Irobot braava jet 240: iRobot Braava Jet 240 Review – Should You Buy The iRobot Braava Jet 240?

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Review – Should You Buy The iRobot Braava Jet 240?

We evaluated the iRobot Braava Jet 240 as part of our larger tested best robot mops review, and we determined it to be the best value robot mop pick on the market. Read on to learn more about this efficient, budget-friendly device.

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 is one of the most affordable robot mops out there, retailing for just around $200. Despite being significantly smaller than many of the other models we rigorously tested in our search for the best robot mops, it delivers big when it comes to cleaning power—and it’s especially helpful when it comes to cleaning up smaller spaces. After a thorough testing process, we’ve determined it to be the best value robot mop on the market today.

Small yet might, the iRobot Braava Jet 240 is the best budget-friendly robot mop on the market.

Camryn Rabideau

Because of its compact size, the Braava Jet 240 actually boasts an added feature: It’s able to get into nooks and crannies where other models can’t. What’s more, in addition to wet mopping, the robot can also be used to dry sweep or “damp mop,” capabilities that are bound to come in handy for anyone with a variety of different messes to tackle. And while this particular robot mop may not have the longest battery life, it’s perfect for maintaining small rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Ahead, read about the Braava Jet 240’s top features, and scroll further for all of the details on how we tested and evaluated all of the top robot mops on the market.


iRobot Braava Jet 240

Water tank: 15 oz. | Pad type: Reusable or disposable | Vacuuming: No, but pairs with select Roomba robot vacuums | Smart features: Yes | Battery life: 160 minutes | Warranty: 1 year

Best for:

  • Current Roomba owners
  • Wet and dry mopping
  • Removing tough stains

Skip if:

  • You want an all-in-one robot vacuum and mop

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Features

Surprisingly Powerful Mopping Action

Don’t be fooled by its small size: The Braava Jet 240 can still stand up to tough messes. To set it up, you simply fill its water tank with a mixture of water and one of iRobot’s floor cleaning solutions, then you attach either a disposable or reusable pad to the bottom of the mop. From there, set it in the room of your choice and let it get to work.

Unlike many robot mops that simply drive in straight paths across your floors, the Braava Jet 240 works in a back-and-forth “V”-shaped motion, spraying the mixture of water and cleaning solution as it goes. This movement allows it to pass over a given area multiple times, efficiently scrubbing away all sorts of stains. It was able to lift sticky messes and dried-on mud from the floor with no problem, outperforming many robot mops that are twice its size—and often more than twice as expensive.

The caveat, however, is that this mop works best in smaller rooms. Our main testing area was around 200 square feet, and the Braava was only able to complete around ¾ of the cleaning process before its battery died. (It can run for around 60 minutes per charge. ) Once we moved it to a 100-square-foot bathroom, the mop did much better in terms of performance, cleaning the whole space in around 40 minutes.

Compact Form For Tight Areas

The Braava Jet 240 was the smallest robot mop we tested—it measures it at just 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches and weighs less than 3 pounds. (By comparison, most of the other mops we tested were around 12 inches in diameter and usually weigh around 8 pounds.) While this does mean it covers less area with each pass, it excels in ways other models can’t. Chiefly, it’s ideal for mopping in rooms with a lot of obstacles, as it can squeeze into hard-to-reach places. For instance, most of the robot mops we tested weren’t able to fit underneath a standard dining chair without getting stuck, whereas the compact Braava easily navigated and cleaned around furniture legs with no problem. It also did a great job avoiding the small area rug in the middle of the floor, cleaning around the edges without getting tripped up.

One small downside worth noting: Because the mop has smaller-than-average pads, it wasn’t able to soak up quite as much water as other mops we tested. When we challenged it to tackle a large water spill, its pad quickly became saturated, leaving behind quite a bit of liquid.

Multiple Cleaning Modes And Pad Options

While we focused predominantly on the Braava’s mopping abilities in testing, this cleaning robot actually has three different cleaning modes. It can be used to wet mop, damp mop or dry sweep, and the machine determines the correct mode based on the type of pad you attach.

The Braava Jet 240 works in a “V”-shaped motion, dragging either a reusable or disposable pad across … [+] your floors.

Camryn Rabideau

When dry sweeping, the robot travels in a straight path, and when we tested this function, it did a good job picking up dog hair and dust from the floor. That said, the pad is fairly small so it did get somewhat bogged down with hair toward the end of its cleaning cycle. The damp mopping mode also uses straight cleaning paths, which results in less scrubbing than its wet mopping mode, and it also uses less water. This mode is ideal for everyday cleaning when there aren’t large stains that need to be removed.

We also like that the Braava can be used with either reusable or disposable cleaning pads. There are reusable pads available for all three cleaning modes, and you can simply toss them in the washing machine after use. Alternatively, the brand sells single-use pads that you throw away after use for low-maintenance operation.

How Does The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Compare To Other Robot Mops?

