Kettlebell best buy: Complete Guide to Buying the Best Kettlebells and Avoiding the Worst

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Kettlebells and Avoiding the Worst

I frequently get asked about what kettlebell to buy and also which size kettlebell weight to buy too.

Update May 2023: We are currently recommending these kettlebells available on

Below I’m going to address the different types of kettlebells, what to look for when buying kettlebells, what kettlebell weights you need, and finally some of the brands of the best kettlebells that I recommend.

OK, lets get started…

The Different Types of Kettlebells You Can Buy

With the explosion of kettlebell training over the last 10 years there are now many shapes and sizes available to buy.

A kettlebell’s design allows its center of mass to extend beyond the hand. This facilitates full body ballistic movements, similar to movements found in the snatch and clean and jerk in weightlifting. Common kettlebell exercises involve swings, lifts, and presses, but unlike weightlifting or powerlifting, kettlebell training can be performed bilaterally and unilaterally in all planes.” (Manocchia et al. 2013)

Let’s take a look at what’s available on right now:

As you can see there are a number of different types of kettlebells that you can choose from:

  • Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
  • Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Kettlebells with a Gorilla Face
  • and more…

You can, in theory, use any of these kettlebells for a few of the basic kettlebell exercises.

For example, the following exercises would be OK with any of these kettlebell choices:

  • Single Arm Deadlift
  • Single Leg Deadlift
  • Slingshot

The reason these kettlebell exercises would be OK with any of these kettlebell choices is that they involve the simplest of movements that don’t require too much interaction with the kettlebell itself.

The Single Arm Deadlift exercise can be performed with any type of kettlebell:

Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift

One of the most important kettlebell exercises is the kettlebell swing.

Providing the handle is not vinyl and/or has a bad finish that cuts up the hands then many of these kettlebells would be suitable for just the kettlebell swing.

So if you intend to just swing the kettlebell and perform the 3 other kettlebell exercises above then most kettlebells will do the job.

However, if you intend to develop and perform a lot more of the 50+ kettlebell exercises available then I recommend you are more careful with your kettlebell buying decision.

The 2 Best Types of Kettlebells You Should Buy

If you are going to take your kettlebell training a little more seriously then you need to choose a kettlebell that will not damage your wrists, forearms,  or cut up your hands.

There are 2 basic kettlebell types to choose from:

Competition Kettlebells

As you can see from the competition kettlebell image above the handle is much smaller and is squarer in design.

Competition kettlebells are designed to by used with just one hand and the size and shape stays the same size regardless of the weight.

The advantage of these types of kettlebells is that your hand doesn’t slide around due to the limited space plus you can get used to the size even when the weight changes.

The main disadvantage is that they can only be used with one hand, so the all important two handed swing is out and so are the valuable goblet squats, halos, and many other beginner based exercises.

If you teach kettlebell classes, as I do, then these types of kettlebells just don’t work in most situations.

Cast Iron Kettlebells

The cast iron kettlebell is produced from one solid piece of metal so unlike the competition kettlebell the size will increase with the weight.

You will notice that the handle is wider enabling you to use two hands if necessary so all those double handed exercises are now possible.

If you are a beginner then the cast iron kettlebell is much more diverse in its usage

Making the Choice between Competition Kettlebells and Cast Iron Kettlebells

The choice should be quite easy for you now.

As a beginner the competition kettlebells don’t allow for two handed exercises which makes learning the very basics difficult, therefore the cast iron kettlebells would be the better choice.

However, if you have mastered all the two handed exercises and want to take your kettlebell training to the next level and even enter some competitions then the competition kettlebells are for you.

If you choose to go for the cast iron kettlebells then there is still a few more things that you need to know before you buy.

Here’s a quick video telling you what to look for when buying your kettlebell:

7 Things to Avoid When Buying the Best Kettlebells

Here are a few of my top tips on what to look for when you’re buying or upgrading your kettlebell.

1. Super Thick Kettlebell Handles

The first thing is the handle. Make sure you don’t buy a kettlebell with a handle that’s too thick.

If you can’t wrap your fingers all the way around the kettlebell handle, then the handle’s probably going to be a bit too thick for you.

A kettlebell with a handle that is too thick is going to quickly tire out your forearms and finishing repetitions of an exercise can be very tough.

2. Narrow Kettlebell Handle Width

Next, can you fit both hands through the kettlebell handle?  Some kettlebells, like the the competition ones, are only wide enough for one hand.

If you’re going to be performing a lot of two handed kettlebell exercises, which I recommend for beginners, then you’re going to need a kettlebell where you can get both hands through the handle.

3. Kettlebells with Feet or Bases

Best to avoid kettlebells with feet like this

The bottom of the kettlebell should have a natural flat but it shouldn’t have an attached rubber or plastic base.

Bases can be good for preventing marks on your floor  but unfortunately they’re going to really dig into arm and into your body when you’re using the kettlebell.

So if the kettlebell has a round rubber or plastic foot on it, I would certainly avoid that type of kettlebell.

