Jenni rivera gorda: “Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio” Jenni se desquita (TV Episode 2017)

“Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio” Jenni se desquita (TV Episode 2017)

Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio


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  • Episode aired Sep 19, 2017
  • TV-MA



Jenni does the interview in El gordo y la flaca and takes revenge by singing La mentada cantada. When he returns to Miami, Fernie is gone and she throws him out of the house for being unfait… Read allJenni does the interview in El gordo y la flaca and takes revenge by singing La mentada cantada. When he returns to Miami, Fernie is gone and she throws him out of the house for being unfaithful.Jenni does the interview in El gordo y la flaca and takes revenge by singing La mentada cantada. When he returns to Miami, Fernie is gone and she throws him out of the house for being unfaithful.

  • Directors
    • Nicolás Di Blasi
    • Luis Manzo
    • Ricardo Schwarz
  • Writers
    • Gerardo Cadena
    • Illay Eskinazi
    • Sergio Mendoza
  • Stars
    • Angélica Celaya
    • Gabriel Porras
    • Rosalinda Rodríguez
  • See production, box office & company info
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    Top cast

    Angélica Celaya

    • Jenni Rivera

    Gabriel Porras

    • Pedro Rivera

    Rosalinda Rodríguez

    • Rosa Saavedra de Rivera

    Tony Garza

    • José Trinidad Marín

    Adrian Carvajal

    • Pedro Rivera (31-48)

    Emmanuel Morales

    • Gustavo Rivera (29-46)

    Uriel del Toro

    • Juan Rivera (21-34)

    Vanessa Pose

    • Chiquis Rivera

    Stephanie Arcila

    • Rosie Rivera (18-31)

    Alma Matrecito

    • Jacqueline Melina Marin Rivera (13-23)

    Christopher Millan

    • Fernando Ramírez

    Julio César Otero

    • Trinidad Marín Rivera (14-21)

    Manolo Coego Jr.

    • Raúl de Molina ‘El Gordo’

    Sandra Eichler

    • Lili Estefan ‘La Flaca’

    Daniel García

    • Jhonny Ángel López Rivera (4-7)

    Gabriela González

    • Ramona Suárez (28-45)

    Sonia Noemí González

    • Consuelo Ramírez

    Carlos Guerrero

    • Pete Salgado
    • Directors
      • Nicolás Di Blasi
      • Luis Manzo
      • Ricardo Schwarz
    • Writers
      • Gerardo Cadena
      • Illay Eskinazi
      • Sergio Mendoza
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    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      45 minutes

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    IT WAS HISTORICAL! the day Jenni Rivera embarrassed Gordo and La Flaca .

    .. Look how!

    One of the characteristics of Jenni Rivera for which she is always remembered, is her tremendous honesty when it comes to saying things.

    The Mexican who left this world in 2012 is still as present as if he had never left, especially for videos like this.

    Related news

    Everything happened as a result of a lawsuit but without confrontations that Chiquis’s mom had with Mariana Saone, saying categorically that he did not want to collaborate with her because he did not have “enough talent”.

    The days passed and with Saone present in the studio, from El Gordo and la Flaca they telephoned singer to give his version of events, when the communication was suddenly cut off.

    At that time from production they only managed to make fun of the famous. But as expected, this did not end.

    He barely had a chance to step into the studio of the show, the artist He took the opportunity to say that he did not believe that communication was cut by mistake and began to sing stanzas from his song “La Mentada”.

    Behind this, the media He tore off the microphone and left the studio without looking back and leaving everyone with their mouths open … Good for Jenni!

    – .

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    Jenni Rivera (Jenny Rivera): Biography of the singer

    Jenni Rivera is an American singer of Mexican origin. Known for her works in the genre of banda and norteña. During her career, the singer has recorded 15 platinum, 15 gold and 5 double records.

    Sold over 1 million copies. Included in the Latin Music Hall of Fame. Rivera participated in reality shows, successfully ran a business and was a political activist.