Out of the robot mops we tested, we determined the iRobot Braava Jet 240 to be the best value for your money. With a retail price of around $200, it’s by far the most affordable option. (Every other model we tested was $400 or more.) And while it does have a shorter battery life, overall, it does a thorough job cleaning—especially small spaces.

If you’re looking for a robot mop to clean that can tackle large areas, we recommend the Bissell SpinWave. This model has a longer battery life of up to 130 minutes, and we found that its rotating mop heads excelled at removing dirt, dust and stains from hard floors. Additionally, this model can be controlled via an app, allowing you to schedule cleanings and monitor its maintenance requirements. Plus, it comes with a vacuum attachment, which allows it to do double-duty as a robot vacuum.

How I Tested The Best Robot Mops

We tested a total of eight robot mops as part of our larger review, putting each one through a series of standardized cleaning tests in a 200-square-foot testing space. We ran each mop a minimum of four times, testing all cleaning modes available. Then, we evaluated how well each model was able to clean up messes such as spilled water, a sticky soda stain and dried-on mud. We also set up several obstacles within the space, including a small area rug and dining chair, to assess how well each mop could navigate around these items. Other factors we took into account during testing included each mop’s ease of use, smart functionality and noise level.

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My Expertise

I’ve been testing products professionally for more than six years, and in that time, I’ve reviewed a wide variety of cleaning products. While doing my initial research on robot mops, I also spoke with several cleaning experts, including Jessica Samson of, Andrii Gurskyi of HomeClean and Michael Silva-Nash of Molly Maid for insight into the workings and benefits of these machines. During the testing process, I spent several days testing the Braava Jet 240 and comparing it to seven other robot mop models.

iRobot Braava jet 240 Mopping Robot review

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The cute iRobot Braava jet 240 robotic mop is great in a pinch, but it won’t replace a traditional mop and bucket.

(Image: © iRobot)

Tom’s Guide Verdict

The $169 iRobot Braava jet 240 mopping robot works well, as long as you’re willing to make a few trade-offs.


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While there’s a robust market for robot vacuums, mopping robots have yet to sweep the nation in the same way. There’s an obvious reason for that — if a robot vacuum gets stuck on a rug, any damage is usually minor and robotically self-inflicted. Let a robot mop loose in the house and an errant move could result in floor or rug damage.

At $169.99, iRobot’s Braava jet 240 is a relatively inexpensive robot mop that also dusts floors, making it one of the best robot mops for those on a budget. While iRobot includes helpful technology designed to keep the robot from going rogue on a rug, we still wouldn’t let it roam our home completely unsupervised. 

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Compared with its robot vacuum brethren, the iRobot Braava jet 240 is shockingly small; its packaging is so small that when the box initially arrived, we suspected the wrong item had been delivered. The diminutive robot measures 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inches, almost half the size of one of iRobot’s vacuums. The Braava jet is also markedly smaller than the $249 iLife Shinebot W400, which looms over it at 11.1 x 11.5 x 4.7 inches. The W400 also weighs a hefty 7.72 pounds empty, while the Braava jet is a scant 2.7 pounds. The Braava jet 240’s nearly square shape and short stature make it ideal for cleaning along corners and under kitchen cabinets.

(Image credit: Future)

  • iRobot Braava jet 240 (White) at Walmart for $318.54

The Braava jet 240 has a sturdy handle built into the top that conceals water tank access and the cleaning pad eject button. It folds flat and surrounds the combination power and Clean button in the center. The front side of the robot houses the water sprayer. Flip it around and you’ll find an easily removable battery that’s charged separately from the unit.

(Image credit: Future)

The underside of the Braava jet 240 houses the cleaning pad attachment clips and two small rubber wheels. Slide in a cleaning pad until it clicks and the robot will read the pad type and clean accordingly.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Cleaning pad prices

There are three types of proprietary cleaning pads made by iRobot that work with the Braava jet 240: a white, dry sweeping pad; an orange, damp sweeping pad; and a blue, wet mopping pad. The whole concept is not unlike wet/dry Swiffer sheets, except that reusable, washable pads are available in addition to disposable ones.

(Image credit: Future)

iRobot sells both the disposable and reusable pads for the Braava jet 240, and the robot itself comes with two disposable versions of each pad. A pack of 10 disposable dry, damp or wet pads is available for $7.99. A full set of three washable mopping pads will set you back $29.99. 

(Image credit: Future)

One gripe with the disposable pads is that they currently aren’t available in a variety pack. iRobot even recommends using the dry sweeping pad prior to using the wet pads, so it would make sense for the company to sell a mixed pack. Paying $8 for 10 pads isn’t a bad value proposition, but shelling out $24 just to be able to use the mop as intended isn’t great — particularly if you’re only using the wet mopping pads in a small area like a bathroom.