4. Sharp Kettlebell Handle

The fourth thing is to make sure that there are no sharp edges on the kettlebell handle.

Look out for kettlebells that have sharp bits of paint and also check where the handle meets the body that there are no small nicks that can cut into your hands.

If you have got an existing kettlebell with sharp edges, then you can sometimes sand them down with sandpaper.

5. Completely Round Kettlebell Body

The next thing is the body of the kettlebell. Make sure it’s not too round.

If it’s round, like a ball, then when you’re in the racked position it’s going to really dig into your forearm the same problem will apply to the top position of the overhead press or kettlebell snatch too.

So you want a slightly oval kettlebell body and a handle that smoothly moulds into the body of the kettlebell.

Avoid a kettlebell that’s a round ball with a big, sharp handle stuck on the top

There should be a nice smooth bit of continuity with the kettlebell from the body into the handle.

6. Narrow Kettlebell Handle Spacing

Next, check the spacing between the handle and the kettlebell’s body.

Can you get your fist into this space?

If the handle spacing is too small you’re going to find it really digs into your wrists when in the racked position or overhead.

If it’s too big, then the kettlebell will lie too far down on the arm and it’s going to dig into your forearm.

7. Vinyl or Plastic Coated Kettlebell Handles

Vinyl coated kettlebells are not the best choice

It seems to be trendy to coat kettlebells in vinyl or plastic to avoid marking floor etc.

Unfortunately coated kettlebells can get very slippy as your hands sweat plus they have really annoying seams where they have been coated that damage the hands.

Also plastic handles never seem to be very round and tend to have an oval handle which causes problems as it rotates through the hand.

What Size Kettlebell Weights to Buy

The best kettlebells traditionally come in the following weights:

  • 8kg (17lbs)
  • 12kg (26lbs)
  • 16kg (35lbs)
  • 24kg (53lbs)
  • 32kg (70lbs)

However, due to the huge rise in popularity there are now many weight sizes in-between the ones listed above.

I’ve been teaching kettlebells for almost 10 years now and I can safely say that I’ve never had to use any kettlebell sizes other than those listed above except for a 20kg and 28kg kettlebell.

The great news is that if you make the right purchase you will only need to buy a few of the best kettlebells and they will last you for a lifetime.

Kettlebell Weights for Women, What You Need

Here are the 3 kettlebell weight sizes that I recommend all women should buy:

  • 8kg (17lbs) – perfect starting weight, great for learning the basic movements and later turkish get ups
  • 12kg (26lbs) – used for the two handed swing to begin with and then later many other exercises
  • 16kg (35lbs) – perfect progression for the two handed swing when more advanced to compliment the 12kg

With these 3 kettlebell weights there is nothing more a lady should ever need for her kettlebell training.

If you feel that 8kg is too heavy for a starting weight then you need to understand the type of exercises you will be performing.

Watch this video to see why women should begin with the 8kg kettlebell:

Kettlebell Weights for Men, What You Need

Here are the 3 kettlebell weights that I recommend for men to buy:

  • 12kg (26lbs) – perfect for beginners with no weight lifting experience, great for beginner turkish get ups
  • 16kg (35lbs) – starting weight and great for swings and most single handed exercises
  • 24kg (53lbs) – great progression for the two handed swing and later other single handed exercises

At a later date more experienced kettlebell practitioners may work on overhead presses with the 32kg plus may need to bridge the gap between the 16kg and 24kg with a 20kg for single handed exercises.

Want more? What kettlebell weights to use for the different kettlebell exercises

Where to Buy Kettlebell Weights

I’ve tried and used a lot of kettlebells in my time teaching kettlebell classes and training clients.

I have to say that I’ve learnt the hard way and bought lots of kettlebells that turned out to be completely useless.

Here are one brand that I have consistently used over the past few years without any problems, they are very reasonably priced and available on in the USA:

Update May 2023: We are currently recommending these kettlebells available on

For those based in the UK, head on over to Wolverson Fitness and check out their black series of kettlebells.

Conclusion to Buying Kettlebells

If you are new to kettlebell training and only want to perform a few simple exercises then almost any kettlebell will do.

However, if you want to get the most out of kettlebell training and perform slightly more advanced kettlebell exercises then you are going to  need to choose a good quality kettlebell.

Cast Iron kettlebells are the most diverse and excellent for beginners and almost anyone not interested in going in to competition.

If you are more advanced and want to focus on purely single handed exercises then the competition kettlebell may be for you.

I’ve also outlined above what size kettlebell women should use and also the recommend starting weights for men too.

Buying the right kettlebell is an important decision if you are serious about your kettlebell training.

Get the best kettlebells now and they will last you a lifetime and enhance your exercise experience.

Enjoy your kettlebell training!

[ I’ve included some links above that are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission will not affect the original price or the price you pay. ]

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells You Can Buy

One of the most rudimentary yet versatile pieces of fitness equipment is the kettlebell. With origins dating back to 18th-century Russia, the heavy ring-and-ball combo can be employed in a plethora of ways beyond the fundamental kettlebell swing to increase strength, power, endurance, coordination and flexibility.


