Jbl endurance sprint review: JBL Endurance Sprint review: Budget wireless sports headphones that don’t sound cheap

JBL Endurance Sprint review: Budget wireless sports headphones that don’t sound cheap

A year ago, you couldn’t get much of a
sports headphone for $50. Sure, there were the usual generic brands on Amazon, but anything from a name brand tended to cost a minimum of $80 — or more.

But things have changed, and JBL is serving up its new Endurance Sprint for 50 bucks (£45 in the UK, not yet available in Australia, but that’s around AU$65 converted). They have touch controls, fit comfortably and sound very good so long as you can get a tight seal. They’re also fully waterproof with IPX7 certification, which means they can be submerged in 3 feet (1 meter) of water for up to 30 minutes.

These wireless earphones have a different design than a lot of the in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones. Those feature wings or stabilizers that hook into the inner part of your ear to lock the buds in place. JBL’s are a modified version of Beats’ popular Powerbeats 3, which have a hook that wraps over the top of your ear. The Powerbeats 3 cost more than three times as much as these guys.

Enlarge Image

What you get in the box.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The earphones come with three different size eartips and a set of notched silicone “enhancers” that cover the base earbud. You’re supposed to insert the buds downward at an angle into your ears then twist the enhancer up so the the buds lock in place and the hooks go over your ears.

JBL calls it “Twistlock” technology and it works pretty well. The company says the earphones will never “fall out,” which is true but that doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to maintain a tight seal, which is crucial to maximizing sound quality with these headphones.

It’s worth mentioning that the hooks are magnetized and adhere to a slot near the bud, creating a loop. This nifty design touch allows you to clip the buds to your clothing or a strap on a backpack.

Enlarge Image

The hook adheres magnetically to a slot near the bass of the bud when it isn’t wrapped around your ear.

Sarah Tew/CNET

They worked great in the gym for me, but I did occasionally lose the seal while I was running and had to readjust the bud to get it back. The only problem is that when you adjust the earphones you end up touching the right earpiece — where the touch controls are located — and accidentally pausing your music.

The touch controls are responsive but a little finicky. I found it easy enough to pause and play music (one tap) and answer/end calls (also one tap) and skip tracks forward (two taps). Things got a little trickier raising and lowering volume (I opted to use the volume controls on my phone).

Battery life is fairly decent at eight hours and there’s a quick charge feature that gives you an hour of playback from 10 minutes of charging. That quick charge is quickly becoming standard on these types of headphones.

As I said, these sound quite good, and I’m not sure I’ve heard $50 in-ear sports headphones that sound any better. There’s a touch of presence boost in the treble that leads to a little sibilance (another way of saying the headphones are a tad bright) but there’s plenty of bass and decent clarity and openness. I thought they sounded a little better than the JBL Reflect Mini 2 wireless sports earphones, which I also liked, but are more expensive. They also worked fine as a headset for making calls, but don’t expect business-class performance.

Enlarge Image

Born to run.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Endurance Sprint is actually the least expensive wireless model in the Endurance line. There’s also the Endurance Jump ($70, £70), which features a stiffer neckband-style design and the Endurance Dive ($90, £90), which have built-in memory so you can store MP3 files on them and take them swimming (Bluetooth doesn’t transmit underwater but if you have music playing on the headphones themselves, you don’t have to worry about transmission back to a Bluetooth-enabled device).

Unless you’re a swimmer, you should be fine with the lower-priced Endurance Sprint. It’s a surprisingly good wireless sports headphone for $50 or £45 with only a few small downsides.

JBL Endurance Sprint review | TechRadar

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Workout headphones that won’t exhaust your wallet

TechRadar Verdict

The JBL Endurance Sprint are workout headphones that sound good, stay secure in your ears, and are built to last. Some may dislike the bulky fit and finicky touch controls but it’s hard to fault these headphones for the price.


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If you work out with your headphones, they had better be made to withstand the abuse. A good pair of workout headphones should fit securely, be water-resistant, and be able to survive being tossed in a gym bag repeatedly. 

The JBL Endurance Sprint checks all of these boxes and offers good sound at an affordable price to boot – at $50 (£45, AU$80), the Endurance Sprint is tough to fault. 

Some may not like its finicky touch controls and its poor microphone for calls but these headphones do the essentials well enough that we recommend them for those looking for rugged wireless headphones.  