    Jenni Rivera’s Early Years

    Jenny was born on July 2, 1969 in Long Beach, USA to Mexican immigrants Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera.

    The family lived in poverty, the future star was not very successful at school. At 15, Jenny became pregnant. The parents did not want the shame and asked her to move out of their house.

    Jenni Rivera (Jenny Rivera): Biography of the singer

    A few days later she married the father of her child, Trino Martin. The couple had two more children, but the union broke up. The marriage lasted 8 years. During this time, Jenny graduated from elementary school and college with grief in half.

    Reporters later learned that Rivera attempted suicide twice during her marriage. The ex-husband beat the singer and oppressed psychologically.

    In order not to completely destroy her life, Jenny divorced, returned to her parents and began to study music. Moreover, during this time her father managed to earn money and created his own label Cintas Acuario.

    Jenny Rivera not
    was going to study singing, but discovered her talent after returning to
    Father’s house. Working with her father at the studio, she tried to play music in the evenings. Father
    I saw this and began to help my daughter. After all, the talent was on the face.

    Jenni Rivera’s musical career

    Jenni Rivera’s first performances were in bars. After one of the concerts, the future star met Juan Lopez. The couple got married, and soon Rivera had two more children.

    Jenni Rivera (Jenny Rivera): Biography of the singer

    Lopez smuggled illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States. On one of these missions, he was arrested and charged. Jenny Rivera’s husband received 6 months in prison.

    After his release, Lopez often disappeared with friends. Rivera found out that he cheated on her with other women. They divorced, but Rivera did not have time to become depressed. After all, her musical career developed.

    The first record of Que Me Entierren Con La Banda immediately became popular and commercially successful. Jennie signed a record deal with Fonovisa. Her music was a resounding success in all Spanish-speaking countries.

    Family scandals

    But even after her divorce from Juan Lopez, Jenny did not get peace of mind. Her first husband tried to rape Rivera’s daughter and sister.

    The singer applied for Trino Marina. He was arrested only after 9 years of searching. The court sentenced Trino to 30 years in prison.

    Rivera’s second husband was
    Lopez. After his release from prison (for smuggling immigrants across the border), he traded
    drugs. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Lopez died in the walls
    prisons in 2009.

    Family scandals did not affect
    on the recording of the singer’s albums. They continued to include hits thanks to
    with which Rivera occupied the top of the charts. Soon Jenny Rivera received
    The first award was the Latin Grammy Award.

    Singing career

    Jenny Rivera has been through a lot in her life. Music critics attribute this to the way the singer manages to put her soul into music.

    In 2010, the popular singer became the representative of the National Committee against Domestic Violence. She then founded the Love Foundation. He has been involved in helping women who have been sexually abused and children with cancer.

    Jenni Rivera (Jenny Rivera): Biography of the singer

    The third husband of the singer was the famous baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

    The singer’s victory in the popular project

    Representatives of a popular television channel invited the family to take part in a reality show, for which Rivera received a significant amount of money. She managed to properly dispose of it and opened several lines of clothing, perfumes and cosmetics.

    Professional and
    business success accompanied Jenny Rivera and beyond. But family life is not
    succeeded. She filed for divorce again.

    The album Mi Vida Loca, released in 2007, again took the lead in the charts. The disc came out almost autobiographical. Many emotional songs, as well as several covered hits from the past made the record platinum.

    The funds invested in the recording of this disc paid off many times over and the name of Jenny Rivera again became on a par with other stars of Latin music.

    Jenni Rivera (Jenni Rivera): Biography of the singer

    But the next year passed with a series of ups and downs. First, one of the “fans” sued the singer for hitting him with a microphone during the concert.

    Rivera’s lawyers were able to settle the issue, but before the Mexican tabloids had forgotten about the singer, a new scandal flared up. Homemade sex tape with the star was stolen from Rivera’s house. The further fate of this recording was unknown.

