Kindle fire 8 hd case: Kindle Fire Hd 8 Case

Kindle Fire Hd 8 Case

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  • Best Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet cases in 2023


    Chris Thomas


    Just because the Fire HD 8 isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a great case to protect it from the harsh world outside

    The 2022 version of the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet remains one of the best cheap Android tablets because it’s as affordable as they get, but it still runs modern apps decently well, thanks to Amazon’s custom Android flavor. The Fire HD 8 tablet is great for shopping, reading, light gaming, and even controlling Alexa-supported smart home devices. While it’s not a huge investment, it’s still worth protecting from damage. Whether you need a simple, elegant cover or an ultra-rugged, high-traction protective layer, there’s an impressive range of great cases available for one of Amazon’s best tablets.

    Also, take note that due to subtle differences in button placement, some 2020 cases (especially tight-fitting and rugged ones) won’t fit on the 2022 Fire HD 8, and vice versa. So, we’ve also collected the best 2020-specific cases in a separate list below, in case you want to pick one up for your 10th-generation tablet.

    • Source: Amazon

      Amazon Tablet Cover for Fire HD 8

      Best overall

      It’s not a shock that Amazon makes the best case overall for its own tablet. The official Amazon Tablet Cover fits perfectly, looks and feels great, and holds up long-term without fraying or discoloring. And it unfolds to support the Fire HD 8 in either landscape or portrait orientation. The only reason to avoid it is if you need something with heavy-duty drop protection.

      $32 at Amazon

      $33 at Best Buy

    • Source: Amazon

      Grifobes Premium for Fire HD 8 (2022)

      Premium pick

      Just because the Fire HD 8’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to look that way. This PU leather folio case from Grifobes comes in four color schemes and serves as a stand with three angles to choose from, which is a must-have for binge-watching your favorite streamed shows. Also, the auto-sleep and wake functions perfectly, and it works with the two most recent Fire HD 8 models.

      $27 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Poetic TurtleSkin for Fire HD 8

      Best value

      The Fire HD series isn’t the most fragile of tablets, but it can still see damage if it’s repeatedly dropped without a durable silicone case like the Poetic Turtleskin. It’s extra grippy and sports an ergonomic rear lip design, making it especially easy for kids to hold onto. There are even built-in air vents to encourage cooling and prolong the device’s lifespan.

      $16 at Amazon

    • Source: Fintie

      Fintie Folio for Fire HD 8

      Best-looking designs

      The Fintie Folio lineup lets the average user express themselves and set their Fire HD 8 apart from the crowd with 20 different designs. It sports a relatively standard folding design with magnets in the cover for secure closure and automatic wake when it’s opened, and it’s a particularly great choice when you can find it on sale (which is often). It also supports both the 2020 and 2022 models.

      $14 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Mission Cables Clear for Fire HD 8

      If you want to level up your tablet’s protection without any bumpers, plastic, or other bulk getting in your way, you can’t do better than this clear case from Mission Cables. It’s made up of a hard plastic back and resilient glass screen protector, both of which fit perfectly; however, this also means that this cover only supports the 2022 version of Amazon’s smaller Fire HD tablet.

      $29 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      SaharaCase Strap for Fire HD 8 (2022)

      A quick look at SaharaCase’s strap cover makes it clear that it’s meant to keep the Fire HD8 safe from all but the farthest drops and biggest impacts. Not only is it built with ruggedness at the forefront, but a nearly unbreakable hand strap and a reliably attached lanyard make it unlikely that you’ll drop it in the first place. Plus, it’s hard to beat the rotating kickstand on the back.

      $39 at Amazon

      $40 at Best Buy

    • Source: Fintie

      Fintie Tuatara for Fire HD 8

      Maybe you have a habit of dropping your tablet or don’t want to worry about damage when younger folks are using it. Either way, the Fintie Tuatara delivers the peace of mind you need, thanks to the front frame with an integrated screen protector and the high-grip panels on the rear. And it doesn’t have to be boring with the eye-catching blue, pink, purple, and green colorways.

      $22 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Roiskin Kickstand for Fire HD 8

      Nothing adds more traction to an electronic device than the thick, rugged tire tracks on the back of this kid-friendly case from Roiskin. It moves the already-durable Fire HD 8 into “nearly unbreakable” territory and offers a few fun accent colors to choose from. It’s also one of the most affordable models we’ve found. Just make sure you have the 2022 Amazon tablet since that’s the only one it works with.

      $8 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Amazon Kid-Proof for Fire HD 8

      $27 $33 Save

      It might sound like a bold statement, but Amazon’s official kid-friendly case really is as close to indestructible as they get. It’s easy to hold, doesn’t weigh much, and has a kickstand on the back. It also comes in four bright colors and is made from 75% recycled materials. There is a carrying handle that makes it easier for kids to lug around, but it’s pretty bulky, so don’t expect it to be super convenient for adults.