  • JBL Endurance Sprint at The Home Depot for $51.12

The JBL Endurance Sprint are big and bold with huge earbuds that house the headphone’s batteries, mic, and touch controls. While big, the design makes the touch controls on the right earbud easy to use. The headphones are made entirely of rubber and plastic but it still manage to feel high quality and rugged. 

The earbuds are designed to seal out noise and they do an excellent job in that area. Those looking for headphones that let in some sound will be disappointed as the headphones block out a majority of ambient noise – but that’s a small price to pay for good noise isolation.

One unique design element of the JBL Endurance Sprint are its magnetic earhooks. This design ensures the headphones are secure in place without anything flopping around. In this regard, they are extremely effective and we never had the headphones fall out during strenuous exercise.  

To top off its rugged design, the JBL Endurance Sprint are IPX7 rated, which means it can survive being fully submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. This rating is a bit overkill for your average pair of running headphones but it’s nice to know you can get them soaked in sweat without damaging them.


Sound quality is typical JBL with a mid-bass bump and a good tonal balance. Mids are smooth and highs never sound harsh. In terms of detail, the JBL Endurance Sprint leave something to be desired but keep in mind that these aren’t intended to be audiophile headphones. (If you want a more well rounded sound, check out the OnePlus Bullets Wireless or RHA MA390 Wireless.) 

Battery life is rated at 8 hours and, when the headphones do go flat, you’ll be happy to know that they support fast charging with 10 minutes on the charger yielding an hour of battery life via its microUSB port. 

The touch controls work well with taps registering most of the time, but they weren’t flawless – we found ourselves hoping that our taps registered the desired input at times. We still prefer the tactility of physical buttons for this reason.

If you’re planning to use these to take calls, you’re going to be disappointed: Friends and family reported muffled sound quality over the phone. 


The JBL Endurance Sprint are a great pair of workout headphones: They don’t fall out during active workouts and are designed to put up with abuse. We liked their sound, rugged build, water resistance, and secure fit, plus battery life is good with 8 hours of playback on a charge. While its touch controls may miss your taps from time to time and its mic leaves something to be desired, they are niggles at this price point. 

In terms of competition, the JayBird X3 are a good alternative but cost twice as much – plus, we actually prefer the sound of the JBL Endurance Sprint. 

For those looking for better sound while still offering water resistance, the RHA MA390 Wireless are a good alternative that works as well on your commute as it does the gym. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are also a good alternative with the most balanced sound out of the three. The Bullets also offer quick charging and a handy auto on/off feature when you connect the earbuds magnetically.  

Still, if your budget is limited but your workout time is not, these are the gym-ready wireless workout headphones you’ve been waiting for.

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JBL Endurance Sprint Review – Wireless Sports Headphones ($43)

JBL Endurance Sprint – IPX7 waterproof in-ear wireless sports headphones with touch controls . This model is great for running and even for active training in the gym.

JBL Signature Sound has been around for a long time. And the company really has a certain sound concept for all portable devices. But I think what stands out most about JBL products is build quality, design, and focus on a specific application, whether it’s a headphone for running or, for example, a portable speaker for a fun party.

JBL Endurance Sprint sports headphones


  1. Features and equipment;
  2. Video review;
  3. Kit and appearance;
  4. Comfort and control;
  5. Connection quality, microphone and protection;
  6. Battery life and noise isolation;
  7. Sound quality;
  8. Total;
  9. Photo.

Pros :

  • Secure fit;
  • Waterproof;
  • Sound insulation

Cons :

  • Touch control;
  • Not suitable for extended wear


Characteristics, contents

JBL Endurance Sprint Features:

  • Device type: Bluetooth headphones with microphone
  • Type: intracanal
  • Type: dynamic
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Resistance: 16 Ohm
  • Membrane diameter: 10 mm
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Profile support: A2DP, AVRCP, Hands free, Headset
  • Battery capacity: 120 mAh
  • Operating time: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Quick charge: 10 minutes for 1 hour
  • Water protection: IPX7
  • Price: $43


  • JBL Endurance Sprint headphones;
  • 3 pairs of ear pads;
  • 1 pair of additional fasteners
  • USB-microUSB cable;
  • Documentation.