    Titan Fitness 40-Pound Adjustable Kettlebell


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    Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell


    Read More



    Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell

    $84 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $84 AT AMAZON


    Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell


    Read More



    Bells of Steel 12–32 Kilogram Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

    $250 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $250 AT AMAZON


    PowerBlock Regular Adjustable Kettlebell


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    Rep Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell


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    Kettle Gryp

    $35 AT AMAZON

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    $35 AT AMAZON


    Titan Fitness Plate Loadable Kettlebell Swing


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    Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle


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Steve Cotter, elite kettlebell coach and founder of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, claims kettlebells are one of the most useful and effective tools you can use in your training regimen. “It teaches all the different qualities we want to improve upon in terms of developing well-rounded fitness.”

Of course, a fixed weight kettlebell isn’t going to carry you to Cotter-level fitness. To get the full effect, you need multiple weights, which can quickly add up in terms of both cost and space. Enter the adjustable kettlebell — a single kettlebell that adjusts to different weights and loads. Most adjustable kettlebells can replace five or six kettlebells through manipulation of weighted plates attached to a center rod, giving your training some versatility without suffocating your workout space.

Think you’re ready to get into the swing of things with an adjustable kettlebell? We’ve done the heavy lifting already to curate a list of the most well-to-do weights on the market today.

How We Tested

Ben Emminger

While we’re more prone to using fixed kettlebells thanks to our training center’s wide-ranging lineup, we’re still happy to get a session in with an adjustable kettlebell from time to time. The below picks were tested and examined thoroughly in terms of in-training effectiveness and ease of use. Each profile’s weight range was ran through and utilized across various exercises to get a feel for how seamless changes were on the fly and how secure the plates were in movement. Naturally, basic kettlebell details like grip, durability and comfort in the rack position were also noted, because let’s face it, training with an adjustable kettlebell should feel as identical as possible when compared to the more traditional fixed options out there.

Now, let’s brace for upgraded at-home training and get right into the best adjustable kettlebells available right now.

Titan Fitness 40-Pound Adjustable Kettlebell

Titan Fitness

  • Weight Range: 10–40 pounds
  • Locking Mechanism: Pull-and-slide lock

    This beehive-looking silhouette is not just pleasing to the eyes — there’s plenty of performance baked into its intuitive, durable profile as well. The Titan Fitness 40 Pound Adjustable Dumbbell can replace up to seven weights, and we admire how secure the cast iron plates sit within the profile. There’s no jostling or clanking of note, which is more than reassuring as your kettlebell swings reach their apex. Additionally, each plate is marked with its weight total and numbered place across the profile, allowing you to shed pounds while still retaining a balanced figure for controlled training.

    The 28mm handle is also great for beginners due to its thinner diameter, but admittedly, we’d prefer a more textured aesthetic across this component. The smooth makeup sits comfortably across the hand but can be prone to slipping and sliding during those extra sweaty sessions in your pain cave. Still, though, for worthwhile at-home kettlebell training, this silhouette is definitely one worth adding to your roster.

    Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell


    • Weight Range: 12–32 kilograms
    • Locking Mechanism: Allen key and bolt

      Featuring seven cast-iron plates securely screwed inside a 100-percent steel casing, this kettlebell comes with the Cotter stamp of approval. Similar in look and feel to real competition kettlebells and as sturdy as a rock, it boasts 19 different weight options able to achieve almost any weight between 12 and 32 kilograms in 1-kg increments. The price tag may be hefty, but considering the fact that a kettlebell set with this weight range would come in close to $1,000, it’s worth every penny.

      We loved the variety of weights packed into this adjustable competition bell, but make sure you’ve decided on a weight before training. Due to the Allen key and bolt-style locking mechanism, changing between weights does take some time, which can stall any training progress and drain your motivation when in the heat of a killer workout.

      Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell


      • Weight Range: 10–40 pounds
      • Locking Mechanism: Pull-and-slide lock

        With a similar build to our best overall option, this Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell can be a great solution for performance-minded athletes on a budget. We appreciate the secure lockdown of the pull-and-slide mechanism, but some have reported a sticking issue at times that makes changing out plates a more complicated endeavor. Additionally, there’s a slight texture across the handle that can help improve grip without too much aggressive knurling.

        The one thing we would like to see improved across this cost-effective silhouette, however, is a quick stamp of each plate’s weight total. Sure, each disc is numbered to help ensure balance remains across the range, but understanding just how much weight you’re adding or removing with each alteration can go a long way in more detail-oriented training. Oh well — for less than $100, I guess we’re okay with doing some math.

        Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell


        • Weight Range: 8–40 pounds
        • Locking Mechanism: Dial

          With a quick twist of the dial, you can adjust this streamlined pick from Bowflex to 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds. The process is far easier than most, meaning less time working on your equipment and more time working on yourself. The shape of this adjustable kettlebell takes a little to get used to, especially if you’re accustomed to the normal round bell silhouette, but for novice home gym athletes, the SelectTech 840 is a serious contender.

