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Benefits of adding smart light switches to a smart home

When movie night with the kids is about to start and you have a bowl of popcorn in your lap, the last thing you want is to leave the comfy section of couch you carved out. Same goes when you’ve just clinked glasses for your first romantic night home in a while. And besides wirelessly dimming or turning off lights, imagine turning on the coffee maker from across the room before darting outside to walk the dog.

So turn lights and smart appliances on and off without leaving the couch with the help of wireless light switches. With a few clever and affordable purchases, you can put control of light fixtures and other appliances in the palm of your hand. Use a remote control, your smartphone or even your voice.

Use a smart light switch

With a smart, wireless light switch, any smart lighting you have installed can be effortlessly controlled from a distance. Let a wireless remote control light switch or remote control dimmer switch paired with smart LED light bulbs or LED light panels—up to 10 total at a time—help you stay at your desk or in bed when you want to adjust the lighting. And you can connect other IKEA light fixtures to a driver to control them wirelessly as well. Note that wireless dimmers allow you to dim and turn on and off light sources, while wireless remote controls allow you to switch lights on and off, choose colors and incrementally make adjustments from warm to cold light.

Install a wireless control outlet

With a wireless control outlet, you can raise the intelligence of any lamp or compatible appliance that you already own. The outlet can be controlled via remote or via app, and anything that’s connected to it can be turned on or off remotely. This makes getting started with smart lighting or your morning coffee very easy—simply try out a few smart outlets in your most well-lit room and you’ll fall in love with smart lighting and wireless control of appliances in no time.

Still having a hard time deciding what to get? Check out our smart lighting kits, to get started right away.

Motion sensing, shortcut buttons, signal repeaters and TRÅDFRI gateway

For safety and convenience, use motion sensors that turn lighting on right away when you enter a room. Automatically turn on or off up to 10 light sources that can all be set at either 30% or 100% brightness.

Start your day off in the best way with a push of a button—place a shortcut button next to the bed to turn on the lights, roll up the blinds or play your favorite morning song to wake up to. Or use a shortcut button attached to the fridge to turn on the coffee maker before you get your creamer out. TRÅDFRI shortcut button allows you to add convenience and create the right atmosphere at home for every occasion by pairing with the IKEA Home smart app on your smartphone.

Use a signal repeater to expand the signal from IKEA smart products, so they work even in expansive homes or houses with thick walls.

Use TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app to create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos.

Frequently asked questions about smart light wireless switches

Can I make my existing light switches smart?

While you can’t change your existing light switches, you can, if compatible, install smart LED bulbs that can be wirelessly controlled. Additionally, you can plug light fixtures with traditional bulbs into a wireless control outlet.

Do smart switches work with normal bulbs?

Smart light switches can work with normal bulbs if the light fixture is plugged into a wireless control outlet.

Is it better to have a smart bulb or smart light switch?

Let IKEA help you have both. Why not let the convenience of remote light switches go hand-in-hand with the energy efficiency of longer lasting LED light bulbs?

DEWENWILS Indoor 100ft Wireless Remote Control Light Switch and Receiver Kit–SHRLS11E1

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【Add Wall Light Switches without Rewiring】 Easy installation, no in-wall wiring needed. Expand your lighting system freely without affecting the existing setup.
【Detachable Wall Switch and Compact Receiver Kit】Mounting bracket provided. White RF remote control switch can be mounted anywhere. Compact receiver switch kit fits limited spaces like rose/canopy, electrical junction box, or switch box.
【100 Feet RF Wireless Remote Range】Strong RF signal works through walls and doors without interference, up to 100ft range in open areas, certified by FCC.
【Programmable and Expandable】Can add more wall switches, receiver kits, extra handheld remotes, outlets, and light sockets (Same Model Only). Pre-programmed transmitter wall switch and receiver for immediate use.
【Widely Used with Multiple Appliances】One switch controls a group of lights (up to 1000W tungsten / 600W fluorescent / 200W LED). Can remotely turn on/off indoor lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, plug-in pendants, lamps, hard-to-reach lights, and other electrical appliances with a simple push of a wall switch.


Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60HZ (Suitable for 110v to 125v)
Max Power Rating: 10A / 1200W; 1000W Tungsten/ 600W Fluorescent/ 200W LED Lamp
Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Remote Battery: 23A, 12V


1 x Wire Switch Receiver
1 x Wireless Remote Controller
1 x 23A 12V Battery (Installed)
4 x Wiring Caps & Screws
1 x User Manual

Technical Details

Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60HZ
Max Power Rating: 10A / 1200W; 1000W Tungsten/ 600W Fluorescent/ 200W LED Lamp
Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Remote Battery: 23A, 12V


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Switches and sockets with wireless remote control

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Receiver M1 (in the back box) TDM wireless load control “Comfortable Home”

Receiver in M1 mounting box for remote power control TDM
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Code: SQ1508-0101

Set for wireless radio control of lighting PU1-MK-1 (1 channel) “Cosy home” 1x1000W TDM

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TDM Electric (TDM Electric)
Code: SQ1508-0102

Set for wireless radio control of lighting PU1-MK-2 (2 channels) “Cozy home” 2x1000W TDM

Switch TDM PU1-MK-2 for remote control with remote control, 2 channels
TDM Electric


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Light switch with remote control

An adjustable lighting scenario for office and residential premises is a definite plus in the work process and additional comfort at home. Switches with remote control at the touch of a button optimize the light saturation of the space, creating the necessary or desired atmosphere.