By comparison, the iLife W400 uses a single brush roll that’s meant to be rinsed after each use, in conjunction with a dirty-water tank that handles the floor grime.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Setup

Prepping the Braava jet 240 to mop was fairly straightforward. I filled the water tank with warm tap water, clicked in a cleaning pad and inserted the battery. iRobot advises users to fill the water tank by holding the Braava jet down and to the left, as this funnels the water into the robot. Because the Braava jet 240 is solid white plastic, I was unable to tell how full the tank was — until water bubbled back out. By comparison, the translucent water tank of the iLife W400 holds significantly more liquid.

(Image credit: Future)

Unlike many robot vacuum cleaners, the Braava jet 240 doesn’t use “bot boundary” strips on your floor or customizable maps on your phone to delineate where the bot is allowed to travel.  

Instead, the Braava jet 240 creates an invisible line that the bot won’t cross. There are two small, rectangular blue lights on top of the Braava jet 240. Press and hold the Clean button and the lights illuminate, indicating where the bot has drawn its invisible line on your floor. While the Braava jet 240 is mopping, it remembers where this virtual line exists and won’t venture past it. We used this feature to stop the bot from traveling between our kitchen and dining room. It respected the 5-foot-wide virtual line, never crossing it. This feature resets with each cleaning.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Performance

In addition to sending the Braava jet 240 on cleaning runs throughout the first floor of my house, (which has a mostly open floor plan), I tested the cleaning prowess of the iRobot Braava jet 240 using each of the sample pads in a 70-square-foot area of hardwood floor in my kitchen. 

While I anticipated the mop’s small size would lead to very long cleaning times, I was pleasantly surprised. The Braava jet 240’s white, dry sweeping pad dusted the 70-square-foot kitchen area in 10 minutes and 8 seconds, while the orange, damp sweeping pad completed the task in 18 minutes and 51 seconds.

The blue wet pad, which is meant to thoroughly mop floors, cleaned the area in 31 minutes and 9 seconds. The Braava Jet 240’s wet-mopping mode is most similar to the iLife W400’s mopping capability. That robot finished the same 70-square-foot area in just 13 minutes and 44 seconds. Comparatively, our floors were noticeably wetter when the W400 finished.

(Image credit: Future)

The Braava jet 240 uses a spray-and-mop method for cleaning, meaning it moves forward roughly 12 inches, then goes backward, sprays and moves back and forth over the area before proceeding further. It’s a solid method for preventing excess water on floors, but it also results in the mopping pad being almost too dry when the Braava jet 240 starts a cleaning. Conversely, much like any mop, the cleaning pad is full of dirt by the end of a mopping cycle.

The iLife W400 uses a plush rotating brush, clean and dirty water tanks and a squeegee that follows behind the brush in its floor-cleaning mission. The system is more cumbersome to maintain than the Braava jet 240’s cleaning-agent-infused pads with their click-clean-dispose convenience.

Much like a puppy, the biggest concern with any robot mop is, “Will it go on the rug?” The iRobot Braava jet 240 was well-behaved and carefully avoided “accidents” on our rugs, but it did catch on a thin rug between the cleaning pad and the robot itself. The bot never sprayed, but it did continue to try and push into the rug. Unlike a robot vacuum, robot mops definitely need more supervision and hand-holding.

But does it clean floors well? The iRobot Braava jet 240 did a decent job picking up light dirt from our floors and erasing the water drop marks around our dog’s water bowl. But after cleaning, we were still able to wipe up a fair amount of dirt with a wet paper towel. The iLife W400 did a better job picking up surface dirt, and we liked that the dirty water was sucked up by the bot. We got the sense that while the Braava jet 240 collects dirt on its pad, it’s also just pushing some dirt around while it works. We would use the Braava jet 240 for a quick cleaning before having guests over, as the scented pads have a nice “This home was recently cleaned” smell to them. However, the Braava jet 240 couldn’t fully clean a spot in front of our fridge that had been there for a few days. In other words, this robot won’t replace your old trusty mop and bucket, but it certainly cuts down the frequency with which you’ll need to pull them out.

The disposable-or-reusable-pad method isn’t new in the home-cleaning space, but it does work. For those with allergies, the Braava jet, especially in dry-sweeping mode, is essentially robotically pushing dust and dander around after the pad is full. We preferred the iLife W400’s soft roller combined with clean and dirty water tanks for a slightly deeper clean. Instead of the dirt hitching a ride on a pad, it’s deposited into the dirty tank.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Verdict

The $169 iRobot Braava jet 240 does a decent job cleaning, especially considering its small footprint. We liked how well it cleaned edges and left a fresh scent after cleaning. While it’s not going to replace a mop, bucket and elbow grease, this robot mop is great for light floor cleanings. The $249 iLife Shinebot W400 does a better job lifting dirt from floors, but this larger bot requires a cumbersome cleanup when it’s done. 