          Be warned, though. While the steel handle is powder-coated, we did notice some grip slippage as our training sessions progressed. While we typically opt for chalking up when this happens, the flat powder-coating didn’t take the chalk as well as other kettlebells we tested. It’s best to keep a towel handy — or work out in a well-cooled environment.

          Bells of Steel 12–32 Kilogram Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell


          • Weight Range: 12–32 kilograms
          • Locking Mechanism: Allen key and bolt

            Competition-style kettlebells are our profile of choice given the universal diameter regardless of weight totals, but finding an adjustable option with enough range to support our varying movements can be quite the endeavor. This sleek, sturdy silhouette from Bells of Steel has an exceptional build quality highlighted by a durable Allen key and bolt-style locking mechanism. While this system may take a little longer to adjust, we’ve found the lag between sets is worth it given the kettlebell’s unique load increments. This is one of the few kettlebells that adjusts weight totals by 1.1 pounds, creating a great experience for micro-adjusting your working weights.

            The Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell is also massive in comparison to other adjustable options, but don’t think that large weight range comes at the jump. To get the most of this Bells of Steel offering, you’ll need to purchase the expansion pack that takes the base 20.5-kilogram model to its max 32-kg potential.

            PowerBlock Regular Adjustable Kettlebell


            • Weight Range: 18–35 pounds
            • Locking Mechanism: Pin and magnetic lock

              Unlock the power of kettlebell training in a compact package with the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell. Featuring a pin and magnetic lock to toggle through the 18, 22, 26 and 35-pound configurations, this pick proves that mighty things can come in tiny profiles. The ergonomic 32.77-mm handle pairs nicely with the squared-off shape, creating a silhouette that’s maneuverable and easier on the forearms than other options.

              Despite the compact shape that’s more reminiscent of a pyramid than a sphere, we had no trouble achieving a proper rack position for presses. While we’d like a little more tack when it comes to the powdercoat, this can easily be resolved with the use of gloves or chalk.

              Editor’s Note: Want a little heavier build? PowerBlock offers the same Adjustable Kettlebell in a girthier range of 35–62 pounds for those more intense training days, too.

              Rep Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell


              • Weight Range: 8–16 kilograms, 16–24 kilograms, 20–40 pounds
              • Locking Mechanism: Push and twist lock

                Quietly toggle through your weight range in this fast, convenient option from Rep Fitness. Available in 16-kilogram, 24-kilogram and 40-pound options, each adjustable kettlebell boasts five available weights. A powder-coated exterior provides plenty of grip, while a rubber base helps save your floor from scratches. The Adjustable Kettlebell from Rep Fitness is also a great option for beginners due to its competition-style bell and handle.

                We also appreciate how the weight plates held inside the cast shell, eliminating and potential skin pinching when placing this bell in the rack position. Like all adjustable kettlebells, though, you shouldn’t be throwing this silhouette around violently, as the plastic locking mechanism can be susceptible to breaks if handled to aggressively.

                Kettle Gryp


                • Weight Range: N/A
                • Locking Mechanism: ABS locking clip

                  Okay, this might not be a kettlebell per se, but for those who already own a dumbbell set – or those who travel a lot – this can be a great alternative. The Kettle Gryp works as a clamp around your dumbbell handle, turning nearly any free weight into a kettlebell copycat in an instant. While the feel differs slightly from a normal kettlebell due to weight distribution, this can be a great option for fitness enthusiasts on a budget or who want a kettlebell-esque workout when on the go.

                  The device can fit dumbbells up to 55 pounds with at least 4.5-inch wide handles. The Kettle Gryp’s foam insert can also contour to curved handles for added versatility, too, which can be a blessing when training in a hotel gym where you’re not as experienced with the free weights at your disposal.

                  Titan Fitness Plate Loadable Kettlebell Swing


                  • Weight Range: N/A
                  • Locking Mechanism: Hole and pin

                    Maybe the above adjustable kettlebells fall on the lighter side of your fitness needs. When you want to lift heavy, you mean lift heavy. The Plate Loadable Kettlebell Swing gives you just that opportunity, featuring a kettlebell-like handle that allows you to simply slide on Olympic weight plates — like you would any barbell — with a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.

                    Despite its nontraditional shape and weight distribution, we found the Plate Loadable Kettlebell Swing to be capable of most kettlebell pulls and swings. We wouldn’t recommend any pressing movements, though, with this behemoth of a fitness accessory. The 19.3-inch frame is simply too difficult to stabilize overhead. With that said, though, we really enjoyed the height off the ground for pulls, allowing for a varied range of motion when compared to our other modalities.

