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PAC HDK001X Dash and Wiring Kit
Install and connect a single-DIN receiver in select 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson models

This PAC HDK001X factory dash and wiring kit allows you to install a single-DIN (2" tall) radio in select 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson models with factory fairings. It includes a pre-programmed interface to retain the factory handlebar audio controls and a pre-wired installation harness that requires no cutting of any factory wires. The kit features two options of frames for the aftermarket radio installation (with or without a hinged tinted/UV protective cover). Warranty: 1 year.

Harley Davidson Radio Replacement Kit: The PAC HDK001K radio replacement kit makes it possible for Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts to integrate an aftermarket radio into their ride. This Harley Davidson radio replacement kit includes a pre-programmed interface to retain the factory handlebar audio controls, installation harness, two options of radio housings for the aftermarket head unit installation, and mounting hardware.

Compatibility: The PAC HDK001X is compatible with select 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles (FL models with factory fairings).

Radio Housing: The PAC HDK001X comes with two radio mounting kits that will fit most single-DIN aftermarket head units. One of the mounting kits features a hinged tinted/UV protective cover, while the other mounting kit does not.

Retains Handlebar Audio Controls: The included SWI-HD interface module allows you to retain your Harley Davidson's handlebar audio controls. The included SWI-HD interface module is compatible with Alpine, Clarion, Dual, Kenwood, Jensen, JVC, Pioneer, Sony, & Valor aftermarket head unit's that features a SWC input (3. 5mm) or SWC wire (Blue/Yellow). The interface comes pre-programmed, but can also be reconfigured.

Wiring Harness: The PAC HDK001X comes with a wiring harness which plugs directly into the included interface module and your Harley Davidson's factory radio plug. You will need to hard-wire the following seven wires of the harness to your new aftermarket head unit's wiring harness.

  • Does not retain rear speakers. These will need to be hard wired.
  • The aftermarket radio MUST be equipped with a wired remote input (3.5mm headphone style jack or Blue/Yellow wire) to be compatible (ex. a port or wire on the back of the radio labeled W/R, REM, Wired Remote, Remote, Rem Cont etc.). If the radio does not have a wired remote input then you will need to use the SWI-X.
  • Not compatible with any Sony XAV series head unit. These models must be used with SWI-CP2 or SWI-CP5
  • Not compatible with Alpine models: CDE-172BT, CDE-173BT and CDE175BT. These must be used with the SWI-CP2 or SWI-CP5
  • Not compatible with Kenwood models: KDC-X598, KDC-BT318U, KDCBT-758-HD, KDCBT-558U & KDC-X798. These models must be used with the SWI-CP2 or SWI-CP5

SKU: 172931910878







For 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 and 2015-2019 Silverado/Sierra 2500 & 3500 Trucks

PAC’s RadioPRO GM full-size truck kit is for Stinger’s HEIGh20 multimedia head unit. The SR-GM14H kit enables you to replace a GM factory radio with a show-stopping HEIGh20 infotainment system while retaining most OEM features and maintaining a flush, factory look, and feel. It adds upgraded features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more to your GM truck’s stereo system!

*UN1810/HEIGh20 sold separately










Factory-matched radio mounting panels for HEIGh20 (for any previous size of OEM radio)

RP5-GM51 RadioPRO for GM vehicles*

PAC CMX chime module

Complete installation harnesses

Dash-mount dual USB cable

Antenna adapters for satellite and AM/FM radio

*Not compatible with BOSE-equipped vehicles






Features a giant high-resolution, 10-inch capacitive touchscreen with 16. 7 million colors for a full visual experience.

Access your smartphone’s music, maps, and hands-free calling easily on your dash.

Complete plug-n-play system: no vehicle modifications needed!

Complete feature retention: warning chimes, OnStar, factory WiFi, SWC

OEM safety: front park assist, rear park assist, reverse camera (if equipped)

Custom-tuned vehicle settings with PAC-UP USB adapter (sold separately)

Complete plug-n-play system: no vehicle modifications needed!

