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  • Buy Battery Powered & Small LED Lights

    Buy Battery Powered & Small LED Lights | Evan Designs

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    Free Shipping on Domestic Orders of $40 and up

    Free Shipping on Domestic Orders of $40 and up

    LED Miniature Lights

    Wire, Switch & More

    Diecast Police Lights

    Model Train Software

    Mini LED Lights


    We love spending time with our hobbies, and we want our customers to experience that same joy when using our premium battery powered LED lights. From RC helicopters to model trains, you’ll find the best hobby LED lights online at Evan Designs.

    Are you looking for a new switch to easily control your battery powered LED lights? Or, could you benefit from using a power adapter? You’ve come to the right place. We carry the finest wiring components and accessories to easily modify your lights to fully illuminate your model.

    Are you ready to give your model cop car that extra realistic effect from tiny LEDs? Our selection of lights for diecast police cars includes LEDs for sirens and headlights. And, we also carry micro LED lights for slot cars and firetrucks.

    Evan Designs

    Hobby LEDs

    Hobby LEDs for your projects. Truly easy to use. Ready to go! The right LED lights for models can take your project to the next level. You can rest assured knowing miniature lights for models from Evan Designs are inspected and tested for premium quality.

    Shop Hobby LEDs

    Evan Design

    Wire, Switch & More

    LED supplies: Because they won’t light up by themselves!
    At Evan Designs, we believe each project you work on deserves the highest quality of products. Whether you’re working with large-scale train layouts or a miniature model, you can count on our LED lighting supplies every time.

    Shop LED Supplies

    Evan Designs

    Lights and Sirens for Diecast

    Get your diecast Police Lights here!
    No diecast police car is complete without the lights and signature sound of the police siren! We have what you need to light and add sound to your fire truck, police car, and other diecast models.

    Shop Diecast Supplies

    At Evan Designs, we’re dedicated to supplying hobbyists from all over with regular and small LED lights for a variety of fun and interesting projects. Whether you’re searching for tiny LED lights for diecast police cars, diorama lighting or model train lights, our selection of bright bulbs and accessories will breathe life into your craft. Browse our collection of mini LED lights for models to get started!


    If there has been ever a chance to thank a company sincerely, it is now!

    Thank you so much for your kind and generous assistance recently. Not too long ago I had eye surgery and was sad by my inability to connect my lights properly for my recent project. Your kind staff went out of their way to connect my lights for me which helped me greatly.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful service and the great support staff with a heart!

    Don Anton


    I love your products which I’ve used recently in some model building. Wish I’d known about you earlier. I’ve even recommended you to my 50 yr old son who builds some different kinds of models. In addition, your service and your delivery is absolutely superb

    W.Kirt Nichols, MD, MHA

    Professor Emeritus of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

    W.Kirt Nichols


    I have to say how highly impressed I am with the whole experience. The strobes are absolutely fantastic, the care of the instructions, packaging, and shipping is phenomenal. A lot of businesses could and should take a que from Evan Designs. A wrong item was shipped, accidentally, I emailed customer service, and the new piece was in the mail before I even read the response, which was professional and lovely. Again, I must say Absolutely fantastic.



    Amazing products and service. I place two orders several weeks apart. When I placed my second order, the items were not compatible with each other nor my original order. That was my mistake. While filling my order, a ED representative (I’m kicking myself for not remembering his name) called to check on my order. After a short conversation with him, he realized I had made the mistake, looked up my previous details to ensure compatibility, and changed my order to make sure everything would work as advertised…and it does! Top notch experience! I will definitely be ordering from ED again!

    Omar Ortiz


    Hey, I just got my last shipment from you all today and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your company. You all have made my hobby of model building much more exciting! The fact that you have so many variations of lights, switches and pwr sources and great how too videos really helps take my models to the extreme, especially considering I can build “self contained” lighting systems and not have the model tied down to a base with a bulky pwr source. Again, just wanted to thank you and wish you happy holidays! Sean

    Sean Mooer

    Why Mini LED Lights are a Must Have for Unique Craft Projects

    by Shelly Jamison

    Crafting is an excellent way to express one’s creativity and create unique and personalized pieces. And to make your crafting experience even better, mini LED lights are a must-have accessory. For giving a perfect touch to DIY projects, these lights come in different shapes & sizes to meet all needs. In this blog, we will explore why LED lights for crafts are an essential addition to your crafting kit. Versatility: Hobby LED lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of crafting projects. You can use them to add a touch of glow to your miniatures and dioramas. …

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    Where Can I Buy Micro, Mini, or Other Small LED Lights?

    For more than 10 years, Evan Designs has established itself as an experienced supplier of all kinds of battery powered LED lights. Our hobby LED lights are individually tested, inspected for quality and ready to be used in your project. If you are ready to purchase some new LEDs and have any questions, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Contact Us

    LED lamps on batteries: types, selection and features

    LED lamps, including those on batteries, have been enjoying well-deserved popularity among consumers for several years. With their help, you can easily create spot lighting in an apartment, in a summer cottage, in a garage. Some types of led-lamps are so compact that they can be taken with you on a hike or a business trip – and then the light source, independent of the mains, will always be at hand.

    Like any product, self-powered LED luminaires have their advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when choosing such a device.