                    Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle


                    • Weight Range: 22.5–57.5 pounds
                    • Locking Mechanism: Locking screws

                      Okay, so kettlebell workouts aren’t as popular as your normal dumbbell workouts, but what if a system could combine the two in one pump-inducing swoop? The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle is a great accessory for those already using Ironmaster’s Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System (one of the most durable adjustable options on the market). The plates are interchangeable, giving you plenty of opportunity to switch between dumbbell presses and kettlebell swings with the toggle of a locking screw. While it’s not a completely universal kit, we really admire Ironmaster’s inclusion of this accessory, making building out the perfect home gym that much easier.

                      Goruck Sand Kettlebells


                      • Weight Range: 13–44 pounds
                      • Locking Mechanism: Double Velcro Top Closure with additional zipper panel

                        Sand kettlebells can be great for providing “live weight” training to your regimen, as the weight moves dynamically with each swing creating additional challenges. In our testing, we really enjoyed the fit and feel of Goruck’s Sand Kettlebell lineup, which boasts plenty of durable features for on-the-go workouts.

                        The handle material is comfortable in your hands, and we never felt the durable 1000D Cordura fabric and double-pass stitching would falter. Each kettlebell is marked with its max weight per size and can be loaded lighter for less intense training (and more dynamic weight movement). It can be difficult to ensure your working total, though, so we suggest either weighing your sand kettlebell pre-training or learn to go off of feel.

                        What to Look for in Adjustable Kettlebells


                        While “weight” isn’t as pressing an issue when it comes to adjustable kettlebells — there is some variety across the silhouette, after all — you still need to keep your training goals and personal abilities into consideration. Try to find a profile that allows for working weights as well as room for growth down the road. Think about it, what’s the point of a workout tool if your current strength already maxes out its adjustability?

                        Handle Composition

                        Another point of consideration should be the kettlebell’s handle. To help you control the weight throughout your workouts, it’s best to try and find an adjustable kettlebell that you can securely grip. For smaller hands, look for kettlebells with a handle 28 millimeters in diameter. If you have larger paws, you can bump up to 33 or 35 millimeters. Some adjustable kettlebell handles also showcase a textured coating to aid in security, which we highly recommend as well if given the option.

                        Durability and Security

                        Naturally, there’s a lot of moving parts across your adjustable kettlebell silhouette … at least, there’s potential for a lot of parts to become mobile. In order to keep everything safe and secure throughout your exercises, make sure your adjustable profile features a well-to-do locking mechanism that keeps all the change plates, well, in-place. Plus, kettlebell training is often more aggressive on your equipment. Plastic adjustable kettlebells can be great, budget-friendly options, but might not be the best at taking abuse – especially if you’re really going hard in your training. For adjustable kettlebells that can last years, powder-coated, cast iron options are the way to go.

                        Do You Need a Competition-Style Kettlebell?

                        To add some standardization to competitions and training, “competition” kettlebells always feature a 5. 5-inch base diameter, 35-millimeter wide handle and 11.1-inch height, regardless of weight. Standard kettlebells, on the other hand, vary in diameter as they increase in weight.

                        So, should you opt for a competition-style adjustable kettlebell? It comes down to what your training looks like. If you’re a more experienced athlete and your desire is to work out like you’re in the CrossFit Games, then competition-style is definitely worth considering. If you’re just looking for a kettlebell to improve your fitness, then standard adjustable kettlebells can work just fine. Also, standard kettlebells can provide a little more grip room than competition-style, so if you plan on doing double-handed movements, this is also something worth thinking about.

                        top-11 rating according to KP

                        First you need to figure out what a kettlebell is. Many fans confuse her device with dumbbells. However, this is a completely different equipment in terms of exercise technique and the effect of them. The kettlebell is designed to work large muscle groups throughout the body at high speed, while the dumbbell works small, isolated muscles at a slow speed. In the first case, the increase in muscle mass occurs due to an increase in the speed of work with the projectile. As for exercises, it can be jerks, squats and bench presses. Such training will strengthen the buttocks, hip joints, form a muscular corset and align your posture. Komsomolskaya Pravda selected the top 11 best weights that are currently on the market.

                        To get the maximum effect and comfort, you need to choose the right model. The greatest demand is for electric models, the movement of the running belt in which is carried out by connecting to the mains.

                        These models provide uniformity of movement and give the athlete a certain running speed, as well as allow you to set the angle of inclination, the intensity of movement of the running belt and the load program.

                        Editor’s Choice

                        UFC GIR-3040 16kg

                        UFC GIR-3040 16 kg

                        The leader of our rating is an excellent rubberized projectile, which is suitable for performing a wide variety of exercises. Distinctive features of this kettlebell are ergonomic design, nickel handle and hypoallergenic coating that is pleasant to the touch. Separately, we note that the durable rubber that is used in the coating of the projectile significantly reduces the risk of injury and the noise level during an accidental throw. As for the design, it is quite neat and simple. The weight and brand logo are marked on the black surface. Such a projectile is ideal for both home and gym.

