you understand all the ins and outs of your mower. You’d be surprised at the features and nuances you can learn when you take a few minutes to read the manual.

Once you understand the instructions in the manual about how to change the settings, do the adjustments on a flat surface. You will need to put the mower on a flat surface to see how low or high the mower is. A flat pavement surface (driveway) or a garage is a great place to do this.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the bottom of your mowing deck is the height at which your grass will be cut … your mower’s blade is usually higher.

Pick Settings Based On Your Grass

As we’ve already mentioned, most types of grass grow best with the highest setting on most mowers.

If you aren’t sure, or are unhappy with the results at this setting, I recommend starting high and then adjusting the deck lower one setting at a time until you get to a mowing deck height you’re happy with.

Before you start making your adjustments, ensure the mower is completely turned off and will not turn back on. That is an essential safety precaution and crucial for preventing injury.

If you have a gas mower, you will find a safety catch to hold down for the mower to run. Ensure that this is not being pressed by any kind of object. It’s best to remove the spark plug from the mower so that there’s absolutely no possibility it can start.

Many modern push mowers (and even some reel mowers) can make height adjustments just by moving a lever. Some types of mower may require adjustment of each wheel one at a time. If you have this kind of mower, ensure that you don’t inadvertently adjust each to a different height. If you do you’ll get an uneven mow job (or just go in circles).

You may need a wrench, screwdriver, and perhaps other tools to adjust wheel height.

Adjusting Height Settings on a Rotary Mower

As we mentioned earlier, the exact procedure for changing the setting on your mower will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model.

However, there are certain things you can keep in mind if you have a rotary mower, be it a push mower or self propelled.

If you have a very inexpensive or entry-level mower, it will probably have a very basic procedure for height adjustment. If you have an expensive model, it will be easier and faster to adjust.

Axel Adjustment

One of the most basic kinds of height adjustment is axle adjustment. Using this method, you will physically take off the wheels and put them at a higher setting. This will usually involve a snap-in system. If you have a very inexpensive or entry-level mower, this is probably the system you will use for adjusting height.

Individual Wheel Levers

Another type of method some rotary mowers use involves individual levers.

Using this method, each of the mower’s wheels has an individual lever. You’ll use these to raise or lower the height. In order to level the mower, you will have to adjust each individual wheel to a uniform setting.

This is the type of mower deck adjustment my Honda self propelled mower has, and I find it very easy to use.

Single Lever System

If you have a high-end model or a riding mower, you might find it uses a single lever system.

This is easy to use and involves using one lever to raise the deck. You’ll find the lever to one side of the machine, frequently close to the axle.

The name of this system is often the “central single lever height adjustment system.”

Riding Mowers are Usually More Complicated

Adjusting the height settings on a riding lawn mower is usually more complex and can vary considerably from model to model. My best advice is to thoroughly read the owner’s manual that came with the riding mower to make sure you know what you are doing.

If you can’t find your manual but have the manufacturer and model number of your mower you can find and download the manual with a quick Google search.

When in Doubt, Set Your Blade High for a Healthy Lawn

Many experts explain that keeping your lawn taller (three inches or higher) is best for grass health, and I agree with them.

Mowing high will put your grass in a better position for dealing with conditions such as drought or hot weather. It is also helpful if your lawn has to deal with shady conditions.

When the weather gets a little cooler, you can usually cut the grass a little bit shorter if you want to. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have, a good rule of thumb is to cut it at three inches or down to a minimum of 2 ½”, never removing more than one third of the grass blade at a time.

Understanding your model of lawn mower and how your lawn mower height settings work is important if you want to use it properly. Read the manual that came with your mower to understand how its height settings work and how to adjust them.

Once you understand what to do and how to do it, you will know how to customize your mower for the healthiest lawn.

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Petrol lawn mower HONDA HRX 537 VKEA

0 )


Availability: in stock

159 990 rub


Quick Reserve

The HRX Series are Honda’s premium lawn mowers. These mowers have a cutting width of 53 cm, which allows you to cover a large area in less time. The HRX 537 VKE/HYE models are equipped with a CVT/hydrostatic transmission.

HONDA engine

Powerful 4-stroke Honda GCV 190/187 engine (3.8 kW), which allows the mower to move at speeds up to 6-7 km/h. It is much more environmentally friendly and quieter than two-stroke counterparts. The engine is also equipped with an easy start system.


The revolutionary SmartDrive™ variable speed transmission technology allows you to change the speed of the mower in the range from 0 to 6 km/h while maintaining the quality of the cut. Butterfly-shaped handle with large levers allows you to adjust the speed by pressing the palm of your hand or your finger on the handle.

Easy Start

Automatic choke and engine decompression system: start and mow.

Heavy Duty Deck

Honda has developed and patented the special material POLYSTRONG ® or XENOY ® (Nexite). The body of the mower made of this material is more impact resistant than analogues made of polypropylene, and also has better vibration and sound absorption. Bumpers for cars are made from a similar material. The material is resistant to UV radiation, corrosion, twisting. The mower body is molded in one piece for maximum strength and rigidity.