We’d be more excited about the Braava jet’s value if it didn’t require purchasing additional cleaning pads, but the convenience of either click-and-dropping a disposable pad right in the garbage or tossing a reusable one in the laundry is hard to beat. If you choose the disposable pads, expect to spend $24 to $48 a year, depending on how often you clean. It’s not too long before the W400 becomes the better value in addition to being the better floor cleaner.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Price Comparison

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$179. 99









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iRobot Braava Jet 240 robot floor cleaner for mopping, dry and wet cleaning.

Compact dimensions.

The Braava Jet 240 Robotic Floor Sweeper is a miniature assistant that can dry and wet clean hard floors and mop floors. The robot will reach the most inaccessible places.

Perfect navigation.

The robot perfectly navigates in space, avoiding obstacles, avoiding carpets and performing the required number of passes. If there is a wall ahead, the floor polisher stops spraying water in front of it.

Ease of use.

Braava Jet 240 controls are kept to a minimum. Fill with water, install the desired napkin, put the polisher on the floor and press the power button. Everything else the robot will do itself, without missing a single secluded corner.

Mobile application.

The robot supports the free iRobot Home app and communicates with a mobile device via Bluetooth. If you want to get exclusive functionality, download the application to your smartphone.

Definition of differences.

The Braava Jet 240 constantly monitors the level of the floor so that it does not fall from a height when approaching steps. With the help of sensors, the polisher detects stairs and high thresholds, after which it rebuilds the route of movement.

Three modes.

Braava has three modes to suit your needs. Dry mopping is for picking up debris, wet mopping for daily cleaning work, and floor mopping for thorough cleaning of dirty floors.


The floor polisher will keep you busy while cleaning your house. Quiet operation of the engine turns the robot into a silent device. While Braava is running, you can put small children to bed.

Braava Jet 240 three modes of operation


The robot sprays water and wipes off dried-on dirt. The cleaning module goes into vibration mode for better cleaning, and the floor polisher goes through the areas three times.

Wet cleaning

The floor polisher wets the floor in front of it and wipes it with a special cloth. This mode is suitable for the care of laminate, parquet and wooden floors.

Dry mopping

When dry mopping, the floor polisher collects dust and animal hair from the floor without wetting the surface, but using a special cloth that effectively retains debris.

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iRobot Braava Jet 240
1 piece.

Lithium-ion battery – Li-ion, (installed inside the robot).
1 piece.

Charger for Braava Jet 240.
1 piece.

Disposable floor wipes impregnated with detergent.
2 pieces.

Disposable wet wipes impregnated with detergent.
2 pieces.

Disposable wipes for dry cleaning.
2 pieces.


Virtual Wall 2in1 Linear/Circular


Virtual Wall Kit

Yes, built-in

Circular Virtual Wall Kit


Beacon – coordinates motion control kit


control box


Main functions



Local cleaning


Number of rooms cleaned


Cleaning resume


Scheduled operation


Smartphone control


Definition height difference


Ability to work with motion coordinator



Cleaning area per charge, m 2

up to 25


Li-ion, 3. 6 V, 1950 mAh

Charging time

2 hours

Battery life

4 hours

Robot weight, kg


Robot dimensions (WxHxD), mm

170 x 84 x 180

Net weight, kg

9000 4 2.01

Gross weight, kg

2 .28

Package length, cm


Package width cm


Package height cm


iRobot Braava Jet 240

iRobot products are functional and versatile. Each model is thought out in detail, has its own advantages and stands out with a unique design.

One of iRobot’s creations is the Braava Jet 240 robot polisher.

The serious intention of this model to provide the cleanest cleaning is evidenced by its neat appearance and several modes of operation. This device masterfully washes even difficult stains, and does it almost silently.

Content becomes clear

When you open the box, it becomes clear that the manufacturer is attentive to the packaging of his product, and scrupulously works out the package.

Braava Jet 240 comes with charger and wipes for all cleaning modes. Of course, the documentation is also available. Also included is a lithium-ion battery. This part is already installed on the back of the device, you can recognize it by its gray color.

The Braava Jet 240 is a pleasure to hold. It’s so tiny and compact. The geometry of its body allows you to effectively wash the floors exactly along the perimeter of the room, without missing a single area. The Jet 240 is also able to clean under furniture thanks to its height of 8.4 cm.

On the top of the device there is a CLEAN button that starts the robot. When activated, it is highlighted in turquoise color to match other elements of the case. Such a subtle nuance adds to the charm of this model, and speaks of the manufacturer’s attentive attitude to its product.

Also on this part of the body is a foldable handle for carrying the device. Under it, in the upper left corner, there is a reservoir valve into which water and detergent are poured, and in the right – a switch for fixing napkins. Thus, additional buttons are hidden, which makes the robot concise.

The front part is provided with a spring suspension, which softens the contact of the device with objects. It also houses a liquid sprayer, which the robot distributes in front of itself in wet cleaning modes.