                        Main characteristics
                        Type one-handed one-handed weight
                        Weight of weight 16 kg
                        Material steel
                        Coating rubber
                        Color black
                        Pros and cons

                        CE + GS quality certificate and company warranty, weight 8 to 36 kg

                        Not all users are comfortable with rubberized coating

                        Top 10 Kettlebells for Home Workout


                        IDOL Action

                        IDOL Action

                        The high-quality steel and comfortable shape of this kettlebell allows you to perform exercises that are repeated many times without injuring your forearms.

                        All weights, regardless of weight, have the same size and handle thickness of 33 mm. This provides an easier transition from one weight to another. The surface of the projectile is matte. You can choose black or blue color. These shells are perfect for practicing at home or in the gym.

                        Main characteristics

                        900 25

                        Set of weights depending on the wishes
                        Weight of one weight, kg 16 kg
                        Type cast, non-separable
                        Level of difficulty professional
                        Material steel
                        Handle steel
                        Pros and cons

                        Stylish design and comfortable shape, optimal price/quality ratio

                        Slippery handle


                        Fitex Pro

                        FITEX PRO

                        This model is made of cast iron and has a thick vinyl coating that does not stain walls and floors, and also reduces noise and protects the skin from irritation. They are suitable for exercises of absolutely any complexity.

                        The customer can choose the optimal weight from 4 to 32 kg. Color grading makes it easy to navigate during group workouts. The model from Fitex Pro will perfectly fit into the zones of functional training, aerobics and free weights.

                        Main features
                        Type cast, non-separable
                        Level of difficulty professional
                        Material cast iron
                        Handle cast iron
                        Pros and cons

                        Manufacturer’s warranty, wide range of weights

                        Some athletes complain about the uncomfortable handle

                        3. Starfit DB-401

                        Starfit DB-401

                        The projectile from this manufacturer is also covered with vinyl, like the previous one in our rating. It does not scratch the floor and makes less noise when dropped. Separately, it is worth noting the attractive design and bright colors.

                        Starfit kettlebells are ideal for bodybuilding, fitness, exercise therapy and kettlebell lifting. The base of the projectile is made of cast iron, which indicates durability. The grip is 16 cm long and 3.6 cm in diameter.

                        Key features
                        Type cast, non-separable
                        Level of difficulty professional
                        Material vinyl (plastic)
                        Handle cast iron
                        Pros and cons

                        Comfortable handle and beautiful appearance

                        Before buying, we recommend paying attention to the bottom of the projectile – some athletes complain about the convex bottom

                        4. Titan


                        This kettlebell is an example of a classic competition equipment. It is made in accordance with all the standards of the Kettlebell Lifting Federation. The projectile has a smooth and even surface. The polymer coating remains scratch-free for a long time. It is resistant to them. Careful manual finishing allows to achieve the exact weight of the product, and marking is done by mechanical branding. Thus, a 16 kg sports competitive kettlebell can be used during competitions of any level.

                        Main features
                        Type cast, non-separable
                        Level of difficulty professional
                        Material cast iron
                        Handle steel
                        Pros and cons

                        Perfect balance and centering of kettlebell

                        Simple design

                        5. Shigir


                        This model has an excellent reputation among athletes. All Shigir weights are made from iron ore, not cheap scrap.

                        The manufacturing process eliminates the seam on the handle and prevents dips and other imperfections of cheaper models. In addition, it is worth noting the optimal ratio of the price / quality parameter.

                        Main characteristics

                        9002 5

                        Type single-handed one-handed weight
                        Weight of weight 16 kg
                        Material cast iron
                        Grip diameter 3.2 cm
                        Color black
                        Product height 24 cm
                        Pros and cons

                        Handles no seams, flat bottom and precise weight, matt black finish gives good grip

                        Rather narrow handle

                        6. RockyJam (sand weight)

                        RockyJam (sand weight)

                        In the middle of our rating is a portable bag weight from the manufacturer RockyJam. It is made of dense tactical material with waterproof impregnation. A distinctive feature of this kettlebell is its compactness. The projectile fits easily into a backpack and can be filled with material on site. These weights were designed specifically for the needs of the military. There are currently three sizes available. You can independently adjust the weight based on how and with what you will fill these bags.

                        Pros and cons

                        Soft handles won’t break your wrists, adjustable weight, compact size

                        Significantly larger when filled than cast ones

                        7. Euro Classic

                        Euro Classic

                        Great shape, great size s and comfortable handle – this is how you can characterize Euro Classic kettlebells. Weight of 8 kg is considered one of the most popular, as it is suitable for athletes with different levels of training. Some will be able to use it as a warm-up projectile, while others will be able to use it as the main one. Balanced exercises allow you to strengthen and build up all the muscles of the torso, develop the heart muscle and improve the respiratory system. It should be noted that these weights are strong, durable and resistant to corrosion.