    Death of Jenny Rivera

    On December 9, 2012, Jenny Rivera passed away. The 43-year-old star died in a plane crash. The plane, on which the singer was returning from Monterrey to Toluca, crashed.

    Two pilots and five passengers were killed. Thus ended the career of one of the most successful Mexican singers.

    Her legacy is 15 albums, many of which have gone platinum or gold. On the day of farewell to the star, radio companies specializing in Latin music broadcast her songs non-stop for several hours.

    Rivera: Kazakh audarmasy, anyktamasy, synonymous, antonymder, mysaldars | Albansha-kazak audarma

    • Tegin audarmashy & sozdik kory online
    • Sozdik
    • kupiyalylyk sayasaty
    • Anyktamasy
    • Synonym
    • Antonimder
    • Aitylym
    • Transcriptions
    • Mysaldary


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      rivera Benjamin hyri në stërvitje në formën më të mirë të karrierës së tij në futboll, sipas trajnerit të Panthers, Ron Rivera .

      Benjamin “Pantherzdin” bass bapkeri Ron Riveranyn aytuynsha, ozinin football mansabyndagy en zhaksy formadada zhattygug kelgen.

      Rivera u varros në 31 Dhjetor 2012, në All Souls Cemetery në Long Beach, California.

      Rivera 2012 zhyly 31 yellow sand Californiadagy Long Beachtegi All Souls ziratynda zherlendі.

      Në mungesë të Fagoth, Rivera u bë lider dhe zëdhënës i MINSURASATA.

      Bassoon bolmagan kezde Rivera MINSURASATA-nyn zhetekshіsi zhane okіli boldy.

      Karriera e trajnerit të Rivera filloi në 1997 kur ai iu bashkua Bears si trajner i kontrollit të cilësisë.

      Riverany zhattyktyrushylyk mansaby 1997 zhyly “Ayularga” sapany bakylau boyinsha zhattyktyrushy retinde kosylgannan keyin bastaldy.

      Topi i shpejtë i Rivera – s ishte një fushë e respektuar mes lojtarëve të ligës kryesore.

      Riverany kesilgen fastballs zhogary liga oyynshylary arasynda kurmetti alan boldy.

      2019 sezon ishte ’25 në Ligën Kombëtare të Futbollit, dhe kreu i nëntë dhe i fundit nën trajneri i tyre Ron Rivera . Carolina Panthers

      2019 mausymy Karolina Pantherstin Ұlttyk football ligasyndagy 25th mausymy zhane bass bapker Ron Riverany baskaruyndagy togyzynshy zhane soңgy mausymy boldy.

      Shkolla Francisco Rivera Claudio në Barrio Monte Llano.

      Barrio of Monte Llanoda Francisco Rivera Claudio Mektebi.

      Pas një seri pune, duke filluar nga shitësi i veshjeve deri tek kuzhinieri me porosi të shkurtër, Rivera u regjistrua në Shkollën Juridike të Bruklinit në vitin 1966.

      Kiim satushydan kyska tapsyrys beretin aspashyga deyingі birkatar zhұmystardan keyіn, Rivera 1966 Zhyly Brooklyn zan mektebine oқuғa tүsedі.

      Tërhoqi vëmendjen edhe ndeshja e të afërmve, Mariano Rivera dhe Brad Lidge.

      Mariano Rivera men Brad Lidzhdin zhakyn aradagy kezdesui de nazar audartty.

      Kur u zhvendos nы Detroit me Rivera

      Detroitka Riveramen birge bara zhatkanda, Kahlo satsiz zhuktilikke baylanysty köptegen densaulykka baylanysty maselelerge tap boldy.

      Kahlo dhe Rivera u kthyen në Nju Jork në mars 1933, sepse ai ishte ngarkuar të pikturonte një mural për Qendrën Rockefeller.

      Kalomen Rivera 1933 zhyly nauryzda New York oraldy, oytkenі ogan Rockefeller ortalygyna kabyrga suretin salu tapsyryldy.

      Në Tetor 2008, një video seksi ku shfaqej Rivera filloi të qarkullojë.