Our store can offer you switches with a control panel from Feron. The manufacturer is known to the Russian user for its lighting products, which combine an affordable price threshold and excellent quality. All this is true for remote lighting control devices.

The category of switches under consideration is usually represented by two lines:

    – light control by means of directed infrared radiation;
    – remote control and receiver communicate using radio waves.

The advantages of the second option are obvious. While the IR beam must be aimed directly at the plug-in device block, and becomes useless in the event of obstructions, radio waves propagate in all directions, finding the receiver at a considerable distance. Radio-controlled switches must be connected to the working circuit of lighting devices in the place indicated by the diagram, but they can be hidden in the walls, ceiling or in the ceiling of the lamp, which does not affect their functionality at all.

Depending on the number of channels, the remote switch can separately turn on and turn off several lines of lighting devices, or a signal transmitted from the remote control performs a general manipulation of the light scene.

Here you can order remote switches with Feron control panel with two and three channels. The optimal working distance between the control panel and the receiving unit is within 30 meters. The switches are adapted to alternating current with nominal voltage characteristics of 230 Volts. Active power load per channel should not exceed 1000 watts. The control panel is supplied with a rechargeable battery.

Feron remote switches are compatible with all types of luminaires and lamps. The device has an international certificate of quality and safety. The reliability of the device is confirmed by a double check and a long period of warranty operation.

If you have any questions regarding the products of our store, we recommend that you contact the hotline phones, where our specialists will give you comprehensive comments.

Manufacturers of electrical equipment

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functionality and principle of operation, nuances of connection

Modern technological advances are increasingly used to improve houses and apartments. You can arrange automatic lighting if you install a remote switch. Wireless systems make life easier and more comfortable. A few years ago, such technologies were expensive and not available to everyone, but today everything has changed dramatically.

  • Operation and functionality
  • Key Features
  • Advantages and disadvantages of
  • Handheld control
  • Connection details
  • Homemade remote switch

Function and function

For remote control of lighting using a switch with a remote control, radio signal transmitters are built into the electrical network that interact with the equipment. To increase the responsiveness and reliability of the remote control, the data is transmitted multiple times. Each remote switch has a unique address, i.e. radio transmitters are activated by commands given from a specific device.

The basic functionality of the remote control switch includes the quick on/off of lights from a distance. So, to control the lighting, the user does not have to, for example, get out of bed. The electronic component allows you to control not only all lighting, but also its individual elements. The function of automatically dimming the light intensity before bedtime can also be useful.

In addition, the built-in dimmer makes it possible to fix certain settings in the device’s memory, which allows you to create the right atmosphere in the room by pressing one key.

In order not to lose the remote control, many devices have sound and light alarms. They are activated from the wall transmitter. This is very convenient, because the user does not have to look for a remote control for a long time to turn the light on or off.

Key features

There are many models of light switches with remote control on the market today. Standard equipment has the following technical parameters:

  • power indicators – about 10 mW;
  • frequency – in the range from 400 to 900 MHz;
  • switchable power indicators – from 200 W to 6 kW;
  • response range – from 20 to 400 m.

When choosing a system, you should pay attention to the ratio of the power of the radio receiver and the radio transmitter. This characteristic determines the degree of responsiveness and performance of the equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Remote control switches are still gaining popularity today. This is due to the following advantages:

  1. Possibility to combine all lighting equipment into one system.
  2. No additional wiring required for connection.
  3. The level of comfort is increased, which is very useful, for example, for the disabled.
  4. There are no special problems with the installation of the system.
  5. If necessary, the installed equipment can be upgraded at any time.
  6. Increases the safety of using lighting.

As for the disadvantages, the main one is the high cost of most of these systems. In addition, when using the remote light control , you will have to put up with some “side effects”. For example, radio frequency signals from a remote control can affect the performance of communication lines.

Handheld control

On sale today there are systems that can be controlled from mobile gadgets. In this situation, the tablet computer or smartphone will perform the same functions as the remote control. But, thanks to the adjustment of the lighting characteristics from the color display, the system will be much more convenient to operate.

Smartphone needs to be loaded with special software for this purpose. So, with the help of a portable device, the user has the opportunity not only to activate / deactivate the light, but also to adjust the light intensity of individual elements to suit their needs. As a rule, the transmission of the corresponding commands is carried out by sending a special signal to the receiver, in the form of encrypted text and digital messages.

Connection details

The method of connecting the system for remote control of lighting depends on the type of lighting fixtures with which it will interact. If the device will work with conventional incandescent lamps, then its installation is carried out according to the principle of connecting an ordinary switch.

Most products with a remote control are designed to work with energy-saving or LED type lamps. Such a connection has its own characteristics. In order for the system to operate correctly and safely, a good power supply is required. The presence of zero and phase is a prerequisite. Such switches are installed next to the light source.

For garden and yard use more powerful controls with a range of at least 60 meters. They often support the installation of any bulbs.

Homemade remote switch

The task of setting up a remote lighting control system is doable, but quite difficult.