                        Main characteristics
                        Type one-handed one-handed weight
                        Weight of weight 8 kg
                        Material cast iron
                        Color black
                        Pros and cons of

                        Comfortable wide handle, stylish design

                        There are burrs on the surface of the kettlebell, cut edges on the sides

                        8. Kettlebell with a chromium-plated Body-Solid handle

                        Body-Solid Chrome Handle Kettlebell

                        This is a tool that will cost you little, but will help you get incredible results. The price of the kettlebell is not high. However, the effect of training with this weight is no worse than when working with bulky expensive simulators. Exercises with it help to improve the heart and blood vessels, as well as the respiratory system.

                        The stylish appearance of the projectile is ideal for both home use and commercial purposes (gyms).

                        Main characteristics

                        900 25

                        Type single-handed weight
                        Weight of weight 29.5 kg
                        Material steel
                        Coating rubber
                        Color black
                        Pros and cons

                        Solid construction, no seams with sharp edges

                        Some athletes don’t like the texture of the handle. According to them, it does not provide enough grip

                        9. Kettlebell Iron Head Bear 24 kg

                        Kettlebell Iron Head Bear 24 kg

                        Manufacturer Iron Head approached sports equipment in a very non-standard way. The company has released a whole line of shells with animal heads. Each weight is cast from a single piece of primary iron ore, the weights are finished with a signature black matte powder coating, and the bottom of each projectile is machined. It remains seamless thanks to a special casting process. Despite the aesthetic appearance, such a kettlebell has significant drawbacks. There is a high risk of injury when working with a projectile, as the heads of animals have very angular shapes.

                        Main characteristics
                        Type design weight, solid cast
                        Weight of weight 24 kg
                        Material cast iron
                        Finish paint
                        Color silver, black
                        Grip diameter 3.5 cm
                        Product height 26.5 cm
                        Pros and cons

                        Stylish appearance, high strength

                        There is a risk of injury during exercise due to relief

                        AL FITTOOLS. This weight is ideal for fitness. It is made of proven durable material, has a stable base. Comfortable grip thickness allows you to train with one or two hands. This is the best choice for beginner athletes.

                        Premium polyurethane weights are sold individually or as a set of 10 weights from 4 to 32 kg.

                        General characteristics

                        9 0020

                        Type solid weight
                        Weight weight 28 kg
                        Material steel
                        Finish chromed
                        Color black
                        Product length 19 cm
                        Product width 18 cm
                        Product height 28.5 cm

                        90 016 Pros and cons

                        Original design, comfortable handle thickness

                        Some athletes complain about lack of grip

                        How choose kettlebells for training at home

                        The choice of sports equipment is quite a responsible event, because your health directly depends on the quality of the equipment. For help in this matter, Komsomolskaya Pravda turned to to the customer service specialist of the online store Sportlim. ru Alena Dymova .

                        General expert advice is:

                        • Do not buy weights that are prefabricated. Such a projectile will easily lose its center of gravity. This will lead to the fact that training will not give the desired result. Besides, such a weight is simply dangerous. It can scatter in the process of work and injure not only the athlete, but also those around him.
                        • Choose the classic model – core with handle. The rest of the variations are just meaningless.
                        • Pay special attention to the handle before buying. It should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. You should also give preference to those materials that will provide the most reliable grip.
                        • If you are just starting to train with this equipment, then it is best to purchase two kettlebells of different weights. One for the “working weight”, and the second for the maximum possible. For example, it can be 8 kg and 24 kg.

                        Popular questions and answers

                        What kind of weights are there?

                        According to the expert, it is first necessary to determine for what purpose you are purchasing this or that product. So, it may be the need to purchase equipment for a commercial enterprise (fitness room or sports competitions) or for training at home. All weights can be divided into competitive and amateur.
                        – Competitive are designed for professional athletes. They have the same parameters (height, handle, etc.). These factors allow you to quickly move from one projectile to another, which is simply necessary during the competition.
                        – Amateur ones are much cheaper, they are not suitable for professional performances, as they do not have the necessary parameters. They can only be used for home practice.

                        Which kettlebell shape should I choose for training at home?

                        Equipment should be convenient and practical. A lot depends on the form during the exercise. The expert strongly discourages choosing shells in the shape of animal heads and other non-standard solutions. This can lead to injury during exercise. Irregularities and bulges can rub the forearms. In addition, before buying, you should pay attention to the bottom of the kettlebell. It should be smooth and without chips. Ideal if the kettlebell is covered with vinyl: it will soften the impact when the projectile falls.

                        What influences the weight material?

                        Cast iron weights. This is the standard and best option. The density of cast iron is quite high. Such a projectile is often not only durable, but also very compact.
                        Plastic weights. This inventory is somewhat inferior in durability to cast iron. Such a weight is filled with polymer, sand or metal shavings. In addition, hollow plastic weights are also sold, which you can fill yourself.
                        Steel weights. It can be called the golden mean between cast iron and plastic. They are durable, neat and protected from corrosion.
                        Leather bags or rag weights. Ideal for athletes who travel frequently. They are very compact and can easily fit in a backpack. However, before each workout, they must be filled with sand on their own.

                        How to create a workout program with kettlebells?