JBL Endurance Sprint package

2. JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless Headphones – Overview

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3. Kit and appearance

JBL Endurance Sprint headphones come with: 3 pairs of ear pads (one is already on), additional silicone mounts (also already on), USB-microUSB cable, documentation . On the one hand, the equipment is not bad, everything is there. But on the other hand, there could be more ear cushions, these are still sports headphones, I want a more accurate “setting in the ear”.

Some may miss the foam nozzles, while others may need a carrying case. Nothing to say about USB Type-C. However, it should be borne in mind that the headphones are quite budgetary. There are few analogues with a similar price and a richer set.

JBL Endurance Sprint kit

What are these additional attachments, which are called “ear cushions” on the site? Silicone nozzles on the part of the case surrounding the sound guides. They improve “grip” with the ear and comfort.


JBL Endurance Sprint look interesting, if a little bulky . But the company’s style is recognizable: bright colors (characteristic of sports headphones) and their interesting combinations, an unusual shape of the cases and a reliable assembly.

JBL Endurance Sprint in-ear headphones

The cases are indeed larger than many analogues and protrude quite noticeably from the ears of . This is done to implement touch control and a fairly capacious battery. However, in the ears, this model looks quite interesting.

The balance between size and appearance is maintained. Even if it’s on the edge. 🙂

JBL Endurance Sprint colors

In addition to the standard black and gray (black), JBL Endurance Sprint is available in red, blue, teal and black and yellow . Bright and sporty. But not too loud. There are colors suitable for both athletes and athletes. 😉

Build quality and materials, as always with JBL, do not raise questions . Is that the cable between the cases seems too thin. And for some, it will be too short to carry the headphones around the neck when not in use.

JBL Endurance Sprint ear pad and additional silicone mount

4. Comfort and control

JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless Headphones fit securely in your ear . For precise placement when putting on the headphones, you need to slightly rotate. The company emphasizes this in the instructions, but I think it’s intuitive.

This model will not fall out even with active training . You can sprint (hello to the name 😉 ) at the maximum capacity, do any exercises in the gym or just shake your head, the headphones will stay in place.

JBL Endurance Sprint in-ear instructions

But this does not mean that the correct fit will be maintained. With sudden movements, the ear pads, of course, change their location slightly, which can change the sound. But they won’t fall out of your ears.

It is worth noting that during prolonged listening, the headphones may seem uncomfortable . You can do a long workout in them. But after a few hours, the ears are already starting to get tired. This is due to not the most comfortable complete ear pads.

JBL Endurance Sprint magnetic mounts

An interesting feature of the JBL Endurance Sprint is the magnetic ear hooks. With their help, the headphones can be safely carried around the neck, even if the cable itself is a bit short for you. Or they can be hooked on the handle of a backpack, for example. The magnets are strong and the earbuds are light so there is little chance of falling.

Reviews of the JBL Endurance Sprint are full of references to the inconvenient touch controls of the . There are significantly fewer people who find it comfortable. Indeed, the sensor here is extremely sensitive. False positives happen quite often.

JBL Endurance Sprint backpack mount

The most difficult thing is to change the volume correctly . Here it is implemented by “swiping” up and down the right case (it is on it that the touch panel is located). Rarely does it turn out what was intended, more often a pause works.

However, there is a “life hack”: “swipes” must be fast. Like how quickly you flip through uninteresting news in the social media feed. 😀

JBL Endurance Sprint touch control

Also, do not take off your JBL Endurance Sprint and try to switch to talking on the phone if you already answered the call with headphones on. There is a high probability that the call will be dropped in progress. In addition, the sensor can “understand” as control commands: any touch on the skin, for example, when the headphones are hanging around the neck, rubbing against a hat or other items of clothing in the cold season.

The instruction manual for the JBL Endurance Sprint is quite simple . All interaction takes place with the right earpiece. In addition to the mentioned “swipes”, the rest of the commands are single / double / triple taps. For a change, we present it visually in the picture. 😉

JBL Endurance Sprint operating instructions

5. Connection quality, microphone and protection

JBL Endurance Sprint communicate with source via bluetooth 4.2 . There is no support for high-resolution codecs, but given the purpose of the model, they are not needed here. The connection is stable within a radius of standard 10 meters. Even with barriers.

