La escuelita vip: La escuelita VIP (TV Series 2004– )

La escuelita VIP (TV Series 2004– )

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  • TV Series
  • 2004–
  • TV-PG
  • 30m






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Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

  • Jorgito del Mazo Géis

David Villalpando

  • Maestro Virolo

Martha Ofelia Galindo

  • Miss Canuta

Luis de Alba

  • Pirruris

Polo Polo

  • Polo Polo

Roxana Martínez

  • Roxanita

Jorge Muñiz

Isabel Madow

  • Isabelita

Lorena Herrera

  • Lorenita

Luz Elena González

  • Lucecita

Rebeca Mankita

  • Miss Mankita

Mauricio Herrera

  • Dick Crazy

Rafael Inclán

  • Tizoc Viví

Vica Andrade

Cecilia Guitiérrez

Raúl Padilla

  • Choforo


  • Virginia

Galilea Montijo

  • Galilea
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The Best Comedy of the Year!

After “Cero en Conducta” was ended, Jorge Ortiz De Pinedo (Dr. Cándido Pérez), decided to make a whole new cast of actresses of the reality show at the moment on México, Big Brother Vip, he takes them and put them in his new show named “La Escuelita Vip” from the big company Televisa. Actresses as Lorena Herrera, Galilea Montijo form the first BBVIP, Vica Andrade, Isabel Madow from the second part, Luz Elena González, Roxanna Martínez from the third part, etc. The first emissions had been the most popular of the history, just because it counts with the best jokes, the best performances and a regular schedule at 10 pm, it begins after “Mujer de madera” is ended. Televisa gave to Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo a new season renewal, we hope that don’t be cancel. My best characters are Luz Elena González a.k.a “La Preciosa” who made the little silly girl named Lucecita and Martha Ofelia Galindo a. k.a Miss Canuta, she’s so funny. Every time you watch “La escuelita Vip” you will have guaranteed joy.



  • arturo_smallcharm
  • Jun 11, 2004

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  • Release date
    • January 4, 2004 (United States)
  • Country of origin
    • Mexico
  • Language
    • Spanish
  • Also known as
    • La escuelita
  • Filming locations
    • Mexico
  • Production company
    • Televisa S.