The bottom of the robot is equipped with a napkin holder and a sensor that detects the type of napkin. Sensors are installed at the corners of the device to help navigate in space and recognize obstacles that are dangerous for the robot, such as steps. Rubberized wheels are mounted on a floating block, this design ensures that the robot moves gently on the surface and carefully overcomes small obstacles such as thresholds between rooms.

More about the main

When working with the Braava Jet 240, please note that this is not a vacuum cleaner, but a robotic polisher. This fundamental difference lies in the fact that the device does not absorb garbage, but collects it on a napkin. Therefore, it is important to pre-clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner, so that during operation the device does not stretch solid debris under it, which can scratch the surface. Thanks to this, the separation of dried dirt and sticky stains occurs as efficiently as possible. This model perfectly washes floors from a tile, a laminate, linoleum or a parquet.

A full charge of the battery will last for two hours of cleaning, which is approximately 25 m 2 . But before falling into oblivion, he warns in advance that he will soon be discharged. Such a courteous and respectful assistant.

Manufacturers have also taken care of convenient charging of the device. To do this, remove the battery from the back of the robot. Then install it in the charging box and plug into the socket, and the robot can be placed in its storage location. A full battery charge takes two hours.

He navigates the terrain like an experienced tracker and maneuvers around all objects, does not bump into obstacles and does not drive over carpets. After all, it is designed to clean hard moisture-resistant surfaces.

By the way, the smart Braava Jet 240 also perceives stairs as an obstacle. In this he is helped by sensors that control the level of the floor. If steps appear on the way, the robot will change the trajectory of movement.

Another advantage of the Braava Jet 240 is that you can become its owner for a very affordable price. A rare combination of reliability, quality, best price and guaranteed service.

virtual wall

This model is not compatible with the Roomba Virtual Wall. But for the formation of the trajectory of the movement of the robot polisher, the Virtual Wall function is provided. This function allows you to create a virtual boundary in the room that the robot will not cross.

To activate the Virtual Wall, you need to turn off the device and place it on the floor, since the virtual barrier is formed along the line of the back of the case.

Next, you need to press the CLEAN button and hold it until two lines appear on the sides. This means the activation of the Virtual Wall mode. After you need to click on CLEAN again, and the robot will start working. Upon completion of the cleaning, virtual restrictions will automatically turn off.

To forcibly turn off the Virtual Wall, hold down the CLEAN button until all indicators go out.

Versatile Braava Jet 240

As multi-faceted as a diamond, the Braava Jet 240 has several cleaning modes, each of which thoroughly and accurately cleans the surface, mimicking human movements. For all modes, appropriate napkins are provided.

So, this device has three operating modes at its disposal:

  1. Dry cleaning. In this mode, dust, wool, hair and other daily debris are collected, which are not noticeable at first sight. But not a single mote will hide from the attentive Braava Jet 240. This model does not have a suction option for debris, so it is collected on a napkin.
  2. Wet cleaning. This option can be called semi-dry cleaning, as it is designed for daily wiping floors. The robot sprays the liquid onto the floor and walks over it with a cloth that vibrates. Thanks to this, even wiping the floors is carried out at the level of a full-fledged cleaning.
  3. Mopping mode. Global cleaning of the floor, something like a general cleaning by robot forces. In this mode, the Braava Jet 240 travels through each section three times. Combined with vibration, the cleansing becomes even more thorough.
  4. Local cleaning mode. To activate this mode, place the device in front of the area where you want to clean. The robot will clean up a meter by meter space. That is, 1 meter in front of you and 50 cm on the sides. The floor polisher will pass through such a square several times, after which it will return to its original position and turn off. This option is useful if something is spilled and needs to be cleaned up quickly.

For semi-moist and wet cleaning, fill the device reservoir with water. The filling of the container occurs at an angle, that is, you need to tilt the device towards yourself so that the liquid enters the desired compartment. One full container of 150 ml is enough to clean 20 m 2 .

When operating in wet conditions, this device does not splash surrounding objects. Since it incorporates Jet Spray technology, thanks to which the device sprays the liquid exactly in front of itself.

This model is also compatible with detergents. They can be added to the fluid compartment along with water. For example, Braava Jet floor cleaner is suitable for this robot floor cleaner.


Several types of wipes are included with the robot. A separate view has been created for each cleaning mode.

An interesting feature is that the wipes have a special flavored impregnation that improves the quality of work. Thanks to this, a fresh aroma of the house and a brilliant cleaning without streaks are guaranteed.

They also differ in color. White wipes are used for dry cleaning. Orange – for wiping floors in a semi-wet mode. Blue are used for thorough wet cleaning.

Very handy, each wipe has an indicator that tells the Braava Jet 240 which cleaning it’s for. Therefore, after fixing it, you can initiate cleaning with the CLEAN command, and the robot will figure out what to do. In this case, the device will not work without a napkin and will beep. If one of the wet modes is started, the water container must be filled. Otherwise, the device will not start cleaning.

iRobot HOME

Another beauty of the Braava Jet 240 is that it is compatible with the proprietary application. With it, the user receives advanced functionality and all information about the operation of the device.