Cutting quality

The body of the HRX mowers is designed to carry the cut grass as far as possible to the grass catcher, ensuring that even tall grass is processed flawlessly. The 537 series models have many cutting height adjustments: 4 levers, 7 positions, 20-100 mm.

Comfort for all

The noise from the mower is mainly generated by the air currents in the housing and not by the engine. Therefore, Honda has developed a body design that reduces turbulence, resulting in very low noise levels (98 dB(A)) and meet the most stringent global noise emission standards.


The grass cut by the HRX 537 is chopped with 4 double bladed blades (Honda patented technology), allowing you to mow 40-50% more grass without emptying the grass box.


The grass rotates in the housing. In the HRX mower, the inside of the body is particularly smooth. This not only optimizes grass collection, but also prevents the accumulation of clumps of cut grass that stick to the body walls or fall onto the lawn. With this housing, cleaning is especially easy: a simple touch of the scraper and your mower is ready for the next mowing!


Safety system – engine stop.


Ergonomic handle with quick lock. Click-system for one-handed adjustment of the handle in 5 positions.


Mulching is a grass cutting technique in which the cut grass is finely chopped before being thrown away. Small particles of grass are an excellent fertilizer. Quality mulching has the benefits: the lawn is nourished, protected from summer drought, and most importantly, you don’t have to dispose of the cut grass.

Versamow Innovative Variable Mulching System

Are you interested in mulching but find the technology tedious? HRX mowers are made just for you. The innovative mulching system allows you, with a simple lever and without any installation or blade change, to select or set the desired mode, which is adapted to the height of the grass and to the weather conditions (dry or wet grass). For example, collecting cut grass in a grass catcher, selecting cut and chopped grass for the lawn, mulching in a user-selected proportion (part of the chopped grass is collected in a grass catcher, and the rest is evenly scattered on the lawn), cutting grass or foliage. 5 mulching settings. Even after returning from a long vacation, your lawn will be well trimmed and ready for mulching.

Warranty – 2 years

After purchasing a lawn mower, you can be calm, because HONDA provides a 2-year full warranty for the entire range of power equipment (motor cultivators, mini-power plants, water pumps and snow blowers).

Cutting width, cm: 53
Drive type: Automatic
Type of emergency stop system: Engine shutdown
Transmission: Variator
Body materials: Xenoy
Cutting height adjustment, mm:

7 positions, 20-100 mm

Grass catcher capacity, l: 88
Front wheel diameter, mm: 224
Rear wheel diameter, mm: 224
Dry weight, kg: 40. 1
Engine: Petrol 4-stroke
Maximum power: 3.8 kW / 5.1 HP
at 3600 rpm
Noise level, dB: 98
Launch: Starter cable
Grass bag material: Fabric

Hedge trimmer AS 63 4T Honda

Allmäher modern all-round mower with Honda engine for medium height grass

Mulching and mowing in one step. Equipped with a cross blade system and a 4.3 hp Honda GXV-160 engine. and a working volume of 163 cm3, the AS 63 4T Honda mower easily mows and shreds even tall grass.
Separated engine crankshaft and cutter shaft protect the engine in case of invisible obstructions. A speed of 1.8–3.8 km/h and an area of ​​2300 m2/hour is possible thanks to the high-performance Honda engine, variable drive and a cutting width of 61 cm. The AS 63 4T Honda mower easily cuts grass up to 80 cm high. 44 allows the AS 63 4T Honda to brake autonomously when driving downhill. The mower will not accelerate when going downhill, no matter how steep the slope is. When driving, the AS 63 4T Honda has a permanent differential lock, which ensures stable traction and safe operation on slopes.

Safe, easy and convenient operation

AS 63 4T Honda control levers include parking brake, traction drive, differential lock and blade clutch. The automatic parking brake is an additional safety feature. When the gear lever is released, the parking brake is automatically applied and the AS 63 4T Honda comes to a stop, whether on a slope or on level ground. For ease of use, the mower has a V-shaped steering column that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically without tools. VibrationProtect reduces hand vibration to a minimum.

Ask dealers for a quote


Mow and mulch in one step

The cross-blade system of the AS 62 & AS 63 Allmäher® lawn mower cuts and cuts even tall vegetation with ease and impresses with its performance and mulching results.

Automatic parking brake

When the drive lever is released, the machine stops automatically, whether on a slope or ground level.

Self-locking traction drive

1:13.44 gear ratio for optimum traction and autonomous braking when driving downhill.

Automatic differential lock

100% differential lock on the move for better handling.

High cutting capacity

1:1.6 gear ratio for high cutting power in thick brush.

Engine protection

Separated engine crankshaft and cutter shaft protect the engine.

Conical mowing deck

The conical mulching deck creates an airflow that draws the cut grass evenly into the deck for a superior mowing result.

Product details


The speed controller allows you to adjust the driving speed.

Anti-vibration protection

“VibrationProtect” reduces hand vibration to a minimum.

Easy transport

AS 63 folds easily for transport.

Cleaning and service position

The compact design of the AS 63 allows easy and convenient cleaning.

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