                        There are two main types of competitive exercises in kettlebell lifting – snatch and clean and jerk. They pump almost all the muscles of the body. Let’s start with a jerk.
                        – In the starting position, the legs are shoulder width apart.
                        – The projectile is launched between the legs, slightly tilting the body. With a powerful push, the pelvis is pushed up.
                        – At the peak point, you need to perform a small squat. The kettlebell is held in an outstretched arm above the shoulder joint.
                        – At the end, the projectile is dropped down and returns to its original position.
                        This exercise is ideal for working with the forearm, shoulders, abs and lower back. To a lesser extent, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are involved.
                        As for the push, it is performed with both hands at the same time. Let’s take a look in detail.
                        – Hands hold the weight at chest level. The elbows are pressed to the body.
                        – With a small squat, with a powerful jerk of the arms and legs, the projectile is pushed up.
                        – At the top point, the weight is fixed on straight arms.
                        – Then it returns to its original position.
                        When performing this exercise, the athlete works the forearms, shoulders, triceps, abs and lower back. The frequency of exercise should be selected individually. Separately, we note that it should not exceed three times a week.

                        16kg Vinyl Kettlebell Review – Best Buy of 2022 – What? Where? How much?

                        September 10, 2022
                        Other stores
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                        Go to the store ( $25 )

                        As they say in the famous song – “a man’s best friends are weights” – and now I bought myself for Day Ro long-standing Wishlist in the form of 16 kg weights is enough ridiculous price. In the review I will talk about some of the features of vinyl weights.

                        About a month ago I already had a DR and every year for this holiday I bought myself some thing, which in normal times is a pity to spend money on. In quieter years, these were zebralight lights or some kind of flagship smartphone. When it seems like a thing can be used for its intended purpose, but instead of a zebra you can buy a skilhunt, and instead of a smartphone for 500-600 bucks you can buy for a couple of hundred and get everything the same. All the same, these stories ended with the fact that in a year the lantern managed to get bored and changed, and the flagship smartphone turns into a pumpkin in a year or two.

                        Kettlebell is another matter. Especially in such a most troubled time, when it is worth buying things with a service life of decades. Especially with all sorts of indirect benefits such as health promotion, which somehow I mention last, but obviously this is a direct goal and meaning.

                        At first I thought to buy a used weight from the USSR on some trading platform of private ads. At the university I went to the kettlebell lifting section and it would be familiar / convenient. But they were not on sale in the city and therefore looked at the new ones.

                        I found a new vinyl in the store and thought that in a rented apartment with expensive repairs, such a solution could save me from trouble in the form of a damaged laminate. Ordered at a rather ridiculous price + gave 5 bucks for shipping by New mail.

                        Arrived in a box and a stretch film, I decided not to miss the opportunity to weigh it on the NP, and there are honest pounds here.

                        She has some features and these are quite large dimensions and I will separately mention a large handle. It played a bit of a cruel joke with me – up to the NP 400-500 meters and I thought that now I would calmly inform home passing by the department. And it’s hot outside and my hands are sweating + a handle with a large diameter + I even became weak without training) In a word, I remember the way home.

                        • kettlebell circumference: 67.5 cm
                        • handle grip: 13 cm
                        • kettlebell height: 30 cm

                        But just to make it clear, these same guys have classic cast iron weights for sale. Somewhere one and a half times more expensive, but pay attention to the measurements

                        • Height 25 cm
                        • Millet height – 5.5 cm
                        • Width – 11.5 cm
                        • Shackle diameter – 30 mm
                        • Ball diameter – 16 cm

                        It seems to me that these are more classic kettlebell parameters, and maybe that’s why for the first few days I perceived the vinyl kettlebell as too heavy and uncomfortable. Maybe because anthropometrically I still have small dimensions and medium-sized palms, and such growth affects all sizes. Maybe because I didn’t practice corny for a long time, because over time I got used to it)

                        Brought it home and washed off any factory grease.

                        Then I examined the handle and noticed some flashes at the joint – I removed them with a clerical knife. This definitely cannot be in the case of a solid metal weight, but it is connected with the production technology of vinyl and nothing can be done about it.

                        View from below and we already see some involuntary falls. Although at first I was engaged in the most safe exercises – swings, eights, turns around the body, lifting with both hands at the same time.

                        At first glance, it may seem that 16 kg is not a lot and this is not a barbell with 100+ shakes. But this is only at first glance, and in half an hour or an hour of time, you can work out all muscle groups well. And if you don’t do it right, you can even lead to trouble. Therefore, I advise you to clearly work out the technique and safely move on to complex exercises as you are ready for them.

                        A couple of shots of my “workplace” for kettlebells in the form of mats on the floor and separately my “sports corner”.

                        Video review of the vinyl kettlebell 16 kg

                        What I have to say about vinyl weights and weights in general. Most sports equipment is designed for binary movement back and forth and works on a fairly limited number of muscles in the body. For something more serious, serious simulators are already needed or something similar to a weight and inertial loads.