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Main applications for Automation

Increased process automation efficiency

Traditional process control still implies monitoring and regulation of parameters such as temperature, pressure, torque, position, etc. But measuring these directly can be both inefficient and inaccurate. Measuring the input current of a load provides much more information than just the current value and has a number of advantages like speed, ease of use, reliability, and savings. An increasing number of process automation and condition monitoring applications are following this trend.

Installing electrical transducers in control panels or on electric motor drives allows:

  • monitoring of the status of various kinds of electro-mechanical installations
  • regulation of miscellaneous parameters
  • failure warning
  • back-up system launch

Typical applications for Automation

  • Machine and panel builders
  • System integrators / engineering
  • Safety operations and personnel protection (
  • Process control: supervision and automation (, smelting furnace, electrolysis process, Electro-mechanical installations monitoring…)
  • Maintenance operations: condition monitoring (
  • Facilities & infrastructures management (, cathodic protection current, drives used to convey materials…)
  • Energy production and consumption ( Site energy sub-metering)


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