In a straight line without obstacles, you can go even farther from the phone, artifacts and cliffs start somewhere at the 15th meter. 😉

JBL Endurance Sprint wireless headphones

Pairing with the source is simple : long press (3 seconds) on the touch panel (on the JBL logo on the right earpiece) activates the bluetooth accessibility mode, after which we find the earphones among the available devices and connect.

There is no separate application for this model. In the standard from JBL, they can not be configured either. However, is it really necessary? 😉

JBL Endurance Sprint Bluetooth headphones are not suitable for watching videos or playing games, as audio playback delays are about 240 ms, which is quite noticeable . Connection with 1 source is available at the same time, there is no multipoint function.

JBL Endurance Sprint bluetooth headphones for sports

The microphone of this model is very mediocre . You will be heard when talking in a quiet room: at home or in the office (if it is not very noisy there). But on the street, even away from highways, problems can arise. The microphone picks up background noise very well.

Like many sports headphones, the microphone here is made “for show”.

JBL Endurance Sprint ergonomics

JBL Endurance Sprint are water resistant to IPX7 standard. This means that they are not afraid of sweat, rain and even showers. You should not swim in them, although they are waterproof. There are special models for this.

The presence of such a serious protection, of course, pleases. After all, it often happens that the headphones are splash-proof, for example, according to the IPX4 standard, but, in fact, sweat can damage them during active workouts. It’s unbelievable here.

JBL Endurance Sprint waterproof headphones

6. Autonomy and noise isolation

JBL Endurance Sprint can run up to 8 hours on a single charge . In general, tests confirm the declared value. Of course, it can vary depending on the volume and, for example, the air temperature. In the cold, autonomy will be lower.

The headphones are fully charged in about 2 hours . A nice bonus: in 10 minutes they can be charged for 1 hour of work. After 5 minutes of inactivity, they turn off to save energy.

JBL Endurance Sprint headphones for sports and running

Some people find the automatic shutdown time too short. But I think it’s well founded. However, turning on the headphones is not difficult in any case. 😉

The JBL Endurance Sprint Vacuum In-Ear Headphones provide excellent noise isolation. And not least because of its form factor. During runs, you can listen to them at a low volume. But even then you should be more careful, there is little external noise “passing through”.

JBL Endurance Sprint headphones with quality sound isolation

Sound may need to be turned up for subway rides, but not too loud . At the same time, the headphones “play” weakly outside, respectively, you will not interfere with others either in transport or, for example, in the office.

7. Sound quality


JBL Endurance Sprint sound good for the sports headphones. There is a “classic” V-shaped frequency response. A noticeable emphasis on the lows, the middle in the background and the rise in the highs. Of course, neither about naturalness, nor about the stage (and other audiophile “things”) are out of the question.

JBL Endurance Sprint

  • LF . The bass is powerful, but not smeared. For its price it is quite worthy.
  • SCH . Often “hide” behind the bottom. On some tracks, the vocals become weakly “readable”.
  • HF . Bright. They give a feeling of “pseudo-detail”. True, at the price of a not very pleasant peak closer to the edge of the range. Sibilants periodically “skip”.

Of course, JBL Endurance Sprint headphones are designed for rhythmic synthetic music . And they are quite good with it. They can add vigor to a run. But listening with pleasure to your favorite compositions will not work here.

JBL Endurance Sprint

Compare with wired versions for the same price is not worth it, they will sound better. The cost here is formed by ergonomics and convenience without wires, and not by sound quality. 😛

8. Total

JBL Endurance Sprint are affordable IPX7 waterproof sports wireless headphones with a secure in-ear fit. And this is, in general, a necessary minimum for such a model.


  • Secure fit . Headphones are unlikely to fall out even during active workouts.
  • Waterproof (IPX7) . Even to go to the shower after a run, you don’t have to take them off. 😆
  • Sound insulation . Headphones perfectly cut off external noise and “do not let out” your music.
  • Build quality and materials .
  • Price . $43 is not bad for a quality sports model from a reliable manufacturer.

JBL Endurance Sprint red


  • Touch control. It’s too sensitive. Can “bring” almost anyone. 😈
  • Not suitable for extended wear . Ears get tired after a few hours. The ear pads are not the most comfortable.
  • Sound proofing may be excessive for outdoor runs .