    1. Brief description
    2. Types of autonomous LED lamps
    3. Technical features and parameters
    4. Advantages and disadvantages
    5. LED lamps with motion sensor
    6. 9001 1 Overview of current models

    7. Conclusion

    Brief description

    A distinctive feature of these lamps is their complete independence from a stationary source of electricity. To power the device, either conventional batteries of different sizes are used, or batteries that need to be recharged as needed. In turn, the batteries can be built-in or separate from the device itself, and the method of charging the LED lamp will depend on this.

    Some models have additional features such as solar panel, motion sensor, remote control and so on.

    By the way, self-contained LED lamps are widely used in landscaping and interior design, as well as in smart home systems and as emergency lighting in enterprises, warehouses and other special facilities.

    Types of autonomous LED luminaires

    One of the main criteria when choosing lighting devices is the way and place of their installation. According to these parameters, the following groups of autonomous lamps are distinguished:

    1. Pendant lamps. Universal, suitable for interior design and lighting of offices, shops, warehouses;
    2. Battery powered wall lamps. Basically, such autonomous LED lamps are designed for additional lighting, but in small rooms they can also be used as the main lighting. Locations – the walls of the apartment and utility rooms, the walls of cabinets and other furniture;
    3. Ceiling lamps are in many ways similar to wall lamps, differing only in that they are mounted exclusively on flat horizontal or inclined surfaces. Usually such lamps have a round shape;
    4. Table lamps can be distinguished by brightness, uniformity of illumination. Requires no installation, works just like regular table lamps;
    5. Solar-powered street lights are used for landscape lighting, street lighting, garden paths and driveways.

    Stand-alone LED luminaires can be used both indoors and outdoors. Models for outdoor use, as a rule, have a greater margin of safety and increased battery capacity. In addition, their design allows the use of such a light source in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes.

    Technical features and parameters

    When choosing an independent light source, many buyers first of all pay attention to the design of the lamp, its dimensions and the number of batteries required for operation. But there are a number of more important characteristics that should also not be forgotten:

    1. Scattering angle. The smaller it is, the more “long-range” and directed the emitted beam of light will be. A wide dispersion angle creates uniform illumination – such devices are great as the main light source in the apartment. For a spotlight or flashlight, the scattering angle will be quite small, but the beam of light will be powerful and directed to the desired point.
    2. Luminous flux or “power” (glow intensity) of a luminaire. As a rule, for stand-alone models, the luminous flux ranges from 1300 to 2300 lumens (lm), and the higher this figure, the more battery capacity the luminaire needs to work.
    3. Moisture resistant. If the device is supposed to be used in places with high humidity, then the minimum moisture protection class should be from IP55 and higher (the higher the number, the better the luminaire is insulated from moisture).
    4. Operating mode. Some stand-alone lamps can have several modes, for example, they can be made to blink or shine with different brightness. The need for such additions depends on where the device will be used – for example, for a bedroom in an apartment, a lamp with an ordinary even light, without additional “bells and whistles”, is more suitable.

    Video example: unboxing and test battery powered motion sensor LED light

    Battery powered LED lights have many advantages that make them popular:

    • long life – all LED luminaires last much longer than conventional incandescent lamps;
    • small size with high brightness;
    • the ability to fix the lamp in any desired place;
    • economy and low power consumption;
    • no wiring to be hidden;
    • large selection of shapes, sizes and designs;
    • relative environmental safety and complete harmlessness to humans.

    However, such devices have their drawbacks. For example, the high price of good lamps. Sometimes this factor forces buyers to purchase LED devices via the Internet from Chinese manufacturers, but then there are no guarantees that exactly the product will come with the desired technical characteristics.

    Another drawback common to all LED lights is the need for good cooling. In the absence of high-quality heat removal from the device, the life of such a lamp is reduced by about 2/3 of that stated in the instructions.

    And the third important factor is the need to change the batteries from time to time or recharge the battery. But those consumers for whom this moment is too important usually do not buy autonomous lamps, but use ordinary ones that are powered by the network.

    LED Lights with Motion Detection

    These are useful in places where constant lighting is not required, but it must be turned on when any moving object appears. For example, such lamps are used in pantries and basements, are used in summer cottages, and inside the house they are equipped with stairs and cabinets.

    Usually the motion sensor is sensitive within a radius of 4-6 meters from the lamp itself, but for some models this indicator may be more or less.

    Important! For the correct functioning of motion sensors and the elimination of their false triggering, special sensitivity settings are required, you can read about this in the instructions for the device.

    A brief overview of current models

    Among the variety of products offered by the market, the following stand-alone battery-powered lamps can be distinguished:

    • YG-6820 – suitable for installation on a horizontal or vertical surface in any room. The light source is the latest LEDs in combination with a polycarbonate diffuser;
    • OSCAR – 10. Has an aluminum case with a pulse block. Designed for installation on any type of false ceiling. Often used in administrative and public buildings. Allows you to achieve energy savings up to 85%;
    • SL788-B. It consists of 16 LEDs, a control panel and a dimmer with which you can change the brightness of the lamp.


    Small battery-powered LED lamps do not require special knowledge and skills for installation, so absolutely anyone can install and configure such a device. And the fashion for spot lighting and dividing the apartment into zones using light sources makes autonomous led devices absolutely indispensable in every home. Light, strong and reliable, they confidently replace bulky chandeliers, and do not intend to give up their positions – at least in the coming years.

    – Aveopt – wholesale dropshipping platform in Ukraine


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