Flush-mounted plastics for a seamless OEM experience

The secure mounting system was engineered to hold your HEIGh20 system securely to withstand any bumps, dips while towing or carrying anything in your truck bed.

Upgrade your truck’s radio with a high-resolution, 10-inch capacitive touchscreen with 16.7 million colors for a full visual experience, HEIGh20 was designed to enhance screen size and infotainment features for your GM truck.










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How one car radio differs from another. Types, types and distinctive features of radio tape recorders

Most motorists do not really understand the intricacies of the car radio installed in the car: it plays, the radio catches, the phone charges – and that’s fine. But when the sad moment of replacement comes, it turns out that even the simplest radio has a lot of design features that need to be considered when choosing. In this article, we have collected for you everything you need to know about the types, types, sizes of radio tape recorders, design features, control and configuration.

Mounting dimension

Let’s start with the simplest: the size range. Now on the market there are three options for mounting dimensions of radio tape recorders: 1DIN, 2DIN and standard.

Head unit

This is the one that is installed from the factory. Regular car radios can have any size and shape, depending on the imagination of engineers and designers. To pick it up for your car, you need to take into account the make, model and year of manufacture of the car, then you can be sure that the new radio tape recorder will clearly fit into its seat.

Head unit Gazer CM6009-BK

1DIN and 2DIN

These are the standard dimensions of the radio frame (width and height), which correspond to the car seat niche:

    90 073 Niche for 1DIN corresponds to the dimensions of 180×50 mm;

Fantom FP-302 car radio 1DIN

  • Niche for 2DIN has a size of 180×100 mm.

Cyclone MP-7093A car radio 2DIN

That is, the width will be the same in both cases, and the height of 2DIN is twice that of 1DIN (logical, right?)

There is also a rare non-standard exotic, which is called 1. 5 DIN: something in between two standard sizes. Such radio tape recorders are occasionally installed as standard head units in American cars, and in order to replace such a radio tape recorder, you need to buy a standard 1DIN and an adapter frame.

A 1DIN radio can be installed in a 2DIN niche if the buyer is primarily interested in a low price and a minimum set of functions. And if dimensions allow, a 1DIN or 2DIN standard radio tape recorder can be installed in place of the regular one, again using a transition frame.

What about depth? This parameter is not standardized in any way, and until recently the landing depth of radio tape recorders was about 160 mm, since this is the size of a standard CD / DVD drive. Recently, however, radios with a shallower depth have appeared. This is due to the gradual rejection of CDs, therefore, all the electronic “stuffing” can be placed in a smaller case. New cars are also often designed for the installation of compact radios, so when buying, you must first measure the mounting niche: it is quite possible that you will have to look for a radio with a landing depth of 5-7 cm, 8 cm, 12 cm and so on.

Radio Nextone MD-702 with a seating depth of 65 cm


Features and characteristics of the screens that are installed on the radio, we will consider in the next article. In the meantime, let’s talk about how the screen is connected to the body of the car radio.

The 1DIN radio is most often equipped with a small color screen or simple text display to show the name of the track or the frequency of the radio station. But the 2DIN standard allows you to place a fairly convenient multifunctional screen on which you can display all the necessary information, images from rear view cameras and much more.

Screens are available in three designs: monoblock, retractable and swivel.


It is also stationary – the most common option. The screen is simply built into the radio, nothing special, nothing superfluous and complicated. 90% of radio tape recorders on the market are exactly radio tape recorders with a stationary screen, since it is this design that is the most reliable, less prone to breakage due to vibration and during operation in general.