The robot polisher is paired with the mobile app via Bluetooth. When you add a Braava Jet 240 model, a visual animated instruction for working with the device appears in the application. After synchronizing the robot with iRobot HOME, it can be controlled through the application and adjust the intensity of the water spray with detergent.

Also thanks to iRobot HOME remote start of the robot is possible. It is important that a napkin is installed and there is water in the tank if the cleaning is wet. It will not start working until all the necessary conditions for starting are properly met.


Braava Jet 240 is not a home robot, it is getting rid of annoying mopping and fuss.

It has an accurate navigation system, a vibrating scrub head that removes even stubborn dirt, several cleaning modes and other useful features that make it an efficient and meticulous cleaning assistant.

iRobot shares its vision and commitment to making life better with minimal human involvement. The products of this manufacturer are a great example when the idea and its implementation are at the highest level.

This approach to household assistants allows for a more rational distribution of time and personal energy, which is fully embodied in the Braava Jet 240 model.

And again I want to say to iRobot: “Bravo!”

What is the difference between the Braava Jet 240 and Braava Jet 250 floor polishers?

The robots aren’t fundamentally different, but the Braava Jet 250 looks better in two ways:

  1. The floor polisher comes with an extended package that includes a reusable floor cleaning cloth and two detergent probes.
  2. Updated software that fixes minor bugs found by developers and users during the operation of the Braava Jet 240.

What jobs can the Braava Jet 250 do?

The Braava Jet is not a vacuum cleaner but a robotic floor cleaner and is therefore designed to clean hard floors. The device can operate in three modes: dry and wet cleaning, as well as mopping. For each of the modes with the robot, a special microfiber cloth is used.

What is the dry mode for?

Dry sweeping is used to collect dust quickly. Since the floor polisher is not a vacuum cleaner, it does not have a waste container. All dust during operation is collected on a napkin designed for dry cleaning.

What is the wet mode for?

Wet mopping is used for quick daily mopping of floors. Moving around the room, the robot sprays water (or water with washing liquid) in front of it and wipes the space with a cloth that vibrates to remove dirt on the floor that requires wiping.

What is the mode of mopping?

Mopping mode is an enhanced wet cleaning mode. The difference lies in the fact that when washing, the robot passes the area to be cleaned three times to improve the result of the work. It should be remembered that due to the use of liquid during cleaning, cleaning should only be carried out on moisture-resistant floors.

What wipes can be used for floor polish?

Reusable and disposable wipes are available for the Braava Jet, which differ in color depending on the type of cleaning. After installing the napkin, just press the CLEAN button, and the robot itself determines which napkin is installed, which is the signal for automatic selection of the operating mode.

Can the Braava Jet climb onto carpet while operating?

No. While walking around the room, the robot perceives the carpets as an obstacle and bypasses them.

Does the robot detect steps?

Yes. With the help of sensors, the floor polisher constantly monitors the level of the floor covering so that it does not fall off a hill, such as a step or threshold. Having determined a dangerous drop for itself, the robot changes the trajectory of movement, perceiving the location of the step as an obstacle.

How long does the robot work and how much can it clean?

The battery lasts for 2 hours and during this time the robot can clean up to 25 square meters. This low performance is due to the fact that the floor polisher was originally created as an assistant for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, where there are usually no carpet floors. With thoughtful design and updated navigation, Braava Jet can pick up dust and dirt even in the most inaccessible corners of the home.

How is the communication between the application and the robot?

The polisher is paired with a mobile device on which the iRobot Home application is installed using the Bluetooth protocol.

iRobot Home App Overview

Braava Jet 240 Manual (PDF)
Brochure Braava Jet 240 (PDF)

Set of disposable wipes for dry cleaning Braava Jet
1 200 rub

Set of disposable wipes for wet cleaning Braava Jet
RUB 1 200

Set of disposable floor wipes Braava Jet
RUB 1 200

Set of reusable napkins for mopping Braava Jet
RUB 2 200

Battery for Braava Jet
RUB 3,600

Charger for Braava Jet
RUB 4,400

Detergent for Scooba
RUB 800

Charger and battery kit for Braava Jet
RUB 4,300

Detergent for Braava (Jet m6)
RUB 2,000

iRobot Braava Jet 9 robot manual0001

Regulatory and Safety Information





General safety instructions

• Save the operating and safety instructions for future reference.

• Read all operating and safety instructions before using the robot.

• Follow all warnings on the robot body, battery, charger, and user manual.

• Follow all operating instructions.

• The floor may be slippery after cleaning with the Braava jet. Be careful.

• The Braava jet is very quiet. Walk carefully in the room where the robot works, so as not to step on it and not fall.

• For all non-routine maintenance questions, contact HomeRobot.