      2008 zhyldyn kazanynda Riveranyn katysuymen sex video rammed bastada.

      Më 21 Prill 1986, Rivera priti Misterin e Vaults të Al Capone.

      1986 zhyly 21 sauirde Riverada “Al Kaponenin koymalarynyn құpiyasy” öttі.

      Rivera ishte një producent në shfaqjen TV Chiquis & Raq – C në realitetin Mun2, duke shfaqur vajzën e saj më të vjetër Chiquis.

      Rivera ulken kyzy Chikistin katysuymen Mun2 Chiquis & Raq-C reality show producers bold.

      Rivera u punësua nga San Diego Chargers për t’u bërë trajneri i tire i mbrojtësve të brendshëm në shkurt 2007.

      Riverans of San Diego charge taushylary 2007

      Rivera pret programin e revistës së lajmeve Geraldo në Large dhe shfaqet rregullisht në Fox News Channel.

      Rivera zhanlyktar zhurnalynyn Geraldo bagdarlamasyn zhүrgizedi zhane Fox News arnasynda unemi shygady.

      Rivera, i cili kishte kaluar shumicën e nëntë sezoneve të mëparshme si kryetrajner i Carolina Panthers, u punësua në 1 Janar 2020.

      Aldyңgy togyz mausymnyң kөp bөlіgіn Karolina Pantherstin bass bapkerі retіnde өtkіzgen Rivera 2020 zhyldyn 1 қаңңтарында zhұmysқа қаbyldandy.

      Më 13 Mars 2020, gjatë një segmenti të Fox & Friends që diskutonte për pandeminë e koronavirusit, Rivera deklaroi, “Nëse nuk mund ta mbani frymën tuaj për 10 second

      2020 zhyldyn 13 nauryzynda Fox & Friends tobynyn coronavirus pandemics talkylagan segmentinde Rivera: “Yeger siz 10 seconds tynysynyzdy ustai almasanyz.

      Në vitin 2012, Rivera imet e saj në spital.

      2012 zhyly Rivera Los Angelestegi balalar aurukhanasynda aurukhanaғa үnemi koldau kөrsetіp, қayyrymdylyқ kөmek kөrsetkenі үshіn “daңқ қabyrғasynda” daқpen marapattaldy.

      Modine u martua me Caridad Rivera , një stilist veshjesh dhe gardërobash Porto Rikane me prejardhje Spanjolle dhe Afrikane, në 1980.

      Modin Puerto Ricodan shyққan cosmetics zhane wardrobe stylists Caridad Riveraғa 1980 zhyly ispandyқ zhane afrikalyқ ata-babaga үylendі.

      Polemika u ngrit në fillim të vitit 2003, ndërsa Rivera po udhëtonte me Divizionin e 101 – të Ajror në Iraq.

      Dau 2003 zhyldyn basynda, Rivera Iraktagy 101-shі auye-landing divisions birge saparga shykkan kezde tuyndady.

      Rivera lindi më 2 korrik 1969 dhe u rrit në Long Beach, California, nga Rosa Saavedra dhe Pedro Rivera , të cilët ishin nga Meksika.

      Rivera 1969 zhyly 2 shіldede duniege kelgen zhane Californiadagy Long Beach Mexicanan kelgen Rosa Saavedra men Pedro Riverany otbasynda ösken.

      Më 6 gusht 2010, Rivera u emërua zëdhënëse e Koalicionit Kombëtar Kundër Dhunës në Familje.

      2010 zhyldyn 6 tamyzynda Rivera Turmystyk zorlyk-zombylykka karsy ulttyk coalitionyn baspasoz hatshysy bolyp taғaiyndaldy.

      korrespondencës midis Rivera

      Rivera men Rizaldyn hat almasuy onyn Europadgy okuyna basa nazar audardy.

      Jenni Rivera ishte një nga gratë e para në industri që këndoi narcocorridos.