Another interesting sports model. If you like the design and signature sound of JBL – pay attention. You don’t have to worry about reliability.

Total score


Best-of-breed sound quality


Best-of-breed sound quality




Appearance and build quality


Communication quality





9 0002 5

Additional features (moisture resistant)


Microphone quality


Price/total quality


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9. Photo gallery

Headphones JBL Endurance Sprint
JBL Endurance Sprint frequency response
JBL Endurance Sprint wireless headphones
JBL Endurance Sprint ergonomics
JBL Endurance Sprint waterproof headphones

JBL Endurance Sprint packaging
JBL Endurance Sprint colors
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JBL Endurance Sprint box
JBL Endurance Sprint running headphones

JBL Endurance Sprint in-ear placement instructions
JBL Endurance Sprint additional mount
JBL Endurance Sprint
JBL Endurance Sprint magnetic mounts
JBL Endurance Sprint touch controls

JBL Endurance Sprint driving manual
JBL Endurance Sprint sports headphones
JBL Endurance Sprint
JBL Endurance Sprint training headphones
JBL Endurance Sprint kit

JBL Endurance Sprint
JBL Endurance Sprint bluetooth headphones
JBL Endurance Sprint colors
JBL Endurance Sprint magnetic holders

Review JBL Endurance Sprint – wireless headphones for sports ($ 43)

Maxim Zhukov0004 . This model is great for running and even for active training in the gym.

JBL Signature Sound has been around for a long time. And the company really has a certain sound concept for all portable devices. But I think what stands out most about JBL products is build quality, design, and focus on a specific application, whether it’s a headphone for running or, for example, a portable speaker for a fun party.

JBL Endurance Sprint sports headphones

Pros :

  • Secure fit;
  • Waterproof;
  • Soundproofing

Cons :

  • Touch control;
  • Not suitable for extended wear

Characteristics, package contents

JBL Endurance Sprint Characteristics:

  • Device type: Bluetooth headphones with microphone
  • Type: in-ear
  • Type: dynamic
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Diaphragm diameter: 10 mm
  • Bluetooth 4. 2
  • Profile support: A2DP, AVRCP, Hands free, Headset
  • 900 16 Battery capacity: 120 mAh

  • Operating time: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Quick charge: 10 minutes for 1 hour
  • Water resistant: IPX7
  • Price: $43


  • JBL Endurance Sprint headphones;
  • 3 pairs of ear pads;
  • 1 pair of accessory mounts
  • USB to microUSB cable;
  • Documentation.

JBL Endurance Sprint packaging


A2DP – Sound is transmitted in deep stereo. The sound quality is clear, without impurities.

AVRCP Profile – Control Jbl Endurance using commands to connect to a computer or other device.

Hands Free Profile – Drive and answer calls. Listen to music in the car, but not at high volume.

How to control music

Press once on the touch panel to activate music playback. The sensor responds to a light touch of the fingers. Switching tracks – double tap on the sensor. The previous track is a triple.

To control the Jbl Dive volume, swipe up from the bottom of the bar to increase the volume, and vice versa to decrease it. Jbl sensors can be blocked – one quick press and one long press for 5 seconds.

Activation of the mp3 player – to switch the mode to the player, press the panel and hold for 3 s. The Bluetooth icon will turn off and be replaced by 3 player bars.

Connect the Dive Endurance earpiece to download tracks to the computer, save the tracks in the root folder. Maximum about 200 tracks.

Before exercising in water, lock the sensor to ensure correct operation of the device.

How to manage calls

Incoming call Jbl headphones inform. You can either accept the call or reject it. To do this, click on the panel once to answer and twice to hang up. Dive Endurance does not have a built-in call to the last caller function.


A useful feature for athletes who are worried about water or sweat getting into the body of the device. In the Dive Endurance model, IPX7 coating, the device can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for about half an hour.

But be careful when diving for longer periods. You can take a shower with your Jbl device.


The Jbl Dive has a built-in 8 hour battery. For a full charge, charge the gadget for 2 hours. It is not recommended to constantly wear Jbl headphones, silicone can rub the skin.

JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless Headphones – Review

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Package and appearance

The JBL Endurance Sprint headphones come with: 3 pairs of ear pads (one is already on), additional silicone mounts (also already on), USB-microUSB cable, documentation .