Operating Restrictions

• This kitchen bathroom robot is designed for indoor use on hard floors only.

• The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not a toy. Don’t sit down or step on him. Small children and pets must be supervised while the device is in operation.

• Braava jet 240 contains electrical components. Do not submerge it in water. Wipe it with a damp (dampened with water) cloth.

• Do not use this appliance on burning or smoking objects.

• Do not use this machine to pick up large debris, spilled bleach, paint, or other chemicals.

• Before using the Braava jet, remove fragile items from the cleaning area, including items on furniture that could fall if the robot hits the furniture.

• Remove wires and cords for curtains and curtains from the robot’s path to avoid collisions.

Do not dispose of electrical appliances with domestic waste, use special collection points for this. Contact your local authorities for information on available disposal systems. If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or landfills, hazardous substances can seep into the groundwater and enter the food chain, harming your health and well-being. When replacing an old battery, contact your local or regional authorities to learn more about collection, reuse, and recycling programs.

Battery and battery recharging

• Before each use of the device, check the battery for damage or electrolyte leakage. Do not charge damaged or leaking batteries.

• Only charge the battery indoors.

• The iRobot Braava jet 240 battery should only be charged using the included charger.

• Charge the battery only from a standard electrical outlet. Do not use power converters. Use of the power converter will void the warranty.

Make sure that the voltage rating of the supplied charger matches your mains voltage.

• Never touch the charger with wet hands.

• Use only battery packs approved by iRobot for your robot (model number 4446040).

• You can order a spare battery on the website

• Charge and remove the battery before long-term storage or transportation of the robot.

• Be sure to remove the battery before cleaning the robot.

• Keep the battery pack clean and dry. If dirty, wipe the battery cells or terminals with a clean, dry cloth.

• Do not crush, disassemble or cut the battery.

• Avoid mechanical shock to the battery or cells.

• Do not heat the battery or store it near heat sources.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Do not incinerate the battery.

• Do not short circuit the battery.

• Do not immerse the battery in liquids.

• Remove the battery from the Robot Cleaner before disposal.

• When disposing of the battery, contact your local or regional authorities for more information about collection, recycling, and recycling programs.

• In the event of battery cell leakage, avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact, flush the affected area with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

• If you need to transport your Braava jet™ Lithium Ion battery, contact your service representative for the appropriate instructions and labels. Do not transport a leaking or mechanically damaged lithium-ion battery.


  1. Regulatory and Safety Information
  2. Description of iRobot Braava jet™
  3. Operating Braava jet™
  4. Navigation Braava jet™
  5. Productivity Tips
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Routine maintenance of the robot

Braava jet™ description

Braava jet™ operation

1) Charge and install the battery

• Place the battery in the charger and plug the charger into an electrical outlet.

• The orange indicator light will flash while the battery is being charged. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will turn green.

• When the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically enter power-saving mode to prolong battery life and limit power consumption.

• An exhausted battery can be fully charged in 2 hours. For optimal performance, the battery should be charged for 2 hours before each cleaning cycle.

• Insert a fully charged battery into the robot.

• Additional batteries and chargers are available from iRobot so you always have a charged battery ready to go.

2) Select a cloth for Braava jet

• Select a cloth according to the desired cleaning method. See next page for details.

• Your robot comes with a standard set of Braava jet mopping, wet and dry mopping inserts.

• Braava jet automatically recognizes the wipe and adjusts its operation based on the selected wipe.

Cleaning advice. Before using the floor mop or wet mop, vacuum the floor or use a dry mop to collect debris.

2b) Install the wipe

• Install the Braava jet wipe into the guides on the bottom of the robot until it clicks into place.

• The Braava jet can be placed on either side of the robot.

About Braava jet™ wipes

Mopping floors. Reusable and disposable floor cleaning cloth (blue). Triple pass cleaning is similar to hand mopping. The robot advances a short distance in one direction, backs up a little, then moves in the other direction – and so on as it cleans the entire room.

Wet cleaning. Reusable and disposable wet cleaning cloth (orange). Delicate but thorough cleaning. The robot moves forward a short distance, then backs up a little in a straight line, and continues to move back and forth as it cleans the entire room.

Dry cleaning. Napkin for dry cleaning reusable and disposable (white). The robot quickly moves forward in a straight line to clean the area in one pass.

3) Pour water into the robot

• When mopping or mopping, pour water into the robot.

• Raise the robot arm, then lift and turn the tank cover aside.

• To fill the tank completely, tilt the robot so that the left front corner is pointing down and open the tank opening to the maximum. Slowly fill the tank with warm water.

• Turn the cover back on and close it. Lower the robot arm before turning it on.

• Do not use any detergent other than water with the robot.

If you are using a dry cleaning cloth, go to step 4.

4) Simply press the CLEAN button

• Place the floor cleaner in the lower left corner of the area to be cleaned, about 30 cm away from the walls.