      Jenny Rivera – bұl salada algashқy bolyp narcocorridos aninіn aitқan әyel.

      Rivera ishte martuar tre herë dhe kishte pesë fëmijë.

      Rivera ush ret uylenip, the devil of the ball there.

      Përveç numrave të tij të fortë të sezonit të rregullt, Rivera ë fshikull 0.76.

      Kushtі turakty mausymdyқ nөmіrlerіne kosa, Rivera keyingі mausymda 8-1 female record female 0.76 WHIP thirst.

      Më 19 maj 1983, Rivera it të Nju Jorkut Ken Ramsauer.

      1983 zhyly 19 Mamyrda Rivera 20/20 New York kalasynyn zharyktandyru designer Ken Ramsauerge suhbat berip, AҚSh-tyn ZhITS

      Matinder Primo de Riverany editorially gymen birlesken kүsh boldy.

      The Iliac Crest është një roman i shkruar nga romancieri meksikan Cristina Rivera Garza dhe i përkthyer në gjuhën angleze nga Sarah Booker.

      Iliyak shyny – meksikalyk zhazushy Christina Rivera Garza zhazgan zhane agylshyn tіline Sara Booker audargan novel.

      Encantadia u rindez në 2016 nga GMA Entertainment TV. Marian Rivera luajti rolin e Mine – a.

      Encantadia kaita zhukteldi 2016 zhyly GMA Entertainment TV. Marian Rivera Mina-a rolin oynady.

      Rivera u njoh me muzikën në 1992 kur ajo regjistroi si një Ditë të Atit për të atin; ajo bëri më shumë regjistrime dhe nënshkroi në divizionin Latin të Capitol / EMI.

      Rivera Musician 1992 zhyly әkeler kүnіne аkeler kүnіne syylyқ retіnde zhazgan kezde kelgen; ol kobirek zhazbalar zhazyp, Capitol / EMI latin bolimine kol koydy.

      Rivera ndoqi Escuela Victoriano Chacón për shkollën fillore dhe La Escuela Secundaria Pedro Pablo Sanchez për arsimin e tij të mesëm, por ai braktisi shkollën në klasën e nëntë.

      Rivera orta bіlіmі үshіn Escuela Victoriano Chacón zhane La Escuela Secundaria Pedro Pablo Sanchezka katyskan, birak ol togyzynshy synypty tastap ketken.

      Jenni Vive është një koncert vjetor për mbledhjen e fondeve dhe homazheve të organizuar nga Fondacioni i Dashurisë Jenni Rivera .

      Jenny Viv – Jenny Rivera mahabbat kory ötkіzetіn zhyl sayynғy қarazhat zhinau zhane құrmet kontsertі.

      I emëruar në Ekipin e Tretë Para – Seasonal All – SEC përpara sezonit 2012, Rivera filloi në 10 nga 12 ndeshjet.

      2012 zhylgy mausymga deyin mausym aldyndagy All-SEC Yshіnshі komandany son Atalgan Rivera 12 oyynny 10-ynda bastada.

      Ndërsa juria shkon mbi provat, Geraldo Rivera

      Kazylar alkasy daleldemelerdi karap zhatkanda, Geraldo Rivera men Jane Wells olardyn shouyn tamashalagandarga sot barysynda tyңdalgan nәrseler turaly kaitalaydy.

      Rivera filloi sezonin

      Rivera 2012 mausymyn Ashylu kүnіnde save zhasau arkyly bastady, biraқ ony segіz ұpaisyz inningpen zhane sauirdіn kalgan bөlіgіnde bes seyvpen zhalғastyrdy.

      Në 1993, Rivera shkoi të punojë për WGN – TV dhe SportsChannel Chicago si një analist televiziv që mbulon Bears dhe futbollin e kolegjit.

      1993 zhyly Rivera WGN-TV men SportsChannel Chicago Ayular men college football zertteytin television taldaushy retinde zhymys isteuge ketti.