Retractable screen

An interesting design, useful for those who can only install a 1DIN radio, but want to have a full-fledged large “picture”. In such radios, the screen is hinged and placed in a niche above the radio, from where it can be pulled out if necessary. It turns out a 2-in-1 option: with a hidden screen, you can listen to the radio, music from removable media and use other functions that do not require visualization. And if you need a picture from the rear view cameras, you want to watch a clip, a video on YouTube or a movie, track the route and use other functions, the screen can be pulled out.

Cyclone MP-7054 radio with retractable screen

Swivel screen

This is a design that allows the screen to be rotated to a horizontal or vertical orientation. The screen itself does not fold, but it works like a tablet, substituting a convenient format for watching movies or displaying a list of files on a flash drive, phone or memory card. Rotary screens can be larger than the standard 180×100, as on 2DIN radios. In modern cars, the head multimedia device can be equipped with a screen with a diagonal of up to 15 inches – such a full-fledged tablet.

How the swivel screen of the car radio works

Front panel

The front panel is the “face” of the radio, by which it is very easy to recognize. Display, control, slots for connecting gadgets and memory cards – all this should be convenient, intuitive and pleasant to look at. Each manufacturer develops its own style and design of the front panel.

However, such recognition can play into the hands of car thieves. Knowing this, electronics manufacturers offer buyers a radio with a removable panel, which the car owner removes before leaving and hides in the glove compartment or takes it with him. It makes no sense to steal a radio without a front panel: its price is so low that it does not justify the effort and risk expended, and no one will buy it. So it’s not a bad theft insurance.

There are three front panel designs available on the market: removable, fixed and hinged.

Removable panel

This is the anti-theft protection that is popular with drivers who have to leave the car on the street without guards. To store the removed panel, the radio can come with a special plastic or fabric case that protects against scratches and moisture.

Shuttle SUD-388 radio with removable front panel

Fixed panel

It is one piece with the radio. The fixed design is suitable for those who park the car in a garage, in a guarded parking lot or in the yard of their own private house. In all these cases, the risk that the radio will be “calculated” and try to steal is minimal.

Flip-out panel

This is a solution for convenient operation of a radio with a wide range of functions. In this case, the front panel folds down on hinges, but does not completely remove. Manufacturers often combine controls: the panel itself contains a screen, sound adjustment, radio tuning and other popular functions, and below it there is a disc slot and CD / DVD drive control buttons.

Sony CDX-MP80 radio with folding front panel –
a rare visitor nowadays . At night, all buttons and controls of the radio should be visible without turning on the lights in the cabin, and the general appearance should be in harmony with the interior of the car. So the issue of lighting is one of those that buyers find out when buying.

There are two options for color indication of the car radio: fixed color or changeable.

  • In the first case, the manufacturer indicates which color of the LEDs is used to illuminate the radio. If the issue of aesthetics is very important for the buyer, he will pay attention to the color of the indication and choose the one that suits the style of the salon. Most often, radios are illuminated with one specific color, less often the panel is equipped with a multi-color display.
  • Variable backlight – a universal option when the user can customize the color of the indication. You can choose the usual color scheme, or the most suitable for the interior colors, or change according to your mood.

Popular radio JVC KD-X176
with variable panel display color

Of course, among all the technical characteristics, the color scheme of the radio backlight is not the most important, but the mood of the car owner depends on it, and this is already a lot.

Radio control

Switch radio stations, search for your favorite tracks in the playlist, adjust the volume, receive calls – all this has to be distracted if there is no convenient way to control it. Therefore, manufacturers offer various options for controlling the car radio: from old-school buttons and wheels to voice commands.

Mechanical buttons

This is the easiest and most familiar way to interact with electronics. You don’t even need to explain anything here: turn the volume up, press the buttons to move through the playlist, adjust the radio stations … Everything is simple, like a janitor’s song. Such control is suitable for those who turn on the radio, adjust the volume and then hardly touch it.

Touch control

In addition to standard buttons, the radio is also controlled from the touch screen. Comfortable, familiar, functional. It is clear that this requires a full-fledged screen about 10 cm high, so touch control is available on 2DIN or 1DIN radios with a large screen (stationary or retractable).