• Press the CLEAN button once to wake up the robot. Press the CLEAN button again to start the cleaning cycle.

• The robot cleans rooms up to 20 m2 in mopping mode and up to 25 m2 in wet or dry mode*.

• At the end of the job, Braava jet cleans the corners and around the perimeter of the room, furniture and other structures.

When cleaning is complete, the Braava jet returns to its original position, turns off and beeps.

* For a room where 25% of the floor area is occupied by furniture, carpets and miscellaneous objects.

5) Remove the wipe and prepare the Braava jet™ 240 for the next use

• To remove the wipe without getting dirty, lift the handle and pull the wipe release button towards you.

• Remove the battery and place it in the charger to recharge.

• Drain the water tank of the iRobot.

• Braava jet can be stored rolled down or on its side (battery on bottom).

6) Download the iRobot® HOME 9 App0034

Access exclusive features, software updates and support information.

Navigation Braava jet

Braava jet 240 is designed for intelligent navigation and cleaning up to 20 m2 in mopping mode and up to 25 m2 in wet or dry mode*.

• The robot first cleans the area to its right until it reaches a wall or other obstacle.

• When mopping or damp mopping, the Braava jet runs through the first line twice to reach the optimal wetness level of the cloth, and then proceeds to clean the rest of the room.

• When the robot has cleaned all the way to the right, it will clean the area in front and to the right of its starting point.

• After cleaning, the robot will stop working and return to the starting point. – Braava jet does not splash water on walls or furniture. Before spraying water, the robot steps back to wet only the free part of the floor. Before starting the Braava jet, lift the curtains that hang down to the floor.

• When the Braava jet encounters jutting corners, chair legs, or other obstructions, it cleans up around them, then returns to its original path and continues cleaning.

• Braava jet creates a new map for each cleaning cycle.

Using the Virtual Wall mode

Using the Virtual Wall® mode, you can create an invisible barrier to prevent the robot from cleaning a certain part of the room or other type of flooring.

• Turn off the robot. When installing the robot, keep in mind that the invisible line will run at the level of the back of the polisher.

• To activate the Virtual Wall mode, with the robot turned off, press and hold the CLEAN button until two blue lines appear on the top of the robot. The blue lines indicate that the Virtual Wall mode is activated.

• In Virtual Wall mode, the robot will mark an invisible border on its internal map and stretch it to both sides (see picture). During cleaning, the robot will not cross this invisible line.

• Once the robot is installed, simply press the CLEAN button to start cleaning.

• Virtual Wall mode will automatically turn off when cleaning is completed. To manually cancel the cleaning cycle in Virtual Wall mode and turn off the robot, press and hold the CLEAN button until all indicators turn off.

Cleaning advice. Using Virtual Wall mode, you can divide a large room into smaller areas so that Braava jet can clean more efficiently.

Productivity Tips

• For best results, vacuum the floor or use a dry mopping cloth to collect dry debris before using the robot in mopping or wet mopping mode.

• Do not pre-soak wipes before inserting them into the robot. Wipes must be dry at the beginning of the cleaning cycle.

• To pause the robot during a cleaning cycle, press the CLEAN button. To restart the cleaning cycle, press the CLEAN button again. Do not lift or carry the robot while cleaning, otherwise the robot will shut down.

• To turn off the Braava jet, press and hold the CLEAN button for 5 seconds.

• When pouring water, tilt the robot slightly to fill the tank.

• Only water can be poured inside the robot. Detergents, even natural ones, can clog the spray nozzle and ruin the materials inside the robot. • The robot only works with Braava jet wipes designed specifically for it.

• Braava jet cleans best on even hard surfaces and may not perform as well on uneven tile, heavily waxed floors, or rough surfaces such as slate or brick that can fray the cloth.

• Before starting the Braava jet, lift the curtains that hang down to the floor.


Repeated error messages. If the robot remains on after an error occurs, press the bumper on the robot body once to repeat the message. If the robot turns off after an error occurs, press the CLEAN button to turn it on. If the error persists, the robot will repeat the message.

Reboot instructions. In some cases, restarting the Braava jet may resolve the issue. To restart your Braava jet, press and hold the CLEAN button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. Take out the battery and put it back. Press the CLEAN button again to turn on the robot.

Spray nozzle troubleshooting. If the robot does not spray water or sprays unevenly, but there is enough water in the tank and the pump can be heard, contact the service department.

Water level troubleshooting. If you are experiencing issues with the amount of water your Braava jet uses while mopping or mopping, download the iRobot® HOME App to adjust your robot settings.

Routine Maintenance of your iRobot Braava jet

Follow the tips below to ensure optimal performance of your iRobot Braava jet. See Braava jet™ Description section if necessary.

Cleaning the height difference sensors and the insertion detector. Wipe the sensors on the bottom of the robot with a damp cloth.

Roller cleaning. Remove visible debris and hair from the rollers.

Cleaning the robot body.