      Rivera u largua nga CNBC në nëntor 2001 – dy muaj pas sulmeve terroriste të 11 shtatorit – për t’u bërë një korrespondent i luftës i Fox News.

      Rivera CNBC-ten 2001 zhyldyn karashasynda – 11 kyrkuyektegі laңkestik shabuyldardan ekі aydan keiin – Fox News sogys tіlshіsi bolu үshin ketti.

      Yan u përball me Jimmie Rivera më 8 qershor 2019 në UFC 238.

      Jan 2019 Zhyly 8 May UFC 238 tournament Jimmy Riveramen everywhere.

      Menjëherë pas martesës, në fund të vitit 1929, Kahlo dhe Rivera murale për Pallatin e Cortes.

      Uylenuden köp ұzamai, 1929 zhyldyn ayagynda, Kahlo men Rivera Morelos auyldyk statyndagy Kuernavakaga koshіp keldi, ogan Kortes saraiyna kabyrga suretterin salu tapsyryldy.

      Kur Kahlo dhe Rivera u transferuan në San Francisko në vitin 1930, Kahlo u prezantua me artistë amerikanë si Edward Weston, Ralph Stackpole, Timothy L. Pflueger dhe Nickolas Muray.

      1930 zhyly Callo men Rivera San Francisco koshken kezde, Kahlo Edward Weston, Ralph Stekpole, Timothy L. Pfluger zhane Nicholas Moorey siyaқty amerikandyқ sureshіlermen tanysty.

      Në vitin 2015, Rivera konkurroi në sezonin e 14 – të të serialit televiziv The Celebrity Apprentice, ku në fund të fundit u vendos i dyti pas personalitetit televiziv Leezabbons.

      2015 zhyly Rivera The Celebrity Apprentice telehikayasynyn 14th mausymynda sayyska tusti, ol sonynda telezhurgizushi Lisa Gibbonstan keyin ekinshi oryndy yelendi.

      Mariano Rivera mori kodrën për Yankees në të dhjetën dhe tërhoqi Diamondbacks në rregull.

      Mariano Rivera onynshyda yankiler ushіn tөbenі alyp, Diamondbekterdi tartippen zeynetkerlikke shygardy.

      Diego Rivera është ndoshta më i njohur nga publiku për pikturën e tij murale të vitit tesës RCA në Rockefeller Center.

      Diego Riverany zhurtshylyk 1933 zhyly Rockefeller ortalygyndagy RCA gymaratynyn foyesinde “Zhol kyylysynda turgan adam” suretymen zhykysy biletin shygar.

      Alejandro Tapia y Rivera , i njohur gjithashtu si Babai i Letërsisë Portorikane, nisi një epokë të re të historiografisë me botimin e Bibliotekës Historike të Porto Rikos.

      Puerto Rico әdebietinіn atasy retіnde belgili Alejandro Tapia and Rivera “Puerto Rico tarihi kitaphanasynіn” zhariyalanuymen tarikhnamanyn zhanа dаuіrіn bastady.

      Kthehu në Mexico City, Kahlo dhe Rivera u zhvendosën në një shtëpi të re në lagjen e pasur të San gelngel.

      Mexico City oralgan Kahlo men Rivera San Ankheldin auqatty audanyndagy zhana үyge koshti.

      Rrobaqepësi që ia shiti shpirtin djallit është një përrallë zanash meksikane e mbledhur nga Vicente T. Medoza dhe Virginia Rodriguez Rivera de Mendoza në Piedra Gorda .

      Oz zhanyn shaitanga satkan tiginshі – Vicente T. Medoza men Virginia Rodriguez Rivera de Mendozanyn Piedra Gorda zhinaқtagan meksikalyқ ertegisi.

      Stili muzikor i Rivera u klasifikua si banda, një formë e muzikës tradicionale meksikane e njohur në Meksikë dhe pjesë të Shteteve të Bashkuara me popullsi të madhe hispanike.