Infrared remote control

The principle is the same as for any other remote control, including home TV. The most convenient option for controlling the radio from the passenger seats: you can turn on your favorite music or movie without distracting the driver over trifles.

Shuttle SDU-4050 car radio
with IR remote control

Steering wheel remote control

Such a remote control can be included with the car radio and mounted on the steering wheel with clips. Or the radio tape recorder may provide for the connection of a standard steering remote control, which is equipped with a car from the factory.

OEM remote control

When the radio specifications say that it can be controlled from the standard buttons on the steering wheel, this means that it has a connector for connecting this remote control. For the driver, this is one of the most convenient options: the buttons under the fingers are familiar, no need to relearn, and the radio tape recorder works great.

Remote control from the kit

For car owners who are not equipped with a standard steering wheel remote control, a detachable remote control from the radio set is useful. It is fixed in a convenient place on the steering wheel, connected to the radio and works similarly to the standard remote control.

Smartphone control

Android radios perfectly sync with your smartphone via a wireless connection (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). You can install a branded application from the radio manufacturer on your phone, for example, Pioneer Advanced Remote Control (Pioneer ARC) or any of the play store, and control all the functions of the radio, including equalizer, backlight, radio settings, file storage and others.

Popular Radio Cyclone MP-1019G MBA
with smartphone control

Voice control

One of the most convenient options for the driver is the ability to control the car radio using voice commands. If you need to receive and make calls, select your favorite tracks, adjust the volume, and all this without taking your eyes off the road, choose a radio with voice control.

As a rule, the radio has 2-3 control options, so that the driver can choose the most convenient one.


The issue of equipment is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Given that each manufacturer of radio tape recorders is trying to somehow improve and expand the functionality of their products, sometimes you can find non-standard solutions for connecting or controlling the device. So it’s better if the kit includes all the necessary adapters, adapters and other aids:

  • Adapters for ISO, RGB and other connectors are needed so that the radio is completely connected to any car correctly.
  • Remote antennas: Wi-Fi, GPS, DAB, radio. Depending on which antenna connectors the radio has, so many antennas themselves can be included. It is better to place them not inside the cabin, but closer to the outside of the body, for example, in the upper corner of the windshield. Small antennas, designed to be installed on the rear side of the radio, are usually ineffective and are suitable for use in the city, where there is good communication.
  • Cables: USB extension, AUX, HDMI video cable, RCA “tulips” for connecting speakers, additional cable for remote control on the steering wheel and others. Some of them may never be needed, for example, HDMI is only needed to connect to an external video monitor. But USB or AUX will be needed to connect a smartphone, flash drive or other storage media. Most drivers lead the cable from the rear connector of the radio into the glove compartment: it’s convenient, and always at hand, and there are no “snot” hanging in the cabin.

Complete set of Mystery MDD-6240S radio:
complete set of cables and adapters, remote control,
installation frame

  • Rear view camera. Many car radios with a screen provide for connecting a rear-view camera, one or two. And sometimes such a compatible camera can come with a radio. It remains only to carefully lay the wire and connect it to the appropriate connector.
  • GPS and Bluetooth module. If the radio is not equipped with a built-in GPS or Bluetooth module, but provides for an external connection, such a module may be included. If you need it, use it; if you don’t need it, turn it off.
  • Remote control. The remote control, the steering wheel remote control and the cable for connecting the standard steering wheel remote control – all this makes using the radio more convenient, fast and inconspicuous.
  • Everything for installation. Frame, plates, keys – everything that you may need when installing the radio yourself, even if you do not have special tools for this. Given that the kit comes with the necessary connectors and adapters, connecting the radio yourself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Especially in the presence of a sensible manual.
  • Cloth or plastic cover for access panel. A really handy thing if you need to put the removed panel in your pocket, where it can be scratched or fall out during careless movement.