      $23 at Amazon

      $27 at Best Buy

    • Source: Amazon

      Coo Clear for Fire HD 8 (2022)

      This transparent cover from Coo is as simple and slight as anything else out there. While it adds just a bit of cushioning to prevent cracks and internal damage from drops and bumps, you’ll hardly even notice it’s installed. Actually, you might notice that the flexible silicone material has a better grip than the tablet’s plastic back, plus it stands up well against dust, fingerprints, and yellowing.

      $10 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      FunYaung Keyboard Case for Fire HD 8

      If you want to browse the internet or social media with extreme convenience while leaving witty comments and informative tidbits as fast as you can type, check out this interesting bundle from FunYaung. Composed of a Bluetooth keyboard, folio case, and zippered bag, it essentially turns your Fire HD 8 into a tiny laptop that runs on Fire OS. As a result, it opens up many possibilities for both the 10th and 12th-generation Fire HD 8.

      $39 at Amazon

    Best 2020-only covers for the Fire HD 8

    Some of our favorite 2022 Fire HD 8 cases also support the previous 10th-generation version, and we’ve noted each of those above. But if you have the previous model and want something especially novel, rugged, or tight-fitting, consider getting one of these options, which are specially made for the 2020 release.

    • Source: Amazon

      Amazon Cover for Fire HD 8 (2020)

      The most notable thing about Amazon’s original tablet cases is that they look and feel like high-end pieces of equipment. They stay that way, too, since their fabric exterior won’t fray, discolor, or tear unless you’re really giving it some abuse. The two-way folding kickstand action is also pretty helpful, and the whole thing comes in a lightweight and reasonably priced package.

      $14 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Herize Shockproof for Fire HD 8 (2020)

      For maximum protection, you need a perfectly tight fit, dependable materials, and a rugged design — all boxes that the Herize Shockproof checks successfully. It has separate wrist and shoulder straps in addition to a built-in screen protector and a stylus holder on the back, making this the complete package for anybody who wants to avoid damage like the plague.

      $29 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Retear Folio for Fire HD 8 (2020)

      There are only two designs on the Retear Folio: a watercolor bouquet of flowers and a bold, brightly-colored mandala, both of which look fantastic. Otherwise, it’s a run-of-the-mill folio case with reliable stitching and a snug fit inside the plastic and microfiber frame. And since it’s made specifically for the 2020 model, you can rest assured all the ports and buttons will work perfectly.

      See at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Amazon Kid-Proof for Fire HD 8 (2020)

      If your 2020 Fire HD 8 has made it this long, this ultra-resilient case directly from Amazon will extend its life further, no matter how hard your kid uses it. Despite the large size and big grips, it’s still pretty light, so youngsters shouldn’t have a problem using it. In addition, to avoid muffled sound, there’s a pair of speaker ventilation ports on the bottom that can actually make the tablet sound a little better.

      $19 at Amazon

    • Source: Amazon

      Timovo Clear for Fire HD 8 (2020)

      An effective clear TPU case needs to fit 100% perfectly or it might wobble or stretch and lead to a poor experience. This one from Timovo, a popular third-party tablet cover maker, does exactly that. The precise fit and exact port alignment mean you’ll barely notice it’s there, other than the fact that it adds considerable grip and keeps your tablet out of harm’s way.

      $9 at Amazon

    Choosing the best Amazon Fire HD tablet case

    A good case does a few things other than just protect, like making a tablet easier to hold and adding helpful features such as a kickstand or storage for small papers. To that end, the synthetic leather model from Grifobes is our favorite overall, thanks to its classy appearance, effective magnet closure, dependable wrist strap, and storage slots. Amazon’s official tablet cover, however, is neck-and-neck with it since it’s a tiny bit less bulky and sometimes more affordable when neither is on sale.

    If you’re cool with sacrificing a little functionality for protection and savings, you can’t beat the Poetic Turtleskin, which is as rugged as they come. On the other hand, a folio case like one of the several from Fintie provides a good amount of protection (but not a heavy-duty level) while also outfitting your tablet with one of many fun designs.

    To reiterate, if you’re looking to cover a 2020-model Fire HD 8, only a few of the favorites in our first list will suffice. For instance, the Grifobes Premiu, Fintie Folio, and FunYaung Keyboard are the only such options with dual support. For a more rugged choice, consider the Herize Shockproof from our second list. If you want the best minimalist choice for the 2020 Fire HD 8, go with the transparent Timovo. And, finally, you can’t go wrong with Amazon’s official cover for something a little more premium.

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