      Riverany musical styles banda retіnde zhіkteldi, Mexicoda zhane America Құrama Shtattarynyң kөptegen spanish halyқtary bar bөlikterіnde tanymal dastүrlі meksikalyқ muzyanyң үрі.

      Kahlo u pajtua me Rivera dhe Cristina më vonë në 1935 dhe u kthye përsëri në San Ángel.

      Kalo 1935 zhyly Rivera men Kristinamen tatulasyp, San Angelge kaita koshti.

      Morgan u tërhoq në pension Yankees në rend në 10 dhe 11, ndërsa Diamondbacks mori në Mariano Rivera në të 11 – të.

      Morgan 10th zhane 11th inningterde yankilerdi tärtippen zeynetkerlikke shygardy, al Diamondbekter 11th de Mariano Riveraғa zhetti.

      Rivera është një katolik romak dhe ka tre vëllezër, Steven, Michael dhe John.

      Rivera – Rimdіk Catholic Zhane Onyң үsh Aғasy Bar, Olar Steven, Michael Zhane John.

      Në qershor 2008, Univisión raportoi se Rivera u arrestua pas një koncerti në Raleigh, Karolina Veriore, për gjoja goditje të një tifozi.

      2008 zhyldyn mausymynda Univisión khabarlagandai, Rivera Soltustik Karolinadagy Roles қalasynda ötken concertten keyіn zhankuyerdi ұrdy degen aiyppen kamauғa alyndy.

      Rivera shërbeu në Komisionin e Abuzimit të Opioideve dhe Drogave të formuar nga Presidenti i SHBA Donald Trump në mars 2017.


      Rivera lindi në Los Angeles, California, djali i George dhe Yolanda Rivera .

      Rivera Los Angeles, California, George Zhane Yolanda Riverana ұly bold.

      I rritur në fshatin modest të peshkimit pannamez të Puerto Caimito, Rivera ishte një lojtar amator derisa u nënshkrua nga organizata Yankees në 1990.

      Panamany қarapayym Puerto-Kaimito balyқ aulau auylynda ösken Rivera 1990 zhyly Yankees ұyymyna қol қoyғanga deyіn аuesқoy oyynshy bulgan.

      Pasi u thirr në ligat kryesore në 16 maj 1995, Rivera bëri debutimin e tij për New York Yankees më 23 maj kundër California Angels.

      1995 zhyly 16 mamyrda negіzgi ligalarga shakyrylgannan keyin, Rivera New York Yankide 23 mamyrda California Perishtelerine karsy debut zhasada.

      Gjatë karrierës së saj, Rivera u dha dy Oye!

      Ozіnіn mansabynda Rivera ekі Oye!

      Popullariteti i saj u rrit me ekzekutimin e Primo de Rivera në 20 nëntor 1936 dhe lavdërimin e tij të mëvonshëm nga nacionalistët spanjollë.

      Onyn tanymaldylygy Primo de Riverany 1936 zhyly 20 karashada oryndaluy men keyinnen spanish ultshyldarymen madaktaluymen kushetildi.

      Rivera vlerësohet si një nga lehtësuesit më dominues në historinë e ligës kryesore.

      Rivera іrі liga tarikhyndagy en tanymal is relevant tardyn bіri bolyp sanalada.

      Rivera u martua me burrin e saj të dytë, Juan López, në 1997.

      Rivera 1997 zhyly ekinshі kuyeui Juan Lopesque uylendі.

      Në vitin 2011, Rivera u bë kryeshefi i Panthers në Karolinë.

      2011 zhyly Rivera Carolina Panthersteen bass bapkeri bold.

      Rivera vazhdoi tы luante sporte gjatы viteve tы tij tы adoleshencыs, por përfundimisht e la futbollin rreth moshës 17 vjeç pas një serie dëmtimesh në kyçin e këmb Is dhe gjurit.

      Rivera zhasөspіrіm kezіnde sportpen aynalysudy zhalғastyrdy, biraқ ayagynda zhane tіze zharaқattarynan keiіn 17 zhasynda footballdan bass tartty.